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What Can We Learn from the Election Results?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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November 3, 2021 4:30 pm

What Can We Learn from the Election Results?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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November 3, 2021 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 11/03/21.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. So what are the big takeaways from yesterday's big elections it's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, so there's a lot to refer done a lot to unpack. After yesterday's elections not only think of elections in the odd-numbered years we've got 2020 presidential election, 20, 24 presidential again in 2022 midterm elections, etc. but there are elections that take place on these years and you do get a sense of what's coming next and how things could look for midterm elections, even projecting beyond that, there's a lot to learn and some really important trends and some trends that to me are encouraging because they're not so much political their grassroots welcome France modifier broadcast Michael Brown delighted to be with you. 866-348-7884.

That's number to call if you want to comment on the elections. If you want to comment on the direction of the nation. If you want to comment on what's happening with parents and schools in curriculum. Is this a matter of parents wanting to hold onto racist views and not allow their kids to be exposed to truth is this a matter of parents saying when I can be link guilt trips in and re-creating things or rewriting things or refashioning things was to make our children feel guilty about who they are, etc. so all a lot to talk through again. You can weigh in 8663 freight 7884.

Massive shift in Virginia massive shift in Virginia. Many felt he could becoming some recent polls indicated it could be going this direction. Remember that the governor of Virginia passed governor Northam won his election, but what about 12 points and Pres. Biden took Virginia by 10 points. Virginia has shifted solidly blue recently we determined that a major shift not just Glenn Duncan winning as governor, but a Republican Atty. Gen. and a Republican Lieut. Gov. who also happens to be a black woman, the first black black woman elected to a statewide office in Virginia and then you have the house turn from blue to red. All of this happened in the state that Pres. Biden took by 10% not remember. I am not primarily a political commentator.

I am not a conservative talking head. I'm a minister of the gospel.

II and Bible based in my thinking.

So ultimately when we unpack these things we want to do her best to get a larger spiritual and moral and cultural perspective and not just political but it in the midst of this room talk about politics, but always doing this you can you perspective if you live in Virginia if you live in New Jersey where right now, incumbent Democrat Gov. Phil Murphy looking slightly ahead with seven 10,000 votes haven't seen that the most recent of of his Republican challenger.

This was mostly a blowup this is post a walk in the park. Pres. Biden took Virginia by 16%. This wasn't supposed to be close at all what you make of Minneapolis were George Ford was tragically killed by police officer people. Minneapolis said no we don't want to defund the police and go some of the system isn't that interesting when we learn from all this 866-34-TRUTH wall. Things were still in progress, and many of the stations were nowhere near announcing a winner in Virginia.

Some of the conservative websites ready announcing Duncan's victory, but I want you to see this clip, this is Rachel Matt Maddow talking to Prof. Larry Sabatino about where things were going.

This was like a said well before MSNBC or CNN and 80 stations near times called victory for Gwen Yunker Virginia look at this. What you think the story is here tonight as far the story is I'm not going to call a blowout because we don't have the final final lower numbers but I will tell you somebody in Ohio than with the call askance was there with McAuliffe put it this way. To me about an hour ago.

It's a bloodbath. Yesterday Townhall tweeted that out. It's a bloodbath and then Breitbart picked up in the cities or major conservative websites picked up on it major headlining red. It's a bloodbath. Yeah, very shocking view outcome for the Democrats. What is it mean though you all.

This is a referendum on truck know this had nothing to do is trump this was not a referendum on trump I was teaching a class last night and about end time eschatology in biblical views and things like that. And of course the Virginia elections that the results were just starting to come in as the class was ending and obviously you begin to see how this could be a big night for the Republicans in in Virginia this is going to send a message to the nation and one of my colleagues had some of sentiment no time for you to get back on the trump train. This is not this was not about Donald Trump. Now the Democrats campaigned as if it was about trump when Pres. Obama for Pres. Obama came in and and and spoke on behalf of her McAuliffe.

That's where he was pointing. We've got to get rid of this this old and in the way things were with with trump and Pres. Biden repeatedly when he came into campaign reference trump reference trump reference trump and we know that one reason trump was swept out of office was voting against trump that many Americans hated him.

Many Americans were very much against him. So wasn't so much that they love Joe Biden or were confident Joe Biden is much as they hated Donald Trump. I wanted to get rid of him any cost. So that's how Gov. Terry McAuliffe for Gov. chemical of campaign largely against trump as well as against his candidate. However, this is not with this was about everyone recognizes the conjunction.

His campaign separated himself a cup yes he received Trump's endorsement, but in campaigned together you can bring them in for major events and he said this my Virginia. Some of the people. Virginia is about what's best for our stay here severe is a political neophyte is not a referendum on trump in many ways.

It was a referendum on Biden's wife because most Americans polled three quarters don't feel good about the direction of the country and present Biden's numbers are tanking. The disastrous was withdrawal from Afghanistan ongoing questions about the handling of Kohlberg which we were told back in July is all but finished the economy out of control. Other issues like your average American. They go to the gas station and in the pump gas. What have the gas price legal grocery stores of the grocery prices that problems with jobs and things like that that matters to people that was a major issue here is not a referendum on trump that this was in many ways referendum on Biden, but there are other issues. Major issues important issues of national concern. When you get to in a moment so as things are starting to unfold on CNN. Jake Tapper is speaking with their election expert is going through the maps and analyzing where things are at affect, just as very curious.

Jake Tapper's reaction that later on he explained to people unhappy with the with countries going and so on, and he was in the giving of seen clips more balance reporting, but his his reaction here as fast and check out the scope your just about everywhere. Terry McAuliffe is underperforming Joe Biden so you say okay that's not fair that the presidential year is the underperforming Ralph Northam.

I began and I think he can do more than one by eight, 9.3, W Dakota, Gov. Terry McAuliffe can underperform him as long as he doesn't underperforming by a ton. This is your lifeboat right now where other counties were McAuliffe is underperforming Northam by more than on my God by more than 10 points is underperforming, including some of the third suburbs appear. Oh my gosh that was the chick Tapper Kaufman guides a door through them, but by 12 points was even on points, but that that II just found Hector interest exist.

In other words, that reaction it would seem to be. There was sympathy for McAuliffe or desire for McAuliffe to do with a look at our bellies are either way. Either way, it was shocking enough. Today Tapper that his response was oh my God, now I wrote an article started writing before midnight and then waited little after midnight just to see if anything had shifted in in New Jersey in his neck and neck at that point, it's still is but it looks like a victory for incumbent Murphy, but either way it's it's a wake-up call to shocker when here if you if you've got a football team and you are the best in your division airplane. The worst exhibits and college and in your expected toylike 49 to nothing and and in double overtime. You pull out a 1613 victory or some like that. That's a wake-up call. That's what's happening in New Jersey but I said there's three main things that the most obvious takeaways from the Virginia elections first was that this was not a referendum on Donald Trump right this was not a referendum on Donald Trump. You can read the article. The most obvious lessons from the Virginia elections on or what sinister to River you read my articles.

The first thing was that a referendum on trump second was referendum on Biden's third, the culture was real, and parents are saying enough is enough. Now please understand this term. McAuliffe had a lead of as much as 10%.

Barely a few months back I polling it does go so far back in in in this campaign here but was not longer 10% and then solid 56% lead solid and then begins to go down rapidly and then junking comes up rapidly. Of course the two happen at the same time and then a Fox News poll few days ago I junking when by 8%. What was way too high of his and still a tossup, but Duncan comes out to 3% ahead at the end that's a substantial victory so what happened will.

There are two main issues the. The Loudoun County schools and in this father's incentive for the liberal County school system. There and the aggressive pushing of the transgender agenda so that boy identifies his growth musicals bathroom with that opens the door to sexual predator to to a boy going interest in a skirt who then rapes a girl in the girls bathroom and when the father brings that up at the school board meeting the school board denies any knowledge of anything happening at that even just a few weeks earlier, is a private communication got out explaining what happened. Allegations now that the boys actually convicted is found guilty of this crime and end metal death but he was a central return of the school of the report, we raped someone else see have this happening in the parental outrage over than the government.

So we need to look at the parents. Maybe the domestic terrorist.

Yeah, and then the radical agenda being taught in some of the schools that you have a sexual girl coming home center mom mommy and my evil because I'm wife said enough is enough and the pushback the pushback. This is something happening across the country told you three years friends that those who have very different values, ideas, will play their hand tapping further on the front of her eyes for cleansing by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown joining us in on the elections. Make this very clear. My hope for change in America is not based on Republican victories. It's within a basin Democrat victories this not were my hope was my hope does not lie in a candidate right it if I had my druthers in terms of who would run for Republicans next time around.

I would rather a candidate strong but not as divisive as president from so if it was if it was around DeSantis or someone else, great, but even so, whoever it would be if the policies remain the same original Republican versus Democrat in a heartbeat based on policies but even then on my list of of how to see change come to America all right if if someone sat down with me it's okay what your priorities at it if you can enlist priorities from your perspective of what's most important to see change come to America.

Positive change. Moral cultural change for America to be more whole and healthy, morally, culturally, and then downstream from that, of course, economic, and other things. What would happen.

I would I put at the top of the list first week would be repentance in the church. I would put prayer and fasting out, I would. I would put us many things having you with us getting our houses in order and then a massive wave of fresh evangelism and making new disciples I would have been serving the hurting and the needy getting involved in every way that we can in the educational system.

I have a list of a bunch of different things standing for for righteousness and justice based on Scripture I would I would have all those things and then voting. Voting is deftly important is deftly important.

We don't vote then others will voting candidates of their choice and policies will go in ways that will impact our lives and impact her kids and impactor freedoms.

So in the Democratic Republic America.

Of course, voting is important, which means down the list. It's is not the top of the list and and and who gets in the White House who gets in Congress who gets in his governor does those things are important. We see now from state to state how states handle covert how states responding to various other crises.

We do see big differences from state to state. As I traveled administered in different states and some subsequent different countries. All that matters, but it's really secondary to the health of the body. It's really secondary to our living out our lives as the people of God's will is not either or either we get completely uninvolved politically and we pray and fast and love the Lord and worship and and and share the gospel but never get involved in culture or we just get consumed with elections and in voting issues and and what's happening in each state and each legislator is not either/or.

It's priorities is first things first, were not a country that has a believing population of Oregon population of of .00001% that believing population is not going to affect the nation as a whole, until it grows and grows and grows within America. We have such a substantial part of part of population 25, 30%, they could be generally born-again is that the key thing is for us to get healthy us to get strong us to get by with us to get our house in order assist us to do with our blind spots us to deal with our sins us to walk in unity, one with another, for the common good and then we we have our influence in all these other ways. At the same time as the make sense and that's always gonna be my emphasis. And that's why you're listening to me now share these things rather than other political contribution may take that in as well. But you know what you're coming here to get all right so what about what's happening in the schools. This is something not just it's an issue in Virginia but across the country and there are states that are abandoning critical race theory being taught in schools of this was a critical race theory is not being taught in middle school or high school little elementary school. This is this is advanced philosophical legal audiological sought that's being taught in college and even many in grad school understood understood, but it is curricula informed by critical race theory curriculum through the lens of critical race theory that for some CRT is a good work even for some Christians, for others it's a bad work. The question is, what's the actual issue about why were parents so upset. Why was there. This pushback again I'm I'm looking at at headlines on one website, real clear politics a Dems in need of reckoning after misjudging nation's mood, three takeaways from Virginia, New Jersey, Tuesday shows voters will reward from state interest… Negative aftershock election of said upset stems will learn nothing Republican school. The left in Virginia of kids can handle America's racist history, why can I also know there's this back in this back and forth you is, is racism and people playing into racism is that they don't want racism taught which way does it go looking other headlines at young can headquarters a hat tip to a harness parent anger okay so similar. George Reed has to say, wrote an editorial differing with Fox news is Juan Williams about the same issue but listen to what George Reed has to say and then I will only share my perspective here.

There are some some variables are moving in the right direction at the pulse of the bit, which was interesting that the coronavirus are that the virus was a very close to many education right which is: four why parents don't like the idea of teaching about race and I mean unfortunately race is just the most palpable tool in the tool kit used to be in the Democratic Party back in the day when they were Dixiecrat and now the Republican Party, it just is powerful and so that was during Reed interact with Rachel Maddow and MSNBC and she is a black woman is a look, this is just race in races become an issue because parents don't want their kids talk about race of the white parents primarily and this just being used as a tool not from my viewpoint.

She's using it as a tool for my voice viewpoint. She's using this divisive tool when she's misunderstanding with the issues not been interacting with a colleague whose is a black educational leader.

We been going back and forth on this unconvinced that everybody is blind spots right. I have lunch but your blind spots which is why we get before the Lord, and humble ourselves when not wise in our own eyes versus accords myself over and again in Hebrew, Alta Heico combat a nest.

Don't be wise in your own eyes right, fear the Lord depart from evil and this will bring health and healing to you to your very bones and being so I try to get low and listen.

Get before the Lord. Listen to those who differ with me and then challenge them to hear me as well so so we need to expose one of his blind spots and I invite you to call in. If you think I've got a blind spot and what I'm about to say.

I am sure that there are white parents who are racist in their black parents were racist and their Asian parents were racist and Hispanic parents were racist and Jewish parents were racist and Native American parents were racist in his go through all the different ethnicities and races in colors and backgrounds. I'm sure this racism among all.

I don't accept the newer definition of racism that you can only be a racist. If you are in power understand this is historically been understood to to demonize and caricature others who are not of your own race so I'm sure racism still exists, but from everything I see from everything I understand and from white Christian parents with whom I've interacted.

The issue is not. They don't want race to be taught in the schools. Rather, they don't want everything to be a matter of race and they don't want things taught that given in balance perspective about America, so look, there was a time in American history, even in recent American history where black Americans were looked at as inferior that that they were inferior human beings.

It was under the law. It it it is shameful and horrific but it's it's a fact. So was it was not just liberating slaves pay. That's a massive step in the right direction and it's not just taking steps to equal the playing field so try to have equal opportunity for everyone in various aspects of Civil Rights Act and 64, things like that. That's all positive, but there were views of Blacks inherently being inferior Africans inherently being inferior. Some looked at as a spiritual thing that they were cursed of this is a biological think that that is a fact in their Christians are history leaders and political leaders in common man in America, many of them felt that way.

That's reality. It's a sinful terrible aspect of our past and and something that by and large, overwhelmingly we have left behind a good time ago. You don't fix that though by now making whites inherently evil that if you are white then by nature.

You are evil or by nature. You are a dominator or by nature, you will always try to take over in NB supremacist, and simply by your white skin that there is some collective guilt on you either for segregation or for slavery or for other things like that. That's what parents don't want taught in schools. Look, there was history taught. I remember the little that I learned about Native Americans, American Indians, when I was in elementary school and suggest getting your first history lessons. They did bad things and and we fought against them.

I'm quite sure I did not get a balanced view of that right.

On the other hand, there's a way to teach history where Americans like the worst country on the planet the worst nation ever and and parents are reacting against the swing of the pendulum.

The other way, where's the right thing to do is teach truth the amazing things of our history, the beautiful things of our history, the wonderful accomplishments of America and the terrible things in our history, the bad accomplishments of America on not everything is about race and let not everything he now you black thousand whites. That is what I believe parents will react to light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown entrance for joining us to be on the line of fire as we reflect on yesterday's major election results, 866-34-TRUTH. I have an honest and simple question for those who say the results in Virginia just shows us how the race cards being used, you get parents white parents all upset about race issues and that's why they voted for Glenn Duncan, which to me is a racist position to me to make that statement so broadly is a racist statement but for those who truly believe that in and maybe you know some white folks who are racist, just as the Sino black folks are racist and white folks were racist and whoever you know if you know enough people you know somebody's got biases in the wrong direction. Although I've not worked the believer right I can think of in decades and decades and decades that ever behind closed doors in any of the setting expressed anything that would be considered racist. So they never work closely with anyone who's had that attitude, but in any case, explain the election of Lieut. Gov. when some Sears Mr. woman but a black woman had had she win a Republican.

The first black woman to hold a state wide office in Virginia. So if Glenn Duncan was carried in by wave of white racism, then why was it that the same people voted in a black woman is Lieut. Gov., friends, if you focus on race in schools from the wrong perspective than you're missing what happens here it a lot of this has to do with overreach.

A lot of this has to do with schools going so far and and leaving parents out and when parents overwhelming tele-school board were not happy. The psychos were redoing it this way redoing look what massively influenced the shift against Terry McAuliffe and for Glenn Yunker. It was a clip from a debate which I McAuliffe said that parents have no business telling schools with with children should be learning that that they do no place doing that well McAuliffe claims he was taken out of context.

We listen to the whole thing.

Overall say what he saying I and when he was governor.

He did institute things that would teach certain classes through the lens of security to be in the worst possible lens considers a healthy lens of trying to analyze things of in terms of sociologically and at how things work out demographically in society through the lens of race, looking through history and and perceiving things that that there can be a healthy exercise and doing it in an unhealthy exercise on him, emphasizing the unhealthy aspects of that and that's what many Americans are reacting against and not look I I'm seeing black civil rights leaders who have issues with CRT is the way it's working it's way its influence is being felt in schools is a much wider issue, but a lot of it had to do with controlling parents look a lot parents found out what their kids were learning this covariate. Why the mic is learning this new teaching this before this class I go to get preferred gender pronouns and it watch just a lot of stuff going on, and parents aren't happy with that and that's what part of this pushback is all about and to the extent that others don't see it here hook look when when when I had my biggest issues with Pres. Crumpton Republican primaries in 2016 when I vocally strongly opposed him was that if it came to comfort facility that I would reevaluate my position and end up voting from Chino voted for him twice 2016 2020 but in in my days of having my biggest issues with trump and I have my long list of them and and many of them remain issues that that I've had to this day. I never thought that he was an anti-Semite and I never thought that he was a racist for ensuring that the pushbuttons to mobilize certain people to get a certain following can only believe him and he was the man, but as I analyze things. It wasn't about race was about race as one black civil rights leader whose trump supporters said the base. The offense we will it's it's it's about loyalty to him. So that the fact of the matter is that my view was that it to make supportive trump a matter of white supremacy was to miss the point. It was to miss the point. Did he have white supremacist phone. Yes. Did Pres. Biden Susan prison Obama black supremacist to follow him. Yes, so the effective radicals and extremists that are following you, doesn't prove anything unless you are catering to them or in in less you are going for policies that support them are feeding into their rhetoric.

Is this a big subject, you want to get lost here right and you can even differ with me this the let the least concern 1/2 as if we have a difference about some of them the nuances here about who Donald Trump really with it is was because that's not my issue on the preaching him on the I'm not living for him on preaching Jesus living for Jesus right. That being said, to the extent the Democrats and those on the left see the issues what's taking place in the schools and see it as it's mainly race-based and white parents don't want their kids to know the truth about the racial history of America. They are missing the point of what's happening and they are missing the point of why parents of six-member. His parents are also very upset over what's happening with radical transgender rights, ideology and the endangering of their children because of opening the doors to heterosexual creditors in the confusion that comes on their children in the unfair pressure that's being put.

And on and on. So if you want us to one major article on CNN that Democrats misjudge the mood of the nation of thinking was sent misjudge people not happy with the way things are going okay so that they voted out trump they voted in Biden. Now they don't like what you're getting there.

Not happy and thrilled about that justice, things break down and and you just get the man on the street.

What matters to you, just practical wife how things are filtering down to me another filtering down to my family and and although the leftist mayoral candidate Michelle Wu one in Boston making her the first Asian-American woman to hold an office like that in that state.

So it's it's very major election. She was more progressive than the woman that she was running against another person of color, but the woman she was running against so progressive did when here. Insert male race is progressive, cut one, but overall, America does not want to go the way the radical left anymore than it was the way the radical right in America. Historically, orf for many years is tended to lean center-right still have the conservative trend in neutral sewer things go in the future, but that's one of the issues and it to me it's like misjudging the mood. Things should be very clear. The parental outrage very clear that interesting clip after CNN finally declared Glenn Yunker in the winter.

Then Jake Tapper announces that an entry into interacts with unabashed check this out.

CNN is projecting that Republican Glenn young Ken has been elected governor of Virginia, defeating Democrat Terry McAuliffe Duncan pulling off a critical victory for his party in the highest stake selection of the night. This is the first time, Republicans have won an election for Virginia's top office in 12 years. Again, CNN protecting Glenn young Ken has been elected governor of Virginia and Dan unabashed.

This is the announcement that Joe Biden will not be happy to hear, and it also shows how Inc. readily divided this country incredibly dependent. Joe Biden isn't happy here because he and other very high profile Democrats went to try to help Terry McAuliffe day. Terry McAuliffe tried to nationalize this race by bringing in help from national Democrats.

While Glenn young Ken made it incredibly Virginia focused he said this is about me.

This is about the people in Virginia. I gave them the added benefit of being able to say no, Mr. former Pres. Donald Trump. You can't come here. I don't want you to come here so that strategy worked for him, but I think that what you saw and Glenn young Ken is going to be for sure the playbook that Republicans are going to try to emulate going forward in 2022 and that also in 2024. The question is whether it is possible to emulate because he is a very unique person who's never been in public office before and I summoned the stop he was really and is a very good candidate will glad to hear her appreciating the kind see that the run of Glenn young can and may God bless them and help them to do it's best for his state to be our prayer for every government begun bless them and help them to do what's best for their estate before the Lord for sure matter who they are. That's our desire right will help me to do what's up what's best for the people of their state. But again, this is not a referendum on trump and as as much as the Democrats try to make it. That case he's he's out of the picture.

He's making statements and is doing some rallies and things like that, but he's not front center of the days you can't keep bashing him. The reality is hey what they are for me when I leave the radio show today.

I have to stop and get gas. Yeah so I'll be looking at gas prices and then virtually almost every day several days a week on the way home I stopped at the grocery store is meets much fresh fruits and vegetables and things like that pickup stuff myself and for Nancy. So you see what prices are you know when and this just the real world in which we live and the issue of of control. Look, there's a lot of pushback about that the vaccine mandates are not an anti-VAX or you know that but a lot of pushback against that a lot of concern of couple dozen plus firehouses in New York City have closed his people are taking sick leave retiring early because they eat the going get vaccinated. This shortage of ambulances trash is piling up. People are having issues with government control.

Many flights were canceled on Southwest Airlines because behind the scenes processing were we don't accept the vaccine mandate. Other employees were saying that so there's this a pushback on all these different fronts. But I want shift gears in a moment and and hear from when some serious, the first black woman elected to statewide office in Virginia and she had some interesting things to say in a speech effect.

Let's just put up the picture of the new Lieut. Gov. when sincere is this is on her Twitter feed.

There she has with her while some, rifle Marines know how to use guns and I won't ever support a red flag law, the Second Amendment says shall not be infringed. So she's a gun enthusiast and a former Marine. Yeah so unique in terms of her own background and the sheet she got in she was voted in as well. Obviously white supremacy was driving the vote.

Virginia did not have the first black woman serving the Expo line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown, I remain, can you hear from people interact with people who differ with me later tonight scheduled to interact with the rabbi soon call with him, an Orthodox Jewish rabbi's time that will speak at any length ventricular little bite by email meter interact with him. I'm committed to continued interact with people who differ with me. That includes believers who have different perspectives that includes people that are outside of your sphere of faith and have different perspectives so I remain committed today and I remain committed to taking seriously challenges where people see claim.

I have a blind spot or misunderstanding something from not treating the subject fairly much the right drug, even if initially as a debater.

My first responses you say this I differ. Let me to why differ. It also reflect emesis clear to me that that was being said is completely bogus and completely out of line all reflect a step back and think about it right encourage you to do the same, especially for believers, fellow believers in Jesus we need each other was talking to the gentleman that that heads up our media team that does helps us with love social media analytics and things like that is dual citizen American and and and and Israeli but is lived most of his life in Israel and we were talking about people being woke. You know in Israel.

Another there.

There is pro-abortion, pro-LGBT Q activism in Israel is very strong and yet the braver religious run the exact opposite side but is generally speaking, like all of the woke issues in America that issues in Israel because they're dealing with capacities of the people in Kellogg so let's realize as fellow followers of Jesus that what unites us is infinitely greater than what divides us. If were true believers. If we can be together forever with the Lord if he our God who standards are infinitely higher than us if he considers us part of the same family and we've got to learn to get along and that means having differences. That means he missing. I think you're wrong on this. I think you're wrong on this, but do we agree on these fundamentals and can we work to bring people to the Lord and pray for God's purposes.

Yes, we can, we must we must. That was one of my big problems with Pres. trump I love so many of his policy decisions and was with them in the stands that he took his courage but his very character was so divisive that divisiveness was felt right within the body and United we stand, divided we fall. That remains the truth. That being said, that ties in with this clip from the victory speech of new Lieut. Gov. of Virginia when some serious hear what she had to say and so I say to you, victory. Indeed, I there are some who want to divide us and we must not let that happen to believe we are back in 19 when my father came week in Atlanta where we want we can eat where we want to sweeten the water fountain and elected not once but twice and here I am right so again it does mean that everything is equal doesn't mean that there is no legacy from the past that still affects things today. It doesn't mean that we don't have problems to address, but let's address them together wrap the earlier the day in which we live. Everything has been made into an issue of race when daily life in many many ways is often not about race whatsoever and it's it's it's not an issue. It's on an ongoing issues on the press issue with this issue, let's let's address it together but I'm calling you, my brothers and sisters. Whatever your ethnic background.

Racial background is if you are in the Lord then you are my brother, you're my sister and I need you and you need me. Rather than fighting against each other. Let's learn from each of an XYZ to do with my relations. Those who challenge me with.

We are glad it trust me will go out. It is to sharpen each other is to grow together in the Lord. All right.

Please take you into an article. This is from one of the writers and real clear politics right and he lists this was written by a Carl and Canon for real clear politics seven reasons Democrats lost Virginia right so his his first reasonable one because previous tenure in office wasn't an advantage so it in in in Virginia, you can't run two consecutive terms as governor seek Gov. then stepped out then run again so I'm not fully aware of the successes or failures of McAuliffe's previous tenure, but according to this article that was no big advantage sake was the most amazing governor there is that the first thing second reason number two term McAuliffe really said why he wanted to be governor again okay what was his motivation was behind it again not being there in Virginia not being behind the scenes watching other campaign footage and things like that. I can't comment on that are either I was in focus that the D's could well be factors. Reason number three it's the parents stupid.

It's the parents stupid. This is a national issue.

This is not going away. This is this is this is something real and we have been saying for many years would be coming the pushback. He writes on September 29 a day when the real clear politics pulling average show McAuliffe leading with 46.9% support Young is 43.4. The candidates squared off in a debate that night Duncan made two points that resonated with many voters with school-age children. The first was abroad penned Eric. Eric complaint was seen over the course of the past 20 months of school systems refusing to engage with parents to straight this claim. Duncan invoked an issue usually associated with cultural conservatives a bill governor McAuliffe Peter that would've given parents more agency over sexually explicit books in school libraries. This is race race right a lot of this was evident with sexual issues is I believe parents should be in charge of their kids education. McAuliffe took the bait and then some. He began his rebuttal by scoffing at young and for being clueless because he never held elective office on the parents coming to schools that you take books out make their own decisions. McAuliffe edit that would've been sustainable, possibly even death. But for some reason he punctuated that thought with these 12 fateful words. I don't think parents should be telling schools what they should teach Boehm Boehm that was played over and over and over and over and it was initially in the context of sexually explicit books, what, when, when Juan Williams was was outrage the 20 Morrison's book of slavery in America. There, there was a desire not to ban and actually that was presented but for parents be notified before Israelis because the sexual content of the book, by all means, teach the truth about slavery, but because the sexual content in the book notify parents first.

Locate point number four is the race tightened, McAuliffe doubled down on his approach to education rather than realizing he blew it. He tried to justify his position even more reason five.

For his part, Duncan threaded the needle nicely on trump. This is what we said he did not allow this to be about trump right so when this race began last summer. Glenn Duncan was unknown Virginia politics. Those who did those name remember him as a high school basketball's on the Tidewater area. His father played hoops Duke and himself likely to lose etc. etc. right.

Duncan was able to self fund Republican primary campaign in which he dispatch with not one but two trump disciples, but he managed to do so without alienating the former president so we didn't push trump well enough to do with your pariah and it's a manner writing on your coattails elected. So again important strategy. Reason number six Virginia gubernatorial elections are traditionally tough for the party in the White House so they could be true. Again, the shift was dramatic. That's what got has gone people's attention and number seven. Something was afoot Tuesday night, not just in the Virginia governor's race, and not just in Virginia. Yes, something more was going on.

Yes, the question is Pres. Biden a disappointment to voters drag on down ticket Democrat perhaps excuse me a drag on down ticket Democrats pressed, but that seems to tidy an exclamation. It's true that after healthy honeymoon with voters. Biden's job approval rating has plummeted amid continued spikes in violent crime, the debacle in Afghanistan cast at the border. The continuing coronavirus pandemic inflation, food and energy prices and economic uncertainty propelled by a novel problem course can find enough workers to fill jobs, they have, and it was also to the Republicans are getting this money by finishing with a start to come next year's midterms. One possible conclusion. Tuesday's vote the majority of voters want Biden to be the president.

He promised to be. He was the moderate who defeated a slew of presidential contenders to his left one is out to work for all Americans, such as those who supported him if he and House Speaker Pelosi somehow find themselves under the thumb of the left wing of their own party. That's another point that I made in my article. If you haven't read it or a website, instructor Brown, the Lord, the obvious lessons that we can learn from the elections is in America by Lawrence is not willing to swing to the radical left. Even the idea of defunding the police and polling I've seen has often indicated that in poorer areas and in in black areas that the voting is much higher. Not wanting to defund the police because often people there. The ready victims of of of having a couple strikes against them because of the system which they were brought into but now on top of that of defunding the police means more crime and more damage to them and their families to Minneapolis. The city were George Ford was was killed by policeman even there the people said no don't want the program don't want this. This is what's happening but it's happening reason. Now let's sleep away and show the world how to another program powered by the Truth Network

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