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The Supreme Court and Abortion in America

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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November 1, 2021 5:00 pm

The Supreme Court and Abortion in America

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network news as the Supreme Court hears a major abortion related case, what does the future hold stock for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of Ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH.

Jim is Dr. Michael Brown.

It really is big news is not not being overstated. Not being exaggerated was happening. Supreme Court now scheduled to happen. The beginning of December. Decisions to be released next year.

Very, very major news that could potentially overturn Roe V Wade, a friends welcome to the modifier broadcast this is Michael Brown. If you'd like to weigh in on the subject of abortion in the courts from a Christian or non-Christian perspective. By all means give me a call 866342. Also, tomorrow major editorial vote for it like the elections in Virginia, so Terry McAuliffe versus Glenn Duncan's will there be a turning back there where Republicans gain control of the gubernatorial seat once again.

If so, what is that mean a lot is being discussed about parental rights and what's being taught to kids in school and you've got critics say look, these parents are racist and don't want their kids to know the truth about slavery get all the same to the contrary, we don't want our kids taught racist ideologies and made to feel evil because their wife is one truth taught fairly so this is going to be a very important election.

If you want to weigh in on that question. Race issues in the schools. By all means give us a call 866-3478 84 okay little review where things stand. After about a year with no action taken. The Supreme Court agreed to hear the Dobbs case in Missouri. This is another fetal heartbeat Bill that would outlaw abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy, at which point the heart is obviously detected and the fact that the court agreed to hear it is major because right now the bill was overruled by a federal court so if the Supreme Court didn't want to make any comment on it. Just let it stand.

They could say, not touching other words, it's fine. As it stands, the fact they're willing to hear it indicates to many, that they may be willing to act now. They may simply say, okay, that law can stand which will then further further dent in Roe V Wade or is the Atty. Gen. of Missouri as requested they could reevaluate Roe V Wade and say it is bad law, and as I'll be sharing from an article little bit later today.

Even what we know in science and technology today is radically different than what we do and 73 with ultrasounds and with medical treatments and with more understanding of the development of the baby in the womb. However, the court approved with that information back then it's it's a fair question to ask. In any case, that's big we've had River Pat Mahoney on with her several times and others pro-life leaders to talk about the significance of that case, which will be heard. Your arguments early December and then decision released. It could be as early as January could be as late as June of next year and then Texas passes a bill, but with a unique angle to it.

So this bill says no abortions after 10th week of pregnancy, and again in many cases, one of the snow she's pregnant is about six weeks and then you go slightly after that. Basically it would outlaw the vast majority of abortions in Texas.

It's been estimated by pro-life leaders. That is many as 100 babies have been saved every day since the law went into effect. You sort out the women that that can afford want to have babies well then there is what is the hundred million dollar program to help women that choose to have their babies and an adoption is always an option to say okay I can keep this baby. I it's conceived out of wedlock.

It was conceived against my will. It's gonna be too traumatic. We can, for whatever reason, then you can lawfully give your baby over for adoption at birth. In any case, putting that aside, what happened with that case, is that when it went before the Supreme Court. When there was a protest over the buildings overturn that the court decided by 54 majority with all three of the justices that Donald Trump appointed joining Alito and Thomas.

They all said let it stand course was an outrage on the other side just so to my Lord. Very clearly others speaking out against the decision, but they decided to let it stand. So the Department of Justice under Pres. Biden with our tax dollars are who pays for the Department of Justice has now taken Texas. The court saying the bills illegal.

You can't do that which unique about the bill is relies on the general public.

If you know of somebody abortion clinic that provides an abortion to someone say woman in her 20th week of pregnancy, you can report that and it is a criminal offense. So is relying on the public to say let's look at this and this was an angle. They came at intentionally to overcome some of the obstacles in front of these bills in the past because many of past and the state level only be shut down on federal a few weeks back federal just a federal court stop the bill short momentarily and then that was overturned by another Federal Ct., Supreme Court agreed to hear it today. Now I want to get into some technical details I I'm in touch with rev in the holy today to ask is soon as you have a report on the oral arguments. Let me know what's going on or soon as you have a free moment because he is in the midst of day and night prayer and interacting with others leaders in seeking to bring about what is best for mothers with children for the nation. So since soon as you hear anything let me know or call the show us a team if Pat Mahoney calls and at any point. But let's get to him immediately if he does call otherwise he'll text me as soon as he has a moment or soon as he has news but often not not not indisputably not incontrovertibly but often you can tell by the oral arguments what the justices are thinking and in other words but say I'm arguing for the existence of Santa Claus and the judges are all challenging me and mocking my position and saying that's a fantasy etc. and do actually believe in Sherman Italy insulate roller coasters/setup activist slight coasters that sits like coasters going down chimneys with with fat white men wearing beards okay. Do we really believe in all in their ridiculing and and mocking my position. You get a good idea. You get a good idea that hey they don't agree. So sometimes based on the questioning or the strength of one sides arguments and the weakness of the others. You can gauge where things are going.

But let let's dig in a little deeper give you as much detail as we Would start with an article on the daily wire Supreme Court will consider first of two abortion laws Monday. So, specifically what's being shipped reviewed is the challenges to the Texas law.

Okay and sexy six week abortion benefits attempt so the Supreme Court on Monday will hear arguments in two cases challenging the Texas abortion law that bans most abortions after runs six weeks of pregnancy, the court will hear arguments in whole woman's health versus Jackson and United States versus Texas, both of which challenge the Texas abortion. Also, specifically it is is not the law as a whole. That's being reviewed, but rather does the Department of Justice have the legal right to challenge the state law and this whole woman's health have the right to challenge. So on Monday, the court will deliberate on concerns around the structure of the Texas law rather than consider whether the law violates Roe V Wade Texas Gov. Gray at Greg Abbott's on the abortion law until abortion minutes one may the Lord took effect in September bans almost all abortions after fetal heart be can be detected around six weeks of pregnancy, but is not make exceptions for abortions in cases of rape and incest with some law permits abortions. When the life of the mother is at stake with the pregnancy."

Substantial and irreversible impairment of a major bodily function. In addition, the Texas law allows private citizens to law and civil lawsuits against anyone who aids or abets an abortion after fetal heart be can be detected at least one such law has already lawsuit has already been filed okay so this the first thing it is not the bill itself under consideration, but the structure of the bill and whether these other entities have the right to challenge it. Not measure something interesting as it stands what happens today is separate what happens in the Dobbs cases are what happens today in the decision that will come from this is separate than the larger issue of Roe V Wade yet again each time that one of these laws is allowed to stand, or resistance to to one of these laws, or bills is pushed back then. It further erodes Roe V Wade one time a little later in the show what happens Roe V Wade is will determine if Princess really important that we understand these things Eli I know many of you voted for Donald Trump major major reason was abortion, in your view, the Democrats are baby killers and it's a life-and-death no debate issued to me to you and to me it's a non-debatable issue like a could not vote for a pro-abortion candidate.

Simply could not do it and if it was a matter of a pro-abortion candidate versus of an anti-Semitic candidate. Then I'd sit the election out with and vote for for either or pro-abortion candidate versus a blatantly racist candidate.

I'd sit the election. I would vote for eat those not the case but I want to encourage you. That is not just a matter of voting. It's about being educated. It's a matter of really understanding the issues.

What if Roe V Wade is overturned. What will the implications. How will that work out state-by-state how that affect us as individuals leverage what is our witness and our community. How can we be pro-life, make it clear that we love our neighbor as ourselves, not just the neighbor in the womb, but the neighbor with the womb, not not just the neighbor in the womb, but the pro-choice so-called pro-choice activists down the block, how we maintain our witness and maintain' life not being angry not being hateful. Not being unsympathetic to the needs of women assess especially poor women or women who had the tragedy that that the 1% or less of conceiving a baby to rape or incest. How we demonstrate real empathy, compassion, kindness will sing.

Bottom line, that's a baby that's a human life inside of you and and we can't terminate that life to undo an evil that was perpetrated against you or a bad decision that you made something that happens thoughtlessly while out drunk you don't terminate the life of another human being to fix problems I write that.

How does this case, high-end way and not all. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown is joining us to get to take advantage of the special yet we get a special discount on all of the amazing health supplements from our friend Dr. Mark Stigler than he, in turn, can ceramics a generous donation to our ministry with each order that you place by the way he's gonna be back on gobbling on Friday. He loves doing live Q&A and once again he's gonna be here to answer all of your health medical related questions. He loves doing he enjoys the calls and giving recommendations over there so I'm not a medical doctor. I'm not qualified to give medical advice and giving solid biblical advice, but Dr. Singh will be joining us and got some special would be happening on Friday so be sure word out to your friends. Okay Wall Street Journal editorial board yesterday Texas abortion case that isn't the Supreme Court isn't hearing a challenge to Roe V Wade up. Let me read some of this to you skipping down the paragraph. Despite what you read in the press abortion rights aren't directly at issue. In either case, the Texas case or the Missouri case, the court rejected Texas's request to discuss the laws merits on abortion.

Instead, the court will consider in whole woman's health versus Austin Reeve Jackson whether Texas can dodge federal court review by outsourcing enforcement to private parties that this was a big thing that happened. They said okay every time that these bills have passed a bunch shot down by federal courts so you do instead is say will it just individuals can enforce. This can reported to the police and and this would bypass a lot of the obstacles that are shut down these other bills that have passed so the Texas law prohibits enforcement by state, excuse me, and in the question. In US versus Texas is whether the Justice Department can seek an injunction in federal court against the state. A minute is quite remarkable for the federal government to become against the state of Texas. Quite remarkable. So the Texas law prohibits enforcement by state officials, instead authorizing private citizens to sue anyone who performs aids or intends to perform or aid in abortion after heartbeat is detected, which is usually around six weeks. Citizens who prevail are entitled to at least $10,000 in damages and legal fees so Wall Street Journal editorial says there view the law is clearly unconstitutional, but they say here's the rub.

Federal courts don't have jurisdiction to hear the lawsuit by the abortion providers or the Justice Department.

Federal courts only decide cases and controversies between parties in both plaintiffs lack legal standing to sue.

So here you may have a case where it is slamdunk clear, no debate about it whatsoever that party a is guilty party a is guilty of extortion, etc. all the evidence is there a person is convicted. However, it is then discovered between the guilty verdict and sentencing that some of the statements that were made some of the discriminatory statements that were used. To convict this person were actually illegally obtained, and because they were illegally obtained.

The person is now not guilty be because the law was violated. In carrying out the law. Now, in this case. Obviously I stand with the Texas bill and I hope it's able to stand and continue to save the lives of innocent babies.

That's my absolute hope and I hope that the Supreme Court will simply say no to these other challenges and then again the law currently remains standing. So court in the Wall Street Journal even though they disagree with the bill with a say is that these other parties do not have jurisdiction here. The city justice case is the easiest to dispense with just me and the Department of Justice says it soon because the law precludes pre-enforcement challenges by the plaintiffs, but the federal government hasn't suffered a concrete and particularized injury to requirements for standing so Wall Street Journal editorial is correct then Supreme Court will say to the Department of Justice and Pres. Biden. Nope, you do have the right to challenge this bill. Then, even if the Texas law is unprecedented as department justice claims the Constitution supremacy clause doesn't grant the feds. The freewheeling power to sue states River believes there bridging the constitutional rights of citizens so that's the first thing of abortion providers is a could take months or years of litigation before the law is in joint so here is a case actually comes up okay you're guilty now. You reported out this whole thing starts to roll. You gotta stop it now you gotta do something now of this is where we'll see where the court goes, but as Wall Street Journal says one mystery is why the court agreed to take these cases five conservative justices were criticized included by their colleagues on the bench for declining to enjoin the Texas law on September perhaps they want to elaborate beyond the language of that terse order so the public can better understand the legal principles at stake. Now they claim the Texas law will certainly be struck out in due course. As long as Roe V Wade remains the law of the land, but upholding the Supreme Court standing principles is also crucial to the rule of law, rule of law as chief justice wrote John Roberts in particular has long held in dismissing the importance of legal standing, progressive, some of Donald Trump. He drives the court refused to hear his challenges to the 2020 election results a bad Texas law doesn't justify said setting a bad judicial precedent, so Wall Street Journal is saying is these cases that are now being brought from an abortion provider in the Department of Justice do not have legal standing do not have legal merit. So the court hears them and shoots them down and this bill continues to stand that's positive that's positive in that people are saying the justices to say hey we have a system and the system has to work properly.

And even if we don't like a particular bill still have to uphold our system of law that would be the prospective good news is, this is just part one the more major port is December 1 with the Dobbs case came before the court and that in a more direct way could affect the question of Roe V Wade serve everybody with me so far. I hope you don't mind the try to dig a little deeper and get into to greater depth here today, but what else we can do it right when as we discussed stop life and think these things through that aren't so momentous. Okay Brookings would cite the Brookings.ED you cite, what if the Supreme Court reverses, Roe V Wade so this is from October 5 so little over three weeks ago this week, United States Supreme Court will open one of the most consequential and controversial terms in recent memory.

At stake, or cases involving divisive issues such as guns and affirmative action. But by far the most contentious case will be an abortion case of Mississippi notices before the Supreme Court had said that they would also be hearing these objections to the Texas case of Dobbs versus Jackson women's health organization is about.

I keep say Missouri is Mississippi. How many times it is in Missouri it's Mississippi Mississippi Dobbs case Mississippi Dobbs case Mississippi. I apologize for misstating it earlier so you don't. You don't need to post a thousand times, correcting directed. It's about a law that states abortions cannot take place after 15 weeks of pregnancy makes exceptions only for the life of the mother and for fetal abnormalities.

None for rape or incest law effectively cuts the viability criteria for abortion that is been in place ever since Roe V Wade was decided a half-century ago. Alright so let's scroll down a ways here to where it says this today 59% of Americans agree with the statement that abortion should be legal and all or most cases within those numbers or eclipses exist. A sharp partisan divide most Republican voters are antiabortion. Most of the credit report.

Voters are pro-abortion will hang on abortion should be legal in all most cases does that mean through all nine months of pregnancy does that mean third trimester you start going there and sing shift quite dramatically in terms of public polling, but what one of the actual implications so Brookings asked what are the politics of a post-Roe world section in the article the politics of the posterior world. What are the politics of a post-rural to even begin to predict this we need to ponder the importance of intensity in democratic systems in Federalist number 10.

James Madison warned of the mistress of faction by faction understand a number citizens recounting to a majority or minority of the whole who are united and actuated by some common impulse of passion or interest versed adverse to the rights of the citizens or to the permanent and aggregate interests of the community of scholars of democracy have grappled with this problem ever since and passion majority can trample the rights of the minority. As Madison feared that an apathetic majority can lose 20 passion minority is the great political scientist Robert Gauthier. So where will the abortion debate go. This involves predicting the level of intensity for most pro-life voters. Abortion is a religious issue for most pro-choice voters.

It is a rights issue here is what we can glean from public opinion data. Some polling indicates that over time, abortion has become a more important consideration for voters. Gallup, for instance, founded in 1992, only 13% of registered voters to the candidate must share their views and abortions during their vote. This number increased to 24% in 2020. These funds are more or less consistent with Quinnipiac poll that asked if you agree with the presidential candidate on other issues but not on the issue of abortion, you think you can still vote for the candidate. A total of 69% of Republicans said yes and 62% of Democrats said yes.

Thus, 2016 abortion seems to been a made a motivator for about 31% of Republicans and 38% of Democrats goes on. Bottom line, bottom line is this is ultimately going to be something Roe V Wade doubling God help turn that is going to be fought this tremendous passion legally fought courts, public it's gonna be a pitched ideological battle. We must never forget our goal changing hearts, minds, for cleansing and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown in general in America is been shifting of abuse.

The turning of the tide in any way. The more entrenched in the quote pro-choice position than ever before. The leaning more towards the pro-life position. Look at that in a moment in this historic day where the Supreme Court heard oral arguments regarding whether the Department of Justice and abortion health abortion, health, whole health, which is an abortion provider whether they have the right to sue the state of Texas for the Texas heartbeat bill that is been in effect for a few months now.

866-348-7884 welcome friends to the broadcast.

I've got some really interesting stats to share with you washers part of a fascinating article written about what we know about the baby in the womb.

Now how things have shifted since 1973 and then some encouraging news about people who are leaving the profession of working abortion clinics becoming pro-life themselves, but first let's go to the phones start with Mike in Winston-Salem or Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire and Dr. Brown.

Love your show event probably all you bet all the regional calling is because I am 100% pro-white conferred a you know II get with with their thing to be a lot of people who think that there may have been through body business in the last few election and the cream court had failed to stand up for 44 White we have had a conservative majority.

Is there any reason to think that I might be there for you for sure that the reason the Supreme Court has not reviewed cases with lead selection with fraud is overall the majority view is been that there is no evidence of it and that would've come up otherwise with state courts and things like that even Clarence Thomas did not believe there was evidence of election fraud say we should heard one case just to kind of put the thing to rest of but it is very different in terms of of the current constitution of the court number one when it's come to religious rights and freedoms they been they been good. They've been pretty consistent on that.

There been some issues in terms of the vaccine and mandate that is not on the way we like to see them go. For example, in Maine, but otherwise the court is been very good in terms of standing with with freedoms and rights, especially a religious perspective, that's one number two mentioned earlier is that when the Texas law came before the Supreme Court. Earlier this year so couple months back I came when it came before the court in September of five justices so Alito, Thomas, and then the three appointing us of of Trump cut Gorsuch Cavanaugh and and Connie Barrett all voted in and said let's stand so that was very, very major that that they all five went in that direction and that the court has agreed to hear the got the Dobbs case of for Mississippi so that's all that's very positive again. Who knows where things will ultimately go and and where Justice Roberts will land on on this and he's become much more the swing vote that there is reason for hope. Obviously this is big. But we have to continue to preach the gospel and and and and change hearts and minds and reach out to two women who want to have abortions, and children. There's a better way. We have to keep doing that yet.

It's a fair question to ask Mike. We never know which way the justices will go, but there is good reason for hope this time around, and will know more when we hear the reports from the oral arguments today as part one, and especially the bigger one is going to be in the beginning of December. While I will be praying thank you very much Dr. Brent you are you are very welcome. Thank you. 866-34-TRUTH is number to call or write of them go through this article from the Wall Street Journal. It is by Grazie a post-proposal. Christie imagined her name is pronounced Grazie the way you say thank you. With Italian October 28. The obsolete science behind Roe V Wade.

She says my youngest patients or unborn babies in today's ultrasounds show they are fully alive and human so she says the Supreme Court will soon reconsider the decision in Roe V Wade, which made abortion legal in America's role I months of pregnancy. At that point in the development of man's knowledge is Justice Harry Blackmun been put it in row.

There was simply no consensus about when life begins is the fees could not be said with any certainty to be alive and therefore wasn't worthy of legal protection as a diagnostic radiologist is youngest patients or fetuses were very much alive.

I submitted a friend of the court brief in Dobbs were subjects women's health organization that's in the suitcase urging the justices to rethink row a case premised on a claim about science. I was joined by two other female physicians and neonatologist and obstetrician who also value the of his patients, believing that with her inside their mothers or born premature full-term. They are worthy of respect and protection.

Ultrasound technology was in its infancy. In the 1970s when there was much more concerned about life before birth the first ultrasound machines introduced 1958 were enormous and images rudimentary result in the late 1970s that fetal ultrasound became widely available with increasingly detailed images of recognizably human babies, black and white ultrasound images are now found in refrigerators of expectant parents, expectant parents across America.

New three-dimensional images have put a human face on the person.

Once dehumanized as mere clump of cells perfectly apparent now to the justices sitting on today's court as well as to the public or the liveliness and humanity of babies at 15 weeks of gestation. The age at which Mrs. Mississippi proposes to protect them from elective termination nestled in their mothers. These fetuses on averages or 6.4 inches long and weigh 4.1 ounces. They have report they have the proportions of a newborn seemingly all head and rounded belly.

The major organs are formed and functioning and will the child receives nutrients and oxygen to the mother's umbilical cord the fetal, digestive, urinary and respiratory systems are practicing for life outside the womb the sex of the child sees concerned by this point the baby swallows leaving breeze from the lungs with amniotic fluid, expelling the heart is fully formed its four chambers working hard with the delicate valves open and close a healthy baby 15 weeks as active baby list the child is asleep kicking and arm waving are commonly seen during Ultracet during ultrasound evaluations.

The fetal spine is a marvel of intricacy and is most often gently curves the fetus rests against the mother's uterine wall. Often I watch as babies plant their feet against the wall and stretch vigorously. Sometimes the delicate ham of all five fingers approaches the face and appears to scratch an itch. Fingernails are visible with their present we can see how the bones of the leg with the tiny ankles in the many bone feet at 15 weeks, the brain's frontal lobes, ventricles and thalamus fill the olive oval-shaped skull.

The baby's profile is endearing in its petite perfection gently sloping those distant distinct upper and lower lips eyes and open close. With the advent of 3D ultrasound can now see the fetal face in all its detail. These are the patients I encountered daily about work. I love your first of his patients is a radiologist clearly human. Clearly alive, no longer mysteriously hidden from the eyes knowledge of man they asked us to consider them not disposable nonhumans but valuable members of our human family misunderstandings different 1973, but arose on terms we have arrived at a much different quote point the development of man's knowledge about life in utero. The Supreme Court's judgment should reflect that advancement and put an end to the casual cruelty of un-fettered abortion boom well set look at the evidence for life. This is aside from what Scripture says I reposted an article from a couple years back right reviewed the question or their verses that support abortion in the Bible and the answer of course is no there are not verses that point to the humanity of the child in the womb are very strong, not simply the potential humanity of the child in the womb, but the present humanity of the child in the womb is as a human being with destiny, with potential with hopes and dreams being embedded inside of it by its creator's DNA fully formed shortly after conception. These realities.

And when you get to say radicals in Virginia and New York where you can abort a baby for any reason, right up until the time of delivery. If the mother is overwhelmed.

Emotions is that I can't do this. I can't do this that would be sufficient to report that baby pushback all you want that's that's the reality. Under the law.

Babies that are fully viable, let alone what the last moment before delivery babysitter fully viable outside the womb could be terminated if the mother simply says I can handle it or this is the way out. I want to do this and it's going to be destructive to my life in the future. This is how radical things have gotten this is why it's it it it is the great humanitarian crisis in question of our day. Now here's something interesting article in the Courier-Journal from July of this year.

How today's pro-life generation is leading the way in promoting abortion alternatives. What today's pro-life generation. When they talk about this article is an op-ed by Shu Montgomery who my don't know at all of the other to scroll down to this polling data poll commissioned by S.

L. A.

So hang on SLA's standing for okay students for life that the SLA's. Anyway, it's poll commissioned by SLA last January.

Maybe students for life Merck measuring how the newest voters ages 13 to Fort third Seesmic ages 18 to 34 feel about the human rights issue of the day is quite telling right more than seven in 10 registered voters in the millennial and Genesee generations support restrictions on abortion less than two and 10 members of this cohort support route will be weighed and its companion cases allow abortion on demand through all nine months of pregnancy for any reason. More than four in 10 support reversing Milky Way to allow the issue to return to the states were voters to engage almost half support banning abortion after heartbeat is detected, usually three weeks even if he said six weeks as the age range most targeted for abortion the abuse of millennial's and Genesee on an industry. Abortion examines the loss of one quarter of the generation are extremely relevant now again friends. I understand a lot of polling is the question that Seth, how is it asked what does it suggest how are things phrased. This will often elicit answers very different from from asking the same question differently. However, I've seen the same data consistently in other polls, and others active in campus ministry that yes, there remains vehement opposition to pro-life legislation among many young people safe for now but there has been a nice shift. There has been a shift in perspective. A lot of ultrasounds make the managing mortgages they hear it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Thanks. Transfer drawing us of just putting my cell phone that I was checking I saw text came in, but was not from Pat Mahoney eager to get an update on what he is heard about the oral arguments, how they were received, how they sounded today at the Supreme Court. Again, if ultimately that is a result of today's decision without direct impact will be weighed, but if over time. Roe V Wade is a God's grace overturn pushes things back to the states so you could obviously have pro-abortion states in the pro-life states could break down like that. It could break down ultimately were people choose to live, reliving your borders where they can commute to get abortions in an end. Will God make a distinction obvious is not the only issue that matters.

For example, if you are staunchly pro-life and staunchly Ray system and the blatant contradiction that how is God going to bless that or if you are staunchly pro-life but at export pornography of more from your state in it than any of the state. Obviously there's a deep contradiction, but all things being equal, will God make a distinction.

Will God show that there is a difference we say here a special blessing on the states that are caring for the life of the unborn and the withdrawal of blessing or even judgment on others that are perpetuating the terminating of babies in the womb say again whenever we speak to these issues. I know that there are many of you listening who had abortions in the past and a few followers of Jesus, you know you been forgiven for that sin. Like every other sin that you and I have committed come to the Lord in repentance and asking for forgiveness, but I know as well that sometimes this opens wound, so take that pain turned to prayer for the unborn to that pain and tried to prayer for young women who are struggling with decisions right now.

Take that pain and offer it back up to the Lord that that he can use your brokenness to save many lives and may he use your own story testimony. Some like to proclaim it publicly to help others some hate even speak of it all, but your testimony can get out in different ways by the Lord. Use it to turn hearts trendlines and may we demonstrate as followers of Jesus, holistic love for the baby in the womb and the child outside of the we demonstrate just the same love just the same commitment for the well-being of the child, not just to save the life of the baby in the womb to help that baby be born into a life with potential in this world and obviously if the baby is terribly ill and we pray for God's healing and his display will not be healed for his mercy and intake and that child to be with him forever. But the bottom line is we simply do not sanction terminating the life of the baby in the womb.

Speaking of millennial's just just got this note that was sent to us what was it October 10 once a month. My staff compiles a bunch of testimonies that that have come on LC them posted many times during the week during the month of social media. But then, out of all the emails we get. My staff will compile a bunch of testimonies and notes of appreciation scented so I can see them as well. Always aware of the hate mail the junk that's out this week at the good words of encouragement. So just just during the break was was looking at this from from Mary. Thank you Mary for your listening or watching today. Thank you so much. She said that I'm a millennial and huge fan of Dr. Brown want you to know how much his work radio show Internet videos, etc. touch my life enrich my life and increase my faith tremendously, especially areas of culture, morality, politics, strengthen your faith, never compromising and letting love shine in the lives of others. Also, been so richly blessed with all the Israel content in the Jewish roots of my Christian faith as well. A more personal note, Dr. Brown has been a source of comfort, wisdom, learning, knowledge and insight as a navigate my own life.

I was look forward to hearing his smiling, compassionate, and happy voices of the streets on radio daily. All of these positive changes in myself would never been possible without Dr. Brown truly is touch the lives and hearts of so many people, but I know without a doubt that I would not be the person I am today without Dr. Brown's ministry is been a godsend for me personally speaking about revival, redye books and very excited about my upcoming order books. I just wanted to write you express my immense gratitude and appreciation for all that Dr. Brown and this ministry is done in closing I will keep Dr. Brown's ministry. My prayers daily.

I will deftly keep donating as I can. Please continue to shun the Lord's light and struck world and may God bless you and make you succeed in all that you do Mary that that really touches me because that's why we do what we do for people like you and and to hear the results of our ministry in your life. It brings me tremendous gratitude are our entire team and brings us tremendous gratitude to God that we been allowed to serve and be such a help it in your life friends. It is our goals to serve many millions more in this way to be a voice of moral sanity and spiritual clarity to into infusion with faith and truth. Encouragement can stand strong for the Lord and we want to see the size body.

The body of Christ. Healthy and thriving so that God's purposes can be fulfilled thrust of the world can see what the gospel is all about the work and see who Jesus really is thrust and that you and I can experience everything God put us here to experience and and that you and I can be changed by the presence of God and and by being change we can go and bring about change to others, so I want to ask you to do something very simple and something every one of you can do all right, will you pray with us, goblet amplifier voice enable us to blanket the nation with this broadcast.

Yes, we have access. Of course, on on Internet. Many who watch on Facebook or YouTube. Many more listen by way of podcast so we pray that the those venues.

We continue to grow by the blessing of God.

Of course, share broadcast with your friends turn them on to the line of fire. We are really deeply seriously praying about massive radial expansion radio is actually as strong as it's been in many years. During covert.

It's got even stronger, more more people to listening on radio. We know it's a purpose of God. I can't tell you how many times God is laid this on my heart to pray every day we come into broadcast it and it's it's my prayer that God will enable us to touch many many more live so would you do that to pray that God would deepen our voice with even more compassion grounded even more. The worst more full of God's spirit that he would deepen our voice and amplify it to the nation. It is for his purpose for his glory. George Whitfield used to pray with the name of which will perish that the cause of Christ may live set a matter of promoting my name a lot of far your name or your church or denomination or whatever it is it's a matter of the skin of the Lord, making him known and stand for the cause of truth and equipping the body in reaching those who don't know them, especially the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

So would you believe God with us in prayer.

I really do appreciate it.

Thank you so much all right just looking up at our phones you're okay to what let me go over to this this other story this was on life news, October 30, 223 abortion clinic workers have left their jobs and become pro-life. I don't know the exact time frame in which this happened but it happens on a regular basis. Love like Charlotte which this became love life is it's working in different states and even in different nations on a regular basis has seen security guards leave the abortion clinic get right with God during the pro-life movement. Nurses, even doctors leaving the abortion industry, washing their hands of it and becoming pro-life. Some had a weak relationship with the Lord and they got strong in the Lord that brought about the change others when they came to the Lord.

The part about the change. We had a wonderful call. Some years ago, a woman who was a professing Christian believer at the time she took a job single mom needing income got a very lucrative offer from Planned Parenthood work for them and called in the show. One day as a Christian and said should I be doing it until you can never go back again. As the conversation went on, she broke down weeping about what she'd seen in the clinic and the so-called POC products of conception reaping the little babies and little children, hands and feet, and we were able to connect with friends that helped her during a time of financial transition Planned Parenthood water back offered even more money and she is staunchly and strongly in the pro-life movement today and healthy in the Lord this, that the biggest thing of all soul again.

I don't know the specific dates of the article says recently in the western United States.

The 223rd abortion worker quit her job with the support and encouragement of the local 40 days for life team. She said she admired Abby Johnson and she told me that she is going to get baptized.

Local campaign leader is not the only one in the southeastern part of the country. Another abortion worker also left her job and on and on. So they've documented 223 again. I don't know over what period of time, but the cause of life will triumph, so be encouraged. We pray for the court Supreme Court to make the right decision. The Texas case than especially the Dobbs case, Mississippi, beginning of next month and then the decisions announced next year we we pray the Supreme Court to do what is right. We pray for local courts, federal courts do this right. But above all, let us do what is right. Let us extend the message of the gospel to hurting and dying world that is give a message of hope and life that attracts people to Jesus yes to follow him. We leave everything or are the gods of this age and the rule of her own life really resolves the Lord, I'm yours here I am Cindy use me I would be yours forever, but no one who is truly and fully given their hearts to the Lord and live for him, lives with regret. In doing so. Quite the contrary is terrible his life… Another program powered by the Truth Network

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