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From China to the Babylon Bee

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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October 26, 2021 4:30 pm

From China to the Babylon Bee

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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October 26, 2021 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 10/26/21.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network from standing up to China to a new book from the Babylon B got you covered today to start the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience have president of fire school of Ministry get into the line of fire valves like always. 866-34-TRUTH index 866-34-TRUTH zero Jim is Dr. Michael Brown friends to the line of fire prepare for a show put your seatbelts on and keep them on the entire broadcast room start with China, then at the bottom of the alley and be joined by Joel Berry. He is the managing editor and editor at the super popular Babylon B sarcasm Christian website yeah and he and his co-editor there have come out with the new book the Babylon B guide to woke this.

Joel Berry will be joining us at the bottom of the our phone lines are open if you want to talk to about anything if you want to make a case for the church at the end of the age being in spiritual and moral decline, or the fact that we should only expect things to get worse from here on, until Jesus returns. Talk about that yesterday. I reject that position by all means give me a call 866-34-TRUTH or five time for some random calls on random questions 866-34-TRUTH China is in the news big time again in America over a number of major controversies. I spent some time in recent days with a colleague whose lived almost all of his adult life in China racist family in China has immersed himself in Chinese culture loves the Chinese people and works with the Chinese church. I asked him about Pres. G and about his goals as the leader of China. The hope president. She has really promoted himself as the new mall even as look in his face and billboards everywhere and you have to understand that that it is in Chinese society with with emperors and empires in kind of a collective consciousness in the great national value being social harmony. Is this massive country that that they are very much prone to group think we can do that in America we have a lot more individualism in America. That being said prison. She definitely has very clear and specific goals. So I asked my colleague what are his goals were China's goals and he said China wants to dominate the world very matter-of-factly. He's a sober Monday God.

He said China wants to dominate the world economy and have the power to cripple the rest of the world's economy and I was asking them you know about reports I hear about China wanting to to get in Afghanistan really get control there and trade routes and things like that and and he said if they're able to get certain strongholds in certain parts of world trade and economy. They will dominate the world and ready so much of our money is tied up with China and we are so dependent on China. So we pray for the people of China. We want to see God's work there. We will see the church continue to grow we want to see freedom and liberty for the people, but we must nationally stand up to the tyranny of China. Okay what's in the recent news so Apple has capitulated once again to China and Apple has removed the Corolla map in the Bible at least two specific apps that have been removed in China on the request of Chinese officials that and I don't want to read their their specific reasoning for this when BBC asked about an Apple directed the BBC to its human rights policy which says were required to comply with local laws and the times their complex issues about which we may disagree with government so the stakeholders on the right path forward. Apple told the BBC that Chinese officials had said the apps breached laws on hosting quote illegal religious texts. When I went to China some years ago.

The invitation to Franklin Graham, one of 40 leaders Protestant evangelical leaders coming over from America. We met with Chinese officials, leaders in the national church.

The three self church they they actually took us to a large printing press were Bibles were printed sent out that a lot of it was for show logos Bibles did not get to the people, but they wanted us to see all look reprinting Bibles look at this were getting Bibles out now map is removed, what, why, because it is an illegal rigid religious text, the Bible and across considered illegal religious texts. So what's the right thing to do. Apple should simply say no. If you want our business and you have to keep those text do I have any hope that Apple do that. Nope nope old Bill stand boldly for black lives matter in America. Bill stand boldly for LGBT rights in America, but when it comes to standing up to oppressive laws in Saudi Arabia oppressive practices in China. Nope, let's just do business friends that's that's been really have out it was just May May of this year were wrestling superstar and budding actor John Sina publicly apologized and play clip for a moment, but he had referenceable in the distance, Taiwan say, this is the first country where this new movies and will be seen that created outrage and type what I want I want a country that was a legitimate, what so what is John Sina dual he's been learning Chinese wants to appeal to this base and it's great to learn the language of the country. If you're serious about influencing their having us a stake there obviously means a lot to the people there. I will condemn him for learning Chinese. That's not the issue but will this listen to a little part of the clip know the Lord. Josie will be shoe solutions. I will will illegal school will be shoe questions are under an unusual will I come to enjoy jungle will come to Lauren will hung home about seven do with a tool Gucci which he will hung Boucher I so their captions to what he was saying, which is where I know what he was saying so so so so so so so sorry so so so so sorry he made a mistake and I said that clip to my friend whose lived in China these many years, and he wrote back saying money talks. China knows it via money talks and china knows it back in old with C. Was it was 2019. During the Hong Kong protests. This is against the oppressive ways of China as it taken over Hong Kong protests down. Lori was in the general manager of the NBA team Houston Rockets. He tweeted his his support and EE soup between the support for the protesters immediately massive backlash headlines China suspends business ties with NBA Houston Rockets over Hong Kong tweet just looking at some of the statements of the Chinese basketball Association said it would suspend all cooperation with the Texas-based team. China's consul general in Houston all search the team to co-clarify and immediately correct the mistakes so what is Mari do will he he issues an apology. How did how dare he stand with these courageous people in Hong Kong. Pres. Trump stood with them. They were standing for what was right there was any for freedom. They were risking their lives. The lease their careers, but certainly their lives.

The livelihoods but no no no no view from China we lose a lot of money money that's what comes down to friends money, greed, materialism, so he he said I did not intend my tweets to cause any offense to rocket fans and friends abide in China. I was merely voicing one thought based on one interpretation of one complicated event I had a lot of opportunity since the tweet you hear and consider the perspectives of always appreciated the significant supporter Chinese fans and sponsors are provided in hopes of those groups that will know that offending her misunderstanding. So my intention. I twitch my own and in no way represent the rockets or the MBA only when your leader is no longer with rockets resided became president of the executive with the with another team in the NBA. Just interestingly enough, so the Braun James was the greatest NBA players of all time. Some say the greatest, most in Michael Jordan certainly on the top two or three of all time super influential super popular worldwide right, what did he have to save it and you know he often speaks out boldly about racial inequality in America is unafraid to win on social issues that uses this platform quite often. To do that. So what he say said I don't want to get into a verbal feud with Darrell Morey but I believe he was educated on the situation at hand so grievous and he spoke and so many people could harm them financially, physically, emotionally, spiritually, just be careful between say we do, even though yes we do have freedom of speech with me a lot of negative that comes with that to us.

I noted an article may be used in Morey to Chinese reeducation camp was educated properly about this wish came. I can virtually guarantee you if money and popularity forward were not involved, people would not be saying what they're saying but some have decided to stand up but this is significant friends like you have time for the whole clip now before first break so I'll do that right into the brick. Enes Kanter is from Turkey. He is a practicing Muslim play now with the Boston Celtics. He's not super superstar level but he's a very solid, very good player in the NBA, so he recently called out China and any spoke about Tibet and the wrongful takeover of Tibet by China decades ago and called for freeing Tibet and then spoke about the persecution of the weaker people.

The Muslims and even on his on his basketball shoes because they're all about get another social message in the NBA. They spent all last year doing it social messages on their jerseys and commentators instead of just about the game with weigh in on social justice issues and things of that kind of money a fan go to sports for relief from all the things happening in society and the pressures and tensions. His head swung chill watch game right so he put that on this on the sneakers free to bet free China and obviously this backlash coming against them. But he knows what it is to put his life on the line is been an outspoken critic of of Turkey and in the long and he says that the present. She of the Chinese con's party tweets the someone has to teach you a lesson I will never apologize for speaking the truth. You cannot buy me you cannot scare me.

You cannot silence me. Bring it on, and then a couple hashtags and then his shoes in English and Chinese free China will come back to his this man stands this man is facing down a whole lot about got the backbone to stand.

We will file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown and her brown delighted to be with you.

Talk about standing up to China.

It is very interesting about the play clip from Boston Celtics player Enes Kanter, himself a Turkish Muslim man who knows what is to stand up to intimidation. So before play is clip some very interesting so stalking to a colleague spent as of said almost all of his adult life living in China Reese's family in China thoroughly immersed in Chinese culture education. There and loves the Chinese people himself, a committed Christian and he told me some very interesting that the Chinese church from liberal to conservative was praying for the reelection of Donald Trump.

What serious many wept when he was not reelected.

The EC they told me my friend told me that that Pres. Obama was liked by the Chinese, but not respected by the Chinese.

Where is Tromp is respected by Chinese people had a lot of opposition from the seniors government things at that but he was he was liked by the Chinese people and he was respected by the Chinese people.

So he was liked because he didn't speak evil of the people themselves spoke well of them.

Intelligence even spoke well of prison she himself on a personal level but he wouldn't stand up to their policies and push back. No, you want like that is like a happen and they respected that they respected that seizing China must be looking at at NBA groveling some of our superstars groveling John Sina groveling Apple capitulating think the respect that you respect people I capitulate to respect hirelings, juristic pastors, leaders that that just go with the crowd and go with the financial flow rather do is right.

We respect that no the Chinese people respect that I doubted they may be glad for that for the finances of the business or or the victory to the respect that. I certainly doubt that. So Enes Kanter rather back that is not up the ante addressing Nike directly and you'll see from his address that this guy is not some bigoted fundamentalist close minded hater.

He's a man standing with principal against oppressive policies in China.

Listen to what he has to say. My company says that your regular positive about our communities and that is true. Yes, you are here in the United States.

Nike seven. The black lives matter. Nike seven. Asian 1970 Latino and matching start, intelligent, acute adventure remains vocal about injustice here in America.

But when it comes to China.

My cure silence. You do not address blues brutality check, you do not speak about this commission is to not say a word about the oppression of minorities in China your student to speak to Mr. she was in China you know there are so many forced labor factories in China for forced labor, modern-day slavery, and it is happening right now and check millions. "Our current pain so and assign war at forced labor camps presents effectors across the country there on their own. The constant surveillance with wall working hours and pulled conditions are subject to political reeducation. No freedom of expression. No, and they're not even able to.

Did you know almost entirely. An footwear industry is painted by we were forced many well-known global brands are implicated. Yes, that includes the wanton just because sponsors like magic claims that did not allow any forced labor in this project, yet they don't have the receipt to prove they have not publicly committed to cutting ties with the Chinese government, labor, transcription.

They have not provided clear timelines or updates about their efforts to end the publicly committed to the steps outlined by the coalition and we were forced.

Don't forget anytime you put those shoes on your feet diffusion on your bike. There are so many computers and so much oppression so much blood you handle Mike… I just thought while what are you doing about the slave labor that makes her shoes the slave labor that makes you rich all Nike you might have a message for how about a book of plane tickets for us.

Best flip China together, we can try to visit these slave labor camps and recheck seeds which are all box Lebron James and Michael Jordan, you guys are welcome to come back. You must be a participant's stop hypocrisy stop the modern-day slavery. Now, good for him. For Enes Kanter and my take is he'd rather lose his career. He rather get blacklisted by the NBA.

He rather have a target on his back, then stand down their friends. That's the only way changes can come that that's the only way that will make a difference.

My next book comes out in March. The silencing of the lambs and we give many strategies for taking stem but it comes from this same spirit that says misspeak out for what's right with him to do what's right when I can back down.

Why because we have convictions here to speak candidly, as always, if my brothers and sisters in Christian ministry would simply live like this sometime about world secular side again and sketches I Christians must if my brothers and sisters in Christian ministry would simply stand for what is right regardless of cost or consequence America would look different. Although many do and I thank God for them, and many have sacrificed and I thank God for that.

And in many avoid difficult decisions is most churches do not have extra funds in most churches your leadership.

You have to think okay if we take the stand. It may cost us this program and when I can be able to continue to feed the poor inner-city or we take the stand them when I can be able to pay the salary of the youth pastor and his wife that we just brought in to serve our young people, or if we take the stand that it is going to come into her support for missionaries in other words, you're juggling lots of things but the bottom line is if if we bring in funds by doing was wrong. If we bring in funds by being compromised and then what's the use of it and in the real irony. The tragic irony in all of this is that with all the capitulation to China because of greed, not tieback to larger issues such as the Christian ministry issues but back to China and the larger issues. The real irony here in the tragedy of is not owed to them to lose our souls in the process by just becoming ponds to to the money into fame. But in the end, China gets what it wants and has the world domination and it might just cripple our economy.

So you end up with far less then what you started with assent the article to my colleague's lived in China will these many years and he sent me back a couple of quotes one Benjamin Franklin those who would give up essential liberty to pursue a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty or safety. Those who would give up essential liberty to pursue a little temporary pleasure financial profit popularity deserve none of the above .11 last thing. And then we can switch over and talk to Joel Berry from the Babylon be I tweeted this out just a little while ago. How about a little decency in the aftermath of Alec Baldwin's unintentional killing of a crewmember, however much he decries politics and personality. And if there was negligence on his part that is not the time to gloat recuse disclose shattered by the event. Can we not be any better than the world in our reaction. If I haven't commented on the subject because there's nothing for me to comment on that.

That intersects with our Schultz tragic event that took place on on a movie shoot and was there negligence on Baldwin's part.

Some say under the circumstances, you point a gun at somebody and you don't onset and other civil if he's one of the producers and isn't he responsible for for the crew that's there, etc. but here's here's what's clear he saw from everything that we know he saw the gums go cold. That was perfectly safe to use.

He is even aware of this for the rest of his life is gonna mark him away on him on some level for the rest of his life, his office he completely shattered over it and and the the widower is not blaming Baldwin at this point for the death of his wife. But you people got the glory will yeah this shows you in my trunk all this time, only animals can we do know better than the world would do or that someone on the other side might do towards us. If we had some treasury karma comes your way. So I'm a little decency.

I'm sure that's the sentiment of most of us, but it should be our only response said the family said the spell evolving perhaps in a time of rope… A given time to reflect and maybe his wife, brother and I care on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown swing out wearing a New York sweatshirt that is in honor of my guest Joel Berry. He is one of the two editors along with calm man at the Babylon be the world's leading online satire site Swiss New York got to do this, from a follower of Jesus by the New York shoe for New York City race along on spend almost half my life in New York on also sarcasm, runs my blood just very natural part of who I am and all all the more than was I thrilled to see your Christian website using sarcasm to powerfully convey truth for the glory of God, the new book by Joe Barry and Kyle man the Babylon be guide to woke this hey Joel, thanks for taking time out of your schedule to join me today and forever. In order well great to have you soap before we get into the contents of of your book out of the Babylon be come come about. The first playsets one and two. Did you ever dream it would become a successful visit as it has no well you know I I would not there. Actually there at the beginning Babylon be with started by a guy named Adam Ford. And it was kind of inspired by what the onion Adam with growth of the onion one day in NP found a headline about the cream court just what you started a burger fell.

You know, in favor of of redefining marriage and that onion headline with bring to the effective you know or Supreme Court justices suddenly realize that they will not be the villain in an upcoming Oscar-winning movie and you know you look bad and thought well I don't agree with that but still kind of funny like you looking to respect the joke and and that the wittiness of the point the way to point was made and that that kind of environment like you know our site to be doing enough and so he, put the word out that starting a Christian satire site and unitive started taking submissions never expected it to go bigger or viral or anything like that in the first the first headline that went viral forest was it was the Holy Spirit unable to move through congregation after the fog machine break something online. We got our start with our church humor and people really resonated with it because the first time they were currently working comedy that got Christian and that didn't despise them in on and so that people really responded to a degree from Erin. We never dreamed it would be. It is bigoted that yeah it's gotten so big that that you had to seek headlines bands for their as if the real social media right yes the respect of the guardians of notes and in your faith. Today they become efforts pretty hard lately typically are working with Facebook and what Facebook will do a go-go award grant to a fact checkers to backcheck our satire so it is always and always at the comedy of the situation when you write a headline like you know after water discovered on the moon trunk proposed base may be that went up another headline we wrote effective date backcheck that one and that much fire years ago I was delayed one day my producer came in and handed me something in and it was you and Coulter just gone one step too far in us in the look I preach a letter which he says that this is just way overboard and then he comes right out to get some fields for your past this and he comes running in Cyclops are those from the onion. I'm so sorry I missed it, though, so I'm in the written in such a way to be to be believable and I'm just looking at a one headline out about something about the comment on.

Write an article Obama tells girl raped in school restroom to stop peddling fake outrage, something that will react to the reality of this is Esther. I mean, it is basically what happened.

That's what the parents are being told so you are in your is a lot of fun and this amount of shared headlines is because they're so funny and there that they hit the points a while, but you're also getting a message on Archie absolutely immunity you know that the thing that is interesting about what we do and humor in general. There's a good quote from a writer named Yuki Chesterton. We are big fans of the and and he says that comedy can get in under the door while truth is still fumbling at the handle and sometimes just snappy headline can really cut straight to the truth more effectively than enough at an age op-ed in the New York Times door.

Or, you know, even a book can if you can just get really the core of of what he said and do it in a way that makes people chuckle a little bit. It can be very effective for you. There is a point of view vision and that the goal is to point to the truth. Anyway, we can write it in the look is as follows Jesus, we have to be able to critique ourselves and sometimes we can do it laughing at ourselves in a comedian can give Phil he was full of things that are there that others can't. But there is something about set satire and sarcasm. I had to learn over the years and I joke about it that that their sanctified sarcasm when I'm in the spirit. But you know we know Elijah famously engages in it first Kings 18 where he mocks the prophets of Baal and where she regarded perhaps the best understanding of the Hebrew one portion is no maybes on the toilet was relieving himself, but in a shout aloud or visa God and obey getaway come up or something. So there is there is at .4 and disliking a note from my produces. I generally share the be more than anything else. So it it gets things that appeal away. But when you have a whole book out your new book the Babylon be guide to woke this promise having fun with it and it's entertaining but there's some you want to convey in that as well. You absolutely amended the Hoboken movement and then I think for a lot of people are really scary thing. And how quickly it is taken over your university and even our church is unfortunately in you know II think there's a lot of handwringing about it.

There's a lot of fear about it and I think a lot of that it is not unfounded because it is a very evil and destructive movement but we can.

It thought that you make it for someone. Mark this whole thing intermediate media need a Babylon be treatments in all and so we we really try to and in writing this book make it very well that it critical. A lot of the heavy academic dollars behind critical. Make sure that we know we were expressing this properly and so there is there some death book, but it is a very funny and and mocking waiters a lot of pictures in our economic return to any agent about government and you'll find something to laugh at the we had a lot of fun writing it, yet it's it's looking at some of some of the pictures and some of the means serious critique of some have to look at instinct because there is a lot of stuff the surface but a lot of it goes deeper there Dragon per issues. Thereafter, by the way what you just said reminded me of a famous quote from Martin Luther. The best way to drive out the devil if you will not yield the text of Scripture is to jeer and flout him, for he cannot bear scorn right yes so there are things we just have to say look at all of the people I care about the people, but this is nonsense. This is what we need to, snap people out of the stupor. So I just want to read this because the description is so good. Babylon be to show the world you're a good person and also to avoid getting canceled and have your life ruined by twitter mob you need to get woke in the Babylon be got to woke this derisive satirical sensation. The Babylon be tell you how to choose your pronouns blame everyone else for your problems and show the world how virtuous you are with virtue signaling profile pictures and studying brave hashtags a tongue-in-cheek guide to the far left's obsession with intersectional insanity Babylon be got to work.

This will help you laugh at the state of our culture. She will cry now how would you define intersection. Now that he either an actual description or satirical description.

What I would say that it is eventually an apparent to requite a lot of the moral network established by our questionnaire. It is a way to do it. Assign value things and the people outside of what what God tells us in Scripture that we are infinitely precious as individuals and made in the image of God is the materialistic lot that you know that it is inspired by liberation theology, which tore through and destroyed South America and and you know Soviet communism. Before that, and then going all the way back to market it treated its roots in Mark would attempt to do it, you'll create a new conglomeration or a proletariat of of different interest groups that can then be united to overthrow the West. Essentially, you know that their goal is to take what the Christian values of of United States which are at their core against racism and bigotry and prejudice in America. I think it probably delay the least racist country on earth and in an attempt to take that that natural hatred towards racism that we have and and turn it into a hatred of of Western values hatred of capitalism by hatred of our own heritage and felt very very and 50th and if you don't if you're not very diligent about understanding what these academics are staying in the way that they're using and misusing the word very easily to get by it. Yet just appeal to things and important to us. None of us want to be bigots of decent people and be bigots or haters. We we know a lot of the terrible sins of the past. We don't want to be discriminatory. So there's this appeal and then because of what Native Americans have suffered because of what African-Americans have suffered.

There's something in eight that says hey what we do want to add to that suffering and and and we want to be the ones to respond rightly, and then the pendulum swings in the other direction in a terribly divisive way in a terribly destructive way and what ultimately you said that that really does have Marxist roots and ideology right will be right back with Joel Barry.

He and Kyle man have written the Babylon be guide to woke this at July I should tell you that I cut my teeth as a board meeting, Mad Magazine basically memorize mad snappy answers to stupid questions to further sharpen my sarcastic sword.

I will be right back don't go anywhere.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6634 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown times Joel.

Satirical bio here. Maybe I'll do that later.

Together with Kyle man managing editor, editor-in-chief of Babylon be if you've never been to Babylon be go there and ill make it a regular habit of going there afterwords.

The new book the Babylon be guide to to woke this hey Joe I tell you one thing I've been fighting off some depression and discouragement maybe can help me of. I've always counted a badge of honor. When I get attacked for speaking the truth in the mind and saw a been attacked by the SPLC in the HRC in glad these different organizations him on the head of the hate list in the hit list of many of these but to my knowledge have never been lampooned on the be either I'm too nice a guy run to balance from just not well-known enough, but I don't know. It's just been kind of discouraging at a fight you the impulse to bring it up.

I do suffer fairness, I should let you know this is really cummerbund over it is to be honest as possible.

What you figure out something like accurately ever. It could could well be have a big if you hold myself along the way, how concerned are you with where the nation is going with this will culture and cancel culture and CRT in the schools because obviously you spent a lot of time putting the book out your fun and doing it but you Jesus emergency in all this. Yeah you know it the I'm not particularly optimistic. I think that at this point where were at in our country and our culture are our only hope none of this is something that you talk a lot about on your show is spiritual revival.

I think that the you know the Reformation or anything done to fix that or not, come from the political spirit, even if fairly the cultural spirit going to have to come from the ground up and in a massive new great awakening and and I might hold out hope that that can happen. We serve a sovereign God and he has the power to do that if you want to think I'm you know I II hold a bit of a tragic view of life, and I think that the reason work all the Babylon be if you were inspired by you, Daniel, and here Shadrach me shack and Abednego were exiled into into Babylon. There their entire way of life, their kingdom was taken away from them and Daniel. He saw the fall of his own kingdom, his own country saw the fall of the Babylonian Empire, which was at that point the greatest empire the world and he felt a ride to the meat of the Persians and you know he had a perspective that you know kingdom is rise and fall countries rise and fall, but the word of God remain and his kingdom.

You know that that Jesus established it will never fail you know I've got the hope that we hold out that you know God can bring about revival. If you want, but if not, you know it. If if America's days are numbered and and it's not going to get better.

You know, we have the hope and the joy that comes from knowing that you know we are citizens of the kingdom that will never be overthrown. You know when we serve a King who will never be kicked out of office and you know keeping that in mind. Keeping that in front of us that think as were going to the news every day as were writing or satire is really important because we we hope you convey that hope you know and in our own small way and I'm so received use Angel on the left is trying to resonate that myjust came out this month is called revival. We dive in it.

I just finished writing a book due out next September about the political seduction of the church. I was talking to a friend of mine who's lived in China most of his adult life. Talk about China in the first half of the show today he's committed Christian, but immersed in Chinese culture and understand what's happening there, works with top church leaders and the Chinese Christians don't have the goal of making China even greater you know and and if you talk say to a Native American about make America great again. You know, they, at what point are you saying it was great how the different perspectives because we have a lot of good Christian history in America because we have many Christian principles and our founding, and because we've been vast majority professing Christians were history, it's easy to conflate the flag with the cross.

It's easy to think that that the kingdom that America must be blessed because with a specially chosen nation. But the reality is God's building his church and a health research is the keys. Charles Spurgeon said a healthy church kills error and terrorism teeth pieces evil, and he said he said not so very long ago our nation tolerated slavery in our colonies. Philanthropists endeavor to destroy slavery, but one was it utterly abolished. He said it was when Wilberforce roused the Church of God of the church got addressed yourself to the conflict.

Then she tore the evil thing to pieces. So that's what has to happen is the Triscuits healthy, then it will bring about cultural change know if it's been said that politics is downstream from culture. We have some Christians in the country than cultures downstream from the condition of the church right after soul and what your hope for readers of the Babylon be God to open's business can equip them. This can inspire them is again given tools get it. It is good for teenagers and young people to what you recommend.

Yeah, I think it's good for all you did a quick related in a week.

Pretty clean. You know my hope in their that it worked on two level that that it will make you laugh, you know at the way the world going make you apical situation of the absurdity of what while at the same time informing you a little bit. You can go through in Canterbury through graphic at the pictures and some of the funny diagrams that we have, but if you read only you know there are some substantive parts of the book where you can really get a good grasp on what will how it work where it comes from an NFL written the book is written kind of from the perspective of a of a woke person in a very un-self-aware and passionate book 1st and maybe overly honest about what they believe and and and so it that, where the comedy comes from. If you have a woke person describing what that's without particular word or word hiding their true motive and you know what you doing satire does what it does bring in righteous ridicule. It reminds us we cannot accept certain things, except in the moment I wrote about that the other day that we would just have to costermonger associates were so bombarded and innocently personal stories that are put forward to it to paint certain pictures because since you know what this abnormal know that the choose your gender pronouns know this is not normal know that we can accept this and and and so this is a great way to just get jarred with it then.

At the same time to remember. He a lot of the people who are quote woke they're looking for something for some type of utopia for some type of forced equality, and thus I can happen but we need is the kingdom of God. Some remember to have the burden for them in the midst of the of the deception at one last thing, Joe.

I want to alert you to something because this is very serious adjustment of the first time seeing this business is posted for me. I can't. I can't give out the sources but I just got this note quote. I've been planning a secret sting operation on the Babylon be by creating a new site called the wasp suggest that this could be big. I just wanted him and really write off my screen I just want to know yeah I know you have to really rethink everything and just always be on the alert. Make sure you parse everything carefully last summer misunderstands you.

I actually had very, very careful.

I actually a friend said please don't send this out because people take consider if we click Kennedy, but an okay this really is the last thing I'm very sensitive about a mustache. So if if it any point you have me please leave that out because I'm sensitive about that. I know James White is very sensitive about his Calvinism. I've debated him a bit. You went after his Calvinism, but only area. This would be too close to home for me. I'd saw just one alert menu you got it.

Now you your your, so one less thing I noticed when I just went to the site today that you actually have a new site now where the news it's being reported. Sounds impossible, but it's instrument did I read that correctly. We we get a lot of common on on our part that are right that you know Robert too close to reality could equally be healed.

Real moon and what we found over time with a lot of art.dire with one coming through in ennui: properties now can build really really you know when when you're when you're starting so close to the truth of the way we do at 100 only a matter time before what we were lampooning you a few months ago come through and so we started the fight not be at it as a real fight for the book that you find there is is Israel new and go find new that sounds so ridiculous and off-the-wall that you know where it came from the Babylon be if you didn't know better and have people sign that not not I really crave title got tough and since you also the option of getting the premium content there additional things you can subscribe to so check it out.

Babylon be if you never been word not to the new patrol very calm and the Babylon be God's about the same and in all seriousness, keep up the amazing work and and thanks for getting this book out. Much appreciated. Thank you, all right friends we are out of time, but got a whole bunch of major important critical things to talk to about on the next broadcast will miss it right here, another program powered by the Truth Network

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