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Does the Bible Really Say That Everything Will Get Worse?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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October 25, 2021 4:50 pm

Does the Bible Really Say That Everything Will Get Worse?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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October 25, 2021 4:50 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 10/25/21.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. So what does the Bible say about the days were living in, should we expect great apostasy. Great revival both stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH index 866-34-TRUTH. Jim is Dr. Michael Brown only living in the last days to only living in the last generation of the last days. If so, should we expect things to get worse and worse in the world, even in the church these days of great deception and apostasy that Jesus warned about. It is ludicrous to try to sit times and dates like this should be just always belief for the best. Is it possible we could have great revival and awakening, even here in America was the Bible say they friends welcome to the broadcast. This is Michael Brown your voice of moral sanity and spiritual clarity here to confuse you with faith. Choose courage so you may stand strong for the Lord is on the call. You can wait in on your views does the Bible say things will only get worse. Are we in the final generation is possible. God might move all around the world but not in America. Should we be praying for revival at all, 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 784 I got a lot of really interesting biblical material to look at some interesting things happening in the world around us. So a lot of ground to cover. We talked about this in the past, but in light of my new book revival or we die great awakening is our only hope coming out last week and then seeing some responses to them thrilled with what we hear from readers are getting stirred in fires burning in their hearts. Is there reading the book, I trust as you get your copies that God will use it to spark something in you. If that's the case tell a friend get on social media post a picture. The book encourage a friend to get it right these books to get them to the maximum amount of people to read them be impacted by them. If you're blessed be sure to post a review on Amazon.

We generally hear from those that have issues or don't like me and things like that. It's always great to have words from those that are blessed by the content and are helped so by all means, make sure you do that spread the word as well but I want to dig into this refresh because my new book comes out.

We talk about it some last week and some very sincere people. People love me love or ministry support what we do, said Dr. Brody wrong wrong, but we can only expect apostasy. Jesus warned about it. Nowhere in the world. This speak of a great and time revival. From here on.

It's only going to get worse and that raises a lot of questions for me. Sincere biblical question sincere questions about the time in which we live. So in my book revival answer book, which in its first edition was Mitt written in the midst of the browser revival some great historic outpouring Co. by church historian Vincent sign and the greatest of the longest lasting local church revival in American history at the privilege of being right in the thick of it for four years and seeing the amazing things that God did to his glory, and for his honor. But II posted this quote because I was hearing this 20+ years ago and and it says this. This is from discernment ministries, far from being an expert on revivals, it nevertheless seems rather strange to me that modern-day revivals proclaim the code.

God is going to bring bring a great revival in this list is characterized by a new and powerful working of the Holy Spirit that the Bible says that God's plan for the last days is the great apostasy characterized by all kinds of counterfeit miracles, signs and wonders. Second Thessalonians 23 6010.

Is God really bringing revival is what we see happening now that which will culminate in the greatest illusion of all time. Speaking second Thessalonians 211 in the delusion of the antichrist, so we hear those questions from sincere Bible believers I'm looking to bash that mentality.

I'm not going to call that person a hypercritical even though who was that road, the discernment ministries but in point of fact, I would challenge that absolutely biblically on every level. Even the idea of of counterfeit miracles right doesn't that presuppose true miracles in the Bible you have counterfeit miracles, opposite true miracles we have an anticrisis prohibit a true Christ, so it's interesting to think that because the Bible talks about counterfeit miracles that lead people away from God and for some, that means there are true miracles, leading people to God that if if we use some of the Jonathan Edwards test from the first great awakening the 1730 1740s in America as to how to evaluate revival and an end to see if it's really from God.

And then I kind of boiled down, reformatted them to make it even a little simpler but the first question is, is the Jesus of the Bible being exalted something claims to be a move of God. That's the first question is the Jesus of the Bible being exalted in the preaching in the worship and then in the lives of the people touched. Secondly is the word of God being exalted as final authority or are people loving the word being drawn to the word and hungering and thirsting for the word as God's absolute authority in the insert is there true repentance from sin of people turning from sin to God in holiness, and the fourth is their burden for the lost or are our people now gripped with a heart and burden to reach a lost and dying world. While I saw that day and night grounds revival and now I can say more than 25 years after the beginning of the browser revival that that fruit remains in people dramatically touch adjusted interview today earlier with a man who got saved in Brownsville and in what was a whole talk about the word of God. The importance of the word of God. The authority of Scripture the role it plays in our lives.

He was saved he was transformed in a godly life went from sin to holiness from from not believing to now following Jesus with heart and soul and on and on it goes. So I want to pose a number of questions and reasonable points. If you agree with me. Great.

Feel free to call in, but if you differ by all means give us a call 866-34-TRUTH so first question to ask is this, does the Bible really teach that everything will get worse from here on, until Jesus returns right so Matthew 24 four.

Jesus says to his disciples first test of second temple based on their day, but you can apply also to the end of the age, take heed that no one deceives you. Matthew 2410 through 12 false prophets, false missiles will come will deceive many.

Even the elect if it were possible, and because of iniquity abounding the love of many will wax cold. Second Thessalonians to three, which we just looked at that before the Lord returns the rebellion will take place first, second Timothy 31 in the last days perilous times will come.

This is indicate that we being the final generation will only see darkness apostasy that things will get worse and worse is that what we should deduce from those verses absolutely not absolute categorically not as I'll explain in a moment, but I asked the question who said where the last generation. When I heard that over 50 years ago, but when I was first coming to faith in friends were sharing what they were hearing and prophecy books and things like that G can you show me scripturally. Can you demonstrate to me scripturally that we are the last generation and if so, does that mean babies just born today that they represent that last generation. So maybe 80, 90 years ahead. Can you demonstrate that scripturally here, here, but let me let me of the racist point number two. Even if the end of the world will be characterized by apostasy. Who says that we are the last generation, we read that again. Even if the end of the world will be characterized by apostasy.

Who says that we are the last generation mean people so we can pray for revival because we know it's only getting a darker, darker from what point on Hassan only got darker through church history, church went from a tiny remnant in the first century took a substantial portion of the world's population today and when you go back in church history you find lots of people thinking it's over. This is it is the end. A minute give you a couple quotes about this one. The prophetess Maximilian who died in 179 quote after me. There is no prophecy but only the end of the world to Dublin 79, looks like she was off by a few centuries. Now how about this. This is a letter from Gregory think the great John of Constantinople in the late sixth century of the truth, it was proclaimed both the apostle John, little children, it is the last hour. First John 218, according as the truth were told, and now pestilence and sort rates of the world nations rise against nation's the globe of the earth is shaken. The gaping earth with its inhabitants is dissolved for all that was foretold is come to pass those words. This always the last hour.

John wrote about but really living that was 1500 years ago and change reducing the pattern here okay about this. This is from Clarence Larkin's famous book, dispensational truth, they came out in 1918, right. So this is shortly into the modern Pentecostal movement. He said another of the signs of the times is the revival of what is called the gift of tongues and in which the recipient claims that he is taking possession of by the spirit of God empowered to speak in an unknown foreign tongue. But the conduct of those dispossessed which they fall to the ground and writhing contortions causing this arrangement of the clothing of disgraceful scenes is more characteristic of demon possession than work of the Holy Spirit. For those birds that lend themselves to Citroen impersonations of course this caricature that would be an extreme thing with some people overreacting to with the Holy Spirit was doing just getting in the flesh or give themselves over to this. Is this what is been said, we see that we are living in perilous times: second Timothy 31 and that all about us or seducing spirits. First Timothy 41 and they will become more active as the dispensation trust was close and that we must exert the greatest care must be be led astray will today. Modern Pentecostal charismatic movement represents the single largest body of believers outside of of of professing Catholic Church rights. God knows the true believers among all of these but in terms of an identifiable group that professes to be Christian after it Roman Catholics which is what little over a billion.

Your time at 600 million or more.

They profess to be charismatic Pentecostal and in your timeout and some of the St. Louis people you've known over the generations but leave the gifts and part of the spirit today like EW toaster Corrie 10 boom yeah she was the tongue speaker and yet he thought this this is proof Francis over hundred years ago. This is proof getting closer to the end of the age of this is the five apostasy artifacts so happens that Erickson's experience reported about this are things happening represented partners souls time in church history.

History is the exact opposite.

The learner friends. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown joining us revival apostasy which we pray for what should we expect 8663 foray 7884 and one question for everyone asking all sincerity is not to mock or criticize someone else's position at all. It simply to ask an honest question. Does the Bible ever tell us space in the New Testament is God's people just throw in the towel just resign yourself to the fact that things will get worse just masking that question terms were attitude terms were mindset get my new book you don't have it revival or we die so someone post response to the title saying no, no, the life of Christ is in a suite we don't know much about us as individual believers about as nation if we don't see revival come to the church of America. It could be all over for Americans to the books written with urgency but with great hope little stir you personally to draw in more deeply right before I get back into so my notes look at more Scripture.

When interest were some calls along the way so we we start with Jesse in Twin City Minnesota.


Recall in the line of fire forever. Mayor Dr. Brown sure thing so I can have a couple common and I'll let you weigh in on on what a happy day but I want to first say that revival can come at any time.

God wants but it based on the heart of godly people and in a society that is a great deal of heretical doctrine going around but nonetheless we are called to not judge people too harshly. In Matthew 71 and two, it says judge not that you be not judge public judgment you pronounce will be judge and with the measure you use, it it will be measured to you. Which brings the best we are all believers and unbelievers.

A part of a capital culture even as Christians we want to cancel. Anyone who doesn't exactly the same way.suffered revival. I believe we need to work on meeting people where they're at our best. We become too judgmental towards people said he would often call people for the sake of the immature who have not learned through calling so that is how we ignite revival in the US, meet people where they are at.

Share the hope that is within us and become evangelists.

Jesse, I appreciate that and I I agree with good parts of what you said and would say a couple things a little differently so amen God is the one who sends revival yes he does respond to the cries of his people to the heart of this people absolute and he's the one that stirs our hearts to pray and seek him also the fact that there are a lot of heretical doctrines out there and something that deeply concerns me.

Many sincere believers who deny the gifts and power. The spirit for today. That's a grievous error and and don't recognize what the Spirit is doing. So it's wrong to attribute things to the Holy Spirit that are of of human origin are of the devil, that's terribly wrong. It's ugly and it's wrong to attribute things that though Schmidt is doing human beings or the devil. That's also very ugly. Both are or serious errors resisted but the existence of all the false doctrines and heretical doctrines. Yes, a further reminder that the church needs to be revived because with that reviving is reforming as to judging harshly. It would Matthew seven is speak in verses one through five. It is speak in particular, of being judgmental in a superficial way in an inaccurate way in a condemning way, but for sure we are to examine everything based on Scripture right test all things schedule things in that regard. That's 12 Matthew, Jesus tells us in Matthew seven to slowly further on to to judge the fruit of of of those who claim to be prophets and are not, so there are things we are to judge. It's the attitude with which we do it and and that's the big gay man that I want to bring to what you're saying. The canceling out of whole parts of the body to look those who follow me know I've written over 40 books written over 2000 articles I've got on for 5000 radio broadcast begun of the numbers.

Countless thousands of classes that I've taught lectures given, sermons preached and yet rather than deal with all of that syllable try to attack me and write me off because I won't cancel someone else out the civil about so-and-so simply disagree on this. I disagree on this. I think the wrong on this. I think the wrong on this will then will you say that there shown on another shrub we said is there false teacher. Therefore, hell bounce like no, as far as I know there just an error so and so is this Kelvin you can cancel that's all we do, I might as will cancel those people out there denying of the truth of Scripture. So if we don't have a fresh baptism of love in our own hearts, and that is something that comes out of revival, it's often said that when the tide rises and the waters rise, you will see the fences anymore. So we need to rise higher and that love and in even if you think someone sincerely wrong, but to be tears for that person at the be a broken heart for that person often so easy for us to sit smugly and judge and condemn others without having that burning heart their well-being and we give her sister prayer and fasting for the pay Jesse thank you for the call, okay, check this out. I I've asked this question in the last segment, even if the end of the world will be characterized by apostasy, who says that we are the last generation. Let me take you to an article that I posted a couple of weeks ago saying I refused to accept that the current state of the church is is the way things are going to be as we scroll down in that article. I'm time of the growth of the church worldwide in us of this. The truth is that all over the world and of person of the privilege of traveling outside United States. A couple hundred times overseas. What over hundred 50 times all around the world. God's spirit is on the move in the church is growing numerically like never before. Miracles of healing and deliverance are also increasingly common, especially when the gospel message is heard for the first time perhaps God will deepen our unity to perhaps Oak Hill increase our love one another. Perhaps a conformist even more to the character of his son is God unable to do this.

In other words, in other words, why can it be that the prayer Jesus prayed for unity will come to pass in with Paul spoke about regarding our unity in Ephesians 4 will come to pass. In 1990.

My book has a very I wrote there were fewer than 10 million Christians in Africa in 1900, but the projection for 2000 is 320 million turns out projection was way too conservative. There roughly now today 2021, 685 million professing Christians in Africa all. Many are babes in many need teaching and discipling.

But it's extraordinary to see what's happening. The majority of the church worldwide right does not like is how rapidly God's movement in Africa and Asia the parts of rural Latin America since a look at this from 10 million Christians in 1900 professing Christians to now almost 700 million. This is speak of apostasy or as a speak of God move only in the midst of it, there is confusion in the mistress of a falling away, but this is speak of of the great commission being fulfilled or things getting worse and worse. Okay about this, I wrote 1990 than in Latin America. Evangelical Christianity grew from a mere 50,000 in 1902 projected 137 million in 2000, even extremist Hindu kingdom of Nepal shredded by the Himalayan mountains. The Lord is found himself a people in 1960 there were only 25 baptized believers. By 1989. There are over 50,000 in spite of intense government opposition and this is only the beginning. Today friends there over 661 million professing evangelicals Latin America shattering the predictions of growth to get.

I wrote 1990 there were projecting 137,002,000.

Now the same missiology as a sociologist saith it's over 660 million Latin America professing evangelicals along us from the Paul there close to 1 million Christians recorded operation worlds tends to be very accurate and even conservative and it's in its statements. So here when it was a 1989, 50,000 now close to million.

Should we be talk about what God is doing around the world friends. Let let's look at this chart okay just doing some research last night looking for charts and graphs that would lay things out. This is Christian growth versus population growth from the year 1900 to 2000. Now if you look at the stroke which I'll explain for everyone listening on top. It has Europe and then it breaks down Eastern Europe northern Europe southern Europe Western Europe and then north in America. Those are the first ones in each of those the population is growing much more than Christianity is growing so in other words, the percentage of Christians in each is getting smaller and smaller. Of perhaps most notably in western Europe, but when you look at Africa or we look at Asia. When you look at Latin America. It's it's actually in most all of these cases, the opposite certain you look at the population growth in eastern Africa and you see that the growth of Christianity is much more rapid than the growth of the population in in middle Africa.

It's, it's more extreme.

It's like two or three to one into it even even in northern Africa where we've got mainly his Islamic strongholds in countries like that you you've got the gospel growing with the population and outpacing it in South Africa outpacing a bit into the one in Western Africa and and you've got similar growth in different parts of Asia. So hence forget about what's happening in Maryland. Forget about meeting the theme of but don't make that your major evaluation don't make what's happening in in North America or in Europe.

The main evaluation of what God's doing around the world. Numbers of verse seven converts to be disciple some teaching needed because so many are getting saved in larger numbers and encourages was Italian that look like great apostasy or great outpouring for cleansing and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown to have great outpouring and grateful, and with the same time. Is it possible that you can of light and darkness, side-by-side, friends Michael Brown.

Welcome to the line of fire. These are not just theoretical issues.

These are issues that pertain to how we think how we pray, how we live what we expect what our attitude should be in the midst of the society around us.

If you're convinced that this is the last generation that I love to hear how you know that for sure. I live as if it is because as my colleagues observed years ago. It's our last generation will get one shot. I fervently want to see Jesus come back in my lifetime. Want to see the great commission fulfilled one to see Israel turning to God. Once you those things happen when the sea is a glorious bride ready for the bridegroom speak of the church and in the Messiah, i.e. burning yearned to see that I live my life to see that I certainly can say Scripture that's the case to be generation after us there to be tender to be 20 God knows God knows I do know that all those that were sure was sure in the past that they were the last generation. They weren't in almost a church history said this is it this the final generation or or Jesus is about return didn't happen that we know for sure, but how we live what your expectation be you know right now where I am in the US in North Carolina. It's what 334 in the afternoon so it's it's light outside and other parts the world's dark so yes you can of light and darkness in the physical realm side-by-side every day. It's happening in the spiritual realm demonic spirits of darkness, trying to turn people away from the light and the light penetrating into darkness to bring people out of darkness into the glorious gospel of Jesus is happening every single day is not so you can have both. You can have great harvest.

You have many falling away. You have the greatest outpouring in the great Satanic attack and they can happen simultaneously. The fact is I understand Scripture there will be parallel extremes as we get closer and closer to the needs Jesus. One of his parables says that the that the end of the age is like a harvest is a multitude of fish caught some good some bad. So let me go through a number of points in question some Scripture and take your calls, 866-34-TRUTH one. Does the Bible really teach that everything will get worse from here on, until Jesus returns people commonly .2 verses speak about great deception and apostasy. But in most of these cases. These are things that also happened in the past.

Paul wrote in first Timothy three.

Sing to me 31 Timothy about perilous times coming in the last days he met the here and now, in which Timothy was living and warned him to look out for certain people in the here and now when Jesus spoke about falling away and apostasy.

He was also talking to his disciples right then and there. So yes there will be a great apostasy.

A great falling away before the Antichrist is revealed. According to Depaul, and in second Thessalonians 2 and and this will be part of the apostasy with the Antichrist being revealed in many being deceived but in the midst of this also is will see the moment is expecting great outpouring great harvest. In fact, Revelation 7 speaks of a multitude that no one could number getting saved at what great tribulation to that, even if the end of the world will be characterized by apostasy, who says that we are the last generation again. I her date said 50 years ago. That was all over and Jesus was coming any minute that was only off by 50 years so far, 50 years is a long time now K number three if things are only getting worse. Why is the church worldwide continuing to grow so rapidly. Why is it the people getting saved by the millions in Africa getting saved by the millions in India getting saved by the millions in other parts of Asia, getting saved by the millions in Latin America.

Why didn't they get the memo that this is time for apostasy, not salvation is it will first elect.

You say before they can all follow a hook Asa till Easter admitted their organs and now Donald is all part of the apostasy their false conversion hey been to many spices from the world. I know many of the believers.

I know many of the leaders work in the midst of yes because things have grown so dramatically and so quickly. There are problem spots. There many serious issues. So my books were able to help reduce Nigeria in English for the many English Remington read English that Nigerians can be little different, but to get them out very inexpensively and Nigeria. One of the books was playing with holy fire dealing with massive abuses in the charismatic Pentecostal movement on the part of that movement dealing with abuses in all movement hyper grace was another one that we got out and began Christian so I'm unaware that been to India 27 times and workings of the key leaders in the nation. I know how the prosperity message has seeped in their house corrupting many of us there is a lot of junk out there, but God is moving mightily powerfully in ways beyond anything that happened in church history in terms of numbers of people come to faith. We just have to help disciple them, train them and ground them. Make sure the gospel to hearing from the get-go is a sound and solid gospel. Okay number number four we have been living in the last days, since Jesus died and rose from the dead. This will leave this slide up your for those watching reliving the last day, since Jesus died and rose from that acts 217 Peter adds the words in the last days to the prophecy of Joel explains what's happening at Pentecost and says in the last days, God says I'll pour my spirit pieces were living in those last days. Now for scripting is 1011 speaks of of the church then at the end of the ages is come upon Romans 13 1112 says that is high time to wake up from her summer because our salvation is nearer than when we renew Hebrews 12 that God has spoken to us through his son in the last days, James Jacob 532 to the to the corrupt rich you peeped up treasure in the last days first onto 18.

It is the last hour so we have been in the last days for 2000 years friends yet where are we in the last of the lasted okay but the bottom line is we have been in the last days for 2000 years. The New Testament is explicit is quite clear about that and if organs talk about the last days that we have to talk about them as the New Testament does just something future, but something that were presently in all right number five for sure. There are entire verses about rebellion and apostasy.

But there also and time versus about great outpouring and harvest acts 217 to 21. This again is for the last days of reliving last days. Yes, the Holy Spirit will be poured on all flesh sons and daughters will prophesy old men will will dream dreams, young men will have visions and protocols and then the Lord will be saved. Romans 11 2526 Paul speaks of the fullness of the Gentiles coming in and on the heels of that, and provoked by that some 26, always will be. Save these. This is the culmination as the Lord returns massive harvest of Gentiles in the turning of the Jewish people. First John 28 this is the perspective in the New Testament that the darkness is passing in the true light is already shining, so the light is getting brighter and again if you just look that there's like a pinprick in Jesus day of true believers and the grows and grows and grows and grows around the world. What we what we are witnessing is masses massive expansion of the gospel. I mean you have for it.

For most of world history until a few hundred years ago that much of the world did not have the Bible in its language. It always imparts the Bible and now all major languages of had the Bible for years, many dialects of the Bible for years and it's it's many, the very small dialects that don't have it have parts of it, even the getting the word of God out is happening in unprecedented measure or a couple more points than when you go back to the phones number six right now. Right now, especially in America Europe. We are in a time of great falling away, but a fresh wind of the Spirit is blowing and we must seize the moment, yes, yes, yes, I am deeply aware of the falling away of vertebrate wrote a whole book addressing it. The question has God failed you.

Funny face reality. Be sure God is real, you better believe I'm aware of this, we get the calls from the people get the emails daughters former husband's left the faith. This minister fell away and in this Christian teachers now renounce the gospel. Yes, that is happening.

It is a. Real falling away at the same time all around America of the parts of Europe, along with an Asian Africa, and Latin America is moving in NII know places in America a good number where so many people coming to faith that you can figure out how we disciple everybody when we put everybody for services God's moving also. And who's to say that this is happening now is the final falling away the final rebellion that was spoken, a move that was the case with that also be counteracted by a massive outpouring of the Spirit. I last point doesn't God's word. Teach us to pray for revival and outpouring in the advance of the gospel.

Where does the word ever tell us to throw in the towel where does the word ever tell us to throw the towel again.

I don't say this to be critical because I too came to faith with the theology and time view that things will get worse before Jesus returns. And I know it's just kind of got level with some of us read the Bible and think. I don't say this to be critical or judgmental or come across in a superior way, but it it always grieves me while talk about the latest thing happening in society.

Leasing happening in the news and in people's first response is yeah Jesus. And so to get worse before he returns the gold. I thought the first response be Lord, how do we respond to this Lord, what are we to do. Yes, this always can be darkness. Isaiah 60 speaking to Israel, but it's an end time prophecy that when darkness is over the whole earth. Great lights can shine on Israel. Only great lights and astronomy rules of the church is alive and and and and provoking Israel to jealousy in the second example of who Jesus is and only light scattershot initials by the power of the Holy Spirit. So rather than have the stroma tell mentality which which I will find anywhere anywhere anywhere in the Bible, especially the New Testament which is a were born for this hour is why God put us here Francis is this more on the air help strengthen your faith and strengthen you in your walk and encourage you to stand strong at infusion with faith and truth. Encourage you to be healthy and thrive to fulfill God's given runner racing here from the Lord on that day. Well done. Faith surf like that with your calls. Some important comments spiritual, mental health, it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown transferred joining us on the line of fire. There is one pastor prays for the sick a lot leasing divine healing today and what he says is that if somebody collapses around you.

There's a medical emergency, call 911 and then pray that which is pragmatic about it.

Call 911 and then pray so what I'm saying today is when it comes to pragmatism when messed up world.

But what is the world not been messed up since the fall mean the first son born to Adam and Eve killed the second son.

How many families have that were older brother murders.

The younger brother in cold blood.

It's not.

That's our founding family and let me ask you this are things today with Colby worse than they were in the days of Spanish flu. No things today in America worse than they were economically than the time of the Great Depression. No. Are we in the midst of a civil war that's gonna cost us today would be the equivalent of millions of lives physically without no is the world overall in a healthier place than it was silly during the ravages of World War II. Yes, the health you placed in other words, it's a lot of drunk a lot of terrible things a lot of things we've never seen before been around before because of Internet. They can be spread so miserably, but my responses pragmatic will, Lord, what can we do but how do we pray and Emma just wanted tell you this my own personal testimony so I can't say, thus saith the Lord of success in my own heart. I feel stirred by God to pray for revival. I feel moved on by God to believe for another wave of revival. I feel as I spend more time with him more burden to believe him for more impossible things we can feel the spirit challenging me. Where is your faith based upon the scene during the past rather than some resignation so we can get worse. Throw the towel and they also say this, that many of us who had the mentality that something and get worse. Jesus can a wrapper rapturous at any moment messing all write that many of us as mentality so that we can do successfully getting worse. So we abdicated our responsibilities so it's it's kind like it starts to rain and you think, what's the uses can be a flood to leave all your windows open new furniture gets room will that didn't have to happen that didn't have to happen those the points I want to make. I encourage you and escort study the Scriptures as the Lord okay. Where are we right now and I don't believe you get an exact answer in terms of care. We have eight years and three months left right. The bigger question is, and how we live so as many centuries ago.

Rabbi was asked this in the Christian leader was asked the same question in a different context.

If you knew that the Masai was coming tomorrow and you had a trio of Littles plant that you have a plant in your hands can grow to treat Nunez is coming tomorrow.

Will you plant the tree live today for today in light of eternity Jeff to go on with your activities. So I do not encourage pessimism, hopelessness, discouragement, associate the word I was in the character of God.

And when I meet with him spend more time missing it burden. Sometimes I get terribly grieved that the judgments hanging over us. We must earnestly turn to him, but I also know these merciful, compassionate, and that he has great plans to bless and that the blood of Jesus shed on the crosses of its extraordinary efficacy and power in that many around the world are yet to be touched with M and the gospel of the kingdom must be preached as as a witness to all nations, before the incomes in Revelation 7 people from every tribe, every language that hasn't happened yet. They must be in the kingdom. 866342 of us go to Eddie in New York City. Thanks for calling the line of fire, but it brought back before Michael, you bet you look at the comment on what they don't believe that gonna be a revival. I believe the revival though there are many scriptures that indicate that in the last days the church is going to be what they like a glacier. He spent question for you. That's for the church of Laodicea 2000 years ago, yet I believe that I believe out your flight booked but back then antedate and the end into chart the end of a hat pan. I just wanted clarity so we can have a fruitful discussion. What about all the other verses in Revelation 2 and three.

Like the church in Smyrna with the church in Philadelphia that have wonderful promises from the Lord.

What about Revelation 320, where Jesus says to lay of the siesta enters the door and knock.

If you open the documents up with you and doesn't he say to that church.

You say I'm rich increase to both of you have nothing but don't realize you Richard, pitiful, poor blood, and they could justly say to them by from me gold tried the fire and ice apps you can see in those doesn't he offer them blessing if they repent yet and the date met church is no stadium built but but noted preclinical asperity of the gospel to preach another thing, it will not… Like the Bible that you met all those that do.

I mean I work with the persecuted church in different countries and their and their growing like nothing else in world history and their dying for their faith and I Jesus so is that a sign of of revival and outpouring. I agree there will be only the remnant is always going to be a remnant but bought with her to hold the majority of Christian there we speak the day only want to hear things that the Bible is a little hectic. But they have had in all sincerity and not listen.

I'm with you I'm totally with you on calling out the junk and the heresies in the event of written so many books about that. I am 100% with you. I share your concerns deeply. My brother, but how do you know what the church is doing over Africa all over Asia over Latin America and and that's where the biggest parts of the church are right now like a good bet that goes there to be a remnant but you know but have you noticed the remnant that was how it how can you speak sir when I asked with all humility was so much authority about what's happening in the lives of hundreds of millions of people around the world. You don't even know it all. And when polls that are taking surveys that are done indicate that those people embrace the things of the spirit. They read the word more than we do in America. They are committed to holiness more than we are in America they do more evangelizing than we do in America. Witness suggests that this is a large portion of the body that that really loves the Lord. I believe there is a portion but for the majority, I believe with the Bible that it will be in a pot that that that that they will not a book on doctrine and I believe Revelation 315 said that at the last think is going to be a little one church but doesn't say it doesn't say Celeste states her see that something written to the Bible doesn't say that there's not a syllable… Anything about the last day there, it just said that it last church of of of of of the chapter. 11 but is certainly the concern that that's that's a misinterpretation of someone taught you or that you deduced this on the Bible see you're making a doctrine I did the same thing. I used to believe that is not there those messages to seven churches in Asia minor and the entire church of Laodicea is offered renewed blessing if they repent and Jesus is a stem of the door knock him offering repentance and there's there's no chronology. There and and look what if you read this 500 years ago you think Laodicea that your age because you at the end of the age. Look, I heard 50 years ago that that this this is the end and where Laodicea while the church is growing all around the world. So what this is is this is a projection from the West and some of her dispensational theology. So what with all respect, and again at II love your heart for truth and I stand with you in renouncing a false gospel what's in it for me gospel agree there many don't endure sound doctrine, but by no means does the Bible say that the church at the end of the age will be primarily characterized by apostasy and effect read what Paul wrote this because it seems to take the word seriously. So Paul says this so I'm out Jesus giving apostles profits, evangelist pastors and teachers, to equip the saints for the work of the ministry for the building of the body of Christ until we all attain to the unity of the faith in the knowledge of the son of God, to mature manhood, to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ so that we may no longer be children, tossed to and fro by the waves and carried about by every wind of doctrine, by human cunning, by craftiness in deceitful sleeves rather speaking the truth in love, we are to grow up in every way into him who is the head into Christ, from whom the whole body, joined and held together by every joint with which the script when each part is working properly makes the body grow so as to build itself up in love so absolutely with you, sir. There many claim to be Christians and are not, and that there's a lot of junk mass grading for the gospel around the world rejoice. My friend, people can save the larger numbers than ever and their amazing disciples all around the world and even America got doing many amazing things.

I thank you for the call and the gracious interaction that I appreciated Lily sit his friends. I just like God is help me to get physically healthy, and I love to encourage you to get healthy little reminder visit vitamin vitamin there's a special code you can use these are some of the finest health supplements on the planet get special discounts and donations may try ministry so everyone is blessed with justice as I'm thriving by God's grace physically not boast about tomorrow thriving by his grace physically want to see you thriving as well.

All the more problems you thriving health.

I yearned to see the body of Messiah healthy growing getting stronger shining light more. Let's lean into that. What could God do through you and another program powered by the Truth Network

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