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We Warned Years Ago Against Experimenting on Gender-Confused Children

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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October 18, 2021 4:30 pm

We Warned Years Ago Against Experimenting on Gender-Confused Children

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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October 18, 2021 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 10/18/21.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network friends, we warned about the scientific experiments on children years ago. Now others or waking up stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown was the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown friends. I've been counting the and it's days broadcast since last week. Some things happen. Some things came to my attention so jarring I wanted to shout it from the rooftops.

I wanted to get with all of you and let you know some important things that it happened. And finally, today we get to do it.

I was on the road speaking for about eight days teaching in different schools administering in some churches and because of that we pre-recorded some shows we put together a special set for you last week that based the responses you really enjoyed excerpts from some of our debates. We did four days of that than back for a live Q&A on Friday so today was the first day I could get into some of these things it's can be eye-opening to share this with a friend, let them know about this material because it is going to be super super helpful and hopefully we can be insight into why we do what we do for your sake. Okay, here's another call 866-34-TRUTH 8663 foray 87884 but let me give you parameters for the calls I got an important announcement to make. And then you dive right into a video back from 2009. You'll be astounded to see before we do that parameters for the calls were talking specifically about what amounts to scientific experiments on children confused about their gender. Children that would be called transgender today. In the past, they would say they had gender identity disorder that it got changed to gender dysphoric.

So these are children, young people that really struggle that really feel on the inside that there they don't match their biological sex. We have been shouting for years that the medical treatments the medical approach is an experiment on children so if you have your own story having to do with transgender issues how it's impacted you, your family, your job, you may be in a certain situation where you're unable to speak freely. Feel free to call in anonymously don't have to give a location from an anonymous caller you see what I get in trouble with my employer if I talk about was happening or I don't want to embarrass a family member or when will expose compromise our church and by name. That's fine you don't have to give any details that you are comfortable with giving publicly over the airwaves fully understand that all right, but if you been impacted directly or with gay activists were. This is directly impacted your own family.

I'd love to hear from you.

866-348-7884 and if you think the approach that I'm taking is wrong and you really differ with me and would like to share why you give me a piece of your mind. Fonts are open 866-348-7884 okay important announcement told on Friday that we were done taking preorders for the signed number special hardcover edition of revival or we die, which is officially due out tomorrow. That's the official book release date is tomorrow. I told you that we were done taking preorders just ran out from our shipping department that the books hopefully will be printed in by the end of the week over this just thrown a lot of printing schedules have with me three straight books so we I was told we could extend the preorders so if you haven't preordered yet. This is a special hardcover edition signed number and then with it. You get a free video download going through chapter by chapter in the book revival or we die a great awakening is our only hope.

I am so burning to get this book into your hands I feel very confident when you read it, it will spark something in you. It will spark faith, it will spark hunger. It will stir your heart it will spark vision.

I believe when you read it, something will happen in your life go to Astor to ask your to preorder okay. Back in November 2009 through talking 12 years ago I got an email from Focus on the Family saying you may be contacted by producer from the Tyra Banks show and they want to talk about coming on the air with them.

They are going to be having a show bringing little children out that identifies transgender and their Discussion with different people and and and we couldn't of our people could make it but we recommend that you do a few other people, but you are on our top list of recommended people will then I get the email from the Tyra Banks people in the phone call that we do an interview and I said listen, I want you to understand that my PhD is near Eastern languages and literatures. It's it's not in family counseling or sexuality issues or anything like that that would be related, psychology, etc. I said, I'm a minister of the gospel minister, and so on and my views are based on Scripture and this is no normal you're the right person so chat with Nancy about it.

Is this just a set up notice can be prerecorded in front of a live audience prerecorded they can edit they could know so we talked about civil just be sure it's the Lord prayed more thought.

Yet it's the right thing to do so by the time I come out on the stage. There have already been envelope 45 minutes of programming up to that point with children coming out, this is Jane. Jane used to be Joe and if it gets seven years old eight years old there talking to the child. There talking to the parents. The parents aren't in tears and and they are there will tell you it dived well know what I hate to do this. I hate to do this but to set things up a little further as I'm looking at the clock and I won't be able to play the full segment. So let me set this up more fully when you come back in the play the full segment. It's about a six minute segment and is a lot of back-and-forth in it going on and that's with the producers like everyone to interrupt each of we wanted to be lively so there's a lot of that going on, but one of said look carefully so you'll know why I'm talking about this today while talking about this today 12 years later effect guys, let's grab those slides from Dr. Paul McCue Dr. Paul McHugh prestigious head of psychiatric department at Johns Hopkins University. He was the one who famously shut down six chains operations years ago and then recently they were restarted and before I went on the Tyra Banks show. I reached out to Dr. McCue because here he is again Johns Hopkins University prestigious, highly respected psychiatrist and and well versed in the subject as well as anybody and look at what he said this is what he emailed me with what he said.

He said I hold that interfering medically or surgically with the natural development of young people claiming to be called transgendered is a form of child abuse will let's look at that again. This is what he emailed me prior to me being on Tyra show and I got it right before going on. I hold that interfering medically or surgically so medically would be hormone blockers puberty blockers or surgically removing the breasts of an 18-year-old girl I hold interfering medically or surgically with the natural development of young people coming to be transgendered is a form of child abuse. Sierra wrote to Dr. McCue.

Not knowing you could see the email or not. For the males he gets for good month is going to junk folder. But he did see it that he did respond and I said I know you've written about this a lot in the past, I knew you been very vocal on this in the past. He said the problems in the mind, not the member. Not that the biology but but that the psychiatry that the psychology that is something on the inside you can help people with an and that performing physical surgery on some is like giving life of section 2 anorexic so I wrote to see you still hold the same views and that's when he wrote back okay so now let's fast-forward. Let's look at this quote from the Wall Street Journal right and this was May 3, 2019. So now almost 10 full years later and and Dr. McCue is what I think about 88 at this point, the possibility the document to is wrong, just in trouble and this is what Abigail Schreier wrote in the Wall Street Journal either. The plastic surgeons in the transgender psychiatrists are right and I'm wrong and if that's the case, they will have done a lot of good by opposing the anomaly been a drag on the system or the opposite. Suppose there wrong and I'm right they will have mutilated thousands of children and I will look good. Who do you think is going to sleep better at night while while while while if we have one more slide from Dr. McCue. Let's let's put that one up as well. I mean, this is just heavy stuff to think about hey if if I'm right here, right. He said I hope I'm still standing when these forts fall so it did you radiate in 2019. That's visit. I hope I'm still standing when these forts fall and they are falling their falling there different countries that say we need to step back, need not to do this to minors. We need to reconsider the puberty blockers, etc. alright so I know I'm gone. Tyra Banks and I'm going to be opposite to people. One, Kim Pearson, who is a straight woman so married to a man heterosexual couple with a child who identifies as trans and she has been a trans youth advocate obviously feel this is the best thing to do for the kids is to recognize that some really are.

Transgender and Dr. Marcy Bowers. Dr. Bowers is a man so male to female. Dr. Bowers became famous as the rock star of 16 surgery and they became super famous as the doctor that performed the sex change surgery on Jaz Jennings Boyd leases girl famous in reality to be one of most influential teens in America is this tragic stuff. It's painful stuff. So I no longer to be on opposite them. I know the audience is going to be with Tyra and with these guests. I know I'm the big white male and I was heavy. Then to so that adds to the picture right on the old white guy you just probably can be looked at as some conservative Republican gay hater that's on the beat caricature and the emotions of the audience now they've heard these parents and interview the kids they play video. Here's an interview with Jane used to be John maybe eight years old and what about your private part. Well that's just a birth defect. I mean, it's you. Like all these kids. The parasite was refined though it wasn't realized that the job was actually Jane, it's been so wonderful and are also sincere) can Lord what what message do I get across and and and how do we get this message across. And I knew that it had to flow out of my heart, which is a heart of love and compassion and I had to get that message out. What we come back and play the clip for you and then I want you to hear what happened recently and this is why I'm playing all the snow is amazing. I'll guard herself over by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown joyous to have an eight I now take you into my segment which thankfully aired on edit it so just as it happened.

That's how it was put out without editing, which I appreciate you get to hear this. Again, it gets a little intense of the few moments of people speaking over each other and for everyone listening. As I began to speak.

Dr. Bowers, who is sitting next to me again male to female transgender sex change surgeon Dr. Bowers began to take my hand and and in this that just try to stop me from speaking.

It's very interesting the way everything transpired, but let's go into the broadcast November 18, 2009 kids are changing the genders at a very young age. As young as six, 78 years old and very controversial because there is no different sides to vent to the story into the debate. Can a child really know if they are transgender and what needs did they really know that they are transgender coming and get over the feeling of being born the wrong gender things on the questions and when I talk about right now joining us are Kim Pearson, she's the executive director of transient family. I live Dr. Marcy Bowers to his attention to herself and is a specialist in transgender surgery and Dr. Michael Brown professor and minister are so okay that was the clip. Why am I playing it for you that will be many reasons I could play it. But here is what is so jarring. Dr. Bowers, the one that was sitting next to male to female rock star of 16 surgery the woman perform the sex change surgery on Jaz Jennings for reality TV. Dr. Bowers and said listen to the children love the children listen to the family's love the families Bowers, who I'm sure believes he is doing good and what is doing and helping people that struggle the way that he use to struggle. Dr. Bowers is now changed his position here. I am I'm not a medical doctor, I'm not a psychologist, the psychiatrist I met a family counselor. Okay I'm I'm not one with degrees in these fields. I'm not a medical doctor working with the children. I'm simply one that loves the Lord that loves these kids that are struggling that at that studied and learned and found that everything I could about the subjects that sat and talk with people that struggled in different ways from from gay and lesbian activists that just had issues with people like me want to sit and talk to to those that are former transgender and sat and listened and understood biblical principles and and and trusted people like Dr. Paul McCue.

That said, this is experimenting on children here on the voice saying is outside guy right whom I I'm the one saying that that these are experiments being performed on kids now. Dr. Bowers earlier this month, so earlier in October 2021 to 12 years later. Dr. Bowers has changed his views in terms of dealing with children.

This headline daily mail reported this earlier this month to leading transgender medics so Dr. Marcy Bowers, and Dr. Eric Anderson to leading transgender medics worn children should not be given puberty blockers that too many are being given gender reassignment surgery and revealed New York Times turned down their op-ed on the subject. So Dr. Brown you feel pretty animated about that I am animated about that. How many kids have had their lives destroyed, how many kids have been mutilated.

How many kids have been hurt in the general natural course of development. How many how many will find out in five or 10 or 20 years, the effects of decisions that they made look.

Many of you are wrestling with the question of whether get vaccinated and up want to be wise you don't want to be a sitting duck. You don't want to be vulnerable to to potentially deadly disease you want to be responsible, but you have concerns about the vaccine and if it's put in your body what might happen and is as is. Many reports are about people die of Kohlberg to hear reports about people sick with vaccines your wrestling with this right maybe or 40 years old. I'm here for people, costs, and the wrestling they're trying to do the right thing and what's the right thing in evaluating and taking months of looking at it and you are having kids six years 08 years old 10 years old be the driving factor in decisions where the adults in the doctors pretty much reinforce yell that's that's gender this for you, Heather. This is the treatment yeah okay, show me studies over decades and decades of the effects of these puberty blockers.

These hormone blockers on the skids and the lifelong regimen of hormones that they be on show.

Show me show me all the data about this more and more stuff coming out with wild warnings and then kids were now late teens or young adults, like teens, early 20s, and their say I mate. I made a terrible I made a terrible mistake in the doctor should've pushed back against me more strenuously. Just recognize this was an impulsive team impulsive kid here. I am the guy the outsider saying the obvious.

Your experimenting with kids lives in these guests know know this is the best way. The safest way and that one of them saying you we made a mistake a bit late a bit late.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Please give me your best. Your friend by God's grace. I'm here to stand as your voice by God's grace, I will continue to stand and shout and speak the truth and swim against the tide and go against the grain, together with all of you so together we make a difference. God's given me great platforms, radio, TV, intranet writing is given me great platforms he's enabled me to shout my voice out on a good level to reach many people therefore want to do my best to be a faithful spokesman for the Lord and for you to give vent to some of the things you feel and the burdens that you carry so that together we can speak these out and I can serve as your voice of moral clarity and spiritual sanity or moral sanity and spiritual clarity and friends. By God's grace I want to help you stand strong. I want to help equip you. So, in whatever world you live, whatever your family situation or school situation or employment situation or ministry situation that we can provide you with resources, provide you with wisdom from the word that you will be unable to stand strong and stand tall so that our light would shine and dark places to see it again together were making a difference to everyone who prays for us. Thank you.

DiBona supports us financially, thank you to everyone who shares our articles, podcasts, books, materials. Thank you.

We are making an impact. God's light is shining in darkness lives are being changed. We get wonderful testimonies and reports sent her away on a daily basis and they deeply bless us and encourage us so thanks for the words of encouragement by God's grace we will continue to speak.

866-34-TRUTH is the number to call so the rumor 18th 2009 I appear in the Tyra Banks show in this discussion about co-transgender children and it was a TV first the first time that children as young as seven and eight were brought out in public, in front of a live audience to talk about.

Yes, I used to be Joe, but now I'm Jane, and even the nature of its acute you change the name and that you used to be Joe that you came because you change the name that is that just how it works. They can go back and change the birth certificate. I was looking at something on the health website the other day checking something so try to get some information and wanted information about it said what is your gender assigned that birth on your original birth certificate. That's always worded couldn't even say you male-female though, what was your gender assigned versus the complete radical transgender talking point that when I first encountered it over decade ago was like what is this gender assigned at birth. So the doctor looks at you and future biological male herbology to female no ambiguity coca your boy or a girl that's that's not reality it's just the gender you were assigned at birth. Like what team you play out you know where you live or just it's arbitrary can be decided later is normally no solely we have to change it later.

I mean, what, and then discuss it on your original birth certificate. This is how far it's come in and the next question. Have you identified today as if that actually changed the reality of things while so on that show I sounded the alarm you are experimenting with children you put them on puberty blockers your experiments with children and sex change surgery for consist of teenagers. It your experimenting with children sitting next me.

Dr. Marcie Bowers say no, no, no, some male to female rockstar of sex change surgery and I believe doing what he does. Believing it's right believe that this is the best simply means helping people. Okay, I generally believe that that many of these activists truly feel they are helping kids. That's what he going to do. They are terribly misguided. So October 6 daily Mail reports to leading transgender medics worn children should not be given purely blockers that too many are being given gender reassignment surgery revealed New York Times turned down there operate on the subjects I see this headline and article that someone sent me. I go to click on the link and to my shock. One of the two doctors was Dr. Marcie Bowers one. I sat next to on the Tyra Banks show that the one grabbed my hand as I spoke and just trot down the list to the children of the children. So Abigail Schreier asked Bowers quote and this is on Barry Weiss's common sense website. When asked Bowers if she still thought puberty blockers were a good idea from a surgical perspective. She said that without Schreier was written that the book about girls irreversible damage with transgender craze seducing a R or daughters or work. Children refers to Dr. Bowers and she I would refer the doctor Bowers and see when I asked Bowers if she still thought puberty blockers were good idea. Go back.

Watch the clip from the Tyra show what would happen. Listen what happened from a surgical perspective.

She said this is typical of medicine we say and then we sag think maybe we sing a little too far to the left. In some cases, quote I think there was navet on the part a pediatric endocrinologist were proponents of early puberty blockade, thinking that just this magic can happen that surgeons can do anything. Okay, so, please explain something for moment, one of Dr. Bowers's big issues is if you put the kid on puberty blockers. It's going to stop the natural development of their organs when they get old enough in silk. I want to have sex change surgery. Now they don't have the, the, the material to deal with to reconstruct their organs and therefore it's a problem.

This was Dr. Bowers essay whether some issues here so Schreier explains this okay.

The problem for kids is puberty is been blocked early isn't just a lack of tissue but of sexual development. Puberty not only stimulates growth of sex organs.

It also endows them with a rod potential so quoting Dr. Bowers. If you've never had an orgasm presurgery than your puberty's block. It's very difficult to achieve that afterwards.

I consider that a big problem. Actually, it's kind of an overlooked problem that in our informed consent of children undergoing purely blockers weave in some respects overlook that a little bit to talk about some of that cannot have normal reactions in a sexual relationship for the rest of their lives. What what kid little kid specially fully understand it all right Sammy, you're not really put on puberty blockers. Whatever a sister attended and but you may not be able to do that you perform problem.

What what does it can understand if this is madness friends is madness. Whatever is motivating it, it still madness it is with Dr. which you said to me in an email in 2009's child abuse. We need to be shouting. We need not to get used to this.

We need to sit I will like it used to this. I will not accept this is the new norm will not come back to not accepting things in a moment. In this reason that we return to the subjects to signal we we don't accept this is the new norm. Sorry. So from the article on the Barry Weiss abstract Bowers told me told Abigail Schreier.

She now finds early puberty blockade inadvisable little late but I commend Dr. Bowers for change the position, but a little late on after all the damage that's been done together. 70,000s and thousands of children.

I'm not a fan of blockade attended to anymore. I really am not. She told me use the clinical name of the moment when the first visible signs of puberty manifest idea all sounded good in the very beginning. She said believe me reduce a magnificent surgeries on these kids just reading those words is so painful magnificent surgeries on these kids about sex reassignment sex change and there so determined and I'm so proud of so many of them and their parents. They been great, but honestly, I can't sit here and tell you that they have better or even as good results. That is functional. I worry about their reproductive rights later. I worry about their sexual health later, and ability to foster intimacy all Lord help us talk about a little late talked about what Dr. McCue said who's going to sleep better him forewarning or those who went ahead with the surgeries and practices. How do we let this happen. Friends had. I'm not blaming you. I'm not blaming me. Many did know about things many others were outraged what you jobs talking corporately, as a society how we get here.

I would let this happen have added we have an environment where after Tyra did her show in 2000, that even if she thought she was doing good in that she was convinced she was really helping and really doing good at and and it was important to get the stories out and compassion said it help the kids is the best way to help the kids even though 80% or more on average of these kids who identify as transgender. When they're younger when they get past puberty if they just allowed to develop normally and upcoming puberty blockers about rest of the close that I called her the names and the real names when they get older.

The fact of the matter is that the vast majority of them no longer identifies transgender yes-men identifies careless men as a whole lot different than having mutilated your body.

That's a whole lot different than China happen to be on hormones for the rest your life and never being fully the other of what you want to be friends, it's time to say we told you so, and how we fix it. How do we fix it moving forward. How we deal with this moral madness big shakeup of Loudoun County schools be because with big protests, their families, so upset about the bathrooms being gender-neutral enough boy identifies the girl who's the girl's room etc. really pushing hard for that policy and then report some dispute them with others reinforce that urinals were being removed so to still be gender-neutral stalls on offenders etc. etc. mean madness cultural madness. Celeste was fuel a few months ago.

Earlier this year. A man is is is escorted out of the meeting at Loudoun County Public schools, and he's get Aegis ballistic when they say, though, there's nobody there been no issues of rape or issue than if his daughter was raped his daughter was allegedly raped but it's it's all the books its report in the guise been arrested was was raped by the teenager. A guy who identified as a girl but on the skirt and went to the girls and raped his daughter and the board denied any knowledge. That's what he went ballistic and that sparked all domestic terrorist's parents to his daughter was raped by a boy wearing a dress.

Because of this madness. Yes, I'm passionate about this because lives of children are being destroyed and societies gone along with one of the greatest deceptions known in our history.

God help us.

God awake so there's more to come. This no more.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the light of ironbound by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I tweeted this out over the weekend and it seemed to resonate with with a lot of folks. I said sorry but I refuse to get used to kids being raised by two destitute moms however loving those couples may be robs the child of a mother, father violates natural law and it is the opposite of God's best plan for humanity truth so Dr. Brown what why do that. Lightly beat a dead horse, and why appeared to be a big people why some hateful mob of no desire to sound hateful and is not hate in my heart. People judge me as being a bigot, that's their business.

In point of fact, it's this love that compels me to speak with God's spirit within me that compels me to speak because if we don't keep saying sorry.

That's not the norm. Sorry, that's not what God intended. I don't hate you and not against you. You may really care for the kids you're raising, but this is not God's plans is not God's best, otherwise we just get used to it.

That's all talk about gay couple quote married on their site, they may be deeply devoted future, they may be more committed to each other than than heterosexual couple down the block.

That's not the issue but is not marriage. I refuse to accept that as marriage, otherwise we just give vent and then what is it lead to it leads to the types of things that we see in our society with with transgender craze on the calling people crazy with them for strands. No no no time at the craze about redoing to the kids and was happening to the kids and the influences thereunder. In 2011 we publish my book a queer thing happened to America. What a long strange trip it's been. I use the word queer for square been mainstreamed in our vocabulary to remember queer eye for the straight Guy all that.

So I wrote the book. It was over six years of research, a prayer of interacting with those in the gala. Speaking of reading everything I could from their perspective, try to understand from theology to personal stories, etc. and still haven't got a large library of books of his children's readers and and all of this at and I want to get the book out. I felt it was super important.

Lots we hit a wall when it came to publishing and this is what we end up to look at the back cover of of the book we ended up publishing the book ourselves.

We formed our own publishing household equal time books and put it out and on the back cover.

We call that the book that the publishers were afraid to touch here. Conservative pundits and book publishing is a difficult business now and no media is willing to promote a book that opposes homosexuality economic self interest is going to make it very tough for publishers CS 2011 conservative publisher. There would likely be a very concrete, though difficult to measure financial penalty to pay for publishing your book. Practically speaking, it can actually destroy the firm from a best-selling conservative author. Honestly, there's no New York publisher will touch this manuscript from the head of the New York City publicity firm. Unfortunately he spoke with his team and he doesn't have anyone willing to take on Dr. Brown's Poconos we could hire a publicity firm to publicize the book from a publishing insider. It'd be better I'd be better off burden the money in my fireplace. The economics of publishing a book like this are bleak and the top literary agent who farmed the manuscript out to a number of major publishers, most thought the material was too controversial. All felt that the title would need to be changed when I got that email I knew we had nailed it. Put the book out by God's grace. It's been used touch many looking to get out. The second edition of it as soon as we can is it's 10 years later in the. The first had 11,000 books and sold out e-books out etc. so it had good distribution but we would not be silenced because we need the word had to get out among people begin to ask me 1015 years ago. Go back to 2004 Mike why you dealing with this why you addressing this way. Talk about these things. I told people I feel like an umbrella salesman in the desert and people's and while you make those umbrellas and why do you have all of these warehouses filled with umbrella. Why are you doing what you're doing.

My answer was, there's a storm coming, you need the umbrella's now people can't get their hands on enough materials for me and many others. But on the front line speaking we do it out of love. The commission reach out to the people with compassion resist the agenda with courage and friends. By God's grace we will continue to stand as your voice doing that very thing back to the children female to male Scott Nugent wrote an article in Newsweek we been in touch since then. And according to Nugent, whose has no problem with me referring to her as her according to her. She did an interview, together with Dr. Bowers and some others and utterly destroyed their arguments utterly demolish their positions to the point that they had no choice but to change their views public so that that's what she believes is the driving force behind them making these changes. I don't know I am not there. I don't know what's in their hearts. I I'm glad they're there say what they're saying now, but again grieve over all the was destroyed thus far but in her article on Newsweek. Scott Nugent said this and and again, remember that I should just before things you try to get this article published with major sites for two years before they do this we need balance when it comes to gender dysphoric kids. I would know and out.

Let me just go through the list when you put kids on puberty blockers. What the side effects are all right decreased life expectancy is read the article. If you haven't your to Scott Nugent any WG ENT read the article and this is someone who's not a believer, as we are is very very different views on many different subjects later this. What are some of the results experience young kids decreased life expectancy increased risk of premature death from heart attacks and pulmonary embolism's bone damage possible liver, the average increased mental health complications.

All these documented increase chances of boot syndrome symptoms higher suicide rates. The non-trans population, 12% higher chance the non-trans population to develop symptoms of psychosis, chance of stunted brain development, much reduced transfer lifelong sexual pleasure, higher chance of sterility and fertility. No improve mental health outcomes not completely reversible bone and this is know this stuff is known friends. We must shout it out for the sake of the children. I appreciate deeply.

Nugent's courage in doing what she's doing. It's difficult to price to be paid.

I deeply appreciate the courage of having spoke with her on the phone at some length in his love for the kids that drives okay one last thing Barry Weiss's herself doesn't like to speak of her sexual orientation, but is quote married to her female partner who's been in several lesbian relationships that quote married to her partner is liberal work for the New York Times and began to sound the alarm last year about the canceled culture and and what she said is distributed vastly well. Here she is with Brian Stelter on CNN. I want to play about about 90 seconds of their interaction. So this is a lose of a liberal lesbian feminist or loose, liberal, bisexual, feminist, or she categorizes herself and and listen to what she has to say. The lights are going on for more and more people check this out you right there tens of millions of Americans who aren't on the hard left or the hard right who feel the world has gone mad. So, in what ways has the world gone mad. Well you know when you have the chief reporter on the beat of cuve for the New York Times, talking about how questioning or pursuing the question of the lab leak is a racist. The world is gone mad when you're not able to say out loud and in public that there are differences between men and women. The world has gone that were not allowed to acknowledge that rioting is rioting and it is bad and that silence is not violence but violence is violence. The world has got not one were not able to say that Hunter Biden's laptop is a story worth pursuing. The world has gone that when in the name of progress. Young schoolchildren as young as kindergarten are being separated in public schools because of their race, and that is called progress rather than segregation. The world has gone mad. There are dozens of examples that I could share with with you and with anyone they say is they allowand you they were not allowed a lose the people stopping the conversation. Who are they on people that work at networks. Frankly, like the one I'm speaking on right now trying claim that you know it was it was racist to investigate the lab leak theory. It was good that he can and thought I'm just saying the young and judging by Brian Stelter's body language. He's either acting as if he surprised like he knows he's being nailed here, but is acting as if he surprised or give the benefit of the doubt is genuinely surprised to think that his network would be biased would be one of those that is hindering the free discussion of ideas were or were censoring certain things that are unfavorable to the network from getting out its extraordinary but here's Barry Weiss, a liberal either bisexual or lesbian feminist talking about the world's gone mad when you can't even say in public, their differences between men and women recently saw things circulating about yet will because you can say women you you have to say will non-prostate owners. I mean, it is madness friends.

Let's keep speaking I'm not discouraged.

In fact, let me end with this word of tremendous encouragement. The same God who showed me that all these things would be happening in society not documented go back 15 years or longer, and we been talk about these things and laying them out and saying where things are going to be as self-evident where there were going. It had to be. I believe the same God that showed me these things would be happening or gave me the insight that they be happening.

Also, show me that there would be a holy pushback, a gospel based moral and cultural revolution friends were going to be on the frontlines is that the pushback is been rising by the month.

By the year. Couple that pushback the fires of revival in America will be shaking another program powered by the Truth Network

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