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COVID and the Spirit of Fear

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
The Truth Network Radio
October 5, 2021 5:20 pm

COVID and the Spirit of Fear

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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October 5, 2021 5:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 10/05/21.

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Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. It's a great stronghold today.

We must confront it and talking about the spirit of fear, it's time for the line of fire with your host activist on the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH air again is Dr. Michael Brown friends, but we've got to confront going to talk about the elephant in the room I'm talking about the prevailing attitude of fear, the spirit of fear because of cold. We need to talk about it.

We need to talk it through, so that we can be rational in our decision-making wise in our decision-making and not moved by fear or paralyzed by fear. Welcome friends to the broadcast Michael Brown delighted to be with you.

866-34-TRUTH's number to call 866-34-TRUTH 87884 bus related things I want to talk about wanted give you picture of what's happening in Australia draw attention to things that I wrote last year year and half ago when we quickly got out my book. When the world stops, which produces words of hope, faith and wisdom in the midst of crisis of the book that I wrote in the midst of coded thinking you know baby number week summer months. This will pass. Not knowing it would be here this long, but wanted to to have something that would be relevant in the long term. Another crisis will talk about faith versus fear feeding your faith versus feeding your fear and what is wise versus unwise when it comes to decision-making with regard to covert millions of Americans others around the world still facing decisions about being vaccinated or not, or how to conduct themselves or school policies and what to go along with them what the protestant decisions you have to may have to make as an administrator or leader or pastor so want to talk this through 866-348-7884. On another front, you may have noticed if you are in social media yesterday that for hours. Facebook was down because that other apps of Facebook what's apt Instagram were down so this literally affects several billion people on planet and according to headlines that I saw it cost Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg $7 billion being down for a few hours.

I I can conceive of that II can't.

I can't conceive of.

I could, I can conceive of having millions of dollars.

I can conceive that we provide some money to conceive of maybe okay what would you like if you had hundreds of thousands in the bank or something. Again, I don't know but I think it's I could see that words like have several million dollars in the bank.

Okay like I can conceive that or a thousand million billion… Hard to relate to what that really means what about having so much money that the matter hours.

You can lose 7 billion relate to that, but I just want to say this, there is an extraordinary amount of power right now in the hands of social media from Google, which also owns you to to Facebook which owns these other apps to twitter as well, but put a little bit less than these others through search engines through other means. There is an incredible amount of power. News flow can be influenced.

Elections can be influenced choices that you make based on information you get can be influenced receiving great concern about human trafficking, sex trafficking and girls in particular teenage girls being under assault because of social media, there's a tremendous amount of power. There is enough power to make or break organizations and individuals ministries outside of God's help is inordinate.

It is not good. It is not right.

To the extent these things can be used constructively and neutrally wonderful. To the extent people who have a genders aren't involved with them or who have a particular ideological conviction that they will then foist on others is a problem. You sit with her private companies.

They can do what they want will yes and no unexplained but explained we work together.

All of us who are on Facebook, YouTube, any of these other social media platforms. We work together with them to make them what they are right you posted your videos on YouTube. You went to YouTube to watch videos. This generated advertising money for YouTube, you begin to connect with a circle of friends on Facebook your ministry and you begin to post regularly to draw people to your ministry. Page with the roles being a certain way right so we built up to just under 600,000 on our Facebook page playing by those rules and then those rules began to change things that you posted got restricted that here at and and I was struck of tested. I've tested will post an important article and can tie in with the political subject that is considered a hot subject did not to be promoted on the news now on Facebook or simply because his political is not going to be promoted, which means if you have liked our page, it will come up in your newsfeed unless you specifically asked for certain things and let's say this with precision of algorithms always just in general that you used to see our our postman that you won't so will post something important. Article and and it's well researched and is well written. A major topic that in the past would've gotten thousands and thousands and thousands of reactions, or maybe 10 or 20 or 30,000 reactions, or maybe 100,000 reactions on Facebook if it went viral or more.

We have plenty of articles like that and and will post it now and you'll get 38 reactions were 74 reactions, and instead of 741 comments. You get six comments necessarily will this edges decides the receiver stuff that you post just never comes up in them. I look there zero activity so I'll see that and then an hour later, also okay, let's just post something Scripture verse something like that or question in all out.

I want to know I'm in oppose this with intent is well hate when you hear the name Jesus. What comes to mind. Just to let people glorify the Lord and edify one another, and so the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds conference coming and things flowing at disposed descriptors like okay that went out, that didn't get restricted that not the normal reaction so the issue is we built together playing by certain rules. Now, the rules changed the we could get 10,000 new people complaining him to. I'm just going somewhere with this is can be a faith building point in a moment right but we could in the past, saith the height of growth may be just organically not paid anyway. Maybe get 10,000 new followers in a week or two weeks on Facebook and then they change something algorithms is probably for everybody got changed anything to slow down and then we can go months without seeing any addition whoever's added is equal by people leaving what happy pill talk to a certain place and then the rules changed the algorithms changed. Things changed and I talked to insiders who were close, not within Facebook but work closely with Facebook every day, so they're not employed by Facebook, but they are some of the major media players on Facebook and they told me the challenges that that they told me what they experience an undocumented now I'm not complaining because God is bigger than Facebook compared to God. Facebook is less than a grain of sand on the sea, compared to God. Facebook has that the IQ of a warm, minus a million. Okay to combat enter unless it is to attack Facebook. I'm simply say let's let's get things in perspective, Facebook, Google, the so-called Masters of the universe there here today to be gone tomorrow. The same with nations of the earth the same with world rulers that the book of Isaiah says that that all the animals in Lebanon are not enough for a burnt offering to God so the reality is that God is so much bigger than all this.

So we continue to use these platforms as long as we can get a message out my confidence is in God.

And when I come on the radio every day as your voice more sanity and spiritual clarity. My trust is that Bob will get this message out as I speak up for you and do my best to get our message out together and do my best to inform and equip you so you can be on the frontlines make a difference. I'm confident that God has his ways of getting his message out over the weekend I was seeking him earnestly for the very thing, Lord, you've given me words to speak.

I'm trusting you to give me a way to get that message out to the maximum number of hearers and viewers together friends we can do that okay let's look at this news headline saw this a few days ago I got my attention. It was in an all RNC pole and says this virus fears linger for vaccinated older adults and and then I look to larger data that says a new survey finds that vaccinated older adults are more worried about covert, 19 than the unvaccinated or okay let's think about that for a moment, you're an older adult human vaccinated. You should feel relatively safe because you believe in the science and therefore you been vaccinated right so you know that you're not bulletproof, but you should feel fairly confident that hate I'm safe because I've been vaccinated.

Even if I get sick. It won't be as bad as it could have been.

That's what you understand the science would say if you haven't been vaccinated. You are either thinking look, I'll take my chances with covert I get plenty friends that got sick and recovered their fine unhealthy overall. Or you might be thinking I know coverts a problem, but I don't trust these vaccines and if I put something in my body that I'm definitely doing something that could be destructive words with covert will see what happens. Try not to be exposed. I imagine that's some of the thinking now.

It could be the unvaccinated or living in denial and that's why they're not as fearful and it could be that the vaccinated are living in there and good touch with reality which is why they are vaccinated.

You could make that argument, but it doesn't make sense that they are more fearful. It just makes sense because if you're vaccinated, you should be less fearful and certainly all the unvaccinated are not antiscience all the unvaccinated are not like ostriches sticking their heads in the ground which indicates to me that fear continues to drive much of what's happening. I'm not telling you should or shouldn't be backs and that's not my point at all. I'm not even arguing about the signs being good science or bad science, not discussing that at all. Right now, although we replaced some clips from project Veritas that are very interesting about natural immunity after getting covert versus being vaccinated in terms of which is is is is stronger for your immune system. I just want to point out that when you look at Canada with so many restrictions there and get the could go government reelected Nikki California was so many restrictions there yet.

Gov. Gavin Newsom's approach survives the the recall. That indicates to me that in the midst of all this, that person is restricted as long as the mass of mandatory vaccinations and a lot of what's driving that friends this year.

Fear is driving it.

Fear paralyzes fear takes away the rational thing we will file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the reminder fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends some months back. It was actually last year so early on in covert, one of my colleagues himself scientist or highly educated in science and economist. He said that he was driving in his car to Windows up driving his car pulled up next to someone. I guess they were stopping at a white this person was in their car with windows up when the person saw him pull up next to immediately whiten and put on the domestic real quick like I get this single what people think you're in your car with the windows up into.

I'm in my car with the windows up how how is it that being next to you in the car with windows out that somehow you might get infected with.

So the IMing who would think like that. No, look, I understand the reason for fear that you know people who are sick, you know people who have died your your young thinking about grads of ours that are younger people. So in their 40s was in ICU last year. The others home now with her on oxygen and with daily medical checkups from from healthcare workers and things like this other friends of ours have died as far as we know all directly related to covert. I understand that on the one hand, but friends, there is no place for irrational fear using wisdom is one thing I acting in a circumspect way is one thing in my policy is where RAM I follow the rules so the hotel when you're walking and says we need to have a mass, you walk in.

I put the mascot of the restaurants associates have a mascot into your seated having your meal that I put the mascot obviously at the airport. From the moment you arrive to the moment you you leave this you're eating you between bites than you take the mask off so you play by the rules. Not a problem, whether it works or not, whether it's wise or not. Don't know those rules, bucking that the question is this, this, this fear grips that dominates here, let me just read a few quotes to you from when the world stops again came out last year base of the well.

I wrote it in a day. I was just writing so much about the talk meant so much on the air grips must've put you right fresh new material including take you through Psalm 91 verse by verse in Hebrew to to to encourage you to take refuge in God with this before vaccines were available or anything right, but to listen to this Smith Wigglesworth said fear looks face jumps so odd. I wrote some things down.

Fear paralyzes faith, liberates fear brings death so so fear paralyzes faith, liberates fear brings death faith brings life.

Fear brings torment, faith brings peace fear listed was to the devil's lies. Faith listens to God's truth.

While fear is irrational. Faith is rational while fear is natural faith. The supernatural fear listed earthly circumstances and anticipates worst-case scenarios. Faith looks at God's promises and anticipates ultimate victories.

Fear is fundamentally a denial of the existence of the God of the Bible faith is founded on who he is and what he does so the point is this. Before you go about making covert related decisions job-related decisions family related decisions, decisions that impact your kids that's even Californian others, mandatory vaccination for kids there K-12 schools, religious policies are maybe your healthcare worker you been told yesterday vaccinated leisure job and you're trying to navigate this you're trying to act with wisdom. The first thing I strongly encourage you to do is break that spirit of pretty civil. How can I tell the difference between the spirit of fear and acting with wisdom. Fear is oppressive furious drink and something to happen so you can have your kit to look at those hanging over you. Instead, ready to pounce is best. Fear that's destructive friends and a hat. Look, we all can deal with it one way or another you know fear is a young person ever get married. Fear is a woman that you never be able have a child fear in ministry. You'll never reach your goals for in business.

Business collapsed perimeter health era dying young fear about whatever and their specific phobias right you know some people are afraid to go outside. Some people are afraid of heights. Some people are afraid of being closed at their all kinds of different fears. If you ever had to deal with them and end here and there over the years I've had to deal with a few which stroke is very odd because in my whole walk with God and obedience to him and fearless. Whatever he tells me to do is just go for joy owes a cowering I'm running into it with other other fears he got hit within their irrational swamp when someone is telling you right you let let's just say that you're on a plane and you suddenly feel claustrophobic principles like your fine get approval Christ for the hundreds of people are there all fun. It doesn't matter. It's it's irrational. If you have a fear of heights and you're in an elevated cycle hit the celebrate is going up and down hundreds of thousands of times you look out little window here and since there you find that we doesn't matter to you crypt that fear social fears paralyzing destructive and and a lot of the world is struggling with the snow really hurting. There really hurting at an analysis to criticize or condemn in any way. I say this to come alongside and help and say in Jesus this deal with these fears. In my book, when the world stops. I have a chapter on feeding your faith versus reading your fears prettier faith versus behaviors be built up in God be confidence in God role. As you know how, through the word through prayer, through facing these fears head on. Sometimes you and if things are dominant in your life, you need counseling and help sometimes his deliverance. But here's the thing, as you are stronger in faith and these fears are dissipating. Then you can think more clearly.

Then you can make certain decisions take.

Let's just take a look at in Australia only read much of an article to that was posted on national review of one of my colleagues in Australia posting regularly about what's happening there and it seems almost beyond belief, but here's an article on national review just came out couple days ago, when will someone hold human rights hearings on Australia methinks really screw subliminally read from this article that last month Scott Morrison strays Prime Minister told United Nations that his nation believes in freedom respecting the rights and freedoms of the individual.

The inherent dignity of all people matter the circumstances. His critics were stunned at the contrast between his lofty words in life. Today much of a stroller with Tony Abbott for Prime Minister for Morrison's own party is called a health dictatorship. The Prime Minister must live in a parallel universe from Australian Sen. David lay on lay on home of tweeted while other. Another commentator joked that Morrison should have called on the UN to restore human rights to Australia video blogs quickly put together clips juxtaposing Morrison's speech with scenes of police, firing rubber bullets at protesters. These are people protesting the lockdowns pepper spraying an elderly lady arresting people for eating a snack in a park without a mask and tackling and choking various other people deem to be in violation of covert rules. This is all going on. If you read the article. There are actual pictures that are being posted by let's keep reading here, soldiers and police helicopters patrol Sydney streets and skies to enforce that city's lockdown. Their prohibitions are people traveling to neighboring states. In the midst of if it's to visit sick loved ones. Thousands of overseas restraints are unable to come home because of government limits on daily arrivals of cadence to see with their ego. There you go to stroller my article here enforcement regulations has been highly arbitrary in Queensland out toward mass mandates were imposed because of just two new covert cases. Victoria Premier Dan Andrews has promised to lock out the unvaccinated from the economy's words lock out while New South Wales is made the shot mandatory for public sector workers. The politicians are exempted. Check it out friends, check out the accuracy of this article, politicians are exempted and bans on Australians traveling in or out of their country are routinely way for athletes billionaires and celebrities. Americans love Australia is a nice Australians and they see echoes of their own free and rugged history and Australia's own frontier founding. They take note of swashbuckling Australia nonconformance from Crocodile Dundee to Steve Irwin to Rupert Murdoch. Those images conflict with the drawing reality, the part of Australian culture allows closet authoritarian authoritarians to flourish. The late Clive James was one of Australia's best-known public intellectuals" the problem with Australians is not that so many of them are descended from convicts, but that so many of them are descended from prison officers rather learn to live with the virus is an endemic disease that will keep circulating and mutating over time.

Australians are being put through an endless cycle of lockdowns and fruitless government attempt to eradicate covert entirely silly Australian courts have not proven themselves up to the job of protecting individual rights and raw mesh.

The court in emeritus Prof. Prof. at the Australian National University, notes that could courts have refused to provide redress matter how arbitrary, draconian, unscientific and ineffective. The regulations according to one analysis in the Sydney morning Herald public health measures issued under the enabling emergency powers can only be assessed as a package of measures not individually, they can go on indefinitely if the health authorities just to clear emergency still exists and friends. I've even read that there are estimates that more people have died of suicide there covert and Australia can verify that just some things I had read what is driving a lot of this friends is fear and then God knows how much is just some desire for government to take over. I don't know that and I'm not making the charge. God knows, but certainly involve much of this business.

Fear. Fear paralyzes here it is paralyzing parts of a whole country will be back with some shocking clips, listen to the error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends three for truth and then open the phone lines up any question you have of any kind. Any subject you want to talk to me about anything you want to challenge me on anywhere where you differ by all means give us a call 8663 foray 87884 I spoke with the doctor the very beginning the very end of last year and he said when he came to covert vaccines that he had many concerns about those vaccines and thought it was actually better to get covert and get immune to it courses before a lot of the variance came in, etc., but that that would be better and healthier than getting a vaccine that was that was his particular view of the question is how much does natural immunity help now. Dr. Joel Fuhrman, whose medical guidelines.

We follows for his is a eating and recommended way of living.

Dr. Fuhrman said that if you are eating a totally healthy diet and trust me, very few of us would qualify as in a totally healthy diet based on his standards trust trust now. That worked okay Ginsberg the end of diving if you will get the details but that's that's how we we sought to to live and follow those guidelines but he said if you're at your ideal weight and you are eating a totally healthy regimen lifestyle. Following that that that is a thousand times more effective than any vexing that was his position on that subject. Not saying you should or should get vaccinated this in the best thing you could do is eat in a totally healthy weight and be at your ideal weight, and even if you're not at your ideal weight. If you are losing weight regularly compounds we could lease by eating completely healthily then then you are also strengthening your body in terms of your immune system so let's take a step further what it takes to get covert. What about the natural immunity and that what happens with that.

So project Veritas James O'Keefe known for their expose videos exposing Planned Parenthood for selling body parts of aborted babies and things like that.

They've been putting out a series of videos speaking with high-level scientists people involved with Pfizer and other companies involved with vaccines and I have no question that your average medical professional wants to help people medically. So it's a job for them, but they're also doing something that is important to them that they got into this field not just for money but also help you, but my assumption is that your average doctor.

Your average nurse wants to help people write obviously not everyone just like you. My assumption is your average person in ministry wants to help people in a spiritual sense. My assumption is your average healthcare provider wants to help people in natural science and that's what do they do also assume that the higher up you get and the more money there is to be made, the more there can be mix of motivation. Would you agree with that, that human nature look if you're doing ministry and you're not making a dime you're having a work extra hours in order to pay for this missions outreach that you're doing to go help certain people are motivated by greed at end and you get rejected hate in the process are not motivated by fame, but if you're ministry endeavors can bring you lots of money or if the books you write can bring you lots of money, then there can be that temptation to do things in a certain way to bring in money. It's human nature.

You may start a business with the goal of hey I want to get so rich that I can give away 90% of of my income live simply give away 90% of my income to help the poor, the deed of the problem is is that money starts, then you start to get attracted to the money more and soon enough your whole lifestyle changes and standards change, and everything else changes so it happens, the love of money is root of all kinds of evil so it wouldn't surprise me if the higher up you go with these companies, even if genuinely they want to help deal with covert or eradicate covert or or have vaccines that will lessen the effects of covert, even if there is a large part of the activity that is praiseworthy.

You have to wonder is all the information getting out or you are you getting all of the contrary facts. It in fact before we play these clips for you. Check out this headline from from Israel.

This is really really interesting news from Israel because that the vast majority of people Israel vaccinated of that and it's is always real news to Joel Rosenberg site is not Israel bashing in fact it's Israel friendly of silence?

Israel's health ministry removes comments claiming adverse effects from the covert vaccine on social media post. Isn't that interesting. They've admitted to removing now.

They save a lot of it was fake news. Maybe some of it was fake news. The question is why not let facts get out with information, get out, but people do the research. Why suppress things if if you're interested in the certain spiritual subject. You come to me at end, and you really want to understand some I'm debating between these two positions.

A solo stay with that of the listen the notes they weave and don't just listen to me it's all dangerous stuff. Okay you really think it is.

But if if I was that person that seeker I think will why can I evaluate both sides should not be able evaluate both sides anyway… In the clip number one.

This is again project Veritas speaking with a Pfizer Pfizer worker about natural immunity after getting covert versus the effectiveness of the vaccine air advisor probably won't read her back.

Nick Carl is an experienced biochemist advisor with a history of working the pharmaceutical and Nick admits to her undercover journalist that those who had covert have stronger immunity than those who received the Pfizer coping vaccine when somebody is actually used as a major problem we have better life not a vendor or advise because vaccine is it is like a setback is on the social one in the body against one arm of the virus. When you actually advise humans are producing antibodies and not only just like that outside forces inside of worsening virus, senior advisor probably won't matter back, but don't take his word for it to other Pfizer scientists echo the same sentiment I didn't feel I like vaccine a seat and actually getting like talk about this. If you have so these are all Pfizer scientists all the Pfizer scientists there nothing will get vaccinated.

Not saying there vexing to submit product. The nothing any of that. You're simply saying what is common sense that the way God set up our physical system that when you do get the virus and then your body fights it off that it develops antibodies to prevent you from getting that virus again and he can do it in a way that's more comprehensive.

The vaccine obviously there things you don't want to get the kill you in the process right. We understand it and no one saying to go out and be reckless not saying that at all.

It's is just you not hearing this is much as you would expect to hear, and you have people who've had covert this still have to get vaccinated.

Even though the scientist tell you that your natural immunity would be stronger than the vaccine one more clip another scientist at Pfizer talking about the culture of suppression of contrary information there. And the question of money. I still feel I ration I'm there to help people more over 1 million. Basically our organization is run by over 15 billion years and I think you don't talk about anything that you are so again this is an individual and here we have his name going on on record there in terms of what he saying senior associate scientist at Pfizer say that your you can say things can't look there may be million explanations for things there. There may be all kinds of reasons why you can't speak about this without or I don't know and this is his opinion.

I understand it, it does confirm the idea though, that contrary information is being suppressed. That's what concerns me exhibitor like conspiracy theories that that what will since when were conspiracy theories band so that you can't post them. I mean, you could publish a book with conspiracy theories in the past you put that out you could make videos and distribute them. You could get material out. Now we have the Internet to get material out.

How do you know that all the data you're getting enough talk to Nancy about this. How do you know it's accurate. Nancy is one of those people that digs and digs and digs although anybody that when they get focused digs in a focused way more than my wife Nancy I'm going to seriously.

I mean it could be the smallest thing, but she's curious about you doing something in the garden curious about that or an and on talking about. It can be hundreds of articles, videos read research to get all sides to make sure that she's doing things in an informed way and when comes to covert she was, how can you tell the words that there is so much contrary information and the problem is the concern that things are being suppressed so isn't this the way to do things bring the truth to the lot bring everything to the light and let the light reveal what's true and what's not.

Rather than suppress things bring it to the light.

Let us do the research. Let us, let us think for ourselves. Let us listen to professionals on different sides and then come to informed conclusions, but my appeal again and let's break this fear dominates the comeback of unsolicited God's will now it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown joining us on the line of fire's. I will get to some calls in a moment two things.

First you know if you've listen for any length of time that God help me radically transform my lifestyle.

Being in August 2014 went from 275 pounds 280 pounds but everything turned upside down just by getting rid of all the unhealthy foods I'd eaten and eating healthy foods day and night, and it's is transform a life of course continue to exercise but is transform a lot of them alive to God's hands.

I seek to use wisdom and everything that I do as well. Don't seek abuse things, and in addition to that God has my future in his hands about boasting about tomorrow. Simply saying that doing this is been life transforming and then I take supplements. For example, II take immune wellness supplements from Dr. Mark Stigler.

I take a joint plus supplements was a stricken arthritis in my hands and this completely arrested the arthritis. Once this particular supplements so we have partnered together with Dr. Spangler.

He is considered the nation's leading natural pathic Dr. author roof probably close to 40 books now and loves the Lord. This is a man that loves God this outreach on a regular basis, which is one of the cutest thesis is really got health will be talking to someone just notice flexible everyday guided this.

They have no answers because he's got to get the truth on his side, but we have partnered together with Dr. stingless.

I will encourage you to go to the vitamin vitamin with you looking for supplements to help you sleep or help with digestive system or other issues or energy or immunity, or just general multivitamins ago.

The website you'll find out about a special code that you can use that will get you a discount. There on everything so I sell supplements I know of. Check them out. You get a discount when you go there as well and with every order. Dr. Stanley makes a donation to our ministry so everybody benefits so vitamin the place to go.

Okay Mark silk and Washington Post religion news has proposed that we make a gender change when it comes to God that rather than wrestling with. He or she many people just say they just say it generically. They about people in general. So rather than have masculine notions when it comes to God, why not use they about the Lord and he says why our preferred pronoun for God should be.

They grammatically if you can say you are.

You can say they is okay, let's put aside the issue of saying you are versus that is, let's put that aside entirely, because that's a grammatical issue that is 100% unrelated to the subject of how God revealed himself to us. We understand that God transcends gender yes of course we also understand we are created in God's image, and that includes male and female. We understand it, we also understand when God revealed himself. He revealed himself using masculine pronouns to exempt the divine name normally will cause Yahweh, which occurs but 6300 times in the Hebrew Bible is always full because with he it is, it is always excuse me with with a pronoun fee if it's going to be used that we grammatically it's always male God is revealed himself to us as the heavenly father. That's important. Ephesians 3 says all fatherhood gets its name from him in. In other words, there are concepts having to do with the father that God wants us to relate to with him.

His father, he is. He has put the spirit of his son into our hearts by which we cry out, Abba. Emily comes into this world. He comes in the person of Jesus. So he comes through a woman, but in the person of Jesus.

A man again, this is how God revealed himself. Jesus is not of the day. The father is not of the day. The Holy Spirit is not. They God, the Lord is not a they so all the pronouns usual the verbal forms used are going to be masculine in keeping with you say, but Arthur ties with the Holy Spirit of the word spirit can be feminine that the Hebrew word in the Greek word spirit can be feminine, sort, or can have a neutral form. But the point of the matter, there again is that there are many aspects of who God is there aspects of how he works. There are ways that he relates like a mother to a child mean this is this is in Scripture, all right, but he says a phrase Mark silk says a phrase such as God the father should be relate is a metaphor for those concerned about the embedded misogyny of the tradition, to say nothing of post binary folks. A deeply problematical knows nothing problematic about it was problematic is that we lost sight of the meaning of who God is. We lost sight of the fact that he made us male and female that these are distinctions that God put biologically in the human race for a purpose and that he wants us to know him as the father of as the source of all things, and that's why he put the spirit of his son into our hearts, crying out, Abba, not EMR. All right IMA being mother Abba being father so that it is utterly ludicrous to downgrade this into just grammar.

This is how God shows to reveal themselves in the end with misogyny as of the to do with male supremacy.

It's simply how God revealed himself. The fact that God came into our world and the person of his son Jesus does not mean that man or superior to women in it is simply a functional thing in the way God set things up in the way he has revealed himself in the way we relate to him and you might as well instead of talking her earthly mother father just refer to them as they from there on, instead of, say, have a boyfriend or girlfriend or husband or wife is refer to them as they now know that destroys the meaning of who they are so another passing fad. Another ridiculous idea and a few people get into it but forget about it. The eternal God has revealed himself case closed. All right, let's go to the phones and will go to Carl in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Welcome to the line of fire or Dr. Brown you're doing better with corduroy yeah II highlight second time around. I did yeah hey I just recently read Samara writing by waiting room from his systematic theology treatise on eschatology that he states that each of the historic premillennialist not dispensational at that time in the past.

I read a book by RC Sproul, who said he was approached I've heard podcast from our reform people that that seem to lean toward a kind of a dominion theology in order to Christianize the world before the Lord comes back. My church that I didn't with him for a long time was is affiliated now with her reform group and there's there's never anything on on last time that they that they put out there in their teaching or writing. Is there a majority position.

The Calvinist and reform people hold on eschatology.

It's it's it's hard for me to discern what where they stand on eschatology thoughts on that. I would say that the majority are not simply millennial that would be much thought with their millennial over their post-millennial, and include post-millennial's or their predators.

I would assume that they are more prominently either millennial or post-millennial, and again under post-millennial would be included. Some predators, but because Calvinism is not an eschatological theme is a theological theme.

It's it's not going to necessarily dictate an outcome in terms of eschatology so that if the five points of Calvinism, which were formed and written in response to Arminian points truly total depravity, unconditional election limited to tone an irresistible grace and perseverance of the saints. None of those tie in with with eschatology so why is it that the majority of reform Christians are non-charismatic was waiting room is charismatic.

Why is it that the majority of them don't see Israel today is a fulfillment of prophecy and or or not historical premillennialist is when grid them as a historical premillennialist that's that's difficult to say when you go to post-millennialism that was widely believed through the 1800s in America. For example, Jonathan Edwards thought that the millennial kingdom could could be on on the edge of the of ascendancy because of the great awakenings that he witnessed in the 1740s.

He speculated that that perhaps this could be the time and that it would begin in in in America and spread around the world. Later he ended up revising his views, I believe, to suggesting the year 2000 should be 6000 years of human history than a thousand year rest time millennial rule of Charles Finney in the 1830s thought that with the awakenings there experiencing that within three years that the millennium could begin soul.

Finney was obviously not Calvinist. Jonathan Edwards was there both post-millennialist post-millennial centric real hit with World War I, World War II, and is recovered some printer's and is making a comeback and to be to some real issues with with printer is in full predators been many ways must be utterly rejected but if you look back to the Puritans in the 1600s John Owen, the great theologian, and simmer brother for those that have a great expectation about the restoration of Israel, Charles Spurgeon, one of the great Calvinist leaders in the 1800s at a clear expectation about the physical restoration of Israel, so there's nothing in the Bible it spoke, I was finally as that. Also, today, again, it may be the majority are not. Premillennialist certainly majority are not dispensational must majority also not charismatic but is there one position is permanent. Right now I don't know if it is I don't know but anyway great question and appreciate your asking friends join us tomorrow. Right here on the line of fire. This same station the same podcast of the Sinise channel taking the boy to share with friends do that. The blessing share with another program powered by the Truth Network

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