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Be Careful When You Speak for God

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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September 28, 2021 5:01 pm

Be Careful When You Speak for God

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. I wish that politicians would be more careful when they claim to speak for God's time for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown was always a good idea not to step outside of your calling area of gifting your area of expertise and zits of several wise for a politician to claim to speak for God, and authoritative way dislike it's the outline for me to speak about medical science as an authority.

I'm not Dr. Brown, the medical doctor on Dr. Brown. The PhD from NYU and Semitic languages. So when people write into us for medical advice is sorry I'm not a medical doctor it's it's good to stay in your lane. It's good to know what you know and what you don't know. Fortunately, clinical leaders often get this wrong. Hey friends, welcome to the broadcast Michael Brown delighted to be with you his number to call 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 784 anything on your mind as you asked me about anything want to disagree about open the fold on so I got a lot to cover a whole lot to cover today. Hope you encouraged by yesterday's broadcast I had quite an amazing extraordinary weekend meeting with different religious Jews. Some counter missionaries and some others spinning all over over three hours with rubbish movie in Crown Heights, Brooklyn Sunday night talk more about that on thoroughly Jewish Thursday gobbling of this week but will focus on a bunch of things happening in the world around us and will take some calls as well.

866-3487 84 can be totally off topic but if have time I will get to some calls. Okay Jew remember last year when the cold vid curve started to to go down that the that the seem to be a decrease in covert deaths or hospitalizations and things like that and Gov. Cuomo want to make sure who and what the source of those positive changes were jerked. Remember when he said this, the numbers down because we brought a number God did not do that they did not do that. Destiny did not do that. We did it. God didn't do it God had nothing to do with it. According to Gov., who knew who knew that the man that was riding so high, the award-winning man. The book contract man. The man who could easily be a Democratic presidential candidate B. Gov. anymore after 2021 who who knew that was coming on the one hand, Gov. Cuomo wanted people understand this is not just a matter of living the lives the way you been living them and praying for a miracle. And God worked a miracle. This is him this was a matter of accept steps that were taken actions that were carried out steps that were taken to get certain results. Others a way to say that this way to say I think everyone who prayed, and I thank God for his mercy and his help. Without him we really be in trouble. I'm also want to put everyone to say, look, we took certain steps and we did some difficult things but look at the results that we got together and you should congratulate yourself you could say all that, or you just not bring God into all and say we've taken a number of steps becomes a very positive results. But to say God didn't got another new faith freight destiny had nothing to do with what gives him the right to say that then, of course, tragically, the decisions that he made that some say are absolutely murderous to clear out hospital beds to make room for incoming patients so the elderly who was sick with Kovic were sent into nursing homes which then turned into an epidemic place for Colby with thousands of decibel them in many, many New York is outrageous that you you killed our parents and that that's how they feel absently outraged in the sex scandal and all of that the sexual harassment scandal is as overshadow that, but that's really the bigger issue in terms of righteousness. Sexual harassment is terrible, but this is an even bigger issue if in fact the decisions he made led to the deaths of many older New Yorkers negative clear the beds for them to from them took to make room for younger patients with covert, of course, the flood of younger patients didn't come in as expected. So anyway you want to leave got out of the one woman take the full credit for the terrible mistakes. On the other hand, but I play that praying for God's mercy, and Gov. Cuomo's life in him to really know the Lord and have a life-changing encounter with Jesus and be used to positively in the days ahead. I find that to say, it appears that the governors of New York have not yet learned the lesson so Gov. Kathy Hoke will often refers to her Irish Catholic background is the governor of the state of New York is militantly pro-abortion fully supportive of the radical abortion laws in the state of New York. She is speaking at pastor air.

Regards cultural center in Brooklyn, New York, one of the most influential churches in America, so the one of the most influential African African-American churches in America.

So listen to what Gov. Hoke all had to say in her message yesterday sees me on Sunday at the church. We have to get this community back and what we went to this pandemic made us stronger.

I believe that a special I talk to young people were unable to have their graduation from high school or a normal life in the last 18 months I say to them whatever comes your way in life. You are stronger you are more resilient. God let you survive this pandemic because he wants you to do great things. Some day he lets you live through this. When so many other people did not and that is also your responsibility. How do we keep more people alive.

We are not through this pandemic. I wished we were, but I prayed a lot to God. During this time.

You know what God did answer our prayers. He made the smartest men and women the scientists the doctors the researchers he made that come up with a vaccine that is from God to us and we must say thank you God thank you and I wear my vaccinated necklace all the time to say I'm vaccinated all of you.

Yes I know your vaccinated to the smart ones that you know there's people out there who are listening to God what God wants you know this. You know they are.

I need you to be my apostles. I needed to go out and talked about it and say we only this to each other we love each other. Jesus taught us to love one another. How do you show that love but to care about each other enough to state please get vaccinated because I love you I want you to live. I want our kids to be safe in their in schools am I to be safe when you go to a doctor's office or the hospital and are treated by somebody you don't want to get them virus from them are already sick. He wouldn't be there. We have to solve this, my friends, I need every one of you.

I need you to let them know that this is how we can get but fight this pandemic come back to normal and then start talking about the real issues that we have to fighting systemic racial injustice which exist today and if there is a dot denier. I will take you on any day because I've seen it. I know it exists, we are not to have a blind eye to this ever again any longer under my watch. That is my commitment to you right so obviously the appeal to systemic racial injustice at the end of that clip in that setting. Notice she did get applause when she thanked God for the scientists to come up with a vaccine. So in that sense, the exact opposite of what Gov. Cook did know was that conscious that was was she thinking about what he said was that not her mind at all. I don't know, God knows. Either way, since she believes the vaccine is a good thing I was always talking to a rabbi over the weekend who said he thinks it's trumps greatest accomplishment to get the vaccines passed and push through so quickly and saving millions and millions of lives. If you are pro-vaccine. If you believe this vaccines were good thing in it and a way to save lives and protect others from the spread of the pandemic.

Then of course you should thank God for giving wisdom. You should thank God for helping those who did the research and all that by owning salt from her perspective. Great, I'm glad I'm very glad she brought God into the picture there, the exact opposite of what Gov. called is not God. This is all she say hey God answered our prayers by helping us get this vaccine that you made. I think the vaccines are the best. But either way, from her perspective good. I'm glad glad you thank God for and to go to the end part before she got to the systemic injustice issue. I appreciate her heart to want to see people healthy and safe and since she believes the vaccines are the best way to do that then I appreciate her say hey going and encourage others to be vaccinated her perspective and the perspective of many of you listening and watching. That's a good thing or two when not debating the efficacy of the vaccine and the safety of exit without debating that all were simply saying from her perspective and wanting to speak from a faith perspective in the midst of a church service on a Sunday morning perfectly good for her to encourage others to go on get vaccinated and say hey you were severe even to see you were smart to get vaccinated. You believe it's the right decision.

Great but but hang on what on earth gives her the right as governor, even if she was the pastor of the church, but as governor secular position from someone not trained in the word of God or ministry. What gives her the right to say to that audience that the people who are not vaccinated are not listening to God what audacity to say that God wants them to be vaccinated in God is speaking is the view vaccinated and they're not listening to God or gods presented evidence and they're not listening to the evidence. The irony is that among populations that are percentagewise, less vaccinated in America. White evangelicals are high on that list and in general, African-Americans are high on that list and and a black lives matter. Activists is called the vaccine mandate racist and others are pointed out that Mayor de Blasio's restrictions that you can't go to a health club to work out you can't go to a restaurant without a vaccine passport that that discriminates in particular against black New Yorkers who are less vaccinated than other parts of the of the population.

So to make that statement. There from my perspective is is a massive miss reading of her audience. A massive miss reading of the audience. That's, that's one thing but the arrogance of say and you didn't get the applause for that part right. You hear that from the audience are immense. I love that you immense there we were with the customers in terms of how they respond, but to say the people on this list.

What there are plenty who have prayed earnestly who have sought God, some four months who have studied research listen to people talk to doctors got all the evidence we can ask God for wisdom and then concluded know the vaccine is not for me or for my kids without doing. How dare she said was, let's pray that she will encounter God in such a way that she would learn to reverence him and waiting on anything careful dangling make sense would recommend all the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us on the want to forget the question any subject you a raise or something where you want to pick my brain dig deeper or disagree with me. Many who disagree boldly and vociferously on social media buttons offer take my invitation to call an extended once again, 866-34-TRUTH couple hours ago I posted something on twitter just interested to get feedback on a very difficult very sensitive subject again when comes to vaccines when it comes to mandates when it comes to personal decisions. These are very complex issues there are issues of government overreach or employee overreach. There are issues of public safety. There are issues of personal choice, so they become very complex, very difficult for a challenging cerulean article did show about Romans 14 terms of coming to her own convictions before God and not judging one another based on those convictions and then urging pastors and leaders to be wise what they say publicly about these issues establish guidelines and input those out to help people make wise decisions, but II tweeted this out little Wilson few hours ago and it says this if you personally have concerns about you. The vaccines were governmental and/or employer overreach. If you're given the alternative of getting vaccinated for getting fired would you do this, we had no legal recourse. In this letter, you can do you can get a religious exemption there's a way to fight back legally.

What would you do so 24.6% so slightly under 1/4 of the response over this. So if you hundred forecastle for 276 votes of four of 1/4 said they get vaccinated.

So the other half, 40.9% said they get fired in 26.4% said not sure so almost equally divided between not sure get vaccinated and get fired. But it's interesting to see that almost half of those polled said that they would choose to get fired that was a field that strongly about vaccine. I have other friends, godly friends of a concerns about vaccine when they were given the alternative, you either get vaccinated release your job they felt to pray for safety and to get vaccinated. Say Lord I'm doing this to honor the authorities and so stop was my job because I believe called me to be in this position. It's important that I'm serving here so go ahead and get vaccinated, and pray that there be no side effects or problems of supporting and praying in side effects is perfect for obviously these people felt was perfectly fine. There would be less hesitant getting it and others I know or losing jobs or will lose jobs because they wanted vaccinated the issue to me is the dogmatic statements the governor of New York saying you're not listening to God. If you are vaccinated or the pastors yelling out their cognition. Do not under any circumstance to vaccinated better to give people the tools to make informed decisions. Better to present the evidence, but as a percent. Your insights and then encourage people to go to God for themselves.

They look when you come to me and you call me or write in with really difficult life and death spiritual decisions that you have to make moral decisions that you have to make and now I'm answering you now, I'm responding. That's very weighty. I don't know you personally or people come to me that know me personally, and then you counsel wisdom, but I have was 50 years of experience in the Lord.

I have almost 50 years of active ministry.

I have a certain knowledge of the word in relationship with God so if I feel I have something to give you. I will give it to you.

Knowing how crucial these issues are and plenty of other cases a say listen, I'll pray with you all pray for you, but I don't feel I have anything to add on to distant from your situation and because of that I am on unable to it to speak to it. Needs got to be careful Jacob James chapter 3 says that that you should be careful about being a teacher that not many should should should be teachers because those who teach have greater accountability. The best thing we can do is help people grow in the Lord's that they can make wise decisions and then when there are these life-and-death things and people really need counsel that we can offer wisdom again. Let's stay in our respective lanes because these are difficult decisions. People making and let's not be judgmental again when I talk about Romans 14 last week I had people weighing in is a look at some of the comments of social media and their weighing in on both sides what you mean debatable issue of course is not a debatable issue. Under no circumstances to get vaccinated like I was trolling our site to send Dr. Brown's good in these areas in certain areas Jewish outreach other things Bible interpretation but is completely ignorant of the end times is no idea of the end times controlling this posting all over Facebook ultimate a block fourth but where was I liking discernment that this is a government plot to kill millions and how can I not see it is black and white. You don't get vaccinated. It's a government plot to kill millions. Hundreds of billions of euros with the alleged numbers are worldwide that other say what you mean baby something debatable.

Of course you get vaccinated. Do not get vaccinated that you are imposing your decision on others and you can hurt them or kill them. So the very thing I'm saying is debatable. People on both sides things not debatable at all.

There is no debate is no debate to be had a sparkle like this would spike or that which proves the point. So how about a little humility towards one another. You say well the signs I talked to some of the week and this is what I want with the sciences will get vaccinated. Appreciate that. Of course this is interesting that others have not gotten vaccinated because they're going with the size where science actually saying so most educated medical people have talked to said that were concerned about safety issues with the vaccine really was healthy not recommending it reviewed certain age groups, etc. not recommending so how about a living ability showing the chapter and verse about vaccines from thou shalt get the accident that felt like effects show me the chapter and verse. So from the governor down to each of us down to pastors and leaders.

Let's use some wisdom and humility to overplay the cut now, but Lucas and Ross first last week we didn't cover.

This was big news. Big news mentioned that but didn't cover it.

So there's an article on life site news. This is from last week. As it happened, breaking news. House Democrats vote to codify Roe V Wade legalize abortion on demand is a headlight in my life. Site news the bill for bid states from subjecting abortion to ultrasound requirements. Mandatory waiting periods. Informed consent requirements and other health and safety rules.

The article says this is from from Friday. Driven by fears the Supreme Court may be on the verge of overturning the landmark pro-abortion ruling movie Wade US House of Representatives voted to 18th to 11, Friday, to pass legislation that would enshrine abortion on demand, and federal law. Some of the nation's highest court will begin hearing oral arguments in Dobbs versus Jackson women's health organization, which concerns Mississippi's HB 1510 law banning abortions are being committed past 15 weeks, for any reason other than physical, medical emergencies or severe fetal abnormalities, abortion defenders argued violates the judicially created quote right to pre-viability abortions.

Pro-lifers hope the case will finally lead to the reversal of Roby without we'll talk about that tomorrow with my guess Pat Mahoney if you're anywhere in DC this Saturday. By all means get to the Supreme Court for major prayer gathering at the very same time, it looks like this can be a major pro abortion March coming into into DC and and going right by the Supreme Court. At the very moment that this worship and prayer rally is beginning. It is a totally non-partisan event in terms of politics set about political candidates or presidents or Congress.

It is believers worshiping God and praying to him to work and to end the plague of abortion and to turn hearts. In America, but here's here's what I want to emphasize candidate Biden said that if Supreme Court overturned Roe V Wade that he would do whatever he could to enshrine Roe V Wade is federal law that would become the law of the land and would overrule theoretically the Supreme Court and would smash every pro-life bill.

Every pro-life advancement in every state in America would destroy it will undermine. He said he would do it that not those of you voted for him you bared some of the responsibility for this.

I've said repeatedly understand my many of you felt. You can vote for Trump and sat out the presidential election are a voted for Trump. One major reason was to vote against Biden also. I had a good idea for Trump would do and I thought I could do damage control for the damage that he did all this and I can vote for Trump understood that the vote for Biden and then to be surprised when is doing all this is utterly outrageous to me is completely unacceptable, completely acceptable disable were so surprised to know.

He said he was going to do this and when the Texas heartbeat law was allowed to stand by the Supreme Court with all three Trump appointees being the key ones, along with Thomas and Alito to say let it stand. This is law now in Texas. This is law in Texas that that your time.

I base this six week billing with any detection fetal heartbeat than can abort so think of this president.

Biden has said that he will use the force of the US government to overthrow the there is no excuse for casting about he simply did not know it doesn't matter, don't understand it does matter.

Your vote does matter when it comes to abortion massively.

The argument look, no matter how we vote doesn't turn it absolutely does matter, and if there been consistent pro-life voting in the Supreme Court would've changed over period of years, and then there would be more constitutional, voting and the recognition that there is no woman's constitutional right for abortion and things. What if shifted absolutely along with public opinion so the house is done this. Basically it has no chance of getting approved by the Senate and signed into law, but this is the Democratic Party of the radical pro-abortion and you may just have to vote by voting with your feet and leaving that affiliation does not change their voting for the shedding of blood reality.

It's a reality never gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown now.

Emphasis must be spiritual. More than social and cultural more the political our first emphasis must be spiritual or emphasis must be put on revival or emphasis must be put on evangelism and discipleship on personal devotion personal repentance. If we start there we can see the nation shaking a friends welcome to the broadcast. This is Michael Brown. Did you get my email today get my email today announcing the special pre-order. My latest book revival or we die even get okay so here's what you go first, let's get you signed up for the emails that we get a bunch of really interesting things to get into some eye openers, 866-34-TRUTH is the recalled try to get some calls while 866-34-TRUTH 780 for anything you might want to talk to about her asking about four months will be open before we do any of that or get into some interesting news especially get you signed up so go ask Dr. SK your and just put in your name and your email address to your physical address. If you like you be signed up, you immediately get a free e-book from a seven secrets of the real Messiah mini book you immediately get some the background story about my own testimony posted a PhD. The 3Rs were ministry that always we can serve you all the resources that we have for you thousands of hours of free resources and things you can purchase so many give a plug for this new book revival or we die. You get a hardcover so this is a special printing redoing a beautiful hardcover edition. Plus a free download of the video were I go through the history of the writing of this book and take you through each chapter of revival or we die. I just did an interview with the pastor today and and he said it has this Ravenhill like anointing audits that there's a fire there's a fire that burned in the as I wrote above, your fire will burn and use read II believe it or keep your fish of what God can do through revival of how revival can come at your own heart and in your own life and how it's not too late for America. You come earnestly.

It it it will convict you it will stir you it will inspire you comes on October 19 is the official publication date. We should be able to get the books you before then signed copies and then the free download when you get them exclusively. Our website asked Dr. so check it out.

The hardcover volume signed, numbered, so this is exclusive with the first printing and the free download with it. So that's exclusively from as you can get the paper back of the candle e-books anywhere online, but this exclusive hardcover with the download for muscle. I wish I could push a button and not just get this booking through his hands we could you read it because I believe would help spark revival around the country feel that strongly about how God stirred me to write it.

So that's were emphasis that that's what we put first seeking God doing the work of the church and then down the list is his political involvement. It matters but down the list to show you what matters in a moment, but earlier today I spoke about Gov. Kathy Holcombe, governor of New York replaced the no disgrace Gov. Andrew Cuomo. We pray for God's best in both of the laws for true salvation, true repentance, true knowledge of God in them. She made a statement while speaking at the Brooklyn cultural center Christian cultural center in Brooklyn, the most influential churches in America. Those were not vaccinated were not listening to God. Robert Spencer does a great job exposing radical Islam a Robert Spencer posted this PJ media, he said, every religion is in one way or another story of loss and gain of sin and redemption in the profit whole goals. New religion is no exception.

She offered the Christian cultural center, a parody of Christianity which the coronavirus is the original sent. The vaccine is the means of redemption in the vaccinated are the grateful saved community yet really really nailed the exaggeration of that of what was presented so again. First things first write gospel first revival first living in our face first raising godly families be examples in the workplace noted being followers of Jesus put that first the cross before the flag spiritual activity before political activity, prayer is even more important voting vote is important. Prayer is even more important. Yeah writing to your Congressman is important nor the word of God is much more important running for local office could be God's calling on your life but even more important is being a disciple making disciples, and it may include that aspect. So I say all that to say let's keep our emphasis right and that's that's why the first of the 3R's in a ministries revival revival in the church.

This will be live to bring in spark and interestingly of the 3R's revival in the church gospel be smaller cultural revolution in society and and then redemption in Israel. Salvation of the Jewish people. It's interesting that the majority of the people to connect to solicit which of the 3R's was the main one that brought you to connect with her ministry this day, the largest single number survival and then redemption and in revolution but they they say revival is so so this is something burning in many, many hearts. That being said, what happens politically does matter, and whose president was in Congress, in his the courts. These things do matter as well as the given example his report from from ADF alliance defending freedom of and says this this alarming 10th circuit decision said that the government can both compel and silence speech right so you understand that you have you ever courts of the state than you have regional courts different federal courts.

The 10th circuit is one of these regional courts and he hears cases from different states so let's define freedom reported this September 23 for the decade.

Lori Smith worked in the marketing design industries, which also was missing or want more freedom to use her talents to convey messages that she was passionate about is what she found it launch 303. Creative workforce heart imagination Townsend's websites and graphic secretion spends time with each of her clients which include individuals, nonprofits and small businesses to get to know and provide unique and custom website designs in spite of our faith. Lori desires to also create custom wedding website celebrity marriage as you prepare to launch the new part of her business.

Lori learned about the Colorado antidiscrimination act. State law that would punish her if she created custom wedding websites only in accord with religious beliefs as a Christian. Lori believes that marriage is a sacred union between one man and woman while and while she will create websites for anyone she can cradle messages are user design skills to express messages that violate her deeply held religious beliefs, no matter who request that's where the help of a diff attorneys Lori decided to challenge the law in court before is enforced against her this past July, the US Court of Appeals for the 10th circuit issued an unprecedented decision against her and threw three creative versus Ellis, holding that Colorado can force Lori to create custom wedding websites that violate her religious beliefs. The First Amendment is clear Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof or abridging the freedom of speech.

Fortune appears that the 10th circuit didn't get the memo. The court ruled to the one with the state of Colorado can force Lori to design and publish websites promoting messages that violate her religious police but that's not all kata also assesses law also prevents prohibits Lori from even explaining to her own company's web on her own company's website, what website she can create consistent with her religious beliefs. Think about what this means for a moment, both the state of Colorado, the 10th circuit decision that the government can compel both speech and silence.

The 10th circuit, chief is 10th circuit, Chief Judge Timothy Tinker which wrote in his dissent, the freedom to speak necessarily guarantees the right to remain silent.

So the majority ushers forth a brave new world, and acknowledges that kata compels both speech and silence defines this intrusion constitutionally permissible arts. Let's think about that for but let's consider this their telling her if you can create websites celebrating marriage and things like that.

Then whoever comes to you as two men to women.

Whatever the situation is the man who identifies the woman a woman identifies the manner whatsoever that that you must work. You can say I'm sorry.

This follows my religious beliefs. But let's just say, for example, she's just website design and someone comes and says listen we we are Satanists we hear you develop a really good well priced really professional and because of the best websites were impressed with your work. We'd like you to do a website for us for the church of Satan.

Satan else have Christian, though I will do that, both because of course. Of course that's has to be fine right in the same way if if there was an Orthodox Jewish web designer work heavily in Orthodox Jewish community. And I said hey I was Jews for Jesus and we really like you work them and would like you to develop the site for us about, especially how to reach Orthodox Jews with the message of Jesus. Of course the safety kidding me going to the wrong place. We do websites for the other guys for the academician's are for you.

Of course they have the freedom to say that course they can. It's a private business and they can do that is not discrimination based on religion because there plenty of other places and go for websites simply better know we don't do that or let's say that you're into graphic horror stuff and and you want some some Halloween. You know features that are on the website and you have been all kinds of horrific violence scenes and you go to the tent to the sky. Lori said he would like to know sorry that that's against my beliefs and convictions that I don't do that that's that's her prerogative. But not only is the court telling her with her marriage websites. No you can't do that you don't have the right to refuse okay.

Not only are they telling her that they are also telling her think of this that you can't post we do we. I'm a Christian I'm a follower of Jesus. Because of that we do websites for the following and we don't want to offend but we can't do websites for XYZ what what if what if some of websites around the world. What if some group in a country where polygamy is legal plenty of countries on earth with the test scores and scores and scores were put in the polygamy is legal and they said we we want to do a site you know for for for a dating site near wherever it is a wedding site for further polygamy and so on. And if God wants more wives and Sony can have up to four in our culture and we want to set up something women can meet the right guy known the week we don't believe marriage is one men will know she can do that and say that you can explain it.

She did everything explaining it so my expectation would be.

Should this go to the Supreme Court that it will get shut down because the Supreme Court has been very good on religious liberty cases in recent years, but this was out there and you civil what's at the politics will that the presidents are the one that the they appointed judges. They nominate the judges and then they get approved by members of Congress so these matter again revival first.

This matters going to keep standing drawing attention won't do it every day the week but bunch of things with it. The line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the light of ironbound by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown know there is this fine balance again produce right time to preserve public health trying to protect individuals from sickness from death five season file in between that and government overreach employer overreach schools overreach. It's it's it's a challenging moment to be walking through and of course there is great controversy over children having to wear masks to school all day, especially little children again in a week there there locked on issues. Many said the lockdowns unit take more lies in the pandemic and because of what it brings with with depression, suicide, because the effects of loneliness and the negative lifestyles that come out of that because of people being afraid to visit the emergency rooms for other conditions or just get regular checkups, cancer, and things and that in an economic collapse, and how that affects people in that it was healthcare and so on and so forth and that many of said that the lockdowns will call more than the pandemic and more systematic ways and more targeted ways to do things in the notice, and the government is trying to control some people try to help and save lives at end and there's no one answer that fits everything right. There are things with his clear government overreach. There are things where I believe people really try to help and then people who the science is one thing of the said science doesn't say that.

So it's one of these very challenging times will we need to really ask God for wisdom take things one day at a time, one step at a time. One of the great concerns is the effects of vacant kids were mass all day at school every day is especially the younger ones do you get the book, the less of an issue potential infection or or carrying the disease would be so a Matt Walsh decided after presenting his views at a local public school board meeting that he take a show on the road. This is what Matt Walsh from the daily wire had to say about Baltimore community member natural father for your school board decided that our kids should go to school all day everyday wearing muzzles like rabid dogs.

I have listened to their arguments in our notice of the missing a few things, namely evidence, data science, common sense and basic images you presented no facts at all. Also, let me do that now here they are: poses almost no risk to our kids at all. 4.2 million children of tested positive for covert total of .008% of them have done what about the flu. The CDC estimates that 480 kids died from flu in the 2018.92. That's more than it died from COBIT in a year and 1/2 noted anyone on this board suggested any point that you're the kids were masks that anyone in this room suggest at any point anyone were masks for fluids again is more dangerous to kids, then COBIT.

That's a fact. Do you know what it's called when you force your children were masks for fear the virus that causes almost no threat to them is called child abuse want to look up a disease look up Munchausen by proxy.

That's what this is exaggerating the how would you respond to apparent forces to the world football helmet every day all day for fear of falling coconuts and meteors is almost as likely to die of code as the instrument rock from the sky and use all that you would say to that parent that he is abusive and is forcing his kids to participate in this utterly insane charade in order to satisfy his delusional psychotic hypochondria now do any of you know what sort of psychological damage we do to children by forcing them to cover their faces teaching in the air is toxic, but everyone around them is sick of you wondered about the health effects of forcing kids to breathe through sweat ends and dirt so soaked rags every single day. What about learning to read and I can't see the teacher annunciating the words was due to a child's developing immune system.

If yes, wear a mask all day every day you're satisfied to place this burden on children anywhere and wives not to keep them safe. They are safe, if not to keep the adults say they cannot get vaccinated. If they want to do to make yourself feel better and to protect yourselves politically child's mask is a symbolic security blanket for you not to disgrace and you should all be ashamed by different political punches is expected from out Walsh now I would say that I cannot say what he said, which is the only reason you do it is to feel good about yourself and the only reason you do it is for political reasons, whatever that would be. God knows the reasons that people are asking for children to wear masks so this is fear some of it is feeling, though this is really good. This is really important is really practical. Some of it is the adults are fearing for their own lives and thinking. Hey, maybe kids can get that they can transmit it, others it is a control thing God knows that God knows those details, but again, these are some of the situations that were facing and my wisdom to you is don't react emotionally because it's very easy to get emotional on all sides of this. I so someone posted a was watching the show and posted on social media and himself as vaccinated, but he was sick with COBIT and said he thought he been dying of it. Now if he wasn't vaccinated, but he spoke of the meeting and all the people at the meeting or or a mass of because of their negligence. He was sick of course she can't say for sure where he got sick or how he got sick. There was very logical. He was Reynolds a mess people and now he gets a covert advocacy didn't know for sure that he would be dying if if if he wasn't vaccinated, but that's it felt very raw to him at that moment is an older manual, whom he felt very raw to him. It felt like an assault of dating that were mass that you subject to be that in look. I could be dead because that's how I felt.

Matt Walsh you to my kids to method the deleterious effects of them were mass old Inc. is okay. It's very easy and of course massively set on meanings emotionally simply said got that out. My friend believes what he wrote the stem on social media.

My point is, for all of us. Gonzales calm, down, tap and say Lord we really need your wisdom Jacob James want God gives wisdom to those westward in the specific context is in the midst of trials the midst of tests and for many, this is a test of our faith. This is a test of faith and in terms of how we respond and how we live. Okay, one last news item.

Gov. Newsom in California, Washington Examiner reports this this is also from the end of last week.

September 23. Newsom signs Bill allowing children to hide sex operations and abortions from parents to bills one AB 1356 will create new offenses arising from recording or photographing patients or providers within 100 feet of the entrance to a quote to reproductive health services facility right so you can take pictures of people who are within 100 feet.

That would be illegal right.

The other AB 1184 will keep patient information information confidential for patients were not the promised primary policyholder for the health insurance healthcare services that patients can keep confidential" reproductive healthcare and gender affirming care according to governors statement did you get that.

Did you get that a kid can go into some facility that offers the services 18 years old. They want to have some type of gender affirming care could be hormones could be surgery to be something else related to that they get that done their family health insurance writes that the primary policyholder and the parents. Under this bill will not be able to know what it was for you and let us ever hear. But let's see if we can find even the original language in the statement and read the whole statement. There it may be worded in a more positive way. AB 1184 protects the privacy rights of people directs the of direct statement or receiving sensitive healthcare services such as reproductive healthcare and gender affirming care while while so think of it, your your parent and now your health insurance is paying out some bill of thousands of dollars was for you kid for what that abortion don't know what talk your daughter what's going on. On the telling small business by law, by law, the parents can find even even if their health insurance is used for the family. They can't know what services were performed, they can't know that their son is now taking it as prescribed hormones to hormone treatments to to change him into a female and is is preparing for various sex change surgical operations become a government overreach you talk about attack on families.

Talk about consequences of who you elect to office friends.

This is the reality. This is what were dealing with. This is the right ecology of the moment which drives us back to we need revival.

We need an outpouring we need revival strutting in the church and then spreading from there to the society best strongly encourage you to the website now asked Dr. SK DR may I strongly encourage you go there and preorder revival or we done it since exclusive offer from our website. It is the hardcover which is a special printing were doing signed numbers comp number copies and a download video download right get into the reason for the book, the history of the book take you through each chapter 2 for the stir, you encourage you get a bunch of copies going for yourself. Get one for your pastor, spiritual leader, get one for family member, friend, I believe guns can use to spark many hearts and to ignite something fresh revival redye available and ask Dr. preorder today.

I was praying Gov. Newsom anyone mentioned by name in awakening in our lives. Before getting to the document best another program powered by the Truth Network

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