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Revisiting the Question of Why So Many American Jews Vote Democrat

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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September 23, 2021 4:45 pm

Revisiting the Question of Why So Many American Jews Vote Democrat

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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September 23, 2021 4:45 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 09/23/21.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. So why is it that American Jews tend to vote overwhelmingly Democratic stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown is through Jewish Thursday. We are right in the midst of the holiday of Sukkoth. On the one hand it is at the beginning of the new year in the Jewish calendar of tradition. It is in the seventh month, in the biblical calendar, but it completes a series of one holiday or holy day after another. Beginning with the sounding of the shofar, the feast of trumpets, which is become Russia from the Jewish tradition first day of the seventh month of the biblical calendar 10 days later Yom Kippur the holiest day in the calendar. The day of atonement than five days after that the seven day celebration of Sukkoth tabernacles traditional Jews around the world will make a circle make a booth in the back of their house could be on the roof of flat roof of the house and will have meals there and fulfill traditional commandments.

In doing so, and then there's an additional day culture, media, etc. that which is been appended to it. A final day of celebration and also customary, rejoicing in the Taurus and caught Torok as the cycle of reading through the five books of Moses on an annual basis comes to an end.

This is now the time of celebration of the time of study of Torah through the night so that's a season that ran will talk about a bunch of different things today on through the Jewish Thursday and is always phone lines open, this is Michael Brown here's number to call 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884 that is the number to call any Jewish related question of any kind. If you differ with me in my belief that Yeshua is the Messiah of Israel want to talk to about that MCL 70 with Israel.

Jewish people Middle East today. Jewish tradition, semi prophecy Hebrew language Jewish background to the New Testament. Your best to answer your questions as well.

Again, 8663 for 87884 okay before get your calls before we talk anymore about Sukkoth tabernacles of let's examine an interesting question. There are different groups in America that tend to vote in blocks. In other words, the great majority of white evangelicals vote Republican overwhelmingly so. The great majority of black Americans vote Democrat again overwhelmingly so.

The great majority of Jewish Americans vote Democratic.

And many Christians wonder why because they would say hey look, the Republicans are much more pro-Israel than the Democrats. President Trump was perceived as a strong friend of Israel prison Obama was not perceived as strong for the visible especially within Israel.

You have the radical left members of Congress women like her. She did sleep and Johan Omar, and Alexandra Casa Cortez, some of whom have been accused of anti-Semitism and certainly outright anti-Zionism, and now the got in the way of a major defense bill being passed for Israel. Turns out it was passed as a separate bill, but many many concerns about the stance of the Democratic Party and the many would say would look even in terms of of key biblical issues like life and marriage. The Republicans are clearly standing with Scripture and the Democrats against it wanted to redefine marriage supporting abortion, etc. so why do so many American Jews vote Democrat minidress that I got an article coming out later today. Check credit ester to or other places which carried religion unplugged just going to carry some articles they got some great stuff there. You should check out the website so why I want to take you through the article again. If you listen live on think it's up yet on different sites, but it will be within hours, and if you're listening afterwards probably available on lots of just pull up the text of this article in front of me and what what prompted me to do it to write on this was when the house Democrats dropped from a major budget budget bill $1 billion in defense for Israel. This is for the iron Dome young Dome is not an offensive weapon, the iron Dome is an actual dome, it's that Israel's missile defense system which exists only to shoot down incoming rockets. Without this defense system.

There will been perhaps hundreds if not thousands of casualties in Israel. In recent years as bombs poured in particular from Hamas in Gaza, so this is defense system. Some of the members of the squad pushed against it and because of that it was pulled out of the budget. This was somewhat unprecedented. Now it ended up that a separate bill was put forward, just to pass that and that went through, but there is reason for concern. Some of my Christian friend said this is unprecedented. Why this is happening is an overwhelming Jewish support for the Democratic Party is hard to understand as a say in in in the article yet Jewish support for the Democrats remain strong for some exit polls giving president by roughly 70 to 75% of the Jewish vote. A number that's held fairly steady with limited fluctuation since the late 1920s. The question is why so one reason it's often been given is that there is a prophetic ethic in Judaism that leans left so subsiding with the rights of those who perceived to be oppressed, that include racial minorities that include women gaze transgender subs. So in other words, you can stand for the rights of women that is pro-abortion.

The babies doesn't have those rights as human being Stanford rights of gays. That means redefining marriage is a transgender soul you you redefine.

We understand your your view of gender. It's up because you're setting with minorities. Now there's nothing some truth to this. I've interacted with liberal Jews and and I grew up in a family of of liberal Jews and my extended family. Liberal Jews all voting heavily Democrat my dad was heavily involved in the Democratic Party in New York City when I was growing up. There is deftly some of this that exists in Jewish thought of, but here's the thing most American Jews are fairly secular with limited familiarity with Judaism.

So, can this really explain such voting patterns at and why is that, generally speaking, Jews in different parts will tend to lean centrist or right. Quite the opposite of things here in the USA, even Israel itself that the voting leans more to the right and in point of fact is, rather, will be discounted, blended with the rest of society or quench whatever it will go centrist or right normally not over to the left, the way it is in America, so why so political scientist Prof. Kenneth Walt points out another anomaly something else that's unusual with Americans usually. He explained that we expect most affluent people to favor the party of the right is a group even allowing for individual differences. American Jews rank at or near the top on most measures of social class, education, income, occupational prestige in such that makes their commitment to the Democratic Party and liberal values puzzling. What then explains later why do so many Jews.

We left so Prof. Walt other states it simple American Jewish voting patterns have to do with the uniqueness of the American context. According Prof. Walt U.S. Constitution falls a classical liberal model in separating citizenship and religion rather than rooting citizenship in blood or religion. The American system eliminates ethnic particularity as a condition for full membership in the political acumen community. This arrangement resonates powerfully with Americans used for practical reasons, it gives them a chance to participate as equals in a way they had not experienced elsewhere and it differs radically from their stroke experience as it best to tolerate minority status often change the whims of rules you live in a Muslim country live in a Catholic country religious minority. You don't have the full rights of everyone else. You have to blend in with everybody else or else be, trampled under, or exclude or marginalize American citizenship rights were not based on religious status so there was a time in American Jews voted Republican in higher numbers and remember Republicans were the anti-slave slavery party was Democrats oppose slavery so the time American Jews vote Republican high numbers.

Once the Republican Party became more closely aligned with evangelical Christians, Jews, move quickly to the Democrats rightly step back from the article for one moment and say this, there were various factors in Jewish voting as as more and more Jewish immigrants came into America in the early 20th century severely 1900s and then as they were standing with other immigrants, things like this. This does affect voting patterns at this point the Republicans are not deeply united with evangelical Christians in particular and in that way in terms of the more recent outreach to white evangelicals in particular but but the reality is that the parties were shifting things that began in the late 20s, 30s, and then really codified under FDR. The so-called new Deal that the shift is pretty much permanent. After that right. So, back to back to the article, Walt explains when, however, the Republican Party reached out to white Protestant evangelicals who eventually came to constitute the party's base, Jews reacted negatively because they perceived a threat to the liberal regime evangelicals with their God talk insistence on a Christian America in general willingness to deny fundamental liberties to some minorities on religious grounds struck many American Jews as a fundamental danger to core values of the polity. Accordingly, Jewish support for Democratic presidential nominees rose from roughly 2/3 to 3/4 in the 1990s and thereafter of this also explains why the more that is really leadership moves to the right, both politically and religiously blessed solidarity.

American Jews feel with Israel, despite its importance to them. When evangelical Christians are actually surprised to learn that they appear to feel more loyalty to Israel into their American Jewish friends. As for the growing number of Orthodox Jews that identifies Republican from 57% in 2013 to 75% today. One headline declared in voting Orthodox Jews are looking more like evangelicals. As the story reported among Orthodox Jewish come photos Israel, Iran and terrorism are among the top concerns cited in the survey by niche my research Connecticut-based polling firm among Orthodox Jewish by the voters, the coronavirus pandemic bring the country together in healthcare with the top three issues you want to have those issues or working out for the bind voters now. This indicates that an American Jews are more divided by ideology and the United by religious faith. Since there's a massive golf between traditional Judaism and liberal Judaism. Just as there is between conservative Christianity and liberal Christianity and in the article by pointing out that the Orthodox population is continuing role time will that actually shift voting so that more and more Americans use global public and nothing stays there. Interesting to say.

I will be right back here on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution of your exam is Dr. Michael Brown and and I jointly pray for the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

Many Jews who are involved in other religions, Colts, many Jews who were atheistic or distorts the secular.

There are many Jews who are devout wake up in the morning and their first conscious thoughts of wanting to honor God and through the day there seeking to live scrupulously so as to honor and please God and obviously having friends that are religious Jews that have been interacting with for many years my heart specially goes out to them with great love that the godly desire to know and please and honor would reveal himself to them like never before revealed to them the truth of Messiah join me in prayer. Your prayers make a difference.

God open the hearts open the minds of the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

As you open our hearts and our minds as we were all lost outside of your son, be merciful God and she was nine men any question Jewish related question four months are open 866-34-TRUTH we start in McAllen Texas. Symptoms across the line of fire. Dr. Brown. Thank you again for your ministry. I appreciate everything that you do. I have a genuine concern, the oral Torah video right on think on your foot Christianity came out, which I have. I just haven't met yet, but the booklet the video would buy one for Israel ministry and it was entitled this particular visit video with mixed well the oral Torah that that women of the daughter of the king and they spent about 18 minutes going through various of I get pulled from the formatting from currently living by gratified about women and neither the most horrific things that I have ever heard of no comparing thought of women to bring this sort of donkey thing.

They're not teachable or trustworthy. And whatnot, and I'm wondering I don't how to "blow the examples, but I wondering thought of how we think about that sort of biblically ill. What would be a way to respond to that yet.

So this is actually a very difficult and delicate subject that might explain why I love what one for Israel does a ton bar and I are in fairly regular contact us appreciate the outreach they're doing and in the context of living in Israel.

When there is so much opposition that comes their way from very religious Jews, some of whom are corrupt and have even had jail sentences of the served in the government and then ended up in jail and is much as they do some of these ultra-Orthodox Jews to undermine what we believe in Jewish messianic Jews. You get to see the worse side of things. You get to see their ugliest side. I'm just trying to back into this by giving a broader context it in America. It's a very different situation and the types of abuse that they deal with in Israel would be unheard of. Here in America and in America and and in other parts the world. I'm very jealous to expose misinterpretations of Jewish texts. I'm careful to reveal anti-Semitic readings of the Talmud and things like that as I do in the book you mention Christian anti-Semitism. So that's my heart and my burden to do that and to show the best side that I can of Jewish faith to compare the best side of Jewish faith, to the best side of Christian faith. It's a fair way to do it. So the context in Israel is very different here the context of Israel is there battling often opposition that is pharisaic and hypocritical here in America do my best to protect rabbis those in the Jewish community from from false charges. Okay that's that's what this is kind of a minefield to walk through so on the video, specifically I've interacted with atoll and I've interacted with Orthodox rabbis were very upset with it and feel it gives a misleading impression.

What about quotes from some rabbis today that are wacky that are terribly demeaning to women are ugly, that are inexcusable. That's what they are wacky ugly inexcusable and every rabbi that I know would denounce them and say that's not who we are. That's not Judaism, that's not what we think that's not what we believe these guys are wacky.

So let's agree that the one for Israel.

People accurately have pulled quotes from leaders in Israel, some well-known some little-known that are really bad that are ugly, that are demeaning to women that could be called misogynistic etc. let's let's start there and say those exist also. There are quotes that are on the video that rabbis would challenge. In other words, that was someone's opinion, but in the larger text it's rejected. So let's say that there are some things that are disputed. The other thing is that within Judaism, women do have a lesser role in terms of they do not leave the community the same way that men do so. The leaders of the community, elected officials, the synagogue, rabbis etc. they will all be male and when you have a public gathering see you're having a wedding. The men and women are separated for the times of celebration when you when you are having a a service Sabbath service or any other religious gathering. The men, or in the main hall and the women are off to the side. They can they can look through Windows student to participate in things like that so in that sense it can be seen as demeaning and in that sense, women can be perceived as second-class citizens, and some of the rabbinic texts with point in that direction. The flipside argument would be this and then again give my conclusion okay.

The flipside argument would be that in traditional Judaism. Women are highly honored highly esteemed that it was a Jewish society like Israel that had an environment for a female prime minister early on in history ago than a year. It would be noticed that for exemplary Sabbath that that the husband will recite Psalm of Proverbs 31 to his wife is a virtuous woman that women are highly honored and are recognized for their unique gifting, etc. and that that also explains why the divorce rates are lower and the religious Jewish communities and on and on and that they they love having large families and being mothers and so on so that this is a complete misrepresentation of Judaism and you'll find so many rabbis many other teachings about loving the wife and honoring the wife and esteeming the wife etc. so how do we sort this out some of the ancient writings reflect the culture, just like Paul's teachings about women in the New Testament or warning about women being misled by other teachers. Those can be taken in such a way that women were being demeaned in general. But then we point to all the texts extolling women honoring women through the New Testament, etc. so some of the ancient Jewish texts do reflect a denigrating view of women with statements far more extreme than anything you find in the New Testament. Some of it was cultural and some of it was part of ancient Judaism and one for Israel does a good job exposing it. Some of the texts have a pushback.

As I said that they are an opinion that is rejected elsewhere within is contradicted by other writings and therefore each citation should be examined carefully.

You should watch the video and watch some of the responses by some rabbis to the video Rabbi Moshe Schulman, for example, has some lengthy responses and then the third thing is there are some real bad apples out there and they and there are some forms of Judaism that are traditional Judaism that really are oppressive, so it's multifaceted the religious Jews that I know the man would with honor their wives as much is anyone you want to meet esteeming their wives love their wives care for their wives, nurture their wives and basically would speak of them and honor them the way best Christian couple was well and yet for sure we know of many religious Jewish women that are kind of raised in the system multiple babies starting at the early stage kind of trapped in an and feel oppressed by the system as a whole. So it's to mix you could get an exaggerated picture just by watching a video, but there are some real sore spots that that the video hit on it's gone completely viral and it's it's led to a lot of discussion within Israel because some prominent leaders have said some really bad things.

Another paying the price for it.

So sorry for the long answer, but as a set of somewhat complex and I hope that you some some helpful insight.absolutely, I appreciate I would appreciate your evenhandedness in your call to examine things in context. Much appreciated. Yeah, thanks, Sims and and again look I'm I am not trying to play both sides against the middle here.

It's just this is complex there plenty of things you ask me at my first answer is yes no or here's what this is categorically wrong or his wife told him braces. This is this is more complex.

So where there is corruption, where the rabbinic traditions let them be revealed. Let them be dealt with where there is misunderstanding the to be clarified with B clarification were ever something results in hatred of the Jewish people resisted, this is not from above is not from God and is not based on truth when you end up with that attitude in here.

You got Israeli Jews they hate were discomfort or juice where Israelis love our people will ever country, but we do believe there are some traditions that need to be addressed. Take thank you very much for the call 866-34-TRUTH if you haven't read Christian anti-Semitism really. It'll will be a mile specific prefaces look. I wish that have right right back down toward the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear Jim is Dr. Michael Brown and was welcome to light a fire. It's early to coat.

This festival prophetically foreshadows the ingathering of the nations part of the final harvest feast in the series and it foreshadows the ingathering of the nations you see the clue that out in Zechariah chapter 14, where the survivors of the nations that attacked Jerusalem come to the city to celebrate Sukkoth's after Messiah's return, the establishing of his kingdom on the earth. Usually, the question 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 878848 other question for you. First, have you visited vitamin no, why not free to visit absolutely free to visit. We have worked together with Dr. Mark Spengler is a personal friend.

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If if you're if if you're asleep to bad foods and soreness as I was for years. You want to work on that as well. But these will help so positive. These will help in the many different ones for specific things to check it out all right. We go back to the phones been in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Welcome to the line of fire Dr. Brown God bless your brother I want to call in for so long. Finally get opportunity but here we are here we are.I have a question at the back when you're ready go ahead and Recently William Ln., Craig put out a book on the historical Adam and from basically what I can tell he affirms the latter, but he put it, way, way, way back in the past was to include other because of other humans like I got Neanderthals, will Heidelberg and whatever the other will be some type of human human like being but without the breath of God in a soulless way be breathed into that person to make than uniquely created in the image of God and that will explain what appears to be scientific records and fossils in evidence and things like that with the account of one atom, one leave is the founders of the human race that he and others have approached things I've haven't read his book. It's obvious a lot of discussion and controversy around it. Okay.

My question is how to note Dr. Brown. I really struggled with this prolonged, correct heartbreak tried that answer because it appears that either way anyone try to answer this for the younger answer. Holder thanked her and even like a natural stand firm in I think I think we can all agree that there's no way that life could form on about the complexity measurement. I think I think everyone has the faith that the answer starts reading a response.

I owe and strict data in hi I like I like him and Dr. Craig but he was pretty much: Dr. Kai Gallatin thing that I do not know. I want to work that Dr. foot and mouth, but he basically fed like if you don't hold to like a literal six day 24-hour. Then it's not Orthodox Christianity and then I'm in because I've heard that and then but how to how they reconcile that with I got modern evidence and end this brings me to say that I don't want I don't want to read things and that Genesis I want to take benefit from what it is and look at it and not read my cultural understanding. So, I guess.

Dr. Brown what is what is want your view of Genesis and 111 into what is like the traditional Jewish view of right okay so a few things.

Number one because I haven't read Dr. Craig's book or responses to them like in a comment on quotes from from either side. I will say is absolutely not a matter of orthodoxy that you must hold to a 24 hour six-day creation. Okay there is no way scripturally that you can make that into a fundamental doctrine that people must hold to those who are younger or Orthodox believers. Those were not youngers are not Orthodox believers, absolutely not. The Bible does not put that forth in in any way as a sign of orthodoxy, and there are different ways to read the text and be faithful to the Hebrew text.

So I honor and respect you, Ross old earth creationist astronomer is a fellow believer in Jesus and Jonathan Safar to my head on to talk about close vaccines. A week ago, a young earth creationist, I honor him as a believer, and behold to the fundamentals of the Bible being God's authoritative word. We hold to the fundamentals of one God, one got only salvation only through the blood of Jesus, Jesus, eternal, divine nature, dying persons rising from the dead, etc. we hold to all those things foundational the enemy movably.

That's the test of orthodoxy. Now if you deny that there was a historical Adam that Adam and Eve were just poetic figures that's a different story that is now undermining something that the Bible clearly speaks of repeatedly of of Adam as an and Eve's first human beings are Adam's sinning and the consequences for the human race so you can say will does the Bible do the same thing with six days that the God created the heavens and the earth and rested on the seventh. You could argue that you could also argue that the Bible says that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years that within Genesis 1 and two, you have the Hebrew word your home day use three different ways you haven't used for daylight you have daytime and you have evening right so that's that's Jerome daytime then you have your home one day, meaning the whole morning and evening and then in Genesis 2 you have it in a grammatical form beyond which simply means when so choose three different ways within the opening chapters of Genesis and because you have day and night before you even have a functioning sawn when we take away from that. So, my own view in terms of the age of the earth based on Scripture is I don't know because I don't believe the Bible gives us specific guidance.

It could well be that the earth is young, so if you go to a website like or answers in Genesis, they will give you all the scientific answers you're looking for at explain this explain this and explain this explain this they would even say look, Adam and Eve were created with everything we understand as fully mature human beings.

So why couldn't God create a fully mature universe that had the impression of being older just like a fully mature human being on the scientist but I'm saying if you go to those websites you will find scholars PhD's in various scientific fields, biology, chemistry, etc. all are great for young earth.

If you go to website like to find out that that Dr. Ross became a believer based on reading the Bible and seeing how the creation what the Bible says my creation through the whole Bible how the ties in the sciences may understand it and why clearly and we can believe in an old earth and sign so personally just setting the Hebrew text. I understand that Genesis I is there not to teach us science or history, but to teach us about God to teach us about how God works. Things are laid out and systematized seven-day form you have the first three days, setting the stage the next three days filling the stage you have a lot of parallels between that and the building of the tabernacle and the building of the temple. Later in the Bible so it's clear to me that the lesson there is not the age of the earth that can be debated otherwise. The genealogies of the things like that. The lesson there is that God is the creator he brings light out of darkness. He brings order out of chaos. He causes everything to reproduce after its own kind establishes human beings is unique on the earth and created in the image of God is for Jewish interpretation. Traditional Jewish interpretation really doesn't get into this. On the one hand, dry chronologies in the state of the earth. You know when the year 5782 it's in all those kinds of things.

However, traditional Jewish interpretation just doesn't get into this. It doesn't debate these things. It reads the text in a different way and these types of debates but younger soldiers are rarely found in in Jewish traditional writings.

It's just not the focus of the text okay yeah so very there you go ban it doesn't it doesn't give you guidance in terms of sorting out the debate.

Dr. Craig John Walton has a book on historical Adam raising many questions believe you. Ross has one is well-made with most Ronna I forget is the co-author that and then of course the nurse cretin creationist with pushback strongly to me again, the key issue is the recognition of the first couple uniquely created by God. Adam and Eve. If either they are just mythical fictional characters that to me is clearly undermining into many others. The authority of Scripture and the whole narrative of the fall of human beings and an Jesus coming into the world, etc. if you say that there were beings that existed before them that were not truly human, that opens up a different debate. It's an important debate but it's not quite at that same level.

Okay, we will be back for more. Your calls and then celebrate Ben, thanks for finally calling it 86634 to is the number and it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the light of ironbound by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown looking looking to thoroughly Jewish Thursday Michael Brown year I headline this when you read this to you daily male iron domes when billion-dollar funding is overwhelmingly approved in house 420 to 9 refutes leave is accused of anti-Semitism by fellow Democrat after she called Israel a violent apartheid system. So what happened this one billion-dollar defense over Israel for the iron dome which simply rockets to shoot down incoming rockets. It is an entirely defensive weapon. Okay, that's all. It's for thine dome to save lives. Both Israeli and Arab lives living there so it was part of the bill to partially avoid a government shutdown $1 billion.

Some of the that radical leftists objected to it really got told from okay regular debate that which was a scary thing to see.

But then, put forth separately in the past 420 to 9. That's a good sign. It's a good sign to see still that the support for Israel's defense is that strong. It's a very positive sign and appreciate all the Democrats along with all the Republicans who voted in this way, Alexandria considered Cortez. How does she vote present, yet she vote present among the nose refused to leave and fellow squad members Johan Omar and Ayanna Presley. So this is again these these individuals for whom we pray some very, very radically anti-Israel views so to leave had referred to Israel as a violent apartheid state and foreign affairs chair. A representative Ted Deutch of Florida said I cannot cannot allow one of my colleagues to stand on the floor of the House of Representatives and label the Jewish democratic state of Israel and apartheid state.

I rejected is that if you believe in human rights.

If you believe in saving lives is really pedestal. He loves us and my colleague just besmirched a rally than you will support this legislation when there is no place on the map for one Jewish state that since that's anti-Semitism and I reject that will denser appreciate Democrats raising their voice in that way, and calling out the anti-Semitism, the ugly anti-Zionism that's there right we go over to Joseph and Albuquerque, New Mexico. Looking to the line of fire below.

Dr. Brown, thank you very much. I have a question that all information for you were raised in a very Catholic helpful family. I myself have left for Christianity but my cousin and I and my colorable comment that she is now elected to go for a Masonic masonry on it Jewish lifestyle.

Biggest thing that we talk about is the go anywhere as a major on a Jew where he wants to live more like the first century Jew and adhere observe a lot of the traditions and all rights and rituals. I guess Jewish culture and he I tell him that we no longer have do that and are discussion chronicled into welcome GU claims that it enriches that you receive in heaven.

By following the Mosaic laws and really quick.

Also, he has family members here who actually have noticed about the color khaki lava looked at me and victim to it. I was an eligible Spanish enough. This seemed okay great so you have people that are in that mindset that he goes with and I just am not. I ethically stay as long as you don't we all disagree on the resurrection of Christ, Saturday's bodily ascension into heaven. I think a lot of that isn't necessarily dividing but how much of that really should I as a Bible believing born-again Christian kind of observed Jewish traditions do I even have to. You do not have to you actually do the half do you do not have to obey Jewish tradition. You have a Jew in the first place, 2nd Pl., God never laid Jewish tradition on everyone. Thirdly, we are not under the Sinai covenant were under new and better covenant and it finds its expression in the New Testament writings Jesus brings the law and the prophets to their fulfillment, and now brings us into the fullness of what God intended. So when it comes to other issues if someone feels convicted to to observe the Sabbath on on Saturday and someone else's. Every day is equally holy to the Lord. Paul says in Romans 14. Each of you have your convictions don't judge each other. If he finds it spiritual riches.

Joining with a messianic Jewish congregation celebrating the feasts and says hey look, God gave dietary laws must be reason for him to live by five he's free to do that is absolutely free to do that and you're absolutely free not to what I would be on the lookout for is the dangerous tendency where he begins to preach, it's an obligation or begins to tell you that you're wrong if you don't do it and I'm almost 100% sure that whatever messianic variation is going to its majority.

Majority of the people attending our Gentile and not Jewish and that it's a it's a mix-and-match it's like we do this tradition. We don't do that because if you compare them to ultra-Orthodox Jews. They keep like 11 10th of the of the traditions that could be kept you know and the more you do this is not that etc. so like if you take on Jewish traditions why you driving to the meeting were traditional Jews. One drive on the Sabbath, and so on and so forth. So it's it's fine to do it plenty my friends are leaders in the messianic Jewish movement and they love the Lord and they've done a great job of helping the church to remember the Jewish roots of the faith and to tell the Jewish community, you can be Jewish and believe in Jesus but once Gentile feels an obligation. Once he begins to identify as a Jew, even when he's not, or acts as if Jews were on a higher spiritual plane which is not the case or a begins to step away from evangelism is not free to just worship Yeshua with you worship Jesus, Jesus, I love your worship you. Was God of these are free to do that, then he's getting pulled in a dangerous direction. And just like churches there messianic allegations that are healthy and thriving in the Seneca allegations that are unhealthy and going in dangerous directions just like churches can can be good or bad, so I would just watch carefully again. One is he feeling obligated.

I must God's commanding me that I have a little caution bigger caution. You're wrong because you're not doing it. He tells you that you're wrong. Now it's it's a much bigger caution. You have my book 60 questions Christians ask about Jewish beliefs and practices. I do not write Joseph stay right there are call screeners can come on with you get your address. I want to mail it to you 60 questions Christians ask about usually some practices the last quarter of the book deals with these very issues and you find it helpful.

So you get your info and send your free copy of the book 60 questions Christians ask about Jewish beliefs and practices a trust to be a blessing. A look let's pray for your brother to walk in the fullness of God's goodness and truth. They thank you for the call up let's go over to Brett in Concorde North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown, you can almost shout to me from Concorde and pretty close. I have a quick question about Jeremiah 31 where you talk about the new covenant and archer trickling went through and just looked at God covenant, starting with Abraham and all the way through, and the New Testament. And what we're going through the prophecies in Jeremiah and also 36 it brought up the question for me. I I see the new covenant is being fulfilled in Jesus death and resurrection, and the subsequent outpouring of the Spirit. But what do traditional Jews think about the passage.

Jeremiah 31 how the new covenant is fulfilled right so they see the still future.

Jeremiah 31 versus 31 to 34.

In our English Bibles one verse different than the Hebrew Bible's.

They see the still future they would point out that is the covenant for the house of Israel and the house of Judah. Not for the whole world for the church to the house of Israel house of Judah. It would plant more importantly the causes he will put his total raw in in their hearts in the future and that the difference is not going to be in the content of the total raw the divine teaching instruction law, but rather in the fact that the Jewish people as a whole will fully obey like Ezekiel 36 that God would put a new spirit within them and that they would keep his commandments. So, in the Jewish mind. When the Messiah comes, then the new covenant will be realized and there will be universal obedience from the Jewish people that their hearts will be turned their hearts will be circumcised and that'll be the same total raw of the Septuagint, the ancient Greek translation reads Torah wrote laws, plural, and that's how it's quoted in the New Testament just as we would say now that we see this partially fulfilled his goddess put his laws within our hearts and we have a new nature and yet were still in this world still in these bodies still with these mines that need to be renewed and therefore on a daily basis renew our hearts and minds in obedience until we see the complete fulfillment of this in the world to come. Jews would say were still waiting for that to happen and when it happens is I can be different laws.

Second, be different holidays. It's going to be the same oath here and there will be moderations for example, the idea that in the world to come will be Thanksgiving offerings but not atonement offerings because there will be sin, but otherwise traditional Jews look forward to the new covenant when all Jews will observe the Sabbath, all Jews will observe the dietary laws. All Jews will will live by the other customs and traditions laid out in Scripture than of course, some that have been added through traditional Judaism.

So that's that's the debate there and it's it's a healthy debate. It's a fair debate have hate friends with that we are out of time for our fellow Jewish friends and for everyone, causes Samantha happy.

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