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The Case for the Covid Vaccines

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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September 16, 2021 4:37 pm

The Case for the Covid Vaccines

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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September 16, 2021 4:37 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 09/15/21.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network, my guest today is going to make the case for covert vaccines for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown was the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valve by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us today friends on the line of fire. This is Michael Brown January 1 of this year, we started the new year with an interview that I did with Dr. Frank Shellenberger highly respected in his profession and he had grave concerns about the covert vaccines that were available and raise some strong warnings about going ahead and getting the vaccine.

That's the one and only interview we did on this and it was from someone presenting a negative perspective today to speak with Dr. Jonathan Saar fought the PhD in chemistry young earth creationist scholar and a strong strong believer in the authority of Scripture along with us and he is going to make the case for the covert vaccines. My role here is to raise some questions that have been submitted to me by others and to take her calls to allow you to asked Dr. Sir party questions 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 784. My role here is not to advocate either position because I am not qualified to do so. Which is why when people asked me for advice about the vaccines. I tell them do the research asked God for wisdom and make an informed decision and that, of course, above all, do everything you can to live a healthy lifestyle. So without further ado I want to bring on Dr. Sir Fadi. He's got great credentials is a brilliant man. Former New Zealand chess champion is a said respected young earth creation scholar of often used his commentary on Genesis from young earth perspective, but again PhD in chemistry gives a relevant background in this field as well, a Jonathan, thanks for our quick we lost him ready this I conspiratorial I don't know what happened but we lost a race of guys, let's let's let's reconnect their right. In the meantime. In the meantime, let me let me say this, I saw two headlines yesterday one. That the fifth conservative radio host who is anti-covert vaccine has now passed away of covert Bob in your I was on his show in the past so that struck close to home. In terms of that's that's someone that I knew, at least on the radio and then in Israeli activist anti-VAX activist is the start of covert and his brother, saying it was unnecessary.

We see these reports all the time.

At the same time, we have the mandate taken place.

We we we have that legal issue. That's what we discussed earlier in the week of talk about the legal issues talk about the pushback against the mandate so it will will get Dr. Sir Fadi's view as well about that in terms of his views on mandates and specifically why he is pro-vaccine. And if you if you have a question if you have an issue if you are concerned about the vaccine or against the vaccine separated for the mandated separated from legality or lack thereof of the mandate issue is the vaccine itself. Dr. Sir Fadi is very happy to take your questions. He does not shy from controversy. All right, let's try again. Dr. spotted her there lost again this is this is remarkable and without playing games here.

This was not the big set up and Dr. Sir Fadi, if you're listening somehow and getting disconnected our numbers 866-34-TRUTH 784 866-34-TRUTH 784. He's been on holdings were getting ready to introduce to show up and look at my board so we will we will sort this out and get to Dr. Sir Fadi, but on the one hand you see these you see these headlines and their very concerning their their gravely concerning and they can strike fear in your heart all know Vonnegut vaccinated him to die. Then you have other saying if you are otherwise healthy and don't have any other health related conditions, especially if you're younger, it's the last thing you need to worry about why the fear and why the government crackdown and walked down and shut down and and so on and so forth.

So there a lot of questions people have. My big issue personally as someone who does not have a medical background. Dr. Brandis, a PhD and near Eastern languages and literatures.

Yes, by my doctoral dissertation was written on the Hebrew word for healing but but I've got a biblical background in the subject appealing, but not a medical background and because I have spoken to people on both sides. Scientists, doctors, highly educated people on both sides of the issue and they have raised concert some pro-vaccine some against. I don't have the ability to sort these things out.

I don't have the time to devote hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of hours to really mastering the science and understanding what's involved in coming to an educated conclusion, and I've seen persuasive arguments both ways and their persuasive to me because I don't have the ability to sort them out. Hence my discouraging you from looking to me for guidance here right give you guidance. I give it right, let us try number three Dr. Sir Fadi are you there yet.

Hopefully go going all right you you are here, Sir. Hey tell you what. Since we've taken a few minutes with me setting things up. We were waiting to get on the phone got five or six minutes before first break one of you just make your basic case. Now just put out your strongest pro-vaccine arguments will unpack these will raise questions money turn thing straight over to you Dr. Brown. Now we got compare the vaccine, not what the government even with the real world that we have a very dangerous bar and ours is killing about 2% of people get the bubonic from the spire is at about 30 frequently involvement of the survivors will have long built for mom rainfall, but the muscle a lost smell part of their experience illness and be underestimated because virus goes back to fill in for him if he can pick the felt to make a balance of the new virus is always marketable the barn.

I have a colorable spot proteins into this process will be repeat the second article found you seldom think the Barnes is produced and the confection will have them thousand million thousand billion bars in your spirit from Aristotle your lungs with right product you how to make above but that wealthy buyer. The vaccine will do DVR event to start Jacob to shoulder multiple microblog principal and all parts of the Bartlett Park modified version that will only study cell membrane and a small able to do any damage throughout the felt the spell produced spot in the immune system Rick Barton Batten fan are invited. Are you going to neutralize an ongoing to destroy that and keep a note to that legal bills will be filled with people to keep memory of the of the spot proteins or if the Larson vein difficult for me to go to the store. The virus before can multiply in cold experience illness of the vaccine is demonstrably defensible in preventing their experience of the and. So now we see that not all auscultated unvaccinated as our about 95, 99.5% of their dates from the forest. I'm back people and factoring people abolished infectious as well that I follow if I could get into, but most people in the bollards like virus, it really does work.

It was both a theoretical ground. But now we've been intentional about 200 million people in America everything that I could barely spitefully respond: experimental if it's a well-known technology has been very well shown to be very safe and very effective.

Unlike the bars, which is very dangerous but that should be a summary of the position that I can explain Mormon people asked me questions about all right, so let me start here and thanks for being so so concise and clear in terms of laying things out what your views on on the mandate be at the extreme situation say in Australia or with Pres. Biden is pushing for in America. What were your views on that think they are pretty good front has a right to to make mandate that nationwide. I think think think the authority and during that… Ready and I don't know. I come from us. We tell body overreacted. The images are much with the locking down the 51 type the whole country is locked down even regardless of whether getting back… Think cowboy will be getting back to make that if you would be locked down, regardless uncle Freddy is been very counterproductive and quite the communion." The inconsistencies when churches are shut down. But casinos of washing clinics and liquor store pop salt all about to be open to the selective enforcement or church services out of spread is within your loudly fast that good about the people of why the church services being singled out walking down the something very consistent about budget on the screen think the law of government mandates the understanding that the vaccine is thousand times than catching the bars on my position and the reason I asked that list because immediately if they hear that your pro-vaccine, they might think you pulled mandates I want to make sure people separated those issues and knew where you were coming from on that as I've noticed you often re-tweeting things on putting out in terms of moral and cultural issues a week with Stan very very much and similar ground. There are just quickly before first break and then will expand things more than the mobile will take calls and I got but you printed questions for you when you mentioned is a very safe at least a couple of times.

What about all the accounts of of young people and get on. I'm simply raising questions and try to defend position but lots of young people, teenagers who are having heart issues afterwards myocarditis or whatever it is, would they say that's very safe will you compare with the total number of people been back to make thousands of getting certain conditions. This is out of 100 million people bring back sides of the case which is about .005 within a painted now specifically to the myocarditis that she once again the forest is far more like me to produce myocarditis and blood and also much more seriously think anything of my college. There is but the vaccine is least likely and links of being on the bond myocarditis in them than the bars the bank myocarditis the best way to get back not catch the Bartlett got it right. State steering here.

I appreciate the condensed answers for radio time here if you'd like to raise a question to Dr. Sir Fadi challenges position just odyssey of questions 866-348-7884. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown to friends my guest today, since her father young earth creationist biblical scholar you can go to to read his writings and those of his team and social PhD in chemistry 866-34-TRUTH.

Our phone lines are already jammed and I want to get to his many calls as I can for our guest of Dr. Sir Fadi Lynn. Let me start here with the question that was sent into me in March 2021. CDC found that 78% of people hospitalized for covert were overweight or obese 2020.

The CDC found that most people die from coal with at least one pre-existing condition want to focus on general health. Exercise and healthy eating, etc. instead of mass distribution of the vaccine which response to that, Sir. Okay we supposed to live or die. The cooperative the people behind the mean pumping conditions are not to be picked not in meanwhile we have a back.

Despite and the boys protect these guys from the delete value for an obese person I get on the agreement that they could be expected to live for decades with that condition. Were it not for a bar as a locomotive, a single diabetic there managing the condition and so hypotensive with the blood pressure medication positive and direct as well. But all this is going on fancy protected right now because the bars right now that could kill them all make them very, very ill.

I would you agree though that that the medical profession or scientific whoever government should be encouraging larger health issues in general that Dickel had, but I think they are in any way.

I think your farm.

I spoke with Lexi like people to guiltily help you quite will play you by.

Think about pressure over time that will hopefully warn you if you got to high blood sugar, blood sugar so you diabetic to bear she do that anyway but what you do in the meantime, obesity can't be good. I would not. Diabetes is not curable to manageable often. Essential hypertension is unmanageable us of what we do to protect begotten writing time point well taken a course type II diabetes can also be reversed with with radical vice lifestyle change. But right at type type I of course, can't be, but it so then the argument default argument would be okay will then why not push for vaccination for the for the people who are higher risk, the elderly and those with other conditions obese the diabetic etc. supposed to pushing to vaccinate every body.

When the vast majority of people dying or air in those other categories we be surprised about the people who are not most categories are dying and also some bond people but know they are in the categories of people who have diabetes and hypertension without even knowing it. My on the mile publishers even stated he is seen very diabetic people by looking at the authorizing thing. The blood visible light mode that there were severely.basically one that how many other people like that you better be very vulnerable. People are talking getting back to the open and vulnerable people thinking Donald Brady and them all from athletic people also getting very good virus that friend of mine at the most used for APA track athlete but still operate from the long includes bridging the illness and so can't shake it off is affecting circle helping people. Now we seem to not being in bed and picked up by our set list go to some calls again friends. My position here is to raise questions, just as I did for Dr. Shellenberger who is against vaccines are raised serious concerns about them. If you're looking to me to friends to to be the one that's going to present the amazing anti-VAX position on I'm simply here to be a neutral moderator and an to give to give everyone the opportunity to hear from Dr. Sir Fadi raise the question so it's start with some calls go to David in Raleigh North Carolina which are question for Dr. Sir Fadi McCallum, Dr. Brown. My question is about the back frames themselves clear on any more effective than the other parent on those who you have any guidance would perform one.

Not sure what one could get got it. I had circuit arts. The vaccine to get whatever is available in your area. I don't want to wait for another vaccine to be about like it. Whatever available now.

I have gulp them up there and that felt myself go better, but four months ago that the body are in a bank being notified the bank is a very effective one, but even the dumpling don't is pretty effective 91 both public any of the major ones available on site. Are you in that regard. Dr. Sir Fadi is, is there any connection with any of the vaccines to aborted fetuses and in the research and the development is that for some all non-what's your take on that we talk about all of you. Not sure the development of legal, not three. Thing is, your baby patient is in any of the back of the people Delmar not approve of her life). Exceptions arrived hundred percent our life that appointed a lot of the leading ancestors in the world is a Catholic old Baptist Bowler reform activate value that you are the pro-life position to use the back seat, even as they have a connection to this remote truth of two years ago could you knock encouraging more portions of vaccine and you not going to bring the baby back if you refuse the vaccine okay so the blood Prince is no longer a murder victim, but I think you're doing it wrong. As long as you would follow in the Buddha. Okay, I think you can take without condoning made Americans of hydroxychloroquine hands connection to the myopathy developed in love chloroquine was developed in doc, how with experiment on prisoners forcibly infected with malaria and it was made by IQ problem that might be to clump a finite tablet use but unified in the Holocaust started. If you want to go down upon you ring up with multicolor drug to Corky. Isaiah K got it all right be made using these. There's an additional test using the leaves that spell line but all right.

Thank you need any salsa. Many factors of the connection stalks of the doubt that would complicate them as part of my morning but anything hourly vaccine and them. Although I must admit that he tested on the same people tell line as the Army bank did with the unique cardholder medicine cabinet. If you want to argue down the line let's let's take another call from Emily in California, Maryland looking to the line of fire think much a really good point. You just make it. My question was related to their notion that these were made from aborted fetus felt kind of a two-part question initially back like the flu vaccine that you I guess dad are dormant flu virus. You know, is there any any relation to that being and using aborted fetus felt his wealth like in the future if I come up with a different method not using the mRNA and in are able to inject people with the doorman are dead Cove and virus in the future is by at all linked to aborted fetus out for those who chicken traditional flu shot will be cultured on chicken embryos to the flu shot. The ethical was murdered connection whatsoever with the baby so line in the moment flu shots are made with a dog embryonic could be so again. No connection with unborn babies and think about the deep None of the bacterial disease bank seem to have any connection with an all right name using so you have a polymerase reaction from a mechanic how our night. I thanked him the future likely ethical goal to be extremely effective.

Emily thanks for the question. Dr. Sir Fadi be read another question that was that was sent in. Why do so many pro-vaccine scientists worried that this is a particular vaccines is dangerous will have to gain and coming out in opposition to these vaccines. Many are concerned about the new technology and the rushed development.

Why would you think we are vaccine technology of the work comp with some popular but very promising new banking which will be universally wouldn't have to keep on having a booster every year going on for some years now, and even clinical trial of the brain animal.

Probably these are likely bank. The little the clinical human trials, but gambling the pandemic of this technology was redirected toward the corona of spike eventually you think I was rushing I think Brisbane trumpeters praise cooperation which cut the rate hike. Not great but usually the lady across much like medicines per year. Main is a history in this country. A lot of people thousand hundreds of thousands of people buying barley like the bureaucrats or prove a lot five minutes of much beta-blockers to convey hot affect aspirin to prevent blood clots that if you held it up for years and people dog will bite the cost to delaying and ending with operation warp speed chocolate replying out to get a vaccine quickly and fall people by going about 650 Americans died of disease already to how many more hundreds of thousands of deer out the ball while we wait for the usual long-winded approval procedure.

I should tell you we come back we got a short break I just want to revisit the question of in that light.

Why do you think that scientists and others doctors who pro-vaccine are still raising concerns and knows what war they have to gain from this. It almost discredits them in these these emboli philosophically. I was thrilled the things went through so quickly terms of passing the red tape that I was president, then get right this medically. I will have the expertise to comment either way.

All right friends. Everybody hold your best to every single call there.

Here they friends.

This is Dr. Michael Brown and we been on here 13 years daily five days a week. We've never worked with a sponsor until now meet Dr. Mark Stenger, my personal friend, lover of Jesus voted doctor of the decade, and his health supplements are second to none. When you go to vitamin you see a special code to put in 10% off your orders and donations made to our ministry with each order vitamin This is Carter, Psalm 56 and verse three says these words whenever I am afraid I will trust in you know there's so much to be afraid of today the list is long, but you and I both know whether this know you're not a deficient person because you struggle with fear.

Even the great apostle Paul wrote of the time in his own life when he said we were troubled on every side, outside conflicts inside were fears, however Paul stayed close to God in prayer and the trust of the promises of God which he believed could not fail and he was right. He made it through and you will make it through your time with fear as well. Listen to me very carefully to you will make it through. You will not be overpowered. Mrs. Carter, remember my brother, my sister, it's time to pray for us and it's the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends fire any of this year. I did an interview with Dr. Frank Shellenberger who raised serious questions against vaccines, the efficacy or the wisdom of them were long-term side effects. Other issues he had serious concerns we let them share those concerns and and in fact devoted the whole broadcast to that. It was a prerecorded broadcast.

We didn't even have calls to respond to. I raise questions as I need to raise today we have on Dr. Jonathan Cervantes is on the second show where were giving different positions of vaccine because I've made clear I will have the expertise to give a comment worth your time, right. Why can weigh in on subjects I do day and night were right where I can't specially life-and-death issues on the going to seductress our five young earth creationist PhD in chemistry and the supported proponent of the vaccines but with serious concerns about the mandates so don't confuse the mandates with the vaccines themselves so Dr. Sir Fadi just some pushback as I'm looking at comments to a previous question I had raised right before the break. One of the the pro-vaccine scientists or doctors say he will offer vaccines, but we just have concerns about this. What wanted to be doing this know it's it's a must. Discrediting them in the process and then the other is you mentioned MRI and the just mispronouncing it.

The current vaccine technology has been used it's it's not as rusty as we think the missing Abbott. It's only been used recently in humans and in their been dangerous with animals so that you will in fact of the side of the ugly already flew back to was extremely funny. All my other animal and very effective at preventing the flu so that she has been proven tight but also the Army back did have a clinical trial to year ago and was no shortage of volunteers and Devon was right about over 70 pounds of volunteer in a properly controlled clinical file atoll a year ago I was so on the back door to be administered by the terrorist on by now but every night to go back now it got them 200 million American have been backfilling mostly by the are vaccine start where always the millions of was one thing to million banking but have not been in the range of a 2000 not proven. You have met .005. The stamp of the number of people back of this experimental question posted here the line a vaccines use appellate gated lipid nano particle coating that is been shown to cause autoimmune diseases because of the safety of the MRN a take itself. What other dangers reposed by the vaccine ingredients themselves, but was a thing is you think that would be shown up.

The clinical trials, and roles of 200 million people vaccinated in all my compared to a lot because of fire everything from the vaccine should fear a thousand times more than the forest of the fire had cooled autoimmune reaction that big problems with the calls of the immune system to overreact. That's what's called a spy, pecan Bowman also met the actual immediate calls all day. It is called the product on body far as the overreaction of the immune suspect that she become a beneficiary. Things are you part far more about the blindness of the bankruptcy vaccine to reproduce the ingredients are so unstable and did not pray spiritual body will be getting rid of them very very quickly and a few weeks now. Pharmacist can linger in the system for a long time because you know you got chickenpox and shingles to kindly because the bars on the think I'd have fanned up in single the bank the bank and a few week is going to be your immune system memory, nothing else to be reminded that the question of the long-term developments that we simply don't know about yet. So why the world would you want to vaccinate us a healthy 15-year-olds or 20-year-olds are you people are so far when return percentages write like I could say well I heard about somebody that burned in their carbon seatbelt when come out in the crash.

You see Abbott for everyone say by seatbelts in numbers since that's the argument you're making the comparison, but why wipe. Why encourage everyone to get vaccinated if there might be some other issues want to just encourage the UK Is percentages.

It seems that those were younger, healthy. This case is our our our infinitesimally smaller than the others knows that's a common argument.

That's real excitement about other people is hard, but I felt about the fact he was going to be not department an effect on the more body part didn't think about me spot to work on that means to protect but only of immunocompromised whatever make up a virus gifting to the English mean the other people should be back so they provide a protective wall. The bars of you get through to the vulnerable people doing that not all will of the people around you.and that's why that's a good brief. Three. Protect what I would not want to be responsible for introducing the forest to my parents married like that about right. And by the way I I'm tempted because I've heard so many questions and issues, my wife and I've talked to Moses talking. I I am guilty right now of starting to raise a lot of things that are in my head but I want to give place to others. So let me P not respond with my follow-up questions and go back to the phone so are Ryan and Dayton Ohio. You're almost Dr. Sir Fadi go ahead please. Thank you for take my call. So my question is I had read about the vaccines that their effectiveness their etiquette berated them a 590 mid to high 90s. But what raise the question for me was what what it was effective at that. It was effective at the prevention right there. It sounds like we just lost Ryan just as a whole connection there.

Dr. Safar you still there. Okay even if the government was protect against infection that will protect against severe infection to the point of elimination at the top of that she found less effective than the leaves Corona banking people would often have a breakthrough infection but very rarely would like it hospitalized by government but leave it. The current bike to the much more effective than having them you so is is there is there scenario and again I'm speaking with medical ignorance here, where there are no immediate signs of danger.

But long term something could theoretically develop or something is changed in the DNA that's a common concern that okay the genetic system was a good time to relate to parking the government of our night to unite and see what the game goes directly to my by machine culpable ribozyme and make the fight your team in your DNA by going nuclear in the Army back to doesn't get you clear. My way is going to think through what what do unite like this.

This one thing again.

Get your announcement on the forest, faxing long-term side effects that is more of an issue. If you have long term you suggested we departed outside of long-term side effects from drugs because excitement every day and little things can build up over time will the body can develop tolerance dependent PR but it's not pretty touching a sheet of one of the bank to bring a different open oranges in a big way and will start doing writing my will. The long-term effects of the pirate that are short-term and medium-term, which are very bad but it was still not finished with this old could be some on the trimmer for years to come from from getting a virus by the contributors you promote from the bank about strict pumps like the Novartis bug I dormant for a while been cleared up again in a few decades I you and again friends.

These are I encourage you to listen to the arguments to do research and to not just dismiss something out of hand. This is is to begin issue to do that on either side of I think we reconnected with Ryan so that the engineer question sir, go ahead.

I'm sorry I follow… So my question real quick what that what I had read was actually more than the high 90s mid to high 90s for epic at the but what raise. My question was that it was it was 95. Her blood percentage effective at preventing the medic of the 19th of my question is art. I'm assuming you're still able to contract over what would make it.

You know asymptomatic.

If you did get it, but my question would be in you still spread it even if you are asymptomatic and you been back because of your bodies killing the virus is trying to kill about. Even if you get the bars column on the main goal is another thing which claim that the vaccinate people have as much Barkman mother that as the banks like that but the few measure that over a few days and the back kind of people. The parties are killing the dim in that mode really quickly for the type of the borrower goes right down pretty quick pull back. So you people that lingered on by him back then, people are far more likely to spread the disease in the back lot that is very good at preventing infection and spreading all right. Let's go to David in Israel so we can at least get your question and will see if Dr. Sir Fadi has time to respond before or after the break.

Go ahead sir.

I unplugged rations regarding the efficacy of all question that another one of the route with the doctor about how to build things that is a guest who said that a political disease as it is no more nonstop. I'm living in Israel. The government here had a privilege to climb approximating people and it all became very highly vaccinated country. Now we are in 1/3 wave and there being highly vaccinated wave is overwhelming.

Many people dying after 50% of vaccinate.

Sorry 545 Bennett ending date is available on the website of Health administered notes from theory.

You cannot defend him about my question is, according to Prime Minister Bennett said. If I can make a double job, people are the highly what you say to that, and the second question wasn't really the treatment of from the culvert. In general, because then let's get a response to your first question survives me come back as I hold Andy Sean Terry to try to get you and I got a follow-up that's been sent in about treat and as well be right back. John Elmore had made a complete mess of his life and in his lowest moment, he cried out to God as I thought life was over and give me your course to smear your about the path to freedom from addiction this week on family life today with Dave and Ann Wilson. It's the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86634 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown, my friends, I'm a totally separate note, I encourage you to go to vitamin

This is not talk about preventing culvert. This is a totally separate note, I encourage you to check out vitamin for healthy life supplements I've been taking for years and were now in partnership with Dr. Stigler and his company so check it out.

I think you'll be blessed with what you get there vitamin oh about Lewis in 30 minutes or less of 415 Eastern time.

I'm going to be back on YouTube just for a weekly exclusive YouTube chat so I'm not the one to send culvert questions to but will be talking about all kinds of other things it asked her to Brown on YouTube. All right, so Dr. Sir Fadi back to that. The data from Israel does say that it's been a highly vaccinated country and now many of the cases of sickness, disease, even death or with people been fully vaccinated. So how do you respond to David's concern in Israel. My fiscal policy that people use with his right daughter. One is called the base rate fallacy to give you an example to closing there at 20 of current physical but drunk drivers.

80% of calls by sober driver therefore full-time study for the drug drunk but to drive so was about. The reason is because you're far fewer drunk drivers that started with drugs if the same page. All affected among drunk driving is much harder than the 15 page of accidents among sober drugs are a much lower baseline drunk driving as well.

Dr. because you don't 545 more people back to make the bike coldly according to the lumber about the fact number of hospital case that back I number all but people in the same total number all possible cases among bike divided by total number all on back and find that the feedback that than to I'm back issues: parallel now there is if you doubt that, and have a notary of one thing if you get a misleading impression. The other variables, like the old means of both more despicable to the bars, but also more likely to be vaccinate what the family to pray for the Israel.

Dr. according to age group for the age groups and now you find it and screwed. The vaccine is extremely effective at preventing hospitalization and dance, but when you aggregate the old junk that looks like you got a lot of vaccinated people getting ill but difficult for those people are old and therefore more intrinsically vulnerable to being through the bars as well be more likely to be vaccinate in every age group back to patient because the one thing I did this paradox, where looks on the bank people is effective as of yet) ultimate goal. David the second part of your question was it was too good with treatment. I remember there was a good on your show that Dr. back in January I think it was better if you could. He was cautious about the figures to open the clinic that there is enough knowledge to treat these. No more now than a year ago at all, but I need a grammar protocol to build a big canal and tromped out think they were the dreaded Dr. Cominco who came up with particle and without the like within a week, and anytime I make temptation to think so my question if they are way for right David, of course, not just a funny actually have a public dialogue dialogue with Dr. Cilento so we can you can look for that online. Just add in the Sir Fadi peer-reviewed study in the American Journal of therapeutics review of the emerging evidence demonstrating the efficacy of fibronectin in the prophylaxis and treatment of culvert 19 is data for many countries, that the implementation of fibronectin in the treatment schedule for patients at the culvert -induced mortality by significant percentages so putting vaccines aside, there was, not not not negating your view on that. What about the skewers of the say hey it's proven. Dr. Cilento said that with his treatment become saved of five every six deaths in America sought half-million of 600,000 which you take on that link with the very few people think I'll be be vexing to experiment with 70,000 in the trial. I felt like all the hundred and three people. That is a bit of a double standard that and all those bodies seem to shine very little automotive evidence or a combination of hydroxy pop of the term. I think I should be harmful to, if you look at all the studies are being that of being a polished these things are not as helpless people might think by it could be singles as part of drunk be drunk by the label on the same line, but before complaining that would please them already back to I go figure study so that it been done and it's not just doctors like those trial sample but other studies have been done around the world that would confirm his views but either by fear that sort of it. But I dialogue.

I hope you are yet you can limit your right about the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine and interest you met your right about how bankers with forested simple mathematics. The show but but but vaccine is still many times than catching with these entries on either hydroxy or make them a good bump but on the may consider Mark produced a locality to one point.

I did a vaccines localities are .00 550. Even the best kind of sorry for the drug started my way near its faith and that she preventing the disease in the first place. I lets this just jump in with the with another call in limited time we have an II cannot volunteer you do this right. I just want to let you know that probably in the days ahead will you have a lot of discussion on YouTube, and a lot of people you be weighing in against your position. I will send you that link privately. What you do this your business to be very gracious to respond to people on twitter but it's a lot heavier on YouTube so I'm gonna let you know that's there. If you have time to wait and great because II know you don't like controversy, but there's no expectation of that right. Let's go to one lumber caller Andy in Trenton, New Jersey which are question for Dr. Sir Fadi.I think the question Dr. Kuester trust you know people thought can come up with anecdotes. For example I can give you an anecdote that my name my neighbor drop dead after vaccine and that that the my best friend and his father were both hospitalized after vaccine in a forced responses is anecdotal but still remains the fact that there are scientists who disagree with you that the Nobel Prize winner agrees with you. There is the inventor of the mRNA being disagrees with you businesswoman line. I bought five former chief scientist at Pfizer disagrees with you. They all have concerns about collecting but the thing is that would give your argument more credibility would be if you at least gave some of these counterargument credence instead of just dismissing them all like a propagandist because of a little in the creation of dot-coms, but Charlie just just just hang on. Let any fish will click in and you go ahead you have time to switch.

I got them with all the questions that I have been concerned for my family and the noise I have about chronic fatigue syndrome being called by vaccine autism, which didn't exist 34 years ago being caused by vaccine is an issue across especially when when when when you have Johnson & Johnson baby powder turning out that that is very dangerous, and the fact remains that you don't need to check just to be fair I want you to get your your concerns out, which he did eloquently in the time you had, and we've only got listen to medicine Dr. Sophia you get the last word in any folks continue the conversation on YouTube go ahead sir? They have again compared to Waukomis from something with people saying the thing about the vaccine bouquet compared to the bars with a huge, huge goal of long included many people losing their lives because of the above noted some people myself were running on the losing their lives because of the thing off the 25 stayed in the hospital like a good thing. Events will be if you look at Dr. Goldmark dusting Lamictal.

And as far as far as trust is concerned, you are not only fifth-round liberal like I love you don't trust what I invite Pres. Trump recently told a large crowd in Alabama get the bank all right. He is working for a large crowd, so why not trust the former president and I thought what I preach isn't ready yet you think there's any concern polemicist SRU in terms of learning controversy. Dan Knight is there any danger of responding as a polemicist rather than as a family doctrine that might alienate some people, where I responded nonpublicly to people rocking genuine Christian combined politically when people are saying things which are demonstrably untrue and misleading other people into not getting this very important them illustrating bank thing, but I think I've turned quite a people quite a lot of vexing people around into having the kids back in the sky. I know what motivates you slow forgot to look for people that I'm convinced of otherwise wouldn't be talking to hate. Amazingly, we were at a time, but this yeah it's an hour it's gone hi like this, so this is we can always do a part two. If you're up for it. I'm sure our callers and viewers will be of listen to this interview by convincing the beginning of the year. Dig into the data and make informed decisions.

These are life-and-death matters.

Dr. Sir Fadi, thank you so much for another program powered by the Truth Network. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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