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Dismantling Lies about Abortion and Homosexuality

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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September 8, 2021 4:30 pm

Dismantling Lies about Abortion and Homosexuality

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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September 8, 2021 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 09/08/21.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. We are about to debunk some leftist laws about abortion and homosexuality started for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologians Dr. Michael Burrell your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown from coffee. We are going to tackle some difficult issues and will do our best to do it with grace and truth together, serving as your voice of moral sanity and spiritual clarity, this is Michael Brown.

Welcome to the broadcast. This is our second day now broadcasting from our new studio in Fort Worth Texas at Mercy culture church.

So when I'm down monthly gobbling teaching at the spiritual leadership school. We can do our live broadcast as always with a few glitches not on the audio but on the video yesterday. We get so many moving pieces in place but team is doing great. Our team here in Fort Worth. Our teams in North Carolina and we are moving forward so you can be equipped can be helped. We do our best to strengthen use.

You can stand on the front lines.

We do our best to give you the tools that you need to tackle difficult controversial issues. This is the world in which we live in an to this moment there are no hotter topics than the topic of abortion in the topic of homosexuality transgender is in the larger LGBT queue complex of issues, people and ideas.

Bottom of the hour. I'm to be joined by Janet points herself former lesbian with a powerful ministry to help those with unwanted same-sex attractions and to help the church help those who are struggling with first focus on abortion 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7884. I would love to hear from you if you differ with me. I would love to hear from you if you think that nobody else has the right to tell a woman what she can or cannot do with her own body, or what is inside of her body, look to hear from you if you think is it is an intrusion of society, especially of men to say what we are pro-life and therefore the mother does not have the right to abort her baby. That would be for any circumstances. Obviously if you're in a situation where the mother is dying as a direct result of a pregnancy. You have to choose one life over another.

That's that's a separate ethical question, but it's not the question were dealing with 99.99% of abortions that take place and it's interesting that the large majority of Americans today do not want abortions in the second trimester and on. I mean, there has been a shift in in in thinking why because there's more consciousness of the humanity of the baby in the womb ultrasounds that that has those have helped men and women see the reality of the baby in the womb and end. Not only so, the fact that children babies are surviving at younger and younger ages with medical help that can be provided in US while that that is a little child in there and the natural could readily be aborted in other circumstances of this been a change of thinking, but I want to address some misconceptions again.

If you think I'm wrong. This is one reason we paid to be on life talk radio so that folks who differ can call him and tell me what books you differ can express their differences, 866-348-7884 okay I want to dismantle some leftist lies about abortion, I wrote an article last night its upstream delegates on our website. Instructor and elsewhere in the title is no the pro-life movement is not about controlling women. No sooner did the Texas heartbeat bill become law last week and I was rejoicing that will reaching out to women who were upset over that and say hey let's talk that's that's understand why we have these views.

No sooner did that happen. I I begin to notice people in their tweeting out on my on my twitter account responding on social media is just about control. This is nothing other than man try to control limit. That's what it's about. Now let me say this on the moment you raise this argument you have disqualified yourself being taken seriously because I know for fact is within the pro-life movement and with friends who been in the pro-life movement for decades and there were many women in the pro-life movement that that is 100% false that that that is simply not true. Not if someone wants to discuss with me or debate why I believe what I believe there is a Jew who believes in Jesus and there to tell me that my beliefs are wrong by misinterpreting the Bible discussion we can have if they tell me the whole reason I got to Jewish ministry was to get ritual. Obviously they just disqualified himself that's utterly and completely bogus. By the way doesn't work like that. In any case, if someone wants to discuss issues of abortion and in a real way were dealing with the real questions that's fine when people come with these misconceptions. With these misnomer's with these misrepresentations, whether they're making them up with.

They believe them to be true. There indicating that they're missing the real issue. So let me me read to you from an article in the new Republic from a couple years ago. This is as different laws being passed in Alabama and other states.

So it was a Lori penny writing in the new Republic, May 2019 and she said the goal of the wave of antiabortion laws in America is to put female sexuality under strict and brutal state control and in the headline stated it like this.

The criminalization of women's bodies is all about conservative male power submit recorder. It is more like she is repeating common pro-abortion talking points, but with a lot of passion eloquence. She said in a sadistic nationwide legislative been against women's basic reproductive rights, draconian new antiabortion measures have also won wide margins of approval in Georgia, Ohio, and Missouri, Alabama. She says this is been coming for a long time. It's all part of the strategic frontal assault on women's rights to choose a deliberate ploy to overturn the landmark 1973 Roe V Wade ruling upholding abortion access is a constitutional right United States is also not about whether fetus is a person, thereby enshrining maximalist control over the sexual autonomy of women is a foundational principle of conservative rule there about owning women there about women as things. The semi-article. The only problem with this argument is that it is entirely fallacious. Okay, so let me explain why citizens entirely fallacious number one there are plenty of of women who are leaders in the pro-life.

Their goal is not to control other women or subjugate other women or put man in charge of of the limits of the that the picture that's painted as if this is a male dominated draconian patriarchal mindset designed simply to control women and keep them down in that manner, doing it well how to deal with the fact that for decades. Many of the key leaders of the pro-life movement have been women to this moment's of the most articulate because they are women because they are mother. Some of them have abortions themselves. Some of the victims of abortion survive is the first problem with this. The second problem. Let's deal with men where we trying to control women. Please tell me where all retelling women. Those of us who are men in the pro-life movement. Are we telling women what jobs they can we telling women what schools they can or can't go to all retelling women. What kind of career choices, they can or cannot make or are we telling women how they must live. We have moral standards, but return control signals. This is between them and God. All we telling them could have sex with her not have sex. Use birth control or not use birth control whether their sexual expression astray or by or trance or something else or are we we telling them you have to do this you can't do this you you can do that if if if you want to be Amish or you want to be a belly dancer. You will be a stripper or you want to be CEO to become whatever that your life is a woman suffered me as a man to tell you what to do, nor do I know any leaders of the pro-life movement who are trying to control the choices that women make aside from this one thing, don't kill the baby.

It is all about the fetus is a person is the exact opposite of what Lori penny said it's got nothing to do with mail control of the can just think this is not like the Taliban in Afghanistan that are stopping women from getting education that are stopping women from serving in public in various ways and that are enforcing on them. Certain dress codes. I would like people to dress more modestly. Men and women. I think it's better and healthier. In this deep greatness, but that whatever. It's a free society is large, about breaking nudity laws and things like that where it's free society. I would rather that some female rap star is not recording some unbelievably raunchy salacious, sexually degrading video. I will think it's good for girls in young women to learn from but that's her legs and breaking the law.

That's her life that's her choice of people make a ritual that that's their choice on the turn exert control over what a woman does and how she lives in which he thinks when she reads the Bible and not which is in a post-online which is going to say or do what is her life. What gives any of us the right to tell another human being what to do or not to do so civil we have lost the bubble and I don't hurt somebody else.

In this case, don't hurt the baby and them it's all about the person with the baby in the and that's the thing that's being avoided. Why, because you can't win that argument be pro-abortion. Once you recognize the humanity of the baby in the womb of lost your your quote right to abort. It's not a massive self. It's it's not a competition is not a tumor to be removed as one feminist woman talked about getting pregnant. Decades ago with good the tumor was removed. British know is not a tumor it's not a mass of cells or comp of tissue. It's a human being designed by God with purpose, destiny and life.

It is not reached its potential outside of the womb, but it is a human being inside the womb. Hence that's the point.

We emphasize and that's the overwhelming point. We emphasize and that's the point that the others will not even touch or hardly touch remotely. Lila Rose one of the key leaders in the pro-life movement. The young woman who's been prominent for years now. She's pregnant and she tweeted the Saba I cited out towards the end of my article. She said this on pregnant with our son due in November. She said his body is not my body. I do not have the right to kill him write her body, her choice, but that's another body in her body.

She said no woman or man has the right to kill any child, even when the child is 100% physically dependent on. That's the issue that is her plan and it's the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown resisted this woman thing when you have to use euphemisms and figures of speech that would be the opposite of what they mean to argue point you know your point is weak to start.

So when we talk about this is, reproductive rights, women's reproductive rights will this not reproductive rights. This is the right of the baby to to survive the woman's reproductive choice if if a woman or boyfriend or husband.

Whatever decided not use protection a certain way were decided to to have sex knowing there is the possibility of pregnancy. Those are her reproductive right. Those are her choices and the consequences of those choices could be a baby even if there were all attempts to use protection, and not have a child in a pregnancy resulted. The fact of the matter is terminating the life of the baby who has nothing do with quote reproductive rights, but these are that these are the euphemisms. These are the terms of use.

Someone was trying to rebut my article posted on Twitter look facts matter abortion is healthcare.

I said, the vast majority the vast, vast, vast majority of abortion and nothing to do with the health of the mother.

The simple member to every abortion destroys the health of the baby. I was at healthcare 866-34-TRUTH.

Let us go to an anonymous caller from Maryland. Welcome to the line of fire will Dr. Brown.

I have definitely a lot of course or being the field or some five things specially think I been over the employee only culturally and even some like voices from family members who, although don't like abortion but are just like, well, they're not doing much for people outside of the will.

Will others though that one of the things, but the other thing that I was thinking that Christian Burnham mind once posted on Facebook look like a very visible line that that the phrase men shouldn't make laws for women for women bodies and although I may not have to respond to her right right away. One of find out what exactly is the right way for you rush onto that.

I am in case they actually tell me about yeah sure thing.

Thank you for the call. So number one. As far as the idea will these pro-life people are really helping children outside and that's that's the simply false. Every pro-life ministry in organization that I know of works actively with the mother if she decides to keep her baby, or couple decide a career and have the baby. They work actively with the media to refer them to programs or organizations that can give support, or arrange for adoption or help with finances ministries. We work with North Carolina for years, will celebrate every year.

The docent pictures here.

Here's the party we had when the baby was born and MB been supporting the family in the first couple of years to help them get on their feet and things like that. If you go to pregnancy life center and say I'm think about abortion. Other options that they will do their best to think with you in a long term way and specially give immediate help and I'm here at mercy, culture in Fort Worth Texas right right before coming to the radio. I went over to the food bank which is given away tens of millions of meals to the the community around Fort Worth to help during Kovic and it's unbelievable the warehouse. They are all the fresh foods and other foods that are stock and they are on the front lines.

They are the leading distributor free food in the city to help those in need during Kovic. Why because it's what churches do this we Christians do they help the poor.

They help the needy.

So that's that's just a convenient lie for pro-lifers on 30 think the second thing is to say that that men shouldn't have the right to pass laws about women's bodies.

When I past knows about women's bodies were working with women together to pass laws to protect the baby's body that's the issue is not the woman's body. In other words, if the woman wants to get pregnant and not get pregnant if she wants to be fat or thin. If you want to know. She wants to be an athlete. She wants to be a couch potato that that's her body that's her choice. Whatever she does know is controlling that was try to control that it's a matter of protecting the life of the baby so the question is should man be allowed to pass laws to protect innocent lives would've the been right for courageous German man to say when you pass laws to protect Jews from being slaughtered Gypsies for being slow to the road of his being slaughtered in the Holocaust, or for men it in the murderous days of Pol Pot's Cambodia say we can arise up and and will you pass laws to stop this word to stop the slaughter of the innocent man, along with women should always be involved in passing most to protect the innocent and that's what it's about the woman's body, it's the baby's body inside the woman that's all were seeking to protect and a good man a godly man a compassionate man should do that very thing.

I thank you sir for the call 866-34-TRUTH.

Let's go to René in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Welcome to light a fire. There are you talking straight in your phone okay yet yet little hard to go ahead. Please okay question out outfit? If God gives us a free will to choose to do right from wrong to to follow him, that you to abide by law. It gives the free will to choose, and I doubt under Dan why me in this diet. They are right for women. One way on this issue and also I believe that man are getting all got three with their party. Because to me if this was truly an issue to favor light and it should involve both involved entities man and the woman, though where that country and would be fornication. So if it's against the law to abort a child and why isn't it against the law for man to commit fornication that will help create that job. So I think you know the people that are pro-life are starting and that the wrong spectrum of you know what it dilemma is you know you want to think it rained and in the end they have to decide all of the decisions that come about from you nor pregnancy that may be unwanted and demand to you know he go his way.

He has no accountability and I think that's wrong, and Dan on the back and the man will come to Canada man will come back and I we need to make a law to keep the law going to central ring that I appreciate the comments and in their importance, so I want to respond to since you question if if a mother has a baby in the baby's crying constantly. The baby is sick and in the mother's just drained can't sleep. Can't work if you have the right to kill that baby because it's it's hurting her life. She does not, and I'm not saying I know I like my point is we do right to have laws against murder, correct your right yet in your career right so so that the key thing there René is that that's where we start that if that's even being inside the womb that can kill, so that's what we have laws against murder does matter of men pass laws whom pass laws are laws against murder. So we believe that human being in the womb that that's alive formed by God with its DNA it at the moment of conception with purpose, destiny, potential. The Bible clearly sees the baby in the womb is as a human being with numerous passages. So that's why we pass laws about that you are 100% right in saying that this not just about the mother's mother, father and and all of her friends that work in front of abortion clinics. If a couple goes in there talking to the their tongue to the dad reaching out and and those that work encourage them to have the child they work with the mom and dad together and deadbeat dads who or are either you have the baby and Ron or just want to have sex with no consequences or they they have children and they don't pay alimony after divorce. And that's that's a plague our society is in question. But please understand we have been preaching about sexual purity before preach about abortion in the words we were talking about in the church, sins of of fornication sins of adultery and the destructive nature of those before we were talking about abortion is the issue that it is so we need to teach responsibility. There was a time in America where fornication was illegal were adultery was illegal.

That is not our culture that is not who we are, obviously, we use okay laws are placed here in terms of hurting other people affecting other people stealing from other people and other things.

If you make choices to watch porn in your own home supposed to kidnap a child into porn or engaging kitty for whatever it is that certain lines that are cross with her. This is legal assistant but 100%, there needs to be more responsibility on the man and 100% on the couple that engages in sex.

There could be consequences then the pregnancy so it is not a mentor and control women. It is a matter of trying to preserve the life of the baby in the womb and is a matter of men and more women working together for longer lasting relationships and so were breaking down on a whole bunch of different ways for our society and has been for many many years in the church is messed up too many in the church are guilty of these very sensitive fornication and adultery. Abortion porn no-fault divorce so the repentance always begins with the church. That's what we been preaching that before anything we need to repent. We need to humble ourselves when you test forgiveness at the same at the same moment is not forget the baby in the womb. That's not forget. Let's do everything we can give that they can call in the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends were casting from her brand-new studio mercy culture church in Fort Worth Texas where I been here this week to inaugurate teach at the very first semester of the spiritual leadership school plan to be here gobbling monthly so they put a studio together for me. We got our expert teams in North Carolina and Texas put us together and hopefully we are we are smooth sailing to date we have been addressing some of the lies on the left distortions of truth in terms of key social issues. First, abortion and now homosexuality and there was a Netflix documentary about court praying the way the gay so-called conversion therapy, and it presented a certain picture wasn't entirely one-sided but it was largely one-sided and gave some very misleading impressions meet. We want to address the lies we want to separate fact from fiction and one of the best people I could think of doing this is Janet Boing's to these data points ministries herself called out by God, came out of homosexuality came out of long-term Lisbon relations and is been following Jesus ablaze for the Lord for many years and felt burden to help others who are struggling so we want to talk about this documentary of image we want to separate fact from fiction.

So without further ado, Janet. Great to have you back on the line of fire. Thanks for joining us.

Hi Dr. Brown Belisle yeah Michelle yeah but we did get to minister to get Elizabeth in June. I think right thinking Texas great, so also Janet first tell us about this documentary. Why it's important to it. To address this over some of the fund. The fundamental misconceptions in the documentary you know first thank you for having me on. Once again about the title. Pray away. I remember back in 2013 I was a part of the great gate away on our America with Lisa Lane, which was another misrepresentation you know of prayer and if that was the case that I can pray to gambling or if the money that is not like a pretty gay way. Then I would just send everybody home county was defendable to go pray in ill just go away so misleading. The title of it out.

You know so misleading in a way where you know they make fun of those of us that, like a homosexuality shake at eight.

They think that they can just go in and pray away the gay and and that's not true.

You know, people are being so glad it not even funny since a judge so just to start there. In other words, this is not our term. This is not our conviction. Our practice we have pray away the gay meetings and we advertise that this is what critics and others have put on us when we tell people through Jesus through the gospel through godly counsel.

You can be set free. You can live a new life so that gets mocked as pray away the gay and then we are put in this this class. This is what we do, discomfort, meeting, Lord, bless them get rid of this bad homosexual stuff in Jesus name, amen. Now go and live a straight life. Obviously that's not what we believe or how we do it, but this is the way it's being portrayed, and people think that's what we do is is now considered right you know right is based on, you know you're feeling it is not based on no right to the quality of the end and bright in doing what is right in the eyes of God. And that's what I want people to know that no you can't just pray anything away. We pray for people actually do we believe by faith actually walked this thing out.

You still got to go to the prophet that I deny your flat, you still need to read the wording you billed me for communicate. You still need to walk away from the whole relationship building new relationships. These are a lot of things that we need to do in order to walk rightly with God is easy now. It's not what you stay and watch the movie had Randy, Michael Bussey was one of the leaders of Exodus. When they first came out. He had John Holcomb of course was married to a good friend of ours and Tolkien in our heart goes out to her teeth and had to deal with this. You know misconception in the life that their talent and what they're doing here is standard luck work for me. But why did it work for them. Dr. Michael Brown.

It would be at work for them because I feel as though with the word of God that they are gone away by the lustful desires they used for any with something else that with the word of God. You know baby deal with the issues at hand. You know they didn't get because of what got them there in the first place. So Michael Buffy in another stop. If you really think about back in the day when asked his first target need a statement Exodus that long wind up getting into a relationship with someone out okay.

It doesn't work for me is you that think you pretty much walk away from their faith. And so now blank document. Yet you suggest to say this. It's almost like a guy and a gal get married there. Both believers they commit themselves to follow the Lord to love one another till death do us part right when things go well or not, and their marriage is really just not clicking well and they're not really sexually compatible and the guy meet some other gal and has this intense romantic attraction for.

She's not even a believer and ends up having an affair with her and says hey this marriage thing didn't work for me on another note, this works. You make a lifelong commitment is better. So that's the first thing other words, if someone is going to claim to be following Jesus and then walk away from marriage for no reason, or walk away from sexual purity for the reason just because they are tempted or it's not working I'm frustrated or it doesn't go like that you deny yourself, take up the cross follow Jesus a pasta everybody.

Nobody gets an exemption from that everybody and upon our salvation. Dr. Brown thought you would have desires, but he said no. Why I will never give you anything you can handle.

I will always give you a way to escape. God is always potluck and fire side and happening is that when I came to Christ and go to God in faith will change me. Oh God, make me header you know. Oh God, I want to be sure I was born heterosexual. I was born at the where my heart was when I went to counseling and I pray it. I just wanted to walk rightly with God. God I'm going obey your work. God, I'm going to pray to God and to reach out to people what I'm struggling so they can pray with me in walk by my side. And so, dealing with issues at hand with I can say Randy dollars Michael Buffy John Paul let's throw Alan Chambers into the mix as well. You know, they chose to walk away from their faith and now what they're trying to do is discredit those of the war now walking and had been walking and walking with God for over 20 years now 20 year don't tell me it doesn't work. I have an issue with that. Just because you chose to follow your flesh walk away from your faith. Now you want to drag many men and women with you and gainsay all there. There with repair kit therapy, something that has a user nobody that I know uses repair to therapy using that it try to discredit violent shopping not only the church but many people on the left at picking up that reparative therapy and they ran with it because they want to shut us down. They went silent as the why we have so many young people that want to commit suicide where the confusion comes were not offered for you to but they are on support will come back to the youth suicide is something that concern every everyone that that has a heart of compassion for those in struggling so we won't come back to that but are are you saying Janet that there is also the misconception, not just the pray away the gay but the so-called conversion therapy or reparative therapy that basically that what we do.

Those of us who say that change is possible.

So I've been an advocate is some adjusting for righteousness that I can identify with being homosexual. But I reach out to those that struggle because I know what God's word says righteousnesses so you saying that that the accusation is that those who try to help others who are struggling people like you people I councils like the late joke Joseph Nicolosi are others like that of Dallas.

The counseling and helping that there they practice these barbaric things that they basically used sock therapy on people work or kidnap young people in and lock them in camp state to make them become straight. It is this the impression that's given that this actually happens that you could have said it better that what they want the world to believe that were shocking people because when the interview many men and women here me everybody out there that walk away therapy that says that it doesn't work that's what they come up with as any you to continue to live in nursing talent that myself or or Dr. Nicolosi, anything or have anything to do with shock therapy and if we did, we will call these people out. Nobody goes and if anybody irked Allman a closet or blindfold them.

Heartbeat Demers actor hands are smack your faith anything like that. We wanted people to know that change is possible through the power of Jesus Christ, you can walk this thing out ain't none of us can do this alone, but we know with God all things are possible and if you're not walking this thing out. It doesn't mean that you can get back on track doesn't mean that were not here to help, but don't listen to the lie of those who are continuously living in thin because they chose to walk away from their faith. They are leaving you and leading you down the wrong path. I Janet does any last. Apparently, Dr. Brown yeah we we are we are living in challenging times. Obviously especially challenging and in many ways and I want to pick up on the other side of the break with with a few things that the jamb of his house and I want to talk about a little bit more the possibility of change you want to go back to the youth suicide question with Micah standpoints and and let folks know where they can reach Janet her ministry, what resources she has books and other things that are available. But here's the key thing if any of us in any area of our lives have the notion that if we think one wrong thought or have one wrong desire, then God is not real, and I was can you imagine the torment you live with. Imagine how quick you think all this is not working. Rather, God changes us on the inside and then by his grace we walk this out and in every area of life. Whatever is get some office now experience his grace is God carrying strength, enabling you to run the race last.

It's the light a fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown and voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 866343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown to find out more about her ministry. Janet where they go to connect with you, Brown, Debbie Debbie.Janet on right and what resources would you recommend first two to someone who struggling they say look I want to follow Jesus, but the soul I've known.

I just attracted to the same sex or I don't know how to deal with that. Or maybe a family member or friend would be written or put out that you would recommend to them write my first book of those that struggle. I would highly recommend call about a former lesbian discovery of freedom.

That book has been phenomenal to many people. Yet my story and there you have 53 going to ask question.

You have fighting you know I talk about I talk about. I was almost Mary, you know how to pray, that one would be wonderful, especially for family member to take the profit that I went through not only how I got into light, but how the Lord walk me through the process of coming out the other book I think is really important that pastors ministry leaders. Parent anybody let alone what our friend the starlet on the sexuality. I wrote a book of about three years ago God and sexuality relevant without compromise with you wrote the following on now that book and the newest book that just came out in July got in LGBT community either stain book. What we did with the publishers.

It was the cover they really like this book. They want to read introduce it. But the new book out in LGBT community as a study guide.

We wrote this book to help families have a better understanding on Janet my son or my daughter is going to have a civil union which the wall called marriage. I don't called America positively that marriage is a man, woman, and we do it deal effectively go to get out.

We pray, how do we have to deal with this in the church we address all the issues. Excellence of friends all the info I Janet warnings

I knew if I said it wrong you correctly than to really remember it.

I would now is debating it as I was saying it okay alright so the I'm just looking at some headlines of all let's see that this one from NBC news. Nearly 1/3 of young gave table have attempted suicide, study finds. And then I'm looking at this one of Guardian new new record is estimated 18 million Americans identifies LGBT Q poll finds it and then Forbes terrible time for transit use survey spotlights suicide attempts and hope. So it was with two things Janet one is a look now that this openness is in our society more and more young people are identifying as gay or trans revised.

We just have to accept it and because society is so negative because of people like you and me in the church beating people over the head with our Bibles, their suicidal they feel rejected their families putting them out so the only right thing to do.

The compassionate thing. Surely the Christlike thing to do is to say, we affirm you as a game you refer me was transmit from you is by and then that'll get rid of the suicide delegate with depression and they can live healthy, well-adjusted lives if we just give up our bigotry and homophobia, and trans phobia while you differ with that take L is heartbreaking and that's why I thought it would really talk about God last year and already the pandemic we gotten more collagen email of our millennial's and identities not only wanting to commit to abide suicide but the transition and I want them to know that God is calling each and every one of us are to sell you know there is a purpose for each and every person out there but I'm hearing that there's more ex-Christians limited to homosexual light. Then there are Christians that are coming out.

It is like when you think about the Gallup poll that you just mentioned.

From 2012 to 2020 men and women are identifying as homosexual unit was meeting backpack began to respect percent of the attendees are leaned back and lied to and going into that that life of homosexuality.

When you talk about suicide. What if you're so happy there. So happy admitting that my 21 or commit suicide when you want to die.

Christ already think the price you pay that I here's what dance yet for each and every one of us and we I want people to know Dr. Michael Brown that we do love them. I would want to stand up for righteousness) what God that's why we come alongside event because we don't want to commit suicide you want to get them the best outback we can so they can see and walk in the freedom that many of us have already yeah and and Janet if if a young person feels okay my churches can reject me my families going to think I'm like subhuman I'm an abomination. I could never have a meaningful relationship if if I do this God thing. I can understand the depression that the fear that we need to do say we love you we absolutely put our arms around his family.

As Francis as church as community and if we can really introduce you to Jesus life is can make sense outside of Jesus things a very dark, but in him and we've all been through it from a thousand in a million, a billion different walks in life, found that in him. He's more than enough so Janet over your 20 years. I'm sure you seen people who by God's grace have gone from gay to straight and there happily married parents, grandparents you seen others seated tremendous reduction in homosexual desire and and maybe there a trailer they've they formed a relationship with some of the opposite sex is been healthy others have said, you know I'm I'm still attracted to the same sex or just say no to it and I follow Jesus in my life is is overflowing is single you seen the full range but the universal testimony of all of it is that Jesus is more than enough. You know what a day.

God's pardon enough. God is an outlet. God made us they built relationship what the problem is with the body of Christ, that we had so many people suffering with violent we had so many churches around the country will get on the pulpit and say yeah you know homosexual is wrong will talk about it but they won't break by in two to share their story on how they got Internet like and then how the Lord bought them out because a lot of people say yeah my pastor brings up the harsh or she so harsh. There's the one you about it to bring somebody in like myself this compassionate and loving and caring. You know, if not then you are so important that the church not only for low biblical standards but also lived by the standards they promote. We are not homosexual. He read. I'm not anybody that I know deals with this issue are not hater you know we are docketing work kingdom advanced. We got to advance the kingdom of God to pull them out of the darkness and were going to bring them into the light just like dengue choir in will is that the quake chorus and California when they sing a song about war, and after your children want our children to come up with the blood of Jesus.

They can come after their children to come after them with the gospel will run a love that because they too will change in Indiana. We stand before God.

There were garlic around and because that we stay on track and because we preach truth in the word of God when it seems many people that we didn't think will come to know Jesus they're going to be there. I believe that nothing you absolutely, absolutely. And yes, the church must be the church. The church you are hundred percent right we see Jesus is more than enough.

Jesus also works through people and when we come to know him brings us into godly relationships and community.

By the way you would put my name Dr. Brown before statement with kingdom and I became Dr. King. So just to clarify that this is not docketing here is Dr. Brown but that I have the names I'll take that oneness of the immunoassay. This last thing in an MRI. The time but the whole spike in generation Z, especially identifying as bisexual. It shows you the amount of confusion that's out the from social media to preschools in schools.

Education to Hollywood kids bombarded constantly and now you're going through uncertainty ready and maybe I'm attracted to both.

So the indoctrination is working. Let's come with gospel based love empowered spirit led holy indoctrination. The changes people into the truth and friends. Check out Janet Boing's be old. Why in the ES if you're struggling. There were people there that want to help you. It's a great place to support and the books that were mentioned are there one I wrote the forward to my joy to do hey Janet, keep up the good work. There are so many getting set free and help by your example by your team's work.

God bless you Janet, thank you all right hey friends, tomorrow is thoroughly Jewish Thursday will talk about the enemies of Israel and then Friday is always the questions we've got answers great come your way from our new studio here in Fort Worth and back to North Carolina on Friday May the grace and favor of God be yours in abundance say this in the closing seconds of the broadcast.

If you missed the first half of today show. We talked about leftist lies against abortion how things are misrepresented rather than really dealing with the reality of the humanity of the baby in the womb. It's the same thing with leftist lies against homosexuality. Yes, many people feel they were born this way. Yes, many people have tried to change and found they were unable to. There's nothing to do with what God says is right and wrong.

It has nothing to do with how God ultimately made us this nothing to do with the fact that Jesus really does save and change and transform whoever you are, wherever you are if you cry out to him with all your heart he will meet you and he will help us friends. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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