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When the Left Compared American Christians to the Taliban

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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September 1, 2021 4:20 pm

When the Left Compared American Christians to the Taliban

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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September 1, 2021 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 09/01/21.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network from the big news from Texas in the pro-life bill to the latest attack on Christians in America and call for holy revolution got you covered today stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always, 866-34-TRUTH's 866-34-TRUTH Bureau, Jim is Dr. Michael Brown, have you heard this from Texas. It's big news it's it's his major news. It's very, very major news will tell you about it today. If you haven't yet heard it.

Talk about yeah folks on the left comparing conservative Christians in America to the Taliban and nothing new with that but with Taliban taking over Afghanistan. It's it's the latest rage. It seems we'll talk about that in the bottom of the hour to be joined by Jamie Lynn wall now to talk about her new book, holy revolution, this is Michael Brown. Welcome to the line of fire 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884 that is the number to call. Okay, so last night I get a text from my friend Rev. Pat Mahoney. You may remember that Pat was on the air with me a few weeks back talking about a major case. This could be coming to the Supreme Court, in this fall.

Supreme Court agreed to hear a case which would outlaw abortions is the after after 10 weeks and the lower courts had struck it down. Supreme Court agreed to hear and Pat Mahoney explained that that was very significant because if their intent was just to leave as is. In other words, okay. The lower courts struck it down. We'll leave it there then that they wouldn't have likely agreed to hear as agreed to hear it. It would either mean that they are going to say okay yes let this law stand and and abortions are now stop restricted after 10 weeks except for some exceptional circumstances with the heartbeat bill or they're actually considering revaluing Roe V Wade, now the the Planned Parenthood groups. Those on the left from the start was and this is going to be a direct attack on Roe V Wade, which to them is is a sacred right sacred ruling and then the Atty. Gen. Mississippi with his bills emanating from signal.

Actually, Roe V Wade is terrible law and laid out powerful cases to once in the spring court should really look at this and the other is a lesson on how you see we told you so patted called for is calling for a massive prayer gathering October 2 in DC. This would be right before the Supreme Court hears this case and then the, the implications of where the ghost could be massive than the ruling is expected in 2022, but he wants a message to be sent to heaven and to the Supreme Court. Okay, so we know all about that been talking about it, we we posted information about that rally October 2, but he text me a sense is a Mike you reach more people and I do can you share some videos that I'm tweeting outside not heard about this at all.

In terms of the emergency situation going on last night but Texas passed a heartbeat bill that would say no abortions after six weeks because the sin that you can detect if you will heartbeat at the time. No abortions after six weeks and if someone in the general public sees an abortion clinic, carry out abortions that they can report this woman comes in there and she's no five months pregnant, visibly pregnant and and and has her baby reported that this guy should be reported a minutes is very radical in that sense to say were very serious about this.

So there was an attempt to this to stop the bill from going forward. Anyway, it made its way emergency appeal to the Supreme Court so the Supreme Court had until midnight last night midnight last night central time. So one of the morning Eastern time. Supreme Court had until then to say this is an emergency appeal. Okay were gonna stop this right now, stop this bill from going into law, even for a minute, even for a second, but they didn't act on that an act on it.

Check out this Tweet this is from Texas right to life and and look at what this Tweet has to say, a Texas right to life, the Texas heartbeat act is now in effect. Texas is officially the first state ever to enforce a heartbeat law. God bless Texas right so this is 1:03 AM Soto three this morning Eastern time, but midnight and three minutes right 12:03 AM central time. So when the Supreme Court did not act even though they could act in the future.

That meant immediately. This is also right now over Texas. This is the law. The protester gatherings because this but this is the law right now right that it in fact Gus just read the headline from the New York Post that I go back to some of these other tweets. This is a headline the New York Post from what few hours ago two hours ago three hours ago Texas heartbeat bill takes effect clinics stop abortion appointments.

Okay, this is 12:23 PM so to have hours ago Eastern time clinics have stopped abortion appointments, even if the Supreme Court decides at some point to act on this.

The fact is, they did not act on it to stop it mean this for the first time. This is Lyman this is major stuff friends. This is massively major stuff. Bills like this all over the country have been pastoral. This is one of the strongest if not the strongest bills like this have been passed over American different states, the courts of shut them down and and higher courts assert that and that's where it stopped, and now we've got one is going to the Supreme Court in October so this is really the time to pray and then to pray for all the women that were planning on getting abortions to understand God has been away. God has a better way of Lila Rose on the front lines of the pro-life movement tweeted this out 1:15 AM central time. It's past midnight now in Texas, the heartbeat law has gone into effect this never had this has never happened since Roe V Wade, every child with the detectable heartbeat is legally protected from being killed by abortion. Thinking of all the inestimable he precious lives that will be spared today and the new lease on life in amazing day some friends. This is happening right now there is been so much prayer for so many years for the pro-life movement. There have been activists, even though it's a small number overall but activists on the front line standing for life. Many of them paying a great price in their own lives there professionalize because of the stent. Understandably, from the viewpoint of those who are pro-abortion believe abortion is at least something that should be a legal option. Obviously to them. This is a terrible attack and it's my body and who gives you the right to tell me what to do with my body and on and on. So this is look at is the worst of all things.

But once you recognize it's a baby in the womb.

Once you recognize that's a human being. The moment of conception is its complete DNA and even this young before many of the women even recognize that there pregnant, there is the detectable heartbeat. Once you realize there is a precious human life inside that womb. Everything changes, and even if in the horrific case the woman has been raped. I can imagine the trauma of that the sense of violation of of that person that their whole person has been violated by some monster who gave that person the right to do what they did. Now you find out your pregnant out of it like I can imagine any of that for many reasons, mail number one number two an urban rate.

Number three. I can conceive a child as a male. I can't relate and I don't pretend to listen to the women who have been raped and had two children. I listen to the children who are the products of rape and and were born into this world, but I listen to them like James Robison bike Cherry Hill Steve Hill's wife that that that their mothers conceive their them in In re rape. I listen to them as well. But once you realize that's that's a human life in the womb, and if and if you don't want that baby if it's just harder to think of having a child because of the way the child was produced or the trauma of living with that memory. The rest of your life. It and you feel you want to give that baby up for adoption. There so many waiting to be online waiting to it to Dr. baby right right from birth. Obviously no one's minimizing that no one's minimizing that Noah was a well looming that none of these are traumatic things, especially FICA 14-year-old girl raped by an oncoming district traumatic things, but abortion is never the best option. That's all things not the best option. Listen to this video, this is Pat Mahoney in early was to sleep early and he knew I be up late so I was watching all this unfold last night to the early morning hours, but look at this video that he posted on Twitter shortly after midnight came and went and Supreme Court did not act on Rev. Patrick Mahoney a little bit weary all right but I wanted to stay up as we been praying for several hours that the Supreme Court would not block taxes law which bands are most abortions after six weeks, and guess what, they didn't block it so right now we are seen unfolding before our eyes. The dismantling of Roe V Wade this is so exciting will have to see more details tomorrow morning. But right now, thank you for your prayers. Thank God for this incredible victory and let's look forward to job versus Jackson in which the Supreme Court may completely overturn Roe through prayer, we can see God shift shape and transform history and end abortion violence join Percocet revolution October 2 Saturday at the Supreme Court. As we pray for Dobbs. God bless right so let me urge you right now when something this major has happened to consider all those who differ with us right to consider those who have a totally different view about abortion than we do. Do not recognize the personhood of the baby in the womb, who will look at this is a direct assault of people trying to take over their bodies, their lies make decisions for them will be angry who will be confused. What will I do now who will be traumatized in different ways.

Let's pray for the mothers. Let's pray for them. Let's pray for the father is maybe a guy and gal sleep together now will have baby lit. Let's pray for them now rather than just being excited for this victory for the unborn, which is a wonderful victory which is historic victory every minute that goes by his history be made. Let's pray for those who differ. Let's pray for their hearts and minds to be open just like the hearts and minds of Americans were open go to the realities of slavery and the horrors of slavery. This pray for a change of hearts and minds in God's compassion to meet people right now were hurting and angry for cleansing by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown so just this moment during the break. Scanning news Twitter in the two minute break that we have a short break.

I found this tweet that's being talked about from Dan Rather once highly respected news journalist anchorman then involved in some controversial stories is faded a lot from the limelight and the public eye were talking about the Texas heartbeat bill protecting the lives of the unborn, which is what the whole issue is that's a child in the womb. That's a human being in the womb as a person with destiny and future less their life is snuffed out in the womb. This was all about so in the same way it if you have a troublesome child that was one year old that was causing all kinds of grief you don't kill the child or throw the child away or leave the child in a dumpster. Why because it's a human being with us. A human being. I'm in the other side of the womb soon. Being in the womb. Well were about to talk about how the left is been attacking conservative Christians as Taliban during the break, just spotted this tweet from Dan Rather look at this. It's worth noting that many of the same people attacking the by the district administration for leaving women's rights behind Afghanistan are eager to control women's bodies and choices in the United States which which choices which choices Mr. rather which choices are we trying to control a woman's right to education. A woman's right to pick the person she wants to work with live with a woman's right to go to the school of her choice of a woman's right to run for office. A woman's right to be a media star woman's right to be in any profession minute. No, none of those whatsoever who wants to do what she does with her life with her body. That's up to her. So she's not breaking the law if she wants to be a fashion model if she wants to be a stripper if she wants to be a homeschool mom if she wants to run for president. If she wants to be a CEO of a company of whatever it's her life decisions she makes is between Hearn and God said she wants to sleep with her lesbian partner. She wants to sleep with her boyfriend. She wants to be celibate, she wants to be married just whatever those are choices and makes in between her and God's will. Society allows for in all cases. She's not breaking the law. We may disagree with some of the choices, but their choices just don't kill the baby in the womb. That's all. And for that we are being compared to the Taliban you while I mean that's the that's the tacit comparison others been more explicit, so let me take you to this article that I wrote an and in the article I quote back from my book saving a sick America which came out in 2017 but not let's let's go through some of this article once again. The left is comparing Christians to the Taliban so so let me say once more. This is nothing new. This is nothing new, as I document. Here we go through this for May 2012 Rev. Billy Graham, the 93 years old, took out full-page ads in newspapers from North Carolina dressed in the upcoming vote on the definition of marriage that's feature large picture from Graham and carried his own words, 93, the result we have to debate the definition of marriage. The Bible is clear because definition of marriage is between a man and a woman I want to urge my fellow North Carolinians to vote for the marriage amendment of Tuesday on Tuesday, May 8. God bless you as you vote course that passed by 61 to 39%, and was overturned by the Supreme Court when Besson outspoken gay activist took strong exception to these ads writing a little confused here because I thought we lived in America it Graham is not trying to jam his own churches rules and doctrine down my throat. Last I checked in the sun for the Billy Graham evangelistic Association. I really like his church that he thinks I should be forced against my will to live by its rules. We know makers of laws based upon Christian sharia three will have to follow his version of the Bible be punished by government as this is the case were really a free country really much different than marauders. It only by matter of degrees right of time to the so-called Christian supremacists get their paws on all of our loss could step back from it from moment which I changing the meaning of marriage. The only definition of marriage that is ever been on our books that has ever been known in history in any country in terms of actual recognized definition of marriage as a union of a man and a woman in and the only reason that the government cares about. That is because marriage conveys benefits on society so the government conveys benefits on marriage, namely a man and woman coming together as one, procreating, and then raising children in an environment that is best for the sole reason the government gets involved. Does the government tell you who you can date is the government tell you must know it's gets involved in this to convey benefits on marriage and recognize marriage because of the unique benefits that marriage conveys on the society which it away from that there's a reason for the government to be involved, but this is the typical overstatement we simply say will marriage is never man, woman, and anything of that is not marriage the Manama slugs involves not marriage. Now we are Christian supremacists. Now it is Christian sharia.

Okay, let's go back to this this article member here on the mic to 2012. Actually, Besson was not the only one to react in this way, already in May 2005 John McCandless Phillips from the Pulitzer prize-winning New York Times reporter pointed out how newspapers like the Washington Post and the times told the readers that evangelicals and traditional Catholics were engaging." G hard against America.

Phillips noted that the days before his article was published, Frank, Rich, and often acute broadly knowledgeable and witty cultural observer sweetly informed us that under the effects of the God racket is not pursued in Washington government, culture, science, medicine, and the rule of law or all under threat from an emboldened religious minority out to remake America. According to its dogma. He went on to tell Tom's readers the GOP zealots in Congress and the White House have edged our country over into quote a full-scale yacht by 2010 Marcus Melissa's founder of the radically left-leaning daily could bring an entire book on the subject title says it all, American Taliban, Hawaii, sex, and empower blind jihadists in the radical right introduction leads us claim the quotes Republican party in the entire modern conservative movement is fact very much like the Taliban and their tactics and on the issues are homegrown American Taliban are almost indistinguishable from the Afghan Taliban.

Remember, is not meant to be satire… Was dead serious, as are many of his readers to share his views during the 2012 presidential debate solicit presidential debates. MSNBC's Chris Matthews wants to tirade against vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan: Ryan's pro-life position extremism and claiming it was almost like sharia.

He opined you're sent to the country go to operate under religious theory or religious belief R country.

This way, to the point of making a woman's decision to have an abortion. Her reproductive rights as criminal perhaps murderous was referring to Ryan's personhood argument which would grant 14th amendment rights to the baby in the womb. But as I wrote in saving a sick American 2017.

This claim of Matthews which raised quite a few eyebrows in 2012, now seems tame when compared to the lot latest rhetoric once again conservative Christians. In fact, is not enough to compare us to the Taliban rubbing liking to Isis against an anecdotal evidence of this in an article published September 13, 2012 title been committed Christians are compared to Isis. The article I noted that a few days earlier summoning Dixie posted on my Facebook page. You are just as ugly as Isis I asked in response is more to protect innocent babies in the womb because procurement marriage and family because we feed the poor and needy around the world because we want the whole world to know how wonderful Jesus please be kind enough to explain your route your views. Dixie didn't respond, just a few days before that drama, no posted this on my YouTube page. Can Davis the County Clerk went to jail rather than issue same-sex marriage certificates is an Isis infiltrator in America with a mission to spread most radical interpretation of sharia law. Isis needed a hero, John the ark. They found one in Kim Davis response to this comment. Others I wrote so Isis is beheading Christians refused to convert to Islam and crucify Muslims were not radical enough. Isis is bearing little children library prisoners live drowning them in cages raping teenage girls summon into slavery, throwing gaze off buildings. We say gaze are free to live how they please and entrance to the relationships of their choosing this between them and God as they want to minister judge to sanction a quote marriage they can do that just don't force us to participate in their ceremony. We are now like Isis also loose in 2017 that quote well-known media personalities like Montel Williams. I compared supporters of natural female male-female marriage to Isis today is making – pointed out in the daily wire is people like MSNBC host George Reed elected Tim Ross and author and freelance journalist. The minister Jones and writer John Max Smith with compared conservative Christians to the Taliban rather than ISA since Taliban once again are the face of radical Islam Smith directly. Make no mistake Christian evangelicals are America's Taliban and wield as much power to in their society.

Filmmaker Michael Moore has chimed in as well.

Referring to Christian conservatives quote as are all domestic Taliban, even referencing Southern Baptists. In this way this in the article, perhaps would be worthwhile if the wealthy benefactor pray for some of these outspoken leftists pay for them to spend six months all-expenses-paid living in Afghanistan right now were gaze patriotic folk singers being shot ahead without burgers being beaten and killed girls being ripped from their homes and uses lifelong sex slaves after day long six months.

These leftists would be longing to get back to quote Christian America son enough with this rhetoric.

This inflammatory rhetoric and the story of the capital. Okay, how many were involved.

How many evangelical Christian leaders were involved in that none and and how many evangelical Christians. Christian leaders spoke out against it and said this is absolutely not who we are, one that I know is asked about the event for please friends it was… Let's expose the rhetoric for what it is and that's when the real Jesus real-world needs to light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 86. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown in 1989 I published my first book on revival national repentance called to turn back to God. It was published by destiny image publishers. They published a number of my books over the years. In fact, the next one coming out in October, revival, or we die is really a throwback, written in the early style of those revival books so because of work with destiny image for many years.

They will send a list of books new authors new books coming out saying hey Dr. Brent take a look at these, which might be interested would like to have one of these on your shows. Look at lot of them. Like thanks thanks no thanks that okay now that really fit that I saw this one holy revolution I thought will hang on hang on any any book that's going to exalt holiness that is got my eye and any book that's going to talk about holiness in the context of being revolutionary.

That gets my eye and then when I saw the. The authors name Jamie Lynn worn out daughter-in-law of my friend Lance walnut with whom I've had many excellent and often very lively conversations. I said all yet we we've got to do the song I'm holding in my hands. This new book by Jamie Lynn worn out holy revolution.

So Jamie with a title like this say I had to have Jan, thanks for writing the book. Oh yeah okay so aside from the fact that holiness does mean saying no to certain things in the flesh in the world and that many of us love the things of the world in many, many other ways. Holiness gets a very bad rap, especially with the younger generation that your specially taught trying to reach. So if you would just say on average. If you talk to a younger person millennial Jens the about holiness. What are some of the negative associations that come to mind for them. Mom okay why are we bringing the window not working in there on the street crying out everything I in no way pure and holy a lot in Revelation, I got on the street trying to dream up against the outside condemned and made room for then and left then I would say our millennial care, pulling a lie will do that we can't live the way that you didn't like what you got because it really been great, but I went and I think here and crank crime.

People who don't value pulling and why this is that you become so passionate for holiness to the point of writing a whole book on this.

I really God I cry right around grateful for the biblical foundation think that I know many people talk to them tell I could remember only talking to God and from all the things that I need in life not perfect by any holy backpack. Everything was black and white in color and name of the one I like talking like a little girl and I ran back my heart out of my cat and put anyone and everything that was not totally out of me and and commissions will be departing. It felt after living everywhere I went on, very important to me that I didn't give you an idea or theory something like I actually walking back ;-) for commissioning actually right but as well and felt I in life, freedom from depression stealing from die and new life and no I'm not living color and anything is possible.

I like Michael Jerry and every Gary so I could bring with packing to holiness. If you we are created, you are if you got it you are holy, holy, holy, and when you think the critical care left to right character crank.

You will literally cover what you've been learning and learning along for your whole life that you've been looking in the wrong place right people to show yet yeah you know when I wrote the book revolution which can a new addition last year. Revolution urgent call for holy uprising, one of the chapters in the book was on holiness to the Lord and that would be the banner of this next revolutionary movement by which we mean Jesus changing us and this will change the world around us is changed and I talked about how how this is the message of liberation and freedom. And when we sing praises to God Jamie we sing praises. Holy, holy, holy.

When we sing it about God. It's a good thing which would apply to our lives often translates out to Betsy but I mean you're talking about intimacy with the Lord your time up becoming like Jesus of friendship with the Lord. So how how we you had this very intense supernatural experience and and you saw something happening in the spiritual realm.

Most of us like to have that vivid type of experience so will someone start. They know their things wrong in their lives that are frustrated they they see the word calling them to something how you talk about the that the narrow way wittily start when you start them in your book, but like everyone There there like I haven't heard back from daylight. You can feel the presence of God. There are still having very simply play an encounter with God, and I think it a marketing thing be like water your heart. Your heart with my way back simple and can be wondering your heart prayer which like plumbing a powerful weapon in a dream one time and prayer relationship with God when you spend time with God in prayer and not airlifting often times more than talking where trying to talk and that the mainstream church a lot of time and I want to check like you crazy talk.

The power listening like when you got a copy with somebody I could talk about the millennial and empty Winco Copy with the many talking about time you want to get Frankie are also listening and not real.

The relationship we have a thought and you start going around and you listen and you pray and you open the way you read here and not hungry for God. Okay, hungry different okay you can do hungry hungry definitely making hungry hungry need to know you more and becomes the love when you are in a relationship with Christ like I can't because I left I went down and I will read my weight and I don't feel like every time I sit down and obey that each heart with my where I start truly alive and real him him him for making felt real hunger with you, even if it means everything is where something comes alive in your heart. I feel it back talking to you and starting something up with any of so so you make a quality choice with you feel like it is not because the core of your being. You want to serve God and be intimate with him. No him and honor him with a quality decision you take out your your Bible you referred to as is my word.

Greg take out because God's word. Take out your Bible get alone with God and in it he he wants to meet with us more than we want to meet with him so we do take those steps seek he does take steps towards us.

Sometimes there's a test and a test or will. But God is never refused anyone who's come to him and said God I just want to know you and serve you and love you so it's it's out of that now would you say Jamie that we both get the desire to live a holy life as well as the empowerment to live a holy life of the fellowship with God like I barely their strength. The trial and I committed how much more like committed by I love been there for me when I did not deserve it moments where you have to repent for whatever kind and loving and amazing and empowered me to a life I literally could not have a part. Yes, I agree with and I will go back to something where you started.

I'm missing a lot in recent months that we have to try to understand what's happening behind the scenes with protest with riots with with young people on the streets look beyond the anger, the rejection of values that are important to us and ask what's going on there I knows it is a product of the 60s born 55 so I looked through the counterculture revolution of the 60s. The whole six drugs rock 'n' roll Eastern religion stuff and became a hippie rock rubber heavy drug user and outwardly all all the society's all around us in the church was rebellion generation gap weird religion breaking all the rules and that was all happening but behind it was something that that many of us really seeking. We were we were looking for when we knew that there had to be more than the American dream how to be more to life just eating, drinking, you know, going to school, getting a better jobs you could raise your kids simple better school it would. We knew there had to be more but it Lord to got co-opted by the enemy and SMS have looked at what's happening in our society and see okay people want to see justice in the want to see quality and they want to they want us stand with those that they perceived to be oppressed and things like that but there there often on the wrong side of it, but what what's happening behind that in your tying that directly in the heart for what Jacob James calls true religion so Jamie, stay right here. If you can stay with us past the break. I want to explore that a little bit more deeply how holiness and personal relationship with God and friendship with Jesus, or are the ultimate answer to the cry of what appears to be just an angry frustrated rebellious younger generation will be right back. The book holy revolution Jamie Lamanna. It's the light a fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown speaking with you all now you book revolution so Jamie talk about millennial's tendency, it's easy to look on the streets. It's easy to listen to the rhetoric and to see just the enemy them anti-God anti-Bible, etc. and there's a lot of junk going on in the lot that is from below and not from above you see something along with that deeper the people looking for an and you feel that the church has not, in certain cases shown them that that awake can you elaborate on that little bit more on the American dream. Acknowledging crane something different that a lot of electric acknowledging what it brings. Table world making room for creative generation in a way that the church is not an and I thought that Sherry and I love the bride and I think they think you you want to live the great if you want to sulfate and one holy love in your heart, praying and got our people and I can feel the world making room for topic, but underneath the world polluting generation because they don't have a guy in the way that they're trying to communicate with like you know that you check that thing my flock is on a project but it only the standard, and that the standard in being and shipping rate and I carry their grades to go out and proud that we don't do it by Christian what condemning and judging that were not when God's mercy judgment and we are keeping where the line in the wrong, like where were combating something with the same. No loud father and mother will come along and let you have probably when you come along and let somebody all the different things.

Everything in our world right now and probably thing you don't like any preclinical bottle blonde that you don't agreement and were getting a copy topic and opinion with out word and I know you did a great job at the only thing on your radio show that important to listen and pray in the lab then pictures that generate thing you know where and how amazing it church could make room for the could make a random boy and maybe a nonprofit that works think a lot the widow bring mercy and Jeff and Jeff in our world creatively and for all that I think I need to live out for world, but from time were not looking for the length of loud and I think of myself and have to repent because I've been on the judgment frustration with what media shows me about my own generation L. I. Thinking and going and getting all and bringing in making them and showing them that God gave her, not definite.

The funny thing is that you only think of something as radical as the greatest enemy of the early church was Saul of Tarsus and he becomes the greatest apostle of the early church and God saw that from day one. So what he was doing was evil and wrong and destructive that he said he was a blast. In a violent man but he also says that God had mercy on them because he was acting ignorantly in unbelief and you wonder how many that would apply to today's leaders of of militant organizations that seem to oppose everything we stand for and get behind that something's going on its deeper and if if if we could see as God sees then things changed dramatically.

Jamie that the subtitle to your book. Finding true satisfaction in a life set apart so ultimately holiness does cause us to be set apart and say no to the pollution of this world, but it's not from the outside in us from the inside out. It's our relationship with God causes us not to love what he loves and hate what he hates. So being set apart.

I mean, I know it's in your book, holy revolution, but this goes. So I just how in the world once every everywhere around you. There's the sin the pollution junk. How can we be set apart today hereby got here.

I know that know I know amazing prayer by reading where I like the title. I think my friend not me. I would like to go compromise like a lawyer but running wholly apart and not be boring sitting back and doing nothing, a lot higher for those you are you are like the common right after everything I read right right now but I'm not loud and I know that I be one fairway from turning apart completely forgot. I'm busy slandering him I'm not leading a life that I mean you can't speak up for what's right or wrong thing and think you have not prayed for somebody like that, apart, praying for your enemy praying for know if you have never heard the gospel anything folding created even in Matthew 24. What about the printing think that working on the earth right now will begin it (to be persecuted and even many of our belief. Do you believe that apart you really recognize are you wearing your life down fairly. Even in America are not careful we could end up in the play. I we willing to lay our life down until the end come. Because we believe in being set apart. I say no I don't want junk on TV with their black.

I don't like me that are the immediate anger and hate for something that God does not when you're running like that, apart the word of God becomes your baseline for every session in my opinion the value because God began to pour out with Dan recollecting. I did not really. It's not the liquid lifestyle.

All in all that I love about it, dream, II think like coming together to defeat principalities bite my father like an epic weightlifting and and I'm grateful for.

Yeah, that's absolutely and I love your enthusiasm with the friends of the book, holy revolution generally more above the wet, but I think of fun true satisfaction of life support is is a great subtitle think it's it's too soft at all you know my my first book just devoted to holiness was called go and sin no more cold holiness, but originally I had taken from a different translation where Jesus says to the man that heals in John five. Stop sending and I was going to have that is the title. I remember Steve fill your mycology the Browns were mostly Mike does love us again.

During that stuff sitting don't send them more so that the message is clear and it it it's it's one look God made us to be like him. And when when we are given over to it to him and wanted to serve them. Yes, we can fall short, we could cleanse them wash, but our our our hearts desires to please him and know him and his Holy Spirit comes to live within us and we become ambassadors for his cause and note living for the Lord. You never regretted people get high. Get drunk.

Sleep around you.

Crazy things they regret it for Jesus heart, soul, mind, strength, even if it cost you everything you live your life without regret.

So Jamie, so pleased you wrote the book again.

The moment I saw the title you refer. I saw last name. I thought all I gotta have her on.

So again, Jim and walnut out the book holy revolution get it for the millennial's intensity people in your in your life and read it for yourself. Hi, thanks for joining us on the are appreciated. All right God bless, so that was loud and clear signal and walnut holy revolution. You know I was tell you the truth, but like a list of of books in another almost from one of our grads.

We had him on a couple weeks ago David was with us, with mystify and you know we get stacks of books sent to us all the time effect. That's our question, both rhomboid or good books like we give them to work. We have our physical school of ministry handouts just online to put them in the library immediately or give away to students of unified sum we have on his guests on the are some of the authors, but we get like any radio host and an big you are like if we were the biggest in the country. We get stuff shipped to us by the second. You know you have to. The only picture in there, but still with everything we get were were picky about who we have offer interview, so I hope that stirs your heart you know just knowing him being with him so I don't know how do Jamie said spend quality time alone with God. Turn off everything else. If if if you're mom busy at home with kids and your husband do not realize that you don't get that alone time.

Say hey honey could you just make sure we get the kids down tonight and just the next few hours just door the for your let me this get a loan if they wake up.

Some have used take care things or he could to free me up this afternoon on a Saturday just need to get along with God.

All of us in the midst of business of life find that time get with God begin to pour your heart out to them.

Have your Bible, there meditate in his presence. Read his word speak to him listen to them. You'll find change begins to come in your life and things that he loves you love being holy. He says to us by the Lord your God am home another program powered by the Truth Network

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