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A Dangerous New Variation of Dual-Covenant Theology

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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August 26, 2021 4:20 pm

A Dangerous New Variation of Dual-Covenant Theology

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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August 26, 2021 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 08/26/21.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network for more terror in Afghanistan to a dangerous theological error recovery today stalking for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of Ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH. Jim is Dr. Michael Brown. Just when you think that things really can't get any worse than they are in Afghanistan that they get worse.

Now the terrible tragic reports coming of the latest news bombings by the Kabul airport will talk about that today.

Take your Jewish related calls or urgent calls and broader subjects relating to Islam here; 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 this Michael Brown glad to be back live in studio.

Hope you appreciate the programming earlier this week started off the week talking about my own testimony and in greater depth than I normally do that that dissent into drugs and salmon God's amazing redemption so hope you're edified by that if you miss that that was the Monday broadcasting Tuesday, talked with the persecuted church about suffering of believers around the world suffering believers in Islamic countries and and focused on Pakistan where we spoke virtually face-to-face and get to see her face intentionally with a bold Pakistani pastor who was in the states spoke with him on Tuesday and yesterday interviewed my colleague, Prof. James Beverly about Jehovah's Witnesses mother losing membership you missed any of those broadcast by all means check them out Esther to on our YouTube channel is Kate your Brown asked Dr. Brown again today our focus thoroughly Jewish Thursday Jewish Israel related. We got some news from Israel.

We've got some news about the meeting with Pres. by the Prime Minister Bennett will be talking about all those things and I do want to discuss a dangerous theological error that's found in some Christian Zionist circles get to that as well.

But the headlines today and is your watching will just put some images on the screen. Otherwise we'll just talk away through this, but bombings outside of the Kabul airport. So again it's it's a it's a chaotic scene there to start you got thousands of people swarming the area swarming the airport desperate to get out Americans Afghanis desperate to get out. They do not want to be there under the Taliban, especially those that are been working with America, let alone just women and young women in general, little Christians, so people doing their best to flee the country. I mean images of of little babies being passed through the crowd and then since rollover Barb were fenced to somebody else to get them out of the country.

One American woman.

I read the account is just jarring that she's very close to the gates, then this a swarm of people and nixing a stampede and she loses her two-year-old daughter wears her two-year-old daughter can find a two-year-old daughter when she finds her.

She's been trampled to death syndrome a few days back. Now the talk of this being Isis ice is being revived yet yet another place for them to expand their terror outreach and with its suicide bombings and now many calls for Pres. Biden to resign and calls for him to be impeached. One Republican congressman said look, if if Pres. Trump could be impeached for a phone call much more for this debacle and like many others, I do not believe that Joe Biden's operating at full capacity.

That seems self-evident. You add in to the fact well you add into the fact that he has these life-and-death decisions to be making and may not be listening to the Council around him as much as he needs to remain up getting the best of counsel and on on its it is is a real crisis. It's real crisis. Now it was just talk about it for a moment.

Dispassionately, I started to write an article about if this was Trump as president. What the left wing media would be doing.

I started to write about that and then I thought that's a stupid article because what the left-wing media would be doing to tromp is what the right wing media is doing to Biden so there you have it in me. That's that's the reality. But let's not make this partisan political now reports of 12 serviceman 12 Americans killed in the bombings that you realize that until now to these recent days that no American serviceman had died in Afghanistan since February of last year so you're talking roughly a year and 1/2 roughly year and 1/2 without anyone dying.

So we were there to stop the sort of terror we were there to hold back certain wrong destructive forces, but it was not in an ongoing way that life-threatening or dangerous, relatively speaking, that every casualty is a tragedy without your family member that's a tragedy and understand that on the downplaying that the 2400 serviceman that that died in her 20 years there. I'm simply saying that it was relatively peaceful, relatively, and now all chaos, breaking loose. This has been terribly mishandled by Pres. Biden. They say no Trump started the bad policies start negotiating with the Taliban start releasing various terrorists.

He was working on agreement with the Taliban tribal factions. It was good to bypass the government and you don't negotiate with terrorists and are still terrorists and all that fair questions fair points, how much of this was started by Trump policy how much of this started with a a wrong approach in the first place, and frankly I don't know what the right approach is on the ground in Afghanistan. Mother wanted to to tell America but is the way to him.

I got I got all the answers for you but for sure for sure we would not of had this crisis. If it was not completely mishandled by the Biden administration. Pres. Trump posted something that he made his share of mistakes for sure that argument that his presidency but he posted something you can't tweet the posted something said this, he said this is the right way to do it. First you get all the Americans and I would say with that.

Those that that have been helping and working together with allies within the country. Given the option of getting out.

Then he said next thing is you get all your equipment out was your arming the terrorists with state-of-the-art latest military technology you get all your equipment out then you bomb your buildings know whatever your bases are a menu to military out, which seems it would seem to be self-evident why friends why did it have to happen the way it happened for what reason.

Can anyone give me a good reason of pulling out the military before you get our citizens out, or the set up and working with us why imminent dangers that the NATO allies and others working together in its is mind-boggling and if in fact Pres. Biden was warned by other experts around him not to do things the way he did. The real tragedy.

The greatest tragedy in that would be if he did it simply to score political points they can work and have our people out 9/11 sky come round will be able to say were out of their so it's a real concern moment, and in it could get worse it could get worse.

I'm hoping to get on the air of long-time colleague and friend, going back to the 80s. Rudy Atallah understands on Glenn Beck's broadcast recently and he is heading up a project.

Glenn Beck is helping fund of getting people left get out of Afghanistan and I just talked to a mutual friend right before the show that they have gotten out.

I believe 1700 people broke out a sensor for that.

I don't know how many Americans and many are Afghans that we been working with. I'm not sure about that but there are people on the ground trying to help so pray that God would give our government wisdom.

If not, if it's not too Pres. Biden then let it be to military security people that he he listens to her other foreign leaders. May God give our government wisdom that's the first thing to do the right thing. Secondly, may God intervene in the midst of the crisis in Afghanistan and in turn this chaos into something that can have redemptive Silverlining may strengthen the believers in that country may strengthen the believers in that country.

Now look, let's be honest, partisan political sword cuts both ways.

Let's be honest and and there are people when Trump was president there laughs concern was the Afghan population scare our people out of there after Muslim countries or their own country.

They do what they want to do, that's their business. Muscular people out of now that there's been a disaster in the tobacco under the Biden administration and there's the realization of what this is going to mean for the Afghan people, especially for the women and the girls along with Christians, but Christmas a tiny tiny minority get so many women and girls and and the rights that they will lose in the future settle before fit and now you got many of the same Trump supporter saying it.

What about the people of Afghanistan. So look where we can all be hypocritical. You criticize the one you praise the other justify when you do it you condemns most major we can all do that there's there's no place for that right now.

Set helpful. Let us pray that God's kingdom will be advanced in the midst of this and that even the tragedy and the chaos and the pain that God will work for good that that somehow will be an awakening among the people of Afghanistan. Because remember, you're talking about the Taliban as radical Muslims, but the people of of Afghanistan are largely devout Muslims. In other words, they they were not fighting Islam as much is this more radical form of Islam. So let's pray for awakening. Let's pray for for supernatural protection. Let's pray for wisdom for the American government as we interact and and look is China going to try to seize the moment and have a greater influence in Afghanistan yet if if you are a role player with nefarious goals, you will try to seize whatever moment you can so how do we pray Lord that your name be hallowed and Afghanistan Lord, your kingdom come to Afghanistan you will be done in Afghanistan on earth as it is in heaven. We are praying for the advancing of the kingdom of God in the midst of Islamic terror in the midst of suicide bombings in the midst of chaos. Pain terrible human loss.

People weeping and screaming and grieving, even as I speak. We are praying for God's kingdom to be advanced for the Lord's name to be hallowed for God to bring good out of evil and light out of darkness with the mercy and compassion of God be poured out on all look to him and Afghanistan again. May he give government leaders in America and around the world. Wisdom may he bring the leaders radical Islamic leaders bring them to repentance may intervene to stop the she was named in Jesus name here on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution of your exam is Dr. Michael Brown show there is always drawing the presence of the Michael Brown his number to call with any Jewish related question of any kind but expand as we often do on a Thursday of if you have something that released was long talk about that as well. 866-34-TRUTH God's presence is fullness of joy. There's a time to dance the time to mourn right now and supports the world's dancing celebration rejoicing great things happening in God moving the places like Kabul great pain great anguish the Lord intervene and have mercy. So to_were dealing with. This is an Islamic scholar in Canada. This talk was picked up by memory TV. This is out of Israel and they monitor around the world, especially in the Middle East and Iran. They monitor what happens in mosques. The either have secret recording devices or the pickup fees that go out in other places and it could be in Arabic, you could be in Farsi and then they translate these into English into Hebrew and you get to see firsthand what's being said. In some cases like this the for the most part this Islamic leader is speaking in English and then at the end gets entire bricks we will play that. But what you hear what he has to say as he mocks Americas. He mocks cabins he mocks Jews and Christians listen to what he has to say they're willing to spend mountains of gold in order to take us away from any sound, so they will spend it, but don't fear any end of the day they're not going to win a lot of others so they will spend it. Then it will mean for them, a source of regret, a source of regret 20 years and finally stand.

I don't need to say anymore as source of regret, then they will be overcome this sound familiar to you. Have you been listening to the news, no photo along the what what is most sacred to us but all of that that they do is only a small portion of what is really in their heart of the ancient and they have towards us in their hearts do not think that the Jews and the Christians are our friends and they are our enemies. I incite judicial supports for your brothers in heaven that is that to establish the city in their lands we seen in the West wants to talk about the rights of women, the rights of women.

Yes, right to be a prostitute her right to sleep around with whomever she wishes.

I want you to understand what those rights are, by the way the rice to be abused right to show Hermione off two men who get off on watching her in porn and in evident that Rachel the one is telling Muslim congregation in this is an Islamic scholar in Canada so his Muslim congregation Jews and Christians are not your friends that the attack and Caliban in the attack on Islamic terror around the world is just a fraction of what's in our hearts to do to destroy Islam. Does he say that in fact he's in Canada and Muslims in America because the goodwill of the North American people that there is no one attacking them and they are free to practice their faith.

This was not trying to attack others say that the reason that we can't Afghanistan in the first place was because the Taliban and gave quarter to Osama bin Laden that was it. President Bush said release him to us. Turn them over to us and you'll be fine. You're not our enemies. But when they became the friend of our enemy. They became our enemy after the atrocities of 9/11, so this this rhetoric is just meant to excite incite more hatred and then stammer the Taliban stand with sharia law that were not looking for the women of Afghanistan to dress like women in America were not looking for when Afghanistan to go to the beach in bikinis. No went out looking for the women. Afghanistan said to get into porn. No were looking for girls to be educated beyond the age of age looking for women to have opportunities. It is to fulfill dreams and visions and said to be doctors and to serve in many of the ways in the society were were looking for people to not live under the threat of sharia law get those those opportunities were looking for but no Resentment like that and that's also a big thing that fuels Islam is the decadence of the West and this is supposed to be a Christian country and Islam looks at us and that that's Christian we don't want it. This is a further issue to deal with and overcome.

May God touch that man may have a Saul of Tarsus experience and encounter the real savior in the real Lord. May God grant him repentance. 866-34-TRUTH you know what was going to take a call that was relating to a subject I was going but I guess her caller couldn't hang on those question want to address.

If you do have a question for me any Jewish related question of any kind, 866-34-TRUTH according to a recent headline. Israeli military authorities are blasting the Biden administration daily wire headline Israeli military officials, blister Biden's Afghanistan pullout withdrawal created a hotbed of terror but limit me take you back and bring you into an Islamic revolutionary concept. I talked about it in my book the new edition revolution an urgent call to a holy uprising, but first edition came out in the year 2000, second edition 2020 and in the book I talk about Islamic terrorist who was involved with a group of people that would that they had they had done a number of of lines of of strategy they had the. The assassins go out and scuttle people and then they had the ones that would go out and educate in the just these different lines of strategy in fact was that we kill people with smoke hash first to get into it an altered state of consciousness and to be more frenzied going on carry out their attacks and the hush-hush smoking hash became assassin. That's where the word assassin comes from hush machine something like that. Basically, but in any case, one of the strategies was to have liberated zones and this is a well-known military strategy. We talked about a different context liberated zones. Let's just say you are in a pitched battle against it. Military battle in your you're trying to retake a city that's been taken by the enemy, but but you are stranded you are on the outskirts you are scattered. Somehow, you need liberated, so you need to get to a place and secure that place so that he can't be attacked or you're relatively safe. There and then set up your communications there other things. And from there from that liberated zone.

You can then spread out to Jeff room to breathe. Room to regroup get your communications going in and from that base you out so they would have liberated zones for the spread of Islam and I've taken it over on the gospel and in terms of be at our local churches or be at or home groups or be in our own families or be a community where the gospel spread that the D's become liberated zones will become together we get our heads clear.

We pray we strategize and we reach out with a message of hate violence, but with a message of love and the gospel.

Okay so was I got to do with Afghanistan. All of Afghanistan. In that sense, or especially pockets of a guesstimate at this point. The whole country can be a liberated zone for terror groups. Now, obviously there can have conflicts among them. They're not all going to get along and there competing for certain similar goals and obviously they want income they want the sex slaves.

The women in the various things like that in Afghanistan the that the heroin opium but you now have a place not just the Taliban thrive, but Al Qaeda gets revived. Leaders can go there and be safe and not be on the run so much and though Isis can get revived and then remember the way this is being put out by the by the terrorists or or by this is Islamic cleric that we just listen to a moment ago. This is a victory for Islam this around these people together. Do you know that on the one hand after 9/11. People were appalled at radical Islam and because many people question what it meant to be a Muslim. But in many other ways.

It was a rallying point. Look at what Islam has done it has struck the heart of the West, it is it is mock the great Satan on his own shores and end of all who walk the bar and so on. So this now. The victory in an Afghanistan. By default, by default by America pulling out the way it did just handing them this victory on silver platter. Now a bloodied silver platter. Tragically, so what happens is now that it opens the door for the whole nation to be flooded with terrorist groups and it's a big enough country and a country where you can get lost in the mountains easily enough that that now you have a potential hotbed for terror and a rallying point. Look at what the Taliban ended look at the humiliation of America and then it it it brings up more and more radicals they they leave where they are and they join together to fight for the cause of a lot of course 10 siblings of Muslims hundreds of millions repulsed by this there more moderate. They hate this, this, it is not our faith.

20 others exactly who they are right that filename will light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael Brown regarding his friends on the early Jewish Thursday on the line of fire just during the break before rejoining you now.

Some just tuning in, joining you of looking at headlines again it's it's the same but distressing quote extremely active threats. These 12 US service members brutally slain African terror blasts world waits to hear from Biden Nikki Haley of the Republicans demand Biden resignation after massacre whiskey scenario, Americans will likely be left behind after deadly blast reverence Kabul sources say paying and blood use US tearing down worst fears after Biden chose stupidest option according to a representative Dan Crenshaw and on and on.

So earlier in the broadcast was just tuning in, we talked about what's happening Afghanistan and even prayed the Lord's prayer with reference to Afghanistan slits continue to do that and from Mr. Bennett from Israel's been scheduled to meet with Pres. Biden. So be their first face-to-face with either of them as national leaders and I just want take a little while to talk about that and go through an article in the Jerusalem Post knelt, I just want to say that this article predates the bombing today in Kabul so I don't know what will shift how things will shift as a result of that, you know, obviously priorities change thinking strange about this. Let's take a look at this article to go through some of it to Bennett to Americans.

We want stability but not to state so his his gophers meeting first with with that with Lincoln and and then with but is for the Americans to understand that the Prime Minister's lies to preserve stability without taking reality, changing steps of before digging the article just summary is that on one hand he said we will not expand settlements, the so-called West banks of Judea, Samaria.

We won't expand those settlements but were not going to negotiate with Mahmoud Abbas either leader, the Palestinian Authority, so when I can consider two states and when I can expand settlements. We just can keep the status quo right now and that's were sinners list lets us go through some of this article in the Jerusalem Post so Israel will not negotiate with Housing Authority prison marking the bus will Abbas will premise enough to lead. Bennett is an office of diplomatic source said on Wednesday.

Just yesterday, but it is in Washington for a series of high-level meetings commenting with one of the White House with US presidential by the which he plans to focus on the Iranian threat. The prime minister seeks to reach shared principles on counter Iran with Biden perfectly with a public statement such as the reliving Iran attain a nuclear weapon instead of just not on my watch as Biden said in the past minutes gophers meeting with US Secretary of State at the blinking set to take place after press time was expressed in history was for the Americans to understand the Prime Minister's lies to preserve stability without taking reality, changing steps right this. There let's talk about a wrong for moment you see what's happening in Afghanistan you see the religious fanaticism of the Taliban and now afresh of ISIS and we seen it of Al Qaeda and Israel sees it on a regular basis from Hezbollah, which is funded by Iran and Hamas, which is also helped by Iran. And yes, you have many Iranians were more moderate Muslims, many who become secular but are forced outwardly to live and look like Muslims, many who in the underground church to become Christians. Many who want to see the overthrow of the radical Islamic government, which has led to Iran since the late 1970s began with Ayatollah Khomeini. So there are many that want to see reform come there many that want to see change come. But right now the leadership of Iran. The most religious leadership is also fanatical and there is because they are Shiites and for example in Saudi Arabia there soon. The Iraqis Shiite and Sunni, but most of the Islamic world is Sunni the mic.

The minority is Sheila, but many of them have an end time mentality cut of their own eschatological viewpoint and there there waiting for that the final imam to be revealed. The mock the there. The Redeemer and and with that they have kind of more than end of the world mentality that other Muslims might have. So you're dealing with religious fanatics you're dealing with those who consider Israel to be there archenemy and the Jewish people living on Muslim land, so it's like someone takes off of the man's wife and is now sleep with her and putting it on TV. Hey, look at us regarding this hotel together, look at us and flaunting it will Israel's father then living in Muslim stolen land's completely legitimate. This is some of the mindset. Now you later Ron get nuclear bombs you so you will. Israel could fight that yellow your timeout millions of deaths triggered you, utterly horrific consequences if you hostess prophesies to have the number one don't ever say something like that so lightly, so blithely Moses could happen.

No number your timeout.

Millions of lives.W trauma One Life little millions of lives know that's that's one thing that always has shocked and grieved me, or as long as I can remember shocked and grieved me as when we talk about end time events so casually and this will happen 1/3 of the population will drive will guys like wailing a second usage throw that I'll just say that. So let's listen minimize the realities here and in the potential loss of human life. Absolutely staggering and yes Israel has nuclear weapons and there's no way that is risky to use them in an Offensive Way, Israel would only use nuclear weapons if their own country was was about to be destroyed by nuclear weapons was attacked and in the in that way, but you have others that would use nukes that look if if if you have suicide if if you have suicide bombers. If you people train for years for the relevant suicide mission. We went to Pensacola, Florida and went to the Naval school and and and learn to fly planes and did all that specifically work for years to get to that point I think of how long Osama bin Laden plan this out.

The amount of years that the amount of these people living double lives to get to that moment which culminates with them killing themselves along with many others or as I've read that there is a long list of of young men in Gaza waiting to be given the privilege of blowing themselves up and then of course Islamic theology being martyred in the cause of Allah in and going to paradise and enjoying 70 versions, and so on forever perpetual versions and feasting and said I mean that's that's the dream. What a demented but a demented vision but if you have few people waiting online sign-up. I watched a powerful documentary about Iran and Ayatollah Khomeini and the rise of radical Islam in the modern world, and there is there is one man, and he would regularly visit the. The cemetery where his two brothers were buried. They died fighting against Iraqi Barack was Islamic a lot of business religious and Iraq was led by Saddam Hussein. So this was a holy war. Iran against Iraq was a holy war and to the brothers were killed and what they would they would do is they they recruited kids 13, 14 years old by the thousands in their job would just be to run in front of the Army and the Iraqi soldiers would just have to mow them down so psychologically it was difficult to do that for them to slaughter some of the kids and and then it was taxing with weapons and ammunition and everything like that. But that was their job run first and get slaughtered by the thousands was a terribly costly war. So this brother is there morning he goes regularly to mourn.

This was a documentary from years ago.

He was regularly to the cemetery to mourn. Why, what Flemish was there and me. He wonders what Cindy was there in me that Allah did not allow me to be martyred in my brother's remark. This this mentality friends very very different mentality. There were there were terrorists in Spain is after 9/11 the horrific terror attack in Spain that took many many laws and they were telling the people there while you Liberty fetuses this and you love life. We love death.

Now I've seen Muslim leaders announce that I've seen Muslim leaders until about devout Muslims in conversations in Arabic, transcendent things and where did we get this idea from, and this is so perverted and wrong and loving death and and others renouncing suicide bombs. You have other voices in his law have enough of these who fanatically embrace these principles and yes, when these people get born again, and many are large numbers of Muslims are coming to faith all around the world and and I don't doubt for second that behind the scenes in Afghanistan.

God is working in ways beyond what we know, I've heard some amazing stories. Secondhand so someone from Afghanistan shared this with a friend who then shared with me such a bad actually an Afghan Muslim came to faith sharing their molecular story and while stories to share it with a friend who then shared it with swords in a reliable source that no doubt the gods moving mightily behind the scenes. I have no doubt that many are coming to faith. I don't doubt that at all. I also don't doubt the level of fanaticism that's there. And although there is a possible way to read the Koran and treat Islamic theology in a way that emphasizes peace and coexistence. The larger argument through history has been that you see things by way of contact conquest that Islam grows by the sword by military expansion, as is my friend Dr. James White is pointed out that Islam begins with Mohammed as a spiritual leader and then he becomes a political leader and then he becomes a military leader and therefore the three have always joined together in Islam seamlessly likely say there is no separation between Islam and state between mosque and state in conservative Islamic countries. So Francis is what replicants this is what Israel is up against this wire. Ron remains a major issue, but God is not sitting on his throne wringing his hands. He is ruling and reigning in looking to us to cry out to him to work together for the redemption of several billion people on the planet. Okay, we come back and talk about a dangerous error % it's the light a fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us on early Jewish Thursday. Did you get my emails. Boy if you don't can I really encourage you to take a moment Susie a break. If you're driving. Obviously we see a break, but grabbed her cell phone gets computer tablet out good asked Dr. SK DR and sign up for our emails. When you do, you'll immediately get a free mini book and e-book seven secrets of the real Messiah. It really takes years. Years of research and embrace data. Seven amazing points.

You'll enjoy that you get some emails right after that, shame about my own testimony from us to PhD about the 3Rs of our ministry.

The third being redemption in Israel. The first revival in the church second gospel base moral and cultural revolution in society. The third redemption in Israel and then let you know every week your latest articles, videos, because we proximity resources. Sometimes it's hard to keep track this privilege. No. You can see with the best helped you.

So take a moment center for emails, SK, DR do that and you will be blessed the meeting between Prime Minister Bennett and Pres. Biden that was posted place would've been 6 PM today because of the couple attack is been put off until tomorrow.

Okay I want to get to a caller to be forward on the first I was talking to a friend, colleague John Burness Jewish was broadcast long time friend, one of our board members and retirement in error that's become increasingly common in Christian Zionism that says that you do not share the gospel with Jewish people that this is not the time for that. This this is that the error for its when the church school taken out so many believe that if just get saved now.

It is as one Christian Zionist leader said by revelation up a proclamation. Of course, our answer is the revelation caused by proclamation, yet God can reveal himself in different ways, like you did salt horses in certain Muslims at certain times.

But revelation comes to proclamation Robison. How can they hear without a preacher. All of us that got saved so many of us Jewish believers. Someone share the gospel with us. I know some that had sovereign visitations but for every one of those I could tell you about 100 or thousand could save us from sharing the gospel with I spoke with some of them. There's a culture of controversy by God to be launching shallot who he was speaking gospel outreach network it in Israel for the first house would be on TV all he be speaking etc. and was being produce the vast majority of the content little local Christian Arabs, local messianic Jews. So on an outcry against it and there were Christian scientists who spoke out against one why you speaking out against Israeli messianic Jews sharing the good news. Be sure with all people in Hebrew in Israel. Should you stand behind that you might not get involved with that because as a Christian you say hey were standing with Israel, supported with Israel, but we are were engaged in humanitarian work etc. and were not seeking to proselytize with but just politically we will stand with Israel and Reese Christian support was okay. I understand that if you are having asked the local Jewish community come and say hey we want to sure support solidarity for Israel. What document I do that and then preach the gospel and for 45 minutes that that would be insulting and wrong in a set up that would be that would be deceptive. It's one thing to say. We follow Jesus. We want everyone to follow Jesus, but that's of this meeting is about this meeting is to stay with you. Great go-ahead. Understand that, but I spoke to some of these people first and Christian Zionist leaders and and what they said.

Shock me that at the end double up there us at the end Jewish people, be safe, but not now posted in every generation there is a remnant according to grace Europe, albeit a mere John Burness or the hundreds of thousands from what we know Jewish believers from the world what and just as the end some magical moment happens without the witness of believing Jews and Christians for for years and years and years and years and years. So what's a dangerous about that was so dangerous. As you will surely gospel people today what so dangerous that people need to hear, but usually don't hear about him what was so dangerous is that if if you are Christian friend of mine you had this idea before I was saved to share the gospel with me and I die and simply lost. What a horrible teaching where horrible doctrine in the eye. The idea that the gospel remains Roman 16 to the Jew first and also to the Gentile. So it is a real dangerous really wrong really heretical belief and as many of my friends and Jewish ministry said this is the most anti-Semitic thing you can do is withhold the good news of the Messiah, Jewish person, so this is still there and insert services growing so will you do about it.

Pray for the salvation of Jewish people ask God to use you to share the good news with Jewish people support ministries like ours that are on the front lines of reaching Jewish people with the good news yeah and so what about anybody else what you think were doing most of the rest of the time all ministry are all ministry which supports missionaries around the world and which, by God's grace through our schools has has raised up and sent out many missionaries we have a missions movement fire international menu support ministry gift asked Dr. Brown, the firstfruits of what comes in every month goes to reach people around the world emissions and Jewish people. Firstfruits goes right there. We we support. It's been hundreds of thousands of dollars more over the years that we have poured in by your with your help.

Okay so were active around the world. I've been I've been to Israel what 16 times have been of the United States over hundred 50 or missionaries all over the world, but we don't neglect Israel and the gospel manages to do first, so anyway it's a serious error. It's a very serious error must be combat all right this gramophones will go over to Joseph in Rocky Mount and Georgia.

Welcome to light a fire, graphic revenue sure your more morbid, but also the question of court rather than be logically implicated Jewish and art of Mormon? One of your position on the theory will call it the Islamic entry card agreement figure approaching her career coming yet it's I really don't know who the antichrist will be in terms of nationality. There have been teachings for decades that the antichrist will be European.

There are some who believe he'll be a Jew, and end.

To me this not this of the civilian anti-Semitic notion rather that the Jews are waiting for the Messiah. And if there seem to be a messianic figure rise up among the Jewish people that brought world peace. That obviously I could be in antichrist figure he would be the true Messiah but Joel Richardson's idea and others that there could be an Islamic antichrist. Let me just say this and has as much credibility as any other theory to me and I honestly I don't. In my view, I don't believe there's enough Scripture to tell us enough detail so that we could really surmise her guests but one thing about the Joel Richardson theory is it comes up with some possible ideas of how there could be 1/3 temple built in where we currently have the dome of the rock, because if Israel and Israel's no intention of doing this. But if Israel demolished the dome of the rock and started to build third temple. That's the end of the world basic. That is the final world war a just World War III. I mean the war to end all wars.

The whole world would be an absolute terminal upper end and there would be no like okay we got through the bad time that we just move on. So how could that happen us.

Some say will if there is a future template will be billed to the people elsewhere, but to my knowledge Scripture does speak of a future template. Respondent mean and millennial kingdom built by the Lord were blessed little blending before the Lord returns, it seems to be from Scripture that there will be 1/3 temple built so the Joel Richardson theory is well Islamic antichrist could make this arrangement with Israel, and say listen, we will give you this area and you can build your temple, and that would seem miraculous. I mean, that would howl to select that happen and then if the Muslim world would agree with the Jewish world. If you get of harmony therein suits Uno. In other words, you gotta connect a lot of different pieces almost at different puzzles and make them fit and when I first got saved you are taught a certain way and okay this is the antichrist of than the left behind series popularized to the certainly but honestly, and not to be agnostic on this.

If the Bible gives us more info. I simply don't see enough information in the Bible to give me any indication that I can say with any clarity who antichrist will be again not identifying a person obviously can't do that now, but the European or Jewish or Islamic or something else, some other they were not thinking about don't know but I do know this or that what we've seen with the pandemic. With the push for vaccination of vaccinations government sing either way. But with people's and you can't do this or that, without being vaccinated.

If you have a real world crisis. I mean a real world crisis far worse than the pandemic and now you can't buy or sell without certain things.

But here's the one he's gonna fix the economies got is no more starvation and no more feminine and you just have to go along with this and and submit to this one world government. A whole lot of people will do. You could see and especially if he had then miraculous powers behind them while they could at our friends. That's where we keep our eyes on Jesus, the true Christ, the true Messiah.

Keep your eyes on him and you never follow a false Messiah back with you tomorrow all your questions are questions regarding another program powered by the Truth Network

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