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We Cannot Sleep Our Way Through the Coming Revolution

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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August 16, 2021 5:40 pm

We Cannot Sleep Our Way Through the Coming Revolution

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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August 16, 2021 5:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 08/16/21.


The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network friends, we are in the midst of all kinds of social and cultural upheaval to church is to lead the way will be ready for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown was the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH paradigm is Dr. Michael Brown. Obviously Afghanistan's on everyone's mind the tragic events taking place right now. The disastrous pullout under Pres. Biden at the bottom of the hour and comment on it. So the bottom of the hour we would come back to Afghanistan.

Welcome to the broadcast. This is Michael Brown. Thanks so much for being with us today and I can focus and Afghanistan dislodge absorb this a lot to think through a president binds going to make an address to the nation. Actually, while I'm on the air so no I will not be going off the air to watch his address, but it's absolutely tragic. It's tragic for so so many reasons will comment that but I'm not focusing on that right now. Today I was away in prayer over the weekend and my heart was stirred in some of the ways I thought this is so critical, so crucial that I need to focus on this today and not just join in the chorus of voices talking about the tragedy in Afghanistan. So stay with me. I believe one of them share with you is can be life impacting. Here's number to call if you want to weigh in, interact, 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7884 friends. One of my roles on the radio when our roles with our podcast or Internet feed is to be a son of Issachar.

In other words, to be someone who understands the times and understands what we should do is God's people.

Often we miss what's happening in society. Often things develop in front of her eyes and then were caught in a reactive mode. Things happen. We react and were ever reacting to the latest negative trend in society, almost like Costley fighting back supposed to leading the way as God's people were not dependent on the political parties were not dependent on elections were not dependent on the state of the world around us to shine like lights with cyclic and first Chronicles chapter 12 first Chronicles chapter 12 beginning in verse 23 and there we read these are the numbers of the divisions of the armed troops who came to David in Cabrillo to turn the kingdom of soul over to him. According to the word of the Lord manager being shield and spear was 6800 armed troops of the Simeonites, mighty men of valor, 7100 of the Levites, 4600 prints your height of the house Samaritan with them 3700's adult young man mighty invalid 22 commanders from his own father's house. The Benjamite sickens him saw 3000 of whom the majority had to that point Their allegiance to the house of Saul of the F provides 20,800 mighty men of valor famous men in their father's houses of the half tribe of Manasseh 18,000 are expressly named to come in McDavid King skipped verse 33, of Zebulun, 50,000 season troops, equipped for battle with and support help David with singleness of purpose goes on over down to verse 37 of the Ruben Eidson's and get ice and 1/2 tribe of Manasseh from beyond the Jordan, 1100 20,000 men armed bulletins want to go back to verse 32 because you got all these warriors you got all these mighty men you got all these men trained for battle battle tested. But look at verse 32 of Issachar. So these are the, the leaders permissive car that join with David to help establish them in the kingdom of Issachar men who had understanding of the times to know what Israel ought to do 200 chiefs another kinsman under the commensal. It's the smallest number by far listed any justice anything about being battle tested.

It doesn't say anything about their weaponry, rather would they brought to the equation was they understood the times and knew what Israel should do our friends, please hear me for a moment, we often get caught up within time prophecy what's happening here is his headline time with the Bible was happening in Israel is a time with the end of the age. Can we set dates, years, things like that and for the most part while were doing that we fail to disable what's happening today and how we respond. What is God saying to us what we do, not the reactionary way but in the way of leading the way and as I'm getting reports.

Even today, several more reports from different parts of America of the Holy Spirit being poured out some church services actually three reports today. Some church services were regards moving in ways people not seen in years. Some on the streets under tents preach the gospel to the lost God's moving things are happening, what are we supposed to do. How does this relate to us as God's people want to take you back in history. I want to share some quotes with you that I've shared in the past, got them in a number of my books but I pull them out together to to help you feel the impact of of when the church sees things but doesn't see things.

It seems what's happening outwardly but doesn't recognize was happening behind the scenes and we could see example last year with with protests and riots in our streets we could see the rise of social justice warriors we could see a lot of negative NT fun extremes of BLM movement and all of this with a single.

It is there something else going on behind that is or something deeper going on is there research on a level or something that young people are looking for what what are we to say to that, as opposed to just exposing the darkness which we should do.

But if something were to speak to and can these people truly convert it truly converted be enlisted in some world changing endeavor friends again are broadcast is not to duplicate a thousand other broadcasts are broadcast is not to do what others are doing well. Our art goes on to be redundant, but to bring you something now that we believe the Lord is laid out our hearts for your good and to equip us for what is coming look at this quote goes back to 1967. This is William Ward air in the journal business take a sacred so this is July 1967.

If the Lord tarries young men now preparing for the ministry will be preaching for at least 20 years and most complex revolutionary.

It is been seen in modern times.

This revolution is not like the many political upsets of Europe and South America. Today's arising is world revolution. He was dead on. He was absolutely right in the name of this article is preaching to combat the present revolution is solution was to preach strong doctrine from the pulpit, though of course that's in short, of course, I agree in principle that we need to ground people in the word and truth. But there was much that was missing and that because this message needed to be brought out onto the streets in a way that that reached that the young seekers of the revolutionaries and the radicals to help bring them into a radical encounter with Jesus. In other words, there is a recognition of the extreme revolutionary times in which they were living back there in 1967 in the midst of the counterculture revolution but not a widespread understanding of this is how we sees the moment so that as things move forward the cultural shift in a godly way, rather than an ungodly way, liquid, Bill Bright, founder of campus Crusade wrote in his book revolution now 1969 we live in the most revolutionary period of human history, social Band-Aids and reform antiseptics give little hope for sure, or even improvement revolution is needed, you can experience this revolution affect you can help bring it to passerby that he was talking about being born again and sharing the gospel with others so so he recognized the revolutionary times in which we live and how about evangelist Tom Skinner, Tom Skinner said I'm convinced 1970's book, which revolution I'm convinced America is at a crisis.

Our revolution is inevitable. It's just a matter of which faction is going to prove strongest and will win out in the end a look at this talk about prophetic words. I believe most Americans are so apathetic that they will just sit back and go to whoever wins the struggle so my question is, what were church leaders thinking that what were our national leaders thinking more pastors think what what what were denominational leaders thinking from a born-again people to let people know the Lord know the word over they think yes you have voices like Francis Schaeffer and others really warning about where things were going, but as I've said time and time again, for the most part the church so the outward rebellion, those that lead to the preacher rapture were convinced this was the last great apostasy. Jesus was coming any minute.

They saw the falling away. So the six drugs rock 'n' roll Eastern religion. They didn't see behind it that search for more. They didn't see behind it that cry that there's got to be more than the American dream is gotta be more than eating and drinking and sleeping going to school and getting a job and having a family. This gotta be more Satan recognize that filled the void with all these carnal destructive things the church for the most part didn't recognize that unique moment in history but but but it gets worse, because there are lasting implications from the counterculture revolution and in many cases the implications of where it was going that was missed as well. Look what Roger Kimball wrote Roger Kimball in his book the Long March how the cultural Revolution of the 60s changed America wrote this in your 2000's of the age of Aquarius did not end when the last electric guitar was unplugged at Woodstock lives on our values and habits in our tastes, pleasures and aspirations loose on a special or educational cultural institutions and in the degraded pop culture permeates our lives like a corrosive fog was sometimes tempted to ignore it reliving in the aftermath of a momentous social and moral assault looked like this, when away. Woodstock knowledge dissipated, and maybe the hippies were cutting their hair and so on and you know it just there was this thing that happened in the 60s, when we note didn't go away. Continue in many many different ways. They continued with radical feminism continued with gay activists and continued with with many other social and political ideologies taking root opposites give you one example Bill Ayers who was a weatherman bomber so he was involved in antiwar movements were with a actually bombed buildings so he's is convicted is guilty of being involved there. What's his long-term legacy while he doesn't and up and rotting in a prison. He ends up as a college professor as someone that many understand help mentor Brock Obama and helped infuse some radical ideology in him. But this happened pervasively and continues furtive. It continues to go is as the hippies rollers living on communes getting high but now becoming professors becoming business leaders now becoming influencers in Hollywood shift. It shifted culture with the church doing friends, we can sleep away another revolution for cleansing by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice and moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us on the line of fire. May I draw your attention to two recent articles.

One of them up on the stream

My perspective is shifting meaning as much as I'm concerned about the direction of Americas as much as I'm concerned about our future is much as I believe we hang in the balance really is revival or we die. To quote the title of my book coming on October is much as I feel grieved and burdened my overall feeling my overall sense especially is a spent time alone with God is his great hope and expectation is refresh wave of revival that I believe is starting to stir in many parts of America could sweep the nation for years to come, during which time we must take strategic tech steps. The good, the future of the nation, so check that article out up on the stream and on the website Esther to a.s. Kate DR check out the article on Pied Piper preachers and the gospel with no requirements gospel with no responsibility continues to be at epidemic levels in America 866-34-TRUTH against the bottom of the hour.

I'm going to comment briefly on the ongoing tragedy in Afghanistan and step back do more thinking Readmore pray more and then see what I have to write an essay about it that will that will add the let's just be a repetition of what everyone else is saying or others are saying okay, look at what gay activist David Rubin said he's talking about what happened in 1969 Stonewall riots happen subsequently and he said how does that singular event in June 1969, become the Fountainhead for so many of the changes that have made the world so different for queers. 30 years later. So is writing this book, 1999. Thereabouts is answer. It spawned the Gaylor liberation movement towards the riots spawned a movement, and in other movements. He said the gay activists alliance stood for writing the revolution into law so gay activists and okay to protest the move will bring about change that we want those changes to be written in the law.

This is insight and foresight that they had. While many Christians were just grieved over the direction the nation was going.

Although individual members will ally themselves to causes not directly related to the oppression of homosexuals. The organization single issue focus and able to direct all of its energies toward working intensively in on with and against quote the establishment on issues affecting lesbians and gay men so they had a focus. There was a movement out of that movement.

Many different branches at and what I've seen happen with the church friends just to be straight with you. To be candid because we can mishandle things in the days ahead.

It would be utterly tragic, perhaps irreparably so in terms of America so what I believe happened is you have Christian organizations that the family research Council and others that are lobbying that are working with elected officials that are working to get out the vote that are educating voters and things like that and they have their roles somehow we shifted from, prayer, prayer, prayer, let the politicians do what they do, shifted to we all got political as opposed to let the church as a whole do is called to do, which is on the ground in the communities where it is throughout America making a difference and then let's get educated.

Let's vote that support those organizations which to lobby. But, one from super spiritual super political and both miss things wildly dramatically. Okay, look at this.

What you see some of the effects of the sexual revolution, Esq. magazine 1982.

The revolution enjoyed one swift victory after another filmed and printed erotica so sexually explicit material that would have shocked in 1965 elicited yawns. In 1975.

I'm indeed these things actually happen.

Just show sudden shift of morality and an the church tens of millions of Americans watched it happen listener you can stop moral decline but I'm saying there's an alertness that helps you live a different way.

Within less than a decade, Esq. said the sexual experiments of West Coast college students and hippies became the stuff of everyday life for blue-collar workers in Des Moines and Texarkana.

Perhaps never before had such a radical shift in mores occurred so short a time. This is looking back at it retrospectively in 1982 and even Mad Magazine which was the satirical radical publication of the day. I grew up with a subscription to mad that my dad got me read it cover to cover. Basically three months when he came in they had a special edition in 1968, a hippie addition and one of them just devoted to what was happening in hippie culture was always interspersed that was written by a lot of hippies from the Jewish hippies on top of it so I've noticed my book revolution in the church that Matt even had the insight to recognize how many Jewish seekers there were in the 1960s generation creating hippie name searches Bahama Tishman Zinn Rappaport and Shaw burned down, and featuring a counseling column by Abba Mehta been a dog which is Hebrew for father, son of man who is was billed as a mystic, a seer profit a poet or freethinker and an aluminum storm door salesman obviously had to make a living, where the questions posed them came from rattled living in Chicago.

This is 1968, Mad Magazine dear Abba approaching 30 and I still haven't found God. Man getting uptight over how and where can I find him. Abba replied to Randall don't usually call Tony looking for.

Next time I see several get what I'm saying is spiritual talk was everywhere in the midst of sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll there was Eastern religion in the midst of all the fleshly sin in the midst of the rebellion is in the midst of the anti-Vietnam War protests in the midst of the massive generation There was a deep spiritual search again, there's the old saying if you remember the 60s, you weren't there, but those of us who were there and do remember remember the spiritual search that I look at this.

This is so fascinating the pollsters did not see this coming. This is Larry Eskridge in his book, God's forever family. Jesus people movement in America is a going into the 1960s, there was little indication of the cultural term or that would swarm around a sizable segment of the baby boom generation. Later in the decade. In fact, if the expert. Experts were to be believed. The rising generation of adults to be appeared to fit in quite nicely. Their oldest values and expectations that was certainly the thrust of the late 1961 survey of American youth by posters George Gallup and Evan Hill. Their research indicated that American teenagers were happy with their world, if not downright complacent crank out according to Galpin Hill. The typical American youth shows few symptoms of frustration is most unlikely to rebel involving self and crusades of any kind. Can you believe that 1961 things at the exact opposite. The 100% exact opposite of what I she happen in these repetitive respected posters. They did not see what was coming here is another quote Eskridge further noted that Gallup and Hills findings were very similar to those put forth in 1962 article by Harvard sociologist Talcott Parsons.

The general orientation. He said of American teenagers appeared to be an eagerness to accept higher orders of respectability and a readiness to work within the system. Two years later, Parsons from the situation be much the same. Indeed, he believed that youth were generally becoming more conservative and perhaps more. Most important, seem more amenable to adult control person sentiments records echoed in a statement by one university administrator who opined in the early 1960s that employers will love this generation.

To be easy to handle.

As I wrote in revolution in the church. Yes, the generation which within a few years, would be in full scale rebellion thing generation gap burning draft cards gathering and rose for the sum of love in San Francisco creating havoc at the Chicago Democratic convention in 1968 celebrating a mass storage of the affirmation sex drugs and rock 'n' roll at Woodstock. That generation was in court having with the world is not downright complacent Chilcote few symptoms of frustration being unlikely to rebel involving social crusades of any kind, demonstrating little spirit of adventure and being content to pursue the American dream while and that's actually for my book outlasting the gay revolution while while while and then who saw the Jesus revolution coming to Jesus people movement beginning in 1967. It is a cover stories on time magazine look magazine life magazine that would become the talk of the nation. So I got say became a heavy drug use during the counterculture revolution that saved in the Jesus revolution 1971. It's probably the peak year. So many people I know got saved. Friends, I'm telling all that because we are right that we are in right now we are in one of the greatest cultural upheavals in our nation's history. That's self-evident. That's obvious tremendous shaking last year on going shaking this year and there are pockets around America were God is pouring out his spirit there is going to be a great harvest. Are we ready and will we know what to do and can we instead of just being reactionary.

Get the mind of God. Get the heart of God, and lead the way in a gospel based moral and cultural transformation. A gospel based moral and cultural revolution friends. We can talk about these things for many years. Here we are in the thick of it, will we be sons and daughters of Issachar understand the times.

Knowing God's people should do your here again is Dr. Michael Brown strings for joining us today on the line of fire. It is heartbreaking to see what is happening in Afghanistan. I want to take some time to reflect a little bit more of what a step back and see the developments in recent years the president tromped and now the disastrous situation under Pres. Biden want to give some thought to the larger picture and then at that point comment in more depth either in writing or on this broadcast but let me say this plainly is as you look at the pictures look at the videos of of the Taliban and in the presidential palace, I mean boom president flees in and there they are in the presidential palace and an one lead figures recently released from from prison and this is part of the deal with Trump administration is as Taliban going to work with the Afghan government and and try to have some some peaceful resolution to the decades-old conflict there. UTC house quickly things happen and now the other shock of the bone collapse that is so so quick and ML images from the airport.

If you go over there. I mean tragic, as is people are are running down the that the tarmac with military planes whole holding up literally holding onto the plains as as as there is a fly off to try to get out of the country for fear of what the talismanic to do to them there there that terrified. Three reports haven't watch the videos carefully, but you'd see people apparently falling off the plains as as a taking off as you try to hold on think that they been that desperate to hold onto a plane that's going up into the air with the hope it is getting out of the country. The terror is is palpable and and atrocities. From what I understand already taking place.

They have the very small Christian population, which was largely underground. What happens to them under the Taliban and then of course of course the women in the girls under the Taliban and the such an oppressive system. It it it is gift. Instead, it Afghanistan is strongly devoutly Muslim and and eight a very committed form of Islam. In other words, not a nominal Islam, but a very serious slump at the Taliban go to another level Taliban in that respect. Are all the more primitive so it's it's not like you've got modernism, say under the Shaw before he felt Ayatollah Khomeini in in the late 1970s.

It's like you have a move towards modernism and Westerners and everything shifting dramatically and then you need this other group to pull you back to the old fundamental is no this is a conservative Muslim country that remains conservative Muslim but fighting off the the complete takeover of the even more radical Taliban must just remember them and this is been quoted day and night, and if you listen to this broadcast regular you know I do not spend my time bashing Joe Biden. This is not been saying it repeatedly in recent weeks. I do not get on the air.

We did read my articles. Biden did this by did this bad Biden, but that's not what I'm doing but this is one thing went tragically, that that as things stand now, barring some utterly remarkable unexpected, almost miraculous turn of events Joe Biden's names can be associated this with this living intimate look look at look at what he said I'm good.

You just go back to the last month in headlines now even even on CNN and MSNBC and and others there bashing Biden now Biden sitters quote no circumstance in which US citizens would be evacuated from Kabul by helicopter five weeks before exactly that this is no certain this was in July we pull out and finished getting all her people up there is no circumstance under which this would happen in this is not Saigon metallic banner, not the North Vietnamese ideologically. Therefore, more primitive than the North Vietnamese and then what about all the blood that we should all the American casualties all the young men and women that lost their lives were that remained were that we came came back destroyed with PTSD there is still suffering to this moment what. And as we approach the 20th anniversary of 9/11, which is what triggered us to get into Afghanistan in the first place. What an absolute tragic state of affairs.

One of these things were you, remember where you were when you got the news of the sudden fall of the Taliban sweeping through another president fleeing Afghanistan live taken over the presidential palace and ended the terror of those that were helping Americans and working with our government and trying to be a bridge some kind those are likely some of the ones that were trying to cling to the plains to get out of the country so may God have mercy on the people of Afghanistan under certain level in terms of Islam in terms of their faith in terms of how they live. That's on them.

In other words, those are choices they have made. Historically, we pray for God to open the hearts and minds.

But as far as progress that women were making changes in the educational system under the Taliban. What could you women be educated to the age of age. Some of that other was to work in the poppy fields and things. It's just tragic to see what the women who are serving as mayors in different cities and what happens to them so may God intervene made this tragic series of events somehow be used to draw people to the Lord and in the May God allow the blood of those slain those that gave their lives to try to stop this very thing in Afghanistan.

May God remember their blood get more to say is a process. This more. My goal is not just a pylon is not my goal but obviously these are things that needed to be said, 86634 and with that we go to the phones will start with Jerry Kia in Harker Heights, Texas.

Welcome to the line of fire around a quick question on you know that America United of America believe the call to shabbily develop right now the document like that and I don't know. It would strengthen document got it 90 political parties so I have a question about how do you balance you know the executive member you don't believe you felt the bent part of the OPEC back to with you know like what happened in Portland, Oregon where the police deliberately did not defend the Christian. I mean, what are you doing a situation like that.

Would you believe in bent and loving your your your neighbor adopted defendant that prominent breasts are like that.

What I would be fitting again audit life without my 9 mm it started shooting shooting at deeper so first thing is, if we are attacked for the gospel or first impulse or first attitude should be, rejoice the reserve or first attitude should not get the bad guys are first response should be hey this is for Jesus here is just like if your your street preaching and somebody comes up to an end and you just keep preaching the gospel until you shut up, man is my block shut up you say hey I have every right to be here a dysfunctional good news in the gut punch in the face you rejoice because it's for the gospel in your first reflex is not okay on in a kick this guy in the groin and taken out so your first reflex.

So I want to start their because many times as Americans we don't start their that's rule and start no matter who it is. Whether it's the police whether it's NT for with some thug on the street. My first reaction like preachers and leaders for 2000 years is rejoice that we were counted worthy to suffer reproach for the gospel. Also, ask yourself this question at L get to the second part, the Triska also asked yourself this question if if you're watching this on video and and you are a gospel preacher in an's and telling someone hey I just wanted you to know God loves you. He has a better plan than the way you're living.

Jesus died to set you free from sin. If you turn to him, have mercy on you and forgive you and give your brand-new life and and the guy next thing you know punches you in the face if you stand up and say hey if you only knew how much he loved you. If you only went how how would that play out in terms of the testimony versus if you block them is your skill ditto boxer MMA block. Tim encountered and knocked him out would not bring a mockery to the gospel. So let's start there.

That's the first thing the second thing is self-defense is perfectly legitimate. It's it's absolutely legitimate.

In other words, if someone breaks into your home. This matter if you're Christian or not they break into your home and they they want to hurt you, your family, you have the ability to subdue them or stop them perfectly legitimate perfectly right is not what Jesus was talking about terms of turning the other cheek which is is our right to retaliate, so now we take into were on the streets and and we get attacked for the gospel and the police don't intervene.

If you took out a gun and started shooting people, but city started attacking you are punching your orb; life you take out a gun and start shooting people. I would say you crossed the line. It's one thing. Even when Mike noted are involved in. You keep rolling back so that you protect the children you stand around the children as a shield, but the whole thing is look Jesus had put put the sword back in and she's because those who live by the sword die by the sword.

The next thing you gonna have you know at the church services instead of just good security and using wisdom you have tanks outside you havoc everyone it's got a gun I want you position on the outside with so if that's the case to the rep persecution. Anyway, just get militias together to stop, so I'm not saying that the ear again. If you simply said if we stood against these people. They attacked and and we push them back and we fought them off because the police did nothing. We have to weigh that out if it's for gospel preaching and now the police who are who have the role of getting involved if they they don't it's it's almost like the government authorities that are saying that the persecution come, but Jesus said if you persecuted one city, flee to another agency raise up on militias. If you would simply said would be right for us to stand there and get in their way.

Is there attacking or try to push them away or push them back was to the police doing something and you try to keep them away and now don't get into a fist fight yourselves that would be one thing in my view, to be another thing, if you pull out your gun and start shooting. In fact, I think under the law, you… Been told, you went too far, went beyond what rights work. Listen, let's let's hear from others, 866-34-TRUTH number to call and I will talk about this more.

My brother we will continue to address this in the days ahead. Thanks for the call. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the light of ironbound by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown, Amy, thanks for your comment on Facebook.

Please functionality of the American right to protect yourself family youth threatened there is so if the police are there there not responding and you feel threatened. It's okay to pull out your gonna start shooting people and killing them go to jail for that for overreaction are going too far a question that little respect question it. Okay before I go back to the phones, 866-34-TRUTH.

We have acquired two great new stations in Ohio, especially in Toledo and Dayton. Your listening right now on 106.5 that you either on WTO D or W TKD I believe you know the call letters one, 6.5 if you're listening right now. I will give you free book yeah I want to send you a free copy of my recent book has God failed to fighting faith. We do not even sure God is real, so if you're listening on the radio don't go get off the Internet that would flip on the radio to find the signal before listening right now over two great stations in Ohio, Toledo, Dayton areas especially. But beyond listening on 106.5 look to give you a free copy of my recent book has God failed to fighting faith. When you ensure God is real and for those don't have the book you are interested in it. You're allowed to buy everything that it 6634 let's go to Mike and Raleigh, North Carolina.

Welcome to the line of fire going around doing well thank you. Forgive me for sounding negative but the call and ask you with all the movement towards one world government. I'm just curious how it is that we should be hopeful that there's going to be revival. Yeah things are soon to be going the other way for the Lord revolution that was about. Help us to think could both be happening at the same time yet. My first nothing to apologize for. It's a very valid question. It's a fair question on the mass run a number of levels. Number one, historically, is often what one thinks of the worst when things are falling apart when society is collapsing.

That revival happens so that to me is is one of the greatest precursors for revival because one things are okay prospering doing well overall rocket and 20 part of the seams.

People tend to get complacent often forget God is often during times of crisis. Just the fear.

Fear of death and the uncertainty in the depression and everything is have because of COBIT and then so much political turmoil and and so much pain so this is in essence a perfect backdrop for revival. You know every single day when it's the absolute blackest, darkest at night immediately after the service get lighter. So that's one thing a second thing is I'm hearing reports from around the country.

I was expecting. These reports are to be honest I been expecting this for some couple years now but I'm hearing reports from around the country of outpourings and people just reaching out to meet and sing. Dr. Brown were were having a move of God in our services. We haven't seen this before, or pastor saying where we were seeing so many people getting saved left and right. I mean, there's a harvest there something going on so that's that that's the second thing's third thing is a feeling deeply in my gut before the Holy Spirit came in in power with a series of of refreshing and and renewal movements. Beginning in the in the run 9394 95 and from there different parts of America North America white ring around the world.

I was sensing something was getting near my last book on him. Revival that came out before this was published March 1995 in the closing words were, are you ready three months later the fire fell in Pensacola so I been sensing it it's growing. When I when I get alone with God. I feel it overwhelmingly, and for a few years not have this internal vision.

Just in my minds eye I saw an army of evangelists all over America on the streets. Intense on street corners behind pulpits preaching in the mass harvest of souls and had a promise in my own heart for many years about being in the thick of a gospel based moral and cultural revolution and obviously right now societies and complete upheaval of the last thing is I do not see Revelation type events happening at. I see a lot of things that could point towards it, but I don't see that happening yet and even Revelation there's a multitude that no one could number getting saved at all types of tribulation.

So even if you interpret that as a future. It speaks of a massive harvest so those of the various reasons. What I see in society what I see God doing in the church. What I feel in my own heart should also mention that I've heard quite out of the blue from a number of different leaders and then reread some books written a few years ago for people been involved in past revival movement sing something something fresh is happening on the how it will happen in full.

It may resemble previous outpourings. It may be very different than others. This much I know we must seize the moment that last point is that there have been prayer movements for years and years and years.

Your international house of prayer in Kansas City they they have passed more than two decades of 24 seven worship and prayer. I've been part of massive stadium events were tens of thousands are in some cases outside the stadium. Several hundred thousand come together all day to fast and pray and cross gun. These are not political meetings. These are God have mercy on American progress. I don't believe he's turning a deaf ear to us so will not encourage you to do. Mike is so open your heart to the Lord, don't believe it just because I'm saying it open your heart to the Lord and and ask him to give you insight and above all, this is a constant asked God for waking your life. If it's needed. I was on my knees last few days and much what I prayed for was a deeper awakening in my own life were for returning to first love of anything right rough fallen away and miss that for fresh fire so the fire fall fresh made start you and me and as we start to see things happening. This is the key because seize the moment we got it we gotta be ready for the harvest. We gotta turn that the converts into real disciples and and then we we've got a branch out. We we've gotta lead the way in ministries of compassion to the poor and the hurting we we've got to set of abandoning the systems around us.

We've got to infiltrate with the gospel and with with quality Christian leadership where we can hey Mike, thank you for the call bullet means a lot to me. Which one is asked the question writing to say I can't believe the sky so give it some thought. Give it some thought. Thank you sir 866-34-TRUTH arts go to Jim in Abbeville, South Carolina.

Thanks much for calling the line of fire.

Thank you. I some remarks regarding the fellow that talked about the belt on the workshop in Oregon yeah and basically on your response that you know and all seriousness I am somewhat flabbergasted at how you responded to him. I'm not sure that your response in Acton was applicable to the time that was going on so there's a timeframe you know and Ecclesiastes were here about. There's a time for this in the contraband. And I won't go all the time comparisons but I think you know in chapter 3.

In others a time to be born in a time to die. There's a time to hate.

A time to love. I'm not been those things. Those are coming out of the Scripture and it is time to learned it's really time to murder.

No there's not a time for murder, but there may be a time to kill.

Yes sir. Read by okay live by the sword is different than dying by the unit living by the sword is not an appropriate birth. I don't think because it it it indicates that I am living out a life that I contact you because Jesus just said it was Peter to striking Malka sincere was that Peter was going on killing people that when I brought up that because this is the very thing that I want to get Jesus knew what time it was everything time he was on the face of your okay it wasn't always Shiva stored Peter. Sometimes he fed take the sword with you this time… And constant heritage, and I don't want to distract you because you got that along the 25th. I don't strike you from that.

I want you to take the remainder the tank is robust at a time. Just tell me what you think the right response was an analogy, take this and so I have to interrupt at the end. So what would the right response have been there important for the right response for the men to get together as men, not as the bottom meet mild Jesus that we try to portray him at get together as men and move against that crowd because I watch the whole thing in and he said that Antiqua situation. It was for the men for the purpose not to over just overcome but for the purpose to protect the children and women that were in the crowd. If you noticed Jerry, Jerry, said the SunTrust jerk. I said take our guns and shoot. That was my question is, those are said by all means protect but take out gun and shoot slows and set appropriate time thing and I agree with you, and in terms of the gun issue no. Okay there were gun was not appropriate in that position.

But what was appropriate was for the man to physically move against the members of Antiqua and stop them from throwing firecrackers rock and everything else at the women and children. I think, quite honestly, stir. I think that was a cowardly move.

It was something that the church has been implementing with their masculinity in in the pulpit.

That's really what I feel and I think it was inappropriate for the men in that crowd to do what they did to Christian men.

Gotta hey Jim, you got the last word in there.

Thanks. I was specifically responding to taking a gun shooting but will continue this conversation. Thanks for calling and different with me. I really appreciated doubling we will continue the conversation. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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