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The Meaning of the Hebrew Root Rapha

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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August 5, 2021 4:40 pm

The Meaning of the Hebrew Root Rapha

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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August 5, 2021 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 08/05/21.

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Line of Fire
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Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. So God sitting next is 15 that he was Israel's role Faye what exactly does that mean stock for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of the fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown and friends to our thoroughly Jewish Thursday broadcast 866-34-TRUTH really blessed today to come into the studio and see the Hebrew translations of the real culture Jesus or in your bun sent over from Israel folks that contribute to the project early on.

We want to send it out as a thank you gift to them.

But I tell you more about that later. I shared what it was officially released in Israel. Now I got copies so excited about that.

We dig into the Hebrew Scriptures open of the Hebrew language together yet and any Jewish related Hebrew related Israel related question of any kind by all means give me a call 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884 is number to call us some interesting news relating to Israel and the Olympics talk about that as well. Okay I wrote my doctoral dissertation on the Hebrew root rough normally translated to heal, which is the primary usage of the route and the way she's right up to this day. If you go to a Doctorate Cir., Faye from that same route, but I felt as I dug deeper that the fundamental meaning of the root was to restore. Make a hole out of which flowed very different meanings, including healing, not the reason I wrote my doctoral dissertation on this was, I came to faith in a Pentecostal church that believed in praying for the sick, and that said miracles were for today and for sure I saw God do something so that very powerful, supernatural and real but the biggest things the toughest things that the things that meant the most in terms of miraculous healing nursing cripples Walker blind seek.

I didn't see that after some years, I began to question what the Scriptures taught about this not based on the Bible as much is based on my experience, to be honest into question things because what I believe the Scripture said I wasn't seeing, and once I was in college and then grad school. My view shifted my view shifted as I studied more, read more looked at more theology broadened my perspective outside of my Pentecostal circles outside of just reading the Scriptures day and night and what happened really was, rather than just digging in the were digging in the were digging in the word out. Yeah, I dug in the word but I also allowed myself to be influenced by the negative experiences I've had in terms of not seeing people healed and I allowed myself to be influenced by what a lot of other theologians and scholars thought after all, into a lot more than I knew at that time so as I continued studying the Scriptures got begin to work in my heart got begin to bring me to repentance for having left my first love. This was taking place in 1982, then the Holy Spirit moved on me dramatically. That year, after months of repentance and soul-searching use leader to bring an outpouring in the spirit that touched many in our church and during that time. People began to pray for the sick more and people began to testify, being healed, but in my view they were misusing the Scriptures, in my view they were misinterpreting the Scriptures and yet seeing healing.

So here and try to figure this out.

It's it seems the ones with the right theology weren't getting the results in terms of manifestations of God's power and people thought the people with the wrong theology were getting the results but you don't base your theology on results, on the other hand, if you're line up with the word you should see results so I really began to pray earnestly sought the Lord, I've been working on a different doctoral thesis at that time at NYU in the field of near Eastern languages and literatures. I lay that down. I sought the Lord over. About nine months, prayed fast. It finally felt it was right to pick up my my doctoral work again because it did become an idol in my life and of the pride of knowledge and all that so I had to lay it down so it became a tool instead. And one day I was on my knees.

I was I was reading the Hebrew Scriptures affect Chris, let's pull up second Chronicles 714 second Chronicles 714. I want to start there. I was on my knees I had my Hebrew concordance open up I was looking at this root rough and the 60+ times it occurs verbally in a few nominal forms a few noun forms. Always thinking about how it was used in other Semitic languages that I'd been learning and studying along the way it ended. It's like the light went on our way to second wait a second. This this word has a a broader usage. This this word has as a wider range of usage that I realized. So second Chronicles 714.

Well-known verse if my people called by my name humble themselves, pray, seek my favor turn from their evil ways.

I will hear in my heavenly abode and forgive their sins. Vera pot at art Psalm and I will heal their land. I will heal their land snowboards that the image would be that the land is sick that the land is six through locusts invading the land. The land is sick through famine and drought in foreign nations overrunning it. It's sick and needs to be healed. On the other hand, in English would be appropriate to say I will heal your land only if you understand the metaphor before it a better way to say this, I will restore your land. If we were thinking and in English in conveying the meaning of this, I began to dig deeper and that's when I I concluded that the root meaning of rough was not to heal, but rather to restore make whole and out of that root meaning all the other meanings came naturally. They flowed out of that naturally and explain even the usage and some of the other Semitic languages Arabic and and and South Arabian old South Arabian and easy bake and Aramaic some limited usage in Aramaic in the Ugaritic Canaanite Norton cannot dialect it it it fell into place.

It made a lot of sense.

Several my dissertation on that on the larger healer philological study of the root rough on the Hebrew Bible and the ancient near East then second out offenders and 85 and then 10 years later, after working on this. From 90 to 94. I published a volume with Zondervan.

Israel's divine healer still in print Israel's divine healer. It was in the studies.

In Old Testament Fiat biblical theology monograph series. So that's detailed lesson death.

I took about all about 20% of it is strong for my dissertation and the rest of it was new writing expanding beyond the issue of just rough looking at the larger theology of sickness, healing, even going to culminate in the New Testament miracles in the New Testament, and how this relates to dobby, healer, etc. so that still available, but it's technical work is to warn you the conclusions in the last chapter lay things out so that you can follow them clearly book itself is fairly dense. It's about 80,000 words of text and 85,000 words of endnotes and then ended up writing the article on rough in the 15 volume serious theological dictionary of the Old Testament.

So that's an authoritative work. That's read by critical liberal scholars as well as by conservatives got to write the article on the flaw in that and then in the new International dictionary of Old Testament theology and exegesis of marvelous conservative work five volumes. That is, there were there were two Korean students of the Scriptures and then along with them. I then took the article and wrote the article on rough fall for that work as well so if you go to either of these major reference works, you'll find my findings there if you didn't Israel's divine healer, you find them. In other words, it seems that there is been some level of acceptance some level of agreement or at least people say, hey, some good points here so we been able to get this out more widely and it it to me is in harmony with the revelation of the rest of Scripture. Let me give you an example.

Conceptually, to move from Old Testament to new and from the Hebrew word Greek word. The Greek word sold so it's a verb meaning to save to deliver so it could be usedů I was drowning.

Save me. Are you in a burning building, save me, you realize your loss center.

Save me or your your dying of a disease.can you save me. It didn't save deliver and can be used in a wide range of meanings in the New Testament.

So in just a couple chapters in Luke's gospel. It's used for being saved from sin being saved from demons being saved from sickness being saved from death, and Jacob. James V chapter social issues. The prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well. Hence the King James save the sick.

So my being saved from sickness and potential death. In that context will the noun from this, that's that the Greek word sold so to save deliver the noun is solitaire and who is the solitaire the Savior Jesus but but you have to understand he is the Savior in a holistic sense he is the Savior and the deliver. He is the one who saves from sin Hussein's from demonic control essays from sickness and ultimately saves from death. He is the solitaire when God revealed himself to Israel as the buffet. It didn't only mean physical sickness or yes that's the primary meaning and obviously that's a life-and-death issue in the course of the history of the nation, but it was not only that it was something broader he was the one that restored make whole it can be used in in the spiritual sense as well of spiritual healing as well as physical and can be used in other ways physically beyond healing.

So I want to get a little journey that I can go to your calls, 866-34-TRUTH of so much he was asking before the show. A doctor about how you decide on which subjects to get into us about you know some days there's major news and that's gonna drive things for me or Thursday this major Israel really didn't so we have a key interview. Other times it's is, wide open and not in the midst of any kind of series. There is this nothing in particular, earth shattering going on that we need to address this praying give it thought and and often Thursday is a good day to teach because we know you here for thoroughly Jewish Thursday.

Many times you want to dig deeper into the word with me so that sort of do you look at a bunch of scriptures on the other side of the break and then I'm gonna go straight to your calls, 866-34-TRUTH may encourage you to pray with us by God's grace we really are in the frontlines in reaching the lost sheep of the house of Israel or materials are used by workers around the world in English and Hebrew and Russian, and Spanish and Portuguese training Jewish African Jews in Africa yet literally African Jews zeroing in countries like Zimbabwe or materials or use our courses have been translated so pray with us the word of the Lord will bear much fruit and bringing the salvation of many Jewish people. I back with Scriptures and your call. Stay right here by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown, 866-34-TRUTH little while you get your Jewish related questions Hebrew related Israel -related love to do it on thoroughly Jewish Thursday okay we start in Exodus chapter 15 verse 26 well-known verse to those who pray for the sick and believe that healing is for today are just know how God revealed himself to Israel. So Exodus chapter 1526 God is brought the children of Israel out of Egypt is brought the plagues on Egypt. Yes, he is now brought his people through the sea. They been at the waters of Barat which are bitter waters that couldn't drink God instructs Moses throw a tree into the waters when he does the order to sweeten the canal drink and then it says 26 Ramage dementia motif mode: episode begins.

If you heed the Lord your God diligently to its upright and cite giving him his commandments keep those laws that will not bring on you any of the diseases of early Egyptians gnosis, flush or something was wrong. None of the diseases and Hebrew literally all the disease so you say it the opposite. I will not bring on you all the diseases, meaning none of the diseases will diseases that there plagues are all kinds of different things, but this is under the heading of martial law disease because it's it's it's an affliction right I won't bring them on you, Deanna, and a key on the other and are effective because I am the Lord your role Faye, I am the Lord your role Faye so he saying on the larger healer.

I'd I don't translate this with physician Dr. because in our minds. It's a bit more limiting your healer slow but different expression for us to be expands the breath of God's work. Okay now this doesn't use the same route here, but I want to take you over to another promise. Exodus chapter 23 versus 25 and 26, beginning with other timeouts and I will have to you shall serve the Lord your God and he will bless your bread and your water for hustler to my polemic. Rebecca and I will remove sickness from your midst, and then he goes on no woman in your land shall miscarry or be barren.

I will let you enjoy the full count of your days. So here's a promise to Israel that if the children of Israel will worship and serve the Lord turn away from all the idols and gods of the nations in worship and serve the Lord alone will bless the food and drink to extend their lifespan. Women will be able to reproduce. These are all the essentials for maintaining life and I'll remove sickness remits gobbled up remove sickness from the nation of Israel if they had obeyed as a nation. Of course that never happened. They had obeyed his nation, he would've done that on the national level.

This is repeated in Deuteronomy chapter 7 Deuteronomy chapter 7 verses 14 and 15 there but Ruth D'Amico how mean you'll be blessed above all other people's there shall be no sterile male or female among you among your livestock, so everything able to reproduce a seer that I make a call holy, they meets Ryan IMO assure you Dr. the Lord will ward off from you or remove from you all sickness, there is again he will not bring on you any of the dreadful diseases of Egypt. This is different word for diseases there about which you know but will inflict them upon all your enemies so once again we see sickness disease is a curse used in judgment God for bid, you think that anyone at sick today must therefore be in divine judgment without saying, but God would use this in judgment. God would use this bringing destruction on his enemies and at the same time promised healing healing was a blessing.

Healing is a good thing.

It remains a good thing. The remains of a grace from God. And even though there are godly people. He was sick. There many reasons for sickness in the world today, and sometimes the most righteous people on the planet are sick.

Sickness in and of itself is negative healing in and of itself is positive. Okay let's get back to the usage of the Hebrew root rough first Kings chapter 18 verse 31st Kings 18 verse 30 Elijah on Mount Carmel so he says tell the people come close to me this is this the you help pay it.

Ms. Baca deny her roots.

He repaired the damage altar of the Lord know it's interesting it's the same Hebrew root different verbal form, but the same Hebrew by the agape, there is again rough that root, he repaired the damaged altar of the Lord really hang on. So this word that can be used for healing a sick body can also be used for repairing a broken altar.

You even have some translations. It's a he healed the audio healing altar don't use that word. He repaired the altar the same route. Okay, let's take a look and second Kings second Kings chapter 2 sinkings chapter 2.

This is with Elisha and their undrinkable waters. Actually what is causing death. So he went to the spring and through salt into it and he said thus said the Lord repeat the alarm. I am a Ellie I heal this water no longer shall, death and bereavement come from it. Vallejo flew home. I am on how your Masa borders remain wholesome to this day, in accordance with words with my life now. This is a terrific translation I'm reading from the new JPS version which came out in the 1980s.

Notice that same root, rough spelling variants from verses 21 to 22, but that same root rough is used in both verses. But in the one place and says he'll second place remain wholesome use the same word in your heel water just like you don't healing altar.

No, it means make wholesome God says I've made this water hole. Some in his remain wholesome to this day.

So here we have the same root use for healing sick bodies.

You have the same route used for repairing the broken down altar. We have the same route used for making wholesome undrinkable waters.

The cyclic Jeremiah chapter 19 Jeremiah chapter 19 verse 11.

Jeremiah is acting out word of judgment on Jerusalem and the Lord says to him so easily takes a piece of pottery in this poster smashed on the ground and break it. This is the Lord of hosts, so I smashed this people in the city as one smashes a potters vessel notices this assure low you call the Hera, Faye, which can never be men did never be fixed. Similar rough they shall bear in Toth until the room is left for varying we think that so let's review same route used for healing sick body same route used for repairing a broken down altar same route used for making wholesome undrinkable waters same route used here for fixing a shattered piece of pottery can't fix it. Same route used was on second Chronicles 714 for restoring the ravaged land. How about this one. Leviticus chapter 14 Leviticus chapter 14 chapters 13 and 14. Leviticus deal with Naegele at a plague in the body. Severe skin disease translate his leprosy, but not the leprosy we know today different severe skin disease so severe skin disease in the body when they go bye-bye it is risking the schism is a severe disease in the house. Mildew, mildew, so it's is a plague. The plague of the body.

It's a plague in the house. It's spreading plague okay so notice this several times earlier chapters 1314. As we get into this the root rough is used for the skin condition being healed. Okay that works right but but look at this.

If, however, the priest comes and sees that the plague has not spread in the house after the house was we plastered the pre-shall pronounce the house clean for the plague has healed the. The plague has healed is not a boy of saying it because it's mildew.

The mildew is healed.

You know that some some person comes over. Donate. They look through your house and they give you report okay this is wrong.

The multiyear locators. The police will also go do this that the comebacks okay mold is all healed mold your doctor now. I do this in such okay young heel model, but that's aware that she's why because rough has as a broader usage.

Yet in in Hebrew, the concepts are related. In English we have to use different words so so what's the point when God revealed himself as Israel's role Faye. It did not simply mean the one healed sick bodies. It did not simply mean the one who forgave sins. Although they are closely interrelated in many ways, and often physical healing was the sign of forgiveness or forgiveness led to healing the concepts go hand-in-hand when the psalmist knew that he was sick because of sin. There are times we are sick because of sin, right.

Hence, Jacob, James V chapter says if the man is send the person you're praying for the minimum sin will be forgiven. It may be unrelated to sin totally related to their personal sin, or maybe directly related to personal sent but with the healing is forgiveness. Sometimes the psalmist will will say he only Lord from sins against you in some sick some 30. This type of theology is there heal me from sins against you. What's the meaning. The meaning is. I know I'm sick because of my sin.

I'm asking to heal me as a sunnier forgiveness and it's all intertwined.

When God set on the other not affect how I am the Lord your healer. It was comprehensive it was wide-ranging and and when God caused Israel to suffer under its enemies, the Syrians, the Babylonians and others, and they were smitten and God said, I will smite you but I will heal you. The healing must be just as literal as the smiting so whatever the smiting was in the destruction of nation.

The healing must equally restore that, of course, in Isaiah 53, by his wounds were healed. First and foremost, there is talk about spiritual restoration, but the vision of the prophets was the whole person.

Holy heal right is by decades of work condensed into a few short minutes will be back with your calls on the inside of the river by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown to see G thanks for joining us early Jewish Thursday. I'm so blessed to be alive in the service of the Lord, my foolishness is a drug abuser as a teenager I truly believe if God didn't turn my heart to him when I was 16 years old that I would not of live to be 18 was a suicidal then now self-destructive will not know what I wanted to hurt myself crazy with drug abuse crazy with playing with overdosing just to see how high it could get.

And if I had a drivers license or even a permit. At that point with the drugs I was using the recklessness and the feeling of being indestructible. Probably would've just been out driving and got killed while mercy of God to save us for service of you nodding your head because you know you're alive only by the grace of God, let's make our lives, and from there to be forgiven of all my sins to be cleansed, to be given new life through the Messiah to have a relationship with God were I can talk to him like a man talks to his friend or to his dad know his nearness in this close to some of what's happening in this world wow then to get to tell everybody about him to tell the world the Jesus the Messiah has come, amazing, amazing Grace 86634 trees. Okay have got to really neat book announcements to make you one for Israel, one for here in America. I'll I'll do that shortly. I want to get to the phones now and we will start with Elijah in Indian Trl., North Carolina.

Thanks for joining us on the line of fire, a a turning Hebrew word Erica, the one that you did pretty good. You will get prescription with the Israelite about. You shall not uncover the nakedness.

You shall not make it any better yet, my question is really because me and a friend of mine had are having a school debate about what can be considered naked biblically in my idea.

Looking at the concordant is that air bar is although it has tied the female genitalia. It is crime.

It is also understood as light, honorable, dishonorable and shameful parent, though I think of nakedness as more conceptual, where any airport can change a little bit by society and he thinks of it more as his philosophy is that the understanding of the Israelite how they would've understood nakedness, because it a little bit more general of the word, because the way they would understand nakedness in the way they would understand modesty in their culture is the abiding principle for all cultures and audit.

I don't think that I don't think it's completely objective. I think that when you when you look at what God prescribed for the lipid error. Aaron and his son. It had to be had to cover their naked flesh with like sort of like boxer like it and I think that there is an inherent part which is the growing area for both sexes, but then everything else is the objective blanket. Where would you come in and what would you use your expertise on, did you think first so I love the site friend to dig into the Hebrew and having a serious discussion about the word and that you want to honor the Lord and do what's right. Number one the confidence of the Hebrew air fog, meaning they could.

This you're not going to deduce anything by digging deeper into that word.

In other words, it's not going to yield further meanings that are helpful here and its use in the context of when you mention uncovering nakedness. That means having sexual relations with someone.

So to uncover the nakedness of someone is an idiom for having sexual relations with them. So yes, of course, it would be shameful for for a man to come to room where it say his his sister was sleeping and she was interested in the and he took the blanket off of her that would be shameful but it's still not more than that instrument having sexual relations.

As with the that's with the idiom is so certainly in biblical culture. Modesty was important we understand that certainly if people in biblical days when America today they be shocked by the way folks dress even in the church service intensive know what we consider modesty in America would be shocking yours be shocking.

Much of the Muslim world or the religious Jewish world to this day, and in many parts of the Christian world the way we dress Christians in America or Europe, Australia, or you going to the beach.

You know, in bikinis and I kind of thing that would not be shocking for many Christians around the world little Christians through history of and with with arrows was more like tights that he was wearing. So if he was going up on the steps then there would there be no nakedness exposed, but to be perfectly candid, I don't believe that the specific words used can really answer the questions that you're asking.

In other words, that they are the right questions which you have to look to see. Are there any more specifics about dress or there is a free sample and pulse talk about women wearing veils in first Corinthians 11, or head coverings is very common in different parts of the ancient world and supports the world to this day that a married woman with never going public with her with her hair showing that you always have something over it because that was only for her husband to see or or the immediate family was a nonsexual thing so the standards are going to vary but what I would do is deduce principles deduce principles of modesty asked the question of the purpose of clothing as someone said the purpose of clothing is what you try to cover up, not what you're trying to reveal. I would look at principles of does this draw sexual attention to me. If I wear this outfit or put this on will will that draw sexual attention to me or attention to the sexual parts of my body and in that case are potentially putting a stumbling block before someone you not be considered others for mail or for female so I look for the larger principles and I would not press the meaning of the specific words here because you just what you end up with your opinion radiation as opposed to truth read out so wish I could be of more help in that regard, but that's the that's nonsense is so by the way, I would gladly settle the dispute for you or for your friend, but I couldn't settle for either of you are right are all right. God bless you bet 866-34-TRUTH. Let us go to David and Zebulun, North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire. I doing well thank you, Erica, Mark Wagner, Army 30.

A parent questionnaire garlic under any of the and then on yet the an effect on the multi gave the nation bear inherent in 20 separated on demand of the boundaries of the pupils according to the number of the sound of Israel, and I will be an engineer. According to a number of the founders brought life and yet I would pin a drastically different interpretation based on different translation not have have you looked over Hebrews chapter 10 you know okay so in Hebrews chapter chapter 1 it says that when he brings God's the firstborn into the world.

He says let all God's angels worship him it's okay where where is that written a many would we take that as referencing back to two Deuteronomy 32nd chapter silk. Here's the issue, and Dr. Michael Heiser is written about this a lot talk about a lot the. The Hebrew tradition that we have preserved and was called the Masoretic text of the Masoretic text will tradition is is the one that is is been attested as far back as the Dead Sea Scrolls and is the one that's reflected when you're reading say the Talmud early rabbinic literature their siding from a similar text and in any modern translation of the Bible. That's with their translating from the Masoretic text will tradition, but there are other variants. For example, in the Dead Sea Scrolls you will find ancient Hebrew texts that hearing their have different words or the Septuagint, which is an early translation of the Hebrew Bible into Greek will reflect different reading. So in this case, the question is does it say that he divided it, according to the number of the sons of Israel Yisrael or just the sons of Al, the sons of God, meaning angels, that's the difference between the NASB and the ESV the NASB is following the Masoretic text will tradition that freaks of honey and Hebrew Bible. I have printed that's that's what's there.

However, the Dead Sea Scrolls attest to different reading, the sons of God, meaning angels, so he divided the nation's having an angel. A portion freaks one versus he divided the nation's based on the land he was going to give to Israel the Septuagint, which is the oldest translation of the Hebrew Bible into Greek. That translates with sons of God as well.

So that's why some translations like the ESV now read differently so it's a very small difference in Hebrew, Yisrael versus AL and you have both attested in antiquity so it's a matter of which should be think is the more original of the same with the New Testament. At times it will have different readings and you're trying to say okay we got a lot of manuscripts this good news we have so much evidence that we have to sift through the nakedness a decision as to what makes the most sense in context. What's the best attested in terms of ancient manuscripts with the ancient translator see when they translated it and and then scholars gonna wrestle and come to a different conclusion. You may see more and more saying sons of God, because also seems to be reflected in in Hebrews the first chapter as well, but it's one of those things you have to whatever it you have in the main text.

You have to have a note saying or could be this because there's obviously a debate and it's it's not something even if if I lean one what you can't be dogmatic about it either way. So you say okay what I do with it but what you do this to say okay as is this it means this if it says this it means this and both are probably true based on Scripture you know that God portion of the whole world with major Israel have the spot and when he portion that the nations he assigned an angel over each one of them so that's my understanding but can't be dogmatic but that explains the differences for you. All right our regular you bet 86634.

Truth is number to call so I mentioned at the outset of the broadcast real cushion. She's not up. I can't hold up the Hebrew because the color will work with our screen behind us.

You miss some of it but sound hereon on holding it in my hands. This is years of work, fundraising, translating printing thousands of copies printed giveaway seeking to seeking Israelis believe God with me. That'll get in the hands of religious Jews to the region secretly doubled over their eyes.

It's the light a fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for doing a similar car hate for you on Facebook is a Muslim people telling believe that holy Bible is changed how Jewish people can follow it lie all for you. Been totally misinformed. You are been totally misinformed is the Quran that's changed dramatically. It is the Quran where there were so many different variations that they had to destroy all the others and just try to save one and one ancient discoveries have been made of some come on man you could Quran manuscripts. They differ from what you use to. Although it's quite the opposite. If you look at how well the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament been preserved in terms of evidence and manuscripts going back to the D to early days pile them up up up up up all the evidence compared to evidence for Quran way way way way down all sir. You have been terribly misinformed. But as you follow truth, I pray God will give you the courage to follow the truth, you do it, it will set you free. Okay the big announcement then back to your calls 1985 Willows through my doctoral work.

Got some questions from my sister-in-law.

She had been miraculously healed a few years earlier and was going to Bible school that taught very strongly about healing for today and things like that they would teach you some things that raise questions for you know. Was it true that in the Hebrew Bible where it said you know God's will smite you all do this and that'll put sickness on you, but he wouldn't actually say that, but rather I will allow you to be smitten or allow sickness to come on you some type of a permissive sense and only sings about the book of Job, and so on and she said up to seven questions about what I'm being taught. So I started to write her letter and on those days.

My hand started to write her letter got longer and longer and longer and became my first book, compassionate father consuming fire, who is the God of the Old Testament, so we put it out. We we used it to teach, instruct, got out to students for years, but it's basically been out of distribution out-of-print for many many years in terms of the this is printed early on and that was that. Well, the contents of the book are super relevant to this moment. Questions coming from industry constantly about some of the very questions in that book so I felt some time back.

Let me updated but let me write it in a way that can reach even more people. Let me updated me at some things to it and then a new publisher working with the new TV show that mom need to be network awakening a WK and G from doing these debate shows every week of they approach me about putting out a book us what you think of this one will put on the new addition so they began to read it, loved, and fact that one be honest with you I was surprised by how excited they were about the book. I thought the content was really good, but I was surprised that they were so super excited hats cool like I guess the content really hits home. So the books due out next week. I don't have copies yet, but what they did. It's it's not a big fat book. It's it's a shorter book they put it out in a really beautiful hardcover edition is the more expensive but it's like a coffee table really nice edition just you leave out, and then for everyone who orders through our website. Not only getting assigned numbered copy of the first printing but I put together a whole teaching DVD where I give the history of the book is your background more I go to the chapters and to be more content and that's her gift when you're at on a website. So the new title compassionate father consuming fire, engaging the God of the Old Testament. So it's the new revised, updated edition for my first book, which was came out in 1930, in the 19th 19 3520 is the first one 1985 I was computing in my head how long that is today. Rates of 33/35 years ago. So, compassionate father consuming fire, engaging the God of the Old Testament thinker find it really helpful. What about the slaughter of the Canaanites. What about that, what about the book of Job. How these things related to our day. How did Jesus bring in the Jubilee. What is that mean so that's all about. Okay less than about your calls as a website asked Dr. if you want to get it with the gift DVD so it Israel does not win a lot of metals that Israel leads the way in technology and many other developments in agricultural things worldwide, but Israel does not with a lot of metals in the Olympics and when they do it's normally summons move from Russia another country developed another Israel, etc. so they went there with Goldman on this is rare. They win a gold medal. But the fellow is not Jewish.

He lives in Israel is an Israeli citizen is a Jewish because is not Jewish.

You can't marry in Israel because all the weddings are official Jewish weddings oversee Barabbas and have no civil marriage is one of the big arguments with religious leadership so a lot of Israelis will just go to Cyprus neighboring island get married there and they come back.

Marriage Israel recognizes that the marriage but it's created some controversy as I hear the guy wins a gold medal to get married in Israel is not Jewish. So anyway, always interesting when it comes to Israel news without we go back to the phones. Let's go to the show in Sydney, Ohio. Welcome to the line of fire, my dear brothers talk. It's wonderful, wonderful blessing to me to talk to messianic believers been associated with liver since 1973. It's been my privilege that the airports that Moshe Rosen as the two. Jesus program so I'm kind of an old timer great look good. Let's see here and glad you're still here with us what you questions are eye over the years studied the two gentlemen.

The first, started to study the five and then I started studying with news son-in-law and 74 and passed now but anyway we kept the Scriptures in a jury setting and I wanted to express something about the two witnesses, there is an revelation, but if I may give your opinion met Matthew 1023 you shall not be able to go over the cities of Israel until the Son of Man become from that Scripture we predicted the end time move in the last days among the Jewish people and going towards their Messiah recognized by, and then with that, we went to Revelation 11 chapter which discusses the two witnesses to Olive. And I'm of the opinion that the two witnesses are the Jewish believers that originally started the church and then the second witness. Are the messianic believers that are now and will finish out the church age.

As we know it Alfaro for mom. Okay, so first I IC Matthew 1023 and was similar to you. Those who prejudice, who believe that aspects of the second coming of her past say well when she said you will finish going to the cities of Israel before the Son of Man comes. That is, referring to the destruction of Jerusalem in the year 70 but I I read it I read it the way you do as well that that mission wasn't finished then and it's those and finish. Now that there's still plenty of places to be reached within Israel and that that that will be the ongoing mission right up until he returns were right would route with different serve interest. Revelation 11 Behrmann. Of course there is symbolism throughout the book of Revelation. As we understand, and it had to be relevant to the first century readers that received it had to speak to them. So the two witnesses had to have meaning in their day and then through the centuries.

The rest of spiritual meaning, and then at the end of the age. Especially so, I agree with you.

Also that there are special significance of the book of Revelation for the first generation of readers that receives it, and for the last generation before the Lord returns, but I don't see the two witnesses is referring to periods of time. II don't see that at all.

I see them being there on the scene. Whoever they are, whenever they represent being there on the scene at the same time. So that's were I would I would differ with with your interpretation but the principle of having Jewish believers active at the beginning and at the end and the mission to Israel important the beginning and at the end. In this activity. Continue until Jesus returns. I agree with y'all that I just wouldn't see the two witnesses in Revelation, referring to two separate time periods of its individuals if they represent companies of people I see them there at the same time. But hey, thank you for the call this the friends of obviously didn't get to all of your calls today, but if you call on a Thursday.

We don't get you when you call on Friday. We do our best to get you first.

So tomorrow Chris will be taking your questions and 16 minutes from now.

Yeah, 415 Eastern time for 15 Eastern time will be right back here so 16 minutes from now will be right back on our YouTube channel*around ask a dear Brown join us just to answer questions for 45 minutes or an hour.

That's all you do answer your questions that you post on YouTube.

So join me over there less than 16 minutes. ASK DR Brown on YouTube with the Lord blessed another program powered by the Truth Network

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