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When CNN Compared Trump to Jim Jones

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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August 3, 2021 4:20 pm

When CNN Compared Trump to Jim Jones

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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August 3, 2021 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 08/03/21.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network will some shocking accusations against Trump and his followers, and a fascinating interview about today's cancel culture stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us today on the line of fire. This is Michael Brown; 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7884. We are going to share some eye-opening content with you today. The bottom of the hour I'm going to be joined by author Joe Dallas important new book on Christians in a cancel culture, but before then. Oh yeah, we're going to rock the boat a little ruffle the feathers a little and talk straight and clear. Do you remember when Hillary Clinton made the unfortunate statement likening comp supporters to a basket of deplorable's and that became a badge of honor year. We are the deplorable's and maybe you were a reluctant trunk voter may be you were voting for Trump with mixed feelings.

You were voting against Hillary Clinton and a leftist agenda, but you were not all in for trumpet but the more he got attacked, and the more he stood his ground, and the more he kept his promises. The more you identify with him and for some it went too far. Trump became idolized Trump became the only man that could save America you can trust anybody except Donald Trump but but the process developed over peers, writing a book on this to come out doubling September of next year dealing with how so many of the church lost their way and and how easy it is to fall into a political type of idolatry or partisan political spirit will we wrap the gospel in an American flag and and mistake political victories for the advance of the gospel, but these things happen in subtle ways and one of the issues was that the left-wing media so demonized Donald Trump that they demonized you that they so made him into this white supremacist, racist, bigoted, xenophobic madman. They made them into a Hitler that that made everyone who voted for him into some type of white supremacist. Even if you want white. It made you a bully if he's Hitler then you're just like the Nazis and it was this over-the-top rhetoric and these attacks on comp that went too far. Of course there were issues in terms of his character. Of course there was damage because of his character in the midst of all the good that he did and I say this is some voted for trumpet 2016 2020 but I was just reminded of the extreme rhetoric I was just reminded of the nature of the attacks. I was just reminded of of how it is that so many of us who voted for Trump felt that now we were getting attacked and we were getting spirit and since January 6.

It's basically like if you voted for Trump then used on the capital. If you voted for Trump than your insurrectionist if you voted for Trump, then you're trying to topple the government. That's the way the thing has gone so you will find this conversation absolutely remarkable Brian Stelter and Jackie Spear on CNN. Check this out. The citizens in other countries sometimes email me and send you one of the American media discard Trump for what he has called from fandom for what it is. Sometimes they use the word cult. I know that's a sensitive word doesn't come up a lot in American news coverage so wanted to put it to an expert and unfortunate expert Congressman Jackie spirit started out her career in politics working for lawmaker always on a fact-finding mission to Jonestown.

She sadly knows firsthand about the weight of that word cult. She was able to escape with her life. Others were not able to that day I wanted to hear her thoughts about the comparison of the notion of the cult of Trump, especially in light of January 6 and the mass delusion that led people to a riot of lies on Capitol Hill when I brought this up with her. She did not mince words. There's no question that you could compare Jim Downs as a charismatic leader who would bring his congregation together at force them to do things that were illegal, and then took 900 of them into the jungles of Guyana where over the course of time. He then convince them that they should die. I've never been able to say they committed suicide because I don't think they were in control of their faculties to be quite honest with you, so you look at Donald Trump, charismatic leader who was able to continue to talk in terms that appealed to those who are disaffected, disillusioned, and who were looking for something much like those who became part of Jim Jones is congregation, the People's Temple Weber lost souls and the only difference between Jim Jones and Donald Trump is the fact that we now have social media so all these people can find themselves in ways that they could find themselves before the ridiculous over the top, destructive, unhelpful comment that the only difference between Jim Jones and Donald Trump is that we now have social media. What a ridiculous outrageous insult, not just to tromp but to those who voted for Trump who were there for part of the cult of trumpet. I know better than the Jim Jones followers who committed mass suicide.

Yes under deception and duress, over 900 people. One of the great tragedies in the world of religion and cults and in recent centuries, so here's the deal. Friends, I am fully willing to address the question of quote the cult of Trump. In fact, in my book evangelicals at the crossroads that came out last year evangelicals at the crossroads will we pass the Trump test. I have a whole chapter on that call. The cult of Trump versus Trump derangement syndrome I deal with books written with titles like that. The cult of Trump II address article after article saying that Trump has the characteristics of the cult leader and there is no question that he is a master at pushing the right buttons to get the right responses that he can provoke certain things that he can stir people into it into a frenzy that he can convince you that you can trust anybody but him and and yes, his rhetoric is dangerous and yes I hold him directly responsible for ultimately what happened on January 6 nonbelief you want that to happen. I believe you want the B storm.

I don't think that in his mind he was setting that up, but he's responsible because of his irresponsible rhetoric because yes, there are people disillusioned and their people who didn't trust the government didn't trust to the election process and didn't trust the mainstream media and Trump was the one they were looking to end. And yes, he pushed the right buttons to get certain responses even if things went in ways beyond what he ever would have dreamed of or imagine some totally willing to discuss that to look at that at the same time you must look at the phenomenon of Trump derangement syndrome, or people attacking him go off the deep end just like this interview just like this interview and these outrageous statements of Jim Jones forcing people to do certain things Compton force anyone to do anything Trump did not take his followers into a jungle when the when the election was certified when Biden was inaugurated. He vacated the White House and try to start an uprising and what's he done with his followers sensibly keeps his voice out there in the attacks by than the Democrats and Republicans. He doesn't like this always get the grip on people follow me do what I said no course not. The Trump derangement syndrome is just as real as the cult of Trump what it is. Is he knows at his push certain buttons and for people who can be more influence and for people who are more unstable, they will follow him in a reckless way, and the ones who are the white supremacists and the ones who been waiting to take up arms against the government. Those are ones that could get provoke to go do something. Go too far, the same way the left-wing media attack him incessantly and unfairly and demonizing him, they respond to who he is, in their own diluted ways in their own bizarre ways and and what what when I think of the fact that yes, Jim Jones, who was a cult leader who who sexually abused on a how many people under him, slept with woman after woman after woman and from what I understand man after man as well.

Was it was a sexual pervert was a bona fide cult leader pull people out of where they were and said okay we are relocate here had him under his control to the point that he convince them drink this in and they all die over 900 people of his flight out to the jungle safely evaded that to if that's you, Trump was there would be complete Civil War over America right now.

He would be he would be holed up somewhere in some militia place and maybe the hills of West Virginia. No insult was written. You know the stereotypical picture and then there'd be some militia plotting to overthrow the government insult that is not what is happening.

I voted for Trump assessing the good with the bad and say okay the policies of the things he said and therefore appointing judges he's in there for that major international deficiencies, in that for that I massively prefer his policies to those of the Democrats. I know there are good people around him speaking into his life. Even if he is not showing no signs of repentance. He's listening a lot one of Micah Coley's evangelical leader said to me Michael all the good decisions he made all the good policies that he put into place and that's because you listen to the wisdom of the room. That's because you listen to these leaders who were sharing and speaking to him giving him wise counsel is work. Others around him as well and I thought okay but there's the damage of his rhetoric. There is the damage of his character. There's his divisive nature. There there all these other things I I can vote for him for the policies and then set a different example in terms of character and we believers consider different example we can distance himself ourselves from his bad behavior of the said no it's balances out of the bed behaviors. Worse, I can vote for either candidate.

Either way either way. Understand the issues I deeply understand something commenting on them for years as much depth as I can and after much prayer as well, but it's this kind of rhetoric friends. Please hearing this kind of terribly irresponsible rhetoric that fuels more mistrust towards the media that identifies them even more as fake news that says when you attack Trump like that then you also attack us because of he's like Jim Jones and were like the Jonestown followers as well. We are just as mindless as they were. And it's this type of attack they created greater allegiance to Trump and played into the problem cooler heads more sober words must prevail enough with this cunning enough for file name light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown is transferring joining us light a fire each six. Feel free to respond to a registered feel free to share your own frustrations, your own thoughts your own insights or to differ with me if you like, 866-348-7884.

Okay I want to bring something to your attention if you've been listening to the broadcast for years now. If you been reading my articles for years now you'll see what I'm saying is true, just getting to know me just tuning in, then let me give this background have you ever heard me say that I am not a conservative pundit, a conservative talking head, a conservative radio host who is also a follower of Jesus.

That's not my goal decide who I am.

There many fine conservative hosts on the air on radio and TV.

There are many folks with great insight into the culture of the Constitution, or American history or worth things are at today with American international relations and and they become from conservative perspective, they they may be religious.

They may be nonreligious and may be Jewish to be Christian, but either way that they do a great job at what they do and they are who they are. That's not who I am.

That's not my calling uncalled to be a Jesus follower, a preacher of the gospel teacher. The word of God and as the gospel, the word of God intersects with culture that are called by God to address those things I'm called by God to help equip you to stand strong in the midst of a chaotic and crazy world I'm called to help you stand on the front lines where you are in the place of work in your family and in school work wherever you find yourself behind the pulpit to equip and strengthen you to stand strong to be lights in this dark world is every generation of believers is called to be standing as lights in the stark role that measures that you, Joe Biden was inaugurated as our president. January of this year.

Correct and he's said a lot of things that others have mocked look at the speech. She's not coherent. Have you seen me playing clips like that. Did you ever in the history of the broadcast see us playing clips like that, where we drew attention to someone's cognitive weaknesses or parent cognitive weaknesses and mock them know this not who we are. Unlike anybody doing but no, that's this on who we are. So who we are. Joe Biden has made many statements I differ with in here and there.

We've interacted with them when they intersect with areas that that God's called me to deal with when they intersect with areas where we have burden or concern right but there are plenty of policy decisions he's made them directions that he set an budgets he wants to pass in an things evolving, Harris and their border issues and all that you hear me bash him every day.

Do you use it weeks and weeks to go by when his name does not come up at all. Of course, name Donald Trump doesn't capital for weeks and weeks. What because I'm not a conservative talking head.

I'm not a conservative radio host is also a follower of Jesus, the son, who have the; otherwise the beer theme every day. Biden this Biden this Democrats this Democrats that how often do you hear me playing say clips from CNN and really taking issue with what's been said has to cross a certain line or be on a certain subject, then intersects with areas that I'm called to address was this set this on here no please hearing I'm not criticizing those who are doing that every day talking heads on TV, radio host, writing articles, etc. I I've written over 2 million words of articles over 2000 articles and average about a thousand words and article system through some water over 2000 articles of a lot of words I just research I have ever one file on my computer just as articles in just research a stipend and I could in one second you pull up all the articles during the. The eight years that Pres. Obama is in the White House will bash him every day.

The show is not about broccoli's with Brock Obama tech Obama and and friends if if you're if your political persuasion is to the left. You know that during that the four years of the Trump presidency as the main cons discussion of less every day. Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump idiot Trump bed Trump risk losing Trump porn star and Trump Trump Trump truck was a day and night, day, night, and if you were listening to conservative radio. Trump good God Trump great guy, and when Obama was in bad Obama Biden bad Biden just as it appears on the left.

While this great thing about a great thing Biden. That's partisan political reporting. I understand it, and that's why you go to certain sources right because either you agree with them. You will hear what they have to say on the left are on the right or you different, you will learn where people are coming from what you're thinking. It's one reason that I enjoyed Hannity and Colmes member that the late the late Alan Colmes was on the Sean Hannity this before, Hannity had his own show on Fox and it was of that to be sure he has now and I didn't watch a lot, but when I would watch it. I thought wow the Sean Hannity would start off and nail man.

He made his case Colmes can have nothing to say. And Colmes would proceed to tear it apart, find fault with it raise compelling points of the other son, I thought all Colmes is one of Hannity would come back slick. While job. I thought this is good this good because I'm hearing both sides. This is good because is making me think this is good because it's forcing me out of the echo chamber. So was rather live in the echo chamber in which we just want to be whoever we are, whatever background wherever, or religious background, political background, social background, loves most in a little echo chamber and not interact with those who differ. In fact, if so indifference Melissa threatens us because we feel we can defend what we believe or we just don't not like hearing of the stuff it agitates us but what what I want to remind you of friends is is that how many times since the elections have you heard me talk about election fraud. It there may have been fraud.

I know very solid people learned people PhD statisticians, others who study things carefully. They say Mike sums wrong here tongue. Some may be my feet.

My feeling was, there's been so much prayer and we have the court system and all the checks and balances of that's the case will come to light, but I'm not focused on the hunt because the election was certified mess.

The current reality. All right. And I pray for Donald Trump's or pray for Joe Biden and is and is much as I deeply differ with spouses, cannot root for the guy go down. I'm not ready for harm to come to him, a follower of Jesus.

I want God to to to save him in a way that he truly knows the Lord. Pray for Donald Trump to truly know the Lord that they could bear much fruit and honor the Lord. That's my desire and and if if they're not whoever it is not living in such a way that meant making decisions in such a way that are in harmony with what's best for the nation, and expected him to say we are now instituting mandatory Bible reading in every business in America else that their business this separation of church and state is therefore violated course not.

I'm I'm not looking for Joe Biden or the Democrats or Donald Trump.

Republicans River comes up next.

I'm not looking for them to be champions of the kingdom of God is righteous if there say wonderful but I'm looking for them to make good decisions that will be the best interest of America.

So to me that ends up being pro-life to me that unzipping profamily to me, that ends up showing solidarity with Israel to be that ends up pushing back against the tyranny of China did to me and it ends up in a certain side of the culture wars because I believe that's what's best for America. But we advocate for that in the public square. We advocate with the platforms I have advocate for them before. Accordingly, we work within the system, knowing that the system itself is still of this world that the political system itself as those can be corrupt like is that human beings and it human beings leaving and power corrupts and you know what happens you know the joke Semitism looking for perfect church and in the answers. While the day you get there will be perfect anymore.

If churches are imperfect. If denominations are imperfect.

How much more the political system as much as I appreciate our Constitution and and and Bill of Rights and all these things.

They're not the Bible that the Bible so when this world. It's a falling messed up world we seek to live out our kingdom values in the midst of it, but I'm not here for partisan political games. Susan that somehow we can insult I I'm not here to emphasize partisan political themes.

Forgive me for saying games because you can be very much involved in the political system and involved in partisan politics with our game so sororities forget but but I'm not here for me it would be playing games is a; so I just wanted to bring this to your attention for any Fusiliers right-wing urgent versus right wing become a Joe by the time the best in the Democrats all the time.

I did IB time at the Republicans look, I'm a registered independent even though I voted for Republican candidates for years because of policies platform. I'm a registered independent. That was my way of making a statement that my ultimate allegiances to the can cover me.

I'm not criticizing you. If you feel to to be registered as a member of the party grousing is for me it was important to say I'm registered as an independent because that's where my allegiance is so I say us. I mean fellow believers us walking with the Lord fellow believers, even though I'm standing with Republicans of any policies and thrilled that Republican judges are doing things, and by the way tremendously important interview tomorrow tremendously important interview tomorrow with my friend Rev. Patrick Mahoney talk about what could be the biggest case becomes the Supreme Court in decades has the potential of overturning Roe V Wade in October or you and Republican governors are now lining up saying he was were behind this one.

See this happen. I'm glad for the but when it's us and then it's not Republicans versus Democrats or vice versa. It's the people of God in the world. It's the followers of Jesus and those who don't know, that's the Hudson them, that's for sure that please hear me for who I am only here you.

You are right back down here on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown transferred joining us on the life. There are some Christian authors. When you see one of their articles you read it because you know this is the skin carry weight when you see they come out with a new book is a wonderful this can be as good as gold. Joe Dallas is one of those authors have had the privilege of working with him some conferences in years past. He came in and spoke in our school of ministry one summer some years ago and I've so appreciated his ministry have kept up with it over the years. He has his own extraordinary testimony is been on the front lines of the culture wars taking the difficult, the uncomfortable topics for many years now and doing it bringing together grace and truth. His new book is Christians and a cancel culture.

Joe, thanks so much for joining us on the broadcast today Michael, thank you for ever.

Great talking with you again. Yeah. What a joy and how how shocking to see so many things we talked about in years past and basically warned were coming here.

They are were in the midst of them right now. Is it any surprise to Joe that we are where we are in America today. I cannot really ride that we talked about that year you would die nobody about admitted three but it will Hardy. We we know that there was a decay began in our nation.

Decades ago, we thought it ready.

We had dated impact on the church and within the church, but I like watching someone you love very much growing very old and very ill. You may know what the going to be, but it's still heartbreaking to look at yeah absolutely so absolutely Francis because Joe Dallas, the new book Christians and a cancel culture is, is there a a world vision, a new vision in broad terms where where our nation is going to just a bunch of separate individual developments. There is this kind of a larger vision that that is being embraced what got me Michael. I look at it. Wait, I need all mentality capital culture woke photo drug warrior I the book of Bible and outgroup day. It seemed like a virus that different people actually note and people who do you recognize one day the next day you suddenly don't recognize they've got a different position different attitude, a different worldview a different way of arriving at truth and all of a sudden they are driving a motor of things like black life better movement, direct depot or a liberalized view of humanity as if they call the Bible. All we could look at it.

I guess that may be more accurate.

I think were in the middle of the bed where you basically have very callable or social media entertainment industry news media currently active. The other psychiatric industry.

They basically have linked arm.

They overhaul our way of those above who hold onto traditional, that are fake but the definition of family the definition of marriage.

The reality of life with them but will an accurate definition of great social justice.

We who hold those views are the infidel and infidel need to either be converted or the need to be five and I think that's what we are now, where were in the middle of the day that is sweeping the nation and other nation and emptying either convert our thinking or marginalized ended pilot the we will not be converted to the problematic because the areas of thought Wanda convert our thinking on these are nonnegotiable.

We can't love you and all. You and I believe we haven't been out there looking for a fight without trying to make trouble but are back for a gift of all the people that you need to change your belief system. You need to change your definition productivity help pay and were further stuck with the old well hey look for yourself. Should we obey men or should we obey God for our part, we made our right and in his you been on the frontlines of issues having to do with LGBT Q activism with your own powerful testimony coming out of homosexually being involved in quote K Christianity addressing these things. It used to be a live and let live tolerance, diversity. We we just want to be treated fairly. Of course you believe what you believe. But now the tables basically turn saying no, you have no right to believe what we believe. So am I overstating things to say that we've removed beyond the call for tolerance of diversity. Or maybe tolerance and diversity rose to scold words what we left behind a lot of ago. I will remember the little public figure that code. Yeah yeah, not now. I got it that you give it Biotech body. When I was a part of the gay community and I was very committed to book the social and the theological normalization of homosexuality and I would completely wrong. I have the dictation or where I worked what I did between 1978, 1984 when I was so committed to that, but I'll say I don't even recognize the movement refute the day going by the name LGBT you in my day, Michael. We were trying to persuade people to treat her the Bentley we weren't asking for their approval. We weren't saying you have to stay gave good.

All we were staying was built around the beautiful Street don't call it day allow us to live our lives without having to be afraid of the treatment by you. That would be after of the move, but I was a part of that again.

II will all get out about that with their treatment.

I didn't break the effectual thin ended, breaking the perfection of thinking that that was by the got byproduct. It was a different movement in the difficult but not your grandfather's LGBT Q movement is really interesting and in the earliest days when you had the Sampson was here with query get use to it in the intimidation tactics is basically the those things don't work and they aren't working and then really just a personal appeal.

Can't you just treat us decently in our relationships are as good as anyone else's, and look at how the church is demonized us does a lot of power behind the personal appeal but you know why I'd said one night when I first got called into Jenny on the front lines during 2004 immediately said, those who came out of the closet when put us in the closet you saw where this was going and and Joe how to and in you deal with this in your book the new book, friends, Christians and a cancel culture by Joe Dallas. How is it that progressive Christianity, which is close to me more enlightened and loving and accepting how this progressive Christianity tie am with this new militancy, promote vehement up a bit. We are getting and we will continue to get going to come from people who identify but we really embrace something other than Christianity and that's basically what progressive yet it is it that it will another gospel with not quite progressive Christianity hatred the bottom of the lintels of the fate the exclusivity of Christ that the only way to the father, the existence of a place of punishment of an afterlife. The be reality that humanity is not born wonderful, but that we are bored with the nature be of sexual morality clearly wrecked and reinforced in the document.

Why do you think you're a nap about progressive Christianity. It does sound like the light but actually it is simply progressing toward something and not all progress. Progress towards the edge of a cliff. That's progress, but about the way you want to go. That's basically why I think the progressive Christianity played the because I believe in. I tried put the end of the book and pointed out just saying I love G saying I'm a Christian. That's not going to get you in any hot water. You can do that. Shoot, you could be a lot darker and that your Grammy and they thank the Lord I but if you hold the biblical be the one that fell out of the book again.if they get out the biblical position on the porch of the family. Sexual morality photos up. If you hold the biblical think.

That where the rub and that's what getting up in the hot water and it reminds the people there to be ashamed of me all my work, my father will be extended view but would not just claiming the name of the photo following the feet of Christ that with the controversy of the bets where I think the church is being pressured the soft pedal to the doctrinal position.

We hold that the culture now find perspective that II have been Michael, one of my big appointment is not the unreasonable helpful culture, but the wilderness of the church to K that unreasonable.

Like or didn't imperil wet make sure that the culture is the grouping of us and were telling our felt about the belt were telling our felt that that how you beach people, but I don't want anything controversial because I want to reach people which really being more honest about it to be a way of thinking. I want to get along with everybody and not have any yeah but good grief.

If you don't have injured you don't have the gospel.

I mean II don't the a lot of Kumbaya in the early church when Peter and John all day with pretreat not with fever was preaching and the other I will 10. I brought back the truth that effectual thin by people to knife the meat into the kingdom I needed to hear.

True complied with the conviction of the Holy Spirit buffeting my heart and 30 be around that fell at work that you know what were not the rewrite that formula. No change, change, and in fact you know the different context. Paul speaks of those who preach circumcision to avoid the offense of the cross. And there's always that effort.

One way that you so beautifully articulated here that we want to avoid the offense of the cross. Avoid defensive saying, salvation is only through Jesus are human beings are our core sinful and need to repent and we want to sound more broad-minded, open-minded, and in the end that will save no one hate Joey. We got a break coming up but just in 30 seconds what are you hoping that readers will get out of your new book Christians in a cancel culture. I want them to have an awareness of the upholding of the Bible.they are not the barrier we are primary we cannot compromise that I want them equipped by reading the book to be able to have reasonable dialogue people on each of the vision, even when the temperature of the room… It starts getting hot and controvert, but I'm hoping people will get awareness about that equipping. I also pay.

I've got a few more questions for my guest. Joe Dallas yet. Just like in a comment on Facebook love hearing the clarity you bring Joe yet. Thank you for that.

That's what we need.

We need clarity in the midst of the confusion will be right back and I want to know much about God's heart for race God's heart for justice versus a lot of PC today. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6634 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us and speak with author counselor speaker Joe Dallas's new book Christians in a cancel culture. Joe last year I was shouting out as loudly as I could. Every black life matters, we must be carefully aware acutely aware of needs within African-American community from from history and things, things that still exist churches working together doing our best to to have real reconciliation doing our best to address issues that that may remain there still unjust at the same time I was shouting out my opposition to the BLM movement to the Marxist ideology to the queer ideology, etc. see you referenced earlier, BLM movement, but towards in your book you deal with key issues in our society of abortion and homosexuality racing you talked about those that have a real heart for God's heart for social justice and things like that and was the biblical way get called infidels today so it in your mind what's the difference between having God's heart for justice versus being part of, say, the BLM movement we have to recognize the old nature of Michael Rick about bad 75 on the freeway and got mile-per-hour fat evil.

When you believe and or overly but one great superior to another. That is the foundational leak people believe the practice but is the bracket vehicle and we think of the worst military conflict about humanity because a great aunt that we have to God are sort of treatment for all people… The one great inferior or superior to another. However, we depart from a biblical view of the photoconductive. When we print. Someone is guilty of been by virtue of their rate below. One of the great error of the black life better movement believe that if you are not of a racial minority.

You are inherently rate by virtue of not being a part of a racial minority know I circled I grew up when Dr. King was still alive and influential, and I remember very plainly what defendant dream look with with the antipathy of the booklet being black like better promote and that was that they would have children would be good not by the color and but by the content of their character. Black life matter is not taken to consideration the notion of individual operability embedded in potent collective QuickBooks ability onto an entire way and it finds that entirely guilty salvation only being available if they repent of the defendant may never have committed without the interference of true repentance. Early repent we have to be guilty of them recognized the end of the film must be verifiable by A block up he went by, I know you're a liar.

Dr. Brown unless I hear and verify that you buy. I have no right to impose that on and yet the black like better movement of the critical race theory by embarked impose that on an entire race and the end result of the parable for the parable group being the actual inflaming of the very thing the black life matter want to eradicate and better racial tension.

You cannot help but help Rachel. If you keep African-American people that white people are currently there and you're not helping them plainly if you fill all white people are inherently bigoted and if they deny it only because they are on both of the don't want to own their own guilt getting out aware that the part of all those reasons, I do think need to be better equipped both the evil of great the all black life matter offer, but the true solution found.

Ultimately, the vision for you guys Facebook, but only from seven judgment, but from the nature of public bring people likely that the court a truly biblical racial unity where we can eradicate rate good wet do it and where people are found to be rate in the language of the let's make them accountable for what we will get nowhere. Simply applying the guilty verdict everyone without genuine evidence since the Christians in a cancel culture. The subtitle is speaking with truth and grace in a hostile world and there's something as you're speaking it's clear but has a calming effect because it's I was sorta slow down this listen to one another and that's the purpose of the book to equip Christians to do some friends.

We barely scratch the surface of the contents of the book. I really encourage you to check it out for yourself and never read anything by Joe that I didn't just agree with but thought wow this is great. In fact just yesterday, Joe is recommended when your books to her to call her about the kid with you identify as gay etc. so here's the book you want to get but yeah so and I've done that many a time, of course.

So last question and again we can go on for long time with this, but you talk about what could be coming for Christians in America today that hostility we could face for holding tour foundational convictions.

If we had warned about some the things we did years back. People hardly believed it that we hear what could happen if we don't learn to stand our ground now we have a choice whether or not were going to buy what we call the poker.

You may develop what we may or may not that it basically where we are now politically we are in a time where government and many. Attempting to influence what we may or may not.

All it takes a couple of the Supreme Court vision the right appointment and the right legal precedent being that, and we may reach a point where it will be protected for data if they continue to preach and teach the biblical definition of marriage and family, and possibly even photographed the people may begin their winter because the character of mentor date likely to be hurtful, based on his understanding of what Scripture plainly about Mary and the family. We made the leap very well. The Christian universities and diffusion of Lucan government because of the positions they hold and what were going to have to start development are the doctrinal point point we can relinquish or are they killed the guy on are they ancient boundaries that cannot be moved or are they definitions and concepts that we can conveniently be flexible about them. Not really fight for.

I would argue that if the compromises we surrender the particular principle we will look surrendered after the gospel and of what God and human. This breaking were not here by but I think were going to wind up fighting only because we are here to bear, and we are not willing to advocate our goal of the light of the world. We are not willing to tell the world that it may now become the light of that is where our band. I'm sure you create more controversy upon book by call to us followers of Jesus. In fact, Jesus guaranteed is that the lack of conflict is often a sign that were not standing and speaking the truth and friends. This book will help you speak the truth, but without without setting angry and and to walk in love without without sounding weak. By the way of said it's in the book literally hot off the press today. This is the release dates of Joe, so glad you could join us. May the Lord's blessing continue to be with you in the days ahead, Michael. Great talk with you again all right. The book Christians and a cancel culture by Joe Dallas and if you don't know his testimony to check it out. Typing Joe Dallas testimony and the ego here.

Here he was a bully playing Oregon should've asked specifically but I playing Oregon in the gay church and he was totally involved and bought into the lies of cookie Christianity but we got really got hold of his life. That was the end of that. So look you know what they say with IRS with taxes. You can pay me now you pay me later.

We warned about things, and the culture for years and years and years and that there there plenty of things I don't know their there plenty of things that happen that take catch me by surprise. Like anybody else there plenty of developments like Brian see that coming or it's a surprise that there are other things. There's clearly dislike you might be apparent and and as you have more kids you do you learn certain patterns of children's behavior and that and you kinda see things coming before they have is just as clear is 80 or are you might be a builder and you see some novice builder building house like now costs. These are accidents waiting to happen because you been around so the certain things that are just clear as day to me and and have been for years with others.

You see things.

I don't see but bit where the coaches going this summer we been warning about for years and years and years with specifics with details to say. As we run out we were insulating this imprint was on this video with its in this message. It's there is laid out. This was going some friends not to ride the storm out, you're not going to just sit this out like well with this, don't you have to stand have to step it easy to standard compromise is not sitting out, you can't.

You can't sit out taking a gospel stand in the midst of the culture wars it's only going to get worse and more intense the more we do sit out some extent Stanford truth that student love.

Let's reach out to those who hate us and oppose us with the love and kindness and mercy of the gospel. Let's bring Jesus to them in word and deed, and let stand, regardless of cost or consequence as his disciples. We can do no less.

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