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The Trinity in the Old Testament?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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July 29, 2021 4:30 pm

The Trinity in the Old Testament?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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July 29, 2021 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 07/29/21.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Is it true that we can find God's tri-unity right within the pages of the Hebrew Bible, the Old Testament stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience have president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH air again is Dr. Michael Brown.

We are digging to the word today you have a great time opening the Hebrew Scriptures together and take it usually calls and catch up with some Jewish related Israel related world news 866-34-TRUTH any Jewish related question of any kind. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 before we open up the Scriptures and dig into a very interesting and important subject. I just want to express my grief about something so my team just sent me a link to our YouTube video where I recently was commenting on what Paul meant in Romans 1126 all Israel shall be saved. Question that I miss perpetually the question that is always in discussion among students of the work so later in the show I might interact with some of the comments to the video so I say hey just seven going so I have it so I sent it to me so I just pulled it up right before the show start, literally seconds before there's an ad playing when I look up on the ad which I froze on the screen is two men kissing what they had us for this is on my YouTube channel. Whatever there is what is being advertised.

There are two men kissing and some of you too, this profane that's ugly that's an appropriate and ought not to be mature, how to protest what ads appear. But listen, I've made it plain that when we put out the video Kenny began Christian. It was not my intent for that to air on gay and transgender YouTube channels ended up happening because of words in it etc. add words. That was not my intent.

In other words that's their place and if they post things in you to within community guidelines. That's their business. I'm not trying to intrude there the same way should be some method where things that are 100% contrary to the values that you hold to can't occur is as under YouTube, in any case where these two men are. May the Lord save them but he bring them under conviction may he bring them to himself. May he bring them into new life, 86634. Who is God, according to the Hebrew Scriptures.

Is this the same God as the one presented in the New Testament writings or do the New Testament authors follow a new God do they make a man into a God or God into a man to the make one God into three God, how should we sort this out. Let me say with categorical clarity.

There is one God and one God only.

That is a truth for which I will die. There is one God and one God only one eternal Creator of the universe. There were not competing gods multiple gods there was one dog and one God only. The question is who is this God.

What is the makeup of this God is he complex in his unity with Christians later referred to as Trinity, God's tri-unity. Three persons in the Godhead that were person being used in a philosophical sense, what exactly does that mean what I wanted you today is delve into the Hebrew Bible and see okay that that was the Bible of the early followers of Jesus was only some years later that some of the letters of Paul began to be written in some years later that the Gospels began treatment so things were being passed on by oral tradition immediately, and there may been little writings here and there that will circulate the listings passed on by oral tradition, as was the custom in the ancient world and then things written down mainly in in a retrospective way. So, the Gospels, either written by eyewitnesses or those who had access to eyewitnesses, and then the letters written by the apostles in an key leaders in the early church. We understand that but the Bible that they had was the Hebrew Bible. So when you're talking about the trueness of of the nature of God and the truth of the deity of the Messiah. There text was the Hebrew Bible. Now, obviously in the context of radio broadcast.

I can't be comprehensive. I can't go into massive depth. I need Scripture I can't give you a full apologetic response to all rabbinic objections to London essay but I can give you a clear and powerful overview of this one God who is complex is unity. So let's start in Genesis chapter 1 verse 26 Genesis 126 and the verse is well known not say a dumb, but some may nuke you through tainted so literally, let us make man in our image, according to our likeness. Now I put on the screen for you this far.

Real website SCF AR tens of thousands of dollars worth of books all their free online in Hebrew, Aramaic, and in many cases English translation so if you have that you go to that website if you're on your cell phone you click on the verse itself actually the writing of the verse. If you look on your desktop you click on the number of the verse and that will get you over to the commentaries so let's see what Rashi foremost rabbinic commentator. Let's see what he has to say and and he's explaining we will make man. Why does it say we and he explains the meekness of the holy one, blessed be he, they mean, and the rabbis learn from here because the man is in the likeness of the angels. They might envy him. Therefore he took counsel with them so while she was on with his comments but was basically saying is that the reasons is let us make man is that he did it. Taking counsel of the angels because masquerading God's image and the angels are likewise creating God's image, but because man is going to be more exalted.

So the Angels would be obvious. This, in his meekness modeling that for us is not a sitdown with some and keep attentive, let us make man is make Christians read that silhouette that must be Trinity. Let's see what of all just formal. He lives about 400 years after Rashi. Let's see, let's see with what he says about the meaning of this wide is, why does it say let us make man in pieces at this point God endowed his entourage to carry out the task assigned to so that he creates, together with the Angels. Hence, now say let us make a right step back from here for a moment there are many, many other rabbinic commentators on this but all that to say it.the retention words let us make our image, according to our likeness. They got their attention is elsewhere.

God created God spoke, etc. now it says let us so the idea that this is God and the angels there's no text elsewhere in the Bible that supports this notion go stake counsel with the Angels guess on possible justice not supported with clarity anywhere else in the Bible.

Other scholars say it's the plural of deliberation. Let's do this, let's do the human say to yourself the question is why our image.

Why our likeness in the pool of liberation essays.

The majestic plural where the king says let it be known that we have decreed speaking about himself, but is, as we of his question was would work out grammatically like this event. Many Christians say it's God's tri-unity hence led us and there's a hint of it early in Genesis 10 we absolutely argue for the no there are other possible explanations. Suffice it to say it is in harmony with God's. It's not a proof of God's tri-unity there other ways to read the verse, but it is in harmony with God's tri-unity okay now let's let's move down to Genesis chapter 18 Genesis chapter 18 and I get to go there on Safar Rea as well. Genesis 18 one says the Lord appeared to him to Abram by the terrapins of Barbara.

He was sitting at the entrance of the tent as the day grew hot.

Looking up he saw three men standing near him.

So the Hebrew is Yahweh Lord right for your love of the lanai so Yahweh Lord Almighty appears to him. Abraham looks up and he sees three men so who are these three men. How should this be understood. Again, there are lots of commentaries on this but the rabbinic explanation is that God appeared 33 angels, and they had various missions. You will mostly heal Abraham conceited been circumcised even though it's clear from the text. He was well healed from the circumcision at that point is he's running an active another comes.

He notes that it's that the merit of visiting the sick, and then to the angels going on to Sodom, etc. so the standard rabbinic explanation is that this is three angels. I said that's not supported by the text of the text clearly says is that it is Yahweh Lord Almighty with two angels wise and important. It is an indication that the eternal God, who sits enthroned in the heavens, whom no one can see who is untouchable. When Paul speaks of in first Timothy 615 and says he dwells in unapproachable light verse 1560 in a first Timothy six. No one's seen the no one's ever seen. John 118 says no one is seeing God and yet there are clear instances in the Hebrew Bible with the Lord appears in human form in flesh and blood form. How could it be that the goddesses enthroned in the heavens, whose presence fills the whole universe also comes in our midst in human form. I don't want to take the time on the air now to read through all of Genesis 18, but I will encourage you to do it and all of you who are listening and watching who are Jewish friends or maybe you don't consider me a friend you can send me an enemy you can read Hebrew. In particular, read through the text just read it through clear and honest issue, and ask yourself is the most natural way to read this. This is how Shem this is the Lord with two angels because we get to the end of the chapter.

There's an extended conversation between how Shem between the Lord. That's the way really just you will speak about how Shem the name. This extended conversation between Abraham and Hashem and then when they're done.

Shem leaves and then what happens.

19 one Genesis 19 one. The very next verse and the two angels came to Sodom. What happened to the three. One of them was I'm an angel text and dimensions angels, there exists a team rather so Shem, the Lord is to angels. 27 leads saying God and fills universes enthroned in heaven can also come in our midst in flesh and blood and reveal himself in the Bible and the Tanakh in the Torah file. If the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael Brown locomotive thoroughly Jewish Thursday yeah I was about to jump in and talk. If the music was coming, 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 784. Later in the broadcast will be going to Jewish related questions. The thesis on laying out today is very simple that we can demonstrate from the Hebrew Bible that there was one God and one God only, but he is complex and is unity. Hence he can be seen and can't be seen. Hence, he reveals himself, but he is hit. Hence, he is enthroned in heaven, he feels the universe works among us, and at times he appears in human form, because he is one God, eternal, infinite and complex in his unity. Let's take a look in Exodus chapter 3 Exodus chapter 3, beginning in verse one. The Moses was keeping the flock was father-in-law Jethro, the priest of Midian. Let us lock to the west side of the wilderness and came to core of the mountain of God. And the angel of the Lord of the remodel of the license. The Moloch is a messenger. The angel of the Lord appeared to him in a flame of fire out of the bush look to behold, the bush was burning it was, not consumed Moses that I will turn aside to see this great sight, why the bush is not burned when the Lord saw that he turned aside to see God called him on the bush. Is this remarkable that it says if God is actually in this Moloch is in this angel that it says if how Shem is fully identified with the angel, not just the angel is a messenger but the angel somehow is the essence of God himself would how Shem the Lord saw that he turned aside to see God called him to most of the bush, Moses, Moses is in here I am, that he said do not come near take your samples of your fee for the place of interest standing is holy ground that something Lauren just for an angelic presence.

That's the norm for God's very presence. And he said who the Moloch, the, the messenger, the angel, I am the God of your father got of Abraham, the God of Isaac, God of Jacob and Moses his face. He was afraid to look at God, okay, let's think about that for a minute. It seems in a plain reading of the text that this Moloch.

This angel actually in some way is God himself, how we explain it will remember what it says in John 118 that no one seen God at any time. The one only God is in the bosom of the father, he has made him known issue assistant John 14 if you seen me seen the father is the sun's job to make the father known the father remains hidden in glory and unapproachable light. The sun makes him known and the rule of the spirit is the one who interacts with us and works among us is as will see the Scripture in a moment. Let's go over to Exodus chapter 24 Exodus 24. Remember the children of Israel have just received the 10 Commandments from Mount Sinai. God has warned them don't come near the mountain. His presence is there. Later in Deuteronomy 5, God reminds me didn't see any image.

So even though God has a form is a you can see any form at that time was 12 says Moses saw the form of the Lord with the people. Nothing was revealed Leslie go out and make some type of stature idle. So verse one then he said to Moses, come up to the Lord.

You and Erin, Dov, and I'll be who the 70 the old 70 of the elders of Israel were stripped from afar and and then you go down let's let's scroll down to verse of verse nine and it says that Moses and Aaron, not of all be who in the 70 elders of Israel went up and they saw the God of Israel, they saw the rabbinic commentaries and should paraphrase translation civilly so the glory of the God God is doesn't say this is they saw the God of Israel that's with the Texas the same of the Campisi and they saw how is that I'm just look at the evidence of the Hebrew Bible, there was under his feet as it were. Payment of sapphire stone with a very heaven for clearness and and here's why. That was just a vision and he did not lay his hand on the chief men of the people of Israel. They beheld God, they drank in other words, they they should have the should die, but God didn't strike them so who they see you can see God.

No one seen God, but they saw God who they say I won't go there now but Isaiah 6. Isaiah goes into the temple to worship ugly was the earthly temple and what is he say cytosol, the Lord, so the Lord is how Shem it's it's it's always the text goes on. He saw the Lord will who did he see it and overwhelmed by the holiness of God, of God can't be seen. This just questions as we ask is a Trinity, God's tri-unity, one God, one God and one going out three God's not three separate beings but one God was made himself known to us as father son and Spirit is not taught in Hebrew Bible, then we go to Isaiah the ninth chapter, there is the promise. There of a messianic King.

The Texas will be called prophetic perfect so it's spoken of as if it already happened to yell at you love on the bendy, a child has been born to us a son has been given to us as if it had already happened.

Isaiah chapter 9 but then he describes this woman scroll down to verse six it says this about the sun for a child is born, to us a son is given, so again in Hebrew. It's prophetic perfect. It's as if it already happened in the prophets looking at it as if it already happened. The government shall be upon his shoulder and his name shall be called Kelly Lloyd Szilagyi broadly outsource a lump wonderful Counselor, mighty God, everlasting Father, Prince of peace. Others a lot of debate about the right translation here.

It would be poor, mighty God occurs again. Isaiah 1021 speak of how Shem, the Lord himself but most scholars. Most commentators believe that these would be throne names of the child. Descriptive of the child and one of them was mighty God and there is a passage in the Talmud as well as Ibn Ezra, one of the top three rabbinic commentaries from 11th century. He says the names of the names of the child, but then tries to interpret them differently. So who is this child. This messianic child was divine name spoken of them. Let's go over some 45 Psalm 45 is a song about a royal wedding about a Davidic wedding and what you have to understand is that the promises to David find their fulfillment in the Messiah limits the many things that God promised David were not done in his lifetime, but find their fulfillment in the greater David, the Messiah himself. Let's get down to verse six, Psalm 45 it says Kisa Kahlo Hume Lalonde by your throne of God is forever and ever, the scepter of your kingdom is deceptive uprightness, but certainly words of praise to the Lord. I remember risking it Hebrew teacher in college was a Rabbi, could you translate that for me it's it's one first down in Hebrew and he read it. He suggests praises to the Almighty us, it could you read the rest of the Psalm's face literally turn red because it's unclear just if you're reading it in itself. Kisa Kahlo Hume Lalonde by Ed, your throne of God is forever and ever. Smith says scepter of your kingdom is deceptive uprightness you love righteousness and hated wickedness. Therefore God, your God, has anointed you with the oil of gladness be on your companions. What the forgot your God has anointed his cuckold God that the the Davidic king and here's a type of Messiah is called divine one God.

That's how he's dressed to try to read it. Kisa Kahlo Hume Lalonde and need your divine throne is forever and ever. It's it's really a forced reading unit we would never think that way.

So let's step back number one we see potential references to God. Speaking of himself in the plural. Let us our image, our likeness, the definitive, but in harmony with God's complexion, but we can't make a proof on we see God manifesting himself coming in our midst.

In a physical way. Abraham literally washes his feet feeds him and that the two angels with him, Moses sees him in a burning bush. All these things crystal clear in terms of when just read it through naturally without trying to make it fit the theology so the eternal God, who elsewhere nor can see his face and live Exodus 33 it's what God tells Moses know can see my facelift yet he comes in the midst of his people and reveals himself in flesh and blood and then we see the messianic King being directly identified with God. The I don't have time to go through the references.

Let me just give into just got these down if you're taking notes. Psalm 106 32 and 33 Psalm 106 32 and 33 Isaiah 6310 Isaiah 6310 Micah chapter 2 verse seven Micah 27 Nehemiah chapter 9 verse 20 that's Nehemiah chapter 9 verse 21st Chronicles chapter 28 versus 1112 first Chronicles chapter 28 versus 1112 all these verses speak of the rule of the spirit he can be grieved, the children of Israel rebelled against him. He teaches he instructs, he leads, he speaks.

This indicates not just power but intelligence, personality, personhood so it is because the raw interacts among us that with the children of Israel rebelled the rebelled against him. When they sinned against God, they grieved him. So we have this hidden God. This revealed God. This rule, father, son, spirit, God's tri-unity of the pages of the Hebrew Bible. This is an overview go in more depth in some of her writings and teachings. This is a useful over the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown locomotive to the line of fire early Jewish Thursday.

If you Jewish related questions. Your best answers, 866-348-7884 I commented earlier that when I was looking at a YouTube video for some comments that my team had referred me to.

We came up. There is an ad but I looked up. There were two men kissing play the rest of the ad and then it's good always different families and then the two men were walking out of the chapel. They've just been quote married so as the plate on. I saw that it was for its CVR B0 perfect family get away. So I guess that's an apt so they are loudly and clearly shouting to the world that they are champions of two men or two women, quote marrying, and that we should all go to their company. Accordingly, so just putting that information out there for your unrelated otherwise to through the juicers except the fact that he came up on my video, all Israel shall be saved. All right, I've got some interesting Jewish news along get to the moment the first recalls let's start with Keith and Mary Dozier, Illinois.

Thanks for: the line of fire by Dr. Brown. Hey Colin. First time caller and a big band and I want to say thank you also for all the work you do for the kingdom.

Thank you. My question revolved around John to and I was wanted to appeal to your knowledge of Jewish law customer, or perhaps maybe even a little bit to the Greek interpretation or with regard to how more than Jewish person in the latter part of the first century before the beginning of the second century three John two or understand that if it was being told told to them via story in regard to the web would be immediately think that Jesus was whipping the people or used it to move the animals because my understanding or at least what I think is that Jesus be assaulting somebody and thereby breaking Torah law and again I sure prefix take my questions right so it is an excellent question in terms of it. If he was doing that as he was whipping people then with with that of been so far outside the pale of things that that he would have been overtly breaking the Torah and then you why the Minnetonka Sabbath observance of the things missed him something so overt or you can say, according to the Torah if there was great injustice in the temple that that would be a righteous thing to do. There there is no specific Jewish law that I'm aware of that was extant at that time that we would give us a specific response to in other words, there would be general principles would be general guidelines would be specific laws about other things but because rabbinic Judaism later developed such ultra specific laws governing the minutia of everyday life that you would think they would be certain rules for the temple or for this or that so I would only say this that the real deciding factor is not whether this was a Jewish reader in the first century or Jewish reader today. The big question would be what does that person think of Jesus meaning the text can be read one of two ways. It could be read that he, he whipped the animals and drove out the money changers and overturn the temples or that he whipped the moneychangers so it's all a matter of what you think of him and you could either read it negatively or positively, because Scripture said plainly that he did no violence, and you could argue that it was doing violence to to whip moneychangers and that's part of the. The New Testament presents him clearly is doing no violence and is it is written in Isaiah 53 encoded in first Peter two.

See you it's okay if you if the New Testament pictures he did no violence in that text is in their than that text must be indicating that he drove out the animals with the whip drove out the moneychangers in the get out here overturn the tables and with the animals. If you are attacking him as a critic you say what people so I don't I don't believe there is sufficient Jewish background that would influence how you read it, it would be more matter. Exegete the Greek text as carefully as you can and then come to the conclusions you cancel my conclusion for many years has been with the Gospels present him as overturning the tables driving at the my chambers and moneychangers and whipping the animals supposed whipping the people, but again, you can see different readings based on how people look at him and what they're seeing the text.

The only logic I can give you is, since the New Testament very clearly wants to portray him a certain way that it would be counterproductive for them to have that narrative if it made him look bad so they included in their. It must've happened in a righteous way.

Autumn vibrated that really helped.

All right very much you are you are very welcome. Thanks for the call and the kind words Keith 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Victoria in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Welcome to the line of fire. You little while back. Click here caller who complained Gentile and long wear them like under development team trying to look Jewish and Mike. Not that they thought it online. They are on their belt with because they wanted to get because they wanted to follow Torah and so it I don't know what the picnic is dark, trying to look Jewish trying to follow the law no fee will appreciate the question let me just say that I was responding to a question about people who do this and want to look and act like shoes and I've seen it for decades and assumedly to apostasy seedlings all kinds of confusion I've seen it damage or witness to the Jewish people and it it sets a precedent which I think assuring the moment you want to follow so let's say that years your sons are doing this with your heart before the Lord, because they read that in Torah right but torso is talking about hanging things for your belt, the sum of the four corners of the garment so they need to completely change their outfits. They need to go back where outfits better discount like almost like a smock four corners and where those with fringes.

That's the first thing what what that something another was your nuts okay to limit their beards look like it will weather beards look like. Well try okay and if if one of them was persistently disobedient, rebellious, getting drunk, would you stone him to death, but let's Torah this Torah law, the Starla of how about this, would you recommend in your church. If someone commits adultery that they stone a person's Torah law. All right if you know any anti-Christians that work on the seventh day Sabbath on a Saturday. I probably not right. They should be stoned to death. According to the Torah I feel about that.

Should that happen.

Well well well where is say that Marissa say that in the Torah doesn't say that someone told you a lot. Note that a silly break.

When you get into the land where I'm bringing you God required it of the exiles. God required them to keep the Sabbath in exile.

What is in juice keep the Sabbath around the world to that wasn't just for the land of Israel course not, you so so let's keep going. During is there's certain things as a woman, your monthly cycle. Your husband are physically completely separate additional contact during that time, correct CRL at home).

Single no cut another little none none of the lessees defiled no contact separate bed.

Everything that the point I'm making is it's pick and choose. There is verse or verses one after another after another after another after another, that you don't keep you are not Jews under the Sinai covenant.

You are not commanded to observe all the rights of the sonic covenant. We have a new and better covenant and that is now exemplified and what's taught New Testament.

So what you end up with this confusion, you end up with a foreign mixture.

Pick a little from here.

Choose little from there. Even with all sincerity and I watched you for years and then it keeps going further and further and you observe the new moons. No. Do you know just these are all things, the Torah, so it's once you start to break it down, you find that you're constantly breaking laws within the Torah or rejecting them or not keeping them for one reason or another. Even with all sincerity, so forget trying to look like shoes.

It is putting yourself under something that God never put you under at an it's it's inconsistent.

It's going to breach spiritual confusion over the years and taken to its logical climax ends up with pulling away from Yeshua, rather than towards him out of Austin for decades. Here to a new and better covenant to a new and better covenant. God never called Gentile Christians anywhere in the New Testament to come under the Sinai covenant that was the Sinai covenant because Israel broke it repeatedly.

God said, I'm giving you a new and better covenant and am now writing these things in your heart, so he didn't call you to be Israelites to be Jews called you just like he didn't make you into a woman or me into a man because were one of the Messiah and there is no there is neither male or female in the Messiah. Your Gentile, I'm a Jew but were one in Jesus your female on male one in the Messiah. It's it's really important to get this right you are not under the sonic covenant your under a new and better covenant rather than pick and choose a law here custom. There immerse yourself in how the New Testament tells us how to live and then you live in the fullness of everything God gave before you hit.

May the Lord give insight if you have further questions feel free to shoot an email… More than glad to help. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown looking friends literally Jewish Thursday 866-34-TRUTH I'm only trying to be helpful friends only trying to avoid spiritual confusion in speaking the truth in love not trim put anyone down, not trying to question anyone sincerity. In fact, it's of the most sincere people on the planet is reflected by the coal we just had who are you get the whole Bible, single Jesus and keep my commandments and the means everything in the Torah reading John's Gospel uses keep my commandments means the things I'm saying to you here and now, let's take a look from him. In Galatians chapter 3 Galatians chapter 3, beginning in verse 23 now before faith came, we were held captive under the law under the Torah imprisoned to the coming faith would be revealed because the Torah set standards, but we were unable to keep those standards and hence were condemned, but is very laws that were given for life.

So then the law, the Torah was our guardian until Messiah came, in order that we might be justified by faith. But now that faith has come, we are no longer under a guardian of Paul elsewhere Paul in Romans six as we step back from this text says that went up under the law wasn't mean it means when not under the Torah is the system of justification. It means we are not under the Torah's condemnation for falling short means that we are not under the Torah as far as to lead us to the Messiah. Another were in the Messiah. Look at the Toronto as as if it were scaffolding around the building when the building is finished. You don't need the scaffolding so now with these foundations putting us to the Messiah. Justification by faith and God's holy moral principles. We now live godly lives empowered by the spirit and those things which were meant outwardly are now written on our hearts.

There many other things that the Torah speaks of that Christians don't do today.

That's by divine design because they were given for Israel to Israel to teach, to instruct, to prepare the way for Messiah keep Israel separate from the nations of the Messiah has come, we are under new and better covenant, which thou fully expressed in the pages of the New Testament writings okay before we go back to your calls, check out this headline about Louis Farrakhan.

I mean this is this is the world that we live in today in the daily wire following report on the Federalist Nation of Islam finally banned from twitter but not for anti-Semitism.

What okay for years. Louis Farrakhan has posted all kinds of anti-Semitic comments, even likening juice to termites is that I'm not anti-seminar, anti-termite in the context of this document use this far from Hitler: juice, parasites, he's issued all kinds of outlandish statements tweeted all cause about lens tweets and never got bad.

Never got bad not by the way, if twitter wants to have that policy that anything goes, just be consistent let anything go in any direction.

Otherwise, if you have lines about hate speech then be consistent in enforcing these banned from twitter why criticizing color vexing and that's the world we live in today.

It's it's that's the great crime. That's the great sin even if you have honest questions I've been talking to people day and night with honest questions try to sort out things go to my website is Dr. Brando. Check on my latest article about the politicization with his politicization of covert vaccines that you don't know who to trust you know who to go to you get, you know, if you're this new source you get this bus together that new source giving another bias we go to trust you listen to you try to do the right thing to try to make an informed decision. I wrote the article that is much as I don't like wearing mass, especially on long flights that if I knew by wearing a mask.

I could literally save people's lives under a mask in public. The rest my life if I literally knew that for years and years and years that my wearing a mask would save people's lives. Mass if I knew for sure there are no long-term dangers with the vaccine that literally getting vaccinated would save other people's lives. I get back said once a month and they told me to that was recommended like many of you award you the right thing. I want to be careful. I want to honor God to be a good steward of a bottom will be presumptuous or protect people. But what's the right information that's returned so that brings me to the story from Israel at the Jerusalem Post. Let's just take a look at this is real has been very strict with vaccines not quite mandatory but close.

So if you want an update on this.

I recommend this article, Israel's new covert 19 rules everything you need to know the screen pass rules will stay in perfect until August 8 so this is as of today, so you want info, check out this article, Israel's new covert 19 rules so the green passes if even vaccinated. You can do this this this you haven't banned in their certain restrictions so as much as Israelis can be rebellious and very independent of the secular error independent. One way the ultra-Orthodox or independent within their own tightknit communities where they follow the guidance of the rabbis, so they told me not independent from what the rabbis say the rabbis are often independent from what the government as a whole, saying there there is been vaccination by large through almost the entire nation and the only way I can explain it. Given the rebelliousness and independent think you been Israelis, as they must trust the science I mean that that to me is the best explanation or maybe so many of the ultrareligious died early on that the realistic and we have to take this seriously because they live so closely and study together and pray together so closely it's it's it's different than the normal Israeli response which is who's good to know you got to tell us what to do and but it could just well be that is such a science-based nation in so many ways since leaving technology that they trust the science of if you have gotten good results and that the thing they hate the most is the restrictions so this can get rather the restrictions go for again were all watching wanted to do what's best.

He's got nothing to stubbornness, pride to be studied in a matter of faith because we take precautions.

I do my best to eat healthily and have a strong immune system and we put on seatbelts as we drive not just because the law requires it, because it's wisdom to do it suits me as a matter faith. It's a matter making informed decisions and you say that about what you're free.

I want to know your position.

My position is do the research, make informed decisions. That's my official position bite back to the phones. Let's go to Mary J in West Des Moines, Iowa. Welcome to the line of fire. How long shalom time I really appreciate your dear time I wanted that lady I knew The congregation. I know they're doing. Wound up leaving the church in parliament church and having their type of synagogue and it didn't turn out very loudly wound up doing that you think getting in the cabal and Dr. and the one thing that day.

That really out to a way that it had that banter causing the problem with Christian commitment to the Jewish people. What happens is, it looks silly. It looks it it it it makes a mockery of our faith that it it looks like a half-baked uninformed Judaism mixed with Christianity as once he wanted Jewish believers to say I'm a Jew and and this is part of a national heritage and it connects me in a large way with Yeshua and I'm living my life in a consistent way and that this going to shock a Jewish person but you believe in Jesus show so he explained that something when someone who was obviously not Jewish resolve is he not living this out consistently. Look, I've I've seen Gentile Christians that dress like the ultra-Orthodox Jews I see on the sums funnier sums from you, not ultra-Orthodox you talk to them it's confirmed you have a full flux drivers needs them.

It's like what you wearing a costume, what why I love Jesus like I love the Jewish people take what you wearing a costume. That's what religious Jews where it means XYZ at look, I've been on the front lines of this for almost 50 years now.

I got little experience. It may also remark it makes a mockery of the rest of our message, so all right any elite time is short. Your question, please get The last time 2213 I think that where the ram bag and that God will provide RAM and even temperament.

They recruited lamp John the Baptist in Revelation in 13 Abraham ran ran rampant though I will now what would that mean to the Jewish people that mean gotten doubtful if I ever know so so here's the key thing Abraham says in verse eight God will provide a lamb right right then what happens is there's a ram so ram was acceptable. Sacrificial animal that's that's holding so God provided the sacrificial animal so he wouldn't sacrifice Isaac, but the question to ask is what happened to the Lamb.

That's what we now tie them with the Passover lamb. That's will be tied in that with the Messiah being the Lamb of God, and in other words, when you look at the text we were expecting a lamb N.

The RAM is just sacrificial animal God provided so that Abraham doesn't sacrifice Isaac out shouting.

I don't want human sacrifice. At the same time. At the same time is a little question.

Didn't Abraham say a lamb where's the Lamb.

Where's the promise lamb and now we trace that all the way into the New Testament, the Messiah, the Lamb of God starting in John 129 to be blessed back with your questions tomorrow another program powered by the Truth Network

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