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Today, If You Hear His Voice . . .

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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July 28, 2021 5:57 pm

Today, If You Hear His Voice . . .

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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July 28, 2021 5:57 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 07/28/21.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network, so I asked myself less that if I could speak to millions of people today on behalf of God say start for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH euro. Jim is Dr. Michael Brown.

So what is God saying to his people today. What is the spirit saying to the church that God could get our attention get our focus get our year get our heart get our mind to really lean into what he's saying is there a particular burden or emphasis or there are things that we must hear. Obviously, each of us individually would have different answers for that. What about the church of America, 86634 this number to call 866-34-TRUTH 7884 and let me tell you what types of calls. I'd love to take.

Today this is Michael Brown were listening to, watching, taking in the line of fiber whatever means you have. I obviously have the privilege of coming your way five days a week. We been doing it now an hour or two a day for well over 13 years, but every day I take it as a sacred privilege and some days we were locked in your Friday open the phones Q&A on any subject under the sun Thursday thoroughly Jewish. There is going that direction, but other days I might have interviews I might have subjects that are just it's everybody's talking about it.

We need to to seek to bring a kingdom godly perspective on it.

Other days there. Things burning in my heart I feel a need to share in their other days can be wide open. Today was one of those days.

So last night at Ike I kept praying, say, Lord.

Which way we go today but you controversial things happening in the news. I thought we could weigh in on that with the king of respected and feel it go that way and went back and forth back and forth. I asked the question, by God's grace we can we get to reach a lot of people draws different platforms, we have we can we can reach a wide range of people, which truly blesses us, which we take very, very seriously, but I thought okay, what if suddenly all broadcasting stopped in and I could speak to millions of people. I don't mean the loss that nonbelievers can substitute preacher message of salvation, but to God's people. If there are tens of millions. But what would it be those of want to take it with that seriousness, as if that was the case, but when I said I felt as I just stayed before the Lord and obviously this reflects my own burden in my own calling in the way I'm wired. But I just felt would be words to stir you words to challenge you words to inspire you. Words to stretch you words to strengthen you. So that's that's wrong to do today on the broadcast. But I gave out the number 866-34-TRUTH. If there is an inspirational quote a favorite of yours that has really ministered to you over the years that has been especially meaningful to you that you feel yet that I want to share that with others or give me the opportunity to do that as well. 866-348-7884. If there's a Scripture that God is been bringing to mind that you feel this is something especially important for the body to hear today even internationally. Feel free to give me a call or in our YouTube chat in our Facebook chat. Go ahead and post it. I wonder read some quotes to from an article I posted all one was his first posted back in 2013 and in reflects key quotes that have meditated on and stirred by often requoted over the years. It's an article called 10 quotes to rock your world posted on many different websites but on RS, Dr. Brown, page 10 quotes to rock your world. And I noted that over the years are committed to memory numerous quotes that have stirred my heart and impacted my life in the days of the Brown's revival used to post some of the best most the same quotes on large marquees in front of our ministry school code is only so much room. We want these quotes to be there every week that would sure that that would stir so I know today with the explosion of social media we can post and tweet these quotes day and night. The edification and even transformation of many here are 10 of my all time favorites. The first one is from John T Lake, the first one is one that when Nancy and I were talking the other day was right at the top of the list of quotes that have stirred us in" that she's brought to me to say to me, come on, this is Harry have to live junkie lately.

From 1870 to 1935 extraordinary missionary ministry in South Africa and then the great healing ministry in America. Here's what Lake said. For the sake of a dying, suffering world count the cost, pay the price and set the captives free, we read that quote again for the sake of a dying, suffering world count the cost, pay the price and set the captives free. But let's step back and think about that quote from moment. We know that the gospel is free.

We know that the gifts of God or free. We know that we can't earn anything from God and yet God works with us. God responds to our prayers. God rewards us according to faithfulness and God entrusts things to us based on desire based on commitment based on trustworthiness it it's often been said that God's not looking for talented people, but for faithful people, and God will fill us according to our hunger. What when John Lake was a successful businessman. He was working. I believe in the Chicago Stock exchange and was tremendously prosperous for man. At that time in the late 1800s early 1900s, but he became desperate for more. The things of the spirit. He recognized that there was a place in God. There was a dimension in God.

There was something in God be on what he had obtained, but he saw in the word that these things were promised for today was knotted to sensationalism, but he wanted the reality of God. The reality of God's power and he said no in his own words his own experiences about widows the hungriest effort on the planet within the receipt in his own life he got to the point of complete desperation and he said here. Here is I was a prosperous businessman. He successful married with children and everything's going fine in his life that could be you. Everything's fine. Outwardly personalize fine finances find health fine family fine, but inside some things eating something snow lying away, something Sanders got to be more and that's that's the situation he was in it and he said he would. You'd be walking down the street, Chicago, and just suddenly grown and people would look at him what was the matter.

All hungry, so great that he was filled with the spirit was dramatic. It was life-changing. Many when the power that the South African started incredible church planting movement and many, many thousands of people converted many miracles of healing and and many works of multiethnic, multiracial works, which were challenging than in South Africa, but it was the hunger that drove him to this day one of my favorite sermons is John G Lake's spiritual hunger. You can probably read it. The excerpted form online.

Of course, he died before things were recorded so it's in written form, but that has stirred me to this day. Jesus says blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness yes, those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled. Jesus says in in John seven if anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink of often use this analogy, but you may be going to your favorite restaurant planning on this decadent dessert at the end. By the time it's dessert comes a silk.

I would like to snow.

The no dessert on Phil, I'm stuffed. I ate too much. That's how it is with many of us. If God was to come with with fire of God was to come to visit us. If God was to comment in a in a way of of filling us in in in new dimensions. This the room. It would be like pouring buckets of water on concrete there. There is nothing to absorb the way to absorb. But if her hungry and thirsty. God is going to be more gonna want to use me. I want you to be glorified through me when a messed up world hurting world's always been hurting and messed up since the fall will really have one life we want this life to glorify you how hungry are you how thirsty that's what Lake was saying love for the sake of a dying, suffering will pay the price.

Because power set the captives free and there are so many people really hurting so many people lost some of the people bound some of people dying stake if we could come with the reality of God to see them set free. Jesus came to set the captives free, and he sends us out with a message of liberation may be these words setting up millions babies for one or two may view your listings and know that that's me that's for me to do something with that hunger go after God more deeply.

Alex says on Facebook a big topic in our church today is the baptism of fire some sets house and since the foot of the Holy Spirit look your take on what is the baptism of fire. Matthew three Luke three Matthew three verses 10 and 12 Johnny Mercer speaks of the fire of judgment. The fire of hell. For the nonbeliever for the hypocrite will be chopped down and thrown into the fire.

Matthew 311. He speaks of Jesus baptizing his followers in the Holy Spirit and fire. My understanding is that the terms are interrelated not to separate things. This is for believers that the Holy Spirit one thing fire. The other thing with the Holy Spirit and fire to sides of the same coin. The baptism of the Spirit is a baptism in the fire of God is a purifying baptism, a refining baptism and empowering baptism. Baptism that sets us ablaze. So it is not the Holy Spirit one thing and fire another thing with the Holy Spirit and fire.

What happens at Pentecost in acts. The second chapter. What happens right tongues of fire sit on each of them so it's not just that they receive the Holy Spirit begin to speak in new languages but the tongues of fire right it's the fire of God.

The comes with the Holy Spirit. May that fire burn more brightly in you and me.

May we have a fresh encounter with the Holy Spirit and fire made the passion for the things of God burned so brightly in us nothing else will matter compared to that, that everything we do will be in a God first orientation that will be for the good of all those restaurant.

We had a bunch more to share.

We come back on the reading amazing testimony to you: 0.866 mile line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown and friends delighted. 6634.

Truth is our number let you share with you another of my favorite inspirational quotes over the years that of stirred by my own life W. E. Sangster. He was a Methodist preacher lived. I believe 1900 to 1960 and I read his quote is in Leonard Ravenhill's why revival tarries the beginning of each chapter. He had a number of these quotes. Some just staggering quotes and of course, this often of quoted in writing of quoted it while teaching and preaching. I tweeted out earlier this week. Listen to what W. E.

Sangster said, how shall I feel at the judgment.

If multitudes of missed opportunities pass before me in full review and all my excuses proved to be disguises of my cowardice and pride so I caught that uncomfortable quote again.

How shall I feel at the judgment, as all of us will stand before the judgments to Christ.

Paul writes in second with his five Romans 14. We will give account not to be sentenced to hell. But as believers we give account for allies hostility of the judgment of multitudes of missed opportunities pass before me in full review and all my excuses proved to be disguises of my cowardice and pride.

Yeah let's let's think about that one for a moment. So many preachers today are so careful not to condemn mentally a guilt trip on people who are ready feel guilty not to shame. Those who are ready feel ashamed and obviously is preachers of the gospel.

Our goal is never to condemn believers never to shame believers never to degrade and denigrate believers, but we also go to the other extreme, we never bring conviction. We never speak words that the Holy Spirit uses to convict.

We never make anyone uncomfortable and in order to do that. You can't preach through the Bob you can preach to the New Testament reading the New Testament written the words of Jesus words of Paul Rick reading the words of John Peter anyone, and he says it's to make you uncomfortable to challenge you is is is going to call you to examine your life. All the letters to all the Gospels do you read Revelation, aside from the stunning imagery and everything in it to challenge you and in words to the churches there.

Five out of the seven churches in Asia minor.

Those words were calculated to make people very uncomfortable. The parables of Jesus were calculated to get people to think about their lives, with a view of eternity and and then with that in mind when the respondent received grace to live lives that are worthy of our calling, we received grace and help so that we don't live in condemnation. We don't live in bondage we live in freedom, but freedom to give all to the master not only totally fine with. If if Nancy asked me how come you forgot to lock the lock that drilling of these little jobs exceeded into the night. Make sure XYZ doors are locked, or leaving something out there was supposed to put away or something.

You know, or she may just text me your pictures like I forgot to do that is the picture says it all. My first impulse is to give an excuse to explain it.

Blame and reminisce my first impulses. Sorry, this forgot or whatever got distracted was listening but my first fleshly impulse, which sometimes makes is to my lips times doesn't make an excuse, but reality hits because truth is truth, reality, it's because I'm married to Mrs. reality but many times we coaster our lives in Outlook. Let's say you never got on the scale and all your clothes were just really loosefitting. You might not realize how much weight you put on, let's see. Never exercise you may not realize how and of shape you are will how do we examine ourselves in our own lives. I feel it's so important friends Chris not to let the one life we have just skip away and and and at the end of our lives we look back and think what did I do with the one life I had and you might say what you want to do man got busy.

I am generally responsible is not between job and family and church and all that. My goal is not to lay another burden on anybody. My goal is to say, does your life belong to the Lord to be this friendly voice prodding, challenging, encouraging, look, I push hard when I work out for myself but when I got a trainer pushing me veterans go push reason to push me much harder than I push myself as much as I want to is probably to push me further.

But let me be like that trainer today said come on come on, there's more to be had come on this more possibility have have we explored the possibility of prayer.

Have we found out we happen, it would happen if we gave ourselves more to do missions or witness.

Have we found out but loosing the spirit of generosity to help those in need or would happen if we fasted for kids in there so many things that we go through a whole lives there, explore, and then we stand before God. All of our excuses excites us to disprove to be discussed were cowardice and pride quite limited. Encouraging the testimony serving every day on Facebook. These things will pop up.

You have memories from year ago five years ago, wherever sometimes we purchase with the grandkids of repose that can you believe I was seven years ago four years ago, sometimes of the B out ministry overseas or sick while look at that Kimberly was so long well's testimony comes up that I posted six years ago and to be totally candid with you. I forgotten it.

Maybe because it's of that didn't happen directly through me that I was involved with and therefore would remember more but let me share this with you, writes, I posted six years ago a friend of mine currently in Turkey recently met with believers from the underground church in a wrong is an incredible testimony that will stir your heart. Jesus is Lord and and and you say an end, by the way, Jean, this is shame that's a destructive shame that's close talk about what I feel ashamed because of my sin. And that leads me to repentance is healthy.

There's a shaming that's on health.

That's was referring to. But thanks for your post lived in an let me clarify that here.

Alright so you say my Cunliffe I should believe testimonies like this will when testimonies like this are multiplied over and over and over. When you see the supernatural growth of the church within a raw many missiology say after China.

This is the place where the church is growing most rapidly around the world under an oppressive Islamic regime. When you have close friends or colleagues who have worked for years in these environments and they sure testimonies I've every reason to believe this. Okay, one girl. She's about 10 or 11.

Her father left her and her mother left her and her mother and moved to another city so there all alone. Very poor. So this is in the wrong.

Oftentimes they could not eat there which is about 13 or 14. Her mother got cancer and went from being reported beyond poor, she became her mother's primary caretaker hospitals nearly impossible. She would go to these sheer shrines and pray sushi a Muslim and pray eight hours a day every day for healing for her mother Monica getting worse. One day when she was 16, someone told her about Jesus after hearing about Jesus, she went home and her mother was very sick within a few hours she died so little 16-year-old girl. She was all alone just frozen with shock. She said she stood there for six hours next to the body try to figure out what to do then to remember that this person said that Jesus can heal her mother.

She prayed to Jesus for the first time in her mother suddenly started coughing. She woke up was nearly fine. They went to hospital after series of tests they could find no signs of any cancer so they both committed to lost Jesus, as well as one of her close friends, a few cousins. This was nine years ago. Mom is fine and serving underground church. The goal is a full-time evangelist who works for the ministry I was with sharing the gospel eight or more hours a day, despite the risk of torture, etc. asked about the risk response was simple suffering is a basic part of Christianity would be an honor for me to suffer for Jesus. I love him so much. Come on, when we share her quote again suffering is a basic part of Christianity would be an honor for me to suffer for Jesus. I love him so much friends. That's the spirit of brothers and sisters I work with over the world. I was just with her Croatian brother based in Germany now and like me he's worked in India for many years and, like me, he is been around these committed believers and he said that two of the pastors they work with in India were just arrested there in jail for 30 days since they were fasting and praying for the release they came out after 30 days, rejoicing because they were counted worthy to suffer for Jesus and out of the hundred or so men in the prison they were able to lead 16 to Jesus who wanted to be baptized. After they left the prison and you can be sure that treatment is pretty miserable in an outlying area small prison in India. We are in prison as pastors they came back with paint and said, would it be okay if we painted the jail is to make it better for the people that are here that's the gospel that's Christianity in action friends. This price is paid for obedience and that's a question we have to ask ourselves is that who we are following Jesus meant suffering meant imprisonment and torture meant death would we not sign on the dotted line. Obviously we could only go through these things. By God's grace, but will be said not. I signed up for a better arrangement get rid of the guilt go to heaven have my sins forgiven prosper on the taking of any cross must deny myself the following Jesus is not a real disciple.

That's amazing that something encouraging, I urge you is born again when I would it really means that Jesus is Lord.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown just tweeted out these words was thinking about this okay I just say six words six words to every believer in America you take you by the shoulders, look in the eyes fully engage you in just six words or they be will the first six that jumped up to me with these go for live for God, go for live for God's it once more go for live for God friends if if there be a fresh determination in each of us. However, it works out our lives that that pursuing the Lord heart and soul.

Given our lives.

Our bodies are minds are very being over to the purposes of God wherever we are.

Most of us can be in our day-to-day life.

Most of us can be in the midst of working jobs and raising families getting our educations. It's not can be most of the time preaching on the street corner for most of us are most of the time on the foreign mission field for most of us, or most of the time preaching to masses in the stadium or most of the time reading books that millions of people read from most of us, this can be in our everyday lives in the mundane details of everyday life.

Even if your pastoring a congregation leaving the ministry there is the mundane living of every day which is out of the spotlight. I would say those words go for live for God I want to encourage you today. Friends is the purpose of my broadcast is to exhort to strengthen, to equip it into to challenge you to press in for everything that God has a want you to consider that all day long.

The matter what you doing, even if literally because of job and kids. Other responsibilities ministry things literally you don't have 10 minutes to stop what you're doing before he collapsed at the end of the night to disc get alone. Quiet your heart and pray, even if that was the case. One day, if it's case every day I would say you're too busy, but even if that was the case. One day all through the day. You can pray all through the day, your heart can cry if you ever fast normally conscious of the fact that your fasting and that fasting for me is like a constant prayer going up to God. I still want to spend time in prayer woman fasting, but that that hunger that feeling of of's deprivation. To me that's a constant reminder of the thing that I'm fasting for look if you if you lose a love one, your hearts, grieving the pains there all the time. Yes, he feels like a physical pain but that's that's there that the grieving or if you're concerned some is in ICU doubtlessly carry that heaviness with you. If you're worried about something that can be 24 seven. What can be the same thing with an attitude of prayer or hunger, my left Go as as you're sitting there at the computer doing your work as as you sitting there putting items on the shelves in your store, as you're driving the kids to school as your working out the jet whatever you're doing.

There can be this hard core God is going to be more, there's gotta be more like I was. I was at the dentist early today for fruit your teeth cleaning and I can't do anything right dentist is visited gals clean MIT's doing what she does.

I can't at at that time, Mike. I can't be talking you know she's not asking me questions I can pray right as I will be the most earth shattering world changing careers nor I feel the guilt from your prairie new directly determine the dentist to your bitter preference like I can just sit here mindlessly thinking about a million other things I can see Jesus Jesus Jesus I want you to be glorified in me that so one point that it get an impression on something for tooth and it puts in the end, you can't is a just freeze just hold that they can write I can just think about the lady staring at me holding it or I can see Jesus be glorified in my life. In other words, that there are there's an expression of prayer that can come from our hearts along with the times of separation along with the times of getting alone, especially if you just if you find your life like out-of-control you find your life the busy beyond busy then this let that prayer habits start to rise is gotta be more, and run around like a chicken with my head cut off got him running and moving is not just is no time to stop and being get with you.

He'll hear that prayer will help you rearrange her schedule and yet there stuff I could comment on the news there is there always things of interest effectively just pull this up of got a new article on the stream.

It's called parents it's time for some righteous indignation. Parents is time for some righteous indignation. The essay at the beginning of the article tall parents with children school if every right to be angry when your kids teachers. Creech was the enemy when they decide to teach your children something controversial hi than information from you when they insert themselves between you and your offspring. That's unethical. It's evil to repeat every right to be angry.

I thought about focusing on the contents of that article today and giving you example after example of what's happening in our schools, but I thought no means write the article posted.

You can read it. I want to devote this show to challenge you to go deeper want to devote this show as a radio host to do what I've done for decades and preaching, but in a different way and a different feel in a different context challenge you to go deeper in God and part of a way of doing that is by sharing inspirational quotes with you. How about this one from Joseph Parker who is a preacher in England. Contemporary of Charles Spurgeon posted these in. In an article in 2013 10 quotes to rock your world. But I've cited these codes. Many a time over the years.

This is another one that I found on the pages of Ravenhill's why revival tarries inspired Keith Green to write the song I pledge my head to heaven to listen to what Joseph Parker said please preachers of the gospel, pastors, Christian leaders, please hear this quote for yourselves.

The man whose little sermon is repent sets himself against his age and will for the time being, be battered mercilessly by the age whose moral tone. He challenges there is but one and for such a man off with his head. You had better not try to preach repentance until you have pledged your head to heaven.

All you all repeated, the man whose little sermon is repent sets himself against his age and will for the time being, be battered mercilessly. The ages moral tone. He challenges is but one man for such a man off with his head better not try to preach repentance until you have pledged your head to heaven was chew on that one. Keith Green had gone away to seek the Lord as I remember the story with his guitar Bible and a copy of why revival tarries that quote jumped out of him. It's as it's jumped out to me and many of the readers through the years and he then wrote that very reflective powerful song. I pledge my head heaven. If you've never heard it, never listen to that song just get online typing chapter on YouTube key screen.

I pledge my head to heaven you'll hear him singing it and he pledges not only his own head but but his wife, his children sing.

I understand that if I preach the gospel in truth I'm going to have to preach repentance never preach repentance.

I might be killed is a Holland Kelly it's happened through the ages, who would kill Johnny Mercer. Why was John put in prisons because he rebuked Harriet rebuked Harriet for his adulterous marriage is put in prison and is killed over that and and the foundational message that Jesus preached to go through the Gospels, was repent. That's where it started.

Obviously he's crucified for many other reasons in terms of why the people of his age want to kill him, but he also was repentance preach what were the profits hated over some of the prophets kill borrower they will persecute because they preach repentance to their nation. Why was Stephen killed an axis of a chapter because he preached repentance. Repentance is you've sinned against God, you deserve punishment turned to him turn away from your sins turned to him and he'll have mercy. That's that's the message of repentance.

People don't like it. People like to be corrected. People like to be told away your living is deadly and destructive. See Dr. Brown, I don't get it. How how is this supposed to encourage me. It's to say have courage and stand strong estate to say to those who who lost harsh think of Hebrews 12 strengths then that the hands that hang down the weak knees people, people of become discouraged may be used to stand strong may be used to have courage but you been beaten down the viewer through a divorce.

Maybe with which church split if you went through a death of a vision or death of a loved one what happened your faith.

It is not who used to be. Maybe it is was too costly over pure years you lost many friends get put out too many places outcome up being obnoxious and mean-spirited. Be nasty, but preach repentance for speaking the truth for going for you kind of retreated into this cozy Christianity the safe spirituality. Sorry there is no cozy Christianity and there is no safe spirituality. Following Jesus is costly, following the truth is costly.

There will be opposition.

There will be trials there will be tests we have been made for that. But be encouraged in Jesus we overcome the world. Limit leave you one more quote before the break, David Brainerd, the missionary to the native Americans in the 1700s died as a young man of tuberculosis. He said when I really enjoy God ice feel my desires for him. The more insatiable in my thirsting after holiness, the more unquenchable all this pleasing pain. It makes my soul press after God once more. I really enjoy God. I feel my desires of him, the more insatiable in my thirsting is after holiness, the more unquenchable. All of this pleasing pain makes my soul press after God. Maybe we all experience the pleasing pain that holy drawl that must know God more deeply was an must walk in greater holiness and commitment. Maybe walk without a limit out of that pain. Something beautiful for all right get a few more quotes to share with the Expo line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the light of ironbound by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown yes yes yes we will be talking about what's happened yes yes tomorrow thoroughly Jewish Thursday will catch up in the Jewish world ticket usually calls and all kinds of questions on Friday.

All that remains the same. Here on the line of fire. Yes, seek to be your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. That's why were on the air.

That's what you been doing this daily for more than 13 years now with joy with great privilege and thanks to podcasts which been downloaded millions of times and thanks to various ways people can connect with us on Internet social media able to reach large numbers of people were grateful for that. I'm humbled by it. Take it with the utmost seriousness, which is why from time to time will just seek to inspire you and challenge you and and and help like a fresh fire of hunger for God desire for him so I'm not here to preach at you but I am here to succumb on come on this more.

Come on, think about it, live in light of eternity. If we could step out of this role.

Think about if we could step out of this world into God's eternal presence.

See the eternal rewards of righteousness see the, the eternal results of rejecting God see the glory of what's to come for the saved in the heart of what's to come for the unsaved. See the unspeakable majesty and beauty of the Lord and the indescribable nature of his grace. How would we live if we came back into this world. I'd say differently than we currently live with you. I say a lot of things that are really important to us would be important anymore a lot of things that are not important become very important.

All right few more quotes to challenge you to encourage you, how about Amy Carmichael from Ireland ended up serving as a missionary in India and serve.

Therefore was in over four years without ever coming back.

I mean just gave herself to the people of of India serving for decades and decades without a furlough. Listen to what she said Satan is so much more in earnest than we are. He buys up the opportunity. We are wondering how much it will cost to another one that pierces the heart some of us to be honest live much more zealously for the devil before we were saved that we live for Jesus.

Now then we are saved. Think how could that be. Some of us give ourselves mold more wholeheartedly to sin. We give ourselves to the Savior makes no sense.

One thing led to destruction. The other two eternal blessing.

One thing was brought no benefit whatsoever temporary pleasure with a lot of pain. The other is eternal rewards and then we have our debt to the Lord Satan so much more in earnest than we are.

She said he buys of the opportunity were were wondering how much it will cost them a few more quotes to share with you and you. These are all in my article" to rock your world. If you just search on the S. Dr. page search" or rock rock Road you will find it very quickly about this from GK Chesterton with the great Christian thinkers and apologists of the last century. Chesterton said this, Christianity has not been tried and found wanting. It is been found difficult and not try to read that again is good to read a few more let them sink in with very little commentary. Christianity is not been tried and found one yellowing business and lived it out is just not true. Doesn't work. Rather, it's been found difficult not try people fall short of giving them souls, heart, soul, mind and strength over protracted period of time to really living out the gospel as they did they find there is no lack Jesus the cross and then Leonard Ravenhill dear friend for the years 1818 1989 to 1994 from ages 82 to 87 for him and 34 to 39 from me. The great honors of my life was to be his friend into sit his feet listen to him.

He said this.

One of these days some simple soul will pull up the book of God read it and believe it.

The rest of us will be embarrassed. One of these days some simple soul pick up the book of God.

Read it and believe it than the rest of us will be embarrassed and sometimes we go to pastors and leaders go to commentaries to find out why the things that are written in the Bible aren't for today's that strange supposed to say Lord who said it. If it's for today.

I embrace it I take hold of it you say yeah, but it often doesn't come to pass. So we stop pressing and we stop praying. Reset all the more reason to see God is going to be more of a new book coming out October revival or we die. Talk about that very thing.

The opening chapter.

There's more that there must be morph if God is who he says he is. The Bible is true. There must be more than what we are currently seeing and experiencing and and I'm not not move. But what I see ultimate them but what's written because it was written because I was so Scripture, a God because the Bible is the authority for faith in life. For me, the word of God.

Nothing else is in its same stratosphere. Because of that I'm challenged to believe from what I'm challenged to say God, there must be more they can glorify you on this earth that can draw people to you and that there must be more frosts God's people because my scandals and on the throne stones. So many lives falling apart three couples that start well and don't make it there must be more we can have in God's been more they can help us walk in obedience of the things with different let alone see miracles and praying for the sick and the like about this James B. Taylor, I would often quote this to students in our ministry school world, a frown, Satan, a rage would go on live for God. May I die in the field of battle. As I've said for many years with the world calls fanaticism.

Much of the church close extremism.

God calls normal James B.

Taylor believe he lived in the 1800s the world may frown Satan, a rage and listen if you live for Jesus, the werewolf frown and say Lori live for God, go on live for God. May I die the field about the words political that we go on the front lines. Let me go preaching Jesus. Let me go, living in holiness.

Let me go stand for righteousness. But let me go doing the right thing feel the balcony right within your own home right your place of business right within your own church building on the mission field, but that field of battle see that you stood strong and then Thomas Brooks, one of the Puritans. They had these pithy ways of expressing themselves.

He said this.

If God were not my friend. Satan would not be so much my enemy.

Yeah, certainly, certainly, Satan is the human race wants to destroy the human race but all the more. If you are friend of God. You'll be marked be let it be that God looks down so that's one of my friends, there can think Jesus calling us friends that's my friend. How should we live.

What's that mean, let the devil be angry.

H because were known as really being God's friends, how utterly and extraordinarily wonderful. And then lastly, William Booth cofounded the Salvation Army with his wife Catherine. He said this, the greatness of a man's power is the measure of his surrender. Again, greatness of a man's power is the measure of his surrender. So what's that mean that your spiritual powers not so much measured by outward signs that your power in God is not so much measured by the things that people see around you will know that can that can be an indication that there is a real measure is how deeply your life is surrender to God how much you belong to him how much he is your all in all how much you make quality decisions, this is living by faith right there by faith is not just raising the debt which I've never done physically living by faith. This is not just laying your hands on some of born blind and sentiments the heel which there than either God do some amazing things but no never seen those things myself.

My life living for God and by faith can also mean were homeschooling our kids bow is not to criticize those adult but for some that's living by faith right you lose a salary you have to trust God but but we feel the school system in our areas really aggressive liberal nasty bad your poor kids out that's that's a faith decision.

It could be okay. I can get this promotion if I'm dishonest, that would dishonor God going to have to tell the truth even if it cost my career. I cannot allow this corruption in my company that's a faith decision could be a faith decision to sell your possessions go on the mission field can be a faith decision to obey God and share the gospel with a coworker knowing what the consequences might be a can be a faith decision to say okay I'm saying no to this note to this note to this, to see God, earnestly pray, come in a million different ways to send friend there's more. There's more. Don't live the rest your life without finding out what God can do through life fully yielded to him the "change your mood is life. Share with you go there for God.

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