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Revival Moments in the Hebrew Bible

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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July 15, 2021 4:30 pm

Revival Moments in the Hebrew Bible

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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July 15, 2021 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 07/15/21.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Jewett revival is an important subject in the Old Testament stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown was the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown is thoroughly Jewish Thursday. Welcome to the line of fire. This is the day of the week where we focus in particular on Jewish related issues be at the modern state of Israel be at the Hebrew language, be it questions about Jewish practices and beliefs or messianic prophecy. Phone lines are open 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 784 so the only caveat the only qualifier for those calling it has to be Jewish related. Friday is any subject under the sun but Thursday Jewish related. If you happen to be listening or watching in your Jewish person and you don't agree with me you don't believe Jesus is the Messiah and you want to take issue on that we we often hear from folks with different views and hear from folks regularly. It's at times with different view.

So feel free to call in all, often spot comments on YouTube in particular will get a lot of folks who differ with us a chiming in there, but Facebook to twitter policy, some unable to respond to 99.9% of them but I'll spot them every so often from a Jewish person who is dead set against what I believe for or is mocking interest: man is a liar, etc. I wish a time to interact with everyone and go back and forth point for point, but that's why we have live radio that's what we have phone lines open can call and sheer differences swells your question so 866-348-7884 in Vegas. The King James you'll read the word Quicken a lot in Psalm 119.

The psalmist price Quicken. The Lord Quicken me and and what it is.

It's translations of the Hebrew hi Ya, you know, the high am to life so that same route and it is make me alive yet again make me alive and here and there, it's translated with revive is in the Psalm 85, a prayer that God would renew us and revive us or Habakkuk 3 is a prayer like that in verse two of him in the King James. If you're familiar with Hebrews 412 says the word of God is quick, and powerful. When I first started I thought was quick extrusions usual but is not is not quick. It's alive it's just old English for alive.

If you read the King James and you read Quicken me Quicken me it doesn't mean make me faster rate. It means make me alive renew me once again, these are prayers for personal revival for personal renewal with the theme of revival which is a critically important theme in the body today and a life theme of great burden of cared for many many years is to see the church restored to first love, passion, purity to see true revival among God's people that will then spread to the world and in conversion transformation and discipleship.

There are key texts in the Old Testament that are great revival texts that are revival paradigms and and there is a pattern that often emerges in these texts and and the pattern is a call to turn back to God for this role. Revival begins on some level we have walked away from God and some level we have been distant from God. On some level we become like the world on some level we compromise with center we been beaten down, discourage what we have left the early passion and devotion that was there. We have left our first love and devotion. There is a call to return back to God.

In other words turn away from the idols turn away from the world turned back to God and then with that.

There is also frequently a cleansing process that takes place individually or corporately and then restoration of the word restoration of foundations. These are some of the key elements that we see in Old Testament revival movements, but let's look it up revival movement with a family Genesis chapter 35 Genesis 35 then God said to Jacob, get up, go up to Bethel and stay there make an altar there to the God who appeared to you when you fled from your brother Esau. So many of your family was Genesis 28 Esau is going to kill Jacob. Jacob is running for his life.

He stops in Bethel while he's dreaming he sees angels ascending and descending from heaven and he wakes up in all this is this is the house of God bait ale. He calls surely Yahweh gay Shelley Yahweh, the Lord is here in this place. God says go up to Bethel where God appeared to you long ago since the beginning of revival call go back you had a place you had an encounter how to walk, you had an experience go back to that God go back to that place go back to that encounter a look at this.

This is was so fast that this is the patriarch Jacob right Abraham, Isaac and Jacob look at this, so Jacob said to his household and to everyone who was with him. Get rid of the foreign gods that are among the watch with this is children of Israel children's the family of Jacob right this is good.

The patriarch here. Get rid of the foreign gods them and why did they have foreign gods among them, because they had fallen away because they had lost their early devotion because they got like the world around them and everybody else had gone, so they had other gods to go back to Bethel go back to that place of intimacy, the place of devotion. Go back to that place of purity, so the call Jacob tonight.

We can go back to Bethel the house of God with idols in our midst. So the caller returned to God as a call to repent of sin rid of the foreign gods that are among you. Cleanse yourselves and change her clothes number meet in Washington to close every day in the ancient world. So this is okay major housecleaning here major prepare to meet your dots on a personal level we see what happens later in the Old Testament on a national level but it's a mini picture of revival. The call to go back to where you had that early encounter with God to turn away from other gods and to go through cleansing in preparation to meet with God now, let's get up and go up to Bethel so that I can make an altar there to God who answered me in the day of my distress and is been with me in the way that I have gone so you give Jacob all the foreign gods. The head of the rings in their ears and Jacob hid them under the oak tree near Shechem.

There, having rings in their ears in the ancient world, even an Israelite world was certainly not something that especially women would not do.

But presumably there was something tithing with idolatry or worldliness with it.

Hence, getting rid of them. There and if that's the role in your own life than than so be it applies the same way.

But notice those characteristics. There is a fundamental characteristics of revival, you're not where you used to be something's changed up. I've often shared the story but forget what year it was Spiro 15 years ago and some of Saul. He had seen in years and they cannot. Mrs. Michael will have your mustaches is all white and I thoughts possibly told Musselwhite that you would think with the big nose that I have like everybody look in the mirror every day, brushing your teeth brushing your hair shaving item I'm seeing this mustache every day. I did not realize it had turned white that I gone gray. Why was that one reason happen gradually so I'm seeing it every day. I'm not noticing how dramatic it is and the other thing is that my mustache was always little lighter than the color my hair's of my hair was dark brown, which it used to be right thick dark brown. My mustache was a little bit lighter, reddish-brown. So as my hair. Little by little was.

Not so dark anymore my mustard is not so dark and I just, thought it was lighter, there is the I didn't realize it gone gray. That's what happens when God destroys you. Suddenly your you're looking back in old journal entries. Think that's not Graham anymore God's like putting out old clothes that don't fit slick. Yikes. I can't believe I gained all this weight had no idea this happens gradually or you suddenly come under conviction about entertainment you watch things you falsely, how did how did that happen.

Hotheaded had I fall in this in this way and God says come back that that's the beginning of personal revival that conviction that recognition that something is terribly wrong with that begin to turn back, seek him and that along the way, you realize all the idols you've accumulated all the unclean things you turn away and you put them away and then God's renewing grace prevails. Let's take a look and second Kings chapter 18. By the way, if you want to get in on the call and talk about any Jewish related subject now is a great time to call because the sooner you call the better chance that we get to answer your questions on the air. So, 8663 for truth 866-34-TRUTH 784 any Jewish related question normally Thursdays were flooded but not with the total intensity that we are wall-to-wall on Fridays, but today we've got a lot of open the open line so by all means, give us closer great. It's a great time to connect okay so second Kings chapter 18 that was the third year of José a son of a locking of Israel, that Hezekiah he Brezinski Yahoo Sava because King of Judah began to rain. He was 25 years old when he began in the became king and he reigned for 29 years in Jerusalem. His mother's name was Alvey, daughter of Saqqara Zechariah. He did what was right and other denies eyes. He did what was right in the eyes of the Lord, according to all his ancestors father mini ancestor David had done.

He removed the high places, smash the pillars and cut down the Osher repulse.

He also broke in pieces the bronze serpent that Moses is made for up to those days the children of Israel. The sterno still burning incense to it. It was called pushed on, which means a bronze thing or serpent.

He trusted and Adonai, the God of Israel, and indeed, none of all the kings of Judah after was like him and him before recalling to other not.

He did not turn away from falling but kept his needs for these commandments are that I had commanded Moses, so and I the Lord was with him wherever he went he prospered, he rebelled against the king of Assyria did not serve. He defeated the Philistines as far as Gaza and its territories from watchtower to fortified city use of the break. I want to come back and look at that. This is a national revival movement and national Reformation movement and and again you would have it with with key kings along the way with Awsat, but that also messes up at the end with Hezekiah with Josiah's. There are others lesser, but the these are the principal ones were there is a national Reformation movement and and always you have these elements in common with turning back to the true worship of God turning away from idols the same. To this day.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown got her eyes got horizons entities scattered the friends welcome to thoroughly juice Thursday on the line for this is Michael Brown assume Jewish world news to catch up on and as always phone lines open for you Jewish related questions, 866-34-TRUTH. Hey, if you believe I'm wrong in saying that Israel today is fulfillment of prophecy or you think that it's commonly called replacement theology is an unfair way to describe those who see things differently have been talk as well. 866-34-TRUTH just like on Facebook Nathan, thank you for your contribution and encouragement to others to support us the messy question when you go to the grocery store and you pick up your groceries.

Do you pay on the way out should we little restaurant and enjoy a good meal you pay freely sure the new tip the server as well. But that's what we do well the gospel is free.

It's our joy to teach and preach and share the word as freely as possible.

That's what we seek to do day and night.

At the same time there are expenses in getting the message to you in getting the message to others. So if we been a blessing to you. Would you share the burden of getting this message out to others, you know, we hardly talk about finances here especially come paired to some other things may be exposed to over the years, as were jealous for every moment, and we've got a sponsor will be working with and letting you know ways in the in the days ahead that the things you could purchase that would funds could be used to help with her ministry. Whatever. And you like that great, wonderful, but our focus day and night, day and night, day and night is getting the message out to you equipping helping strengthening you and and reaching the lost sheep of the house of Israel, among other things, but I mention that because it's Thursday real kosher. Jesus is out and in Hebron. Now we are so super excited about. I talked about it last week. A lot of funds were raised to get the translation done in the printing dominant and to make it a free resource for outreach, as well as of book.

People can purchase Israel all we did that with your help right now as I'm speaking to you and among radio stations in different parts of America and and folks are watching online around the world do know that at times that are broadcast line of fire and podcasts in Israel under the subject of Christian Christianity. It's rickets categorized that we been the number one podcast on the subject of Christianity and Israel effect of I was looking the other day on this this one website that gives you charts of just iTunes downloads Apple podcasts and things that a world run other other podcast networks as well, but we been the number one in Israel. We been the number one enjoyed we been the number one and in some Muslim nations. I don't not sure how people are getting a mentor just downloading so you're helping us do that you are helping us is this a good thing to know that as you give that is actually going directly to it to reach people that don't know the Lord and to edify believers around the world. So stand with us if you watch it on YouTube. There's a $at the bottom of the chat box.

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So thank you for apartments okay before I go to the phones. Let's go back to a second kings. Chapter 18 and let's notices I will start again in the in the first verse of second kings. 18 so Hezekiah becomes King is 25 years old rains for 29 years right so that would be until roughly the age of 54 which would mean that when Isaiah the prophet told them you 50 you're gonna die here.

He was 39 years old right 40th, the oldest, probably 39 years old and you die slowly please with the Lord. God gives him 15 more years, so that's over half his reign and as he's coming in power.

There has been corruption. There has been sin. There has been compromised.

Ahaz's father was was idle worshiper and and we know that even sacrifice children in the fire so Hezekiah now is is working against that it knows you can have revivalist something has fallen back is is is not right in the midst of passionate Holy Spirit devotion to the Lord and and and living sure purely before him, living in purity and honoring his word and and being fervent to love your neighbor you don't need revival, then, but when you become worldly when when you become compromised when you when you become discouraged. Whatever it is you need to be revived, brought back to life.

So that's the situation that the that there is all types of idolatry, even in the temple.

So what is was a Hezekiah. He cleans house. He removes the high places he smashes the pillars cuts down the Osher repulse and notice this one a focus on this one point here. He broke in pieces the bronze serpent that Moses had me all right let's let's step back and think about this in numbers the 21st chapter.

The children of Israel sin. Yet again God sends these fiery snakes.

These poisonous snakes, seraph snakes, you have the Seraphim and Isaiah 6.

These apparently fiery angels and you have the seraph snakes of these these snakes with wood burning fiery bites. This would be understood with poisonous bites. People are dying people cry out to Moses.

Moses goes to the Lord.

God's is okay, make a bronze image of one of the snakes sticking on a pole and when they look at it will be healed.

Of course Jesus refers to that in John III chapter and there's even wisdom of Solomon. A reference to that to the snake being lifted up.

This is something it clearly in the Israelite memory touring their other literature and she was saying hey, this was can happen to me among them a dire criminal's death and when you look to me. You be safe. This explains in John three in the in John 12 so here it is this just was a bronze snake if it was it was just a thing, an image of these these reptiles that were killing the Israelites the snakes that were killing the Israelites. Now here's the pole look at it snake on the pole will be healed.

What happened worshiping the thing that they ended up making that which was meant to be a vehicle of salvation, our vessel of salvation and healing. They turned it into an idol and they were they were worshiping it. They even gave it a name that pushed on so not cautious is snake and in Hebrew, but also we can have that the pushed content of the meaning of a bronze thing so it's kind of a double meaning. There there worshiping the snake pit, but that's what people do. God raises up a person to help and we end up worshiping the person or idolizing the person making the person into some type of a superpower superhero.

It's human nature, and Hezekiah chops it up in 30 God to be worshiped or just sensitive been destroyed. Obviously, back then. Hindsight would say yeah once you're done with it, destroy it, because otherwise people will worship it. That's why it's often believe that God buried Moses because of the children of Israel knew where he was the Baker shrine to him and start praying to him and who knows what else. This is human nature. This is what happens so you'll you'll see and then with this is the restoration of worship in the biblical calendar.

There is now that the keeping of the Sabbath. Again, there is now that the honoring of the Passover and and you know you read Josiah's day which is a few generations after Hezekiah that that they had never kept the Passover, the way they did in his day and centuries. So whatever happened Hezekiah's. They were the pastor was It's kept in a broader level with Josiah's before the time you get to decide with with his grandfather Manasseh being an evil idle worshiper who reigned for 55 years and in Israel and and and filled Israel with with Folgers them with innocent blood. Just us get to go through the same process once again of cleansing the temple of going back re-rediscovering the word of God. These are things that happen in times of revival. Again, a turning away from idols. A call to turn back to God. A purifying or repenting of putting away of all the unclean things or restoration of worship and honor reverence for a a godly calendar or lifestyle commemorating the things of God and then the recovery of the word. The centrality of the word, so the worship of one true God. Repentance from sin, turning away from idolatry in our lives and from uncleanness in recovering the word of God, which then brings us into a deeper repentance. These are some of the things that happen in times of revival, the recovery of the word of God specifically in the days of decide because it been largely lost, if not entirely lost in written form from the people's only bits and pieces remembered and known among many that it had. It'd gotten that bad in the nation manager side goes to clean house that they have shrines to homosexual prostitutes in the temple in the temple.

That's how bad things were so revival in the Old Testament.

It's it's a theme that is very powerfully laid out but in the spiritual renewal is always directly tied in with social reformation that that you have both add now changes come to the nation and even restoration of justice and and turning against the oppression of the poor call for justice and fairness. These are things that also a lot of revival movements in the Old Testament is never exclusively spiritual to revive a little bit more than exclusively spiritual right back with your calls. It's the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to the Jewish Thursday.

We've got a great surprise for you my dear friend pole will review your list in the whole hour.

You heard him singing just earlier on. He's got an amazing book telling an amazing story about an amazing project roar from Zion. I was thrilled to be involved that because it was coming out really for myself so been so blessed over the years have pulls a friend and super blessed to be in many, many meetings with countless meetings where he leads in worship and every single one of those meetings of encounter God and beautiful and wonderful ways and the powerful DVD project video project.

They put out roar from Zion notebook with his own story and more about that. So without further ado up all welcome to the broadcast.

Thanks for joining us today. Dr. Brown thanks for much market. Great hate great being with you so reading roar from Zion I finance of about your own background in coming to face stuff I'd ever known. As long as I've known you so it's it's a book that tells about you tells about a lot of other things what it was right.

Read the whole Mike hello from heavenly experiences appear in the earth that is provoking nation to fade and it sounds may be huge to huge for one human being, but it just the things that God has has done, you know, maybe in spite of us, but it just gives them such glorious sound.

You know the book the very work roar from Zion started for me with the just of a short time of a quiet time I didn't have many minute but told the Lord, I need something and conduct because Dr. Brown has always told me don't just pull something out of context.

Try and make a point though all by believing life. I want to read you give me give me something will where's the beef so I sat down to read the whole book of Joel three chapters. Not a big project in a briefing through and the locusts are still eating everything in an chapter to the outpouring is still being prophesied about Jerilyn and then I'm just about to finish and I get to verse 14 of chapter 3, multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision. I have a big evangelism bone in me especially virtuous people like you do and I could just hear the questioning and the cry of Israel who is our Messiah and what in the world are we doing here and then there comes the Lord respond so that cry with of thunder from Jerusalem all roar from Zion. As I began to look a couple pages back in a couple pages or word and then first Samuel chapter 7 I'm discovering that there is a sound that we can make from the earth that provokes a roar out of heaven that may make a sound that will usher millions and multitudes into the kingdom to that you first about where it all began.

So on the one hand, something unduly ridiculous for any one of us to consider. But something totally normal for God and something to live in harmony with what is revealed look at. I live every day of my life with full confidence that this can be a national turning of our people, especially the end of the age and I get to be part of it somehow. It's ridiculous, but were not looking for what you do or I do with looking at what God does right.

That's what were talking about so so Paul, there are a lot of things to talk about and again friends that you'll find the book to be a really edifying faith building read and enjoyable read.

But we had the joy in 1988 in October 1988 you leading Israel's hope leading worship me preaching religious Jews rabbis sitting there in the audience a among many believers and it was a building that had a little bit of significance in your past.

This tells about that for second well you know but the call came.

I think with our print cartridge here from Bayern and Tel Aviv and now we're at 40th anniversary of the rebirth of the state of Israel, and it may have missed wild idea right but call Jewish believers to come to Jerusalem during the shovel beast of Taber's feast of Pentecost and and let's gather one people with one voice, worship the Lord and let's see if there can be this great new out pouring of the spirit.

You and I many times during that weekend.

We joined him.

We paraded we knelt, we sang we worship we prophesied. We cried out till 2 o'clock o'clock in the morning and to our surprise to our shock, but the roof of the plate didn't open up that we didn't see stairways with Angels coming from from top to bottom and we left like well you know we give it our best shot and as it turned out that was the only hotel in Jerusalem that would allow messianic Jews to to have a conference all the rest were afraid of losing their kosher licenses and favor with the government and best, this loan hotel going under.

On the far side of Jerusalem. What the heck were going to lose our building anyway want you guys, we took all the rooms and hotel mix work, and 30 years later after nothing really big significant we thought happen. The United States now with Pres. Trump leading the way is looking to fulfill the promise to move the embassy from Tel Aviv back to Jerusalem, be eternal capital of that eternal city and wire the land that very hotel and the one next door where we met worship cried out great.

Ask God to do something special and it took 30 but that is now the American Embassy in Jews. Now it's it's just this the kind of wild saying God knows the connection between the events and everything, but of in cuckoo scripts that right when when you see that kind of thing you you can believe for anything yet. We cried.

I was expecting more. Here, there were breakthroughs we heard no spiritual breakthroughs in many lies but I was expecting more for sure and people came from around the world that you look at this then ends up what if someone told us, then, by the way.

30 years later, thus such arms are you kidding me, but these are all little firsters and by the way. Later that same year, October so that was that was in May of of 88. But in October 1988.

You and I were in Cleveland doing similar meetings in a building in Cleveland that that have a little significance as well.

You're gonna jog my memory. How about the synagogue and cleave the former synagogue that's in fact is you talked about the event.

I was thinking about, which was I'm thrilled that you did, and in May in Jerusalem but in Cleveland in October 1988 in the synagogue that was born he gets his old home synagogue in the roof. The famous reform synagogue was now an empty building that could be used in here we are doing messianic outreach meetings with Orthodox rabbis sitting there present to criticize what is things could script that from your old you know neural community is as well so there's little jog of your memory all right. Let's you are a new development in the book what you know the funny thing is that when it's it's good I I told the story you are thinking about you as you told the story. I was thinking about art, but I'll only mention these things to Satan was kind of while you grow up. That's the synagogue you go to now years later you're doing a messianic outreach and in Orthodox Jew sitting there in the meetings it to be critical of their there are many things who scripts these kind of things but you've seen some things over the years and and a lot of it culminated in the roar from Zion project, which in your heart is is is a firstfruits is a sound. This is is a cry, shout, that's going up but this was not a cheap project when you did roar from Zion and you felt that God laid on your heart to bring in top musicians in all this and to kind of watch on your own to do it. How does that project get fun. How expensive wasn't how they could fund it went from 50 to 200 and without me without me. But really the Lord will me a blackbird bill me of vehicle that will carry found that will want to hire that will go back there. That will be undetectable by the all the processes of man, but will be kind of like the biplane to bring in the good news. The whole thing. Mike was the restoration of Israel and the restoration of the church to blades that that are really texting could be opposing each other for the last 2000 years. But I the birth of town unite the church and synagogue to be partners in the salvation of your you can't have the kingdom of God without Israel. You can't have the kingdom of God without the nation. You can't have the return of Yeshua of Jesus without Jerusalem thing.

Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord, you can't have the return of Jesus. Romans 11 without the fullness of the Gentiles. There's a partnership here and that's what that man was intended to capture and to broadcast and that night that we help well couple nights in Jerusalem to different places.

One of those venues had rows and rows of Holocaust survivors who sat there with tears flowing down their face and said we come to life more Israeli came to the green room. The first night after we had released the sound and asked for prayer and tell us more about the Messiah, God created everything with a sound and sound carries something of the spirit with the Holy Spirit is the rep right the rule of God.

We can make a sound. I'm convinced that not only provokes something from heaven, but also shift gears but that pierces through the mist of the hardness of men's heart and doing something God is the finger that Psalm 62, nine of chapter 3 brings over 30 found that when woven into our DNA as believers, that provokes something in the heart of man. I like if I can get people to thing that still believe that I just stay right here right back old you got here how God provided funds that because, divine backing new book roar from Zion, discovering the power of Jesus through ancient Jewish traditions. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the light of ironbound by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends listen 30 minutes from now. Right back on you to ask Dr. Benes K Dearborn on YouTube or a weekly exclusive YouTube chat. So for 15 Eastern time to listen 30 minutes from now we will be resuming and I'll be just as answering any of the questions you pose there so join me Esther to buy YouTube for 15 Eastern time. So Paul I do want to emphasize the sound that the power the all of that. But, again, to build faith to let people understand that God himself is saying go for. I'm breathing on this. I'm doing this, you were independently taken on a new project as opposed to having another ministry organization backing this funding it paying in advance for this preproduction. It's 200,000 that you didn't have but a sizable gift came in how that happened but convinced me that God was on and on our side and doing something supernatural now got a guy this is what happens with hey hey friends, we again I was on a live recording thank been there done that I did an interview from the parking lot, etc. grocery store yesterday. Yeah, well, what I was doing I was on my way home from my office downtown Jacksonville and I-95 is notoriously terrible so the time was approaching.

I wasn't going to get on board to do this in the quiet place where trucks are coming and going and I pulled over and sure enough trucks are coming and going. So this huge huge responsibility.

We had just left, integrity music, or I should say integrity music left third owner since Michael Coleman that dear friend and they had always funded all the huge rent project in Israel. Shalom Jerusalem are you sitting down, $800,000 in 1995. Yikes.

Yeah hello and I paid the bill in Jerusalem arrived was $550,000 orchestra and band then fingers bent so I thought I had that all lined up.

I had partners to rethink yeah I mean partners like people with huge ministries that are suggestible part you would book your pubic auditorium guessable to the do that and one by one and all began to fall apart and I said well I know God then must be told if a blackbird go to Jerusalem released the sound I was on a tour in the Netherlands. I had $35,000 were now six way from the date of the record, I've already I've already employed the Nashville Symphony orchestra.

I like the last people I mean the bill Mike arm mounted but I was. I knew God had do this I was I was on an exhausting tour through the Netherlands.

But last night, I'm on my way home. Nope to Jerusalem, the neck I got about three hours to sleep much time who was then living in LA texting Peck, texting, calling calling calling and I'm trying to fall into the bed for three hours must be important. I called him and he said that this is this is really important I'm I'm holding a check that's really going on. Bless you. I said well okay thanks bless me.

Well, if I told you I was holding a check for $25,000 towards the budget with that. Bless you, I suggest some thank you so much I I gotta go to sleep.

He said well what if it were 50,000, and Esther Joel if you're teasing me. I will personally spank you. I don't care for 35 years old. I can still spanking that it's $100,000, and How it showed you for we spent some CDs and books to an address and in the United Kingdom somewhere around London, but it got misdirected and that package wound up in the home of a mess for you Jewish believer in Japan didn't know you are wrote the book, listen to the music back down and wrote a check for hundred thousand dollars each. After I picked myself up off the work and that part of very close obviously to we needed. I was in discussions with the corporation about partnership or another hundred thousand dollars and then we got lawyers on the phone and they're trying to figure out how to we repay it. How do we do that participate in the blood, and after mom the man who owned the Corporation said with the lawyers on the phone call.

I'm sorry I just gonna work and my heart sank and then he said I'm going to give it to you as a gift with no strings attached and covered all expenses 64 when I when I began to watch and listen to roar from Zion, so the DVD that that you sent me never time at the book were from Zion which is about that and and so much more, but I I knew that there was divine backing and that was it wasn't just for this is powerful. This is well done. I also knew the Lord say hey I'm gonna make this happen so so Paul is folks read the new book roar from Zion, what you hoping will happen in their own lives as they pick up the book and read the whole main point Mike of all of it with the doing of the project in Jerusalem the Passover of the night. But Jesus came to church, demonstrated before. Everybody who he is turning the church upside down that then. Now all the things that have been so important that Israel over all of this time, but the Sabbath of the ways of the Lord's precepts and concepts. Who was the Messiah that all things are living views are. These are living words from a living God who not only declare something, but demonstrate just a couple weeks ago because of the sound we baptized an Orthodox Jewish widow 76 years old who heard about sound heard a sound. She was a just one of her neighbors came to church and heard a pastor sending you know what, there are real blessings. Those treasures in them Sabbath that we've never seen before. She heard the workshop she came back the next week I was there doing the Passover demonstration she is speaking the blessings over the bread and the cop on the, the whole of the more roar, and all the rest that night.

She says I I believe this is this going to be Jesus and so she wants to be baptized. There is a sound Mike that that it that heaven makes that to specifically state every heart. God is not willing that any should perish in this gospel is for that you first.

And I believe that all of these results, but a church that is finding value in the in a Sabbath meal getting your family together sitting around a table inviting the presence of God celebrating communion the body and blood of the Lord on a Friday night, inviting neighbors and friends to come in the presence of God and seen miracles breakout at their table. I'm in like come on you know about the title of the book is the power parent Jesus in the ancient Jewish traditions they they are more than traditions.

These are the ways of the Lord Jesus called himself aboard of the stop. There is so much to discover to be full ministers of fullness for the public church that determines their hearts again towards Jerusalem that that makes a religion of relationship that that pulls on the heart of the Jew and were seeking it week after week after week. There is a sound there's a declaration but then there's a demonstration that he so desperately. If I can say that about the Lord that he desperate to demonstrate who he is a lost and dying world. And it will just list will pay attention. He'll do crazy demonstrate that he is in and and call and we seen it we seen God's amazing ways. In the midst of the challenges and difficulties that everyone lives.

Doing this will be seen the hand of God. Some of you listening, watching, seen it, but it seems to me own life history that the confirmations that time with Israel.

Salvation or the of the most amazing of all the most mind-boggling types of stories some friends.

You know Paul Wilbur the worship leader the songwriter singer you been blessed by his music for decades.

Millions and millions of you have now. Check out the new book roar from Zion by pullover WI L. B.

You are hey buddy can't wait to see again in the coming days. I'm sure will will find a way to do it God lesson closer to my crank from all right well 15 minutes from now we will be back on YouTube for weekly to check check out the book roar from Zion, another program powered by the Truth Network

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