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You Can Trust the Word of God

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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July 14, 2021 4:20 pm

You Can Trust the Word of God

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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July 14, 2021 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 07/14/21.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. My friend, you have every reason to trust the Scriptures as God's holy word stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of Ministry get into the line of fire now by going 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH. Jim is Dr. Michael Brown friends.

I want to encourage you today I want to help you as much as possible. Love God with all your heart and all your mind.

The people of the word and the spirit now fertilizer open 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 784 any question you want to ask me on any subject, see if we get to different calls later in the show like we do on Friday so phone lines open 866-34-TRUTH but in particular we talked about the subjects in recent weeks. I want to come back to it. If there's something in the Bob you struggle with major questions about the Bible you been asked that you have a hard time with. Then, in particular, I'd love to hear from you 866-34-TRUTH out. Maybe these your own questions.

Maybe these are questions that you're getting confronted with an university campus. Maybe these are questions that your kids have asked you, so if it's through your questions, or other people's questions all the same. I'm happy to take them 866-34-TRUTH so with my book has God failed you coming out in May I been putting this on the table a lot more for discussion why people struggle with faith in God. Why people struggle with faith in the Bible as God's word specific biblically related questions that come up that ultimately tie in with the trustworthiness of God. If you are Christian or Jew and you are a religious person so your faith begins with Scripture. In other words, if the Scriptures were not true with us, a Jewish person didn't believe that the tour was true is that the tour was complete mess. Then you will not have a strong got faith in the God of Israel is revealed in the Torah same way if if if you say why the Christian but you really don't believe the Gospels don't really think Jesus was a historical character generally rose from the devil was your Christian in name only. This of substance to it.

So if if we have real serious questions about the Bible cannot be trusted in all the translations and textural issues or the historical errors of scientific errors or can I really trust. What's there that that's that's going to mass with your faith in God and and sometimes when situations we can't get answers to all of our questions and we just doggedly hold on and believe an income to come through the storm, but you can't live your whole life like that. Turn off your mind disengage your mind, just believe in God doesn't want us to eat. He wants us to worship him in spirit and truth. He wants us to love him with all her oversoul over on all of our strengths, so it's not that we will have answers for everything because God is transcendent and we as purely human beings can figure a lot of things out.

And hey, look what scientists were sure about 500 years ago then people change that 400 years ago then change that 300 years ago, and so on and so forth. So we keep growing in knowledge of certain things, more discoveries, more insight, more dissenting and then as human beings is only so much capacity we have to understand certain things so I might want to explain complex mathematical issues through three-year-old kid do that similar this much we don't understand we always walk by faith, trusting God, but not turn our brains off with it.

We don't prize ignorance.

We don't think the only way to be strong in faith is don't read much. This is read much then you lose your faith civil why is it that people have experiences like Dr. Josh Bowen talked about so candidly yesterday. Being in seminary going to Christian University years of of being in ministry teaching Hebrew teaching the Bible now going on to grad school.

He's going away and all these people in Jesus and suddenly he gets it was stuffy there been hit with before. Now he did say in a very candid interview and if if you miss yesterday shall please please listen it.

If not for no other reason than to honor Josh Bowen who was open enough and honest enough to come on the or even volunteer to come on the year and say hey you can ask me about my struggles him open with them that to me is extraordinary that that to me is very humble and that to me is someone saying hey I would love any set it quite clear. I would love to believe again please please watch, listen to yesterday's broadcast and pray I truly believe God is working in Josh's life and I feel such a love for him and such respect for him that I really believe God's works.

If you miss yesterday show the student but I asked him what's the difference between someone like you and your wife who's also a scholar. She's a somatic scholar but she's a Christian. She still a believer or I mentioned others who were Semitic scholars or Egyptologists so scholars in ancient near East and things like that and they are committed Christians. They believe the Bible, of course, this is my own journey. Why is it that we were confronted with the same evidence, we were confronted with the same reasons not to believe, but we processed all of them and we still believe. Just as we did before. We still believe in inspiration of Scripture, we still believe in the and in the existence of truth and goodness of God. We still believe in salvation through Jesus. How is that and in Josh's response was an interesting one that he thinks in our case, perhaps it was that these things were processed over a period of years. In other words get hit with this objection here got hit with these issues here got hit with this silver. Of of of life experience work these things through came to understanding came to you. Okay here's I see the objection or here's the answer but for him it was like an avalanche hitting them all at once. Not being into apologetics before that not doing a lot with the defense of the faith because he was in every committed fundamentalist Bible, God's word environment seminary it in that went by fundamentalist on the mean ignorant. I just mean holding very clearly and without question to the fundamentals of the faith, then hit with the the scenes I contrary evidence all at once. It just kind of took him out can continue to pray and believe that God can work in his life and and restore him heart mind and soul with will be stronger and deeper than ever before, but learn to about my own journey and hopefully it will be helpful and encouraging to you as well because if you know anything about me never stick my head in the sand. I've never to sublimely bubbly.

That's adult only. I do believe I believe I united the incident that I've never done that.

Quite the opposite effect, truly before radio, I was interacting with an ultra-Orthodox Jewish rabbi of interact with them on and off for many many years now, challenging me to think afresh about certain issues and that he wants to think afresh about them as well and can be dialogue about it.

A spot up committed decades ago to follow the truth releasably to this day I'm interacting with people who differ with me and their challenging me and on challenging them, but as a brand-new believer. Some wonderfully, miraculously delivered from drugs December 17 of 71.

After weeks of the Holy Spirit convicting me of my sin and face coming alive in my heart I surrender to the Lord.

I truly singled out on a limb for you and serve your never put a needle in my arm because I was a sticking point.

That's why knew I had to delay them on the report, a needle in my arm again and and instantly free and and all drug use gone within a few days and then my dad sees the change of initially know what to make of it, else what sounds hallelujah go to church right reduce he sees the change in my life and I remember what he said to me Michael. It's wonderful to see off drugs but reduce we don't believe this, so he wants me to talk to the local rabbi.

Of course I want to talk to local rabbi walk is almost everybody on the whole world to be said on brand-new I'm not really thinking he's a rabbi. Your brand-new and he knows Hebrew and you don't. He's been studying since before you were born I really think I canů Also I want to tell everybody about Jesus.

So the rabbi and I begin to be having.

This is early on him him a brand-new believer I was was only weeks old, and the Lord will be met briefly the first time in months old we started talking regularly. Then he started bringing me to meet other rabbis so right at the gate I was challenged. New Testament misinterprets the old and new Testaments translates the oath that the stories are real.

Did this without a look at church history and persecution of Jews in Jesus name, and so on and so forth. So, met with this out of the gate civil. How did you make it through because it was it was years before I had studied enough and learned enough to be interviewed did to begin to formulate really solid answers to the questions I was being challenged with but the first thing was, I had a real glorious conversion experience and wonderful fellowship with Jesus as a believer in other words, I got really gloriously saved, God intervened in my life in such a way that would be impossible for me to deny.

Without denying reality itself is that experience that was bedrock that was foundational but it didn't stop there.

It wasn't just that I got gloriously, wonderfully converted I might give you the whole backdrop to my conversion, but it wasn't that I just I got gloriously, wonderfully born again but then I enjoyed wonderful fellowship with the Lord.

I was in church services multiple times we can every single time. This little church a handful of believers through 5060 people during her 34 young night service during the weekend seen this little ditty hams experiencing the joy of the Lord in communion with God. And the more I would pray alone in my home in the Lord read the word alone in my home might experience God thought I was fellowship being with him in a deep and rich and real way and and then as I was hit with questions.

I started to study so can have the answer. We study when we learn. You see, did you go through a crisis guide.

I did go through a few crises. I did and and one of the times. After spending hours with ultra-Orthodox rabbis New York. I once when it very intense crisis and I was on my face alone with God. It it in my bedroom and you know that and in the home. I grew up, my parents home and I was so cold.

Are these rabbi's right or are they wrong is Jesus the Messiah was agony and I laid on my face before God and I said I just want to follow.

He was an obedient Jew. I just want to follow.

He was an obedient Jew and and and honor you and if that means renouncing my faith in Jesus. If he is not really the Messiah than all do it and take the reproach of the whole church community ghetto somewhat happened to him. On the flipside, if what I believe about Jesus is truly releases up the side of the whole Jewish community rejects me so be it. But I have to follow the truth wherever it leads, was immediately after that the Scriptures jumped significance is a 53 jumping at me, shouting at me.

The massage Jesus that I made that determination.

God's sight as an obedient Jew, I must follow you and your truth wherever it leads us all to live like that for 50 years. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us on the line of fire, really, if you're struggling with question will be free to ask if the your questions are the questions of others is I don't have answers this to be so simple.

I should have answered no. One of the simplest questions of the most difficult questions to be candid with you over the years. It's very very rare that a question challenges you like how I answer that either there is just confidence in Scriptures that that I know or choose, understand, or things of learned over the years. Of those, I would give the radio answering your questions though.

Though this the calls. The questions that have challenged me the most are often little children, calling in with this with the real basic questions like, that's a serious one serious one, so don't think your question stupid lawyer should know the answer to this but now I don't don't do that got question call-in 866-34-TRUTH on little phones, little while but MidFirst that experience decades ago. Somewhere around 1975 was was very important for me because I knew I note it to the core of my being. I know with all possible sincerity. I was telling God I must follow you and your truth and if if it means leaving everything. Bear in mind and in those days, and have some ministry Igor job associated with this or anything like that.

Her finances just as me and God understand but that's been my heart and I've made I've made ministry choices over the years will be pretty much lost everything at start afresh the site left obey God. After obey God. Like sorry I can't. If the only way I can continue working with this group are doing this or that is to violate what I capricious I can do it the same today I had to go off-line if I had to shut down radio if we had to shut and everything were doing because I have to compromise conviction so to do is our whole team feels and shut it down, left, obey God's that simple but all I can say is, with all sincerity, II was willing to renounce what I believed if what I believe was false so that that's that's one level of of attack phase crisis of live through and of course of dialogue endlessly with rabbis, missionaries for decades now, many of them brilliant, brilliant men, deep thinkers learned and they challenge me many a time force me to dig deeper and think many time but I can tell you in the sight of God is only strengthened my faith and is only given me more confidence not less. I think if you follow me for the length of time you know I'm a straight shooter and on the try to be politically correct to say things that cost me followers and costly finances. Like I gotta be as truthful as understand. I can be that the other way that I got hit was going to college and won the very first classes I had was on ancient history and the guys bashing the Bible. What you can't believe Genesis for this reason. That reason, something okay will wear like go little church I was in was totally nonintellectual. It was read the Bible, pray, love Jesus and those wonderful and intellectual in that regard. In terms of studying commentaries executing the Hebrew and the Greek getting into deep theology. We were quite the opposite of that suck could go to folks my church to ask was not an environment where I was around academically. Was all of my studies read secular schools, college and grad school. After that, college, university, I never studied with the believer in terms of on an academic level and never had a professor that was a believer so ever. I'm getting hit from every angle. Bible is not true. Your faith in Jesus is there, the rabbis attack in my faith in Jesus as a Jew is professors attacking the Bible and the existence of God. So I had to dig a study that found that the world of Christian scholarship. There is there some some world of apologetics in Jewish ministry really almost nothing that was contemporaneously God moved me to write a series of books on answering Jewish objections to Jesus and things like that so II know the ancient near Eastern objections to the text that I know that historical objections to the text. I know the questions that come up. I looked at the objections that we have solid answers so here's the deal.

Let's just say let's say this, let's say that for 20 years. You are you you are studying objections to the Bible and objections to the faith and everyone you take on.

Okay, let's see this if there is validity to after 20 years you studied, say 10 objections years of 200 objections you found that answer every single time now. You hit 201 slick room on the answer for that one is brought your faith no you to throw out the answers to the previous 200 know what you think skin question. I think about that. There are there are questions now it that that had but the book of Isaiah pretty much from our earliest days of the Lord.

I'd say these questions came up since I was a few months old and the Lord was challenged about some of these things and it had some levels of answer, but now that I'm doing a commentary Isaiah and digging deeper, I feel clarity beyond what I've seen before and it's very exciting. It's very excited. I had answers that solid answers to objections that raised now if you are getting a new understanding, neat.

So you must use wisdom in terms of what you expose yourself to so Dr. Bowen yesterday was honest enough to say he was going in to grad school zero when all the souls for Christ little realize that is going to be around always brilliant professors who know far more than he knows. In these different areas and immediately when they're presenting their worldview even as not being hostile to just presenting ischemia, massive assault on his faith and never had an obvious he was ready for us in any critical wet think you would say I was not ready for that. That brought so you have to use wisdom. I always people like to be starting a witness to rabbis selling so slick deflect just that you like 1/1000 of what he knows, and that he has dealt with people like me and others for years and years and years and still rejects the Fae the all-knowing I'm gonna win him here once is pray for him. The Holy Spirit would work in his heart and study all the materials we've put together for a few years and then that if you want try to reach out. You have better foundation. So a lot of times we can wear say the whole world.

All the skeptics and mockers. It is professors hour to get them to change a they heard your argument ready that they're aware of your information and they still believe what makes you think you need to be the one to change them. Sometimes it's it's our own immaturity or ignorance reseal but without right foundations so here just like Islam. After three years of classical article my aerobics pretty weak right now I can read the call slowly but it's it's slow going up. I've got very limited knowledge of Islamic apologetics. I am not going to engage in a two hour debate with a Muslim scholar about an Islamic topic that would be foolishness. Utter foolishness would hit my fake knoll, not for a split second I get a raise and he says, throw me at this stage of life, but they might make me look bad which makes the gospel look bad.

It makes it look as if the Bible is not true because here is this guy can even answer this and here's this guy Kenny Vanessa so many do debate with the Muslims can be very specific and within a field were I know I can rightly glorify the Lord represent him and I heard the faith of others of you debate this will monitor that was like man you just brought massive approach to the gospel and that video is going to be used for years and years Muslim defeats Christian rabbi defeats Christian Mormon defeats Christian whatever it is, even though you had no business being off their when I debated an atheist recent lesson a just upfront want you know I understand that my arguments you mock that most of you here.

These are even smart. I know it sounds to so I am not trying to persuade. I'm simply telling you why believe what I believe is my approach glad Michael you want to stand behind every word I said and it will bring honor to the Lord, but a smile be honest with you I know on in the present arguments to be a very strong and you mock him most of the mock Soviet despot. I'm not here to a debate I'm here simply to explain why believe in response to questions objections. You gotta know your territory. Gotta know your turf so after all these decades of study.

I keep tackling new issues and since things went south to the viewpoint of maybe I'm wrong.

Nono's 50 years and my friend. I little later this year will be 50 years in Jesus by his grace of been tested and and I pick up the Bible and read it with absolute confidence in reading God's work.

Absolute confidence.

Let's just see Nicholas a question is a practicable what about when you repent of something, except God's forgiveness, but the devil continues to ambitious ambition with condemnation and rest with what about you follow knowing full well God's face with the attack makes you temporally feel condemned, you must renew your mind. A lot of us are mind is our worst enemy because we do not renew it based on Scripture we do not renew it based on divine truth. We have to meditate. We have to pray over these things. At other times not just after we sin and repent, but warmer feeling great. We need to meditate on truths of God's grace we need to ask him for revelation. If will do that regularly meditate on choose of love and forgiveness through the cross.

Ask God to renew our heart and mind not allow our minds to run in any different directions we we have to rein in our thinking will be amazed to see how your experience transformed okay okay come back I'm going to go to the phones, 866-348-7884 but I can honestly tell you for many many years as a believer. Every new objection I would hear to the biblical text or biblical history or something else were Jesus be the Messiah's okay let's let's tackle it. See if this truth to it rather than unfunded communion answer for this. I was confident enough God that I serve was not threatened. Questions and director for cleansing and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown as friends or have studied Scripture over the years, the more my mind and heart have been in harmony.

In other words, I know God spiritually experience him spiritually of the witness of the Spirit in my own life. I have the evidence of the transformed life.

I have many examples of divine intervention, and answers to prayer and supernatural leaving and things like that. At the same time there many intellectual questions that come up reading the word of God and questions about history and questions about textual reliability, questions about the logical consistency in questions about the goodness of God and the problem of evil, etc. more studied, more my heart and mind to been an even deeper harmony. The more been able to love God with heart and mind together and of course that's that's been something foundational my life for decades and decades overgrown and deep. And then I will encourage and help you in the same way 866-34-TRUTH 866-3487 84. Listen one more thing and then when open up the phones: go to to the phone lines and take some of your questions.

So by God's grace. A been raised up as a key leader in messianic Jewish apologetics for years.

I'd be introduced as the world's foremost messianic Jewish apologist to my joke used to be a number one among one say it's like playing center on the pygmy basketball team.

You don't have to be that tall to do it. In other words, there was a need that was avoid there. There was no one in our generation who is putting together solid academic work based in Hebrew scholarship understanding of rabbinic literature clear faith in Jesus. Yeshua being our Messiah and and dealing with objections countering the county missionaries answering the rabbis in the systematic and clear way and in written form and a major level distanced their soul. God called me to helpful. That voice and and thankfully so many others have done their work, though there many others doing all kinds of other work that I wasn't doing and work that I could do but this was just an area of need, when you got all the seminaries. What are you doing Jewish apologetics didn't exist unto this day, even in tough apologetics seminaries.

Often there's nothing a Jewish apologetics Islamic apologetics you can get your dealing with science you can get dealing with history doing philosophy, etc. the cults, Jewish apologetics, which you think would be number one on the list because of starting with Israel.

One of the seizures people saved the end and now well mass avoid the here's the thing. There others that have built on what I've done and done their own working on the Omni there others that have been inspired by and on their own work there others so by God's grace good things have happened right. But here's the thing. I know that if my material had been around when I was a new believer, it would've helped me immensely affect. The first reason I began to to take all the time to put into writing answering Jewish objections to Jesus. The five volume series and other related writings over the years.

First reason I did it was the strength of the Jewish believer so they wouldn't have to go through the same crisis.

I did, they wouldn't have to look around the cable whose answering these questions and where I get the information and and that's why it's been so gratifying and this is all to the glory of the Lord. We each have our task we have a role to play in, and any good that comes out of this to God's glory so III deeply appreciate the entrustment that he gave me.

I take it as a sacred entrustment but I run into so many people over the years believers Jewish believers say I'm still in the face because of your writings because your debates. Yet many came to faith through the but what was especially gratifying to me is hearing about those who are still in the faith, because the note was they got hit with the same objections I got hit with they got hit with the same challenges they got hit with the same questions they found my material and it was a godsend for them because they found it full of truth and strengthen their faith and they endured the conflict and other going on okay so in the same way there others in other areas. Why am I am totally ignorant, completely ignorant, I know anything about the field whatsoever. Whatever I know about it can be encapsulated like two minutes but there others that are like I am in Jewish apologetics. They are in this area or this area this year this and Apsley brilliant. So all I need to know is that there out there know it's not to learn all the subfields I can't. You can't learn everything specialize in everything right. I know they're there and I know they've done the hard work and they've gone through the challenges and the pain and wrestled the and and and they're not living in denial that shutting off their brain to keep their faith strong so I just need tonight I will dance left here. Check out this website.

Check out this book. Go watch that debate. It's been done.

It's been done so sometimes you just need to know. Hey you been through the fire, you been tested, and you construct its assembly experientially right so this lesson into the phones 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Some of you have gone through pain and suffering loss in this world. I I couldn't imagine I could not imagine living through what you live through and yet standing strong in your testifying to the goodness of God cannot deny the loss, the pain at the pains with you to this moment, but you cannot stronger through you cannot better through you, closer to God through it all.

You speak volumes. You speak louder than any of my books, because you can tell someone else in the midst of pain and terrible loss that they got it. It's never going to be the same. The darkness is never to leave in your there to say I live through that I've been through that telling you there's this light under the so tough at this light, even within the tunnel and and I'm standing here to tell you, God's faithful and these can show you his faithfulness suits never, never downplay the importance of the testimony. Beware of spiritual experience. One of of of intellectual experience never downplay the importance of that right 866-34-TRUTH.

Let's start with Stephen in Vogel West Virginia. Welcome to light a fire hello Dr. Brown concerning Matthew chapter 24 I don't know if you've never dealt with any rhetoric but sure I don't know it, Jane. It seemed to have a strong argument, at least at the beginning of that chapter about Apple what what do you think about, you know, there you have 70 A.D. so I believe they have some things right, about 70 A.D., but many things wrong. So for those not familiar with printer, is there full predators in partial credit risk assisted with a partial predators predators says certain things are passed, we would all agree the prophecies about the virgin birth of Jesus's death and resurrection.

Those are all past those of ready come to pass.

What about his coming in the clouds is coming in glory and power. What about us being caught up to meet him in the air and descending with him as he sets up his his kingdom. What about our resurrection from the dead and being raised in glory or those promises still future, or they passed a full predators holds to heretical views of full predators says that the second coming of Jesus is in the past.

Full predators says there will be no future second coming.

A full predators says there will be no future resurrection of the dead. So these are heretical positions but a partial predators says that many of the prophecies that we think our end of the world prophecies about the second coming of Jesus really refer to him coming in power to destroy Jerusalem in the year 70. So here's what is right.

Much of Matthew 24 clearly does apply to the destruction of Jerusalem in the year 70 that's confirmed in Luke 21 in Mark 13 as well. Secondly, they emphasize the traumatic nature of that event and how important it was. In biblical history, but they absolutely miss read the text to see that referring in any way to the second coming.

Matthew 24 is answering three questions by the disciples, one will be since having nearly the destruction of the temple will be the sign of your coming and of the end of the age. So even if you say the sign of your coming and the end of the age that's together.

The destruction of the temple was clearly something separate. Jesus answers all your questions at once. So the kind of layers in his answer. If you leave Reedley 2121 seems to come to a clearer stop. This is about the destruction of Jerusalem. Now I'm in a tell you about the future and the end of the world so the predators would say yes. But Jesus says generation that sees these things, this generation will not pass until everything comes to pass, until everything is fulfilled while as I read it two different ways to understand the generation that's listening to Jesus. Now we'll see the destruction of the temple. Yes, that is, that is true.

However, there are other things that are being spoken of their that are clearly of the end of the age that have not happened yet, the sign of the coming of the Son of Man. All the clouds of heaven and all the world morning over him, and many of the New Testament texts about him coming soon and how it's going to shake the whole world.

That was not the destruction of the temple.

In other words, when Peter's writing first before the end of all things is at hand and apprentice as you see, that must mean the destruction of the Temple. That's what he was talking to talk about was at the end of all things that was not was out of concern to the whole world knows the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem did not affect the whole world back then did not affect Christians all over the world so it exaggerates things and fails to see different layers of meaning in Matthew 24 that you might say, well set the bottle else is common knows Ezekiel 36 that's a passage about the return of the Jews from Babylonian exile 2500 years ago.

But when you read it. Some of it was fulfilled then the rest of it hasn't been fulfilled yet it still being fulfilled as Jews regathered from all around the world use a wireless it still be fruitful because many of the things that are promised. There haven't happened yet. Yet its context is 2500 years ago so some of Matthew 24 applies to the destruction of the Temple and the generation that will see that happen always refer to the end of the age of the generation that sees those final things will see the Lord's return and I do believe it will be a certain level of repeat meaning that there will be a temple in Jerusalem that there will be final battles that there there will even be a future destruction of the temple and yet God coming in power to rescue his people hate stay right there if you've got questions of what I said will take it under the sun the break and then Bob in Napa Valley Europe Nexus stay on the line 866-34-TRUTH word of God's trust. It's the light a fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the light of ironbound by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

I will assist even during the break, likely answered Steve's question so hope that's that's the case.

In short, there is language in Matthew 24 that that simply cannot be applied to the destruction of Jerusalem in the year 70 were to try to make the whole New Testament turn around the destruction of Jerusalem. Your seven. It just doesn't work just doesn't work and often it opens the door to a theology that downplays the ongoing promises to Israel and the Jewish people. That's another issue I have with with predators and does not sufficiently emphasize that the hope what we are looking forward to is the appearing of Jesus, 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to bobbin Napa Valley, California. Welcome to the line of fire. Thank you Dr. Brown but my question relates to the flood which is a common objection that we were witnessing.

We have to deal with the historicity of it and I'm wondering if the Hebrew in Genesis 7 references possibly allow for the flood to be to the extent that humans have migrated.

By that point at the post to all way around the globe right so the first thing is, even if they were human beings all around the globe at that point. Could the flood speak of a localized flood but let's ask it in in that way because the Bible could simply be function of focusing on a particular part of the world and and therefore that's that's the context now if I was can argue for localized flood. I would one argue the way you are. In other words, that human beings were not all over the globe at that point because it does seem to speak quite universally about the weakness of the human race right so it it does seem to be speaking of wiping out the whole human race, but the only real way that you could say that the Hebrew supports the potential for localized flood more than the English is the Hebrew word error so the word error rates can mean Earth's like the whole world or earth, meaning the land of of came in that the area there is a particular area. So for example in in Genesis 11 were God creates a touch of my avatar secretes the heavens and the earth, so the earth is the whole world then often inherits is used in a more specialized way for particular country know that that the merits of this Sergio Erisman's riot in the land of Egypt right so that would be the only thing in Hebrew that error it's itself, which is constantly used here could refer to a specific area of territory as opposed to the whole planet.

It could be used for either but the Hebrew would be be easier to think in those terms.

Then in English terms not if if I was debating the someone and and they were or am just sharing the gospel some and they raise this this would be my approach. I have read some studies by geologists, where they make very compelling cases for universal flood problem is I'm not a geologist right II have read studies by archaeologists who have made a compelling argument for universal flood and then the fact that you have flood traditions all around the world would either suggest that everybody's had bad floods or that there was a universal flood just so from folklore and literature around the world. But the problem is I do not have the scientific ability to argue these points if someone really challenge me or if it's just not feasible, you couldn't have an arc with this or the waters here. How can the waters cover the whole I have read the stuff is not my area, so if if this was a big sticking point for someone and I was talking with them. I would say there are some biblical scholars think it was a localized flood and there are others who think it's universal, and there are scientists who argue it both ways. I would get hung up on follow me in the Scripture itself. In the way of that with the no II read it to me. It is clearly universal. But there are other top scholars biblical scholars believers who believed Scripture speak of localized flood and that's the right way to read it so that would be the point know was on the try to get out of an argument follow.

I'm gonna try to come up with a cheapo answer. I I'm simply not going to get into battle over that knowing that it can't that a universal flood can be scientifically supported and there they were brilliant scholars and PhD's in geology and other fields that will give you all their reasons why is universal flood of your, for example, you run into that her answers in Genesis. Of these, these campsites where were people will lay that out. However, there are biblical scholars who completely aside from science say we should read this as is low because I don't really like that but it is. This is a more possible to read but like that Hebrew because of the essence of ferrets, but you have to argue that it's a point in history when there had not been migration all over the world because that seems to be the sticking point that the sinfulness of the human race as opposed to the sinfulness of people living in a certain area.

Thank you yet yeah and and again, let me make this clear. I'm not going to come up with a cheap answer just to drive to to driving objection away. I rather say that's a great question and you want to have an answer for the meat study that but here because I know there are answers.

I'm just I can make that the sticking point noticing if I'm trying to get someone to hear the gospel and there is need in their own life and that they need to get right with God and need to be forgiven and there hung up over this 1.0 say they're here there's different options and their different possibilities zealots focus on other issues that that's that's my whole process. Thank you sir for the question.

All right tell you what I am not going to repeat the phone number yet another time with three minutes left in the show and take more calls R12 art mate.

Maybe I will.

This depends on what comes up on my screen here when people say there are so many translations of the Bible is a wonderful thing. It's good thing it does mean there's so many different texts of the Bible. It's translations here. I just got this in the mail today thing and hold up on the screen. It's not for the antichrist well enough we would prefer ablation rapture Craig Keener and I wrote together. It's translated into into check the new translation there is the one text that wrote the book we wrote, but now here's another translation for foreign language.


The fact that there are many many translations of the Bible.

Hundreds of thousands into different languages, doesn't mean there are thousands of different texts of the Bible, but translations of the text of the Bible. And when you read here read 20 different translations are 50 different English translations of key verses and you'll see overwhelmingly the same message overwhelmingly translations are saying the same thing and then here and there.

It's like okay one with actions.

Once you read anything you have to study interpreted. Do your best to understand okay Solomon and used it to answer your question, but for time's sake I'm going to ask your question first, did I know that Jesus was God. As soon as I was saved or most everyone know that not necessarily I didn't. I knew he died for my sins and he was my Lord but had even sought through Trinity when he said that of brand-new heavy drug use are just getting say. I remember there was a Jesus movie playing was on Christmas and it ended by saying in the whole world knew that there was only one Lord, something like that and my mother said to me this and say that Jesus is God and I thought what is he I don't know become a bad if he was a Jew that would work well but I know is he God I don't know, and I called a friend and I asked her and she said all that's really complicated. The Trinity and all that she said no one really understands that it's all okay good choose but he is God our life faster instead of the Scripture included that he was that he was the eternal son and that God is revealed himself to us as father-son spirit, but there plenty people, especially Jews.

Solomon that when when they come to faith. They don't understand that part they know he's the Messiah. They believe is the one who fulfilled the prophecies they know his miracles and his resurrection but in the God sent him but it's sometimes only over period of time that they begin to realize the fullness of what that means.

I'm sure it was like that with the first disciples, and even a further revelation after his resurrection, and is there preaching the book of ask for the light went on different stages for producers there hearing the message and coming to faith. However, if someone is fully presented with this, understands it and rejects it, then I would say they are rejecting something fundamental for their salvation. Hate Solomon so I can bring on the phone this one you I could answer your question time. Thank you for calling so it is safe but there's many thousands and thousands of textual variants where this we have such a abundance of textual material overwhelmingly. The evidence saying the same thing and then hearing their we have questions like not exactly sure if it's this reader that the is nothing. This can affect your faith or your walk with God or your understanding of God recalling to be obedient to God. So it just look at it like this if you taking directions on the GPS right and you get 20 directions on there to get where you're going. And one of them sick. I'm not quite sure to return here there's just me and all the other objections on 100% clear. They are and when you have to make that turn, that the what if it will be clear, then, which you need to do the word of God, word of God can be trusted. I talk tomorrow another program powered by the Truth Network

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