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Dr. Brown Answers All Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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July 9, 2021 4:30 pm

Dr. Brown Answers All Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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July 9, 2021 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 07/09/21.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network, but still it phone lines or wide open start for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of Ministry get into the line of fire valves by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH. Your job is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us on today's broadcast you've got questions, we've got answers 866-34-TRUTH if you're listening on podcast are watching on TV after the live broadcast will sit back and enjoy but everyone watching live phone lines are open 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Any question of any kind that relates in any way to any subject matter we ever cover in our ministry online writing, talking books, calls, radio, gas, salsa, ties it on any level led to take calls right. Let us start over in New Brunswick, Canada.

Blake walking to the line of fire. Tickets are welcome here. I believe this is a heart issue on on my part or start with. As I understand it any time we misrepresent God. The character of God be the attributes of God saying that God isn't all-powerful. For instance, in the letters of John saying that Christ can come in the flesh, things like that. This is heresy right yummy. It depends.

We can, it depends what level of misrepresentation. In other words, you may have a theology that's a little defective in one area and it's not heresy to the point of denying the fundamental nature of God or excluding you from the kingdom of these things would be much more serious. Of course, and the context of blasphemy in the spirit of calling something the Holy Spirit does demonic yes understand it willfully and knowingly because Paul says in first Peter one, that when he was a blasphemer when he was persecuting the church that God had mercy on him because he acted ignorantly and in unbelief. So people can blaspheme, they can even blaspheme the spirit, but so many people done it in ignorance and God has mercy on them and works in their lives, so it would it would be a knowing and will otherwise want lacrosse water that likely success.

If you want to cross. Why wouldn't be so incredibly dangerous that there is no forgiveness ever in this world world, certainly it can't be based in England. So to be a willful knowing and that's why it's such a heinous and like my heart issue is this. I have a really struggling. I don't identify the charismatic laptop. I'm really struggling with the interaction with certain Event Ventral Culture. I've Had People Disassociate Themselves from Us in Ministry and Now It's Become Dental Relative after Reading Charismatic Chaos or the Newer One.

Strange yet Strange Fire and I I've Been Wounded. I've Been Struggling to Try to Turn It to to Deal with That in Myself and in Men Men That I Really Respect Her, Mike Bickel, Who I Don't Know Lauren Sanford Who I Do and in Yourself All. It Talked about How Much They Respect MacArthur and and the Things That He Does and I Just to Get My Head. My Heart Is so Severe, Here's the Thing You Want to Give Honor Where Honor Is Due, and John MacArthur Has Been a Fine Expository Preaching of the Word. For Decades He Has Stood Fearlessly in the Midst of the Culture Sin That Jesus Is the Only Way He's Never Apologized for Scriptural Standards, and All Those Things I Honor and Appreciate Where I Believe He Has Sinned against the Body Where He Has Spoken and Very Ugly Ways about Some People Who Are Fine Believers or Sit Suggested That Someone like a Mike Bickel Who Is One of the Finest Christian Manual Me the More You Get to Know Him and Spend Time with Them and Watch Our Lives, the More You'd See That and Irritated to Suggest That He's Worshiping at the Golden Calf for the Altar. All That's That's Terribly Unfortunate but I Genuinely Believe It's Based on Ignorance on His Part. Now Wherever There's Hardness of Heart Were He's Not Been Willing to Sit in Dialogue with People or Hear Out Of the Sides. You Know We All Have Some Level of Pride or Hardness or Something That God's Dealing with so I Think It's Terribly Unfortunate. I Think He's Done A Lot Of Harm in That Regard. That's Why Wrote Authentic Fire As a Response, but Here's Everything It's It's Not Our Style Either to Do with John McCarthy Does to Those We Differ with Even with This within His Own Circles.

He Can Be Extreme in the Nature of Some of His Attack, so I Look at That Is As a Weakness in His Life, and I Pray for God's Best Friend.

But I Honor and Respect the Good That He's Done and the Orthodox Things That He Has Held to and with Mike Bickel. You Can Sit with Them for a Year and You're Not Going to Hear Him Bash Other Other People in That Way Is Just Not Who He Is to Have My Book Authentic Fire. No, I Just Finished Your You're the One Claimant: Claimant Told You It Won't Let Them. We Strongly Encourage Blake Not Just Credit so You Book but Check out When You Can Authentic Fire. I Think It'll Bring Healing to Your Heart.

I Think It I Think Is a Direct Response to Strange Fire. It Will Graduate More Biblically and Then It Will, It Will Help You Even See the Tip of the Heart to Pray for Some I Could.

John MacArthur to Encounter God and in Deeper Ways Than He Ever Has. By the Way I Know of People That Actually Called Charismatic Leaders, Which Is That Publicly Mock Their Teaching on Their Media Outlets Only to Be Healed under the Ministry of Those Very People and Then to Go on in Powerful, Charismatic, and Students Also Ask of God Is Very Very Merciful Towards Us in Our Ignorance, and Again It's What Paul Says about Himself.

He Was a Blasphemer.

I Have No Question but That Many People Are Joined in This Blasphemy Gimmick Years Ago and Got on YouTube and Posted a Video Sandblasting This Pretty Little Kids As I Was Watching I Thought No Question Somebody's Again Be Believers in the Future, and an Embarrassed of What They Did in Their Foolishness. That Being Said Too Much Is Given Much Is Required and an There Will Be Things Required of Me, Recorded John MacArthur Because the Platforms We Have and and Because Were Teachers in the Bodies Part of Her Calling. Also, This 20 Flake of Ugly, Flaky, Despicable Things in the Charismatic Movement That Must Be Addressed That I Sought to Address Those Who Sought to Address and If You Look at the Worst, and Think That That's the Whole Then You Can Come to These Wrong Conclusion Say Thank You for the Call.

If Your Tender Heart 866-34-TRUTH We Go to Jim in Reno, Nevada.

Welcome to the Line of Fire around a Couple Quick Question for You. The First Question 3839 or You Believe That Will Take Place before the Tribulation and Will That Be the Catalyst for Israel Reclaiming the Temple Mount in Rebuilding the Temple.

In My Second Question Is That Your 39 Birthday Goggle Rain Fire Remotes Would Go Carol. Clearly, I'll Could That Be a Reference to the United States and at the Request of the You're Very Welcome My My Understanding of Ezekiel 38 Words Gold in the Gold Even Though Revelation 20 Speaks of It As after the Millennial Kingdom. So after Messiah's Thousand Year Rule and Reign on the Earth Which I Take to Be Physical and Literal Reign on Pre-Millennial II Believe That's Just Revelation, Using Old Testament Imagery Not Chronology, so I See This Is Prior to the Return of Jesus As You Do. But to Me, Something That Would Be Part and Parcel of Final Tribulation and Then God Fighting for His People and Delivering Them so I Wouldn't See It As Quote Pre-Tribulation, but Part of the Final Tribulation. Zechariah 12 Zechariah 14 All the Nations Coming up against Jerusalem and Judah God Fighting for Them.

Part of That Larger Picture. As Far As Is Equal to 96 a Coastlands Not America Would Not Qualify As Is That You Become a Outline Islands or You'd Be Taught You Not Whole Continents like This, or Those Dwelling on the Coastlands of of the Land of Israel or or Other Neighboring Areas to Know What I Would See That As a Specifically Relating to American Idol Hey Jim, Thank You for the Questions Which Appreciated 866-34-TRUTH.

Let's Go to Sean in League City, Texas. Welcome to the Line of Fire around. I Don't Think Doing Well.


Good, Good, Quick Question on Second Peter Chapter 1 Verse 10 the Last Word in That Verses Humble Know When I've Looked at Stumble and I'm Not Going to Anything I've Just Always Had the Back of My Head When I Look at the One I Look up in the Greek and Haired Greek Lexicon Has and I Am I Don't Really Understand. I Understand How to Navigate a Little Bit through Lexicon or Stronger, Whatever, but It G 4417 and in That Word One Is Referring to That It to Fall into Misery Becoming Wretched Because of the Loss of Salvation and and Would Not Be a That Would Think That There's Another. Apparently, Another Greek Word That Tied to It Is Another Jesus That Something Right Next to It Is That How I Relate How to Look at That Right so so That the the One Say or Saying Not Losing Your Salvation That Is Interpretation That He's Then Giving He's Explaining the Verse in Context, It Is the Greek Is Just Literally Took to Fall to to Fail to Fall Fall Short Stumble in That Sense, so It's It's Either There One of Two Ways to Read and in Your Noggin Decided to Spaced on the Greek Year Okay Anymore Than You Could Just Based on the English Word Stumble Okay There One of 2 Way St.

One is that you will stumble in this world and the words in your walk with God that that will stumble and fall. You're still safe you're still a believer but you can stumble you to go through difficult times. I have ups and downs and failings on your way to to being with God for eternity. The other way to read it is that that you actually lose sight of your salvation that you lose sight of the God that you're serving and that you will not reach the answer is verse 11. For in this way will be richly provided through an entrance into the eternal kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. So we know later in second Peter two that that it does seem to be taught plainly that is possible for someone to start walking with the Lord and then willfully turn away or through neglect. You end up turning away from the Lord and forfeiting your salvation so that is certainly possible, instantly possible based on of the Scripture to forfeit your salvation and say, or could be giving the right interpretation here. However however it is not licit necessitated by the Greek degree can simply mean stumble and fall on your way to being with God forever, or can stumble and fall, and you never make it to be God forever week alone determine the context of their and then larger biblical theology. Thanks for the question. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown and friends to the line of fire. You've got questions, we've got answers and we head to the phones starting in Pittsburgh with Erin. Welcome to the line of fire. Hi Dr. Brown I was having trouble understanding the package in Isaiah 38 it talks about you Hezekiah sickness and how your God tells them one thing and then later comes back to the same profit and tells them something else like how can you trust anything in prophecy what's going on.

Apparently going on here.


First you have the principal in Jeremiah 18 God lays out that whatever he says is going to bless the nation of that nation turns in sins instead of blessing you bring judgment or, conversely, whenever he says is going to bring judgment and that nation repents just like Syria and Nineveh, with Jones preaching that instead of bringing judgment who bring blessing, so he lays that out and it's the normal saying when you get a death sentence.

When you get a negative word that you appeal that you go to God. Perhaps if I repent perhaps if I intercede, perhaps something can can change if if someone came and they had a proven prophetic ministry over years and they came and said so and so and your family is going to die in six months. I would immediately go to God.

God, if I was convinced it was true.

Can I change this. Is there any is there any option is, is there any I would that be the immediate saying and that's what Hezekiah did. He praising God gives him 15 more years, so God's also looking for a response that just like what is Jonah preach in Hebron just five words old are by emu own community that pocket yet 40 days and Nineveh will be destroyed and they go to repentance. God has mercy so he's revealed that in his nature about himself and therefore if it same way if someone says the Lord has shown me that in six months time. He's going to raise you up and give you a voice to speak to all of the nation and you think cool great just going to get drunk and high.

Until then, you may never speak to the nation again so it every prophecy and less were told otherwise is potentially conditional and therefore some of it depends on how we respond and there are times when there's a negative verdict like Nathan telling David and second Samuel 12 that the sun that he conceived in adultery with with, but she was gonna die and he praising praise and that child dies can't reverse Moses is told certain things from God and is able to intercede to hold back the wrath for a while but then it comes so that's just the nature prophecy there still interaction with it and and we serve the living God. That should encourage us. I hope in the process that me and then you everybody on earth had a change of heart or something that you your revelation or something could be staved off her out of that work. Things could definitely be delayed or hastened second Peter three urges us to live godly lives holy lives so that we can hasten his return. Isaiah 60 there's a promise from the Lord on the of the knobby talking Shanna I am the Lord. I will hasten things in their tunnel.

Hasten it in its time. Literally, there are other passages like Zechariah 10. One asked the Lord for rain in the time spring rain, Jacob, James IV chapter you don't have because you don't ask.

So for sure certain things can be slow down certain things can be sped up.

I live every day of my life seeking to live a certain way to hasten the second coming to my own obedience, outreach and prayer with the hope of hastening things look even even Daniel prayer give you one other example in the ninth chapter he sees from the book of Jeremiah that there'd be 70 years of exile, so he begins to pray, realizing it's it's about time for the restoration of the captives but hang on. He was one of the ones that went to captivity 11 years earlier. He was in the earlier wave so the destruction of the Temple and the other excellent electrical doesn't happen until 586 BC and he's praying he spring basin is Alexa.

It could well be that that's what caused the release to come earlier because of the godly prayers of a godly man, otherwise it would've happened on a slightly different schedule. So yes there there are ultimate final things, there will be a second coming. There will be the final resurrection of the righteous and the unrighteous.

There will be God's eternal kingdom. There are things that he has spoken that he will bring to pass, but in what timing. Yes, a lot of that is in cooperation with us absolutely about that more than yeah you bet and end go back and listen to the broadcast and go through the examples I gave studied them out, but strong. Jeremiah 18 that's that's we will start each

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