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Did Hobby Lobby Go Too Far in their July 4th Ad?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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July 6, 2021 4:30 pm

Did Hobby Lobby Go Too Far in their July 4th Ad?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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July 6, 2021 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 07/06/21.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network suited Hobby lobby go too far with their July 4 and stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown was America ever truly a Christian nation. It is America a Christian nation, should we be striving to make America a Christian nation to make of the Hobby lobby add on July 4 with quotes from our founders quotes from Supreme Court justices.

Speaking of the Christian roots of our nation.

Speaking of the supremacy of the biblical faith. Speaking of the importance of elected officials to be God-fearing, and to be Christian to Hobby lobby go too far. Looking to the broadcast. A friends Michael Brown here 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 when we got a bunch of things were going to cover today while talk about more examples of a very dangerous trajectory, we warned about four years or tell you briefly what I love best about America. Some drawing news from Nigeria a whole bunch of things will be covering and your calls, 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 784 now phone lines are open if you want to talk about anything on your mind. I may take some calls on random subjects. Later in the show but right now my question for you in your mind was America ever a Christian nation, to what extent do we have biblical roots, Judeo-Christian foundations, to what extent is the blessing that's been our nation a direct result of America being founded as a godly nation 20 extension would be striving to make America a Christian nation, or is that misguided, is that a wrong approach to things and does America have a special covenant with God or does God have a special covenant with America. We think 866-3487 84 okay June. In case you missed it was Gay pride month and although there are all kinds of special days for commemoration and celebration through the year, June the month of the Stonewall riots in New York City. June is Gay pride month. Though interestingly all eight years of the Obama presidency that was celebrated by the White House, the Trump presidency. These the first two years or three it was not celebrated which was significant statement being made to say when I focusing on this activism, we welcome every citizen in America but not focusing on this activism so anyway everywhere I turn on Internet everywhere I looked there was something every day pride. This pride that gave her okay so now it's July 4 and Hobby lobby's give us another message as they do at times like this special holiday snow, Easter, Christmas the post faith-based ads. There are known for their Christian convictions and seeking to operate based on those Christian convictions so they put out a July 4 at and there has been quite a reaction against it. It is reaction justified, or the courts accurate. So I wrote an article about that and I know I want to scroll through. So this article with you and it asked the question did Hobby lobby go full dominion is him so what was dominion is a mean it's normally used by critics. There are Christians, though he used the term as well, but the concept is that we are supposed to take over society, not by force but that we are supposed to take over.

This is the dominion is viewed that the great commission is not just to win people to Jesus but to disciple whole nations and ultimately this is not another step beyond that ultimately to bring everything in society, government, media, education everything under the domain of the gospel so that Christians have dominion over the earth. It would be said that that was the commission in Genesis 1 to Adam and Eve to take dominion over everything else in creation now as Christians we are to take dominion through the gospel of the world. So that's different than saying we should make an impact in every area that's different from saying we should seek to infiltrate every area of society with the gospel with the good news with truth.

That's different than saying we should advocate for our views in the voter box. Note this is saying that we should actually take over or advocating a theocracy advocating that Christians or ministers. Christian leaders should rule the nation and that biblical value should be imposed on the nation, so there should be mandatory Sabbath laws were super penalties there should be severe penalties from the government for committing adultery. The and and on and on. Of this, we call this the autonomy you take God's laws from the Old Testament and now seek to apply them across the board.

Whenever possible, to today's society. So, as is our Hobby lobby did so with let's look at some of the reaction to the ad then look at the actual answer some some responses headline on the popular gay atheist blog site. Joe, my God said this Hobby lobby goes full dominion asked in July 4 at South that was their headlight now Joe, my guards attacked me many time over the years of not expecting him to give a nuanced response to the ad but no surprise that was his take a viral tweet claim.

This Hobby lobby took out a full-page ad in the register guard this morning at its many of the places talk about how America should only be led by Christians absolutely frightening so they had said this in a minute. America should only be led by Christians fight undergoes more the article… Stop her second and asked this question what you think you think that atheists should be governors, presidents, do you think that Hindus, Muslims should be senators, leaders of our nation.

Do you think that God markers should sit the Supreme Court do you think that someone is a Mormon or Jehovah's Witness allowance and called. They should be our our president or is there no religious test, you might say why want someone who's God-fearing and holds to biblical values because I believe that person theoretically could do the best job governing but certain that a litmus test. Okay, back to some of the responses to the article, another tweet alleged full-page of dominion asked propaganda in this morning's Boston Globe courtesy of Hobby lobby and then remind the separation of church and state.

Dominion asked propaganda saying it's a full-page another tweet stated Hobby lobby faces faces backlash for July 4. There claiming only Christians belong in America, so it's not that only Christians should lead America, but that only Christians belong in America is there any way under the sun Hobby lobby set up. Obviously not. But what's provoking all of this. Another tweet and there are more cited by Joe my God claim. Hobby lobby's owners should look at the U.S. Constitution. There is no litmus test for religion to hold public office, and there is surely no mandate for theocracy. Also they might want to review the 10 Commandments since their father stealing artifacts from other countries so obviously an attack on Hobby lobby's ethics in the which is the left leaning fact checker websites.

You often have to check Snopes they they devoted page to examine whether it was true that quote on Independence Day 2021 Hobby lobby craft stores placed an ad in several newspapers that read one nation under God.

The verdict was yes it's true. Yes, it was strongest takes faculty of no controversy about that, and no big deal. What's the big deal about saying that that the goal is or that we call ourselves one nation under God. What's wrong with that and Snopes Snopes actually covered things fairly in terms of what was actually said and not said or did so let let's break down what he actually says right of an article posted on the center website is Dr. if you want to read more limited we go through this so it is Hobby lobby guilty preaching dominion is that it is Hobby lobby guilty of suggesting only Christians run for office within America should be led or populated only by Christians. So, Hobby lobby has as a link to the mom will go to that link in a moment, but it's it starts off in fact will will go to the link for those that are watching. It starts off in the ad it says one nation under God. There's a flag and says one nation under God. Okay, that is what we say the pledge correct and that knowing God we trust. It's been our coins for what 70 years something like that of certain your founders would've accepted this concept and then the quote Psalm 3312 Blessed is the nation's God is the Lord butts out works. Sounds good to me sounds very good to me. Blessed is the nation's God is the Lord. Simply saying that if we follow the true God. If we follow the true Lord and will be blessed if he's our God will be blessed. That's their viewpoint. I agree with that whole wholeheartedly absolutely every fiber of my being. I believe that to the extent a nation turns to the one true God. That nation will be blessed by the one true God then is a bunch of quotes from presidents, founding fathers, Supreme Court justices, Congress and Supreme Court rulings also is education quotes and some foreign opinion Alexis de Tocqueville from France in 1700s, etc. right so back to my article. I select some of the quotes and a look at them sold at sea. John Adams, John Adams stated that our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other. In other words, the Constitution, like ours in the presuppositions of our nation require a moral and religious people.

There is a certain responsibility that comes with this form of government and if were not moral and religious.

The whole thing will collapse. Jedediah Morris, who is listed as a founding father would not be known, and that leaving way. In that regard. He he gave this opinion. Whatever the pillars of Christianity shall be overthrown or present Republican forms of government, all the blessings which flow from them must fall with them again.

These are true convictions that many of hell to through the centuries.

The ad also quoted Thomas Jefferson's Odyssey not a fundamentalist Christian in any regard at and he asked can the liberties of a nation be secure and we have removed the conviction that these liberties are the gift of God. There's even a quote from from Benjamin Franklin was not a Christian, appointed to the deity's providential care over the world so all these quotes thus far.

Do not say that America should only be led by Christians will be populated by Christians were the quotes that led some people to make these accusations look we come back and put your take was America ever Christian nation should our goal be to make it a Christian nation so was actually me on file.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown lines are open 866. By the way we live really neat, Bible-based broadcast tomorrow think you really can enjoy that we take a bunch of calls as well and then Thursday. We've got some exciting news of major outreach development for ministry in Israel and share that with human bunch of important things to catch up with with worldwide anti-Semitism in Friday you get questions we've got answers to godliness or schedule the rest of the week before we go to your calls. Let me go back to the Hobby lobby at the article that I wrote about this July 4.

I really appreciate what they're doing that. Let's render this since at the outset what we know right now that that our nation is under attack from within that rather than people celebrating July 4. The bemoaning that there saying from day one. America was a racist nation there peddling lies that the whole purpose of the Constitution was to support white supremacy or the whole purpose of America was to support white supremacy.

These are lies. It's one thing to deal with the sin of slavery and and and racial segregation and discrimination in our history and to look at it freely and honestly, and see what we did right and see what we did wrong. It's another thing to liable the founders and libel. The history of the nation and into just repeat the prevalent narrative that's out there these days I'm hearing it more more think the brainwashing is taken affect it just suddenly shifted people's mentality. Critical mass was reached and suddenly shifted people's mentality and I will do my best, God helping in the days ahead to expose how that's been done. So we stand for justice stand for reconciliation. We stand for what's right and we oppose lies at the same time. So, Hobby lobby is also pushing back against that and and against the false narrative of our origins and suggest we have much to celebrate. And yes, we have much that's Christian en route in in in our roots or 00 TS so all the other quotes I mentioned in the Hobby lobby. Add Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin neither of whom were were fundamentalist Christians until Christians or Christians at all other points quotes point to the supremacy of the Scriptures like this one for the first Chief Justice John J who wrote quote the Bible is the best of all books is the word of God and teaches us the way to be happy in this world and in the next now.

There also quotes that affirm that America was founded as a Christian nation, the Christians were best suited to lead the nation and that the Christian faith lay at the root of our legal system so John Quincy Adams said, is it not that the Declaration of Independence first organize the social compact on the foundation of the Redeemer's mission upon the earth. James Madison argued that a nonbeliever was not fit for leadership stating quote before any man can be considered as a member of civil society, he must be considered.

The subject of the governor of the universe. John J also Sukkot Providence which is the way God would be spoken of in very general philosophical terms. Providence is given to our people the choice of the ruler and it is the duty as well as the privilege and interest of our Christian nation to select and prefer Christians for their rulers process. The strongest quote in the Hobby lobby and that would say the Christian should lead us and getting the reaction they got from others was like that again. Providence is given number is the first Chief Justice, this is early American history promises given to our people the choice of the ruler and it is the duty as well as the privilege and interest of our Christian nation to select and prefer Christians for their rulers. So in response to that, the freedom from religion foundation read by former evangelical now staunch atheist Dan Barker, one of the people I debated in the first eight episodes of that's debatable. Which just aired the first show last week on the new awakening TV network.

That's a WK and G going to find out more go to my Instagram that's debatable account. This will more that's debatable on Instagram, but freedom from religion foundation put out an ad or its on their website, they posted a rebuttal to the quotes and it was titled in Hobby lobby.

We don't trust so it says do these quotes prove we are Christian nation click them to finance a let's say the very first one quote from George Washington Pres. Washington you quote on that and then it comes up that similar set on the right side verdict deliberately altered, not Washington's personal views and goes through the whole quote and it's it's got in red. You know what there'd sit there look at this trip to see the whole thing is a commentary on it, etc. so here's the full quote that they supply awareness is the duty of all nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey his will be grateful for his benefits, and humbly to implore his protection and favor wears both houses of Congress have, by their joint committee requested me to recommend to the people of United States a day of public thanksgiving and prayer to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many signal favors of Almighty God, especially by affording them an opportunity peaceably to establish a form of government for their safety and happiness. And they say well you know Washington there was to be other views.

It was Millie's own view, it's deliberately altered bottom-line bottom-line when you step back from this. I just legal.

What Washington is quoted as saying the abbreviated form of that by Hobby lobby versus the full quote that the effect is the same effect is the same but Hobby lobby the streets quote and I have the links in my article she can look at the ad in the you can look each quote, you can judge for yourself that you know for example they talk about Harvard and and the aim of every student should be the knowledge of Jesus. And so my heart was founded in 1636 or something like that and for the glory of Christ, and so on.

And this was irrelevant because it is not irrelevant to say that's how Christian America was out of the first 200 colleges and universities founded in America well over 90% probably 95% were founded by Christians for Christian purposes and some of them found initially as seminaries for the training people in ministry and then they expanded like a Harvard.

That's where would start and then they expanded to civil week. We want to just raise a people solid Christians for every area of society. This is quite relevant. So here's what Hobby lobby got right in my view, they reminded us of the degree to which many of our founders and first presidents and leaders looked to God and recognized that America was raised up by God's grace and that to the extent we honor him and follow biblical principles to that extent we be blessed. Many of the founders believe that many of our early leaders, legislators believe that when you look at correspondence among the founders and and those laying out the direction of our nation and you look at documents that are quoted you have certain law books that the quote is extensive and other things but the one thing that quoting Scripture so this was their minds even if they were not all religious men in the way we think of it today. So, Hobby lobby did well to remind us of that.

They did well to remind us how Christian based our education system was and remember this is before America was a pluralistic society mean Catholicism was very small. At that time Jewish population tiny Muslim population hardly two dimensional think of right I mean this is overwhelmingly either Christian or secular, so that this was the religion they thought of this was their world and and through much of the 1800s them in their spiritual backsliding absolutely and and going away from these roots. Of course, and we are flawed from day one block is the human beings involved in the colonies. To the extent that they thought that sought to be theocracies there. It would be like many theocracies, they were flawed in that I fully understand. We never fully been a Christian nation, and obviously we look at our treatment of Native Americans in the treatment of Africans and obviously we were never a fully Christian nation, but there is much in our background and our roots that is biblical and to the extent we recover that that's what my hope of saving a sick America was about, not a theocracy. I wholeheartedly oppose a theocracy.

I wholeheartedly oppose dominion is but to the extent that we recover by our own choice and will buy more and more people in the nation.

Turning back to God and to build the closing to the if the extent the church lives this out, to that extent, that extent will be blessed to the extent we turn away we won't not destroy nation but any nation that being said I believe was unwise for Hobby lobby to have quotes suggesting that only Christians should lead the nation or only Christians are best suited to lead the nation, even if that's their own viewpoint is going to be so easily misunderstood. It is going to sound as if they're saying if if we have the power to implement. This is what many in here then we will only allow Christians to run for office. If that's that's what's basically being said and and that's that's what at least people are hearing is being said and that to me now tears away from the value of the soul. If I had been asked which I wasn't and I don't know anyone Hobby lobby.

But if I had been asked I would say we got bunches of other great quotes. I got tons of them, and he would study the origins of our nation. Early education or whatever got tons about many many others. We can supply use those and take out those few quotes which have so ignited a firestorm and now we have to undo the damage you say.

Well, they would've been blessed anywhere on God be blasted for the good stuff will be blasted for the stuff that can be misunderstood over the stuff that spoke of a certain context, even when John Jay said what he said about Christian leaders. So it's basically Christian or nonbelieving or Christian, and may be God mocking the singlehood we want to lead our nation someone that leans on God and looks to God and believes in God and holds to biblical values to some of the cast all the cell obviously we'd say the former versus the latter is a waste raised especially in a pluralistic society that can lead to misunderstanding. So I appreciate the intent of the act. I appreciate their unashamed Christian values. I honor them for that and I wish they left. A few the quotes out that get a backlash and further accusations of unionism and so on that one thing because we come back here on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown has friends for joining us on the line of fire reflections on America's America ever a Christian nation, talk about, so they been warned about for years, but underscoring it preprepared to be charged right that this is why we been sounding the alarm for years before before we go to the phones.

I wrote an article for July 4 entitled what I love best about America.

What I love best about America is posted on stream and I start the article by explaining look I know about America since all right I've I've written a whole box about America sent some repentance preacher REM revivalist at heart, calling us to repent and turn to God for forgiveness and for mercy sought. I understand that I sin the blood on our hands through divorce. I understand so many issues in terms of our sin today in arson yesterday the same time you compare American donations.

America's amazing country so because I been outside of the US over hundred 75 times in the overseas hundred 50 times. Maybe my overseas trips. The shortest two days but it is as long as a month so I've spent a few years of my life out of the country and in that regard of I've learned to appreciate the beauty of other cultures at one time in our ministry school. We had students from 34 nations to working with and getting to know them.

We are missionaries around the world.

Look at your friends, working of the country so I've learned to appreciate the beauty for the cultures of learned to appreciate different sounds and smells and tastes and and ways of looking at the world.

All these things like appreciate of come back to America. Sometimes some of the countries feel even worse about America after being brought I know how we have exported some of the worst of our culture around the world and I know the amazing good with that incredible could be done.

The good we've done that has has helped the world in many many ways and what I like best about America. What I really appreciate best about our nation is the can-do mentality.

The anything is possible mentality.

The mentality that anyone starting anywhere can potentially get anywhere and obviously most people don't live that out on that level.

They don't start from absolute security and end up worldwide known and famous, but so many live that out on some of them.

People come from around the world because of all the opportunities but it's not just the opportunities in America is a land of incredible opportunities is why people flood here still from around the world. There are far more flooding and then flooding out the understand there is good reason for such as the opportunities this a mindset that we grow up with it. We don't often recognize years ago I was talking to a colleague of mine his daughter was married to a Russian man. They were both Jewish believers in Jesus, and she had left him and you married with kids she had left him and I was asking that the father that the dog's father had known for years. I sit it is he pursuing heresy is he doing what he can to reconcile fighting for the marriage because it is not that mentality. He doesn't have an American can-do mentality that does mean that everyone in America hasn't no one in Russia has it, but there is our makeup, our liberties or freedoms that the the vastness of the country. The sum of the biblical thinking that's that that winter founding it leads into this. Anything is possible mentality and that's something that we often don't appreciate here in America we often don't get so I appreciated and I was part of my psyche, obviously first and foremost as a believer with God all things are possible. But don't take that for granted while while we bemoan the sins of our nation and and pray for God's mercy. At the same time. That's appreciate the good. Let's be grateful for, especially those who sacrificed for our good. All right, 866-34-TRUTH. By the way John Cordero posting all these falsehoods about the deity of Jesus denying it because shall call shall, because every word.

Your posting is false or every word is is off topic; or but just as I lifted on Facebook what your posting is false and every word of what I said scripturally back so feel free to call close on Thursday call Sean Friday cultural tomorrow and and and you show one false word that I ordered about the deity of the Messiah, scripturally right just prepare better be ready because I will bless your error out of the water with the truth of Scripture.

Fair enough, fair enough.

All right to the phones.

Let's go to Patrick in Pennsylvania.

Welcome to the line of fire.

Hi Dr. Brown. God bless wanted to. First by a court would, but also are you really surprised that they would bring a community or other ideas because of who they are. Looking at God, every negative point of view would be salt and light, but luckily we should heart truth or should sugarcoat this week.

Would love but they have to understand, there is no way that there's any compulsion of any type become a Christian, you can be cool to be a Christian and no shape of the all have to be broken before God, humbly unrepentant, who is your hundred percent right.

So of course I do with the receipt he just said in terms of the gospel. So let let me. Is this just to understand theologically, do you think that let's just say we had a strong majority of Christians, to government, to the point that we control strongly control the White House, both houses of Congress and the Supreme Court should we then basically impose not minimum it has become a Christian now silicate the whole nation has to operate by all these biblical principles. We are now going to enforce this on the entire nation so you can have a secular school. For example, it must be Bible based would would you feel that that's right or wrong and utterly wrong. Okay yeah so that that would be an extreme view of dominion is him and I would not associate that with Hobby lobby. I've never known them to have that position on those that have a stated theological position in that regard, it's when you have quotes saying that only Christians should lead the nation that people give up come to wrong conclusion. That's was that I would've rather they let those out go happily, yell yell at one point early, that would argue cannot be a prank. You know when what you are Christian, I fully understand many of the early leaders held that viewpoint because in their view, it was either that or being godless right you are God fearing God honoring I'm saying it's unwise to have those quotes today in a pluralistic society when that ends up get what's picked on and the rest of the.

The impact of the ad gets diminished so that I can understand that time when you look at what they their approach toward God in the world. Credible yet incredibly hostile. Yeah so that the casing is yeah and and they're pushing back against that which I really appreciate the me ask you this, Patrick. Do you think it would be wise today. Let's say I'm on the platform God's given me for me to say publicly hay in my view, the only people that we should elect into public office or born again followers of Jesus that it's not my view, by the way, but if that was my view. Do you think that would be wise to air know I regularly alienate quite a few people trying to get a dog right will not associate running an office just just unsure of the radio show. Just my perspective and try to advance the gospel in Trenton spread the knowledge of the land hired one of you yeah this is all there is. This should be a dialogue that we should be able to bring for any Woodford confrontation at its own feet speaking like that, that the truth that I did that ice is not truth is that only Christians should run for office. I don't believe that's true or that only Christians should be able to be the nation were pluralistic society and of someone I feel has right ethics that would be a good leader in a particular way could you really just you could just be more secular person but has strong morals and then then I would either evaluate everything in voting so that's that's right differ with that part of the ad. Both the sentiment of it and putting it out and that's what's got a lot of the backlash but all the other points you weren't were Harvey Patrick a thank you thank you for the call list continue to push back to the gospel against this hostile culture. Let's go to Thomas and Stanley, North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire hundred Dr. Brown very extremely knowledgeable, extremely younger group. Group very well and what topic at bring up about Scripture you have a very good knowledge base and really cute really good. Okay, about what will hundred of the work and bring your thinking you believe that ordination was minibar with an way or the other with the Lord God Almighty in my boat and the kind of thing wanted and however of the common what you just thing which you want to all would want to be Christian are yeah it's it's I'm just jumping just jump in interest. We have break.

Obviously, if we have a God-fearing Jesus loving moral person capable being goodly, that's great. This wonderful but we are pluralistic society and to whatever degree we have biblical roots. We been pluralistic from day one on a certain level. If you have a country with biblical roots. It will have room for all different people's despair with you in the process.

I will it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown and friends for joining us on the line of fire. 884 there is a reason friends that since 2004 I have been sounding the alarm about the direction of LGBT Q plus activist you say will Mike why do you refer to is LGBT Q plus etc. are you playing into the whole terminology on doing that to talk about the trajectory to say hey. People say liquid just fighting for equality, tolerance, freedom. We want our relationships to be recognized the same as yours one raise her friends. Sims was understand the sentiments and stand difficulties and challenges that many of live through maybe listen to me now side and asked have same-sex attraction. I did asked her like I was trapped in the wrong body you will know what I've suffer the views that know I don't know and and I hate the fact you suffered. I'm simply saying that we don't redefine reality and change your whole society based on someone sexual attractions or gender identity confusion that there's a better way that God has been away so I wrote this article if you got kids around. This is not the most kid friendly segment okay just to give you a heads up as I often meet families and the kids can recite the phone number and they can give me the introduction they repeated back to because a listen with the parents of maybe just the time for the kiddies is a little different, so my latest article. This is the dangerous LGBT Q plus trajectory that we've been warning about.

So I recently explained that as much as I'm sympathetic to the goals of gay Americans who feel they're simply fighting for equality and freedom I can support those goals for two reasons. One is biblical so same-sex relationships and this gender variations. Finally, God's best plan for humanity and the second is social. We look at the trajectory of LGBT Q plus activism. We see it ends up going every dangerous and destructive direction so recently a man who identifies as a woman went to respond in the presence of women and children steam room wherever roots exposed himself okay in the presence of women and children when there is pretty approach of people upset about what just happened. It seemed the person works. It is possible we can't discriminate based on whatever that's debate about what was actually up and said now to protests.

They've even gotten violent for the spot and against the guy exposing himself and NT forgets involved course on the wrong side of this utterance of being violent. So it it's it's true that many in the gay and lesbian community are appalled that this Tammy Bruce on Fox news herself lesbian said that this is troubling to many of her transgender friends. She said I perhaps more transgender friends and some of the people watch the program. There also appalled, etc. so I understand this. The trajectory is not that it ever respond the nation mentor to go in posing as women to expose themselves. It's happened jokes like this happen. Similar things in the past in other settings but that's that's not the trajectory that I'm shouting about is this a check out this headline from the daily mail again that the most kid friendly headline. Are you ready to read it verbatim violent clashes break out in LA between rival protesters after viral video showed customer complaining about Shands transgender woman exposing their penis to children and upmarket spas, steam room, Hannah woman, exposing their penis and presence of girls but have. How about that sense the insanity. This is another way were talking a woman exposes her mail Oregon women do not have those organs. Men do. Men, males, biological males as part of the public, someone intersects with with ambiguous genitalia or something like that are diligent and what were talking about a biological man who identifies as a woman exposing himself. This is criminal behavior. This is criminal behavior. Now were told.

It's a woman exposing herpes is not high on matters. There is transgender yet to refer to this way and in a gender-neutral way. This is the madness.

This is absolutely societal madness. This is the direction we been going.

This is the trajectory.

This is why we have to raise our voices the way that we do to shout turnaround turnaround you want to help people confuse the kids were struggling this a better way. Let's work to help them from the inside out. Let's put our efforts into finding out why people have these disorders and why people have these abnormalities list our best to help them with a gay couple one if to matter to anyone a look at is their business and they can if they are able to bring a child into the world of chance that that's their private business. But here's what we stand against the redefinition of marriage, and here's what we stand for kid having a mom and a dad all right. Speaking of child abuse about this Mary Margaret Aland and daily caller than the stream posted an article titled, you should be in prison quotes creek slam Washington Post article encouraging kink culture children so she explains Washington Post op-ed published Tuesday, June 29 celebrates and encourages exposing children to kink culture such as explicit performances pride parades. Yes, kink belongs at pride reads the headline of writer Lauren Wallace Tuesday Washington Post. Please, I want my kids to see it is furlough all hung tells us that she is quote a gender vague person who is married to a transgender woman role described how the couple attended a pride parade with her children were confused to see a few dozen kink stirs who danced down the street laughing together as they twirled their whips and batons saluting companions by leashes below 100 kids to see this.

Hey kids, these are my words. Check out the BDSM practices enjoyed by some of our community since her words. Children who witness kink culture or reassured that alternative experiences of sexuality and expression are valid. The matter who they become as they mature, helping them recognize that their personal experiences are bad or wrong and that they aren't alone in their experiences. This this is parental child abuse is what it is that's what Ben Shapiro tweeted in the same society child protective services would already be on the way and remember friends. This is not published in advocate new flagship gay publication of village voice radical left gay publication used silicates already publication.

This was in the Washington Post. This is the trajectory. This is the normalization of the perverse essay, but most people are community gay community don't like that stuff that's not the issue. The issue is look at where it goes.

Once you normalize same-sex relationship. Once you normalize transgender identity there.

There is even a book coming out called trans by Helen Joyce. She's the senior writer the economist's get a PhD in mathematics. The book is endorsed by atheist Richard Dawkins. The book is endorsed by gay activists in its warning about the rewriting of reality based on trans identity.

So friends we been warning about the trajectory for a reason eroded articles 5 years ago. Gay activists are coming for your children, not meaning to try to sleep with your children but mainly they're trying to indoctrinate your children, now a major headline is reporting that that the full of gay characters. The flood of gay characters in our children's programming is not just some haphazard thing but activists working together with my debit is no mystery there is that this is all I can do discovery. So while we pray for those who struggle same-sex attraction and those struggles can identity to find wholeness and to find a better way and God.

We will categorically stand against the activism in Jesus name we will do it together together friends will make a difference.

Okay MyCommands here. I want to step back completely change your steak it. Take a deep breath completely changed years with her dear friends serve sacrificially as a missionary in Nigeria.

She works with the poorest of the poor to educate little children help the teachers goes into Islamic areas. This essay we can have a Christian school, here's the best education is what your kids to get in the the Muslim parents and I mean she is fearless for Jesus serving sacrificially and she sent me to recent headline so I'm totally changing gears but I don't want to stay.

I don't want us to forget about the plight of believers in other countries and the suffering that's taking place right side notes drawing on the were totally switching gears, but I want to do this right. Headline number one bandits go berserk, kidnap Kaduna students. Terabit MLC Chris is a government official Borno Catholic priest bandits go berserk right next headline she sends me 1065 students kidnapped six killed, 273 held in seven months. These are largely kidnapped by Islamic terrorists.

These are largely Christians, although others are victims as well.

This is this is happening in Nigeria 1065, 1065 students kidnapped six killed, 273, held in seven months may God break our hearts with the pain and suffering of his people around the world that we stand together in prayer and may we recognizing their courage in the real life and death situations stand strong and tall for me to leave here in the relativity of American another program powered by the Truth Network

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