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Dr. Brown Answers Your Questions and Takes Your Calls

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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June 25, 2021 4:41 pm

Dr. Brown Answers Your Questions and Takes Your Calls

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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June 25, 2021 4:41 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 06/25/21.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Phone lines are open to questions we've got answers start for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown was the director of the coalition of conscience, the president of fire school of Ministry of the line of fire valves by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH your job is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us friends on the line of fire broadcast. You've got questions, we've got answers phone lines wide open 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and hate a reminder if you don't get my emails a few times we can I really encourage you to sign up. We never know when social media may shut down things that were doing may suppress word that we getting out from her email this this way we can keep you posted. Every week we let you know your latest articles. Her latest videos your latest free resources for special packages available. Here are some things in my heart to share with you BENEFITS by signing up so go to my website as Dr. Brown asked K DR Brown and and then just sign up for the emails.

All right, let's go to the phones we start in Lake L.

So I California David, welcome to the line of fire all sure thing.

I quick question it wanted to get your thoughts on this and Jeremiah I wanted it becoming very important negative budget out my finances until I get your commentary but I want to get your take on Jeremiah 31 verse 22 second part of the work of the Lord. Anything near the woman shall encompass a man said that whatever intimidating others may want to never underestimate people in that dyslexic talking about Jesus in the womb of Mary and that this is actually what initiating the new covenant on so forth. I just want to get your take on yet you know the funny thing David oh when I looked to my screen. It just said Jeremiah and I thought I would ask you about that verse, which is the most obscure verse in the book of Jeremiah. I listed different possibilities in my commentary because it's very difficult to be dogmatic, but I feel quite sure that that is not a prophecy of the virgin birth or description of the virgin birth of it.

It seems to be more of of a prophecy of it in the midst of unfolding judgment and end you have in the book of Isaiah. For example, that a woman will have to lead because there no man to lead or or men will be weak like women you know some of those pictures are or mental cry out like a woman in childbirth. It seems to be the same kind of thing in the word from man.

There is, is a strong man so it seems to be some negative context of of weakness of judgment is the best way to understand and know we can't be dogmatic on it but sit to think that it is a prophecy of the virgin birth, or that the Hebrew verb there means to encompass as as to have in the womb is is a real real stretch. I mean, I don't know that I ever would've thought about it if I waited 100 times. If not for the fact that some have argued for our vendor. Thank you. You are very welcome. All right, 866-34-TRUTH we go to Sean in league city, Texas. Welcome to the line of fire today hey Sean, just wanted to I wanted about my wife and I were talking and and how does a Christian rightly applied. Jeremiah 29, 11 and 12 are even Jeremiah 33 six I you know, I know that he contact the way we typically quoted it at a contact not right but what redemptive purposes connect server.

Can we quote it, or are there principles we can take from it what your take on that right so Jeremiah 21 is commonly 29 space verse 11 and 12 commonly quoted in in prosperity preaching circles and of the gods in a prosperous etc. but then many others say no, no, just says that God has good thoughts, good intentions towards us to give us a future to give us a hold and not to hurt us so what what you want to do is have some type of exegetical principle. How does this apply to Israel had supplied ancient Judah in exile. How can it apply to us today as opposed just pull it out and say what's a good verse.

So I like it. I'll take it. That's a bad one.

I don't like it, I won't take that right. You know I do in the way some Christians read it.

This is how they read the Bible, God says to Israel, I will judge you in my wrath. That's for the Jews, but I will regather you in my mercy. That's the church you know so they just split versus the Odyssey can do that but this is a word of encouragement that God has for his people Israel in exile to his Jewish people saying hey it's not over for you. There's still hope there's still a future and and I have good intentions to bless you and and that certainly does speak of God's heart for all of his people, especially during times of trouble and difficulty that we assist people corporately know that he has a good future plan for us that he has a wonderful destiny.

Plan for us and that he he will meet us and bless us in the midst of difficulties and challenges in this world it it it says in in second Corinthians 1. Paul writing that his many promises God has made. They are yes and amen in the Messiah and the amen they are yes in the side. In the amen is sounded, by us, so that would be one of those to say yes this is true for Israel and God does still have a future promise for his people, but we could make spiritual application have no problem whatsoever taking that and making spiritual application in my own life. But again just have a principal in which you do it and if if this promise held, then how does it all for us. Romans 15 for that whatever was written before him was written to give us hope. So how does that give me hope. How does that encourage me.

How does that reveal the nature of God and and then especially because it's written to the Jewish people in exile as it speak to us in times of seem hopeless and difficult, so I believe God can use that verse to bring comfort and encouragement to us today. Okay Coco yeah I talked to my wife and other prayer ministry were part of the event that basement light. Jeremiah 33 picked out like quality look at this in context, and I looked at it out like why when you just go to like Isaiah 53 and five you not in my life are so so that that's the other question.

If you're taking Jeremiah 33 six is a promise of divine physical healing.

This uneven the original context original context is God bringing the exiles back and restoring with and in using.

On the one hand, the metaphor of sickness and healing for the nation but with and I'm sure there was physical restoration as well. But you can now make it some a leap go through a process it's okay does that reveal the nature of God as healer does that is at yet another reminder of the can the Holy Spirit use that to encourage me so it it has to be one of the dogmatic way that God promised me healing in this verse, but rather another reminder that that God is a healer and a restorer, and certainly the Holy Spirit could then take that for us and apply to your heart and in and out of that, you know benefit, so it's just it's a matter of right application and then recognizing any time the Holy Spirit can speak to us personally through a Scripture but we just I can make a dogmatic teaching out of it. Hey Sean, I I appreciate the call. Thank you all right 866-34-TRUTH let's go to David in Fairfax, Virginia.

Welcome to the line of fire. A dark brown appreciate you having me on the question trying. My question is yellow in the light of one of the article that I read of your years ago regarding whether somebody can portrait build their salvation on how you interpret Ephesians 113 and 14 which some terms of being sealed by the spirit yet right since our inheritance yet right so the question is what does it need to be sealed right doesn't need to be sealed like a bottle was sealed and it can't be opened right you know you get a container of medicine don't use if the seal has been broken re-get a new computer in a box you know if Fox's been opened. Don't don't you know whatever, so that the seal is is that or is it a seal in terms of God's seal on our lives. God stamp on allies that the Holy Spirit is is a stamp on our lives of divine possession and a guarantee of inheritance if if it's the former, it might suggest that once you are sealed you can't be unsealed right, that would argue in favor of perseverance of the saints, you can't lose your salvation if it means God's got stamp God's seal. The say hey I am with you. You are mine and the seal is the Holy Spirit which is the deposit that which is to come will then certainly we could we could walk away from God reject God, in which case we are no longer sealed and no longer have a stamp and degree can be interpreted either way you have to you know it.

It occurs later in Ephesians as well in the in the context of don't grieve the spirit, but he been sealed for the day of redemption of so you have to look at other passages to determine what seal meant in that case you couldn't, in my view make a dogmatic argument just based on that because either view is is equally possible that when the Holy Spirit reside in somebody that you can eventually no longer reside based on that joy that that your interpretation of yes we we can invite the Holy Spirit in and we can reject him.

Jesus does say if you deny me. I'll deny you a Paul reaffirms that writing to Timothy that if we deny him that he'll deny us and we are we are warned for example in Hebrews 10 beginning in verse 26 that if we sin willfully after he received knowledge of the truth so just think you will be can continue to live in sin and continue to do what we want, then the only thing we have to look forward to is his fiery judgment and and you may want to take a look at at Hebrews 1029 in particular because it mentions that we been we been sanctified by the Holy Spirit, and yet we are trampling we are trapped in the son of God underfoot, and always look forward to his fiery judgment. Let me ask you this question. Is it possible to be indwelt by the Holy Spirit and still sin does not does not seem to be a little harder. So of course I agree with you does not seem to be a harder concept to wrap your mind around that we could be indwelt by the Holy Spirit and still sin as opposed to the idea that we could reject the Holy Spirit. I suppose I get I think of it a little bit little bit different term. You know when it comes to rejecting Holy Spirit.

Knowing my you know I won't tell the earth that are the same position and so you not thought thought of unbelievers. Eventually, being the one to rejecting Holy Spirit but not believers. Yeah 1101 using David pray don't take your Holy Spirit from me. In Psalm 61 so slowly let me ask you this, David, with all respect at all. I don't mean to be pushy and asking the answer. This is great. So if you believe in the perseverance and saints. You know you have the Holy Spirit living within you, then you would say that it is completely impossible for salvation and grace are 100% possible for you to backslide salvation. For you respondents of the break and will get the more you call, stay right here for plan and by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown entrance for joining us on modified questions got answers.

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All right, so back to David in Fairfax just really quickly, because only get to other calls. So if if you have the deposit of the spirit in your own life and you the witness of the Holy Spirit you know that you know that you have eternal life that mean that you also know it's impossible for you to backslide because God will preserve you.

In my view, I don't I don't view part of the promise being that I would never backslide that the Holy Spirit would never depart from the argument and pump.

If you want. So is it impossible, it's impossible for you to follow. I know it's impossible for you to be lost. I believe you right so what you do with all the warnings then apply to them because it's impossible for you to fall away, correct. Suppose I don't know yet.

So I I'd encourage you, sir, to to do a fresh read through Hebrews is Hebrews that not there. There many other New Testament books with warnings refuse to Hebrews 3 is for is 10. He was 12. All have very strong warnings to believers about the potential danger of falling away and denying the Lord being lost so it it's just healthy to read and say okay why these here. They have no meaning or relevance of its impossible the Calvinist answers will God uses those to keep us on track, in which case, and you can't be 100% sure because otherwise you just know I know matter what I do. We displease the Lord and I want to do them still in so just to screw to consider 866-34-TRUTH on my and I will hundred percent assurance of salvation's sole grace the Holy Spirit bears witness about heart know that I know that I have eternal life.

It's not based on my performance space. Some of the Lord is done at the same time I know if I idiotically, foolishly, insanely chose to walk away from the Lord. It would be to my examination.

All right 866-34-TRUTH, let's go to fence and rock island Illinois.

Welcome to the line of fire. Quick question level and you know you got what? She had a lot of regular your your day that yield the relations between angels and equipment to my question in Matthew chapter 22 verse 30 and direction will neither marry, yet we will be denied or given in marriage will be looking to fill out if it was in relation WWF angel of the claimant make me think that reading the Scripture that there is no possibility for relation between angels and man because we get to heaven and our new resurrected body when I could write exactly so that that's a standard reason rescinded objection against read in Genesis 6 when speaks of the sons of God and the daughters of men to set the sons of God that just meant that the godly line of Seth and the daughters of men that meant the ungodly line of Cain, etc. of the problem is that it's a real stretch to to read the Hebrew text and to think that that's the concept that was being being put forward there, which is why there's so many ancient traditions widespread in the Jewish and Christian moral that it was referring to fallen Angel so than the obvious question is, since Christians knew Matthew 22 3030 and and maybe Jews had similar traditions, then how did they come up with this idea that some it would it would be that somehow the Angels were able to take on human form.

Angels may be and inhabit human bodies in an and in their fallenness and it doesn't just sit appropriate. So they took for them wives right you know that with this. That's the Hebrew idiom for that.

So that would have to be the answer doesn't mean that that used except that interpretation, but that would have to be the answer that somehow in their in their fault. They were either able to take on human form that the ability to do that or me that this could certainly appear to be like humans and other times they can sit and eat with people you remember when they were discharging Engelman where's your regulatory origin. Genesis 18 that with Abraham you know he wash their feet right when it was actually the Lord but the other two angels he wash their feet date they ate and drank with him so that certainly a bodily form as opposed to the angelic spiritual form.

So maybe they had some ability to do that and you know you can's argue that God stopped at a certain point that that has to be the answer that they were obvious that they were not in their angelic glorified form, but in an earthly form, either by inhabiting human bodies or by taking on human form. Hence able to procreate. That would be the answer to the question you're very welcome 86634 let us go to Genesis in Chicago, Illinois. Welcome to the line of fire wall. Thank you. Genesis okay to cry about her character murder currently calculating. I love these questions. These are wonderful questions. Genesis I believe Samson went to heaven because he prayed a prayer to God. He he repented of his sin. He did foolish things.

He was a very silly man and the choices that he made. But then he asked God to to to back him up to to let him bring judgment on the P the people that hurt him that were wicked people. He was able to to bring judgment on them to see them punished so I believe that that God blessed him at the end of his life. God answered his prayer and that he went to heaven. God is very merciful and if we humble ourselves if if we sell God. I really need you made some big mistakes but please forgive me will do that. As for Moses, so what we have to understand is that just like you hear a story from your mommy and daddy. Maybe they heard it from there mommy and daddy and it gets passed down that the stories about Abraham about Isaac and they were passed down and that's how Moses learned about them exhibit. What about like the creation the creation of the world. Moses wasn't there when God was making the world so God showed him God revealed it. Remember that Moses was with the Lord for 40 days and four nights thinking that just stick your in your room alone for 40 days and 40 nights. And God is talking to you. So God revealed a lot of things to Moses as well. That's how he was able to write the book of Genesis. Okay Paul all right hey listen you call again when ever you like okay all right God bless you now the question is 866-34-TRUTH.

The question is where those Genesis his own questions which should be even more impressive young lady or are you calling to have the fun of calling and asking questions that the families talk about, which is great that the family starting but either way, I love it 866-34-TRUTH and let's go to Edwin in Orlando, Florida. Welcome to the line of fire hydrant Dr. doing well thank you a question and are looking up all that part of your satire order and a lot of Parliament.

My question was basically vomited management Carol's daughter what I was looking up, looking at order they now that" historically accurate because Pharaoh keep their lineage and our family circle nobility, question of the mobile get TO refute the proposers that will argue that pepper and accurately and and now biblical history. Yes, so the first thing is the dissent in Egypt or Israel would not have gone through the daughter in terms of royal descent, but to the father. So an interest in terms of a Pharaoh's lineage that would be through his sons.

It would not be so if you had sons. He may have had several sons several daughters for one of the intent to marry is very common in the ancient world to have these these marriages in Ahab, Jezebel, right, Mary, Mary, Ahab, so she's cease from from tire for the city of Tyre and Indianola, royalty or priestly royalty there so you have these political marriages it happen all the time and there's there's actually nothing unusual about whatsoever. It was commonly done. That was a sinful thing that Solomon did, but this was a way to have political alliances you you you marry into the royal family with one nation and another nation, and their other examples of it in the Bible is also actually nothing unusual about it and nothing that would be impossible in the ancient Egyptian world and and here's the other thing the people writing these passages were that's the world they lived in Edmonton was that they were writing it from America in the year 2021. They were writing in that ancient world and they knew the customs a lot better than a lot of contemporary critics do. So that's when you just really dismiss these types of marriages were common in the ancient world for political purposes. And that's why Solomon married your head wise from from other other royalty or other nations as well. But as for preserving lineage for the daughter intermarry royal figure as a thank you. Fresh fish is the light of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 86. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us on today's podcast. You've got questions, we've got answers 866-34-TRUTH to the phones all I failed to mention this earlier, but picked it up. I know what you were audio only I'm speaking at a conference in Tupelo, Mississippi and broadcasting from the studios of American family radio. The AFA network so we are audio only.

Everyone listening. Everything sounds just the same. If you're watching just remember I'm smiling as I'm talking we go to see Grove, North Carolina Todd, welcome to the line of fire by Dr. Brown.

My question is coming from Revelation chapter 13 verse 17 Babbitt no one will be able to fire sale without the bark or the name of the basil.

The number of his name, don't approve. I heard magic. But they say the word or should not be a bad birthday should be the borrower that is able to be the number of his name, and that that really changes that need a thing to take it from a threefold mortar to just one board about which electrical levels that I get is best way for me to describe if others want to get your take on that. Is it just a reason to to remove the word or if if you just if you have the ability to to check different Bible translations. I remember from previous call that that site is is an issue, but if you're able to to check other Bible translations.

If you see version after version after version after version after version.

All having the word. Or then it's telling you that's a completely legitimate way of reading the Greek if you see 1/2 habit half don't have it that would raise the question but overwhelmingly this is how it's understood. So I would not press that meaning that folks have suggested to you and you know when when someone who is not a Greek scholar tells you where the translation got wrong yours after wonderful. Why did they know it and the translators don't know what you know if if I've never been to see Grove and I'm telling you about the streets of Cedar Grove in the best places to eat and Sen. been there and you tell me I live here, you're wrong then you have a better chance of knowing so is the same with with the translations. That's why you see or there, which is the beast's name or the number of its name so II wouldn't get hung up on that at all. Hey, as always, thanks for your questions.

I appreciate the call 866-34-TRUTH we go to Natalie in Detroit, Michigan. Walking to the line of fire back around and ran out. Hey Angie and Natalie, how are you doing great.

Thank you where I think Bill you actually laughed night where a woman living in a lot technical pain, and he also spoke about being I'm forgetting like that at night and fire something like better. A fire remembering the word that you and wondering if you could maybe explain more.

What that means everything that I've been looking up at like you know the fire rating. You know the half and hereby that could be explained and remember that that woman yes so does the thanks thanks for the questions and glad to have the two of you on together so if someone has a particular spiritual experience of their describing to me what happened and they may be using terms that are not exactly scriptural, or referencing something theologically, that is, is is something I would initially agree with, but the larger point they're making is such a such that one asked me another question that I'm not many times with the car knocking to stop and then pick every little detail what I'm saying, so she may have used the term assert winters running sprints. I was just listening okay what happened to how was the change come the concept of of the baptism of the Spirit and fire in Matthew 311 is to me 11 event that the baptism of the Holy Spirit is a baptism in fire. In Matthew 310 and 12 John the immersive John the Baptist is explaining how every tree that does bear fruit to store the fire and burns so that that the centers of the world will be burned in fire but for the believer. Jesus will baptize us in the Holy Spirit and fire. If you think at Pentecost in acts.

The second chapter when the Holy Spirit was poured out.

There were tongues of fire that sat on each one. Fire is often associated with the glory of God in the Old Testament God appearing in and fire it at Mount Sinai.

The pillar of cloud, the pillar fire with Israel as part of the glory of God. So this image of of the Holy Spirit and fire is something that's common in the Scripture of the glory of God and fire and I understand it speaks of God's purity understand speaks of God's passion. It is a purifying work as well. The baptism in the spirit soul.

Some take the baptism of the Spirit and fire to be two separate things. In Matthew 311.

Since the one time it's mentioned to be baptized in the Holy Spirit far to 12 Jesus as his country fire to the earth, but that seems to be the fire of judgment. The fire purging. Malachi 3 says that he'll come as a refiner's fire and and he will purify the sons of Levi's let's part of what Jesus did, but the baptism of the Spirit and fire to me is when the Holy Spirit comes upon us in power and in the fire of God burns in our hearts and lives to to serve God with greater passion and purity that so I understand that we really appreciate it if they were choking. Yeah and let me just mention one of the think there is a there is a grammatical term called tendinitis. It's a funny sounding word but it's basically putting one concept with two words this and this is one concept so the baptism of the Holy Spirit and fire is one concept going together in that way now. One last thing. Some people in the colloquial way selling through real baptism of fire meaning I was a real hard time I went to real test and and that's that's a whole different thing when at some of the baptism of the Holy Spirit and fire. Matthew 311, but rather bless real fiery baptism. I went through just a colloquial way of saying a fiery trial man. I got thrown in the deep end and that was really rough and use a computer. While much about the that the first Peter one is the trying of our faith as by fire would be a similar concept to this massive baptism of fire. All right, thank you for the call appreciate it. 86634 let's go to Marcello in the Westminster, Maryland welcomes light a fire hello.

Thank you thank you to be able to talk me into I like about your question about spiritual. Do you think that we should speak very true. Barely. The blood believer in the band stick to that person for the rest of her life. Or do you think it is possible that the believer is given a gift temporarily and then can experience different cave throughout their life right as I understand it at any time any believer can be used by the spirit in any way. So in that sense it would be the second thing that you're asking that they did any moment because the Holy Spirit dwells within us. The Holy Spirit can work through us and manifest your particular gift, but it does seem that gifts are given in a in a permanent way so that this is something characteristic in someone's life which would be your first point of the language in first Corinthians 12 where Paul at the end of it, is talking about apostle's prophets, teachers, those with gifts of help those those who administrate those who speak in tongues. Those who interpret it seems that this is something that the person is known for that. This is something that the the person experiences, and in a way that God works through them on a regular basis in my own experience over the decades has been that that's the case that someone seems ever particular gift that they flowing out one of my friends for years so special fruit when he prayed for people who are deaf. We pray for the sicknesses.

He didn't see the same healing and frisk with this 12 mentions gifts of healing plural. Some take it to mean different types of healing gifts were different sicknesses. I know some was with wonderfully accurate gift of prophecy and personal prophecy with their they're not gifted in healing. So at any moment the Holy Spirit could theoretically work through any of us with any manifestation of a gift, but otherwise it does seem that these are things that God gives us Paul references Timothy receiving a specific gift when when the elders laid hands on him, so that seems to be characteristic of his life thereafter.

All right, thank you very much.

You are very welcome 866345 I've had some very unique experiences spiritually where God showed me if I want to use you like this I can liken it. Take time away from other calls not to get into the spirit I had one of the most amazing supernatural experiences you'll ever hear about Rob was asking Doug Trevor use me in this particular way, and it wasn't even a way that I'd wanted to be used or thought of it to summit, came to mind.

Out of the blue. While praying for some folks in Florida and that the 1980s. This hit out of the blue use me in that particular way and then he did and it was maybe the most supernatural story will ever hear about that particular gift being used for that particular grace being expressed and then it disappeared to. Sensibly I can use you like that would never want to the semi calling on your life and it never happened after that. In that way. All right, back to the phones we go to Christie in Indianapolis, Indiana. Welcome to the line of fire. Hey really happening that will listen there.

There is more than one Michael Brown out there. I've learned that my question my heart, permitting many here and I really got married and got gave Gavin shortly after that radical transformation trainee and I'm Carpathian and backpacks. Email going to church and I like I just went for 1400 diving in the Lateran McCracken trend taking garden arm trying my very best to write my children without knowing anything without having an example to be antimatter in our parent and any way to make a long story short, how I have two grown children, now has three rites directed it's the light a fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown we go right back phone so Christie in Indianapolis to go to all the children is using three younger husband that ran with you in the faith.

Yes, go ahead and tell how my two older children have already following after God and at my had been complaining around my children are going to cherish and need you at have a close relationship with God or follow after God or anything else.

My children need both I and arm were unequally yoked in a way out of the Christian how I discontinued it at my thinning example in prayer and whatever them out when like you, I mean how how can I maintain that how when it did division units. It's real challenge and even though you got married outside the living came to say so wasn't a choice made it's a strong warning for those who are in relationship with someone who's not a believer, and you're not married yet. Somebody doesn't share your heart spiritually. It can lead to real real problem so just word of caution to everyone to to make sure your spiritually write the yoke before you do join together but this case which is common.

One family member get saved or one this morning fire for the Lord first.

Don't diminish the influence that you do have. Don't don't think that it's it's less powerful and less important than it is in even though your older children are not walking with the Lord now. You deposited seeds in their hearts they they've heard things for years and years and years and you'll be amazed to see how that influences and impacts them in the years ahead. So the things that you mentioned. Praying for them.

Sitting example speaking the word over them. Those are superpowerful. Just think of all the kids were raised without that influence with with neither parent believing in all and then pray for your husband, pray that your good prayers not prayers like he's this God and you know he's not from God just given such a fresh load for you and make yourself real to him and and and is not.

I've been around church long enough in seeing where there's an unbelieving husband door backslidden and everyone's praying for them and I remember one particular when when he came to the Lord.

It was on fire. It would seem the church at sudsy acting as the ecosystem like a dream like all you gotta be kidding me, but God can do that so it's just it can be discouraging you feel like you got resistance and and house divided, how can it stand that's reality Christie, but don't let that be your bigger focus, but the bigger focus be that you know the Lord that he listens to your prayers that you get to poor truth into your kids implant deep seas within them, so keep doing what you're doing. Keep praying for your husband said that God the example the kids will recognize what you have in your life and see areas where your husband is is lacking and again just as a matter of faith try to put the emphasis on God's promises and in the power of what you are doing as opposed to putting your emphasis on on how difficult it is. It is difficult obviously but I want to encourage that attitude of faith that God's with you and the Holy Spirit living within you is influencing those kids in the words that you're sharing with them are being planted and deposited in such a way that they won't be able to run far from them.

Some of the Lord, bring your whole family to Gloria saving knowledge of Jesus and made me your husband set a godly example, the likes of which have never seen basically. So I thank you Christie for the call. All right let us go to be in New York City walking to the line of fire. Thank you for taking my call, I have a question, and it fell apart two part question, but in Matthew, Jesus says that we can't serve two masters and Menon and Romans six, Paul says that with either slave to sin or slaves to righteousness. Where to three will fit into this. Do we have free will.

If were slave and so what's the difference between freedom and liberty. I noticed negative for question yet so yes we have free will and that we choose our master right we can choose to submit to the Lord. We can choose to submit to sin, and in the flesh and the devil in the world.

So that's the first thing teach is the fact that Jesus is telling us you can't serve two masters that Paulson considers of debts in life to God means that as believers these are choices we can make, which is why, from Genesis to Revelation. The Bible says choose choose choose. There is a second thing, even as slaves we make choices in other words, you may be a slave to sin, but then you say I'm not gonna do this. I know I refuse to do that so we are making choices within slavery to sin and bondage were making choices within our holy slavery to the Lord.

But first we get to choose our master and and second even within that we make choices all the time you look there. There are things vines. I did cross wants I didn't cross allows unsaved and then as extremes of obedience of gone to than others. I haven't as a believer as as to the difference between freedom and liberty. Most of the words, if you're looking at Hebrew or Greek vocabulary that are used for the one can be used for the other and perhaps perhaps it's a subject for another call where you could shall be specific versus with specific words of it because I realize I've done translation sometimes try to think, which is a better word, and to liberate to free freedom and liberation. Often there's a lot of those of overlap between them. So I would want to know specific versus in contexts 22, more stable will will have another discussion on that in the future. All right. And let's if I grab another call or two, let's go to Franco in New York City. Welcome to the line of fire hi how are you doing doing well thank you sir. Well, you can very good academic unit.

Thank you because you have enough left in my life… One. All 20 has been good. Good. Thank you bye-bye back to New York City you and reconnect to protect awesome and awesome praying and praying for the OCD riding my bike all over the place and your amazing and you are a voice of an voice of God in the middle of the creek. I believe it had. Thank you so that I have a couple of things that it did break my heart in the last seven years by the church in his yard to support the Great American political party like like a trump the temporal mother quickly when you see the difference between the people that committed their riots and Gary think of the capital and an ice like you see any clinical paradigms of the erotic life and so but also the first thing is I to my knowledge is much as I have been concerned as a trump folder about trump idolatry about the way that we put our trust in a man the way that we experienced his failings that the degree that we leaned on the arm of flesh, the degree that we became better known as the Trump people than the Jesus people in some ways is much as I raise concerns about that Franco I see the people that storm the capital as of another class. I know many people that were there that day, praying, worshiping, leaving the election had been stolen and praying for Congress or VP Pentz to do with the thought was right, but they were mortified. Every leader that I spoke to everyone that I knew was there was absolutely mortified by what happened with the storming of the capital, and even the people that way then you know when the queue went on people and praying Jesus and that is just a foreign mixture that's that's that's not who we are but with those with a title that the Elkhart even with those people and then we don't know how what mixture. There was from other groups.

Just using this to disrupt but even among the right wing supreme. The right wing extremists and the white supremacist. They're not going around beheading people.

They're not going around bringing people to death.

They may have extreme ideologies but Outlook they they didn't try to blow up the building. They didn't come in with with guns and start shooting people down, which is what ISIS are done.

I mean they they didn't try to kidnap women corroborate them so I just I just would not make a comparison. I said that any radicalization is always dangerous but but let's not overstate things I likely would that that you know Larry and yeah you know it is almost like like so in awe and in ways that you now in my worry is that charts were not, you know, like would not getting enough and were not putting enough like I'm thankful you'll equip you because you know you're one of the boys that are educated people and you know or are weapons are low. Weapons are not like you know when I am completely realistic, you know weapons to to change life know we come would love rightly and they consist of yours and you suffice on him just jumped again only because were right at the end of the show will make sure that that I get to respond my book evangelicals at the crossroads dealt with a lot of these issues and dealt with if we were going to vote for trump how we could do so and preserve her testimony. But everything had to do with putting the cross before the flag.

Everything had to do with putting spiritual activity before political activity. I'm just starting a book out. Really these last few days I destroyed it about how the church lost its way and how subtle the seduction is because like you hate what's happening terms of the radical left. You hate some of the wrong policies being pushed to get some of us can stand you it's right and then you end up making that your primary focus as opposed to the gospel. First and foremost being the primary focus. Hey folks, be strong in the Lord and the power of his might another program powered by the Truth Network

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