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Dr. Brown Speaks with Chris Broussard about the Bible and Reparations

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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June 16, 2021 4:31 pm

Dr. Brown Speaks with Chris Broussard about the Bible and Reparations

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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June 16, 2021 4:31 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 06/16/21.


The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network can speak with Christian sportscaster Chris Broussard about a fascinating topic.

The Bible and reparations for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of the fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH. Jim is Dr. Michael Brown would have a fascinating discussion today we are going to challenge a lot of thinking today we can talk as brothers in Jesus today about some of the great controversial issues dividing the church you get to weigh in as well. 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 784 this is Michael Brown welcome welcome to the broadcast, newly joined in the moment by nationally known Christian sportscaster Chris Broussard. You may have seen them on Fox or ESPN over the years 2012 he was named one of the hundred top black history makers. He has a Christian men's ministry called King which stands for knowledge, inspiration, and nurture through God. He is strongly committed to Scripture and following Jesus strongly committed to seeing the church be the church, which means the church stepping up many ways in terms of race relationships and righteous living. So I we have a great discussion and and here's the deal. Once we get into the show. I'm going to ask Chris for his take on some very, very sensitive issues in the body. You can weigh in if you agree or disagree to me and unluckily taking random questions and general Bible questions. I could do another days, but if you want to weigh in pro or con of things it Chris has to say we do that today. Hey Chris, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to join us on the air today.

My right to dog bite guided, awesome, awesome, with all the broadcast media do it's it's an honor to have you on but before before we get into this just so I can say I did it all right. I got two questions for you as a New Yorker, come to New York and the New York Giants be playoff contenders with Daniel Jones, a quarterback, that's one and number two with all the talent on the New York Yankees team. Why are they leaving the division what about baked you want a bad injury, but we know you're glad that errands and dark Hollow have been relatively healthy.

Whatever God baseball like a long time there still very much alive girl you gave update out of the wildcard though they'll be fine going to get the boat beat as part of the giant Invar Internet division at the end of the youth. They got a shot right now.

I like Dallas because I like your office at the like… I think their defense will be much improved with Dan Quinn now as a beacon of the coordinator and I like Washington better than the giant because their defense is his talk. Obviously there lacking a quarterback in that division but I right now I think they're probably the third that came about the right now but Joe located Bob to be a big year for you to learn how to protect the ball and you got a lot of being thoughtful. Are you to listen to questions but I got to special specialist with with NBA who's who's gonna win the NBA playoffs. I am glad as a New Yorker that you asked me that because I've been up in Brooklyn.

The entire what they got game card topic Brooke. I thought they get to the final loop of the Lakers before they trade hard and now the day of hard I think there would obviously there banged up by New Yorker for your chance to finally go to leave the go to the net at least some of Brooklyn have been New York and I'm always talking the long-suffering Nick is not Nick. Long-suffering Nick say about his official name and it's time for them to embrace the net you got three all-time great player landed New York, but all everybody cares about is the object and that the bigger nationally than they are local, but I think it's time to embrace, to some degree, and break the neck. I got the site I just I just had to do it with all my all my years of radio broadcasting, never talking sports artist is how to do it once.

Okay now you could say you like that off your bucket with I can buy from a bucket list. All right yeah all right so Sue Chris when you when you reached out to the old and the list are beginning of this year through a common friends want to talk about speaking in your men's conference were on the phone talking just amazed at how many things we share in common. I sweetie. Secondly, I remember your name not just as a sportscaster and and I'd written about what happened to years ago when you were just honest about your Christian views on on TV and almost got blacklisted. What happened here back in 2013, 11 back up a little bit there are really good.

All contact Alvin that Bob would be 14 years ago. John of making former NBA player came out of the closet as a homosexual, and I'd actually covered John like the Cleveland Cavaliers were friendly got a good relationship. Really nice guy like them a lot and I began to believe his reaction to MBA lighters or or really anyone that kind of did anything other than a all job and make if a player fair hey yeah active play.

We live it all be like the head bar you bring that locker. Whatever they were getting ripped. They were called no Neanderthal back word this the Nat. I thought Geraldo wrote a blog for stating that on the Christian and I believe in you know orthodox biblical principles and values regarding sexuality.

Another thing that I know for traditional marriage between one man and one woman that I believe sex is for marriage between a man and a woman you all at five and that I talked about my relationship with LB Granderson who openly homosexual and he would benefit the work that MBA editor at ESPN the magazine at the time and we were good friend.

We play several wrecks basketball league together. We have lunch together. We talked and we talk about this. I thought about my biblical beliefs and deep talk about it all his lifestyle and we have our little disagreement but always cordial, always double and we were legitimately and I spoke about that if they look were going to have a brief LB believed that I take my views and beliefs from a mistranslated outdated book and I will be. I don't agree with his lifestyle yet we can befriend you to respect each other we can love each other and yet disagree, though I fear we're going to disagree on thing but we could disagree without being disagreeable. I got a bit uppity and parked beside the left.

Not bad Christians or others who may not fully agree with this lifestyle or whatever I let you understand were different. Every disagree and we can make room for everyone in the body and it will vary positively with the I was being thousands of comments on it and 90% of them will posit even one all the back and Mike and Mike in the morning which was the court so work talk radio show throughout the country for many years. They actually ran two thirds of the column on the air. This is the best, Mike Greenberg and Elizabeth! The on this topic and he read they rampart on the air was very positive. Think. Years later I think that's where exp got the idea to put me at LB, Granderson or additional car outside the mind together not the morning of day three, and played for the New Jersey net who was still in the league at the time the bar but you know the player and he came out in an article in Sports Illustrated as openly homosexual as though they were having me that morning or work that workcenter and I was one happy maybe three or four different hit on the various workcenter and just as an objective report I wasn't giving my I was just felly at our acting with coaches and players and executives in the league. What the general views work. I was actually the first one to alert Kobe Bryant or Jason Collins coming and and so I was just saying hey so you know generally gather favorable and they're fine with it some think they could become uncomfortable to lock you. Whatever the views but mostly guys were hate to find out whatever and then they put you outside the line later that day and outside the lines of the show where your your personal views and appeals often come into play more and so they put me over LB and people thought Otis will play idea. The week I even though I was always LB. I select that down in the chair and we were revolt, though he was in a different place and I will and and not bad now that you don't rejected it in you there okay so they brought us all because of my article because they knew we were friends and he knew we were all different sizes of this topic. And so in the midst of a conversation I shared about you know my article is about have been and how our views were different and LB will share his viewpoint and we are doing it very respectfully and it was a good conversation. Note no hatred or anything and finally the host with the film and hope that day he asked me what Chris my Christian faith coming out in my at the why I believed in traditional marriage and things like that and so he asked me that why they think I am out as a Christian. In the article you you know talk about him being a Christian as well. Would you think of that as I despair look the Bible give him come paraphrase of the Bible you know give principles and values and and Rick Comay gave a thought to live by and I'll believe it. Your goal is. If you're unrepentant league going to get Jesus's teaching web address adultery, fornication between heterosexual whatever.

Then I think I would characterize Eucharistic about believe the Bob we all can fall short of court but are you repent and but I Bayview I stared and to be initially here for love. I got a call right after the auto 2007. Things went well you expressed yourself while you as a Christian social social practice 2013 started well within. There was a bit of a backlash and that's when I got home. That's when I first took note of Christmas are not just the sportscaster the Chris Broussard the unashamed Christian began to write about will be right back. We will file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the reminder file now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael Brown bag friends to pastor sports commentator and strong Christian leader so work just when you get into the subject of the Bible reparations church leading the way in righteousness, and trust me when it really hit on some controversial subjects and have very candid interaction. You can interact as well 866-34-TRUTH so sue Chris after Jason Collins came out as gay.

And then you rest by ESPN your opposite OC Granderson himself openly gay. You have you have the conversation starts going well and then I began to hear about it when things were going so well what happened to me are no right after Bill got back out great. I would not have been there. You guys handled a very hot button topic in the tactful, cordial, simple manner. It was great right now like it was a model for how we got to thinking with what I do have a great ESPN called me today and initially I thought about 15 minutes after the show and I thought, but the top executive. One of the top executive, I thought you know you will be controversy. Hey, that was great and thought it was excellent.

Were just trying to figure out do we want to use you as a reporter on this story or the commentator share your your view and I feel like I'm fine either way. And then about an hour later when the backlash came and the you the man MS then be the Al Sharpton every I mean it was all like that and I would get criticized and crushed and ESPN for book they call me later that night they want to be the same. I will leave the statement they do not have your father on the phone with them. I don't know. We would ask you to their death and sorrow that I could cover the MBA go forward. And obviously that was fine but a couple days later I went on a show called the breakfast club which is his and incredibly popular morning talk shows in the black community and I was off about 10 minutes telephone interview and it really was a great opportunity to share what the Bible says about this topic because you know you here of believers always say well Leviticus that you can eat shrimp and you know you care where blended coffin. If the net you know and and they do that to disregard with the Old Testament live about.

For the Beck's rally as I was able to talk about the parts of the Old Testament that we do not follow that are backed up and reiterated in the New Testament talk about the ceremonial laws not necessarily be be a need to be followed as the moral law still are anything like that so I was any busier New Testament Scriptures on the issue, which allowed people know shared a Moby Dick brought the old as though it was really a great opportunity to witness about this, even on a show like that though right and you know I got a lot of backlash outside of the beer but you didn't. There was no suspension. There was no nothing negative. NAI left ear. 2015 when they offered me another contract.

It had nothing to do with this. It was like they were trying to extend me. I just, you know what I thought it was a better opportunity if so that's basically what with their target yelled. God bless you for being a model there and for speaking the truth. III address the backlash and so you get more. Now in intensive career blacklisted because of to sing with the gospel said, but one key principle is that the history of good relations.

The history of interacting openly and honestly with those who differed with was a key to moving forward okay you sent me something very well written a lot of scripture a lot of thought behind it for my interaction and feedback about the subject of reparations which which would phrase differently, but I will give a perspective first and then you get to introduce things before break at the bottom of the hour, and then pursue them in all I'll play the devils advocate, or even respond was with comments that are coming in social media and things like that but candidly, when I've heard over the years of of the idea of reparations for slavery as some of that's that's work with multiracial churches for years. Some of that's minister around the world so counseling different ethnic settings and things like that as a someone recognizes America's past sins, etc. also, is this crazy idea what he talking about and and so does my perspective, know, and I think most conservative Christians, especially white conservatives like what he taught. This is some crazy liberal idea of distribution of wealth and you know I think for example of of Abraham Lincoln's comments in the second inauguration so that the midst of Civil War agony. He said that the war got me was the war continuing to court every drop of blood drawn with the last shall be paid by another drawn with the sword and that the war was the country's woe to so that the horrors of the Civil War.

The hundreds of thousands of death that was a first judgment on us and and a payment to set people free. And then there were steps that were taken in the centuries that that followed. Among the key codes. For example, from cumbia Prof. John McWhorter, who's in favor represent reparations specific have them affirmative action in the late 1960s committee reinvestment act of 1977, which forced banks to invest in inner cities, etc. these reparations. In his view, so that women are actually what he talking about. We we done things we try to fix the past. We just move on. The best we can and keep trying to make an equal playing field moving forward with kind of a liberal crazy ideas. This that's awaits its trade primarily on the conservative side.

On the right and yet you coming at things from a biblical angle and not use the word reparations. So much so take a few minutes to present this and why you think this is something the church needs to lead the way in their phobic to get into here after the draft written John McWhorter and a few other things out. You want me to address that. But look initially with slavery was ended white thunder could be thought of the world thought that the patient that green African-American and throwing them into society without any reparations directed to any land anybody would just be quite as tall draft when it was determined that after the Americans would begin to what 40 acres and a mule keep spam well that want to because that would've given after the Americans the legitimate opportunity to assimilate economically into the American mainstream. That 40 acres of court and a mule would never give staff an American songbook that called the reparations was a bit initially like yeah you got it dude. But it was never done it.

The only reparations that were given at that time work the way older or former slave owners in Washington DC who were paid, approximately, or as much as $300 at Labour Party slave that they lost due to emancipation.

There was recent option. I really get the 40 acres and a new reconstruction came it out with the government going down to the South to make sure that African-Americans were given their right and that lasted for like a year and what you thought was that African-Americans were making progress you have many African-American elected officials.

Sen., Congressman, you have all of that, but then after eight years it in and when it ended Jim Crow to get plate and Jim Crow was eventually to back those like you after the American back on the plantation as sharecropper not you know slave, so to speak, but especially with the fact though slavery and so you know Jim Crow. We all know to get out of the night. The FRA's affirmative action being and after preparation of that's just not accurate affirmative action. It is believed the thought was that he was served as a recompense so to speak, for slavery, but if it affirmative action was not just for black people.

And if it hadn't been just for black people in fat white women. When you look at part and part of high-ranking jobs and things like that they benefited more from affirmative action. The black that and now I'm up in a black cabinet benefited. We have fumbled idea my father was in that first wave of the American in the late 60s early 70s who got his job and in our corporate job because of affirmative action five benefited from it. Personally, but most black have in that way as the white women have benefited more than black men white women in most part most barbaric. The white man so I can make an argument that the white family has benefited more economically and financially. Then the black family have them affirmative action if you're going to be a revelation or restitution for slavery and then if I just might not on the album how much time I have, but that argument W is another starting in the late but if there's going to be reparations or restitution for the racism and white the primitive actions of the past been a have to be specifically for African-American and beyond.

It specifically for defendants of American ladies and I would argue there's differences in the black community, but I would argue, also African defendant African defendant who came to America site prior to 19 because I am again coming over now whose prayer came over in the 70s when Nigeria or Oregon or the Caribbean date that's a whole different situation for Bill so I there are many that they should not be included in this discussion. If they can get reparations from the European nations that colonize that their lands or their date or enslave them in the Caribbean or South America. That's a different thing. But it's hard. American rep places that that the discussion ever let let me tell you yours usually just usually do when we come back we got a short place. We come back in your in your presentation that you sent me you you start the Scripture you layout the preamble is in Scripture Scripture Scripture that so we all agree on the Scripture. So let's come back in service in Scripture ointments them will unpack this if you differ critical error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown joining us on the modifier today. Speaking Chris Broussard and Chris.

I began interacting over somewhat regularly.

Early in this year end of last year and got to talk about a document that he had written up on the subject of reparations in the church and I asked her to come on here so we could talk about this because in Chris's view, the church must lead the way. This is not the government's S the church must lead the way and again here's here's what I'm thinking okay I'm Caucasian right Jewish. My mother came over from England is an orphan, was raised by other relatives here so that's generally less century. My grandparents, my father's side came over from Russia.

My grandfather died in his 40s is as a painter and it was because of the fumes that he and Helga cancer etc. and my dad had to start supporting the family as as a boy. You know what, 11, 12 years old sold what the world we have to do with why we think about reparations for what past generations did to others.

Yes, these are these the typical questions reactions that come up. As I look at the summit who loves righteousness and wants to honor the Lord etc. so a Chris of the recent hedge on the air.

I told all of a raise other issues to play the devils advocate was to have the discussion was to flesh this out.

You know, was to say okay let's what I want to hear perspective that we don't often hear. We understand that equality of outcome is not something we looking for, but there are other right there other righteousness issues that come up so as a man of God and the lover of Scripture. Why does this interest you will let me quickly that I bought it.

The only way I pleaded with him to get full closure on the racial issue in America, and we think most black Bartley and many white but not multilingual like what closure on this issue only way to have closure. If you have restitution and so have one thing and although it's not baseboard me if I was just and fair.

We as Christians are to hunger and thirst for righteousness so what's right for what the port not a fairly what is the goal.

If I still wanted $1 million from Lebron James, you find you need that $1 million back but you you should get it back and have to go to jail. The plaintiff right because that is right not baseboard you need so that the situation here in America for many Bartley needed, but many don't. And that's where a lot of my click is Lebron David Chris Broussard to different people like that don't need it but here, get the description. The Scripture we all know the story of the key in Luke chapter 19 when he was playing gave his life to Christ and he immediately upon getting say that he went gave have possession of the four entities cheated anybody he paid him back four times that amount in Jesus that day.

Salvation is come to your house so looking at what the key is big.

I was evident of his salvation. Then of course we go to the Old Testament and there are many Scriptures in the Old Testament that the port restitution exit is well-versed in the 30 when the children of Israel were leaving Egypt. God told Moses, both out of Egypt to the give you article to Bilbray goal and and for quality and the Bobby benefit the Lord because the Egyptian to give the Israelite what they asked for Deuteronomy 15 talk about how we you release good old man who lived there for seven years at play don't fit them away empty-handed to liberally from your flock in your threshing floor your wine prep the bone at the work week then them out prepared to survive in the real world is just common for Betty. Release people from slavery there. You need to give up on the survive and thrive numbers chapter 5 talk about it fibers 14 talks about it and it really boils down to my quickly white white Americans in the book by Ira L for the Jewish dollars is called when affirmative action with and white that received affirmative action for roughly 400 year in this country.

I'll get it wasn't just slavery, it was the Homestead act, which gave 10% of United States landmass to white Americans, especially for free.

1.6 million white benefited from that including European immigrant and roughly 40 million adult Americans are benefiting financially from the Homestead act today.

An older white American. That morning the black population in the country you look at the G.I. Bill 44 to 1956 which benefited the white G.I. but very few of the black of the Social Security act, the Wagoner act which created the union that gave white pensions and health benefits than you knew what they could keep black out of the you look at the Federal housing administration loan of the parties to the 60s that gave $120 billion of government-backed low-interest boards, mortgages to white families, 98% of the beautiful white that's what created the nice white number and if it does not bar pad contract where you couldn't spell the black people and then on top of that they went into the black neighborhood, and redlined head and I almost impossible to get a mortgage and insurance for your home and your property values decreased. It made that the average black family is off 220 $212,000 simply because redlined so they're all back beyond the flavor of all of that beyond slavery that is rated a racial wealth that world the average white family have a times the well of the average black family and we know well is more important than income. Income will eventually allow you the bill. Well, but wealth is what enables you to survive the hardships that come our way. And like and met most black delivered women off income not accumulated wealth over the dinner right that white Americans because of the government because of things they've been given legislation from the government they been able to build wealth to the point like where a white family, led by a person with nothing more than a high school diploma have more well than a black family, led by bubble with a Masters degree and so that is why I believe restitution needs to be made. Now let me get to the church quickly and I'll take any question, whatever the charge should be out in the forefront of we know all about the direction of the country spiritually is a editing there is getting more more antagonistic toward Christianity the way we as Christian.

The reason we can't combat it is because were divine and felt that a house divided cannot think and so most black Christians vote Democrat, not because they agree with the social issue, but because of the economic include, for this that's more open than the Democratic Party where the most likely to vote Republican and so were to divided the combat the onslaught against the church. My time playing in white Christian words aloud from most progressive boy wonder if preparation of some form of restitution social and racial justice and equality for black Christians would be willing to side with Bill at MO black even like most of the Jew will agree with you know traditional very are antiabortion. I want religious liberty at all of those big we could unite in on what is biblical on the left and what is biblical on the right. That could be combined in a kingdom agenda that a right-wing or left-wing, but a kingdom agenda that not that I think would great but a spot a group that's a large group of people of all races who can make morbid impact on the country for the Lord actually think it could spark revival because when you meet at the book back after two and chapter 4 when they met the economic needs of believers. The Bible said they were adding to the start so would you think the economic needs of people that the form of evangelism and so I think that would be a witness for the church and illustrated by the image of white evangelical is canceled. In this culture that is the way that white evangelical could one represent the Lord in truth, in my view, and then that also would share this image that their leaders and ready for an and really more about capitalism then they are about Christ and I'm not saying let's draft those little convicted and about taking money from individual white. This is something that would be it could be private sector and government could do this and so… What I we know look with with the bailout in 2008 the corporate bailout would estimate the brain from 7 1/2 trillion dollars and $29 trillion of the bailout in 2024: $4 trillion. America could have the money. If you have the desire and again that's how you bring closure. Let me end it with no matter how fixed up when you are adapted American in the country for the most part very tension between you and your country. The fact it is black.

We have to talk about the hospital you going to have because he just didn't color in your old country. The fact that we have to fill you don't talk back to the police convicted that is why so apathetic it that in your old country. All the obstacles we have in our own country as a result of the pension that we feel even America big picture. We have our country and is based on.

There's been no closure, no restitution. If I come here how's my good night, Bill. Your call and in a week later, come back you would like Michael, sorry, I can't believe I did that was wrong but give but I don't get your car back now dear you like what tension between no matter how nice I am.

You bore forward. I'll pay you but there I'll pick you up from work because you don't have a car anymore. All of that around 95 Intel I get to the car back or body with no one there going to be pension an issue and no closure that what we are facing in America there was no closure on the racial issue and right was mainly about capital and resource white America got tangible financial resources from his right that sugar, cotton, tobacco right.

That's what made America the superpower it became that was all built on the backs of black America who've never gotten a portion of that and so there needs to be closure and then we get on his trigger itself in and you know all these other how I feel and what I will carefully as I was. I dreadfully are you so we come back under the three objections that you can give me 32nd responses. Old people get heated up in the comments section will be right back. It's the line of fire with your host activist authors, international speaker, and Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown joining me today. As promised, to touch on some sensitive issues. My guest Christian leader and sportscaster Chris Broussard okay you're used to doing things by the clock segments back and forth, some of them actually I really don't do this, but I asked him actually looking right at my clock to time things so you 30 seconds to respond to to each objection by Chris Wright right okay so what my colleagues I discussed with him, respected African-American leader. He said you can make a case for this, but the biblical responses forgiveness. That's the only way to move on. What you say if someone called out you know killed my children I can forgive Bill Bilby to go to jail because of you, don't dove into it for anybody else but we learn from it and so other people are.

You know other people believe what happened to him and don't do it himself boat if the deterrence of the boat that have nothing to do with forgiveness after the Americans are clearly forgive the white people are out right. Looking at what soon lived in South Africa under apartheid personal tolerances.

All this is going to do is just deepen racial division because you consciously playing into this and an exaggerated, not exaggerating, but exacerbating the issue because the playing into his sentencing. Let's move forward to your response would actually give quote "we would like to stop talking about Ray as long as this is accompanied by fixing the textbook it all by no burger type of discrimination will give closure and so I think this is ending and it did when I created a divide the divided been created already. We're just trying to give closure to the divide is already there as long as you perpetuate the victim mentality. You don't breathe the spirit of and overcome her and this is perpetuating the victim mentality fall very successful in my life.

I don't have a victim mentality are realistic without when Americans talk about any of our national, international enemy, are we playing the victim role no repair. We need to deal with this so calamity doesn't come our way of the writ, not Frank Burke taken old, but you can if victimhood is to be a part of your journey, but is not a destination site if you don't think like a victim. I think realistically, and you can do that is Bilby Victoria I you mentioned that Africans come over to America in more recent decades are doing fine and I've actually gotten calls from folks who identify as AAA African African-American and they they say were doing fine were doing fine in the society we came over here and had to be self-starters but we do fund. Why is it that they can start from scratch as immigrants into just fine with the same skin color but others who been here for centuries with the same skin color.

Can't that comb-over already dictated or even have a good amount of money from the country they came over, but a lot don't don't don't have that.

What date they come in over their viewpoint is different because what there they came from with in many cases what you didn't even have the opportunity we have here in America so very very much mortified about the opportunity that doing this and they bake they have a different mentality, African Americans, who been here and experience racism and lived under it, have a different viewpoint, though I think that is a big part of it. If I if I did read initially. I'm just happy with any little thing but I buy as I grow and I verified humanity for an omelette become more deliberative mentality then I won't more than just your freedom. I want what is me and what I should get both.

I was in a meeting, decades going to church that was very activist in helping the poor and refugees and take them into our home and the same Christian civil rights leader John Perkins was speaking at her church actually liked us a lot and said, by the way, don't get nervous to the whites that he said I'm not asking for your money. He said because if you gave it to the box and said you get back tomorrow because that's what gets me rich in the Christmas that he was half joking. What you saying. But what about the argument.

If you look at people win the lottery and things like that that most of them end up in worse financial shape. If suddenly people who have not had certain amounts of money or entrusted with it. Maybe skin to make things worse. In the end and then will be more embittered by it's a resident we can close your you're just a most cursing people with this will mode mode lottery winners don't actually adult work pump but not mode by your preparation of becoming very for vicar common program, tax exemption vicar common know Barry things like that like what if harbor which benefited from slavery gave 3% of its endowment to Howard University and 8B do you harbor to Dow 13 times more than the endowment of all 100 HBCUs combine something like that to help our universe to become not just a great black school, but a great American school. Overall, as though it could be very for core and copycat and people are free to spend money the way they want to win with, you know, Israel open other group. The bigger the reparation they are not told how they could see is less make this right and and there will be closer to blackball a waste of money for saying more and and we have no you know we couldn't continue to cry, rake the log does not continue to be patchwork perpetuated, we would you know that I got for closure is one of the biggest reason for doing right and then less objection in this approach is to take the last three minutes just for some practical reflections but thankfully the worms have been stirred with your comments which is the goal of discussing these things okay just just very very quickly here on the righteousness issue and in all of this, it will too… Let's be practical.

Okay, let's say our art. We were looking at the society, which to me spells a lot of faucets. Yes, I understand. Black Americans have talks with their kids about police that white Americans generally don't have to have the other hand, I know the missive of hands up don't shoot. And that gets perpetuated and then whole things are built on that. I'm concerned that there's so much that's happened in America now the left woke reaction. The excess extremism that the extremists elements of the BLM movement in all of this that were not dealing so much with everyone want to do the right thing, but was radical elements that will destroy America and that won't be happy until until every white person feels guilty for being white. So how do we move forward without reacting to the extremes on either side and even just a practical way, having conversations would you say to your your white brothers and sisters in the last three minutes.

I would have my white Christian brother to listen to African-American because like it defensive. I think you and I will call you today. Would it happen.

American Christian leader was talking about how good white friend of his Christian would just refuse to even listen to him stridently laying racism in America and what black you what black building, most white American Christians do not know through American history. Yet, I think, no African-American ladies and they think that was almost like a little blind spot in American history and everything else was. We are bidding on the hill. Manifest destiny. You know where we're no God.

You know everything we did was like you did break Christian nation – not the case.

I may put paint color out of it good-looking how human beings have been treated by you in the past by American they happened to be black and Native American and profound Asian but they were human beings are brought the way they were treated, and so I think there have white American Christian, I would ask you to just listen to your brothers and sisters of color rather than just beautiful defensive and we need to fall on both sides quickly out that we need to give right there. We're going to have an open, honest, transparent discussion about right between white and black van. I did America have to give great if you say something and I find offensive.

You will want to get married if I met Lottie seated out of wedlock. I can't just roll your race has been in the conversation.

I have to hear you and will find with great and if I talk about America's history and how it was right.

There's been this than that in the Southern Baptist convention was founded to protect slavery and ordinal wanted no one you after the listener that without devotional and ending the conversation soon spoke. We have think big great and allow one another to be offended in this type of conversation if were going to move full yeah and that's that's the key singing friends. That's that's my goal of having Chris on the year to discuss this.

It's not like I I'm shared what my impressions were in the past, things increases tells me to think about arguments that I would raise to the steroid missive heard from others sought, having Chris and say hey look at me I'm so woke check me out nor my having Chris on to argue against what he saying, but Christina being a radio host all these years I listened to a lot of people in many African-Americans of said exactly what you said we just want you to list it will not even asking the respondent certainly to listen and as I look in some of the comments of escrow in front of me on YouTube and Facebook there is that defensiveness and again a lot of it comes from the radical left and were reacting to that so the key things we can't react what were supposed to be children of God, and that means we can't react and that means we said okay I love God I love my neighbor so my neighbor has an issue I want to sit down and understand that that we can disagree why can be enlightened and change my view but at least do our best to understand each other. Hey Chris, God willing, we will continue this discussion of other settings and usher some of the feedback we get the days ahead.

Thanks for coming on our brother died – and another program powered by the Truth Network

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