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Bring On Your Best Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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June 11, 2021 4:31 pm

Bring On Your Best Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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June 11, 2021 4:31 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 06/11/21.

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Phone lines were wide open with good you got questions, we've got answers stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience have the president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH euro. Jim is Dr. Michael Brown anything we talk about here on the line of fire anything I've written about spoken about ever any area of expertise. I have anything that ties in with the guest we've had the political, cultural be a biblical theological be something else.

Phone lines are open you got questions, we've got answers so as long as it's a discussion we can have on broadcast they go out on Christian radio across the nation. Then go for it. 866-348-7848 66342 is the number to call and let us go to the phones.

We will start in league city Texas Sean.

Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown, are you doing well. Thanks to quick question quick but wanted there a difference between an abomination and then and then the second question is how does covenant theology differ from dispensationalism.

I got more questions about that but I like that you got this ion on the first one is that you speak of something is an abomination so commonly in the Old Testament with the word toy evolved, meaning something detestable. It is certain. This is simply putting the sin in a certain category. In other words there. It's one thing if you accidentally touched a dead body you were ritually unclean, but you did not willfully transgressed a law it's another thing if in a fit of anger he struck someone. It's another thing if in a premeditated way you murdered someone a little with their different category since were there were different punishments vary since so to say that something was an abomination was to simply describe it more than was there.

There may be certain support. For example if there's a couple before they're married and they have sex.

They've sent they violated God's guidelines.

But it's not detestable the way say having sexual relations with an animal would be where certain lines are crossed, Reaven same-sex sexual act would cross a certain line. Now the other thing in and some context. The word toy evolved abomination to the detestable can can simply refer to it. To some, and cultural like when Joseph tells his brothers that are coming out from Canaan to Egypt. Tell Telfair your shepherds because that's a detestable practice like that's a lowly thing that we don't do we hire out other people to do it, but in the context of a list of sins like Leviticus 18 where homosexual practice is singled out as detestable or in Proverbs 6 there are six things that God hates, seven that are detestable. So these are things that are that are high on the list of sin can be wide-ranging, certain sins worse than others is as far as covenant theology covenant theology would basically look at one people of God through history so that the. The church is the new Israel that Israel was always called the church and now the churches in the Gentile versus Joubert but the church is the new Israel and dispensationalism would make a strict separation between Israel and the church and say that when the church age now with the church's rapture out there we go back to God dealing with Israel, and I believe both of those are in error that that the promises God made to Israel continue to Israel and even Israel and some belief is still preserved by God. But the Eckley Celia the those that are called out as God's people and children.

That's the elect in every age so Jew and Gentile together in the sign make up the Eckley Celia so I reject covenant theology's view of the church's new Israel.

I reject dispensationalism's view of the complete separation of entities so that Israel and the church are completely disparate. Okay, so there is no room for maybe like you want with covenant theology like I didn't have a problem when I start hearing about, you know, the land promises that because I'm not dispensationalism really either. I don't creature rapture. So I find myself at some kind of crossroad Robin maybe this really nuanced in the way I look at it because I don't really think I agree with either one.

It's not something the matter being nuanced is simply medicine. God keeps his word, vessel yeah so there are people who are in right relationship with him through faith and obedience right so it was mainly Israel in the Old Testament it's largely Gentiles in this period of time that are walking in obedience to God.

But there is always the people of God in every generation, Israel has been the disobedient people at times often in Scripture God says my people know my people obey. So God keeps his promises. So he's brought the Jewish people back to the land because it keeps his promises.

He never refers to the church as the new Israel or spiritual Israel, it does not take Israel's place in the plan of God that Israel outside of the Messiah is not saved what what your your position would really be is what would be called historic premillennialism historic premillennialism. Then, from everything we can tell that was the view that was held to food for the for centuries that that the earliest disciples of the apostles held to that in their writings as well a check out the writings of either Barry Horner Barry Horner eternal Israel or future Israel see which ones the early one Barry Horner that be 1 Good Pl. to go or yet go there. You get a lot of good information. The writings of George Eldon Ladd, who was historic premillennial George Eldon Ladd you'll find helpful as well. Hey, thank you for the call 86634 let's go to Lucas in Dillion Springs, Florida. Walking to the line of fire around are you doing doing well thank you. My question is about a book you recommended reading on broadcast by looking through earlier. It was called a misinterpreting Jennifer, but I haven't been out though. I read that book and I'm still kind of on edge about whether it's a genic for the creation of the like death of one through 11 are literally your symbolically of a dog. I've always grown up with them younger you, but if you were to take it symbolically how you reconcile the quotations which are the quotations and actions which are attributed to God with the rest of the Bible, the like. The God fed written… Did the no blood dividing line between that and the rest of Scripture.

Right so it's it's important to read to see where others are coming from some of the challenges to what would be a conventional viewpoint.

The coven used to have in my view's challenge since I was a brand-new believer and there's this holy day that goes by, were my views. I can challenge somewhere. So many people I used to do digging and looking at and other narrative so you you asked the right question and and the younger's argument would be how did the rest of the Bible understand Genesis 1 and the 10 Commandments for six days the Lord created the heavens and the earth and rested on the seventh day was and understood in a literal way that the clear understanding through the rest of Scripture that would that would be that the pushback certainly to me. You have to believe in historic Adam and Eve. That's clear to me whether there is something to be learned about the genealogies and and the length of lives and if there's any symbolism attached letter that simply do the conditions before the flood. Certainly those accounts to me have to be taken literally, it has to be a literal Adam and Eve that fell at otherwise fundamental truths of the Bible or, or shaken and challenged, but here's the other question if if you're a first century believers say reading the book of Revelation. In reading the book of Revelation and you know apocalyptic literature and you're not looking for real dragons and beast.

Just like if you're reading the Chronicles of Narnia, and you understand literary genre, correct rhyming of modern readers like they're looking for this little thing or the second is literal.

This of this little ladder.

I remember reading decades ago about China. The size of the Chinese army and that lines up with verses in Revelation 1st century that they understood apocalyptic literature. So the question would be within ancient Israelite understand Genesis 1 is giving a literal day by day 24 hour day creation account and that's what they understood, or did they fully understand that this is speaking of God's functional work to to create the universe is a place in which he inhabits and the other accounts referring to it, understand it in that way so that that would be the question so your your line of argument is a correct one to probe this. My point is always been when you look at how the rest of the Bible reflects on Genesis 1. It's not for the purpose of science is for the purpose of theology that's always been my point is, therefore, theology. It's there to teach us about the nature of God and how he works his order and his structures etc. whether happening seven literal days or or ions or it's all just a formulaic symbolic account that was never the issue to me. The issue was why is it there wiser than the word would be to learn from it and that's what I see the rest of Scripture doing that makes sense yeah a lot of chew on by the vector yeah and and here's just one of the thoughts for you so I'm saying you're asking the right question. I'm not answering because it's gonna be it utility verse after verse and CS reflected all but check out like Psalm 74. For example, where God's victory over the powers of chaos, even chaos monsters is also tied in with his victory over the powers natural chaos forces in the like. For example, the sea and in Canaanite mythology. That was a dog. Jan was there for God and in Hebrews just to see them. You have these multi-had it monsters the Leviathan on things like that and see personify drills okay.

God's victory over demonic powers of chaos is seen in his victory over the powers of the sea in the air and he keeps everything in order and and what's the side of it day and night. No words every single day is another testimony to the fact that God rules and reigns every every storm that does not destroy the earth.

Every every wave that comes in and goes back out is a reminder, the cost control what that's a reflection Psalm 74 is in a reflection on Genesis 1, so read Psalm 74. In that context, even all through Scripture, light versus darkness day versus night chaos versus order the fact that the BOC and in the new heavens and the new earth, because see associated with powers of chaos so that's what I see Scripture doing.

That's why she Genesis 1 there, it may be scientifically perfect young earth old earth or that may not be the issue at all of that, the scientists debate that I'm just reading it is a student of Scripture. What he got put there and why are their cosmology accounts in the ancient world estimates to explain the universe rather to exalt one particular deity over another just wants is one God got only a thank you for the call appreciate file line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us on the modified my emails.

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Background the 3R's were ministry people really enjoy the content that they're getting so take a minute to Esther to and sign up. Okay we go back to the phones starting with Carmelo in Joliet, Illinois. Thanks for calling the line of fire and argue about them or doing well thank you, are your target number question regards to the rapture.

I know that you don't thoroughly believe in a preacher Berkshire. I wanted to get your interpretation on the verge Revelation 1 and Revelation or five John gets vision of the religion Christ will every and we feel like a lot of them biology. For example, seven lampstands candlestick stars.

The 24 elders and stuff like that in Jesus explain and Revelation 1/23 of the mystery of the seven stars with thousand dollars in my right hand seven golden candles, seven stars are the angel of the seven churches in the seven candlesticks which thou saws are the church.

So some people interpret this to be a picture of the preacher Berkshire because their churches are in the right hand of Christ and around the throne and the lampstands that Revelation 5 that these are the spirit start God got spirit that you sent out the earth, so here it shows them and have been what what is your interpretation about it doesn't show them in heaven. Jesus appears in a vision. He's right there with John.

That's number one. To the seven churches were churches that in that day churches in Asia minor, beginning with Ephesus and and ending with Laodicea Cinema seven literal congregations that he was speaking to it and he speaks them in the next chapters, a plus of the entire New Testament speaks of one second coming out to second comings and the one second coming that were told to expect. This is visible appearing with a horrible see him when the come in flaming fire taking vengeance on those who don't know God, so not I have the weight of scores and scores and scores versus speaking clearly of us passing through tribulation and the sage being kept by God as his wrath is poured out, and enduring to the end and then caught up to meet him when he returns for the whole world to see and we dissented with the meat. Gladys is welcoming party dissent together with him and glorified bodies and with all respect, there's nothing here. This is not Jesus in heaven. This is Jesus coming in the vision of where were Jesus appearing to John.

John season falls at his face right here in this world falls at his feet as dead, and if so, it in no way this is even hence report that direction. Plus again, those were seven little churches in Asia minor subtype of all churches in history with seven congregations in the city churches in Asia minor. They don't think our cargo church now are included in those programs church even though the letters apply to all of only like first Corinthian supplies Galatian supplies Roman supplies we make application to make application but certainly worldwide in a few states, church ages number one nothing in the Texas is the church age any more than Romans as a church age of first parenthesis church age. Second thing is that it was church ages than every generation reads wrong. There is reading it. The years 1000 music were the last age so you divided up differently now. Okay, 20, 21 were the last age divide up differently. And thirdly, the church in the West may resemble the Laodicean church but the church that's growing and thriving on all around the world which is massively bigger than church in the West is like the church in Smyrna.

In the midst of persecution afflictions seen in the order the church a Jordan's work, so no under no the only way to say that there's any relationship with us in the seven churches is just like I read the letter to the church in Ephesus and see how it applies to my life.

In the letter to the church in Philadelphia and see what applies to my life or from his past metacognition out applies to us, just like I read first Corinthians of second Corinthians Romans in Philippians and apply so yeah hey appreciate the call.

Carmelo Gubler should write it. 6634 let's go to Sue's in and Los Angeles.

Welcome to the line of fire.

Hey mentor. My question you bet there always care. How can the question whether I really example brought got a patent template claim the Bible to share with Thelma Christian actually got it to some biblical right. So under no circumstances should the child of God ever feel intimidated by something else, saying God told me, because as children of God.

We all have access to God and if were right in right relationship with him. Then we don't need to fear that God is good to give someone a message for you that he didn't give to you, or a message to the scare you or that you must file.

You must give this amount of money to this ministry, you must do this in fact nearly church cemented teaching that if anyone says to you by the spirit. God says give me money than their false prophet don't do it so first no intimidation you have to step back as it is intimidating, it even even real with all my years in ministry, and having a good relationship with the Lord in hearing his voice about life I've had someone give me a word and it messed with me yeah and and then years later they apologized to shoot said that that it did its damage of you know Nancy was talking to me with it all the trunk prophecies when she did not see it the same way guilty. He's got a women's or they have to vote for him. She single has make people feel about your own relationship with God. What about your own convictions. So how do you deal with first. You test everything by Scripture. And if's and anything violate Scripture you throw it out. It's that simple. You throw it out if if it's contrary to the to the plain sense of Scripture, your let's just say some guy really likes you and you're married and this is no God told me that that was supposed to be together while God did not tell them because God said don't commit adultery right certain things you dismiss outright if someone says they have Revelation from God. It's equal to the Bible, throw it out.

Don't listen to word they say throw it out rejected.

That's the first thing the second thing is if it's something that they're saying you are supposed to do or respond to. Then you say I love the Lord.

I'm his child. If he wants me to know all the if you have something from God for me than you pray that God will speak to me years ago there were people want me to get involved in a situation and I differ with them. I said no, it's not my business to get involved with this. I don't have enough information will they prayed and the Holy Spirit really burden to get involved in it was important that I did but I said look I relationship with God. If God if you have something from the Lord for me. I accepted, let him speak it to me as well also. That's the second thing, no fear, just immediately as a child of God cast that off.

No pressure to say Lord I'm I'm yours.

Your daughter, son, here I am. This is really from you.

You let me know and by all means know all act on it and then the other thing you know if if if someone says okay you know they God told them some dying of cancer. God told him to know that stomach cancer punch their stuff and they be healed, while if they were instantly and completely and totally and irreversibly healed José and saw just like Jesus putting mud on someone's eyes oversaw.

But if resulted in a perfect healing baby that was this person's method or not, but on the chemical punching people. I like to say that's what were supposed to do because that would be doing harm to someone and maybe that was just the person's way of doing know God didn't tell them that was just their way of doing, but when you have somebody doing that the person is not ill. Obviously it wasn't God. Obviously it was just you know the person doing what they do. So the biggest thing Susan is don't let anyone bring you into bondage and please everyone listening.

I believe in the ministry of the prophets I've I believe in personal prophecy, God used me over the years, especially years earlier to deliver accurate personal prophecies and I've had amazing personal prophecies spoken to me but please, please don't let anyone ever bring you into bondage through the lights prophetic word even if they did hear from the Lord. If you are God's child, and you're in good relationship with your you're not walking in daily willful disobedience in casting got out of your life.

If you are his child and seeking to please him.

Jesus is my sheep hear my voice, you have the witness of the Spirit in your life, as many as are led by the spirit there, the sons about every day God is telling us to say no to sin. And yes to him so soon. Lord, if this really you if that word, not word seemed odd to me. You are but it's nonscriptural if it's really for you. Make me know. Given that assurance and he will give you that piece of give that assurance. If not, you throw it out or put on the shelf, but never ever ever act on something just because someone comes in the list prophetic word and by no means to put you in fear of bondage to them for fear of what can happen if you question, by all means tested tested tested right here on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us on the line fire you got questions, got answers and I am heading straight the phones will start with Matt in North Georgia. Welcome to the line of fire and Dr. Brown, Michael sure thing.

I know my work as a researcher in the lab and cupping my friend about the common scientific advancement. One of those is crisper which which is essentially gene editing by genetic equipment, editing, and even me and we got to the topic of a essentially what are the ethical bounds of what we can do ourselves with our current biotin technology while still falling in line with moral and biblical value. So for example crisper.

You could literally edit your DNA sequences or even turn on a rocky, you could do crazy things like bring it down the line you could cure quotes: culture album bygenetic turning off the gene because it in layman terms, stuff like that or even find more effective treatments for cancer that are genetic to do amazing things, but with it comes up bunch of like you know ethical implications then you know dangers from literally adding our editing her own genetic codes was wondering if you are you saying this to be done in the womb.

Something is detected in the womb or in a human being outside the womb that you could then click edit their DNA code. It could be both. For example, a professor in China would actually him arrested on ethical grounds because he used the commit to. I'm genetically undefeated to make them immune to HIV right so it could be both know there were there were discussions going back some years now among gay activists okay if you could prove an end and critics. If you could prove that someone was born dated there was a gay gene and you can identify that in the womb. Would that be something that could be edited below. Some in these types of out of the edit was the word, but you know these types of discussions have been had of even the whole issue of cloning human cloning versus cloning a sheep is, is that does not cross line. Of course, the answer would be yes. At this point so I am no expert on the advanced scientific ethical discussion simply because I'm I'm not up to date on all the scientific issues but to me anything that would fundamentally alter who a human being is or the fundamental nature of the human being with would be.

We start to play God and no is fraught with all kinds of dangers of I know there whole volumes, massive volumes of the writ on this and of course in Jewish law, there is endless discussion of what's ethical and what's because everything comes down to matters of law in Judaism have have you read any discussions on this in terms of arguments pro her, cures her allies could say. But here's the potential downside you read a little bit into literature living at the very Newfield there's a bunch of bricks that were still trying to fully understand this is not my area of research is interested in so I read a little bit on the literature I'm generally a lot of the Christian community team to generally be against the to the huge risk right now.

Gene editing it doesn't allow the stuff you seem like a comic book and the movie know that all were you to be super Regina got that that realistic were still very much bound by our human immortal forms are flesh in terms of what we can do even with our own.

There still limit but the general sense of the Christian community collective the debate that week.

There's a huge risk. Because DNA is so complicated work were literally most complicated organisms possibly the guy that were made and so right. The Christian community that is incredibly dangerous ethically because it is essentially trading a very low level fundamental part of yourself in the celestial community going just to say this right first. Under no circumstances should anything be done until all risks are adequately assessed because of the Lords nature of this like it wasn't that long ago that people talk about junk DNA and didn't think there was any function.

No Tutsis and there is although there actually is a function for this more going on than we realize the complexity of this so so far beyond what we understand. Yes. So because of the potential just by layman's opinion here, but a fundamentally altering human nature.

What constitutes human being, or how human being functions supposed to simply dealing purely with the physical issue you broke your arm or you have you have analogy in an you need take antihistamines that that to me is crossed the line that you don't even think of crossing it if you could ultimately demonstrate that all this did was deal with a physical issue notice like this vaccine ended polio or Lloyd's eradicate polio in the you know whatever, then that would be a very very different issue but I would I would absolutely have the opinion of the Christian ethicist for those very reasons.

There are certain things you don't mess with and if you could ultimately demonstrate know this not messing with anything.

This is simply just dealing with something at its source, then perhaps it might be acceptable at some point, but I have all reason for caution and I would imagine that when you mention scientific community, mostly not factoring in God's creation or human beings steeping even different than animals would be correct in that assumption. Yeah I hate a question for you, but I want to be afraid of the cause of the superquick your own view of the covert vaccines. I generally think that there that the tough question. I I took it and I would invite other people to take a liquor at writ.

I don't want to make any comment on how people feel about the effectiveness of it, or that you get it or not. I do believe it should be an individual's choice but no comment on effectiveness or scientific and I like that my daughter Elizabeth Santos hey Matt, thank you for the call and this is something will keep in mind this discussion of DNA in the future. 866-34-TRUTH let's go to Boeing Maryland Linda walking to the line of fire.

Hello hello hello hanger you go help you know what you hear anymore at attention, not radio patient. I can't tell I'm talking about, file, and not listen. We are to get you later hang on the second. Are you you get online on your computer at all.have a computer okay so here's the thing.

What kind of cell phones you have visited call lively jitterbug qualify "okay you know if it's if it's an Apple phone and iPhone, or is it called an android phones you know now not want to follow is not okay. I'm so sorry because we have an apt you can listen on smart phone yeah we haven't been on Wava for for many years.

Hopefully when they will get back on but yeah we were all over the Internet, and smart. When you connect to get an app and even watch the show.

But anyway, Ron the phone now so so sorry that you can get us in the in other ways. So yes, your question please Linda, okay, I'll call all know what Dr. Brown as trustee and I miss everyone that I talked to on the station's go-ahead right to question or make a real real quick controversy going on about cheaper quite not really being the correct name for court. Are you sure, she found that it's not that the family cry is not the faint empathy when the curtain cry, and so I was wondering if you know of any ball director for an bunk that that claim. Why nothing was promptly sure, here to Jesus Christ and then describe Matt about languages such as Spanish as being Jesus Christos and Norman riding on yeah I have and I will when were done. Stay on the phone don't hang up when were done so get on the line with you and I'm gonna send you a free copy of the book I wrote called 60 questions 60 questions is the name of the book, we can send it. She was a gift, so when were done don't hang up the phone so was gonna come back on me. Take a minute to come on they'll come back on and can get your name and address. Here's the simple answer to question Linda Hebrew is Yeshua, she but the New Testament was largely if not all written in Greek and Greek.

It became Jesu's how Christoph and then in English. It's Jesus Christ and in Spanish is just like my name is Michael, but the Hebrews, Mihai L and we talk about Moses, but the Hebrews, Moshe, we took what the book of Ezekiel, but the Hebrews he has counsel with him at the exact same entity. The exact same person just in English we see Jesus in Spanish Jesus and Italian face to overtime at the exact same person exact same entity and I explained it very clearly in a book that will send you as a gift and the other question, Linda L. Shingler and I worked on with her concerning the gospel looking for cry or improperly all she's ever not all current light and Nietzsche has added to that all of the Bible. Something after the Catholic Bible date the Catholic Bible occurring that it version of God and all of that. I don't know how to get her away I don't know how to convert that it is not, and I want to ask you to anything that's written out concerning that why the Catholic Church came about and why it will different Bible than the Bible.

She did not know yet been written about that. Okay so that's it.

That's a separate question and King James Bible is just this one English translation and that Kathy probably that she has probably dreams is another English translation. But don't worry about that doing without (100 years old. Don't door but that I would suggest instead that you see will let you sure Bible to take her Catholic Bible. And when you go through the New Testament. All the books are going to be the same.

All the all the overall meaning of the words is going to be the same. So just say let's read John three in your Catholic Bible John chapter 3 say let's read John three in your Catholic Bible and then asked her what Jesus says you must be born again boys have you been born again.

Have you been born from above. What did Jesus mean just read to her to find the same verses there in her Catholic Bible read those to her all right be right back. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6634 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us a line of fire. 6634 truth and we go back to the phones of Sandy in Guilford or Beaufort South Carolina.

Welcome to the line of fire burn think my calm. You're welcome.

Looking revival nomination can try to find out through their Hill Wikipedia hey that there was a revival over England happening that started yet that you might fire Brownsville. It was actually Anglican church named but he looked up at you think you're quite familiar with. I'm sure that my father think I've ever heard people talk about Brownsville or anything. I've never heard the know Andy Miller name brought up and I didn't even know. But like a few months ago when I read it on the Internet and it was my question.

What what are your thoughts about Anglican church because I never really talked about it and found it all very you know what I mean susu Steve Hill was a friend of mine before the Browns revival and we are both very close with Leonard Ravenhill famous for his book one revival tarries which still is a powerful read to this day and Steve and I were pursuing God earnestly for years for revival and outpouring and desperate to see God bring a powerful repentance movement to the church and John Kilpatrick, pastor Brownsville assembly in the midst of a healthy strong church in many ways seem to be doing well.

He was desperate. He was earnestly seeking God going into the building alone at night praying for hours and groaning and crying out God is going to be more and then they turned their Sunday night service, which was a big service they just turned it into a prayer meeting held the whole church praying for revival.

This is for a couple years before the revival began and a few months before the outpouring started Steve Hill called me and he said have just I was listening I got prayed for to see in a fresh anointing in my life, so he was excited him. He had been burning bright for years, and seeing God move for years, but he talked to me about getting a fresh touch in his life and the not long after that he was in Brownsville and then God put out a spirit there. So there lots of different things that came together ultimately God heard the cries of his people and important spirit out innocent John Kilpatrick was wife Brenda had not gone to Englander L'Engle Cooley had not gone then God called me to to serve as a leader in the revival about 11 months into it was with them.

You know the sex for years so I was an eyewitness to thousands of services, meetings and classes in Saul God move dramatically in the fruit remains dramatically around the world. People who were touched their transformed some of been on the mission field over 20 years, bearing fruits and help missionaries of the parts will assist. It's been extraordinary series of events, but it was the real deal and that was a contributing factor.

Just one of many but yes Steve C was prayed for. Came back, called me into set him to CW Moore's amount ministering not long after that things began Brownsville's that there are a bunch of things that were happening in a different move things of the spirit, renewal, revival movements, but what characterized Brownsville you know it's it's all the people to whom it comes. So that's your life heritage. What message have you preached how have you lived at it solidly anointing changes you adjust everything you say is more empowered and the results of more intense, so Steve Hill was always a real passionate evangelists with a strong repentance message and so that was at the heart of of Brownsville you lifting Jesus up that in the Holy Spirit move and calling sinners to repent backsliders to come back and Christians to get right with God is for the altars were flooded in her for years with literally more than 300,000 different people crying out to God for mercy. So yeah that's it that's all part of the story.

I did not know what you told me you my joy to share it all right Yen how we pray for God to do something like that and even more again in the days ahead of let's go to John in Houston, Texas.

Welcome to the line of fire great Dr. Brown on my mind for a long time.

It did not meet terribly far from Richard Carrier that Jesus Christ was a myth and he gives all of his crazy reasoning behind it… Dying and rising gods. Another but here's my point. Now thinking that I never thought about before. Jesus never existed, wouldn't the Jews of Jesus times I hey who is this Jesus that your accusing of the buying we never never note Jesus what you mean.

Are there any right right so you wish for every know there there are one Nono so so here's nothing historic you have Maimonides the cold law. The Mishnah Torah and the 12th-century were he just explains why Jesus was given over to be crucified. Accepting things as historically accurate in reflecting Jewish tradition at that time and there is debate about what the Talmud actually says in early rabbinic tradition section say about Jesus because the name issue is with the been in their literature is very common issue. It was a very common name, then in the Talmud will speak of a Yeshua who lived like 150 years before the time of Jesus or hundred years after the time of Jesus or did they get the chronology wrong if it's the same Yeshua. Then they viewed him as an idol worshiper of false miracle worker, someone who led Israel astray, and therefore was was killed but there is no denying of of his existence.

This just a debate as to how much early Jewish sources say about him or or not, but your point is well taken that at a certain point.

This was an openly preached thing we know the New Testament has the narrative sees me choosing Jewish leaders of turning Jesus over to the Romans to be crucified. That's part of the narrative and and we know that the early church repeated that and then it became a harsh accusation that they were guilty of deicide because they had killed the son of God therefore killed God so in any case. In any case yet. At some point you would have expected someone to say what he thought about is the person never existed, but that the one thing and this underscores this point, found that the one thing that we know that we know that we know is that there is no dispute.

The Roman historians that look back to this, they don't dispute whether he ever existed. The earliest Jewish mentions of him acknowledges existed in just a very different picture of who he was. Yes, if you don't find any dispute in the ancient world or claim that he was just a figment of imagination, a mythical character like Zeus is not there simply not there. Did the questioner even Bart Ehrman famous agnostic skeptic New Testament scholar Bart Ehrman highly influential, wrote a book refuting the notion that Jesus didn't exist. Hey John, thank you appreciated rough time.

Yeah, let's go for one more call here could trial in Queens New York.

Thanks for holding welcome to the line of fire Michael Dr. Brown. Yes, I can often while Brandon who received multiple personal prophetic word from leaders in his church and they unfortunately turned out not to be true and my friend expressed to me that as a result, it's a bit shaken out because he put so much value into the word that they provide and I was wondering whether I should think what I can encourage him to continue into continue with fellowship. We deleted ministries considering that they are confessedly giving him full word that shaken up and speak to think to because there like confessedly giving word from my friend on thing that they received from the spirit. Are they blaspheming the spirit and as a result, are the prophet right so to blaspheme.

The spirit is to knowingly attribute the works of the spirit to Satan's another not blaspheme the spirit.

But the be very guilty if witnessing is accurate of being false witnesses of the Holy Spirit, of claiming to speak for governor. Not now.

If they're not saved all of their complete charlatans. The Navy false prophets if they are Christian leaders who are just in serious error. Here they can't separate the delusions of their own mind from the Holy Spirit, then they are poor leaders. They are bad leaders or they are falsely claiming to be prophets, but this having a regular basis. I would absolutely get out of there. I would I would documented in a letter and say this happen. This is really messed with me and and obviously this is not the norm in the body and yellowish with even have a charismatic movement. But all too often this does happen control. If you're able sit down with your friend and read my book, playing with holy fire.

I think it will help rebuild his faith in the real, but if this happen repeatedly and it's clearly false.

I would deftly get out. I would not want to be under leaders like that there plenty of other places you can go health environments, but encourage and don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. First Thessalonians 5 don't despise prophecies. Don't put out the but test everything professedly good.

So if he's tested and is no good get out of there but don't despise prophecy in general and my book, playing with holy fire. I think will help his recall out the false and the unreliable you give guidelines about abusive leaders. May the Lord ring in a good place rebuild his faith in the genuine thanks really good friend. God bless you, folks, we are at a time. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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