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Who Is Naftali Bennett?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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June 10, 2021 4:30 pm

Who Is Naftali Bennett?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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June 10, 2021 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 06/10/21.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. So what should we make of the incoming prime minister of Israel Naftali Bennett stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience have the president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

It is thoroughly Jewish Thursday. That means phone lines are open for your truly calls 866-34-TRUTH 663487884 if you Jewish person and you have different views about Jesus about the Messiah about the Bible when interact with New York challenge me same number.

Call 866-34-TRUTH so Jewish related anything related to modern Israel today.

Anything related to the Hebrew Bible. Hebrew language Jewish tradition, culture, messianic prophecy and things like that that qualifies for a Thursday call into the broadcast okay so where things stand. There is a new coalition that has come together unexpectedly. A bunch of smaller pieces of the puzzle joining together to bring forth a new government in Israel. If you remember the system. There you have many different parties vying for seats in the Knesset, the parliament, which has 120 seats total so to lead the government you need to have a majority so at least 61 but because there's so many different parties running nobody. No one party gets 62 seats 61 seats, let alone 70 or 80. You make it for seats. That's the minimum threshold you make it for you make it eight you make a 12 record this last time. That's the party. Benjamin Netanyahu got 30 seats, but that's down from where they were and they were unable to form a coalition government because there's just too much hostility towards Netanyahu from others who are on the right who likely would've served with him in the past, but aren't now so bunch of different groups have come together and very surprisingly, Naftali Bennett, who leads the Aminah party which had what seven seats one. He's going to serve first as prime minister after that your your Lockheed with the issue.

A tea party.

There is a future you Aminah by the way is as right-leaning a means to the right, to the right and it is a a religious nationalist party, then you have you shut tea that's more at center center right and and they got what 17, 18 seats. They were the next down after after the coup, so they've come together their content with merits which is left-wing they come together with with United Arab list, which is led it's an Islamist party, so this would be the first time that that an Arab party Arab-Israeli party is formally part of the government. They been part of the Knesset for years, but part of the actual government with a skit to pick okay we get the seat we get this or that. We want this out of it so it's a very unusual collision coalition has those on the right on the left, and Bennett said look, the worst thing for Israel is another election, 1/5 election in two years think the trauma that America went through the last election was still going through with questioning the results and things like that. Think of going through that four or 5×2 years and then during the time you don't really have a functioning government to the full, because your no one is clearly empower oars put together a majority or coalition I can work properly, and so on. So here we are. Naftali Bennett, who is a religious Jew.

He will be the first prime minister, so their dividing tutors for him to years for the Pete he will he will be the first teapot wearing yarmulke wearing prime minister in Israel's history so in terms of who he is. That would make him the most Orthodox Jewish prime minister is really history. At the same time he is not ultra Orthodox and he is nationalist now the most religious.

The ultra ultra-Orthodox Jews you with the men with long black peers in the black coats and things like that. No, many would dress like that many of them are anti-Zionist. Many of them are not nationalist at all. They tolerate the modern state of Israel, but their goal is to grow healthy religious communities in the midst of Israel and then have religious influence over the nation, but they see the state is way too secular so there's this ongoing conflict.

Bennett would've been someone who was friendly to these parties. In the past and look at as an ally in many ways, but now he is considered a hostile, dangerous, outsider, let's let's just take a look at at some of the articles in the Jerusalem Post there. There were few want to go through quickly with you about one of them by Jeremy Sharon asked the question, will the ferocious parade. The assault on Bennett hasten religious reform.

Another effect immediately start with limits of, screen Carini fury over Naftali Bennett masked real concern Caray the that's ultra-Orthodox for radius is short for Curry Dean which is the God that the God fears their lungs to shake with fear before the Lord. It's a way of speaking of ultra-Orthodox of singular Caray.

The word used as an adjective in hurry deem the group as a whole. They are really going after Bennett and and according to this article, the concern is less that the Jewish character of the state will disappear and more that the impact of being in the opposition will have on the budget going to the hurried community some other words, these rabbis who are now ruthlessly ferociously attacking Naftali Bennett even telling him he should take his key policy take his head covering off because is not an authentic religious German SL for the going according to this perspective, it's not primarily because it's going to affect how Israel operates as a state but rather that they won't get the funding they desire. Of that, we just read a few quotes from this article. This this will must bite by Herb Kenyon or Kane. In this particular article. Old Betsy out one of the rabbis here said this, the government headed by Bennett will destroy the Shabbat destroy the Sabbath.

Another rabbi refers to him as that evil one and said the name of the evil shall rot after he signed the agreement he just signed he should take off his key pot he is shaming okay these are pretty intense quotes. The three leaders were spitting fire and brimstone at a press conference the Knesset they call because they charge Bennett was about to destroy the delicate status quo.

The government's religion state relations in the country. Okay that's it for that article.

For the moment, but what's the religious status quo. What they mean by that, when the state of Israel was being formed again. Its origins were secular theater hurts the modern Zionist movement. Things like that.

Many of the early pioneers were secular. Many atheists communist background of the regular kind of have Zionist expression of the communal living and things like that. The key would seem and stuff like that so rabbis look at this is as wrong thing. This is not being initiated by the Messiah. This is the skinny secular state wants it to be a God-fearing Sabbath observing Torah observant state so many in the religious community opposed it. But over time, some saw that the guy was in the process. Others after the horrors of the Holocaust.

Realistically, we need a homeland. In any case, the question was, or how we work together. So based on a letter from David Ben-Gurion to the religious Jewish community 1947.

They established the status quo that that the rabbis would have control over religious affairs.

So for example if you have a government institution and your catering and event then you have to have rabbinic supervision. It's got to line up with with the dietary laws of having a wedding this religious ceremony.

It must be officiated by an Orthodox Jewish rabbi, even if you're not religious. The Sabbath will be Saturday at sundown Friday to sundown Saturday, that will be the day of rest this mean every business in the nation has to be close to Camino transportation without be the official day of rest of your follow the biblical calendar, etc. but will be freedom. This is not imposed on everyone in terms of you can be a secular person unhappy. Religious will be a Jewish state. So that's been the status quo. So these rabbis are saying that Bennett, by his coalition with the left will now destroy the status quo of benefits himself religious Jew, what would that be will, according to this article. The big issue is funding meaning the ultra-Orthodox community in Israel has follow the tradition which is a relatively recent tradition that is much as possible. All the men in the community should give themselves to studying torrent and rabbinic tradition praying day and night and that sustains the nation that their spiritual energy. Their study, the worship of God are praying is is what God uses to sustain the nation so of course they don't serve in the military. Obviously, the military, secular and worldly and that would take them away from the touristy's.

Of course it will serve in the military and of course because the families live on the poverty level know that 10 1214 kids in an and very little income coming in ill not a lot of entrepreneurial ship in terms of you making big bucks among them, so they need to be subsidized by the taxes of the state and in order to study day and night, so there is some income and there is work and so the delays, he says this is what they give themselves to could be 15 hours a day with this with the get themselves to so the concern is this is with some of these articles say that the issue is not the status quo of religion state relations. The issue is that funding will be cut in and of a good Lieberman and his party's is definitely more hostile to Russian nationalist party more hostile told the funding that goes to the ultra-Orthodox and ultimately certain point, things have to change because if they keep growing in number. Their birthrates are so much higher than the birthrates of the rest of the nation that if they keep growing in number and the state has to support many of the men studying day and night and almost none of them serving in the military you reach a breaking point Orthodox rabbi Daniel Lapidus as we met years back in a great time interacting first time we ever spent time together. She said it can only go on so support this from an economic viewpoint. They can only go on so far and that the custom, the tradition has to change that the men have to work that has to be more education. Something has to shift this can keep going on this way and then many secular Israelis are hostile towards ultra-Orthodox so you don't serve in the military you study all day, we have to pay for that note, you are in your keeping you find the military like everybody else in some respect to Melissa hostile so these are the concerns this is what's going on and and and really in many ways. That's the battle in the coalition government who gets over what department and by the way messianic Jews. Many have not been supportive of Netanyahu recently because it's been so close with the ultra-Orthodox ultra-Orthodox very difficult for messianic use in the land. All right more to process more about Bennett come back and take calls, 866-3487 84 error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution of your again is Dr. Michael Brown show his friends for joining us on the line of fire through the first Thursday voice of pullover reminds us 866-34-TRUTH that usually to question that you have. I know I said I'm going to the calls which which I am momentarily but as is looking at this this other headline Bennett is an evil and wicked reformed Jew who will rot safer. In the case was members, ministers, the Knesset, so some of the codes owes this referencing, but to call reformed Jew that's that's ultraliberal that's left wing that that would be questioning you know the Bible is God's inspired word that would be ordaining gay rabbis that would be. I debated the reform rabbi years back and after his initial. I spoke then he spoke.

I got up and said the difference between him and me as I believe the Bible is God's word.

He doesn't and people conquer all. How could you dare say that in the in the audience and he said that's right, you shall not, that's right at many told me you are even questioning the existence of God. These are very much to the left of of of of reform And yet these ultra-Orthodox Jews are calling left enough to the Bennett, who himself is Orthodox now calling him reform that's yeah so it is getting pretty intense.

By the way, those are also typical Israeli politics and the ultra-Orthodox parties when they be attacking each other be the one rabbi would be offering your blessing if you vote for this kind candidate. The other rabbi threatened to cursor if you prefer that candidates like, believe it or not. American politics is tame compared to Israeli politics. It's it's it's the truth's reality.

All right 866-34-TRUTH, let's go to Alan in Charleston, West Virginia. Welcome to light a fire Brown are you doing well.

Thank you, it more or less. How do I think there can be a big problem with either one. Observing the fact people the feast day work and I'll tell you why, because we will most importantly bite that an action we do and I would I would be hard-pressed to find an antibiotic Doer get out one that is somewhat more. They are putting their fight someone back there going in that that is not only not out the top like you could be it could be a big problem.

I'm not playing everybody but we almost without fall to want what you think what you think God made the Sabbath so important in Israel and called in to honor the Sabbath and call the delight and to sanctify the Sabbath. If in doing so that they would be guilty of idolatry.

Now your paper in the bar. I'm not what I'm almost in and partly of you probably are. I believe are the one that they will buy your yard like that, but one that you a greater active daughter God is more bleak… Got it bad that are wrong whether the lab up like it could be. I think it can be a problem.

I'm not the problem forever.John something that he could be a problem. Also saluting us this would be the same as far as spending time in prayer would be the same as far as abstaining from certain sins that okay so you're saying this, and in a universal way that you can put going right if our credit are not that I don't got it but about like that, Bobby, Bob, that that give me a bit more fighting for more right or more applicable to somebody that don't study about it but I don't get all that is all. All associates let's press this once once more in second Corinthians 71 following a series of promises in God calling us to come out from among them and be separate. It says having therefore these promises to the beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from everything that the files flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of the Lord and we know you he was 12, 14 tells us to pursue holiness without which no one will see the Lord, are you saying that a man who holiness leaves his wife and is living in adultery is just as acceptable to God as a God-fearing believer who loves Jesus and is seeking to please him and live a holy life okay. Just try clarification to you if I misunderstanding you, others might as well that we have to live a godly life under Dr. Brown that a quick bite.

Yeah, I got one like it either. Either like or more prior.

God love you more that I don't think that I believe that if you think that like to have a closer walk with God not enough like that that that you might. Got morbid, and a lot of people almost in Berkeley by because I do think think that might or might rank all right this is easy right got it done.

That's one I'm following up with questions to get to get clarification right insults. It could be. It has none of these was Jewish or not, it could be going to church on Sunday. It could be having a Passover meal in your home.

One of my colleagues. The Lord was dealing with him about some things and he thought Lord, you can use me.

I'm not worthy. And the Lord said to me you've never been worth and in a million years.

You could never be worthy. I love you because I love you I love you, through Jesus understanding that the Lord calls us to walk worthy of the Lord. So there is the recognition in myself.

I cannot muster up enough good works to please God, or by obeying the letter of the law somehow obtain a higher righteousness understanding that now as children of God, of course, were called to live godly lives and work with Jorge Allen thank you for the call and for interacting 866340 we go to Tampa Florida.

Stephen, welcome to the line of fire and Karen are you doing well.

Thank you.

Hey I have a quick question about John by your know I am running an equitable paper on top. I'm curious of what you wish. Understanding that when Jesus of course said that no with the glory that he had before the world began. How would you during that time.

Understand specifically before the world began. I know not necessarily the Trinity but maybe that is a big part of it, but I just want a better understanding of that were in a traditional Jew or Jewish people during that time right so there are two problems with answering this in a definitive way. One problem being that there were various Jewish beliefs. At that time there was not one singular traditional Jewish please that everyone held to the second problem is that we have a lot of literature reflecting Jewish beliefs in the centuries after that and there's some debate as to how much of that existed in Jesus day, for example, there is a tradition that's found in the Talmudic writings about the Messiah being preexistent. Some would simply say the name of the Messiah was preexistent, some would say the concept of the Messiah was preexistent the soul of the Messiah was preexistent the Messiah himself was preexistent. What exactly does it mean if that concept existed at that time then that's what would have been understood not necessarily that the Messiah was eternally God, but rather that the Messiah was preexistent that that he was somehow a higher plane than a regular human being and was created by God before the world began before there was a human race, and that his destiny was then to come into the world a certain point you might do something like that.

You wouldn't just from that passage get a full-blown Trinitarian deduction. You wouldn't from that passage get a full-blown the eternal preexistence of the sun idea, but would certainly get an idea of the Messiah's preexistence and it seems from other traditions that we have that that concept was something that that was known or held to indifferent Jewish circles at that time.

Yeah… I think that that answer my question perfectly. I can point where you can be either even on earth as we know in genitive but typically at divinity before you note the world you know I think you bring a lot of infighting. I wasn't really thinking about really pretty yet and it looks there are passages we look at now, and we understand to be theophanies or Christophe needs the son of God appearing in human form are appearing in different ways to the people of ancient Israel, so we read it and we recognize who that is to say that some in the first century before the full revelation of Jesus the Messiah would have read that the same way some might have been otherwise. That the rhythm different answers for their angels and things like that or how God was was appearing of its interesting you have a character like bucket Citic, Melchizedek, and in Genesis 14 then mention again specially and in Psalm 110 Hebrews 7 that there is literature from the Dead Sea Scrolls is fragmentary, but it does speak of him as is on the angelic level almost as it is a cocreator so you you have a figure like that, indicating that in the Judaism of that time there were these exalted figures and in some circles the Messiah would have been one of them who existed before the creation before the world began before Genesis 11 Taken Pl. a thank you for the question and keep digging your study shows learn a lot. I would get some phone lines open 866-34-TRUTH hate. Thank you for your YouTube donation Roche, of the debates with Adam Green appreciate your comments. There standing with us.

I will get back to more of your calls and more about not something that there is a file line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown was I here sounds of his mission Jewish worship leaders and psalmist fingers. She gets daughter of Marty. Jennifer gets I'm reminded of some interesting times with some of these friends and coworkers pull over and Marty gets is thoroughly Jewish Thursday, this is Michael Brown 866-34-TRUTH. If you have a Jewish lady question 866-34-TRUTH 87884 but quickly just a couple personal stories of Paul and Marty, and in many, many meetings where they lead worship, especially Paul, but many with Marty as well and they love the Lord that they love to worship. They look to lead God's people into into his presence and in that they can do it by the hour, day in day out because of their their love for God and and look for worship and oppose part of the leadership team that I was on I was leading or or ministry school and traveling out a Dan Juster was with the office of leader. The team Paul that Israel's hoped worship group that would lead worship or interrogation, the travel NetSuite. We are at this leadership team and we gather sometimes and you have a meeting that I did like the meetings because his other business administrator kind of stuff are just things that didn't interest me but things we have discussed leaders and every so often. Dan would say to Paul, he every guitar yet he wants you consciously do some solute to it.

I thought that's it for the meeting goodbye. The leadership meeting because the moment it starts to sing in worship we all just get caught up in worship and if we had two or three hours allotted for the for the leadership meeting.

A lot was going to be spent.

Worship regular thought those dangerous dangerous to ask, as Paul to start living in worship because he just got caught up and then with Marty.

He's these powerful as well and sometimes he would he would minister and song right before I get up to speak.

It's like 1/2 block just so overwhelmed by the message that saw you in the presence of God. But what what a blessing to to have people who bring us into God's presence with anointed words and music by anointed I mean the Holy Spirit is subdued the words and music, with a special grace, so that where impacted by it as well.

Okay. We'll talk a bit more about the. The elections in Israel and a Natalie Bennett but first to your of the phones are Robert and Mount home Texas. Welcome back to the line of fire around the Orthodox thing, the way they conduct themselves. They were using number 147 follow Levi's exemption is their motivation and were saying they were the modern day quote Levi's is back their motivation or they kind of shelter that Scripture don't justify know that that's refuse a sense of Scripture, you know it's it's simply saying that they are not recorded in the numbering because they have their their own inheritance so it's it's an interesting concept and you might make a spiritual parallel, but to my knowledge that has never been one of the main arguments because they they would love the whole community of Israel to be religious, and I would think they would ideally who would finance it, but they would want every every man, every male Jew in Israel living the way they live, they would want the whole country to be totally religious and I guess they feel that the goblets and outback them and doing so they are not looking to be just like that, that the priestly or the Davidic class.

Rather, it's based on their view of the calling to study day and night are taken literally.

Joshua 18. Don't let this book of Toronto depart from your lips, but recited repeated meditate on it day and night or or it someone. The righteous man. His delight is in the trough of the Lord and in that law he meditates, means, repeats, recites day and night, so they would see is their calling that the concept of is called Tom mature the Shema study of Torah for its own sake and that is considered to be Torah being the whole world of rabbinic literature that is considered to be the highest form of spirituality. Yeah.

So that's that's what comes up now if you go to the Judaism of Jesus day did emphasize the importance of study. But it was understood that people would have a vocation so you have sayings from you within a few centuries of Jesus Toth, Tori and their ferrets, which is that that stator is good with their ferrets literally way of the lab, it would mean with with an occupation and some of the most famous rabbinic scholars in history, Rashi and Rambam had professions in Rambam. For example, was a medical doctor who worked many hours a day, so this is a more recent phenomenon in in Judaism and and some of it is a reaction against liberalizing of Judaism and a reaction against the secularizing of the society. So yeah it's it's interesting.

But again, I I've not seen that verse uses a foundational argument in any way but appreciate the call and the question very much and by the way, rabbinic Judaism can deduce things that homiletical way that you can take a text that with this mean this but say William interpreted to mean that an and kinda make it the basis almost likes your pastor say hit it may not be with the text means with good preaching, but Bill actually now base legal precedent on that 866-34-TRUTH was go to Shannon in Richmond, Virginia. Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown calling Eric. I've always been curious about Janet 1720 okay.and as for Ishmael, I have also it hurts me to hold our black ham and increase thought I exceedingly he shall beget 12 keys and I will make him a great nation.

Can you historically expand on that.

Yeah, I mean, much of the much of the Arab world today would ultimately trace themselves back to Ishmael.

Of course, in the Quran, Ishmael, not Isaac is is the chosen son of the one through whom the the limit chosen lineage comes but yet the much of the. The Arab world today. It's divided into nations, but that's a relatively recent thing. That's that's a lot of his post-World War I when Western powers started carving things up into nations for the most part, these were these were tribal peoples and the affiliation was tribal and you know beget in Saudi Saudi Arabia behead in in in other parts the world like that that they would treat. They trace the suspected to Ishmael.

Now you do have.

So if you look at, say, Persia, that separate that's it's not Semitic Iranians are not Semitic people of their language force is not Semitic so a country like Iran that separate but many of the and then Egypt has its own history right is a separate history.

The same with with Ethiopia and and some of these other countries eat it Ethiopia having good as being a Semitic language that spoken there. And of course Egypt having it and ancient history side by side with with Israel and creating Israel as a nation, but other countries that would identify as as Arab like Saudi Arabia or in the many of the people beaten in Dubai or Qatar or United Arab Emirates. Many others among them I would be able to trace their lineage back to to Ishmael dislike Jews would trace their lineage back to Isaac Islamic what will yes this Islamic religion. But the Islamic religion has many non-Muslims and non-Arabs among okay so we speak of Arabs. We speak of ethnicity. We speak of Islamic speak of religion.

So the two separate things right and wrong, around 700 Mohammed yeah a profit and write a little little before that right so so the one, the founder of Islam so little before 700 that the founder of Islam is himself an Arab and then you could argue potential dissent from Ishmael and the earliest converts were themselves Arabs and therefore potentially descendents of Ishmael. However, over time. For example, a country like Afghanistan which is is a Muslim countries know there's no lineal ethnic connection to the Ishmael or Iran is a mention or Egypt is an ancient Israel Muslim countries, but there is no connection or turkey a Muslim country. But there's no connection between them ethnically and and Ishmael.

So just to be clear that he thank you, thank you for the question not misuse of the really interesting the end of Isaiah 19 it says that that God will poor in spirit on each shift.

In Syria, so ancient Assyria. A lot of that would overlap with Iraq today and that the three of them. Egypt Syria and Israel will worship the God of Israel together and then you can get into passages like Isaiah 62 with references to the to the Arab world in different different places kids are in places like that and it would indicate that there are future promises that remain for many in the Muslim world. Though I do not believe there is a promise parallel paralleling all Israel shall be saved for the Muslim world little be national or international trend of Muslims to the site indicates and includes a promise that I do believe that their promises of of major turnings within Islam course we see a great outpouring of the Spirit of many Muslims coming to faith supernaturally around the world in the last 50 years more muscle succumb to faith than in the previous 12 1300 years before that many would argue this, combined the harvest is been that great.

So God is moving in the Muslim world, but in particular it seems that some of the descendents of Ishmael along with people of Egypt and others have these promises that somehow that there may be shaking. There may be catastrophe there may be purging numbers and only a remnant left but there will be major turning to the Lord to the God of Israel at the end of this age and that Israel will be called the third part along with the other charming that that's how gloriously is expressed at the end of Isaiah 19 so there is something kindred you know there it in that sense, much of the Arab world which is predominantly Muslim overwhelmingly Muslim and the Jewish people there still blood brothers and that's that's why sometimes the tensions and the differences go as deep as they do okay, but more about Natalie Bennett when we come back and legs were calls, eight 663-4230 minutes from now. 30 minutes for and I'll be right back on the aspect around you to cattle for a weekly exclusive you to chat. So join us for 15 Eastern time right here on the aspect around you to cattle taken a ton more questions than they with it's the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 8664 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown, yes, yes it is early okay one more religious quote attacking incoming prime minister enough to the benefit and then an interview from nine years back before he was politically involved that someone is the uncovered with something very interesting about his own background in terms of nationalism, but this is from the article by Jeremy Sharon that I referenced early in the show. Bennett is an evil wicked reformed Jew who will rot okay and just this will give you a little bit more of the ultra-Orthodox Jewish attack on him us so one of the one of the, the leaders ultra-Orthodox opponents remembers said this, we won't allow in any way Judaism, or those things connected to the religious and ready community for the continuation of religious life to be harmed. One allow. There will be a war in every detail. This evil man was a partner to these agreements won't be able to do anything that was regular opposing tooth and nail its let's just say this. This is not going to endear these religious politicians anymore. Too many other Israelis, it will have effect within her own circles. To me this further alienates people and some who are religious, but more moderate will be drawn to Bennett rather than against what will see how this plays out. We shall see. But there is an article in Israel national news or routes whichever and it's intolerable to will the real Naftali Bennett please stand up and it says a previously unpublished interview with a man who would be prime minister and going down into this interview. This is some Anita the speaker that spoke English well and they were connected with him and did know who he was, but end up interviewing him again going back nine years and in the Arctic. The entry-level want to print but he's asked this question what you think was the biggest determining factor in influencing your nationalistic views and he said I served in the Sahara must tell you that which is the unit that both BB so Benjamin Netanyahu and Beebe's older brother Johne who died served. So the only owner Tom Netanyahu famously died in the rated integrity to free the hostages. There, under Idi Amin, and is a national hero in the memory of Israel for for dying for his people growing up. Johne was my hero. I read his letter is the famous beast of a unit list of Johne my first annuities named after my father in all major conflicts in the past two decades, I learned a big lesson from Lebanon years, I noticed that after we took out several Hezbollah terrorists. We have quite for a few months. We stopped attacking.

That's when they start hitting us. That's why learned very clear that Israel's only option is to be on the offense. We cannot be defensive because that only invites aggression from their side. When the second Lebanese war came, which is not a big war coupled with Ahmadinejad, who was just emerging and talk about wiping Israel off the earth. I realize whoa this is in Teaneck, New Jersey or LA Israel SunAmerica. We have a clear and present threat that wants to wipe us off the earth. They're not looking for a piece of land they're looking to remove the Jews. That's reality.

Next question.

How did this realization impact you in a practical way. Bennett said at that point still going back to high tech Bibi Netanyahu was head of opposition was looking for Chief of Staff was at his lowest had a very small party of 12 seats. I joined in there with the goal of turning them into the prime minister again. I got up every day from 2006 2008 as the Chief of Staff because I deeply believe in the man and his ideas than his older brother in 2009, the heads of the Esha counsel asked me to join and run the Council CEO.

That's where heritage started. It's if you give up should have Ron Bates, L ill Amore would let him recover until Israel will be a body without a soul. A body cannot exist. Long-term that sold for security reasons to speaking of different disputed territories in Israel. Anyone understands that if you try three times to plot of Marion Yehuda and Sharon so-called West Bank with Judea and Samaria, Lebanon and Gaza, and each time Iran comes in you have to be really insane to try 1/4 time in this last interesting questions you hold any current political zit position now or seeking any no wedge on the Esha counselor also cofounded an organization called my Israel Israel Shirley along the very talented woman in a yellow Chuck Kate Snell, one of the leading politicians of Israel is a grassroots national organization started with zero members. Today we exceed 80,000 members. This Israel's biggest grassroots organization by far.

Okay so interesting that this man who had no political position then but was supporting Netanyahu and helping him become prime minister again is now being viciously rejected by Netanyahu but is him.

He what he would have formed a coalition with Netanyahu, he would've done it, but the other key man that was needed to get on Starwood would not oversimplify, and others would work with Netanyahu, he would have that didn't work. He said okay let's see if this is the solution then positions himself somehow with with only 78 seats to become the prime minister incoming prime minister, but I'm hoping for the best. That's all I can say is a habit that hang on, how can you possibly make a coalition with those on the left. Well if you say this is going to move the nation for that would tear each other apart at an end that we have to at least work. Find a way to work together and everybody compromises a little. Others would say that that the the power that the left will have certain things wants to legislate and bring in there won't really be able to because this can be too much opposition on the right as asked for the Islamist party monster Abbas, the leader of that party is speaking consolatory ways and he says hey we just want funding to build up our communities. We we want to build up our communities and and and not have them neglect but it's a good goal. The money actually goes there. The sentiment to properly that's a goal and they are the Arabs there vermilion 1/2 are Israeli citizens so they should be cared for and in and in equal and righteous way and if that can happen if I know the whole thing may completely blow up. It may be worthless idealism. It may collapse into chaos quickly and may dissolve quickly.

There may be more elections and who knows Natalia Romeo emerge one more time and then Israel may lurch even further right if if there's little more more danger with the wrong or by demonstrations not considered to be loyal, etc. so we don't know what's coming.

But to me the pragmatism.

Your hat has to be with this many parties try to move forward as much as there were many good qualities among the ultra-Orthodox event about the negative but it is much as there are many good qualities among the ultra-Orthodox in terms of being God-fearing people and and in many with devoted to family and seeking to live a life that they believe is pleasing to God. Yeah I know there intensely hostile to messianic Jews look at us as the archenemy of of had them chanting in a single hit water bodies you want our souls we look at relatives and archenemies understand that, but as much their positive qualities with them because they have goals that are so centered on the well-being of their own community, to the neglect of the well-being of the nation's whole to have them excluded from power right now could be very positive thing and that's how many messianic Jews feel all you got time for one more call.

Let's go to Christian in Columbia Tennessee walking to the line of fire.

Are you go ahead. I wanted to ask you innovative as a Christian. I'm really excited to meet our the patriarchs of Israel and everybody that was part of the early stories of the Bible. The faith of toenail but I one question that I just really probably what one of the Jewish leadership. They today about why they are in diaspora for the last 2000 years. Three basic answers for religious Jews, traditional juices, it's because of our disobedience to God. It's in the more secular we been the more we have, and follow tradition more confirmation of that.

There were even religious Jews at the time of the Holocaust who felt that it was divine judgment on Judaism becoming more liberal and some of the hundreds of thousands of millions of Jews becoming secular. They been so this divine judgment. Of course, that that view is largely repudiated in the Jewish community today but the first answer would be disobedience none not rejecting the side they they would not believe that they wouldn't believe Jesus is the Messiah, but failure to observe the Torah failed to to live lives that were pleasing to God because that they came under divine judgment and were scattered that would be the predominant religious view, the secular Jewish view would be, it's just the it's this would happen in history just one of those things you know that there's this history we have wars we get exiled in and here we are.

So there would necessarily have to be a supernatural explosion. If you don't believe in supernatural God working in history, and supernatural ways are not looking for a supernatural explanation to history so secular Jews would just look at it this is what it is. It happened and then 1/3 view would be that part of the problem was lack of Jewish initiative to go back to the land you have that in some religious circles which might have it more and secular circles like hey this is look at this pragmatically. We have not ever launched a major international movement to go back to the land to make it our own. Again, because of lack of initiative then it's what's happened once we started to take more initiative in the late 1800s that it started to grow and then we were forced, you know, with the horrors of the Holocaust to say we have to have her own homeland in the moment. United Nations ruled on it. We declare independence than Jews were just picked out. So now had nowhere to go. Arab Muslim nations around the Middle East kicked out over the gold had to flee to the land so some of look at it that way, but the large religious view would be that we been under judgment and pray for mercy God's restoration.

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