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An Interview with Pastor Shane Idleman on Revival

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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June 9, 2021 4:30 pm

An Interview with Pastor Shane Idleman on Revival

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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June 9, 2021 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 06/09/21.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network prepare to have your heart stirred for revival stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH euro. Jim is Dr. Michael Brown revival church coming alive spiritual awakening that impacts the nation. I have burned with this for decades. It's been a major theme of my preaching of my praying.

It's been a major part of by life experience that something that we must have were in a place of revival or we die, so to say the church in America must come alive, and it's the only hope of the nation. I'm joined today by my good friend Pastor Shane Seidelman.

We've only met face-to-face once read the joy of spending time with him and ministering his congregation with the Christian Fellowship in California the last year or early last year before Kovic, but we have been in regular private communication for years and I've of loved his heart. Yeah man that's what I preach, that's what I believe is hard for holiness sort of repentance sort for prayer for fasting and God's been using him in the midst of Colgate in California Stadium opened up for them to use and preach the same people hungry and thirsty coming to the Lord. Christians coming to press and more deeply to God's got a new book on revival that's just out so thought to be an ideal time to spend this hour talking with Pastor Shane. If you have a revival related question something you're trying to work out in your own life or your own church.

If it's specifically related to the subject of revival.

It may take some calls, 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884, but without further ado, Pastor Shane, welcome to the broadcast good to have you back welcome Dr. Browning.

The introduction we have here that heart revival years actually started reading your articles on revival years ago that was a confirming more of what got my own heart so good together. Finally, how shall the topic for those who maybe might be on the fan yeah okay so why would anyone be on the fence when it comes to the subject of revival. Why is that that a mixture of controversial words of some of it because I'm actually putting the book. Oh God from heaven on audio right now minute in a hotel room but took a break here in Riverside and I just finished the chapter embarrassed by the spirit English the flame of revival and so I think when you use that term and a lot of conservator to churches who hold to the American scriptural truth just the concept of revival may be they're not used to it or what they did in the past video they theme but more portly. I think it's an issue in their own hearts where they've never. That fire and passion for God.

And so when you begin to talk about that date they are challenged by in the drug offense they don't want to really embrace that revival fire in my opinion, least of what I've seen so for some it's they have negative associations with that they think it's weird or it's emotional but for others. The real issue is that we, content to live on the surface were kinda contented to live with a nonintrusive Christian faith, that doesn't really cost us much, require much of us challenge us, cause us to stand out as followers of Jesus. Real revival will shake and change all of that there there is a great word the Lord spoke to you some years ago when I want to refer to that. The moment because it rang so true to me as someone who's been in the midst of historic revival and and and seen it firsthand. In that regard. But first, what we talk about revival your you're a preacher and teacher you like to communicate and explain how you define people's and what you mean by this. What is revival work not camp meeting having revival service revival we can know not working it up. It got bringing it down coat (I think revival is God reviving his people use the word spiritual awakening simultaneously work with crystal clear that God is moving his manifest presence here people below you on the present of her work through but there's a difference between God being everywhere.

His medical president present being a specific church or conference or threading and you could feel the tangible presence of God, convicting him encouraging it up and and building a people tearing others down at the justice revival without spirit. It's ironic of data from the first point I brought division to our church to some degree because we have no hundred people at the exam worship we have people be altered in full in the prayer life for the prayer meeting and and people were not open our convicted in the well that just music to emotional. I can't wait before the altar just a bunch of wood picked up the steps of the view that wow dispute of contention and armor. One of our worship leader the camping out on the thong for 5678 minutes of holy is the Lord and in people. One, one person left of the Duchess demonic. That's brainwashing and the people think that free husbands are returning home better husband and so you see the interesting dynamic that I think people are scared of revival or they've never experienced that order being challenged by yeah Arthur Wallace once said the split in the day of thy power, something claims to be a revival is not spoken against check again to see if it's really revival and Duncan Campbell, who is you so mightily in the Hebrides revival 1949 to 1952, off the coast of Scotland. He he verified that to be true, and I've often said that you can have controversy without revival, but you can have revival without controversy.

It's always been the way it is in history. Even Jesus coming into the world. Simeon prophesy the deeper the falling and rising of many in Israel and so the thoughts of many hearts should be revealed. And then at Pentecost when the Holy Spirit is poured out some of the crowd.

Here's the praises of God in their own language and no party crowd thinks they're drunk so experts, not the author of confusion. He won't inspire me to prophesy. It's gonna rain tomorrow and and inspire you to prophesy that there be no rain in the world tomorrow. But when the Holy Spirit moves it brings up to the surface was really in people's hearts, and that's often a shocker because many people like we have all of God that we want were were just happy with this. Going to church service and join the sermon or maybe a little uneasy, but then we we go out have a nice Sunday afternoon meal and go on with our lives. Revival does not allow you to just go on with your life.

Everything changed her schedule. Cause you to go deeper and it I've note that the faint people. The creek critic are also peak of fasting you want you walking all night prayer meeting you've never been them at the altar. If worship is longer than 20 minutes to start going 45 minutes to worship it too much to mark all the experience. With the with the Holy Spirit. They discount I remember here even in Southern California. I was at a large conference here mainly conservative pastors and the main leader said in the when he was reading EM bounds book were talked about one of the men who wore crews and hardwood floors.

The other Bible teacher, very popular for like I can even comprehend that like talking it my heart my heart broken liquid would be to God that we would all do that what what I'm missing here. So with that deeper life is depressing it is that experiencing God, and I think what that gets off the radar and they've never experienced it. They begin to market not you're right. There's never worked not spoken against genuine revival. Even Whitfield had his start with a lot of people had his critique which killed Leslie yeah Jonathan Edwards. I read that during the great awakening that the books of critic Charles Chauncey sold better than the revival books of Jonathan Edwards and today I deploy it gets it. Today nobody knows. They were Charles Chauncey Pattillo. They were Jonathan Edwards and I believe that working to write a book on genuine workable Holy Spirit. We talked about it will elevate cry will point people to the truth, it will post Clayton and infielder. You can look at any of it in a genuine revival you solved more than more than me. You know you should give you your your more experienced than in that I am in the area you thought. I'm sure with the revival your outfit. It was holiness was preaching judgment and righteousness repentance as well as the love, mercy and grace of God that you go back to those old truth and in the foundational truth and you can see the fruit of genuine revival. God and writing is all over it and but a lot of people think washing of God is genuinely moving. That's what I've heard before. Dr. then we would all know it will not necessarily the Pharisees the critical heart the stiffnecked people of their connected and attribute the work of God and Satan. Many times, yet not not only so the people that were there in these historic revivals. This is Conrad Sherry historian said that the critics in great awakening. He said they focused on the chaff wears those in the revival focused on the week so you're always going to have aberrations look what if the Corinthians rejected the Holy Spirit because of all the errors. No pulses know the Holy Spirit's working among you. Let's deal with the errors and what I've said is that what we often do is we sanitize past revivals and we demonize present revivals. We ignore that the flesh in error and humanity, which is going to be everywhere.

It's everywhere in church history, it's in any church in the country that there's only you also be human error or somebody falling short comes to past revivals and clean all that up and just make it like Everett was like all praise the Lord God is here, we will all follow him. Now and then whatever is happening today. We just pick out the extreme. The negative incentive focusing on the massive good fruit.

You know, it reminds me of Jesus the Gadarenes when he sets the demoniac free and there's the whole ruckus in the 2000 pigs running down into the lake and killing themselves the people come out and they beg him to leave. I think that speaks a lot revival, and you will about productivity will point radio when when I have God in a comfortable spot.

They don't want to experience that deeper walk or they look at a young worship leader.

The people at the altar. I'm more knowledgeable than them. I know more about the Bible to bear mama great deal, or I have a PhD in whatever and how the experience that is not me of jealousy comes in and pry commandment when you're blessed that you made it to maybe think of the Martin Lloyd Jones is quote you know he came against a reform conservative churches pretty hard preachers and preaching and other places.

He said living children need ruled that children don't so living children filled with the spirit of God need first Corinthians 12 1314. We need boundaries we need to know how to discern and test the spirit because were living more vibrant work seeking after the things of God but that children don't need ruled, and I think that's really struck a chord with me. It reminds me of the bed and ran to client that it's easier to cool down a fanatic than to warm up the corpse and know that the same way I would I would take the noise of the maternity ward to the quiet of the cemetery, so let it be that were struggling with all the new converts who don't know how to behave in church, let it be that were struggling with the emotion of people being set free from decades of chronic sin and bondage and let it be that were dealing with the emotion of people weeping in repentance and be that Islam comfortable until we fall on our faces to okay will talk with Pastor Shane about his new book on revival of the word that God gave him a want to open that often and then the importance of fasting and prayer to usher in what God is going to do the right thing in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us as a speech today with Pastor Shane Ottoman about the subject of revival. Perhaps Shane we we took one thing for granted. First, which is why is it that we believe that the church of America needs to be revived were timeout bringing something back to life. You can't revive a rock because Iraq was never alive if you got a two-year-old that jumps out of bed at six in the morning and runs through the house jumping up and down for the next 12 hours, the family may need to be revived, but that that little kids, full of life energy is need to be revived, but we speak of the church needs to be revived in your view. As a pastor what water is. Look at that was happening around the country. What are some of the reasons that you believe we desperately need revival what you can give church spiritual help and obviously were talking about the bride of Christ. We wanted you careful with you. You have grace and mercy and you don't call her to call out things as well.

And if you take spiritual inventory were not thing any type of really prayer meeting and pressing in on some of the worst movies on Netflix are being viewed by Christians. Christians are putting movie the program at the top of the list. There's no call to worship night worship mornings or walking closely with God or or that the culture it's almost like the cultures influencing the church is no outcry. Where is the article I wrote a call to anguish scale based on Wilkerson favorite yet video clip it and where to call to anguish. Look at the depravities that were a look at the different issues that are out in front of us and you know I cut the heat from this and so did you. And when the when we recognize that your Trump victory would probably bring a lot more pride to the church that brokenness and humility. So I think in that God was breaking the church. I was a lot of pop a lot of arrogant again.

I would be careful there's a lot of great churches do great things. There are people seeking the heart of God and revival of fasting purpose, but overall when you look at the church. We don't the a lot of humility and brokenness over sin and contending furnishing any for the church is and everything was right Raven else that you can help out a copy of the churches by Sunday morning and the pastor by Sunday evening services and who attend the big tell how popular God is by who attends the prayer meeting in which, as with this work thing any of that nationally. I know brokenness and repentance. Look at the Facebook posts for Christian and the tweeting during the last election and MES almost couldn't tell different partner.

Granted, I've I've ever perfected the area of a work in progress, but there's no I don't I don't feel big desire worst thing in elfish in our church and other churches the desire and the hunger for the things of God but yet to get us to a spot of brokenness and complete abandonment so I don't. The long answer, but we just into the spiritual fines of health. You can you can tell if a person is healthy because they're hungry you can tell person is hungry spiritually when they're hungry for the things of God. We just did you that that while awakening in revival at the state is our only hope. Yeah, absolutely. In other words, more of the same will only produce more of the same. It's like if if I've been X amount of pounds overweight for XMI years and keep doing what I've been doing well on the state that amount of weight or get more overweight if I'm looking yeah boy, I am out of shape what whatever I've done to get out of shape if I keep doing that, under the status shape. Somehow we think the doll just suddenly rain down the spirit from heaven.

Suddenly revival just happens will God may come suddenly, and he and he does. That's the we can just plan and it appears the calendar and turn on the switch and make it happen. It's it's about God coming God filling God moving, he may come suddenly, but there's something that's been behind it for years and years and years.

Just like an earthquake hit suddenly but if we can have perfect vision under the earth, we could say here's how it's developing and what we forget is if suddenly God begins moving in our services and instead of a Sunday service lasting an hour and eight minutes. It's lasting six or seven hours. How many people want to stick around for six or seven Congress or how many people you welcome people.

People weeping and wailing and and you go home you go out for family meal and half the family sitting at the table, weeping and shaking under conviction, mostly, but I'm asked for this.

I want to so God fills us to the degree of hunger. If you have parched land that's thirsty.

The water comes it drinks and there's a storm and it all the water just drink sent but the concrete just forms puddles because there's nowhere to go so gobbling. We moved to the degree of her hunger and thirst, and that's why so much of what we preach and teach has to be designed to cultivate hunger and thirst to to make people resist much more of God to be had. There are some is that he's promised it to be experience to experience let's slip it out together and and chain-link when you were praying and earnestly seeking God about revival years ago. I've quoted these words I believe there they are such true words that you that you heard God speak to you say to you when you were asking him for revival. I think what you're what you're trying to book an article that I talked about that time the carport in my heart I don't have in front of me. I can find her a quick reread it but yet my heart with federal revival for church, our nation, we are talking yeah 889 years ago and it was just clear as day. He just poured my heart and I couldn't stop writing out a little notepad and writing and right immunological paragraph long and it just poured into my heart. I couldn't stop writing this and looking at it, sending it to you to few others you like. Is this generally from God and doubts where I think the FEMA revival started I was I was weeping because it's so true that you want your reader a quick yes you got it… It yeah yeah and I felt that God was impressing me with that. He said you don't want revival, it will ruin your schedule, your dignity, your image and your reputation of the person who is well balanced. All that is true. Men will weep throughout the congregation. Women will well because of the travail of their own souls, young adults will cry like children at the magnitude of the sin with the strength of my presence, the worship team will cease playing time will seem to stand till Mobile to preach because of the emotion flooding your own soul will struggle to find words but only fight to your even the most dignified and reserved among you will be broken and humbled as little children, the proud and self-righteous will not be over stand in my presence, the doubter and unbeliever would either run for fear or fall on their knees and worship me. There can be no middle ground.

The church will never be the same again. Do you truly want revival, and it was the broking that morning when you shared that with me having experienced revival, myself, and having read so much about it and prayed along for every syllable of that was was true and real. I remember Shayna a few years ago some years back. Nancy and I were talking and she said you feel you're ready for another waiver of revival. I said no I don't.

She said why I said because of forgot how hot it is. It is the burning blaze of of holy conviction were suddenly your your undone unit even if it is Conoco still on for years and years, your pastor, you know, because little habits no sinful pockets are there your usual godly homeschooling mom got these areas of the flesh and needs, coasting along with doing our thing and and next thing you encounter God like Isaiah 6. Woe is me. Just suddenly the uncleanness of the file to anger the unforgiveness. The lust whatever it is your undone blighted and and ultimately if you go with it. It's beautiful. It's purging, it's cleansing, it's amazing. It's wonderful. But God's basis to hate you want to me you want to me and I think many of us don't realize how distantly Ben can you imagine how shocked the believers must've been the Laodicea. They said of themselves were rich increased in wealth and have need of nothing that was their self perception and Jesus says you don't realize that your your naked, pitiful, poor, blind and and think of that one. In eye-opener, but that's what happens in revival, but then we come to the Lord all everything is changed you are seeing some things happening though you're missing stirrings you're seeing some signs of encouragement share that with with our folks. You bereavement. I read about you and mentor article or transparent God have been on the head. As always, I know I'm conservative by nature took me 18 years to finally talk about my experience of the Holy Spirit speaking tongue not releasing what the public not emotional.

My dad raised the you boys don't cry.

It was from the farms of Oak Park from the bonds of Oklahoma and not having your barely graduating high school in dyslexia and learning and writing disabilities and think you know you knowledge puffs you up and you you post John MacArthur's church about conservative friends that you know it just got your broking that that morning by saying you do do ruin your schedule if you really want for them by the search my heart and I had to get my heart right before God and as I did that you start the those that the inkling of revival or that the sparks being started started with the 10 people your morning worship at thick families put on worship for an hour and half before services and hours 100 people. We have now. The worship team. The worship leaders want to be there at 5 o'clock to get a doing live worship thick that the parking is been following the course of things. Our next nurse indicated that of men.

Why would never see at the altar couple weeks ago the altar with all of these guys in the prayer room the line down there people crying out to God and and and coming in for got been filled with the spirit and people being healed and set free one man I prayed with a week and half ago we recovered from her homeless ministry.

Some of the guys from our team brought by the man and he did not just that of you been you addicted to crystal meth and yes I am in 24 hours. I prayed for nine Fina per week and he comes back. This defendant is just beaming and he said I been set free. Avent is the never used in a week, which is an ongoing again… I'm at a massive level but you know God often start market at the prayer meeting with the with the Welsh. The average revival you met with Dr. Campbell the blank sister one bent over their 80s and started Barrett started in a barn and they grew from there and so he is very yeah just listen. You gotta each sparks low on lawn for a little more and then usually we rejoice with every single life every every person touched. Praise God we come back talk about fasting illicit plan and it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I am speaking today with past idle men, the founder and lead pastor of Westside Christian Fellowship in Lancaster, California and now Leona Valley California is written about eight books. He is also launched Westside Christian radio network W CFR radio so that CW CF radio.Oregon's newest book is on revival of Shane tell us the name of your new book and where folks can find out more about it the title or O God, which are written in heaven, O God would rent heaven Shane I or Amazon or other marginal note differently for the Metro bring audio together as we speak and you left off at the break thing. You note that plane going and I was reminded of that older man without years later when he felt revival. You know what happened and he looked at the younger man with eyes of fire. He said when you lay hold of God, never, never, never let go and it's that continual viewing the flame and staying humble usable and broken. It into the great example that we can see throughout Scripture on being used of God without promoting yourself and that's what I want to be careful and let people know about it know that doing like you told me before it's okay let people know you but you don't want to turn into promoting it marketing. It is really a question spirit yet.

So friends I'm encouraging you for your own edification. Shane item in this IDL EMA and Shane sign up to get his is articles again over the years as I would see his articles in different places, preaching repentance, preaching holiness hungering for revival talk about fasting, prayer read it word for word suggest what I would've said the way I would've said it, so you will be edified. You will be encouraged. Also good reports of what God is doing and Shane you been active on the political level in terms of standing up for righteousness in terms of addressing controversial issues, but you know that change can come from the top down, we can simply pass laws alone or elect candidates alone and think that America will change.

It has to come from the church coming alive and then conversion of sinners and discipleship, and it's the only way America is his can change where we have to avoid the two errors coming one air.

What do I get to extremes that they one extreme is it we gotta get the right people in office. Gotta get laws passed.

We got have record justices which we all agree with for sure in the other extreme is it doesn't matter.

The church not be political. We shouldn't be involved in the thing and be there to help the medium there where you we are not called to be political, but we are called to be a spiritual influence in that influence should affect the political arena.

However, I think God does give us different calling you at game stop defendant Tony Perkin then those who called to the political arena are good, have a different calling than they Bible teacher Chuck Swindoll told family and those and we sometimes we begin we beat we become judgmental what you know. Why are they more involved, like me, or why are they less of all, like me, and not recognizing and thanking God for the first gift in the first calling is I did get a lot of you last your for being too political talking about certain organizations that word of God and abortion. Certain candidates and let you ovulate back in American history there. I am hold volumes on pulpit sermon that were on the area politic, they they would not shy away from that whatsoever yet so again it's it's a matter of of priorities putting first things first and second things second it's it's a matter of callings.

It's a matter of emphases and we each have to find Elaine in that regard. But we know overwhelmingly that everything is going to come down to our own relationship with God and overwhelmingly, everything is going to come down to the state of the church is, as Martin Luther King said that the church is not the master of the state or the servant of the state that the conscience of the state that subsidy for so many years that not so much concerned with the presence of darkness is much as I am with the absence of light.

You know you're you're in a hotel just shut away recording that you have the audiobook and things like that of but it if you went in there checked in at night and you flip the light switch on and it's still dark Inc. it met at the darkness. You think, what's the matter with the light and that's the real question you.

What's the matter with the light within the church will return to themed really quickly and and then talk about fasting and prayer.

This is something that God's only called you to, but called you to challenge others with but the whole idea about being embarrassed by revival. The chapter in your new book of God when the heavens I got saved in a Pentecostal church that was that was normal. That was my first introduction to the gospel.

But after being in the church for 56 years and now I'm in college and and now I'm questioning certain things in them reading more and I and now I will be starting graduate school in I, I didn't really like the Pentecostals of his little embarrassing to me and it seems so even anti-intellectual and unseal logical knobs on the ship. My views have become a Calvinist and now I'm I'm gonna 50 to another church. We were very active socially in caring for the poor and the need to do a lot of good.

We had no discussion about world politics were much more enlightened and barely charismatic, barely at all. I get my Masters and PhD MORE sophisticated theologically and I'm more subdued in my spiritual practice and this is much more unacceptable to this academic world and all that but I left my first love. And it's because of Calvinism. There plenty passionate Calvinist dead Arminians but for me this was part of losing my first lover leaving my first love, I should say. And when God began to bring me to repentance. It was was very humbling to say okay I become proud and in certain ways and not as passionate and devoted in other ways, and this is as a committed Christian and some of serving as a leader within my congregation and as as God began to to bring me to repentance and then sent to mover the Spirit through me to our church and the Holy Spirit fell we I was at someone's home and this one fell on the ground shaking confessing sin in this one speaking in tongues in this one can't even stand this over him of the spirit laying on their face vibrating. I thought all now I I like this diet.

I like reading notice sophisticated Dr. Brown about goodbye. Did it all and God basically said my spirit moves was in a word, it was a reality.

People things it had shaken up. You know, and can be intense and right then I said okay if this is what it means to have the spirit after if I have to crucify you know my own pride. Then I just want your spirit, and to this day. Critics will post videos of me for the browse revival days and I'm praying for people and since the firing of God touch them with the fire and passion of your spirit and and and people and only know me as an apologist or biblical scholars like Dr. Brown did you still believe that's like oh yeah that's that's who I am but you know God's really get a move there's gonna be reproach with it and and it's just so important that we went out looking for fall. He went out looking for shaking went looking for weeping weather happens not selfish were looking for God, but God coming is gonna rock our world is this sheriff we are preach to our audience for little bit when God built up a great topic and it's all my heart like it is your because when man encountered really encountered experiences a holy God.

How you supposed to act you just know that there unaffected.

I mean, you, especially if you're in fan and you need to wait it out, then or if you're an unbeliever, you feel the weight of judgment and that's what will cause people to hold onto trees when when the Wytheville Creek or at work than even last week I was praying for a lady and after I pray she came back intimate later shaking like it. I got kind of needed to hold or pray with her. She's weeping sheet of visibly upset, but she weather to the excise sugar that the first time I've ever went to the altar and I was so filled the spirit of God. I cannot contain help much joy you have right now and she's so well know know Malcolm on not just yell compose yourself act like nothing happened, but fewer people experience God of the people are emotional.

Some people are conservative only got break the conservative barrier they begin to weep for just how much damage they've done their family or they so these are all manifestations of God working in sinful man reviving them he's restoring them breaking them he's renewing them, giving them hope and offensive direction and we get excited basic excited with Mike right Mike Tyson's one rail knockout or football game after sixpack of beer getting oxide obtained my face in certain colors what the different I mean now it again will neither one of us is validating odd weird hysteria. But when God revealed himself to people.

You cannot keep that in the box, you cannot try to, you can't contain all you can do is steward it because I also believe or give their thoughts by the desk spirit to test the spirit and to rebuke what needs to be rebuked understand God is moving. They can is moving to to call out people who might be trying to promote themselves and but in that environment God is also working so that's my thoughts on this. This area of emotionalism. II me there been times where I could even go up and preach because the singing amazing grace, how sweet the sound just begins to pour into my heart.

I can't.

I cannot physically go to preach because all begin breaking down so how is that about the people for that's just emotionalism want.

That's not me. If they know me I'm not emotional I'm levelheaded I don't buy… The cry it out strongly benchpress lot away take steroid like get a lot of fights and and unemotional person is now very emotional because you. The reality of who God is and I think genuine, in many cases was so interesting I hate emotionalism's working catalog/you can do it. You can use certain words sing certain songs greatest an atmosphere because nowhere I I hate that because they have now people disappointed. They think this is the real thing and it doesn't last. They walk out of the building just as depressed as when a command or a day later, when the high fades. It's over. But when they encounter God. Nowhere in the Bible does it warn you, don't get too emotional when you encounter God rather were told to to weep, were told to leap for joy.

Know that that lame man healed in acts three. He walks into the temple which is the most reverent place on the planet in terms your behavior required of you. He walks to the temple, walking and leaping and praising God what you expect to happen when demons leave people with Jesus present they scream and the person shakes and why didn't Jesus just make it totally quiet while maybe he was letting it be manifest how ugly this was how serious this was but but either way, emotionalism is based on getting worked up into a certain frenzy at an end like you could you could put a movie on with the right music and everything are all crying because it's it's a soulless kind of thing we're talking about godly response to truth godly response to the presence of God. Godly response to the Holy Spirit and Paul writes about in second Corinthians 7 that godly sorrow leads to repentance. That's what happened. Transformation comes okay fasting. We gotta talk about fast.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 664 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us on the line of fire is focus on the subject of revival and speak. Pastor Shane idling IDL EMA and go to Shane. I will check out his newest book all God when the heavens rebuke at your books online. Amazon, Barnes & Noble Christian book.

Check it out there or his website Shane Shane Inc. in your own life. Hang on here hey guys if we could just bring Pastor Shane on some how my clicker is not working properly of there we go. Thanks so alright so yeah just click on it one more time and get rid that Blair we go. Thank you gentlemen okay so let's not say that was demonic resistance. I think we just this data issue here. Okay, so in your own life. I know that you are often seeking the Lord early morning prayer. Discipline your life is fasting plays an important role. It may be before you. Then you could mention a resource to put together on fasting. But why is that so important in your own life and why you think it's important for the subject of revival where it all came together many years ago when, like many people, your reading the Bible in your ear you after fact that it David felt that it motors outfitted Ezra field do you like what if you know I clock drop that number today that it fell very appealing and coming out of a physical fitness background that's right I kind of my expertise with physical fitness, nutrition know you didn't fast you would lose muscle want to eat every few hours and I keep the metabolism going, which all that is changing out the intermittent fasting different different concept out there so that started get my heart like this concept of fasting in the Bible and Jesus thing you confess now but when the bridegroom leaves you will phallus the night if you felt when you fasted so that the conviction started and then starting to read books on revival and the decay early church fathers and fasting was commonplace.

Wesley would fast Wednesday to Friday to get you in it ordain anyone unless they fasted, I don't that might be a little extreme, I don't. I do hope we can start to get that degree.

So anyway you have the biblical biblical examples of fasting and I see throughout revival history throughout early church history.

This idea fasting and so I ordered some books like you said Arthur Wallace, and other not too many books written on fasting out of the conviction I began to study it.

Learn more about it and applied it to my own life and I begin to break out first. The first addiction on the fasting area with coffee and that took me a long time to break and a lot of listeners are not to like this but the predictive of the drug. It really made me into a no just a mean angry person because of the stimulative effect of intellectual fasted from Navistar to give up KI want to go all day without without eating and spending time with you sometimes are very difficult you.

There's no you don't feel anything different you expect anything different but then other times it would just be incredible as you starve the desires of the flesh, and you begin to be filled with the spirit so that you not starving because most of us have plenty of reserve you're doing is you're changing the fuel source to ketosis the different things will need to get into, but you are giving up one appetite a hunger for the things of the world and now Lord of exchanging that for a hunger free you in the example I give is when I lost my my kids at the fair or if you want lose your kid in the crowded mall. Are you there well you know what I'm hungry liquid eat and I will look for the child. Of course not. But I gotta find that child of God in you know in the Hebrew buckeyes should seek the Lord like her that seeking is I gotta find God no matter what it cost so this appetite for things of the world you give up first season what that looks like Monday today the week and you begin to think the heart of God.

The reason is so difficult is worth addicted to caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, sugar, process food, aspartame, artificial thing and we all fasting is so hard to really were withdrawing from foods that have been damaging the body.

So I saw the huge spiritual benefits of fasting action brought my body under more self discipline.

I think were supposed to discipline our body brings both under control and not allowing the flesh to control SME. Most people let the less controlled of I want to go to Krispy Kreme donuts.

I want to coffee I want fast food I want to eat again. I want chocolate and were constantly listening to the desires of the flesh, so fasting is a fusion of silencing the voice of the flesh is a hunger strike against hell so I can now devote my attention when I when I feel hungry and the desire to misspeak you diligently and felt but it's not where you twist God's arm is not a good work. It is a hunger for the things of God. So much so that I'm giving up the healthy appetite that he gave him giving up the good to seek the greater seat so you basically at this point you want to see God move more in your own life or community.

Maybe it's a family member. This away from God or a life critical situation we are desperate to see an outpouring in your church or your broken hearted over the state of the nation. Whatever it is this something driving you and your you're making the loudest statement to God that you can write it. It's like you're staying up at night and seeking God because you have to break through. So this is just kind of amplifying things once more. It's not earning something from God.

It's not that if we starve ourselves enough that he'll respond that we can twist his arm but rather it's is, turn your whole life into a prayer is that because you're conscious of the factor fasting so it's it's that with every heartbeat. It's like a prayer. God, I'm serious. God, I'm serious through the broken after Margaret wake up and get hungry for three or four days like God. I want you Moran and I begin writing the last four or five articles like that you regret three months have been refuted. The fasting or guided to start pouring in my heart and weeping and Scripture will come alive.

Joel consecrate a fast call of figurative family didn't deter to call out to God that he might. In the Scriptures come alive. You're in the state of denying the flesh and being filled the spirit. But again, it can't be a work birth to God by do this, you better do that to me it's never been that's been mortified. I'm so broke it yet. I'm so broke it over the depravity of our nation. Look what with her pushing the schools in California. I don't know if you've heard, but the we have teachers teachers in the prayer room in my church. The church I leave where they have to call the kid third, there are binary name they or their began calling Kiersten where's the skin and what are they doing to the children to the church is still broken. The church is so powerless. It's mainly affect cry of moral God and a broken and starving this appetite to focus on and appetite for God yeah and Shane by God's grace I transfer my life so she was seven years ago and since then there's been no dairy, no flour, no snow sugar no hard in a neat, just it's it's a new lifestyle free from lifetime of chocolate addiction of the suites addictions and reds and stuff like that so sister slaved to some untransformed and it's it's a constant discipline and yet there's the challenge amount heart okay that there's another place to get to and the only way to get there is been extended fasted just doesn't happen in any other way and and you don't many people are fearful and what I think of it there's always that little tinge of fear before starting a fast like what you get to go through what's the big deal, but the rewards the spiritual rewards. I believe many of us will will kick ourselves as we look back in our laws and think why did we take so little advantage of of of the power of fasting and it's critical for revival kisses that ultimate prayer of hunger, and desperation and and Shane. You've done practical teaching on this as well because you've got the nutritional background you know a ton more about those things that I do, or their resources on your website that will help people that that one a fast want to dig into this more deeply, you better write a book I wrote. And fasting. What works, what doesn't and why talk about virtual and the physical thing and fasting and I've noticed that the spiritual and physical often run together when I'm taking care of my body physically I feel better spiritually that we would try getting four hours of sleep using a kind of junk food and try preaching wife ex-wife FL before I preach and I should mention to you can download my book.

The chain I we got free download link is about money than about would try to help people think download the book for free on the topic of of fasting and we become so addicted. That's why think fasting is only benefit because you're actually getting off of your addiction and the physical benefits when Jesus calls you something spiritual, the physical benefits from atop a G Cifelli for claiming at the cellular level to the arthritis and diabetes and heart disease and blood pressure decreasing all of the huge physical benefits. In addition to the spiritual benefit. Yeah, absolutely. And you know some of those articles as you were sending them to be before they were published in a hot off the press, they were vintage men.

They were burning in you Sinan I wrote this will fast you could feel it. There was a you know that the, the, the ball was pulled back even further before the arrow was shot out some friends visit Shane download the book on feasting fasting contribute to the ministry work there because they're constantly reaching out to him for more and then all God when the heavens check out the new book Shane I'm utterly convinced him singing around the country where there is hunger and thirst with is a willingness to let the Holy Spirit move and when Jesus is being preached without compromise God's God's beginning to pour the spirit around America and I'm hopeful that we could see a great shaking a great outpouring and the great awakening. Okay 30 seconds less word to you last word. I just remember the New Hebrides revivals well and that small prayer meeting that the gentleman that God we are holding you to your word. We figure we will find you and your word stake that the same thing that it you will honor his work. If we hunger if we seek if we desire him more than anything else we break before him, and after be used by him, you will experience if not Corp. revival personal revival out absolutely great.

Don't you know you're on stage. All the honor.check out Shane idle and let's press into the fire.

Bless you man and grace on your audio recording. I another program powered by the Truth Network

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