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Focus on the Crisis in Israel

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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May 13, 2021 4:20 pm

Focus on the Crisis in Israel

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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May 13, 2021 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 05/13/21.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network all our attention is on Israel.

Today we go right into the heart of the conflict started for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown was the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of Ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH euro Jacob is Dr. Michael Brown friends. We've got a whole lot of ground covered today.

Time of great shaking and pain in Israel and the Middle East. Many lives in a people. People dying great hardship.

God cares about every single life there both to Arab Christian Muslim. I cares about every single one of them and we want to to talk about what's happening your best to give you a balanced perspective and then at the bottom of the hour and get to be joined by two guests who have documentary coming out of all times today about the holy land and about the great divides there, between Israel and the Palestinians and unbelievably fair, honest, compelling documentary, so this will be have them scheduled to come on the day of the release of this soul all the more. Do we have all lost a really important things talk but I make it to some calls as well. 86634 I make it to some Jewish related calls today. We will see.

So stay on the line and will get to cover as much ground as we can. Okay, here's a headline from Israel. This started blaring everywhere yesterday look at this five-year-old boy killed dozen others injured as Gaza rockets Pound Israel. So here's a picture the boy five years old his home and stay wrote was bombed. You have to rip your and stay wrote just always be within seconds of a bomb shelter. They were in the bomb shelter, and on every home in Israel must have a bomb shelter. Think of living like that must have a safe room and bomb shelter, and the bomb penetrated the shelter. He died of his wounds five years old. What let the let me show you this tweet that went out from a Hamas leader, the very ones that sent those bombs to kill men, women and children in Israel, the more the better. The more Hamas will rejoice, including Israeli children killed look at this tweet, the instant Palestinian child comes and thus are 11 was all his way to buy vegetables to his family to eat it at Easter time.

So that's breaking the Ramadan fast he was hit by an Israel rocket and died immediately.

He was returned to his blind mother dead, comes a is a martyr, so that's a terrible tragedy. That's an 11-year-old that died because of an Israeli bomb limited the difference. Israel hates that Israel does everything in its power to avoid civilian casualties, Hamas dislike the PLO in years past famous for using women and children as human shields. In other words, set up your rocket launcher right in the middle of a very populous area set up your rocket launcher right next to a hospital right next to a school so if Israel takes out the bomb.

The bomb squad there. There may be innocent civilian casualties.

I know from people who served in the IDF. The pains that they take to to avoid civilian casualties know they're not perfect, but they go out of their way to do it is a fact risk. Hamas is seeking civilian casualties that his work is really sick and I grieve for the people in Gaza because they're not getting a fair shake. They have been raised under oppression, mosses is the savior figure for them trying to fight against the evil Israelis element savior figure to glorify what you don't say they're fighting against the monstrous occupation Israel just bad evil state run TV and the people of delivery difficult lives hi population density, massive unemployment, it's the fault primarily of the leaders of the Palestinian leaders be at the Palestinian Authority be its Hamas. Hamas being even worse, here's the sickest part of it. And again, I'm not saying everything Israel does is good right never said that ever, here's here's the real sick part of it that the more civilians the more children that died, the better it is for Hamas and talk about Palestinian children Palestinian civilians. The more that died, the better because it makes Israel look bad in the eyes of the world. This is what we're dealing with friends. May God save the, the leaders of Hamas that he saves all Tarsus may he work miracles among them that this is outright evil. These are enemies working to destroy Israel and the Jewish people living in the land.

Andrew Andrew wine. Perhaps the front runner in the New York City mayoral race right now sends out this tweet.

I'm standing with the people of Israel were coming under bombardment attacks and condemn the Hamas terrorists the people of New York City will always stay with her brothers and sisters in Israel who faced down terrorism and persevere. May 10 good good tweet agree with it.

And hey, you got several million Jews living in New York, greater New York City area. Makes sense to also make clear hey I'm standing with Israel against terrorism, but he ends up having to apologize for that tweet. This is what he next puts out with us.

Take a look at this this this is his next tweet. His next message says this I spoke to a group of volunteers for the campaign yesterday, some of whom have been with me for years. Many of them were upset with my recent tweet expressing solidarity with the people of Israel in conjunction with the violence in the region this week. This claim lives of innocents and children of bosons expressed to me that they follow and support me for a number of reasons. One is that I'm a clearheaded person false facts, there was that of a human being who stands for universal values of fellowship and goodwill felt my tweet was overly simplistic in my treatment of a conflict that is a long and complex history full tragedies and they felt it failed to acknowledge the pain and suffering on both sides. They were of course correct.

I mourn for. He Palestinian life taken before it's time, as I do for every Israeli suffering and pain and violence and death suffered by anyone hurt us all. All people want to be able to live in peace. We all want that for ourselves and our children supportive people does not make one blind to the pain-and-suffering of others. Again, most everyone simply wants to be able to live and pray in peace. That is what we want as well draw with millions around the world and praying for the current situation to be that the current situation be resolved as quickly as per as quickly peacefully as possible and with minimal suffering, those who spoken to on this. Thank you continue to believe in humanity. I appreciate his humility. I appreciate him saying he cares for all sides involved in grieves over the loss of life, good for all of that. Don't don't step back for your initial 20 because Israel is not the terrorist year.

Israel is not the instigator here. Israel is not the one intentionally killing civilians or don't equate Israel's response to terrorism with terrorism that that would be like equating the. The Allied bombers try to take out Hitler and the Nazis with Hitler and the Nazis. You don't you don't do that you say no don't know. I've I've heard that Israel did provokes okay let's separate fact from fiction. I want to go through an article here and is read read through it. As I looked at things as I've analyze things at say very accurate laid out loudly and clearly this is from a J see global and the article was published on May 10 and it's it's titled for myths and facts about the violence in Jerusalem right you, Andrew Yang said what he looked at us like in my outline for the be sorry about that folks.

And I said Bob name. It looks funny to me is just my outline in front of the so II should've corrected it might my better so I apologize for apologies for you in the name wrong okay for myths and facts about the violence in Jerusalem as is the final days of Ramadan drew Muslims to the Al-Aqsa mosque to pray in the celebration of using Jerusalem's reunification to marches to the streets to celebrate a wave of violence has been steadily building for weeks reached a crescendo Monday is Hamas fired more than 150 rockets toward Jerusalem and various towns and cities across an Israel forcing millions of Israelis into bomb shelters perform media myths circulating on social media distorting the reasons behind the violence that has escalated to the brink of war. Right before I go further in that article living to save a few things.

Where is Hamas getting all the money for all the sophisticated rockets more sophisticated than in the past, hitting Tel Aviv hitting Galilee's on the north, hitting Jerusalem places that would been hit before really getting money from will obviously the money that pours into the Palestinians is not going primarily to build good hospitals, better schools, better housing, develop jobs, help infrastructure, no. A lot of it is going to build bombs and terror tunnels. That's where a lot of the money goes when America foolishly gave her Ron back so much of the money that was frozen $150 billion wrong, quite blatantly put it right back into terrorism and Enron is a major provocateur of what is happening in the Middle East and so so many different ways in helping to fund groups like Hezbollah and helping to to to push for groups like Hamas.

So the money that could have been spent to care for the people instead is used, to build bombs and and now things are striking areas that have been hit before, so it is all the more a frontal assault on Israel and the Jewish people and the provocation that is Hamas that he was had been waiting for and apparently there is division among Israeli security in an army in different ones government as to how far Hamas would go, but Thomas what way further than some expected, some are predicting it with the government summits further than what they were expecting worse than what they're expecting in Israel. Now, even though the nation is divided with the elections of all of this in an it's on I was unable to form a new government, and others will try to form one and a key party bring. It was can be in our party.

Right now the nation is pretty much the signature on you.

I will get the job done. At least not for new government right now. Get the job done and and I don't believe Israel right now Cisco's okay with accepting of the cease-fire. No, Israel's, and do we can to decimate Thomas's ability to to carry out what it's doing is ready taken down some of the major Hamas leaders you agree those human beings for whom Jesus died that for all we can tell are lost forever, and died in rebellion and hatred still mourn the loss of of any life, but these are people getting what's coming to them. You live by the sword and die by the sword. We come back and will go through those myths and tied up, go, go, go, wonder woman under some attack and fly one pushes Israeli file to light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael Brown 11 nailing it to the names today in the midst of this very discussion of the typo on the outline.

I was handed to Wang instead of you correct that I know the man's name and then Gallagher don't like pleasant Gillis no gills mailing gone yet yeah and got Dell always is, is that he was aware thought it should be been scheduled. Then anyway. Anyway, thanks to my razor-sharp team for catching that back to the stuff that really matters. Lit. Let's let's take a look at this article about some of the myths about what's happening today and what provoked this right. So Ms. number one Ms. number one Israeli police have launched an assault on the oxo mosque at the end of Ramadan at the Smith fact the funds were seen as the result of Palestinian site and I was really aggression in the days leading up to the riots in the temple mount compound posted and stockpiled stone slabs rocks fireworks around the site.

Thousands of worshipers leaving Friday prayer hurled rocks Israeli police officers guarding the site and respond accordingly. Videos from inside the Marshall stun grenades lining inside preferences projectiles used to disperse the crowds outside have gone through doors with wide open, leaving the worship space, more vulnerable amplifies the bogus battle cry that all oxo is in danger, which is serve to foment protest and violence for years there's it's very wholly sacred site third holiest and as long. Meanwhile, Iran's meddling is inflaming tensions as well ahead of Jerusalem day which is lumbar the flashpoint in Iran's calendar, Iran's Ayatollah Ali, knee wrote that the Palestinians endeavors in the pureblood resistance martyrs have managed to multiply Palestinians. He has eternal power internal power by hundreds of times once Palestinian used defendant themselves by throwing stones.

But today they respond to the enemy attacks with precision missiles. Social media also is been webinars by Arbutus to agitate formal violence throughout the past month, a new social media trend arose that involve physically assaulting visibly Orthodox Jews and posting the attacks on tick-tock and by the way, there's like Civil War now, and cities were Jews and Arabs live side-by-side Israelis and Palestinians side-by-side. And now there's violence exploding minutes. It's a real real difficult time. Ms. number two. The so-called assault on all oxo is a Jewish effort to support suppress religious freedom fact.

Never in history has there been greater religious freedom and protection for all worshipers in Jerusalem.

There has been since Israel took control of the city 1967 when Jordan ruled the city Jews were denied access to the Western Wall to the cemetery and the Mount of olives reduce or bury their dead. One 2500 years, nearly 60 synagogues were destroyed. He turned to stable for chicken coops and Jewish tombstones were ground up and used to pave roads. Jordan also passed laws that banned Christian institutions from acquiring real estate and limited how many Christian schools could open after the 1960 Civil War Israel abolished all of Jordan's discriminatory laws and made it illegal to restrict access to sacred places. Israel also entrusts the oversight of the holy places to the respective religious authorities. For example, the Muslim walk overseas. The mosques on the Temple Mount. While Israel oversee security that is the another big one WWE wrestler and smacked down restless by the name of Sammy Zane. He he tweeted out we get this a friend just sent this to me.

Yeah, let me let me just read this to you the will go back to he tweeted out this saying let me get it. There is no viable moral defense for stealing people's homes based on their ethnicity. So what's that charge about you let let's go but let's go back to the article, this is myth number three.

The eviction of 30+ families from their homes and shake Dara a neighborhood in East Jerusalem is an example of ethnic cleansing probably heard that is just as everywhere fact.

First of all, the case centers on six families in 1/32 Israeli Supreme Court has ruled him of the landowners can evict the families who have been at will tenants on the land since the 1980s. Rather wait for court decision.

Palestinians have made the family's cause célèbre and inciting violent clashes with Israeli police and Jewish extremists.

The dispute and Shakespeare originated in 1876 when the land which houses the tomb of review Jewish high priest frantically was under Ottoman rule that year Houston and landowners sold the land to two Jewish trusts Jordan captured the plot in the Arab-Israeli wars 1948 and built dozens of homes there to house Palestinian families who had fled from what became Israel after Israel captured East Jerusalem in 1967 Jews were allowed to reclaim property that was under Jewish ownership before 1948 the Jewish trusts resumed ownership of the homes on the lot, but later sold it. The new landowners have tried to evict the residence ever since that issue lies with the Israeli Supreme Court, Israel's Atty. Gen., the court and urge the parties try to reach a compromise last week with the Palestinian residents refused hearing slated to take place this week was postponed with the Atty. Gen.'s request in order to avoid further inflaming tensions and said that's the truth about the so-called ethnic cleansing.

That's the story.

There is no ethnic cleansing is old, decades long legal battle, but who cares you can flame hatred against the Jewish people with a single tweet with single piece of misinformation last last math Ms. number four. This violence is all about sovereignty. The battle over the sovereignty in Jerusalem and this this goes through the reality they are with actually happening with the real issues are, but it is it is not that, in short, the conflict of Jerusalem is fueling only part of the tension internal rivalry between two Palestinian political parties Hamas and Fatah and Palestinian Authority Pres. Mahmoud Abbas's decision to again postpone elections also explain some of the violence because Hamas doesn't have a strong presence in Jerusalem. The terrorist group has co-opted this conflict and enlisted Palestinians in Jerusalem to help reach their goals but but hey, why worry about facts when when you can flame hatred against Israel and in the Jewish people.

Okay, check this out check this out Breitbart so strongly conservative website look at this series of headlines therefrom today riots in Israel. Shouts of a lot of walk bar as Jewish man stepped Israeli flags burned synagogues, attacked in German.

The Chicago cheers Palestinian terror attacks Gog adult pro Israel comments ripped apart by entertainment media that you this is a conservative pro-Israel site bizarrely people choose to be anti-Semitic in years past, words utterly ridiculous. In any case.

In any case, what did Gallagher adult actually say this is Israeli serve the IDF as is most all Israelis do you require too much or ultra-Orthodox in the exempt alloys required to serve men and women lymph to your spent three years to get a high school do that then go to college all but what she say that was so terrible, so controversial. Be ready to read you my heart breaks my countries at war I work for my family, my friends.

I worry for my people.

This is a vicious cycle that is been going on for far too long Israel deserves to live as a free and safe nation.

Our neighbors deserve the same speaking of Palestinians and others in the region. Our neighbors deserve this same I pray for the victims and their families. I pray for this unimaginable hostility.

The end.

I pray for our leaders to find the solution so we could live side-by-side in peace. I pray for better days. What a great message as an Israeli. Of course she cares about her people are family or friends. Of course I am getting information. You know what were the five-year-old boy was killed in stay Roche, one of my colleagues grant for ministries will sends a note that I think his sister-in-law or family member lists right down the block from the Aaron.

This realize these are people we love under attack. Having a huddle in bomb shelters and and I've been up and told the of the bombs dropping it it's it's actually terrifying and and you can do nothing. Just have to wait and so wanted very intense and any think of it every home member. Every home in Israel must have a bombshell to the apartment building. They must have bomb shelters with them. You have to have a safe room it with your family. This might be of little house you must have a room that's in a safe room bomb shelter basement where everything is an end… They wrote you just have seconds cassette so close to God. You have seconds.

Whatever you doing taking a shower, playing with kids on the street. Seconds to get into a bomb shelter. They have to be all over the place and you have little children in elementary school children suffering from post traumatic stress disorder because of of the bombings and the constant onslaught that they experience. So of course she's concerned about her people, but the friends she's concerned about the neighbors she wants. She wants them to initiate. She wants them to be taken care. She's concerned about the Palestinians and hates the loss of life and obsolete is considered doubts. The people of the piece together, but your typical this is the typical propaganda out there. I would say this gentleman is from Pakistan. If I was guessing with blessing Shaw via Shaw is posted openly on her Facebook page.

Israel is making Gordon for their own children and held for others. Children produce children is in human behavior. That's what happens when people believe the lies. That's what happens when people believe propaganda and we pray for the peace of Jerusalem with this piece. In Jerusalem there is peace in the region. Friends saw us us stop here. I started conquerors but every human being in the region, but you better believe Israel is under attack by terrorists. That's a fact. And, and I'm glad that Pres. Biden, although his policy direction is been bad the morning to working with her on the way does terribly dangerous good that he did tell premise to Tanya. Yes your right to defend against terror like it's been even more so. Forceful statement but I'm glad at least that callers may we come back and talk about a documentary that really gives both sides of the Palestinians.

Really, I mean it is and I hope if I was this is something you need to watch their this is something you need to walk the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown nice friends for joining us on the line of fire severely Jewish Thursday is we are in the midst of massive conflict in Israel to turn into a major war looked at my calendar, I thought. I cannot believe that this is the day that we had scheduled to have two gastronomy Justin Krohn and Todd Moorehead who produced an extraordinary documentary hope for the holy land. It releases midnight tonight and find out more by going to watch.Salem.calm hope for the holy land, but rather than rescheduling because I was having. Guess I thought what a perfect time to have them on because as as I watch this documentary I get sent stuff because you can watch this review this in the vast, vast majority, we just have to respectfully decline. But I want to so video and I was stunned by how fair it was and how it really got you into the heart of Palestinians and and how those they view Israel Israelis how they view the Palestinians and and and how they see the conflict in an the conclusions I can trust that was so powerful, so Todd Justin, welcome to the broadcast ground area great aerial almost nailed it with both you the exact same time.

Next time I'll tell you what entitlements got that perfect so let let's just first very quickly because I want to focus on this documentary and then get your comments on how we can help in the midst of the conflict today, especially Christians around the world watching and trying to figure out how to sort this out so go with each of you, but Todd first and Justin, how is it that you got such a burden for Israel for the holy land.

Yeah, I became a believer really got like four years old and just think that with that confession of faith or the love for the people follow management and I don't actually know when it happened it would get there with a wait there and it's not something my BMI parents, both believers, but they didn't illiterate me, I do think it was the God-given thing I thought everybody that every Christian. They love the people in Israel start… The case so it was just something in your heart from a little boy interesting art adjusted. How did you develop this loafer, Israel, Jewish people, though the larger region. Yeah, well maybe I come from a Jewish background Jewish follower of Jesus and so like you probably heard before of Michael you you can take the Jew out of the land but you can't take the land out of the Jew is just a part of who we are and so a lot of doctors came from influence in my family.

But then even even more so, just as I grew in my faith. You read the Bible and obviously Israel is a very very central part of of God's redemptive story and that God was never to give up on the people of Israel, despite their disobedience or lack of faith. And so, my heart followed suit, and just wanting to help my people are people better understand God's heart for them in the neck, carried into going to help the church were not hurt as well.

A solid question Justin before you go back to Todd. It seems as though based on what you produced in this this documentary that you also a tremendous heart for for the Palestinians where that come from. While jumping around that I I was challenged by someone at the church that I was attending who is getting more and more engaged with learning about the conflict from both sides of the issues and his challenge to me was Justin.

If your theology does not lead you to love your neighbor and your enemy but something is wrong with your theology and I was challenged right in that moment realizing knockout console work I need to do in my own life as regards to God's heart for the people and in particular the Palestinians who are often characterized as is Israel's enemies. So that's really kind of what propelled me to just want to consider more of just got Hercules could hear people tonic tonic and tandoori, like the California surfer dude is just going around the land, talking to people in the way just very, very sincere without guile. How does this impact you. Let's let's first talk about the the worldview of the Palestinians, how they see their situation and and the questions it raised for you in the new documentary hope for the holy land have an impact you. What insights to give you actually getting on the ground and talking to a lot of Palestinian week that a good deal of time in the West Bank today at area. There will be called man on the street view holy people died asking them to pick it up question on camera add I learned a lot out there Friday and into some of the stuff that I heard it make made me cringe. The hatred of the Jewish people of not part of the good, but for Diana for what that that I found out what that your person has any math national and expiration that aspiration sorry that that their problem the hatred for the Zionist and and really cute living in the land and just this cultural anti-Semitism which would pervasive everywhere we went there at that aspect of it which was very it felt very heavy at public health with, but then I would meet other Palestinian who you know who are courageously standing at you and me against the Palestinian narrative that we hear so often and they are willing to make Brent the Jewish people and their willing to tell the truth, that there will willing to stand up for what's right at the at the risk of their life really though, I thought you office it died and that showcased in the movie and and that last night is the one that we want to uphold the note. Dietrich Bonhoeffer type Arab health Bennion that are so courageous and standing against the cultural norms of what they know and Justin is a Jewish believer in Jesus when you were watching this footage and and interacting with Todd about and interacting with people on the street. Was there anything in him."

The court Palestinian narrative, the one that was really hostile to the Jewish people into the state of Israel was there anything in your story that either challenged your view of history or for the sensitized you towards the situation. How does it affect you.

Yeah I all confirm with Todd yet, but we heard and saw that was startling for me.

I've never seen anything that blatant hurting thing up late but to hear more of their story and just the fact that I think we need to be honest as those whose report Israel that the establishment of the state of Israel with messy and Zionist know some of them did some pretty bad things to the Arab people at that time and you were even think about happen right now. Not every Jewish person that does what's right in the eyes of God sometimes can do things to the other that that the thought of Scott and so it take to learn a bit more about that history epic help fund the taught me a bit to the frustration that some of them had in regards to the establishment of state of Israel. But you still joy even though he's not been anti-Semitism.

Read about his experience and sublevels still joy to to see it at that level that openly expressed which which is quite striking.

What was there. Todd is in your heart. A similar experience dealing with with the Israelis did they have the same hostility towards Palestinians did they view the most terrorist of did you find courageous Israelis currently piecing today have to be courageous what what was your expense.

On the other side yet though we did mount the interview as well. On the other side Tel Aviv and other platelet well at just about that Victoria is really cute that I interviewed were pretty pathetic Palestinian number that I think they should have their own state.

They should be able to live their life in P felt quite the opposite of what we heard in the Palestinian territory and even with the settlers that I bet I did hear any hostility toward health Bennion they really wanted to be neighbor and actually the settlers were neighbor.

They were the one with the most relationship with Palestinians out of all the Israelites that I met and of course that you know the one thing that we know their Sprint element where there's a race that the men and hatred on the Jewish side of the lecture that but not the one that I met and admitted Jerry to come. We get it man on the street.

That's just what we found out yeah so friends again this this is documentary that will give you insight into both sides you watch it and you think while they really got this, they really understand and this is toss talking. He's he's arguing a point.

He's asking questions and probing, but in the end it it it seems clear once I'd really wants peace in a way that the other doesn't go a lot deeper. By the way, if you're if you watch we got two different faces coming up. This is our guess your speaking and if one gets confused with the other. The voice remains the same super good there, but Justin what's the best way to mention one website that the simplest way for people to find a how they can have the can rent this rebuy it, or perhaps showed in their churches the best website to go to yeah go directly through the website, which is hope in the holy got hope in the holy land up for hope in the holy I can't type you now hope in the holy and yet here we are delving beneath the surface of the Israeli Palestinian conflict used to decline a lady author of letters to my Palestinian neighbor said this beautiful, politically nuanced and morally sensitive film models. The approach to the Palestinian Israeli conflict that I'd long hope to see among Christians. An open heart to the two indigenous traumatized peoples of the holy land transit. If you care about is really care about the Palestinians. It's really must watch out. I was blown away by what I saw that you like that. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the light of ironbound by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown back friends to the line of fire and through the church.

Thursday I'm joined by Todd Moorehead just chron they put together this extraordinary documentary hope for the holy land.

If we were okay with our sound. Here Tom. What type of of responses. Are you getting its let's find out what happened to our guess during the break, so team over the studio. If you could just check that out and find out what happened.

So we can get our guess back on just given the go-ahead will be good so Grayson and team. Please let me know what's going on just to say this, I I was looking at some endorsements for the video in advance and I was I was blown away. I and then I watch you the it is deserved. It's really deserved and again it some. It's been very important to me for years, but to do my best to understand the other position before engaging to to do my best to get into the skin of someone who sees things differently interprets the Bible differently has a different worldview is be the same as secular issue social issues that did my best to cease or otherwise so that I could present their position in a way that would satisfy them. There was, I could say so are you saying this this and this.

Are you saying this this and this is that your point.

Yes okay great I see your point. Let me tell you I still have a difference or while I never saw from that angle, or I never thought of that before or whatever the case is and that's what's so compelling about this video that it really gets you in the shoes of others, and it helps you to see the world through their eyes silk so Todd, what type of responses. Are you getting I just read one extraordinary one from a very fair-minded Israeli author what you hearing from from others who endorse the video yet what the common thread that were hearing that it turned out, the conflict of everything you yeah that that's a bit that's a big statement because it's so difficult to be fair and balanced and and Tom what was what was in your heart. Through this, in the words did you have the heart of someone that had a position to argue or someone that was really coming to find out what was in people's hearts with the heart of the Christian peacemaker yourself.

Yeah, I had the heart goes on that and of exploring a journey of discovery. The only thought you died effectively during the man on the preinterview and all the people I met only time I II felt like I had a little more of my guard up with when I was talking and I had a interview at the Palestinian liberation theologian and in it with their company challenges you probably know… If you been in that situation at Christ the checkpoint.

There so many challenges with the theology that I could've argued virtually every point and I had read a lot of luck that I let the guy talk for himself about people lift and you know my my main job was not the thing that for the most part it was a heart of going to learn. People on the ground. Not like that. I could see even during that interview didn't come in expecting to hear those reinterpretations and misinterpretations of of the Bible, and yet here they were coming up lately bits the Soviet Union he spoke in a civil way in got the information that she's there for people to evaluate and adjusting as we go back to what what your hope you made especially for Christian audience. Christian evangelicals have been the greatest friends of Israel in decades, and yet much of the younger generation coming up has different values which of the college campuses were they going to study have different values is your goal to get everyone to become a Christian scientist watching this. What what what's what's the goal of the video from your viewpoint tested, I your follower. I definitely want to be a guide, but I definitely want you to support Israel's right to exist and what effect about Jewish self-determination from their ancestral home. I think every Christian should support that. So if we understand Christian design of the fact that you.

I also think that the Jewish community what they need to see when they're being attacked and I'm not talking about physically attack what were seen as a cognitive assault against the legitimacy of the Jewish nation then we as followers of Jesus we take the Bible seriously, we need to stand in the gap for our neighbor and and we need to come to their defect and so a lot by would make the filter for me and I don't talk to just about standing up for the Jewish people and I think that they need to see that kind of action of from followers of Jesus, but whether you're from a Jewish background are not suggesting I just push back on this one second, then why painted Palestinians as a sympathetic life.

Why be so fair-minded to their side. Why not just try to paint a distorted picture to get people to be pro-Israel, why, why put a documentary that is deftly good to give people much more of a heart of love and compassion for the Palestinian people. Why do that in your documentary because you'll never looking for guidance. Someone who doesn't matter to God but whether whether your Jewish or Arab. You matter and energy.

I also think we need to remember is that we kind of look at the conflict is black and white one side being all good.

The other all that I all good, all evil, but but let's be honest here.

What were talking about really to secular nation to two nations that neither one of which has surrendered their hearts to God. Now there are individuals with in these societies who have done that or who are on the way to doing that baby have a higher regard for the teaching of Scripture than the other but feel there were talking about today ship to unbelieving nation and and I also think we need to see that there's also two groups of people in the in this conflict, there are those who work for peace and there are those who are not, and you can be a Palestinian who is for Pete's and if you're that person then we want to give some platform and in volume to that voice talk, and that you do you see the courage of students and look we want a better life. Here's the way to have a better life is with its I can happen this way can happen hate Todd get the last word in, and then will give the website one more time, but we just got about two minutes.

What was your hope for Christian who watches this video what what are you hoping will happen in their own heart.

Life, yet they already love it. People I hope it for them on the love them even more if they are about spectrum and they have empathy towards the Palestinian conduct. People I I just hope and pray that they will gain got carpeted. People for the Christian to for the Christian Zionist already like me. I can say for myself that we need to have God part out. Dan is just that they're creating that image so I would like to challenge my own Christian design perspective gain got our the Palestinian people. One, what is that heart look like you that's really a challenge for everybody yeah and you were ever God finds us is going to challenge us this could be something we're doing our best day. He challenges us because were self-righteous and proud. You know in our theological orthodoxy challenges us because we've grown spiritually cold and of the spiritual passion.

He challenges us because we got about our neighbor while loving God, you know that there's always something some blind spot and again that's honestly I can say it is the most balanced presentation of the conflict in Israel in the holy land that I've yet seen. So hope in the holy correct correct correct right that's that's the place to go look it.

It takes a lot of funding to make this happen. That's why this is something that you paid was just like when you go to the movies you pay to watch it and you understand it. It's a lot of time, a lot of effort a lot of travel filming interviewing editing things putting out the final project so you'll want to see this will be edified. It is absolutely worth it, and then spread the word to others, especially now, if there was a day for us to come out a week for it to come out. It's now hope in the holy will make a dime for promoting any of this. My whole goal is to stand with God's heart for the people living in greater Israel today.

Israelis, Palestinians, Jews, Muslims, Christians, this have gone sort together. Hey guys, thanks for your hard work in making this available mid May the Lord stung you with what he does with this documentary.

Thank you Michael really appreciate your support absolute absolutely from the heart man from the heart.

All right hate were were added time, but I got I got good news 16 minutes from now I'll be right back here in this same studio behind the same microphone talking to you on YouTube. So join me 16 minutes for now for 15 Eastern time.

Ask a dear brat asked Dr. Brown over on YouTube will do our weekly exclusive YouTube chat right there on a miss. Tell your friends all questions welcome another program powered by the Truth Network

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