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A 20-Year-Old Wake-Up Call

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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May 11, 2021 4:30 pm

A 20-Year-Old Wake-Up Call

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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May 11, 2021 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 05/11/21.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network this morning is 20 years old, but it will shock you when you hear it today stock for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown friends. We're going to have a great show today and I believe you'll be stirred challenge edified educated. That's what we hear 866-34-TRUTH 8663 for 87884 we will catch up with some of what is happening in Israel right now with Hamas from Gaza pouring rockets down on Israel. Israel retaliating with airstrikes pouring them into Gaza will talk about that will show you some footage were evicted here some things those watch you get to see some things will cover that we will get into that all but first I want to continue on important conversation about culture that we were engaging in yesterday will want to carry that over to today. If you have any questions, comments me if you think I'm wrong on these issues.

Give me a call 866-34-TRUTH then you could weigh in later on what's happening in Israel for many years now I have been at the forefront with others. But I've been among them at the forefront warning sounding the alarm, talking about what was happening in our culture in terms of LGBT Q activism and why the church didn't get to sit this one out. And if you knew tuning in, went let me just reiterate this when God laid on my heart.

2004 and I sense this burden to begin to to help push back against the tide of homosexual activism and what my first questions was okay. Why me, why me a comes to Jewish ministry and the rest the question that's obvious, I'm Jewish got a doctorate Semitic languages God's gift to me to debate a been interacting with rabbinic community from us 50 years. So God began to lay that on my heart a calling to put on apologetics material other things, a sense yeah that's that something called to do and it made sense. The same with that the call to be involved in revival and to help stir the church to return to its first love and encounter God in the fullness of the Spirit. I got radically wonderfully saved than I I had a radical renewal experience in my life after 10, 11 years in the Lord gotten spiritually proud theologically proudly left my first love and God brought me to repentance. And with that stream of revival through me so it was natural for God to call me to do that and their other things in life ministries like that makes sense. It makes sense. Just like mate maybe your your mother of six and your kids are amazing. Following the Lord God.

The examples in an and you work a part-time job on the side and and you mentor young mothers what that makes sense.

But if God sent you.

Okay I want you to get involved in cross-country motorcycle racing is like I've never been there motorcycle my life. The dentist makes sense. Someone got started laying this on my heart back in 2004 under the burden was real. I knew the voice of the Lord speaking to me was real. I knew my calling to be involved in the culture wars, bringing Jesus, revolution, meaning that Jesus radically changes us. Then we go out through service, love and compassion in the fullness of the spirit change the world around us understood that understood. I was called to be an confrontation, but I'm thinking okay there's no need for me.

You already have. Find family ministries like Focus on the Family with James Dobson when you need me for it in their massive and you got prophetic national voices like Chuck Colson speaking to the culture when you need me to do that if an and then you've got 20 Perkins in the FRC's in the.

The national conservative Christian political organizations they will.

They're doing what they're doing.

I'm I got a background here. I don't come out of homosexuality and her struggle with gender identity. I and on a particular burden to reach the community. So why me and I realized, aside from the calling to be on the front lines of difficult situations and become a lightning rod for controversy that it wasn't just me that this was one that we didn't get to sit out as the church that this was a matter of all hands on deck so now is as we are dealing with these issues day and night where the assistant secretary of health and human services under Pres. Biden is a man who identifies as a woman, when if you post that on Twitter you get blocked for just saying what I said happened to me POSTNET on twitter just that simple biological fact, I got blocked on Twitter until it was deleted. So my strategy was front of the leader but I have an article to come soon some story telling the whole story than that. Was able to stay on so the great get more of the message out through this Pres. Biden himself and his candidate Biden January of last year during the 2020s of the transgender rights or the rights issue of the day that Sean Hannity embracing quote Caitlin Jenner's potentially next governor of of California.

You have governors now in different states having to pass laws saying that biological boys cannot compete side-by-side with biological girls if they identifies girls give situation now in the Olympics were. You may have male athletes who identifies female winning gold medals and stealing the dream of a lifetime from a competitor. Maybe the one and only Olympics, maybe a woman who is worked hard since she was little child to get to the point here manages bigger stronger faster that may take the metal and a new hat you have men identifies women winning events say say winning high school sprinting or hurdling event, whereas that person was not in the top 300 and their state among the men, but their crushing among the women just because of biological advantages. So these are no issues that everyone's talking about ongoing 20 years 20 years.

That's when I first grandchild was born 20 years ago 20 years.

This that's a long time 20 years ago. That is, 2001. We were barely in the new millennium. This is in my book queer thing happened to America which came out in 2011 and it was based on six years of research writing interacting so as opposed to a book that I write in a matter of weeks. This was written over a period of years, 1500 endnotes 700 pages. Okay let me read some excerpts to you from an article by John Haskins.

It was entitled its 1984 in Massachusetts and big brother is gay. This came out to repeat in the year 2001, 20 years ago. Yeah, I've been sounding the alarm for many years. People were sound the alarm before I was. I found quotes from Francis Schaeffer, 1968, 70 alarm about gender issues. As a result of homosexual activism that was before the storm rights of 69 before things really cranked up what so here are some examples. For examples that Haskins gives from Massachusetts schools in 2001 in Brookline, a transsexual told first-graders how his private part was cut off and he became a woman with no sense of irony. The Boston Globe called it sex change counseling parents never notify at the comfort there, terrified children, friends, this is 2001 2001. Yeah I'm like a broken record, try to get that across. People like Shaw was happening in our school.

This been happening for a long time. Across America thinking it out why it wasn't called trends. Transgender was. That is why these there's a transsexual would be similar had had sex change the supposed transvestite just dressed as the opposite sex. Why on earth would you want someone doing that telling first-graders that is private part was cut off became a woman first-graders Newton North high school pupils learn in an R-rated firm help lingo enjoys being a girl borrowing red high heels and lipstick her earrings yummy. Trouble is seven-year-old Ludo is a boy even if she's pretty and pink 20 years ago, Ashland children were instructed to play homosexuals in a skit as reported in the Middlesex news on all April 1, 1994. So Haskins is writing about this in 2001. This report goes back to 1994, as reported in the Middlesex news on April 1, 1900 41 boys line was its natural beauty attracted to the same 60s. Kids acting this out. Girls were told to hold hands and pretend they were lesbians.


Why in the world we so surprised now wire.

How could this be happy.

Friends we been shouting for years this is been going on but so is he going to Framingham pupils found themselves answering this Orwellian question what you think caused or has heterosexuality, but you first decide you are heterosexual, is it possible heterosexuality is afraid the phrase will go out grow out of. Is it possible you're heterosexual because you fear the same sex. If you never slept with any of this of the same sex. How you know you wouldn't prefer.

Is it possible you really need a good gay experience to move you disclosed your heterosexuality, head of the react wire heterosexual so blatant, always making a spectacle there heterosexuality.

Why can't they just be who they are, not four through six rally by kissing in public wearing wedding rings, etc. so obviously obviously the whole intent here to go to another part of the book in the moment. The whole intent here is is to say, hey, homosexuality is natural to a gay person is heterosexuality is to straight person. They should be able to be who they are just the same.

That's the rationale the argument behind. They should be able to be out crowd open and the relationships and that would be what the activists are fighting for and some you listen like it was big deal about that script was good for the other, except it's not the case as God did not intend us to be homosexual.

God did not make men for men and women for women, but men for women and women for men.

Once we deviate from that society shifts things happen religious rights to get attacked. Marriage does get degraded its inevitability. It does happen sorts of friends. These are examples from 20 years ago with in a queer thing happened to America. I have gay educators from 1995 thereabouts. Talk about the amazing progress they are making in the schools and for years and years and years I've had teachers in America and other parts the world. Tell me about the curriculum in this conflict, there was a young lady who was teaching at a local preschool in Charlotte North Carolina highly regarded preschool to get kids maybe four years old three years old and this is at least 10 years ago. I would say and she ultimately couldn't teach there anymore because first you could make gender distinctions with kids, she can say bought boys because boys and girls listen no excessive friends and find some other way to address the but you can address the boy separately for the growth of making gender distinctions over 10 years ago, and when the book she was required to read to the kids was Heather has two mommies as I can do that ultimately adequate job is nothing new. While he so shocked when the things that we have been shouting from the rooftops for years, some four decades of nothing heard friends. Highly I would excuse my lack of awareness, we will file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael Brown Collier. My younger colleague grad from our ministry school called my cell phone the other day with me a voicemail so burdened about what kids are learning the local high schools where he lives. The state in which he lives in a significant voice would break down crying. That's a burden to you is about this.

I was going through some of the material in a queer thing happen to America.

We lifted a reprint of the book and get the e-book back out right now you get used copies on Amazon, but we've only got like couple copies and in stock first printing sold out long time ago.

The e-books company working with were not important whole thing is be reformatted and think of doing update, but as as I'm reading through material that I wrote put out 10 years and on its stirred burden by things I know things that I wrote things I recounted that that's the urgency of the our friends 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 784 and all of this we proclaim the same gospel all people. Jesus died for every human being just the same were all created the image of God and yet fallen the same blood was shed to save me as to save a Gentile as to save a black person and Asian person same blood was shed to save gaze straits that all the same bloodshed for everyone of us.

We will meet at the foot of the cross is lost sinners needing redemption at the same time their agendas in our society. There are goals there are mentalities that are destructive that are harmful so we do you if you believe that's a good agenda you want to indoctrinate kids. Hey, if you're Christian parent. Don't you want to indoctrinate kids with the truth of the gospel don't want to indoctrinate them with godly values. Well gay activists feel their curriculum, their ideas are good transgender activists will sense they want to document kids gotta be aware of it, friends. That's the reality. So here from Chrissy happen to America.

The chapter big brother is watching and really is gay. Look at some of the "beginning this chapter. Edinboro University has banned copies of the Bible from student dormitories. After condemning the Christian Union for violating quote its equality and diversity policy by claiming that any sexual activity outside homosexual marriage is not God ordained 2007. Then the next was 2006 there's a typo there 2006, the Canadian professor has been fined two weeks pay by Nova Scotia University for telling the student that homosexuality is an unnatural myself. I believe he was asked to explain his his viewpoint.

Find two weeks pay.

This is 15 years ago with some scroll down look at some more here ex-gay messages have no place in our nation's public schools allies been drawn.

There is no other soggy time at lesbian gay bisexual screws. There is no other side, Kevin Jennings, founder Glisson Gillis, and straight education network, quoted July 27, 2004 there's no story about people coming out of illicit drug get about that no such story to be told this on the side of the story and and Camille Paglia famous lesbian feminist in the book vamps and tramps is one reason I so dislike recent activism is that myself identification as a lesbian proceeded stole Pres 1969 I was only openly gay person with the L graduate school 1968, 72, a candidate was professionally costly that anyone with my aggressive and scandalous is screwed: homophobic is been repeatedly been done shows how insanely Stalinist gay activism has become again Francis over 10 years old and Camille Paglia said because she differs with certain aspects of gay activism. She gets called homophobic success is less press on the planet that would apply to and she Simon, how could Stalinist the agendas become in the increasing up to America beginning on page 501 faith organizations are losing their rights.

April 9, 2009 article in the certainly not conservative Washington Post documented how faith organizations and individuals who view homosexuality is sinful and refuse to provide services to gay people are losing a growing number of legal battles that they say are costing them their religious freedom. Okay, let's go over to a New York Times report from 2008 2008.

The battle over marriage in California proposition eight, which the critics call proposition hate which ironically passed Senate marriage was the union of man, woman, even the way the question was posed was supposed to get a negative answer, not a positive answer, but still passed.

Ironically, one reason, the past is because California saw as the nation saw an increase number of African-American voters and paradoxically they overwhelmingly voted for Barack Obama, but they were strongly conservative in their family value so they also overwhelmingly voted for prop eight so the African-American vote. Both help Pres. Obama get elected member in those days. He claimed that he was for marriage is the union of one man and one woman, which we understand was nonsexual view but was said that, so the Sims who voted for him, Lord, some of them also voted for marriage the right way and help push that through medical return by courts okay anyway, let's just take a look at this article and let's look back now and ask the question this is written October 2008 were the people sounding the alarm wrong and what they were saying I was.

I was one of the look on the quoted here, but I was one of those 71 rights will the battle over same-sex marriage has been all but invisible in the presidential race this year this raging like a wind whipped wildfire in California conservative religious leaders from across the country are pouring time, talent, millions of dollars into the state and support proposition eight, which would ban same-sex marriage there hoping to reverse California Supreme Court ruling in May we give same-sex couples permission to marry, resulting in thousands of exultant same-sex weddings. Some marriage amendments are on the ballot next month in Arizona and Florida. But religious conservatives have cast the campaign.

California is the decisive last stand warning and stunningly apocalyptic terms of dire consequences to the entire nation. Proposition eight does not pass what was it a warning and stunningly apocalyptic terms and or was it accurate, California. They say, since cultural trends for the rest of the country and even the world. Same-sex marriage is allowed to become entrenched there. They warned will be no going back is with Chuck Colson said this vote, I would be stopped again, marriage juggernaut in California is Armageddon. We lose this we going to lose a lot of other ways, including freedom of religion. I call it pretty accurate pretty prescient 20 Perkins prison of the family research Council, conservative Christian lobby based in Washington, said an interview is more important than the presidential election. He said we pick bad presidents before we survived this nation but we will not survive if we lose the institution of marriage. While it's pretty prophetic as well. Television apartments rallies highway billboard sermons and phone bank supports proposition eight or warning does not pass churches that refuse to marry same-sex couples will be suited lose their tax-exempt status. Ministers will be jailed with the prescience homosexuality principle of the right to prevent their children from being taught in school about same-sex marriage, but this look at their ferment is a true parents are unable or prevented children being taught this in schools.

Of course as a teachers brings up whatever they want this enough to be an approved time or during certain curriculum it and then ill. For example, in England, there's no you can't put your kid from sex ed class. This will teach these things.

Ministers will be jailed if the prescience homosexuality mother quite a few examples from from England now this is this is happening and there has been opposition and pushback and lawsuits.

Yeah, and there is constant talk about take away her tax-exempt status because of these issues. The no on eight forces which include many liberal religious leaders dismissed his claims and scare tactics without basis in legal precedent. I wish they were just scare tactics is a reality, tactics, friends of the idea that we would be forces clergy to perform a marriage that was against our conscience, the church would lose its tax-exempt status is ridiculous dispassionately directed a lot of churches with policies that are at odds with civil law. Again, will leave the text up there is a speak for a minute but in point of fact, there is increasing pressure for example in in Scandinavia. Some of those countries were clergy must perform that the marriage, the beep will be penalties or the Bishop has to make sure that it happens someone refuses to do and there are lawsuits that are been taken out against churches and leaders, and if the quality act passed as is.

These this would be the current reality she can him thinking about her Visio Catholic Church Forster Marshall is been divorced or rabbi forced to perform interfaith marriage and evangelical church forced to marry couples validity of the correct because you don't have activists pushing for that, but you do have activists pushing for this and once you redefine marriage.

You are now codified as a bigot.

If you don't go along with scroll down a little bit. Rev. Jim Barlow talking about some of the opposition is what was going on.

Note, just go back up the hill back up a little bit.

One more one more right there your teamwork. Jim grows speaking of situation opposition is a symbol of what's ahead. When you have laws that make homosexual marriage a protected class than the government has a compelling interest to normalize that must declare anything and opposition to that hate speech.

Okay, that article Seger Chuck Colson morning you get 20 Perkins warning you catching Barlow warning Lingle going there to the prayer movements everything nursing was right all the warnings are accurate and we are well well down that road to the point that if you differ with that road wrong. You are now officially a homophobic trans phobic bigot and as people begin telling musical bigots like you belong in jail. That's where there is rejoicing when when Kim Davis County Clerk in Kentucky set the right last name and job speaking about when when she refused the judge's order try to same-sex marriage certificate with there is no reason that there are many other ways that this couple who got the marriage certificate when she refused was put in jail and there was national rejoicing over left circles liberal circles national rejoicing comparator Isis crazy crazy stuff like that that's what we've been sounding the alarm. Here's the key to change hearts changing laws alone change hearts then change laws that swing when America error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown for coming to the office today for driving up to the studio was on the phone with the executive pastor of the finest churches I know in America talk about me coming in over the summer and select go to talk about transgender issues in the gospel in the world in which we live friend, and it's it's not a new world. This world has been here with us for years and years and years, which is why many of us been sounding the alarm about an agenda will sing care for everyone.

Love your neighbor as yourself.

Treat every human being with love and kindness, but standing against destructive agendas. Hearts of compassion, backbones of steel reach out to the people with compassion assist the agenda with courage no choice friends you have to be involved either in prayer standing up in your schools were speaking the truth in your place of business will be anonymous behind the pulpit. We cannot avoid these issues and we must reach out to all people 866-34-TRUTH the moment with the transition over to Israel. Focus on what's happening right now it's it's it's a major moment in the nation will transfer over there in a minute, but first escort of the phones with a Todd in Arkansas.

Welcome to the line of fire. Thank you.

You're welcome. So I've been a big prayer, watched a lot of your content, your video in your debate, and so a couple years ago you had a debate regarding his homosexuality consistent with the New Testament. This and in your opponents there only me know if you could talk hermeneutic there there twisting of Scripture on essential doctrine of the freight was was egregious and so how do we protect from doing ourselves first. For instance, I know you came to faith in the charismatic movement. I did not know yet friends will read first Corinthians tannins right well that though the pulpit gave the closing of the Canon and not hurt your position, which is no that's not what that means but those are tertiary issues that we protect against letting letting any personal bias infiltrate the gospel.

How do we help people see the true God. Yeah, what I love about your question she asked about us firsthand how do we get this right and secondly how do we help others because Rose focusing on fixing them, straighten them out and often we don't do a lot of soul searching and examining of our own lives before the Lord. So he had Dr. James White and I team together and this was set up by seminary in in Florida, Jacksonville area and they were able to get a lesbian woman in a gay man both pastors to debaters so they were not experienced debaters in any way they'd be the first to say it but they had passionately defended their own positions and views for many, many, many years of but I think you can even tell during debate the care that we had for the love for them wanted to see the value though the truth and walk in the truth as opposed they will just crush the skies in a debate, but obviously watching it. Think of your unbiased watching it you kinda grimace some of their interpretations of Scripture are lack of ability to answer other things. So the question is if if they could be so deceived and we know that we are not deceived right so let's let's work within the context of the Bible being God's word and Jesus being singular numbers were not discussing what Muslims believe are traditional Jews believe her Hindus are atheists.

Just within the faith. As believers, so the first thing is in prayer before God really asked him regularly. Let's search my heart search my motivation reveal things that are wrong in Psalm 19 it is is one of those prayers you know keep me from hidden sins and examine the so that's something I've done many a time over the year over the over the decades, especially as a new believer, constantly pray for growth in my life and for every area of my my life. Your thought life and everything that my conduct is be harmony with the Lord. And then because I was constantly challenged by the rabbis taught. I had to have it they raise strong questions and and I Like wow 11 answer for that, and my pastor was a man of God in terms of prayer and in sharing the gospel but was not a scholar in any way. So he couldn't answer the question of the people I went to did have answers. So it really raise questions for me. So that forced me to say God I just want the truth, but whatever it means to follow. He was a loyal Jew. That's what I want to do at any of it. I never leave it right right so if you look in Proverbs 12341. It's talking about pursuing wisdom especially to three for you. It's everything guy needs. I've got to know I've got to know so. First, the attitude of the heart and the real pursuing of God show me Lord areas run long, show me where I'm unbiased tumor I'm missing something to Mariah blind spots. I do that in cultural issues. I do that spiritual issues I do that relational issues all the time. I don't mean that I was get right. But I may not try to humble myself and say, God, what makes me right wonder why think I'm right here you what, why am I so dogmatic and then the next thing is just keep reading through the word over and again. Sometimes reading different translations, so, so that your hearing things afresh and major on the majors. In other words, when he comes say to the gifts of the empower the spirit for today. Aside from the first Corinthian's 1310 dinner with the perfect comes, being a tiny tiny minority view and enter something that's almost unheard of in church history have that particular exegesis of the passage until relatively recent years and the last century plus but when I just see the spirit the gifts and the work of God throughout the New Testament and then were to pursue these things and you see how the gospel is accompanied with the power of the spirit and that's just there and there's nothing same by the Liska stoppers are important. By the way, only you know then. To me it's like it's a large thing that that that their doctors have come to register.

Okay overwhelmingly see Scripture what seems to I see what emphases do I see and then you just try to hold onto that none look on the Calvinist. My friend James White is I was a Calvinist for five years but but I haven't been since in one of the things that was overwhelming to me was the degree to which the word of God calls us choose choose choose choose choose as if we have the ability to do that. Having said that, I'm sure there are mysteries in terms of how God works and what he does. Beyond all knowledge and understanding that that are those reasons mysteries, which is why you have people who love the Lord and are Calvinist people of the Lord were Arminian and stating the same Scriptures.

There was, yeah, I'm not a Calvinist. I different and yet I think there's something there Calvinist seeing in terms of God's sovereignty how he works at the transcends our understanding. I just differ with the conclusion.

So in other words a minute of humility in the midst of differences with brothers and sisters but us and look you do solid study and you look at the main themes and then you keep asking yourself as you're reading through the Bible. If I didn't know this particular doctrine. If I never heard about the pretrip rapture or a millennium or or no gift of healing or what if I didn't know whatever the thing is, the Trinity, but here of any of these things when I come to any of these conclusions will I become to these viewpoints. So for me I understand first Turkey understand right not know David Burkart BER COT has a lot of books about this encyclopedia we go by topic and is culturally church leaders, but that's very interesting where he goes back to where the early church's seven things that we know that regionally things develop differently. There was also a culture as you got more to Greek philosophical culture of the things were very aesthetic so that you just separate yourself totally for material things. So there you emphases on Ron the church a call from Jewish roots, but still very interesting to look at see okay what was your policy about being entertained by gladiatorial games of how you feel about serving as a soldier.

What about below. It's very interesting to read that he's got some useful books. The kind of challenge our beliefs on that but again I think here. I personally believe that you could read through the Bible cover to cover and land. Either way on Calvinist Romanian views because you have so many strong versus that each side can muster. You have the overwhelming testimony of choose choose choose choose then you have a capacities like Romans nice again. I don't agree with the Calvinist interpretation, but I can see how you get one yeah yeah many passages. I personally, I can even understand how you could believe that you can forfeit your salvation.

Despite the many many warnings that are there because of all the promises of God keeping us etc. when it comes to the end times. Honestly, if you just read the Bible you are alone in a room. You could read Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek fluently is never the Bible and that you read it day and night for it over for 10 years alone in the room.

I don't believe you come up with the pretrip rapture set seven years before the second coming, honestly become upper cessation is neither if you were just reading about is my own my own views.

There, but either way which you want to do is try to understand why someone has a different viewpoint and see how strong your arguments are and weigh them before the Lord, you know, go back to political issue. When I had to colleagues that I respected both believing that God raised up Donald Trump for some unusual purposes and that he was gonna be the president 2016.

This is when I hotly opposed them during the primaries, I was on my knees as it got. I don't see it.

I just don't see with these menacing if I'm wrong. Show me but I have to go with what I understand to be right but show me from wrong thing. If we keep that attitude that will never have every doctrine mastered in every level.

If some is good understand this better than me and I'll get understand something else better than them, but that humility and this goes through the were going through the word, and lastly, listen to the argument see astronomers and end to me since last thing I was wrong answer to simple question, but I said is lasting. One of the pillars for me and exposing false doctrine is when you present a strong argument against it from Scripture and the argument an answer is very weak.

You can see how twisted it is. You can see how things are turned upside down. That really really helps when every challenge has a solid answer. Solid response like we think about that. But when you give your strong Scriptures.

Your indisputable verses in your viewpoint and they asked you get is twisted, turned upside down.

You gotta change the meaning of 30 obvious passages in the Bible to make your doctrine fit sorry that's not what Scripture teaches. I'll be dogmatic about that as well. Okay, we make it a little bit more on the subject today but I want to switch over to Israel give you an update of what's happening there is this festive cult. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown sounds like Israel right now. One of our grads whose brother and sister-in-law are also grass for ministry school.

The brother and sister living in Israel. She sent me that link the cell phone footage of Jerusalem being bombed. That was from yesterday earlier today that I just got an email blast from Joel Rosenberg to check my emails during this last two minute break Tel Aviv now under attack from rocket garage at 9 PM local time Tuesday nights. That would be early to mid afternoon in the states right now Tel Aviv Israel's second-largest city came under withering attack of rockets from Gaza strip of the towns and villages, cities and suburbs on Tel Aviv, including Hursley and the Tonya Rishel and Sion, among others, are also under attack with this put some footage up to play as I'm speaking this is a picture of rockets being fired from Gaza by Hamas or if you're watching your your seeing this not hearing anything sent me talking this is what it looks like, and hear the blast areas are hit Israel's iron Dome defense system is intercepted.

Many of the rockets but it's been unrelenting attack and of course Israel retaliating heavily with airstrikes. There were two Israelis just killed in Ashkelon, elderly woman and another. And now probably well over 25 deaths of Palestinians in Gaza friends case you haven't followed what's been going on. There is been rising tension recently between Palestinians and Israelis there been concerns the Palestinians would be evicted from certain areas for settlements to be built for the settlements to be built by the Israelis and then she come to the end of Ramadan the end of last week. This is a very intense time in Islam. You almost always have increases in terrorist acts during the month of Ramadan is Muslims fast food and drink from dawn until dusk and then feast at night and then many the end of Ramadan come together just to receive some type of spiritual empowerment. One of my colleagues who was a missionary in Morocco was timely about that what would happen in the mosques and his mind peopling being demonized in the midst of this, so you have after Ramadan prayers at the all oxo Mosque in Jerusalem on Friday night that the crowds stay there began rioting so the Israelis that they do have to keep the peace River Muslims have full access to these holy sites in the dome of the rock all oxo Mosque if if either show show me the Islamic country where Christians have open access to their holy places can practice their freeze freak freak freely and in the synagogues are filled with Jews practicing their faith.

Really, that's not the case with the post-1948. In any case. In any case. Rioting starts, Israel suppresses the writing that's it.

Anything having to do with dome of the rock all oxo Mosque Temple Mount anything were Israel lifts a finger, and is gonna be accused.

That's it. Desecrating opposite the Jews desecrating the holy sites and all hell breaks loose. That's it it it it has been done over and over and over. The same scenario played out over the visa would mean it's been done.

I mean activists, I mean terrorists, I mean Palestinians stirring up trouble is that your average Palestinian Street no activist terrorists. Those who mean evil mean to do harm.

With the new we go this far or not.

I don't know but I do know that they helped provoke this. So now when word gets out desecrating the holy sites.

Israel's desecrating always sides and and and committing genocide is Palestinians another bomb start falling from from Hamas in Gaza. Remember when Israel turned Gaza over to the Palestinians turned it over. It was a miserably difficult time for the nation same time right before Katrina hit is a miserably difficult time for the nation because the Israeli army physically went in and pull people drag them out, and vineyards. They planted farms. They developed in an synagogues they built in houses and thousands of people living physically pulled them out, put them intense. Yeah, it just to say okay fine you have because it's yours used to be in is really just go in there shopping back and forth in their people do what they do live side by side no Sawyers. No Jews or yours all Palestinian and they liked as a government, Hamas yes civil war between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority with her torture and murder in all because of things is read into it. These things happen. Okay corrupt leadership. Corrupt leadership in many ways the posting and people have been victims of corrupt leadership. So you end up electing a terrorist organization to lead lead the way we expect and tunnels underground to smuggle waffles and with his inner kidnapper kill Israelis smuggle what is in from Egypt and stuff so what Israel's been dealing with so the reporting consistently will bash Israel rather than say Israel is defending its Israel is crushing terrorists in the terrace of their rockets by hospitals and schools and things like that Israel does everything in its power.

I know this for a fact is been documented everything in its power to to protect civilian lives in Gaza when they go to war everything they can even at the risk of their own soldier safety.

I know this for a fact it's well documented even in official international reports is been well documented.

The pains that Israel goes through the safes of US Hamas does the exact opposite. Because every civilian it's killed makes Israel look back but let me show you some footage it's some Israelis dancing at at the wall hotel there, dancing and celebrating on Jerusalem days. Just yesterday, and there is fire in the backgrounds that let me just a play this for you. Okay. Okay. So you get the picture. They are dancing so far behind them. So here's one tweet condemning them at showing the same video is condemning. Let's just take out this tweet. It's by Joshua Leifer.

This video is a horrifying testament to what Zionism is deputies. In other words, Palestinians are being attacked there be embalmed. Whatever Israel shooting at where is a fire because that and there they are dancing and celebrating. How evil Zionism has destroyed Judy's.

Here's another tweet setting the record straight. How fake news spreads on social media, and they both have reference to the same video why Israelis dancing and cheering because all oxo Mosque has been bombed.


It's a tree on fire to NY because of fireworks firecrackers that Palestinians were shooting to because Palestinian protesters to firecrackers on distorted it three singing, dancing is for Jerusalem day, which always answer ends at the Western Wall sitter.

Go ahead doing what they're doing.

Like always, but no evil Jews, so I post prayer request.

Please pray thereto posted on Facebook yesterday, one with a report from Associated Press that didn't blame or exonerate either side. Maybe to pro-Palestinian, but I just posted that same please pray and say we pray for how to pray.

We had it delete pull comments from ugly anti-seven.

I mean, bad stuff, ugly stuff equating the state of Israel. Satan himself and then later in the day or maybe the next day than it there is posted and please pray for the peace of Jerusalem. So again, godly comments, but here companies give an example of some of what was posted. This is a princess or reach the Palestinians today in Gaza city have 26 martyrs, including nine children. As a result of the Israel bombing of homes. I hope that the truth will be shown be in Gaza and oppressed and occupied people. We are suffering here. I responded that it's terrible.

It's they have to feel like they're just in a fishbowl being bombed every terrible are smarter than plead with Hamas to stop being a terrorist organization. The blame is squarely on your leadership Israel will be living at peace with you, and you would be prospering if not for Hamas, it's tragic but true. I took time to respond to that. This next one we just deleted here. Let's but that this this is the cost of the it's posted all time all fussy design estate is the kingdom of the Antichrist and Christian Zionism is his army and the barbaric Zionist occupation of Palestine. Zionism was the root cause of all may have in the Middle East using America to fight their dirty wars. Zionism spreading corruption in the land worldwide some friends. This is what people believe and if you grew up say his kid in Gaza, which is a very very high percentage of of young people she grew up in a situation where the money that's poorly in the Palestinian leadership goes to propaganda and to weapons tunnel making supposed educating the kids and infrastructure hospitals you grew up with state-funded TV that spread to the lies then you're in a situation where you can travel freely because a blockade because of smuggling of weapons and terrace try to enter Israel erupt with that then is responding you you really think that Israel is the bad player here it is, so Israel is far from perfect as Hamas, praying the Palestinian people will be delivered from corrupt leadership come to know the truth of the gospel above all the people of Israel stress returned to the one true God, the Messiah, whom he sent another program powered by the Truth Network

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