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Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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May 7, 2021 4:50 pm

Dr. Brown Answers Your Best Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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May 7, 2021 4:50 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 05/07/21.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Phone lines are wide open Yuka questions. We got answers. Let's do it stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience have the president of fire school of ministry getting to the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us on the Friday edition of the line of fire.

That means you've got questions, we've got answers with every day or night you're watching, listening, I hope you enjoy the broadcast before listening live. Give us a call. Any question of any kind looking at our board mix of a couple of lines open.

Often we start the show with every phone line filled so great time to call now 866-34-TRUTH 878841 quick saying that I'm going to the phones. There is been a bit of an uproar over the fact that Pres. Joe Biden issuing the annual proclamation on the national Day of prayer left out little omissions, namely God not only mentioned Jesus Lord that he didn't say God I mean reference to the deity got left left out failed to mention that on the national day of prayer is that that would be the day when worth thinking of our veterans writing in and worth talking about it. We just want to remember different people move sacrificed over the years like that. None of this, a specific class of people who sacrifice during a holiday like July 4. We are it's a great day around the world for independence was specifically an American holiday or or I now pronounce you husband and something missing or come Mother's Day and just happy day to all the important people in our lives that no need only about God on the national Day of prayer we pray to God because failure mention God and to then speak of himself as a devout Catholic is is, like Donald Trump holding up his his grandmother's Bible saying this new Bible was given to him and so on. And when asked you was a favorite verse of the Bible. Of course you can't quote a verse from the Bible so just a little reminder that the President of the United States is not the spiritual leader of United States Joe Biden not Donald Trump. Not Barack Obama, not others before them. So rather than looking for them to lead the way in prayer. I say we lead the way in praying for them right with that we go to the phones and let's start with Peter in southern Illinois. Welcome to the line of fire around noon very well. Thanks go.

My question basically is, I was reading things from the Peter Prof. of Hebrew Bible at Yale University and I was reading things by him, and he was just sharing the Bible to beat everything on Moses been right definitive the accident didn't happen and then also that youth of the Israelite religion was just a copy of the date the Canaanite religion than the pagan religion and my first. My question basically is first of all, you could you point me to any resources that I could read that could answer those and secondly, what specifically what what you spent about the claim that the Israelite religion is just a copy or a knockoff of the pagan Canaanite room yet so the professor in question. Moses name. I think it was Dr. Joel Baden yes so this is the environment which I did all my studies in other words, going to New York University studying hundred top Semitic professors and Old Testament scholars and then in in my Hebrew studies in college either one of my first ancient history class. It was a professor with these exact fees will my first classes in college, sets the environment in which I did all of my academic work, so none of this is his new okay this is the environment I was exposed to starting in the 70s into the 80s, so none of his new nothing is being said there is new whatsoever that the simplest answer to the big question as to Israelite religion being just like Canaanite religion is read through the book of Isaiah. For example, urethra Isaiah 42, 48, where where God is distinguished from the other gods and then get online and and look up Eucharistic literature or Egyptian mythology or so you terrifically to be northern Canaanite or Mesopotamian religion and or just read the creation accounts from the ancient world.

The more you do that it's it's two different universes you read Genesis 1 and into the creation accounts. There and then compare that to the creation accounts from ancient Egypt and ancient Mesopotamia, and in your shocked by what you read. I mean you've got all kinds of crazy polytheism you got battles between the gods who got sexually immoral God's you've got petty jealousies and every kind of every kind of earthly saying that projected on the deities and worse because they have all this power and compared to Genesis 1 think with what we did this come from, how do you get something so totally different. You know I am.

I once met someone and I said to Nancy boy. She looks just like one of her daughter's density kidding me. And then you put the pictures next which is like. Yikes.

Not a looking like that you're your right, so here a couple of resources that you find really helpful by top biblical anger, Semitic and are Egypt logical scholars TO be two references one is a book by Kenneth, a kitchen, Kenneth kitchen, one of the premier Egyptologist alive an old man but one of the world's premier Egyptologist so massively respected for his work on the third intermediate period in Egypt get his book on the reliability of the Old Testament. He goes through the historical issues he goes through the it the attacks on the credibility of Scripture. So it's it's Kenneth kitchen on the reliability of the Old Testament, but about 500 something pages. The other one the other one is John Oswalt, OS W ALT John Oswalt the Bible among the myths the Bible among the myths and the subtalar unique Revelation of just ancient literature 70 pages that one is that's couple hundred pages. That's it.

That's an easier read he's respected biblical Hebrew scholar written commentaries on Isaiah and things like that so he sees a reliable solid and you'll find really ample information here when you cut when you compare them side-by-side. It's it's absolutely shocking it's it's very edifying actually in my book, saving a sick America was talking about the uniqueness of Scripture I contrast to Genesis 1, the sum of the ancient creation accounts, especially from for Mesopotamia and you think okay they came out of the same ancient world. They they either it it it's like a couple you know the reach the husband and wife are. He's 5 foot, she's 4 foot 11.

They have four kids and the kids are all their size and then they have another kid named Shaquille O'Neal and Sica have pretty come from, and you connect a kid that big in their white couple right side to get a black kid that's just best ballplayer compared to the little white kid it's it's that when you come from and it's very edifying because the father that must've been inspired by God's of those resources will really help you okay okay the main reason that we believe most of the throat and it took is that is that mainly because Jesus said it, or the kind a like a thing where the book of Hebrews, where we don't know but not not I get that big of a deal. It did write it or we Jesus speaks of of Moses writing it. Not necessarily based on divine revelation, but on based on what everyone believed at that time and they got that from us within the Old Testament the talks about Moses writing things down on the 24th chapter writes things down in Deuteronomy.

He writes it all down and then you have Joshua on the book of the law and throughout the Old Testament, the law of Moses the law of Moses law of Moses love Moses and then the entire ancient Jewish world any sect any group that that believed in Scripture. They all believed that Moses wrote up. Can we prove he wrote of course not.

We don't we don't have the physical texts, the original texts going back that far. Can you make a good argument that the core of it comes from Moses and that there may have been other things, supplemented an attitude yet that could be that's that's not a dealbreaker that that's not a battle to fight. We know that the truth of it is was given by God to Moses at Mount Sinai that the foundations of written Torah exactly what we have become a verse like Genesis 12 says the Canaanite was then in the land wasn't written was written after after the children of Israel took the promised land right but you have conservative scholars are from the 1800s, staunch believers and inspiration Scripture like Robert Dick Wilson said that you have inspired editions to the Pentateuch like that so nothing to battle over know the love Moses is love Moses, but did he have to write every word of it not enough to make that battle anyway, calculating Peter yet not not a fight that to get into all right 866-34-TRUTH go to David in San Diego, California. Welcome to light a fire hello David David's gone and was a question of sarcasm.

Yeah, I love sarcasm use has B's rightly spews rightly. I we go to Shalini's in Silver Spring, Michigan. Welcome to the line of fire. All right, there you are okay. Did he argue that without ring Marilyn you know what I think we've got somebody new. Manning the phones today. I think that's what's happening and that would explain a little of what's going on so I actually have. Think Chile, since an interesting name Chelsea from Seoul and Silver Spring at least a little moments on the Silver Spring but right let's let's restart Chelsea, Silver Spring, Maryland. Buck is on fire. I know you're out there, but it find out what that blanket might ask the question actually and dumb question but that all we really should follow all the law in present where out on the log and out like merit law, all different blogging at that blog might dammit we ship out all their except for the one I come back on the other side is Mr. question and I believe the answer is no. It's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown motivated friends to the line of fire. This Michael value for questions and answers 866 the four truth. Let's go back to Chelsea in Silver Spring Maryland so you were saying totally friends about. Should we keep the dietary laws and some are similar to set the everything in the law except for that which had to do sacrifice was Jesus refilled. We should try to keep all of it so glad you can finish saying something else that you correct about the law so I would I do it on three different levels okay, first I would say do you agree that since Jesus refills everything having to do a sacrifice, priesthood, etc. that there had been major changes so they have to be with that right in Hebrews 7 even says the fact that Jesus is a priest and is not from the tribe of Aron means there has to be a change. So would you agree that you hundreds of verses that about sacrifice and offering 20 groups that often is that that that's changed, let's let's first get that agreement exchange. Yes second question, should we stone people who don't observe the seventh day Sabbath.

If you have a disobedient and rebellious son.

Should you stone him.

Should we burn sorcerers and witches bring them to death just on asking those questions of if. If a man is married and his brother is married and his brother dies before having any children. Should he then be required to marry his brother, sister salute so she can fill and through him. So once you start raising a few these almost everyone will agree, no, this offer today to say okay we are under a new and better covenant.

The New Testament says that Jesus fulfills the law and now brings us into a new and better covenant were in a new covenant, and how do you know how to live by. That will just keep reading the New Testament, lays it out for us.

It reinforces the universal truths of the Old Testament and shows us how to live for all believers in the New Testament so that leads to a final point about the dietary laws simple explanation. God gave certain laws to Israel to keep them separate from the nations but they weren't for moral reasons there just to keep them separate dislikes just like you couldn't wear two types of of garments together two types of fabric together or you can so different seeds in the same field that was to teach them separate.

Nothing moral about it right, you don't. During don't cut your beard a certain way. The way pagans do in mourning for the dead was in a moral issue with the separation issue.

There are other things that a moral because they're given to everybody like don't commit adultery.

That's wrong for everybody. Don't murder that's wrong free, but in its repeated New Testament so the universal moral principles of the law applied to us.

To this day in Jesus takes them even to a higher level. The laws of separation and purity that they were given to Israel for a purpose to your free to keep the nonstop you know your Freda to to keep the dietary leisure Freda to keep the purity of whatever that's fine, but not under it. Not required to, because a change has come in our relationship. Yet sure think and also get a chance read through of Matthew 15 and Mark seven Matthew 15 Mark seven because there Jesus gives us a spiritual principle. That's what what is in our hearts was in our hearts does not. That's what the fuss is not the food that goes into amounts, 866-34-TRUTH.

Let us go to Cassie in Toronto. Welcome to the line of fire by yet. Will Cassie did you call last week by chance are all okay right right yeah with this and I just I want to say I want to pray for you unfortunately were unable to give personal, psychological, and pastoral counseling on the air here. I apologize for that wish that we could take calls on a regular basis and keep going over the same areas in life and I do remember the call accident. Some of the torment you're experiencing.

So I just want to pray that that you would find some good solid pastoral counselors in your area can really help you get through these things.

I know you you felt that you may blaspheme the spirit, the deliverance, but again, as I just see the nature of the call on mom, unable to unable to offer ongoing pastoral counseling here about the same issue on the air. So Lord I just pray for Cassie that you help her you give her grace that you be with her and that you give her solid friends and counselors with her in her local church.

They can help her find freedom Jesus name, amen. 866-34-TRUTH.

Let's go to Simone in Orlando, Florida. Welcome to light a fire doing well. Thanks and I'm sorry for and I I'm Jan and you. You may have to somewhat with our caller but I'm having trouble finding out like how we know that the New Testament and firelight like it seems that when clicked. They have the word of God anything like it always remarkable master how we know that the New Testament is that the buyer on God breathed all my question question so so here's the here's the issue that that we have to think through how how do we know how do we know that the Old Testament is the word of God. Start there.

So how do we know that the promises gave given to Abraham real. How do we know that previous revelation was real. How do we know that will we know it because God acted in history right now, God acted in history and while acting in history at the Exodus. He demonstrated that he was the one true God, that he was the God of nature and greater than any other so-called God. He spoke to the whole nation gave them his his laws and then brought them into the promised land so that vindicates and verifies everything that comes before right and then afterwards we have the prophets raised up and they speak on God's behalf.

You have a community of Israel that was spoken from outside that now recognizes ongoing revelation as it unfolds.

Even if it's only a remnant that is living this out.

Then the prophets tell us of the one who is to come. The prophets tell us when he is to come. The prophets speak of his death and his resurrection and his rejection by his own people's acceptance by the Gentiles, so they lay them all out and now just as God acted in history with the Exodus God acts in history through Jesus miracles, signs, wonders for three years. All of the confirmation.

Then Jesus rises from the dead and sends his spirit on the apostles, and they continue the ministry and now they write these things out so the same way that there is verification and vindication of the Old Testament by God's actions and then continuing those who the prophets, other prophets point to Jesus else like the next link in the chain right now Jesus is vindicated by God raises from the dead rises from the dead spirit ascent of the apostles continued to demonstrate the reality of Jesus. They are inspired to write and now you have a community of believers that recognizes that as well, parallel to what happened with the Exodus now to the prophets point to the Messiah, the Messiah, to the apostles brings us the final stage of revelation. Does that make sense were out because you people every year and they parent and you know anything anything to help her and Eric fire in their writing and I get more of a comment that man of little notes it's not it's not just that it's that God continue to work the same miracles through the apostles and then the, the early believers. Jesus said so. So we know that Jesus is real and true. Jesus then said that he was sending them in the Holy Spirit would speak through them and then the early believers follow their teaching, and in other words the same way. Remember, God never said when first Sammy was being written or Job is being written Psalms written anything like that.

God never said it's never that God sits.

Ultimately, I am telling you all from Mount Sinai.

Again, this is the Bible rather the community of believers in community of Israel recognized by God's sovereign plan, though it's got God put it in their hearts to recognize the same way the early church quickly recognize that we've got these accounts from the apostles we got these that the accounts of the death of Jesus's resurrection his life for the people that were there and for their immediate associates and we got these letters and and then it's it's not like there was a voice from heaven saying first Corinthians as part of the Bible, but the letter Paul wrote to the little decisions is not it's that God caused it to be recognized the same way and and then we have the ongoing testimony face suits it's more than common sense is that God acted in community and the community recognize the reality of this but that the the true linchpins would be the Exodus in the Old Testament and the miraculous ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus is setting in the spirit New Testament does the miraculous confirmations and the ones that are the witnesses to those events become the writers of the Scriptures and then their disciples in the next generations the same here and and so there is that that the one thing I would say is there. There is the recognition that God causes his community to accept Scripture and then it has that same verifying power, God works through it supernaturally change lives. You can amass his question just as well if you would like 300 years before Jesus had another rest of his books are part of it than they get confirmed with Follis to appreciate the question is greatly thanks to light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 86. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us on the line of fire. You've got questions. We got answers. I'm going straight to the phones and will start with Tammy in Arkansas walking to the line of fire where you doing well. Thank you.

The question in pertinent air born again and cared for 20+ years and think Hathaway state without being in Tyler. Note that matters that would having a Tyler but they're not going to church. They are born again, but not going to hurt a pathway in that state will they inherit eternal life. Spiritually born again. They inherit eternal life. Jesus never put qualification on it. Only a few member of the local church or only forgiving a certain amount of money.

However, for sure they'll be lacking in terms of their own spiritual development vastly will be lacking in terms of what they were supposed to offer to others in the body I do believe that there are rewards for service here and it could well be that they are massive they will be massively lacking in rewards because if they were not part of a local body. It's probably they want that active in their own spiritual eyes with that person was generally born again genuinely asked for forgiveness and and sought to toot to live as a believer in other areas of life. Yet it they be saved. Just haven't obeyed in certain areas or gotten plugged in certain areas that it's one thing if you if you live in an isolated area is the church than 100 miles. You know, and you don't have a vehicle that's one thing but if you have the opportunity part of a local church yeah how come this that so for sure if the person generally born again, the born again. They inherit eternal life.

What was the reason for never becoming part of the church where her every kind of literary and dominated went that in mind, still yes is there something wrong that's deeper and I wonder if someone here if if this person prayed a prayer 20 years ago and asked Jesus into their life, but then never showed any evidence of being born again never showed a transform life never showed relationship with God never showed a hunger for God never showed a conviction of sin or desire for holiness or desire to serve the what I said there never born again. They prayed a prayer, but they were never born again in the reasoning and what the church is because they never born again and and they kept resisting God if it's something else again out of the situation in depth, but here if if God was dealing with me for 20 years to do something.

I kept saying no. About that same thing. It's questionable whether I'm a believer or it's questionable if I am a believer if I've turned away and I walked away from God, and refused. But God only knows the situation. I've no idea what happened in the person's life. You may have some of that was abused by a Catholic priest when they were eight and the sun never said forth in the church building against a wall where it's comparing apples with oranges like God, I'm just going to have my own relationship with God.

God knows the heart, so less question for here.

I don't want to get in my car will have this question is questionable if someone had a has a real relationship with God that for 20 years. They could be that lazy that disobedient no desire to be in fellowship with others. No need to be in fellowship with others. That makes me question with a really born again so my less question for you is on what basis, what basis do you say that this person was born again. Morning air, there are very eager. She cared for 25 here now see boarding an ocular machine you're not going out entire Internet want crazy thinking or requesting you are born-again you know well encourage or not. You don't have character commitment what the falling away are you know what you're suggesting to this place for her place for a fire in her heart. I would show he was 1025 and asked what she does with it. I know people for various reasons, are not in active fellowship with that they're in fellowship with other believers just a little show he was 1025 asked her what she makes of it and encourage her that she needs the body. The body needs are in this prayed for fire desire in your heart is a release that she connects with with Lee was online.

It's involved in services and that way may the Lord do it 866-34-TRUTH right let's let's try to reconnect with David in San Diego.

Sorry Mr. the first time, but hopefully at originator Now I can yet my phone on mute. Earlier today I write good you got that through longer now and questioning about… Yeah that interesting one, but having an ongoing conversation.

The about sarcasm and in the life of a disciple of Jesus and how appropriate it is like obviously not inappropriate yeah, but it just like more so you can talk out another method of the tool to kind of attack foolish or absurd idea like you did earlier this week with the no I think yeah and I was kind of actually in line with that because you know I it was brought up that your sarcasm is very closely linked to pride and I'm just here if you like. Is there such a thing as I've heard you say before that. Is there such a thing as sanctified sarcasm about that are not wrong. I'm joking but I'm serious.

I'm joking with the term sanctified sarcasm, but I'm serious about that. The use of it so first I am not aware of a Hebrew or Greek words in in the Bible that would be translated sarcasm or sarcastic.

I can't think of anything for sure, and he were my knowledge of Greek is is less.

Of course, but II can't think of a Bible translation that uses the word sarcasm. So we have to look for examples or ask what is sarcasm so it it can be used as a powerful tool to expose error as Elijah does amount Carmel. When he mocks the prophets of Baal and says well maybe you know keep crying out. Maybe he's on a journey somewhere. Maybe it is debate about one Hebrew word but it he could be saying maybe he's relieving himself young babies in the bathroom. That's why he's not answering keep crying out all he's a real God. Sure all you right so you do have sometimes in the prophets go say all Israel you you are the God seekers you write will you do this and that so your sarcasm is basically saying the opposite of what you mean to drill a point home. You know like if I thought your question was stupid say all this is the best question of the week when nobody's asked me a question this smart you are the universal. I became aware as New York.

You from sarcasm in my blood and growing up reading like mad magazine which was full of sarcasm and snappy answers to stupid questions were just dripping with sarcasm and duck, cut my teeth on that just it in our culture New York culture you you kinda if you like people you insult them you know you have fun with each other and that in that way. And when I started getting on other people in other cultures, there is okay. This is Wurtzel differently here and and then I got a letter once from a friend who's in support of our ministry and she was a very, very sincere believer and she's asked me to please not be so sarcastic.

She said I'm hanging on every word that you speak when I'm listening to messages. Then I realize you're just being sarcastic. It really mean that it's very jarring and I thought okay let me let me just think about being more selective in my use of sarcasm. So a citizen number one unfriendly fund level. If it's party or coaches dispute is having fun.

You know it's not 00 if if if if if a playing ball with with with my sons in law and grandson zero in somebody really flubs the players like mad Bessel you are a hero of a champion. Did you just ranking on a job just good fun.

That's one thing. Second thing is if it's used in the right way to really illustrate the folly of something or the wrongness of something and there's a constructive reason for reconstructive outlook for great use. It in that sense it can be called sanctified sarcasm and I'm sure some writing sometimes in a few hundred grip with it and and there's extreme sarcasm. I Try to Make a Point Here.

Try to Make a Point on the Other Hand.

Lastly, It Can Be Cruel. It It Can the Silly Associate with Pride, but Just with Cruelty so Quick Story Some Years Ago, One of Our Staff Members Working in the Missions Department Sent Me in an Email about Something and Then Ended It with Us :-) LOL and Then How's That for Sarcasm so I Wrote Back.

I Said No You Don't Put :-) LOL When You're Being Sarcastic. She's Very Very Sweet and She Said Dr. Brent. I Don't Understand Sarcasm. So I'm Trying Splice Actually Found This Old Book, I Had to Have and It Was It Was for Mad Magazine Right I Maybe Bought It with Everybody but Either Way It Was.

All of These Snaps Step Stupid Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions so I Start Showing Her and Her Assistant Was Was Even Less Consistent. Get Your Never Get Sarcasm Because You're Too Nice You Know You Did Your Both Too Nice and about, They Find the Light Finally Went on That Your Basic Sinks and Very the Opposite of What You Mean to Someone to Insult Them to Be Cruel and They Finally Got a This Dr. Brown That's Not Nice Exactly Are Excellent.

That's Why You're Not Able to Practice It.

So There Is a Cruel Sarcasm That Is Cutting.

It Was the Word Would Indicate Demeaning, Insulting, and Maybe Some I Could Say Spry Focus of the Demeaning Nature of It That You Need to Be Careful with an Art When Our Grandkids Were Were Growing up and and We Saw That They Could Be Very Sarcastic As Little Kids Ready. I Asked I Asked Her Daughter with with These Grandkids. I Said That I Understand like What You Sarcasm and She Said All Yeah They Know It's Only Only for the Home You Never Speak to Teachers Somebody like That so within Proper Bounds Can Be Powerful in White Circles You Have Fun with It, but Otherwise You Know I've I've Gone Dolled Way Back on Sarcasm That May Surprise Some, but Trust. I Doubt Way Back Because It Was Different Cultures and and Something Just Is Insulting. Accruals Can Hurt Someone so I Try to Use Rightly in Lesson Seven Fun with Friends in New York. He Solidifies Culture but but in the New York You Know Similarly Likes within Jokingly Insult Your Life like Them Easily. Like You, but Otherwise Let's Let's Uses a Powerful Tool Use and and Let's Use It to Really Expose the Folly of Error That You Serve a Good Purpose. If We Do All Right. Thanks for the Question Right Back with Your Calls 866-34-TRUTH It's the Light a Fire with Your Host Activist, Author, International Speaker and Theologian Dr. Michael Brown Voice of More Cultural and Spiritual Revolution Get into the Line of Fire Now by Calling 6643 Here Again Is Dr. Michael Brown for Joining Us on the Line of Fire. Hey, If You Don't Get My Email You Want to Miss out Find out about All the Latest Articles Latest Video Special Resources That We Have for You and When You Sign up Right off the Bat Will Send You Some Emails with More My Story from Ellis to the PhD More about the 3Rs of Our Ministry in All the Ways That We Can Be of Service to You. So Take a Minute That If You Driving Weight to Give Minute.

30 Seconds on Any Good Asked Dr. SK DR Thought the Info for the Email and We Will Be in Touch within Moments All Right. Let Us Go to Camilo in Colombia South America Asked for Calling the Line of Fire. Hello There Karen Ordered Very Well, Thank You. Mike Return.

I Just Want to Say That I Really Appreciate What You and the Other Leaders during the Corporate Extender Statement I Just Saw Today That It Can Spider Snout Yes Very Helpful in Group We Really Need More of Your Book Made It to Spanish Step yet What We Believe Playing with Holy Fire Is in Spanish and That of Course This Is Yeah Okay Yes We Have A Few but Hopefully We'll Get a Bunch More up a Thank You for the Good Work. Yeah, I'm Here and My Question Is regarding Baptism and Noticed the Man I Needed Volubly Very Important Practice.

By the Time of Jesus Also but I Am Missing Something but I Can Dirty the Word or Depth, or That Coming from Buying the Practice in the Old Testament and If It about a Bill Author Command from God in the Old Testament Why It's so Important for Purchases That You Unsure and Uptight. I Love the Questions so Don't Think Baptism Think Ritual Washing Okay Think Ritual Washing Soap First If If You Were Doing Priestly Ministry Things That That You You Would Have To Base Your Whole Body with Water Certain Times When You Would Go to You Had with King James Is the Labor and Its Foot so That the Base There That Believe in Space That You What You Would Do Would Be a Ritual Washing Least of the Hands before Doing Certain Things within the Tabernacle for the Priesthood for Other People but with with Many Other Laws. Let's Say That You Touch of Unclean Animal Accident Leader or You Stumble on a Corpse Can Shift Stay outside the Camp. Your Unclean Overnight and You Then You Ritually Wash Then You Can Come Back in the Camp. You Know, Various Things Served after the Sexual Act Were Woman with Her Monthly. There Would Be the Ritual Washing That Would Take Place so This Was Common in Many Many Many Different Ways. In Ancient Israel. It Was It Was a Part of Life That at Certain Times.

This Would Be Required for Various States of Uncleanness You Know and and Vows Being Made in the Ritual Washing in His Chemical Reentry Thing Your Cleansing for Reentry so It Then.

So That's the Foundation of It. That's Where You See It All over the Place. It Then Developed to It into What We See in the New Testament Was Johnny Mercer and Others That This Was New Dedication It Was It Was on Freshly Dedicating Myself to God, I'm Turning Away from Sin and and That Outward Washing Is Symbolizing the Inward Cleansing and and Because It Was Such a Well-Known Widely Practiced Right in Ancient Judaism. At That Time and in Different Different Jewish Expressions. It Was Widely Practiced. It's Now Makes Perfect Sense for That to Be the Physical Sign of of Entry into This New Covenant Life in the Messiah, so a Foundations Ritual Washing Part of Dedication Cleansing in the Old Testament Be This Widely Practiced in Conjunction with Repentance Rededication See the Logical Thing for the New Testament to Build on a Great I Thank You Sir.

God Bless. And Again, Thanks for the Good Words from South America Right Let Us Go to Joseph in Santa Monica, California. Welcome to the Light a Fire by Dr. Brown Thank You so Much for Taking My Call. Sure Thing. My Question Though I'm Currently an Undergraduate Student Major University and I Agree with Rick Coming Back That the Orthodox and I'm Having Difficulty Because I Recently Been Exposed to A Lot Of Jewish Christian Debate. I Actually Have Jewish Roots Jewish Christian Debate for Which You Can Very Help and I Find Myself Getting Law. We Get There so Much to Study and There so Many Different Different That an A Lot Of Them Very Minute and Have the Time Reports That Energy at End and I Really Part of the Question They Can Take a Whole Lifetime and More after That. And through the Debate I Find My Faith. But Here's My Question to You Dr. Brown How Can a Person Get Out Of the Theological Back like the Simple Method Right yet. What Would You Recommend Either to Close the Book and through the Books Are Losing Are Losing That Light of Christ. Favorite Beta Get Right Back up yet. First Am so Glad You're Catching This Now before It's Too Late and You Seen the Tendency in Yourself to Get Hyper Theological Intellectual and Move Away from the Beauty and Simplicity of Faith on My Hand Even Though I Was Challenged by the Rabbis from Almost from Day One Is a Believer within the Early Weeks of Being Saved.

Appointments Will Be Made from Either the Local Rabbi and Things like That but I Get Saved in a Really Simple Church. I Mean Really Simple. I Mean It Was It Was Back to the Basics and Only the Basics and You Never Moved Away from the Basics so It Was at and You Don't Read Other Books for the First Year to Just Read the Bible and so I Spent Hours with Laura. I Was in Church Services Because I Was Praying All the Time Was Telling Them about Jesus. I Was Memorizing Scripture and so Scrolling in God Leaps and Bounds, and Then Start Them with Jehovah's Witnesses in the North with Rabbis and so There Were Questions around Me All the Time.

But Those Roots Were Put down so Deep That Sustained Me. So When I Encourage You to Do Is What Jesus Says in It. In Revelation to Speaking to the Church in Ephesus That It Lost Its First Love. Do What You Did at First.

It's like You Know You'll Hear about a Husband and Wife and Have a Date Night to Come to Rekindle Things or Keep the Relationship Strong Because Life Gets so Busy and Kids Work in All That You Kinda Drift Apart so Well Encourage You to Do Is Put Don't Watch Those Videos Don't Read Those Books for A While until until It's Helpful Right and Read the Word Read It Multiple Different Translations Just Try to Drink It in and Breathing and If You Find Yourself Getting on a Rabbit Trail Is John a Note down Come Back to That Later and Try to Take It in As As As the Living Word Spend Time Just Worshiping the Lord or Their Songs That Really Ministered to or Their Certain Spiritual Realities That Really Ministered to Focus on That.

Get Yourself Spiritually Healthy by Spending Quality Time with God and and and Let Let Techs like John 15, 139 about Abiding in the Vine. Look at Be Foundational in Your Life like a Sibling, a Million Theological Quest Will the Protestants of This Eastern Orthodox Resistance like Put That Aside, but That Aside and Just Drink in the Words of Jesus. What You Say and Talk to the Lord As Your Reading the Word or How Can I Grow a Million Questions, Just Make It Interactive Make You Communal and Again Quality Time in Prayer Sharing Your Heart with the Lord Talking to Him like You Talking to Me Telling Her I Just Want to Love Him and Know Him and Asked Him to Work in Your Life to Fill Your Fresh with the Spirit and Be Real to You, like Us, at the Hands the Courses.

The Songs That Really Ministered You Sing Them, Worship Them, Play That Music and the Question Is Will Be There 10 Years from Now You Always Deal with Them Later, but It's It's It's Almost like an Athlete Who Said a Serious Injury a Serious Car Injury and and Bad Accident and There and Rehab Locate First Have To Learn to Walk Again before You Can Worry about the Olympics so You Gotta Get the Foundation Strong Major on the Majors and Just Know That There Are Brilliant People, Intellectual People, People Have Wrestled with the Questions and Come up with Solid Answers but There's a Time and Place for and for Me I I Have a Wrong Emphasis for Some Years. When I Got so Immersed in Learning the Languages and Just Studying All of That Day and Night That I Started to Read the Bible Awarded to Work on My Hebrew into Learn Greek As Opposed to Learn from God and Growing God and Feed on the Word Soul Do That. Do What You Did at First Recover That First Love and Then Maybe the Lord Will Call You One Day into the Theological Debates in and in Those Things Sharpen You or Maybe It's like Not You Got Just Feed the Poor, Help, Help, No Go Overseas and and Help Hurting People You Your Your Ministry and Calling Me Going a Very Different Direction and Then Don't Get Hung up on Greek Orthodox Issues.

If You Find You in the Right Place Great If You Spend More Time the Word and Prayer. Erosion of This Was Was Well-Intentioned but Not Best. Just Keep Moving Forward That Make Sense to You, Dr. Brown and Anna since I'm at a Time and I Can Take Another Call. I Just Want to Pray Lord Light, Fresh Fire Just Sort of Fresh Fire of Your Love Lighted a Fresh Reignite a Passion for You and Make You so Surreal Him. That Is the Sweep with Joy in Your Presence, and Others, and Issues. Now, Lord, Answer the Same Way.

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