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The Cultural Pushback Continues

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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May 5, 2021 5:00 pm

The Cultural Pushback Continues

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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May 5, 2021 5:00 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 05/05/21.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network friends reset it again and again, the enemy always over places hand.

The pushback continues stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown. What a joy to be with all of you today on the line of fire. This is the broadcast I believe you don't want to miss share it with a friend. 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884. Hope you are helped edified by yesterday's broadcast. The first I believe will be a series of quite a few we answer some of your serious objections rejections you've heard to the Bible to the character of God I was ministering in Michigan had a wonderful wonderful time with radiant church network leaders yesterday. So immediately after radio Monday flew to Michigan and got to my hotel in Kalamazoo about limit night and then picked up the hotel yesterday 830 in the morning ministered through the day. There and then to the airport flying back some delays in Atlanta. Got home about oh 1230 some like that in the evening. So one of those full 24, 36 hour cycles, but thrilled to be back live with you and that you can be encouraged today. You can be encouraged may be challenged it to stand and to be strong, but again I will open the phones for any subject under the sun that you want to talk to about any question of any kind. 866-34-TRUTH in particular, if you take issue with what I shared on Monday about those profits on Trump's victory, digging an even deeper and sing.

He really is the president you watch and see what's about to happen if you differ.

If you have a different perspective. By all means give me a call, but check this out. I heard this yesterday and majoring here of God bunch of other things I want to get into effect when I said I get to Monday. I just failed to do before the show ended and enter to start their new be encouraged, but I was so with the number of pastors and leaders in Michigan yesterday. So Tuesday I am the lead pastor organize the conference said that that once year. He goes away with about 30 of his key leaders that that are with him under him in a network and they pray together seek the Lord together and had a dream and shared that dream.

This was in September of last year and in the dream. God showed him that Joe Biden would be elected the next president not on Trump and God said to him that he was knocking out the last crutch that the church was leaning, which to me is that store they came to pass, but a word that makes a law of spiritual sense to me.

Okay, let's start here when I say that the enemy goes too far, too much Satan, Satan, that he over places hand, I mean the most egregious saying that he ever inspired was the crucifixion of Jesus and yet that's God's method of saving the world. It's almost as if he can't stop himself from doing certain things even if they prove to ended his own destruction and defeat. In any case, as this works out in culture of not calling people in the world. The enemy, but is this works out in culture will see it with gay activists overplaying their hand to give an example at shortly. We see it with the left was trying to censor us overplaying their hand and the thing ends up backfiring. Look it can happen when conservatives are in power and they become oppressive and and and restrict freedom of thought and interaction and things like that and that pushes bike can happen in any number of different directions, but will focus on what happens with the left so Sen. Josh Holly well-known nationally but not not on the level of Donald Trump or Barack Obama or somebody like that, not even on the level of of of Ted Cruz or Mitch McConnell or Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer but no rising in the Senate Josh Holly had written a book called the tyranny of big tech was being published by Simon & Schuster which is one of the biggest publishers based in the New York City and Sen. Hawley on January 6 called for local Sen. Cruz investigation into the elections same look, if there's no fraud do the study.

Find out fine and then move on. If there was fraud. The B exposed, but we've got to be able to move on as a nation, so he was not saying there was election fraud using let's see, it was the Ted Cruz argument. There's 1/3 way you stole election the big steel. It's a lie.

There was no fraud. Nobody talk about the cleanest likes we've ever run to crew said will hear here's 1/3 way, let's let's do the study. Let's get the panel let's investigate. Even if you have to postpone inauguration by few days. Do the thorough investigation involve the Supreme Court the whole bit bipartisan and and then country conclusions in either it happened or didn't happen and and if it happened got active it didn't happen then move on. That's all that happened, then the day the story the capital. Sen. Hawley's allegedly cheering it on signally. Whatever okay Simon & Schuster announces their dropping the book, dropping his book so that nothing of this. At this very moment. At the same moment, what you have is big tech canceling Donald Trump big tech canceling the man who at that moment was the President of the United States banning him from twitter for life. I mean it's it's not just the banning of the president been bad enough but for lot and you never, ever, no matter what happens Kabobi that's almost how it feels to be. It was like a tantrum for this is it in Facebook bands and so here you have a book on the tyranny of big tech right a book of the tyranny of big tech. Another book gets canceled as the president is getting canceled by big tech so I knew it was can happen a minute of self evident to me and to I know I was pretty sure and and many of you without the same thing some conservative publisher thing probably regularly but some conservative public publisher is gonna pick the book up and it's going to sell many many more copies because of the fact that a conservative publisher picked it up after the thing.squished, so sure enough, that's what happens regularly picks it up, it releases on May 4 is one of the best-selling books in the nation, and it was number one in like media insensitive select that I thought how how ironic is that. But that to me is a perfect example that to me is what happens that the more you attempt to silence us, the more loudly our voices will be heard. That's what I was Prof. Jordan Peterson in Canada is fairly little-known. His book, maps of meaning. He worked on three hours a day for 13 years. Something like that and it was a fairly obscure volume to read by specialists of scholars in academic book now is world best-selling author, some considering the best known conservative intellectual in the world of the most influential work, and it happened when he said you can force terminology on your you're not going to force me to say certain things based on some radical left ideology that if a man identifies is what I have to refer to him as she suddenly getting swells the sunlight they lose their jobs and lose their positions of parts will go to prison.

You never hear from them again and yet God even uses that there's even a spiritual principle which is that the that the seed goes in the ground and dies but but now it multiplies a comes back as many seeds that's what happens friends. That's what happens to read something to you. It is a a book called cancel culture the long march of the left and is published in Australia and I found out about it through my colleague in Australia Bill Muilenburg culture watch just brilliant cultural analyst lived in Australia for many many years and I've been tracking with him. Specially what's happening in Australia, to the point that you got major political leaders talking about where the left is going and cancel culture and what's happening so absolutely grab a few excerpts of the spectrum, just get it ready here to read to you this to hang on get this loaded properly. Here we go. Okay so this is from the forward to the book and and and it's it's it says this going on in a few paragraphs and it says that business leaders should affirm the importance of free markets and it goes off in the union leaders should assert the basic decency of Australian workers cultural is etc. and this is this instead instead business leaders are only too ready to jump on activists bandwagons union campaigns against their own members, jobs, and environmental grounds of power be self-interest and supposedly conservative politicians routinely change the subject rather than discuss taboo issues like climate change, identity, gender, religious freedom of the statue should be tops of religious stepping back rather than speaking out a scroll that will further as even the honest left is starting to appreciate we need more voices in our debates not fewer wholesome diversity means a range of views, not just a multiplicity of genders, and ethnicities look at this quote from former Prime Minister Tony Abbott. This is an amazing cyst synced quote as Abbott has often said, quote a majority that stays silent.

This not long remain a majority chew on it and said again majority that stays silent does not long remain majority, then the intro to the book starts with this that this is unreal. Imagine a society where people from high to low are fired from their jobs for entering into quote the wrong side of a cultural debate were academics are routinely sacked or sanctioned for expressing incorrect views on climate or sexuality or politics were celebrities restrictive accolades and authors or the disinvited from award ceremonies for harboring opinions that failed to accord with the prevailing view.

Imagine a society where students inform of their professors for transgressing speech codes where priests are brought before tribunals were teaching the tenets of their faith were multiple institutions for the police to the media to the courts colluded to imprison an innocent man because he holds to a pure ethic they deem dangerous and obsolete society where people are encouraged to inform on their neighbors were pregnant woman is arrested in a home for posting on social media with the police violently arrest people for breaking newly invented laws compelling them to cover their faces. Imagine a society where this is citizens are arbitrarily confined to their homes by the government. Their movements tracked and traced. This is in a passage from a midcentury dystopian novel. It's not an account of conditions suffered under totalitarian regimes in the Soviet Union or China or North Korea. No, this is contemporary Australia. All the events described to recruit Australia in recent years, yet this is by the spattering to list all the things in this category that have occurred around the former liberal Western democratic nations would doubtless require volumes low will start book, what's the solution stand up, speak up pushback left to play its hand will be right back where we will file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us on a lot of fun in a moment minutes went over to England. The major high court ruling against abuse of children in the name of transgender activism.

I mean, it is an important ruling. When my friends contact me today. Some of this can happen in the states. I think soon enough I think. Soon enough, but because people care about children because even transgender activists say no, we've got to look at this again, we gotta consider what's happening to children, etc. it's a perfect example of one side overplaying his hand and when many Americans said you know how marriage but we get divorced, always different things into my love each other two women love each other out, whom I to tell them what to do and I don't want to be bigoted, innocent, without recognizing the larger implications of the larger repercussions of redefining marriage and Americans were sympathetically this is just part of a larger social shift in a larger part of LGBT Q activism in a certain point you like. I am the center for that might mean that not intend that this will be sound the alarm and advances say this is where something's going so again I'm encouraging today was some examples of major pushback 866-34-TRUTH but first one go back to an article I wrote in December 15 and I'm going to the phones interact them through subject look at this article I wrote in December 15 of last year and in the article specifically said okay. I'm appealing now to my brothers and sisters. My prophetic friends who are either right or wrong. This was December 15 of last year. Okay Enos and look if elections can be overturned if you got that right. Amazing your holding on in faith. That's incredible. You sure God spoke it against all odds. You still holding on and if elections are overturned and it turns out, the courts back. It's amazing will applaud you for your courage and your tenacity if you're wrong or what's under the bus just recognize your error. Let's find out why you were wrong and let's address it together so anyway, I tell the story I want to read it you verbatim from this article in December 15 and then apply to video clips below exactly why I did this so let's let scroll down in the article to where I talk about the Indochina prophecy I and and and I wrote this again saying please please don't don't tooth in the church I came to faith in late 71. The pastor told us an amusing sort of reading verbatim from this article to see this is what I wrote in December 5 December 15 Lester a guest speaker was ministering to the congregation.

After the sermon he had some personal prophetic words for the people he told one woman standing in the front of the building that God was calling her as a missionary to India. He told another man standing in the back of the building that God was calling him as a missionary to China with the guest speaker did know was that they were married when he got the car they're both very excited voice of the man of God told the recall to be missionaries were going to India.

He replied no.

The medical Total Recall to be missionaries are going to China confused going back into the building test for clarification explained to the speaker that he gave in two conflicting prophecies.

He smiled and said no there is no contradiction goddess Caligula Indochina. I appeal to my prophetic friends and colleagues and those that on the person. Please don't play spiritual games like this.

Please don't bring further approach to the name of the Lord, whom you love and serve your words will come to pass, with astonishing accuracy and the nation will witness the miraculous reelection of Donald Trump or your words will prove false. We sign on the dotted line and make that no excuses and no rationalizations commitment today the world is watching animals literally watch him eat rafter coverage in the New York Times talk about this and in the atheist websites and others mocking okay so that's December 15 were told not of you wants can be overturned before the Inauguration Day that didn't have no no no it's know that military is ready to take a recess can be a little what no hate by the end of March. I'm telling you this is going to have a note what actually here. Let's listen to Jeff Janssen and what he told us was going to happen in April.

He stepped aside he never conceded and the last offense is military, so the military actually the military is in control right now and they will. They've already made their determination it now. It's about execution. Now it's about returning civil power after after the but we the people factor of the rightly duly elected president from this past election comes forward and they exposed the corruption. There will be civil power restored to the United States and the president will be Donald J. Trump, watch with the Lord does, but I believe that April, I would be surprised if things don't happen by. By the end of April, Montauk in the 23rd, 24th and 25th which I believe are key dates right so based on the 23rd 24th 25th of April. Certainly April okay where we are now.

When may correct didn't have it.

Did the military take over and depose Joe Biden and put in Donald Trump note case have been following the news. No, so what's the latest from Jeff Janssen, someone sent the smell not on the sites looking in stock not only know the people.

Okay this to stuff sent to me so I got sent this this morning. Here's his latest work. I got The ethical requirement through the national been a while. Today is the day the fourth and Melissa and I have been awful while Sgt. want to be able to monitor look.

This may and what's coming can't be stopped. There's all kinds of amazing things are happening and I'm talking about Pres. Trump talking about the him coming back into power and I'm talking about the church of talking about everything that God promised a back-to-back terms. Everything that God's promise with this election and overturning corruption and sometimes the weird human beings, especially Americans, waiting to be shown. The threefold repetition.

So what does this is amazing time.

Watch what happens were at the door. Things are happening and see massive massive turn in this great nation in the world. Bluster picker so when I first heard that it's May I thought he was going to say okay I said all this is can happen in April didn't nuzzle. He said now it's May you what risk you have to make friends. This is the Indochina nonsense. I was talking about. This is the deception.

This is the delusion so either he is deceived into believing each month new monster or he's playing games knowingly.

I hope it's the former is better to be deceived into knowingly, willingly deceive others, but easily this is what's going on that and the goalposts keep moving all brother. You are way too premature. What you said, we have national words that were given guaranteeing this can happen in December. This can happen here. This can happen there disconnect dates each with did not know of the sub January notes even bigger now who may amazing and big in the name fool you watch is can happen in June friends while you wake up you still befalls these people. Unfortunately, many thousands do millions have been deceived if you look around the world. It's set at serious all the more reason that we put out the prophetic standards statement. If you haven't read it yet prophetic with your ministry leader.

We invite you to sign it if you affirm it is to affirm the importance of prophecy to confirm the importance of prophetic ministry and to say there must be biblical accountability. I just did an interview early today with Dr. Matera for God TV and Joe was asked the question will are you suppressing things are you aren't you pushing back against proxies known only suggest this like with water. You've got water but scabby channel. There has to be right structure sums to be used properly.

There has to be a release for structure for spin biblical pilots of the skull, the phones let's start in Charleston, West Virginia, Alan walking to the line of fire around doing well. Thanks for your report. We reject the notion of every prophetic word on the level right or authority of Scripture wholeheartedly believe the apartment market. I got a problem with not only their proper realized that the Bible we are prophesy in part, that God give here your word. Whatever word you. Whether or not to be a true work of the ball for the bike not be a complete word, yes and yes will, in the statement you thank you Alan for work for a pressing in on this in the statement we say that at best it is a word from the Lord as opposed to the word of God suits. In other words, the word of God is the Bible that has unique authority over all people, and it tests us. We don't test it writes.

We agree on that. Let's say that you get a word from the Lord, which is a real word from the Lord that the Lord is calling Sam to move to Sarasota, Florida, and to take this new job and God's gonna introduce them to his wife there right and you saying the Lord gave me this work for you brother and you share it with Emily since man I've been praying about Sarasota. I can't believe that in God's light shone me down to meet somebody there and that it happens and they live happily ever after.

Right. So that was a true word for a word from the Lord. That was true and that since fully reliable, but it's not the word of God. It's not the Bible nor can we expect all prophecy to be perfectly inerrant to do because someone can get part of it in these interpretation insight. That's why it's judged. So I agree with you that it did just like you know something in your heart you know that you know that you know a certain thing right is going to come to pass away and got spoken to your heart. So yeah, if it's something truly from the Lord you bank on absolute it's just not the Bible the word of God. It's a word from the Lord. So thank thank you for nuance in that with her so I consider public so I agree with you in principle terms I think were in harmony. Does it make sense but I was there and stare at their stare at the regret that the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us on 11 five would encourage you today with some pushback was a rejection of radical destructive ideologies with encouragement that is much as things are shifting to the radical left in a way that will be oppressive in a way that will come directly against our freedom of speech, conscience and religion, and is happening in increasing measure in other parts the world including countries like Canada and Australia and England and Norway and Finland and others, much as some of the China's and the Afghanistan's and the North Korea is in places like that. The pushback must come otherwise. These liberties will be lost. Come back to that in a moment, but if you've not yet read our prophetic standards statement. This is a joint statement made together by number of Pentecostal charismatic leaders from around America and different nations.

It has 85 initial signatories representing local church pastors, international leaders, prophetic leaders, apostolic leaders, theologians, Bible scholars a wide range and then since the nominal 400-3400 40 additional signers assistance getting out. It should soon be posted in Spanish and Portuguese. But one part of the statement says this about this reader to subparagraph out we reject the notion that contemporary prophetic words on the same level of inspiration or authority is Scripture that God always speaks inherently through prophets today.

Since the Bible says we only know important prophesy in part, samosas, words that God always speaks inherently through prophets and that would mean that every word spoken by every prophet is always perfect and inerrant is the written word alone that can lay claim to being the word of God prophecies at best, or a word from the Lord to be tested by the word of God.

Suggest having conversation about that Alan, in Charleston, West Virginia, back to you of what you your final comments. What worked or I can actually give a word from God and it would be incorrect that what you're telling me the sun word from God.

You think it is. But it's not God. God anybody word thermometer that we what we got. Whether your note for Robert for news but I do not eat whatever smart people that ever got that work will be true and will come the five whether we get the interpretation wrong wrong… Be heard so with me on the people that are expected with the comfort of the current problems that don't even apply out of our moment Barbara Brock.Barbie people did not hear from God that is going it might be for the people did not hear from Dr. Donald would be right so so here's the other angle to that Alan, which is that God may give me a word right and then I and I add to it when I deliver it dry right so it has to has to be has to be sifted and ends again work on the nuance in this point for people and believing that he is simply talking about wealth. Have you ever gotten some from Lord, maybe a sense about something or strong feeling her strong impression and and then you kinda added to it or you you presume something you know the Lord showed you you going to get a certain job see what had quit your job as a note here six months too early and is so we can often do that at our two cents to that's why things must be tested.

Hey Alan, thanks.

Thanks for the call so conversation that I was just having with lower staff members right before radio today was the, the prophets, who continue to hold her grandson Trump is the real president is the authentic president and he did when he won a landslide in the let's got stolen. So my question is will number one we were asking an arbitrary quit. You weren't giving you were giving arbitrary information in advance as he was gonna win the election, but it was stolen.

Rather, you're telling us to the next president would be sitting in the White House right and right now it's not Donald Trump. The other thing is if you really had this word then you should've also had with it, but it's good to be stolen is always what's the use of sayings gonna wind up its that's a whole question that was being asked who's gonna win right. But what if this theoretically. What if this conversation were having before radio. What if people were any sense to Trump's government. In fact, the election would be stolen through fraud Joe Biden within the president, but that this was all an answer to prayer, because God's right to teach the church and reveal fraud and all this stuff… It so these summaries prophets had some of the truth, but then put your interpretation on it with things been properly vetted, then people is the daily census of the Wendy's you lose at the same time is very conversation have before.

So that would be a matter of getting part and I think you have the whole just throwing that out because remember that the Old Testament prophets were in first Peter one thought that the prophecies they were seeing out of about the sufferings of the Messiah and his glory were for them maybe to think it applies their own lives got synonymous for future generations.

This is what happens with prophecies what we have to be so careful rightly understanding and interpreting all right lets up that's go to Bobby and San Luis Obispo, California. Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown blogger hero Lancaster right in line with what you're talking about how it could have you personally.

Dr. Brown, do you believe the election was stolen and trumpeted a bit. President I don't know.

I wrote about this some months ago saying that some of my colleagues very very solid people.

Researchers PhD's in statistics, people with inside information have insisted that the election was stolen that it can be demonstrated.

I do not have a the expertise to look into this be the time and see the burden so I don't. I honestly don't know.

I've seen the arguments against it, but some of my sharpest colleagues have given detailed arguments with detailed links think this is the only way to explain this and this shift happens here and then statistically this happens in people who monitor election fraud and other countries saying something went wrong but honestly I don't know and and if you listen to the show. You know I take stands on things constantly and get hit from all sides for.

I honestly don't know. In the living to say this, my faith position had been number one that was so much prayer for the election that the end result will be what God did in other words, that God has not given us four more years of Donald Trump is a judgment visit blessing is a mix you interpret that, but I believe the outcome is an answer to our prayers.

Whether we like the outcome or not, and my expectation was if there really was fraud that the courts would reveal that the woods I trust in our system, and that the that the Trump backing in the amount of money being poured in in the looking for fraud was strong enough that it was there to be met. Maybe something will come of Arizona recount verdict in a new Michigan judge or it's not impossible, to demonstrate, there was fraud somewhere but my position is been that it would ultimately come out if it never comes out. Then I would conclude it didn't happen. So right now I said I don't know but if ultimately all the recounts that the court everything going through it still shows no fraud that I would say ultimately was installed rights that answers your question.

Thank you Bobby for the call. I appreciate it all right 866-34-TRUTH.

By the way, because I wasn't live. Yesterday we answered a lot of questions of the been submitted in advance of phone lines are open for anything you want to talk to me about and feel free to push back if you differ with me or or probed further. It was Alan want to probe further to to understand things by all means give me call 866-34-TRUTH okay. We move from here over to the UK. One of the most egregious things that is happening in the world today is the effect of transgender activism on children you have what is called rapid onset gender dysphoria where you can have a bunch of teenage girls many times that mildly autistic things like that all this is encased in enforcing this more more. Maybe they're gone through typical teen years as a girl uncomfortable with their bodies feeling hung up, not they look the same as the home of their bodies comfortable. Whatever the teen girls gone through that relate to bugle boy mowing the girl nice was happening in society now.

This gives you an ability you can identify with.

This is other people, and next thing is II this is that I figured it out.

I'm actually a boy and girls was runtime by the kids from the age of 3 to 15 says I'm trapped in the wrong body is about someone who's always thought of themselves as a boy or girl was for 70 girls teen girls certain ages and their evening groups to get us there were trends and was happening now increasingly and with kids younger as well. Younger once again put on hormone blockers and this can have lifelong effect, negative, destructive effect and then they get through their team.

Puberty and owl fullness ectomy your 18 years old you young lady. You remove your breasts and now your 20 think of what in the world and I do your 22 and 20 US exchange surgery using one of the world that I do so look at this headline from all Christian website way of life. Literature. This is over the news English high court rules that children cannot give informed consent to puberty box and this was on the post-millennial, goes back a few weeks, a young English woman named Carrabelle who made history when she successfully sued the Tavistock state pediatric gender identity clinic for hastily prescribing wrong sex, hormones, and she was 15 recently spoke out about her regrets and all of the different factors which combined to lead her think transforming was the cure for her pain. So now that the High Ct. in England has ruled and will we have Tommy come back and read more of her personal story. The high court has ruled and said you you they can't give informed consent. They don't know you gotta wait and see. You gotta take a different approach and and look at this headline from the Guardian in the UK Tavistock trust whistleblower David Bell. I believed I was doing the right thing. The psychiatrist behind the critical report on the gender I density unit at the NHS. So what national health services trust on the efforts to silence him. This concerns about children's access to treatment and he said look I looked at this thing I thought I was doing the right thing. I I now see there is terrible damage being done to children to minors. We have to stop the madness. People try to silence him. Too many voices, too many voices like Carrabelle left silverplated tan. We want fair at all, that none of incentive for this they did not sign up for this right that it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 664 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown back friends to the line of fibroid kiss.

I want you to hear this personal story right.

And because of her personal story, the High Court in England this it will you look at this and and physicians across UK or soon will we can slow things down. Let's have a wait-and-see approach. But let's let's get things more time you've got a 10-year-old boy who really believes he's girl let's not hastily put this kid on on puberty blockers. Let's let's not quickly say okay go to school identifies drain out dressed as girl. Let's try to wait let's get this time right many physicians across the nation saying that now High Court ruling so Carrabelle.

Let's look at her story as a teen she transition to male became to regret it. Here's how it felt to enter history trance debate so from the earliest days I how much wasn't happy my parents a white English woman in the black American got together while he was in Britain with U.S. Air Force divorce was about five my mother who was on welfare descendents alcoholism and mental illness. My father remained in England, he was emotionally distant to me. My younger sister. I was a classic tomboy. Only my wife Nancy was tomboy and hung out with boys born related to voice more and and and that's like a wish she was when she was a boy, which is a boy, which was little girl.

How many of you ladies were tomboy's hemorrhages exact same thing. Yeah, I like to play with the boys are related to the more I was tomboy, now site all you must be trance was a classic tomboy which is one of the healthier parts of my early life in Letchworth goes on. I was accepted by the boys early childhood I dressed and typically boy clothing was athletic. I never had an issue with my gender.

It wasn't on my mind then puberty had everything changed for the worse letter teenagers especially girls have a hard time with puberty, but I know this is the only one who hated how my hips and breasts were growing.

My period started they were disabling was often pain drained of energy. Also, like a donor passes one of the boys. Celeste my community of male friends but Peninsula really belonged with the girls either of this alcoholism got so bad that it will bring friends home eventually had no friends to invite.

I became more alienated in solitary. I've been moving a lot too and it had to start over different schools, which compounded my problems but I was 14 I was really depressed in a given up and stop going to school a stop going outside.

I just stayed in my room avoiding my mother playing video games getting lost. My favorite music music and surfing the Internet.

Something else was happening. I become attracted to girls. I never had a positive association with the term Lisman so she goes on and now she's talking more about ego transitioning founds these websites in the transition to mailman shortly after I moved in with my father and this then partner Sachiko Stewart whole journey and and she concludes well maybe I should transition. Maybe I'm really a boy and girl's body. Success goes through this so she said I began seeing a psychologist from the national health service or NHS rose 15 because I kept insisting I want to be boy was referred to the gender identity development service at the Tavistock important clinic in London.

There I was diagnosed with gender dysphoria which psychological distress because of a mismatch between your biological sex in your perceived gender identity. By the time I got to the Tavistock. I was adamant that I need to transition so is Jesus brash assertion typical of teenagers so she said after series of superficial conversations with social workers. I was put on puberty blockers 816 year later I was receiving testosterone shots 120, I had a double vasectomy at the age of 20. By then he appeared to have a more masculine build as well as a man's voice cements. The man's name Quincy. After Quincy Jones but the further my transition went, the more I realize that I was the man and there would be this hard to read. This is somebody's life here.

We told these days when someone presents with gender dysphoria.

This reflects a person is really true self is the desire to change gender to set this is not the case for me as I matured I recognize the gender dysphoria was a symptom of my overall misery not because five years after the beginning of my medical transition become male. I began the process of de-transitioning about trends been told what I you can cry with a high dose of testosterone your body. This affected me to I could release my emotions when the first signs I was becoming clear again was that thankfully Lester was able to cry and a lot to cry about the consequences of what happened to me been profound possible infertility loss of my breasts and inability to breast-feed atrophy generals permanently change voice, facial hair are IIS. I'm sorry I have to stop reading here, we just pray for this young woman would Jesus pray for God's deep intervention in her life, and God taking everything that she did innocently enough, though she was not trying to destroy her body. She was trying to do evil. She was confused in her heart she she had other issues in the society around her, helped her going the wrong direction and his medical professions. Professionals help to the wrong direction which you pray that everything that happened that was meant for evil that that was intended by Satan to harm her or just wrong decisions that God would somehow turn this around for her good. Obviously, her voice is being heard down making a difference in a could save many lives.

Let's pray that God would be surreal. I don't anything about her own life to defend the rest of the story.

Spiritual breakthroughs at the I don't know about that which you just pray that is just too painful to read out of, sorry had to stop there. Pray for God's best for her. Would you do that all right.

The latest example of societal madness. The latest example of the left losing its mind, let's look at this headline about snow like snow white. Disney's show sees me Disney's snow white ride criticized for nonconsensual kiss seen the new Snow White's enchanted wish ride at Disneyland is the center of controversy after it was upgraded to include the true love's kiss seen do we all agree that a man forcing himself on a woman or woman forcing him herself on the man, his apartment and everything in society should speak against it. Push because we all agree on. Yes than an unwanted sexual act forced on another person is wrong. And we should agree on so some 18-year-old guy with his 18-year-old girlfriend and decides he wants to go further than he wants to. He does not and she wants to. He does not have the right to do that then is it being called rape and should be punishable by law, and as a society we should report will agree on. But once I got to do with the kiss and snow all but she didn't give consent to consent because it's a mythical story and she's poisoned by some of which, so how about we have a clause, how about we have a clause that if it is a mythical cartoon character and if an innocent woman has been poisoned by an evil witch and there was a mythical cartoon prince whose sent to give a kiss of love that will awaken her from her death sleep put on her mother which then it's okay. How about we put that clause in their what kind of madness is this guy understandably understand the issues this is that the meat you are we to understand the issues.

This I've never in my life ever heard. Example ever once some say will yell all the prints kiss snow white. That's why I went to bed with my girlfriend even though she was fighting and scratching and trying to push me away yet that lady I liked on the street. Yeah. Went and raped her, because, hey, after all the prints kiss snow. Why never, never once heard example of of a boy a sneak into the bedroom of his sister, and he's gonna force himself on her because they just saw the snow white movie. What kind of cultural madness is this.

This is really when the left loses its mind, this is really when the whole thing undoes itself and unravels and reminds us of the insanity of the positions. Is there any ambiguity here.

Number one, it's a mythical story. It's a car to an illustration story animated and if you you read in the book 1st hits its have had a mythical princess in a potion is given to her that answer and it death sleep until they hear they herald not the rapist, not the sexual predator. They hero of the story the good guy, the Prince not rape, it's a kiss of love for his beloved Princess that the kiss is a godsend in the story.

The kiss is the antidote to the bad one is the way it's not the prints the bad one is that which, sorry for the passionate retelling the story and kiss wakes up this wound Princess from the death potion of the evil which that's a good thing. That's a good thing. That's a good kiss.

That's like a CPR can kiss.

I so friends once again I give you a perfect illustration of the radical left losing its corporate mind and how do we combat it. We expose the madness. That's how I ran the time we are at a time. Already the hour has flown by. Be back with you again tomorrow live. God willing, right here on thoroughly Jewish Thursday on this great station only have 15 minutes or 15 minutes from now. Are you to chat didn't even announce 15 minutes from now, that you got questions will rejoin you ask a dear friend asked her to run YouTube channel 15 minutes from now we are with. We are on, let's do it another program powered by the Truth Network

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