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Dr. Brown Tackles Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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April 30, 2021 4:50 pm

Dr. Brown Tackles Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Phone lines are open you got questions, we've got answers for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience, the president of fire school of Ministry get into the line of fire valves by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH paradigm is Dr. Michael Brown looking looking to the line of fire. It's Friday means the questions we've got answers phone lines open 866-34-TRUTH I'm going right to the phones after this one announcement of major tragedy in Jerusalem last night. There is a celebration called log about only are the 33rd day in the counting of the Homeric which is the end of Passover to Pentecost a shovel will there is a gathering at the gravesite of Rabbi Shimon bar your high second century, one of the leading sages and rabbinic Judaism and Israel is getting past coal bid covert issues. Now as far as public going out in the low mass and an just go back to normal life much more in the ultra-Orthodox community. They been pushing back against many of the restrictions all along. But now this summer. They can gather in public.

Maybe 10,000 could be better accommodated in the location that is narrow tunnel through which people pass at a certain point, but there hundred thousand there celebrating lighting fires and the stampede is people try to get through the tunnel.

Some claim the police had one area barricaded. Whatever happened about 45 people died yeah about 45 people died many others injured soon when you when you think of the size of Israel. 6 million people, 6 million Jews nine the people Tobit six roughly 6 million Jews. There so that it's it's less than 1/50 the population of America so so you multiply this. This would be several thousand people dying being injured and these are all ultra-Orthodox Jews so it's it's it's really rock the nation immediately after the celebration life back to normal. So pray in the midst of this, the God's grace and mercy would be revealed all right. We go to the phones 866-34-TRUTH Sims in McAllen Texas.

Thanks for calling the line of fire about our restricted ministry.

Thank you. My call again. I have a question concerning Psalm 109. I have reached that point in our weekly Bible study and the Bible restart to approach each type of song you know which have been thought of imprecatory prayer is endemic that the climate becomes earned in of the author is another justice of God that righteousness would let rain in the land.

In the case among Israel and that wickedness will be blotted out, so I'm trying to think about thought of how I would apply this and I will post new testament out of context and obviously I would agree with you, from a few weeks ago when you talk about identified and that we should not be paying back in obese children befall a bit.

Michael went all in and what anything but I my thought is that it is appropriate to ask him to pray that you know wickedness itself be removed. Another word not right right so somebody will write exactly since.

On the one hand, the psalmist at times may be expressing his own frustration, his own anguish and anger you have Jeremiah lashing out, you know, wipe them out, Lord. And so there human beings right and just as the psalmist say how long and I and I await my pillow with tears that these could be human expressions but let's say that they that they were inspired prayers that is exactly what you saying it wasn't personal vengeance.

He hurt me. I won't hurt him. Rather, it was saying there must be justice if there's no justice in the world is can be more destruction and the Hebrew mind you're not praying in the abstract, you're praying very specifically so if you're praying for judgment to fall on a guilty sinner then that's going to mean that that man's wife will be a widow that his schedule will be orphaned from their father and so on and so forth. So this can be vividness to it. But clearly the New Testament teaches us to bless those who curse us to pray for those who persecute us. Jesus hanging on the cross is for the forgiven. They don't know what they do. Stephen getting stoned to death.

Sizzler don't lay the senator charge so they are not following the suit of praying down judgment on their enemies so I agree with you that we pray in general for God to establish his righteousness, and to put an end to wickedness, but as I'm doing it on praying for the salvation of the wicked right as I'm doing it. I'm praying for God's intervention, so what I like to do is pattern things on the Lord's prayer and begin by praying for God's name to be hallowed in the earth and the new flesh that out would mean it would mean people of all nations and religions to recognize the one true God, etc. then you print right out your own family your own life and the Lord your kingdom come. Bless every prayer because we got kingdoms get one got kingdoms. When God's kingdom fully arrives to be great judgment. Jesus even if we see.

Even so, Lord Jesus will pray for him to return in flaming fire taking vengeance on those you don't know God. So I agree with you in spirit absolutely. And let's say you live in the community and is high crime rate in kids getting killed. Lord, bring your kingdom to this community or bring repentance bring salvation bring deliverance. You know how to do it, Lord save as opposed or destroy the wicked, so were praying in that same direction and then leaving it to God to do to to apply that as as he sees fit. That it would be a violation at 831428. Pray that Lord if it no particular holiday Vivian government and political and a lot of faith continue to go to propagate paying back a contrary you were to remove them from power. Another word for to eliminate your ability to bring about that wicked pleading.

I eliminate the ability to execute your people, not destroy them and help but look bring them to repent. I would rather yes Sims I appreciate that. And certainly a righteous prayer, but I would say God, your will be done.

Your will be done because like Manasseh, most wicked king and in ingenious history. He repents again of his life that he brings the longest of anything. 55 years Whiting government.

Maybe God was keeping them alive to given time to repent second Peter 39 God's God is not slack as we consider slackness, but is this patient, long-suffering towards a stellar issue personal to repent country pencil. Sometimes God will give give more grace may be there's a greater purpose and that person staying in power because the person behind was good. Even worse, make you look you remove remove Saddam Hussein from Iraq. A lot of good comes but that creates the void into which Isys came in all the other people came and massive suffering through the records better or worse under Saddam same God knows so I I don't presume to know now if I feel specifically led by the Lord to pray for specific thing and that well I'll be that leaving but really my personal have your way. Your best. Bring your kingdom because he knows what he's doing and again you get rid of one bad person a worse one mate may come up. Or it may be that if that person stays in power longer they come to repentance. Bring national Reformation with great questions. I appreciate 6634 truth of escorted Joey and Louisville, North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire real North Carolina, but more okay it's on my screen is Louisville, which I never heard of but that's good Moore's bill. It is thanks but I appreciate you are taken Mark Paul and I of all the Hebrew scholars I know there's a lot of you were coming. Well I DOLLARS which one of the Old Testament scholars actually wrote a book on Hebrews book of Hebrews info much of the Old Testament and Co. paralleled how we should accept the Old Testament. I will wondered any Old Testament scholars actually wrote a book on the New Testament book Ebert yeah okay I love the questions Anna and I got a couple answers for you. Let me first say this that there's almost kind of needle in the realm of scholarship that you stay in your lane so Old Testament scholars working Old Testament, New Testament scholars were the New Testament you you made to a larger theology and intersex but because I'm a scholarly level so much is required of you in a loser.

There has been so much focus on learning that you can't master everything the same.

That being said of Franz Daly which was a great Old Testament and Hebrew scholar in the 1800s, together with CF Kyle Carl Friedrich Kyle. They did the 10 volume counter in the Old Testament was published in 10 lines. More than that and print but but it's it's a classic.

To this day, but damage also wrote a commentary on Hebrews. So, Franz Daly, which DEL ITCSH got that and other desirous of the skin to see if it still in print, I got it years ago in two volumes. That's the damage Hebrews.

I bet it's still in print data to see New Testament Hebrew Gospels Hebrews are.

You may have to look for that okay, but that's that's one another is paid off safer and that's S a pH IR and he was a Jewish believer in Jesus he was, he was not as much of an Old Testament scholar is Dale which was but he was a Jewish believe in Jesus and fluent Hebrew so he has a commentary in Hebrews.

But here's what is on the also recommend for you right FF Bruce was New Testament scholar but very very strong in Old Testament as well. Very strong in Dead Sea Scrolls Hebrew things like that. His commentary on Hebrews a fits that bill.

In many ways as well. Even though he was, not an Old Testament scholar per se. He did work it in a lot of Old Testament circles and he's got a great commentary and he reset so that would be from more recent decades safer and Daly, which would be from the 1800s. Hey, thanks for asking Jody appreciate the question, 866-34-TRUTH to what we discussed. 45 seconds before the break, so we will come back will start with Sebastian in Mexico them will go to Jonathan and washing 10 Cassie in St. Louis. Alan Canada will get to many calls as we can.

Have you seen the prophetic standards statement yet. This was issued yesterday. It really has several hundred signatures we had 85 initial signatories so leaders from denominations. Mega church pastors, leaders of prophetic networks apostolic leaders a wide range now probably hundred 30 something folks have signed on. Since it's been up if you're a leader ministry leader go there prophetic If you believe in prophetic ministry today statement firm and add your name to it seems to be a historic document is things will joint document used by members use together and believe it's a critical time put out standards prophetic Check it out. Her by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown for Alaska to define on Amazon commentary on the epistle to the Hebrews, Dale, which imprint looks like it's a reproduction facsimile reproduction of the original right out we go to Sebastian in Mexico. Thanks for calling the line of fire, where I look around hello, I wanted to act and think mainly and I only reentered the group whatever God wants for me, but I will line and will I know a lot of the Jewish American who I watch a lot of eternity coming from Michael leaving your mediocre have to wait a little about the Rabbi and I still don't know how to enter their like the main one is a data anti-rate brought world. He the world is not covered with the knowledge of the Torah and you know which one so and all and I don't know.

We engaged you give me an idea and a way of what he think the right pack. I like almost all Mexican federal Roman Catholic very devout family, but I have some of the doubt my fate like the rolling. I know leaving the wonder church that they claim I have both about what yeah right pack to follow Sebastian. I appreciate your your honesty so I'm not sure if you're aware of the five books that I've written that demolish the kind of missionary arguments and then the 32 hour or 32 lecture series that we are free online or another 22 hour DVD course in Canada, missionaries have have you then my videos specifically refuting Toby's finger.

Have you taken advantage of. Of these, and and you still have the questions or you haven't heard the answers that we've brought to these questions I have heard not auto but all right okay we've we've got the answers for you. There's nothing difficult whatsoever. The Hebrew Bible makes plain that that there are two phases to the Messiah's work. The Talmud even asks is he coming in the clouds of heaven. As per Daniel seven Rosie coming meek and lowly running on a donkey, as per Zechariah 9 Tom says if we repent were righteous will come because of heaven. If not, who come running a donkey. Where is the Bible is a C either/or. The Bible says both the Bible speaks of his great exultation in the Bible speaks of his great suffering and it indicates there are two phases to his work first. He had to come and die for our sins and rise from the dead before the second Temple was destroyed according to biblical prophecy.

He would then be rejected by his own people and become a light to the nations it was only then that he would come in the clouds of heaven and establish his kingdom on the earth, at which point there would be peace. So that the Bible clearly lays out two different aspects of his mission.

It speaks of him as being a priestly king. Remember someone 10 you are a priest for ever after the order of markets ascetic and the man whose name is the branch and Zechariah the sixth chapter. Who is it it's your whole sure the high priest, also known in the Hebrew Bible is Yeshua.

Jesus your whole sure the high priest sits on the throne with a crown on his head symbolizing the branch so the Messiah is symbolized as a priestly king so as a priest he deals with our sin as a priest he he he suffers for us and makes atonement and then when he returns and establishes his kingdom. He fulfills his royal role in traditional Judaism is forgotten by large about the priestly role of the Messiah, so the reason he hasn't establish peace on earth is, it's not time for that part of the mission. It is, it will help. Maybe someone else know the only possible candidate had to live by be rejected rise from the dead before the second Temple was destroyed almost 2000 years ago. Since only one possible candidate for that. Who was it that was rejected by his people as become a light to the world one and only Jesus the Messiah out what I'd encourage you to do. Sebastian is is on my on my YouTube channel. There's a whole series and it's free for everyone. Anyone can watch this. So if you look for the videos this video series of answering your toughest questions and it it's actually it's actually 32 half-hour lectures that that we are recorded just just answering your toughest questions specifically on Jesus being the Messiah. So watch those that are all free this semester to or S just asked Dr. Brown on YouTube SK dear Brown and then a search for the Wachovia and you'll see videos.

We put out a 45 so far, exposing his laws on some allies about deception. I talk about is tell you one thing, and the truth is somewhere else so take advantage of those if any questions come up on the way. Just email us and I've got a team member who just focuses on answering usually the questions so that'll help you there is no reason for the doubts I was hit with all these I study the Scriptures.

I got my face and a cigar. I'm a Jew I'm a Jew and out and I'm gonna follow you.

Whatever the cost of the consequence that Jesus is really the size I believe unclear if the whole Jewish community rejection of got all you have is not the Messiah care what reproach I suffer, I'm I'm gonna reject him. I only want the truth, and the more I studied and prayed clearer. Everything became so take advantage of those resources if you can find them just to this email via the website as as for the church would be part of examine everything based on the grid of Scripture. So if you see the practices of the Roman Catholic Church. The Pope veneration of Mary, the mass, if you see that taught in the Bible, especially the New Testament, the nets we want to be.

If you see that's not taught, then you would seek out an evangelical church gospel preaching church that is just based on Scripture minus church tradition and that the Lord will lead you and then above all get really close to God in your personal life less thoughtfully. Sebastian all right if Jesus is not the Messiah than what has God done in the redemptive way to reach out to the whole world to reveal himself so chose his will chose Israel. Israel is not revealing God to the world.

Israel itself is quite mixed, so what has God done to reveal his love for the whole world. If Jesus is not the Messiah, he hasn't, which is on par and thought that that is weighted all this time and has not revealed himself to the whole world and given the whole world an opportunity to believe in him so our faith is is on a very very firm foundation. So Sebastian check out those resources go through the videos. I believe your face will really be built up as you do and then just consider which church follows the Scriptures most accurately all right, all right.

I got one more question, yeah, go ahead and do however.

Her neck and reviewed the overwinter in engagement. Yeah well I mean the whole Bible refutes Jehovah's Witness doctrine.

What in particular locating, you have a John 2028 when Thomas after the resurrection system, my Lord and my God is at work have a PBS about Hebrews 18 where the sun is explicitly called God and he everyone I boarded.101, called you my Lord and my God, and they were able I don't know. But the Bible we take into consideration under one creator right so Isaiah 96 that that the Messiah is called mighty God, the John 11. The word was God not a God.

John 858, before Abraham was, I am John 2028, my Lord and my God. Hebrews 18 that the sun is called God explicitly in the book of Revelation. The father and the son are both called the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. So the whole Bible literally demolishes Jehovah's Witness draw more that go to climb CAR and just click on Jehovah's Witnesses hate. It's pretty clear there chatting with you that you need to spend more time reading the word getting closer to God, then watching stuff from cults, false religions, missionary rabbis, which was used be building yourself up in God more eating food that is healthy for your soul that will nourish you and nurture you and strengthen you and then you'll be able to reach the Jehovah's Witnesses, the Jewish community and others. Sometimes we can get so absorbed with okay I want to be sure and follow the truth of the me check out with this one says this messes that once is that you never get built up put down good deep roots for yourself. Put down salt Scripture to say, but I have a lot of questions. I understand that. Trust me live through that is a Jewish believer in Jesus bombarded but by the rabbis in those early years as a lovingly reached out to me to try to change my views.

But what I'm saying is spending quality time with God is going to be the key. Having a solid relationship with him and sing God. I just want to follow the truth to be a hard for truth praising him, loving him and then taking in Scripture, not just intellectually dealing with objections drink in the words of Jesus read his words and and John 1415 16 read his words through the New Testament read the letters and drink in the wisdom and truth of God it'll build you up and then you'll be able to help others homework. I thank you for the call. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 86.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown as friends for joining us on the line of fire. Michael Brown delighted with you questions.

We got answers given to as many calls as we can but take a little bit more time with some of our callers is needed today. Let's go to Cassie in St. Louis, Missouri.

Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown. I want to start long-term work. Keeping current research haven't encouraged our true decades.

I appreciate wind at your Galatian lab and in light of the apostle Paul born in the flesh every notice what large letters I write code word in my handwriting. I know our focus is Christian should not what it was but on Christ's strength in overcoming our weakness. I'm curious and I heard someone say, could it possibly be a type of fire vision disorder or could possibly be part write to me the most likely understanding of Paul's thorn that he references in second contents 12 is extreme and unusually intense persecution that he endured it if you if you look at the the use of the word weakness through first and second Corinthians which is a major theme as opposed to being strong in oneself are super self-confident that that God uses the week to confound the strong and and the foolish to confound the wise frisk within Stu this Rissman is one frisk within Stu pulses that he came to the Corinthians in weakness and fear in much trembling.

That theme comes up repeatedly. The critics in second Corinthians 10 Sybil this is bodily is letters a weighty and powerful, but his bodily presence is week and then in the 11th chapter of first Corinthians. He said if if another boast of a boast in the things that that show my weaknesses. The 11th and 12th chapter.

Any outlines the persecutions the abuse that he took and then very specifically in second Corinthians the 12th chapter. Second Corinthians chapter 12 as as he is talking about this, this foreign was given to torment him and thought it normally refers to people of that. It's a messenger of Satan right so this the storm was given him to harass him to keep her from being conceited.

Three times he pleaded with the Lord about it. That should leave him, but the Lord said to my grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness. Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses that the power of Christ may rest upon the sake of Christ that I'm content with weaknesses, insults, hardships, persecutions, and calamities when I'm weak that I'm strong so would seem if the goal of this was Satan was allowed to torment him to keep him humble because of the revelations he got. Then you think it is you finish preaching your message and instead of going back to the crowd of believers like Paul, that was amazing.

We never heard a teacher like that that was incredible instead is getting dragged out of the city, and stoned, reskinned, beaten and thrown in some dungeon pit somewhere that will certainly keep you humble. So my view is that that's the most likely understanding of the thorn, but this is been debated for centuries through church history, some have pointed to the very first you did and said that Paul had an eye disorder. Others thought he suffered from sub- malaria or unit. He mentions early in Galatians that that was because of physical weakness that he was with them.

Most interpret that as as a bodily infirmity and that he was there at that place because he was sick of the city. That's not the right way to interpret the Greek, but most translations read it like that.

There been many many different understandings that the medieval monks thought that it was sexual temptation is obviously favored killing with that projected back on Paul so it could've been a physical illness. You don't hear one other person in in Galatians that people used it to point to that in the fourth chapter. When you talk about the love that they they had for them. He said I testify to that. If possible, you would have gouged out your eyes and given them to me, but I think this is to figure speech like you would've done anything for me so my view, intense, unusual persecution. Satan buffeting him and those of the weaknesses that he speaks of in the 11th and 12 chapters of second crank install but we don't know for sure. A lot great, great, will good I NT thing look for the one-week weakness through first and second Corinthians. There three different forms, nominal and verbal to come up and you see it in English from Newsweek, weakness, and sometimes in King James infirmity but really it we can in most of the cases at the right weight it read all right. Let's see 866-34-TRUTH let us go to a Greg in Archdale, North Carolina.

Welcome to the line of fire young here. My question is, like Matt, Mark, Luke and John thanked Peter all are the real, actual, nine of my more Latin American nine.

Even John the Baptist one. When he was born that morning.

John is like you, for Flanagan alignment family and one another real night yeah so explain number one, Isaiah is not a Hebrew name. You shall Yahoo is the Hebrew name. Ezekiel is not a Hebrew name is Kale is a Hebrew name of Moses. This is not that the Hebrew name it's it's Moshe Josiah is not a Hebrew name is Yoshi who so what we have in English. Is it is the original names in Hebrew and then agree for the New Testament coming into Latin and then to whatever other language and then ultimately into English so originally John Michelle Hamann originally Matthew was much Yahoo or originally James was Yaakov. Now Paul was Paulus. He also had the name Shoals so it bursts being born in it and it is a Greek citizen.

He would've had a Hebrew name in the Greek name, at least, may be the Latin name so he was always shallow pool and Paulus is in the Jewish world Hebrew speaking RAM are Aramaic speaking world.

He was shot cool in the Greek speaking world. He was Paulus and and then when he goes on his mission to the Gentiles is always called Paulus Paul so yet that Mary Mary doesn't exist in the Bible's Miriam abasement Miriam then as it comes into Greek changes and then from Greek into Latin Latin ultimately into English so that's how we have these names of that originally ill Mark with Mark would be the Greek name that Hebrew name, and that that comes to us pretty close. So some are closer than others. You know Elijah and Elisha in Hebrew. That's Ellie yahoo and Alisha.

They sound very different English. They sound very similar. So that's just the way they get passed from Hebrew, Greek, Latin into English. That's all. Just like it all in my name Michael is Mickael so Michael said he really Mickael is, but if I was in.

Born in Mexico would be Miguel right so same names just as they make their way through, but here's the thing you want to that that the roots of it. The New Testament roots are Jewish.

That Messiah's name is Yeshua and his mother's name is Miriam and and his disciples with names like Jacob and Johan on and things like that and Yehuda so yeah and that the book of James is really the book of Jacob, so let's let's recover some of that all right okay I think I was probably about light. I got yet and by the way with John. Nothing in the family. It wasn't that was a foreign name synonymous with Hebrew names just didn't have anyone with that name in this tradition sometimes that the child would be named after the grandfather not the father but the grandfather so hey thanks for the call 866-34-TRUTH we go to Jonathan and Clarkston, Washington, thanks for calling the line of fire by Dr. Bracken hear me okay yeah I can.

I saw Michael bow him out that an echo not to me.

I'm not hearing what you talking right your file okay yeah no I'm I am about Mike attached my phone anyway so I was having a conversation with a friend, a member of my congregation just the other day she said to me that she believes that space aliens exist, and so I said to her, well that doesn't really make any sense. Biblically speaking, for a reason, X, Y and D and then she responded with, or maybe God had nothing to do with the alien and so that kind of threw me off completely because that seemed like a very dangerous thing to believe.

Although she does believe in the atonement and the resurrection and all that stuff to say that God had nothing to do with the space aliens at the very dangerous. However, I didn't actually confront her any further on that because she's also the legal guardian of the children that I'd stifled so I don't want to confront her on her fear that I would no longer be able to disciple those children but so my guess my first question is how how dangerous is that to believe that and the second question is if I were to address it at all. How would I go about doing that right so it's it's dangerous and that it's saying that there are beings out there that God didn't create so that's bizarre the idea that there is anything that exists on the time of philosophical that the existence of evil. I tell you about the earth, the universe, dogs, cats, trees, angels that there's anything that exists that God didn't create more really come from who created it. And if God is not the ruler of the universe and the wanting one who knows everything at all times. If that's if is not that, then who is so that would be the bizarre thing I the I find out what she means. Like maybe guided them to do it.

I just will who created the aliens. I just ask. It's not held to die on.

Obviously, and you won't be able to minister to these kids didn't want you don't want to neglect the legal guardian terms of her needs. So I would just ask will. Where did they come from, who did who created them. If God had nothing to do with them.

Then where they come from now you I agree with you that the idea of aliens is is alien to me, and that you get this idea of God created the whole universe and in the center being what is going on the earth with his son Jesus now could it be that there other universes with other beings but they're not there more like angels and who knows what exists in terms of other angelic creatures and things like that but it seems the whole plan of redemption as being with him forever and and everything coming through Jesus would point to us being the form of rational life. Just on the earth, but either way I would just ask him where they come from wife. If God had them do it and then is he God is the God of the tri-press is just about he created everything. This is the Bible that he's the king and rules and is in the rhythm. Who are they, where they come from the Lord give you wisdom Jonathan. That's a first for me. Thank you. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us on the broadcast will get my email. Please take a moment could ask Dr. escape your brother work, click right there to sign on email should be right than the home on your homepage and your tablet or smart phone or computer and then when you do you get a few emails me right off the bat just shimmer my testimony with you fellas get a PhD some of the burdens of our ministry the 3Rs that we emphasize different ways that we can serve you. Resources available and then you hear from us weekly couple times a week. Latest videos latest articles with special resources. Special offers made available only to her email is so if you take a minute Esther to sign up for our emails.

866-34-TRUTH let's go to Richard and Manitoba, Canada.

Welcome to line of fire by Dr. Mario doing well thank you sir.

Good will III have I respect you, but there are certain there are certain things that you fit in everything that I want to deal with. Sure, if I may.

Please all right fill.

First of all there.

There was an argument they made that the Sabbath was a sign between God and Israel exited 31 first 13 and 17 a not that that's true. Considering that that Israel will look to be God's special people and they were they were elected to be a light to the Gentiles to show the nation about the God of Israel, the jet, but the Gentile, the whole reason the God established Israel as he did to want to show who he was for his people and and and the Gentiles were to be grafted into the stock of Israel weekly that next and I for 56 versus six through eight, and Romans chapter 11 just just to be clear that all the commandments of the Torah that was God working through Israel to reveal himself and to call Israel to be a separate nation correct right. So for example if you get mildew in your house then you follow the prescriptions laid out in Leviticus 14 and if you have a disobedient and rebellious teenager that refused to repent, you bring into the elders of the city to stone them to death so correct I might not indicate that all of the 13 or so Commandments in the Torah are our directly applicable to God's people today there there were there were changes in union with there were changes in the requirement God had done for first people were aware of Israel was with the nation and in the in the ending the ancient Mary now know Israel includes both Jews and Gentiles who who who worship God all over the world is the New Testament of recall Gentiles.


Paul writes to the Gentiles.

In Romans 11 and since I'm writing to you Gentiles as much is impossible to Gentiles because it will make my people Israel envious what is New Testament of recall Gentiles. Israel will, I think. I think that the glacial puppy Israel God versus Israel/most certainly not the certainly not there.

Gleason 616 deceases piece upon all who follow this rule and Israel gone the rich Jewish believers in the Messiah is not throwing them under the bus, but he still spent the whole book of Galatians telling the Galatians that they don't have to come under the law to be justified. The last thing he would use confuse that now and call them the Israel of God in the most natural way to read the Greek is the sum of all those who follows through what I've laid out for you Gentiles and also have not throwing him under the bus Israel God Jewish believers.

The fact the fact is, he explicitly calls Gentile Christians in the New Testament Gentiles is not so bad word. It can be negative like pagans or just the people of the nations so truculent Gentile together that window or ethnic ethically firelight like Abraham and Jacob wrapping you made a very old or older grafted into. Your faith but that's not Israel not grafted into Israel regressed into the larger commonwealth of Israel, to the larger body to the ecclesia scene.

He never calls them. Israel, but I'm just stating this if it was a fact. And I just felt it's important to the point that out so anyway so so let's let's try to focus the sin better.

Okay, we both agree that as followers of Jesus today that we are not obligated to keep all the 613 Commandments in the changes of, for example, blood sacrifice fulfilled in Jesus we agree on that correct okay so where in the New Testament, does it ever teach Gentiles to keep the seventh day Sabbath is no further the church that the Gentile Christians didn't do this and that they even wondered why the Jews continued to do it usually was. Over the centuries, but what would be your text with the New Testament explicitly tells tells Gentile Christians to observe the seventh day Sabbath what what would you find is the strongest text for that will leave the other argument of that I have here which have been over 100 Gentiles order to keep up. Don't know that that is true, it can benefit the there is no single explicit command for Gentiles to keep to keep the family, but the book back. I argue show the Gentile proselyte second Temple Judaism and later to the way were accustomed to keeping the 77 and continued to do so accustomed to keeping that the biblical calendar the cease the holy days of the calendar, etc. but it would've been the perfect place. Acts 15 to say to Keith that the they didn't and and then elsewhere. Romans 14 it in Romans 14 we had a community of believers of Jew and Gentile together is very explicit that some set one day apart. Others don't honor and respect each other and cautions to a warning about anyone pressure to keep the Sabbath or because it is just the sound of the substance is the Messiah you have a warning against pressure to keep the Sabbath and cautions to your Romans 14 explicitly saying that you have different believers in your mates with different convictions about setting a day aside or not. So he does address these things will I have a regarding actor actually in the Scripture that I direct and in thing I've written down here about about Gentile prop like being accustomed if you read in acts chapter 15 before the resolution is the written down for the Gentile Jane get up and says wherefore my sentence is, that we trouble not them, which among the Gentiles are turned to God, but we might want to them that they abstain from pollution of vital fornication, and from things strangled, and from blood because most of the old time hath in every city has in every city them that preach him, being read in the synagogues every Sabbath day and and Paul doesn't get kicked out of the synagogue until later in the book about Dr. the after James get the synagogue please was nice back in 19 XX9. He sees kicked out.

He skipped antecedent or he's gonna yeah I got Exxon's first place. He gets kicked out of his garage was not fake.

Yeah, maybe not.

Not physically kicked out but he's preaching and that is going to flee from Damascus was life is good be let down by basket yeah so he's in constant controversy. Acts 13. He leaves the synagogue and says okay your bloods on your own hands, fine. I'm going to the Gentiles.

That's acts 13 but here, here, sir, which was being was being said is simply that they'll get this number was what were telling them about the idolatry and's and will conclude by idols, from sexual morality from what's mistrial from blood they'll get this because they've already heard this stuff in the synagogue. That's what he saying and then everything else it's gets built on that in the rest of the New Testament and and you see in the end of Matthew 11 where Jesus is come to me and find rest that then goes right to Matthew 12, where there is a dispute about healing on the Sabbath think so. I would encourage you to continue to look at this.

Don't separate the Sabbath and put it just a special category, then ask yourself why is it that is, the church grew and became predominantly Gentile that 77 wasn't an option because it in the world they live. That was a work day right, why, why is it that it was the Jewish followers of the Messiah that continue to keep the Sabbath in the Gentile Christians that didn't wobble wasn't a command given to that one other passage to consider and and I appreciate I did try to take some time in the this could go on.

It is is great that debate. Obviously, but we we discussed Sabbath so many times that that will be respectful of others to but one of the passage. Make sure you look at this. First Corinthians 7 where where Paul is writing to the believers there just to make sure escrow with the right reference begins verse 17 how to write my first printing 717 oh that each person leave the life that the Lord is assigned to a twitch God's call them. This is my rule and all the churches was anyone at the time of his call ready circumcise me call to salvation but him not seek to remove the marks of circumcision was anyone at the time of his call uncircumcised that I'm not seek circumcision need a circumcision counselor or anything for anything nor am circumcision is in terms of salvation. Keeping the commandments of God, so a Gentile believer does not become a Jew. This become a Gentile. But we are one in Jesus the Messiah hate we may have a respectful difference here that's fine and in my own life. 77 Messiah ministry that is reality.

So maybe respectful difference here which is fine. Got bless you and thank you for the call. Certain gets more cost. A recent little more time was billable phones of the another program powered by the Truth Network

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