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The Israel Factor

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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April 29, 2021 4:30 pm

The Israel Factor

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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April 29, 2021 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 04/29/21.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network manufacture Israel right in the Scriptures will make sense. Take Israel out doesn't start for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience have the president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your again is Dr. Michael Brown (two are thoroughly Jewish Thursday broadcast here on the line of fire Michael Brown delighted to be with you.

Have a great show today bottom of the hour. I'm going to be joined by a great messianic Jewish teacher leader Sam Nadler talk about his new book the Israel factor yet it's can be a fascinating conversation and then I want to share with you some really ugly news.

The latest bashing of Israel by an alleged human rights organizations and Jews responses to that as well as takers usually calls 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 reading reports as to Israel bracing itself for it changes relationship with the United States or Iran because of potential Biden policies, but will get into that more as it develops.

866-34-TRUTH before we go to the phones. There are major organizations that can be associated with the UN can be known for human rights and what many of them commonly do is attack Israel – Israel treat Israel with very very unequal weights and measures, and will single Israel out for unfair attack. There is a brand-new report from human rights watch that does this very thing you say all will is that it is an organization dedicated to the rights will limit little background and show you how biased this is and within Israel.

You have the left-wing media is constantly bashing the nation. The left-wing media bashing scientists in the left-wing media, claiming that Israel is mistreating the Palestinians and whatever whatever it's bashing Israel over when you see left-wing media within Israel pushing back against report you know that thing goes too far. In other words, Israel is very self-critical and very divided united in a certain way within very divided ideologically in a newspaper like Ha'aretz which is one of the oldest major publications of Israel is notoriously left-wing and challenging the government and challenging his Israeli dominance and things like that and even they are there beds publish that were bashing this latest unite human rights watch reports… Let's take a look along over to the Jerusalem Post and there's an editorial human white rights watch demonizes Israel via propaganda of apartheid and if you go down to the article by Gerald Steinberg Ingersoll background to the to the report says this the effort to demonize Israel to comparison to the heinous legacy of the South African apartheid regime has deep roots going back to the Soviet and Arab campaigns of the 1970s included the infamous UN resolution declaring that Zionism is a form of racism. Although human rights watch claims that slaves contribution a threshold crossed Israeli authorities in the crimes of apartheid and persecution is based on new material. A quick read reveals the same mix of similar propaganda of shrill propaganda, false allegations and legal distortions marketed by the NGO network for decades to check this out almost a clear HRW's Israel and Palestine director is listed as the main author of the 217 page publication which include high quality graphics and layout with its $90 million budget money is no object secure was hired in 2016. After a number of years as a campus activist under headings like apartheid is real he made HRW's failed effort to press Eric BND and that FIFA soccer Association to join the anti-Israel boycott and repeatedly invokes quote apartheid and quote racism when discussing Israel for Shakira who left Israel. It was worth is, was, not renew the lengthy court battle. This is revenge propaganda. Okay so just step back from that. This is the guy primarily behind this report.

What kind of report would you expect from someone with those points of view. So what about the charges okay within an editorial written Ha'aretz again left-leaning very happy to criticize Israeli policy. There they were pushing back against the libelous HRW report within the editorial was a link to another editorial on the forward forward is published in the states, it's been published in English and Yiddish for many decades. It's a historic Jewish publication within America but also strongly left-leaning and yet here in op-ed piece, op-ed piece, they take strong exception as well to the so here's an article by Hirsch Goodman. I left apartheid South Africa applying the term to his Israel is disingenuous.

So Goodman says this human rights watch could do with a Since the organization's new report.

A threshold crossed Israeli authorities in the crimes of apartheid and persecution is blind to fact and reality. Every paragraph in the 223 page diatribe serves one goal brand.

Israel is an apartheid state grimaces a left South Africa as a teenager in 1965 because of its policy of apartheid.

I have openly and consistently criticizes real settlement policies and I'm on the left of the Israeli political spectrum to me. This document cheapens and derides both the word apartheid and its legacy is that it is a disgrace to the memory of the millions who suffer exhibits out under the policy and South Africa, including many anti-apartheid aft activists in the Jewish community so close to me who lost their freedom and were left shattered in consequence.

The argument of human rights watch report is that in the swath of land between the Mediterranean Sea and Jordan River quote authorities of dispossessed confined forcibly separated and subjugated Palestinians by virtue of their identity, to varying degrees of intensity action so severe that amount to the crimes against humanity of apartheid and persecution report accuses Israel of racial discrimination and domination. Overall, Palestinians including those who live within Israel proper.

It does draw distinctions between the state of affairs in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza, to varying degrees, reserving its clearest conclusions about the crimes of apartheid. The areas beyond Israel's 1948 boards, including East Jerusalem, but that distinction will be lost on most readers of the report or the headlines about and the distinction is essential.

There were huge variations in policy between sovereign Israel were democracy rains the occupied West Bank remains under overall military rule and Gaza were Israel fully withdrew its army and settlements in 2005 with Hamas that holds power. But even with those distinctions included the implication of Israel's quote racist policies against the Palestinians should be examined through the same framework across the three territories is disingenuous which are comparing apples with oranges report reads is especially surprising that was months or a boss leader of the United Arab list in the Knesset holds Israel's political future in his hands. As a result of the March election.

His voice so this is an Arab is key in determining who will form the next government coalition Israel Benjamin Netanyahu was far right cohorts or the anti-Netanyahu camp. Both groups according a boss, hardly a sign of the kind of subjugation associated with apartheid, the artist either claim that is really officials have committed the crime of apartheid to two international rulings 1973 international convention of the suppression and punishment of the crime of apartheid in the Rome statute of the international criminal court, which was written in 1998 and went into effect in 2002 quote some of claim that the current reality in Israel amounts to apartheid.

Few, however, have conducted a detailed legal analysis based on the international crimes of apartheid or persecution. That's the report. Editorial says that analysis is what this report claims to achieve really justice Richard Goldstone, who was appointed to the Constitutional Court of South Africa. Vanessa meant Nelson Mandela and played a critical critical role in the country's transition to democracy also served as the chief prosecutor of the United Nations international tribunal for the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda then led United Nations human rights Council fact-finding mission to investigate human rights and humanitarian law violations in the 2009 war between Israel and Gaza militants in Israel there is no apartheid. Goldstone wrote in the New York Times in October 2011. Nothing there comes close to the definition of apartheid under the 1998 Rome statute in the West Bank. He conceded the situation is more complex, but crucially wrote, there is no intent to maintain an institutionalized regime of systematic oppression and domination by one racial group. The charge that Israel's apartheid status of false and malicious one that precludes rather than promotes peace and harmony. Goldstone concluded yes he wrote those words 10 years ago as much as change in the past decade that his perspective persists in October 2009 Robert Bernstein, the founder of human rights watch instrument for 20 years.

Slam the door on the organization for quote issuing reports on the Arab Israel conflict that are helping those who wish to turn Israel into a pariah state. We always recognize that open democratic societies have faults and abuses, but we saw that they have the ability to correct them through vigorous public debate in adversarial press and many other mechanisms that encourage reform." And that's all.

What takes place on a regular basis with in Israel.

Yet, that idea of a society attempting to improve itself is uniquely apt one for Israel today as much of the country fights to rid itself of the oak of Netanyahu and his expansionist partners stem the drift with the unilateral annexation of the territories and continue to seek a solution to the conundrum post of the Palestinian issue, albeit without a strong and unified partner present on the other side last summer wrote the Atlantic that if the threatened annexation of the West Bank became reality, it would be hard for me to continue to make the cause of Israel's rule over the Palestinians was much different than the institutional racism I'd left behind in South Africa, but that did not happen radically.

Much of the case. Human rights watch lays out draws on the work of watchdog group rostral groups based in Israel making the precise efforts towards reform that the report leaves the room to acknowledge was within Israel there working for the very things that this report claims don't exist those groups. More than 40-year-old with a been able to function under true apartheid regime is a so happen to the activists I knew in South Africa under apartheid. Those group staff would instead be doing time behind bars without the benefit of a trial. Human rights watch has long back to boycott Israel and Israeli goods to no real effect. So surprised that history that rather than address the facts in front of them. Group staff has chosen to produce a document that draws overly broad conclusions that match the predisposed view, it is time for watchdog to protect us from all the likes of human rights watch, so here's some of the came from South Africa, a critic of Netanyahu, a critic of the current government here is saying Israel is not apartheid in any stretch of the work. Any saying that house and I was in South Africa.

Those who oppose the government and the behind bars as opposed apartheid in the industry got 40 different groups functioning that oppose current government policy in these different ways and there is they're doing just fine.

They will function freely.

Let us put this lie to rest Israel is not and has not been apartheid's that we come back I'm going straight to your calls.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown locomotive to light a fire Brown Thursday right phones are open now, 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 for the next few minutes Jewish related questions than bottom of the hour we switch over to my guest Sam Nadler out. Let's go over to Israel, God of welcome to the line of fire. Thanks for calling me Gary yet here is the deal. I mean Gary, but let me explain the how I came up with starve okay number one, though.

But just so for your knowledge are number one it. It kinda sounds like an Israeli name I couldn't quite figure out what it meant, but Selleck is really the this the more specific reason is on my screen to get things large enough I have to enlarged this one particular screen for calls and it doesn't move properly for the size of the computer so a tiny bit the tiniest thing gets cut off.

In this case, the difference between V and Y, so this now we've learned a lot in a few seconds.

Anyway, thanks Gary for your patience.

Go ahead and remove the old. I expect I have a question we know each other from a long long long but the question is on the right emailing that the bidding of the report or I call you an excellent call what your opinion on where you first.

It's just for our listeners to understand so seat seat. Those are their ritual fringes, which in biblical times we been part of the garments that that men wore the four corner garments and they they were colored to assailant, which is like a purple blue and then over period of time. Jewish leadership said that they couldn't get the particular dive from the snail he was on to to make the that the fringes and therefore there you'll see religious Jewish men wearing them and their white and then they're tied in certain numbers of knots to remind Jewish man to keep the 613 commandments and their effects in a garment under the close with the fringes worn out since it's developed over the years so first thing is it's totally up to a believer, especially a Jewish believer if they feel it's something they want to do to either join them in identification with their people or to to do this is a reminder to them of their Jewishness anything like that. I would say that for the sake of our witness to the Jewish community you want to have some consistency in other words, if you're going to wear fringes and sit down at McDonald's that have a cheeseburger. Then you just want to be able to explain why you're doing and that was why are you wearing fringes. The way the rabbis would teach you to note seat seat today as opposed to the color from the Bible and the way it was prescribed in the Bible, and yet you're not following rabbinic law diet.

You want to do something that would bring a mockery I don't encourage Gentile Christians to do it because it sends a mixed message before Jewish believer it's totally a matter of conscience and in leading of the Spirit, but it's it's absolute, not a command for today, especially in light of the new covenant were God writes is his laws in our hearts was that was to be an outward reminder of the commandments given after I reviewed the Playboy club five, but the Scripture numbers 1837 to wear them throughout your generation will you do with it throughout generation yet. So, if you will study all of the words like that in the Torah throughout your generations. For all generations. There a number that speak of the best we could say forever in this world about 75% of them can only be kept with a functioning temple priesthood and Jewish sovereignty. I went through the statistically in volume 4 by series answering Jewish objections to Jesus to say that the vast majority of these tied in with the Sinai covenant and the old system so either God commanded Israel to do something many things through all generations. Many of the sacrifice laws and things like that do them for all generations and then did not give us the ability to do it through most of our history, including the last 2000 years or that was all part of the Sinai covenant which, with our failure to recognize Messiah and art rejection of God.

God brought judgment but then provided a new and better way. So it's the same with all of these other things that are in the Torah. So my answer is that this is one of many things within the tour that we cannot keep with the Temple destroyed without a functioning Jewish priesthood and without complete sovereignty, etc. so that's through most of our history from Moses until today. The bulk of our history. We have been able to keep these either God gave us new and better violate black wires that you can make what with the affected blue.GoToMeeting because no don't know the site. Thanks for clarifying.

Gary know I'm saying 75% of the for all generations commence. Not this one. This is in the 25% that you theoretically could keep 75%. You can't. So my point is that God commands us to do all these things for all generations and then doesn't even give us the ability even if we wanted to keep 75% of them. Maybe we should look at all of them in the same class under the Sinai: simple answer is part of the Sinai covenant God brought an end to that because of our failure to keep it as he said in Jeremiah 31 and instituted a new and better covenant, which he writes these things in her heart so I don't need the outward reminder to where this is written my hearts. The other thing is to do it. Let's do it the biblical way which would be on our garments and to Kayla.

It's a little later rabbis that tell us that it had to be from a particular die. Okay it in.

In other words there. There are even out religious dues is been a movement for some years and is really probably see them here and there with that that the blue purple color on on that seat seat because they they believe that that they do have something comparable in color but II named vehicle had very mild question left. I understand that you can't keep the day but the one not according to tradition, but according to you shall make the government throughout generation that something it doesn't state anything about the luminaire and it it just speak very specifically because if you if you look at Deuteronomy numbers and what it does it does describe that the look but no Gary.

The thing is, you're free to do that but I'm looking at this holistically, in the words I'm looking at everything together and say okay if we built what was more important than the daily life of Israel. The functioning of the temple ring seat see him see the functioning of the temple and having you know Dave atonement with the temple and sacrifices in the functioning priesthood functioning high priest that was all massively more important massively more important than similar in seat seat and yet all of that ended did that and by God's design. If so, the let's look at everything through the light of the new and better covenant that was if it's been instituted which the New Testament tells us that has Hebrews 8 Hebrews 10 tells us that we are living this issue up before he dies as this is that the new covenant in my blood. So that's been instituted so let's live by that and therefore we don't just go back to Sinai covenant to find out what we do not look at the for reveille labs are better than to go but I might try to go back.

I think big. My question a little bit. I understand what you're saying I agree with just it would get back to the question of issue you if you love the open which commandments to keep which was not the keep is nothing to do with one that had temple talking about Yankee right when he says if you love me, keep my commandments in John's Gospel. If you look in John's Gospel every time it's his commandment is tied by his own words, his teachings is New Testament teachings about his word to the users work though III understand but I'm answering the question for you I think you're missing the answer I'm saying.

I'm not just looking why are you putting temple, and if if he fulfilled the to the Torah right and brought us into a new and better covenant do I need to look at everything through that life may juju observe the new moons. For example, I would either. I tried to look at what and how the help how important it is not.

Are you commandments or keep) so so I that's what I've done over decades is looked at the whole thing holistically. So for example if you if you look at the laws of mildew so you have no sense of your skin disease.

Saratov, which none of the princely leprosy and then mildew does it occur to you that if you have mildew in the house that you have to treat a certain way and Get a priest in the know was there many many different things. If if you were if if your brother was was married and dies before he's able have a child. Should you now marry the widow that that was part of the laws well what about if you have a disobedient, rebellious child that that will be corrected to be stone a child to death in a teenager she just on the child to death to do burn a witch. Should you stone adulterers, should you stone people that that don't observe the Sabbath so I've I'm saying because of interacting with the Jewish community for decades. Gary and I got a break coming up, but hopefully we get some headway here. I tried to look at it holistically and this is just one commandment here there I listed a whole bunch others that I don't think you're trying to live. I don't think that you would want to put to death that a teenage kid that you had recent persistent rebellion or or stone your neighbors if they committed adultery if that was all Sinai covenant.

So reader under all of it right is a pick or choose reader under all of it or wonder new and better covenant to rabbinic Judaism, goes the way of of its traditions. We go the way of the new and better covenant, which is now articulated through the writings of the New Testament and how they interpret. Hopefully that helps men and if we meet face-to-face us if our ERSR Reddick time and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown and miss you line of fire. Okay, I have been eager connect with my friend Sam Nadler, but somehow the phone numbers we have are not working. So, our team will reach out guys you can check with Dylan to check with Sam's contact there, but right now that means that surprisingly I can get to the phone so I will grab the call and then if we can get Sam on we will otherwise I'll just open the phones and you could call to your hearts delight content whatever the words hearts content of this good tea in Sarasota, Florida. Welcome to the line of fire. Only the privilege to speak with are you doing good man. Thanks buddy. Been a long time rectory will recover you and we spent the first time I spoke with about 10 years ago and I was encouraging you to Eric trying to sell you the fitness like to get in shape. Now I look at you on my Facebook and here you are working out in your celebrating an anniversary. I just want to say congratulations Dr. you are an incredible inspiration and so many different ways in which the gist of this on the fitness and you know III working out back in those days, but I was terribly overweight and unhealthy diet suits silver seven years of the die transformation and yet literally I'm feeling younger every year 66 now but feeling way younger than I did.

59 anyway to your question, you look you look right arm.

Thanks. We always talk about the relationship we often talk about the relationship between America and Israel. American Israel and certain other countries. But we never speak about China and China is to me coming. They are super they don't wind up being the most dangerous country on this planet.

They already ought so my question is kinda broad-based. It one of the current relationship that China and Israel have what do you see as the future relationship and know that they might want to research do you see Israel as being in future peril versus communist China write a great questions China is definitely the dangerous willpower to to be concerned about and that's that's one reason that that many folks with recon versus Biden feeling that that he would be much tougher on China than Biden would. And of course you know China's been so terribly oppressive to its own people for fruit decades since since the rise of communist China continues to be so, so that should be a grave concern to everyone that that cares about human rights of I do not know that Israel has any type of open relationship with communist China in terms of a fruitful interaction or partnerships it Israel like every other nation's is looking for its own welfare. First, right, so if it Israel could have a relationship with China and know that China was stuck in the fund say Iran is giving you theoretical stuff, or secular funds. Hamas and that there would be mutual prosperity through trade, then Israel would try to broker some kind of deal with with China.

You know that's just the way Israel would would operate that. That being said, I don't know of anything going on in LA again and not loose at the question in depth with us.

Nothing ever read about you like you have the growing relationships between Israel and Saudi Arabia or Israel, United Arab Emirates, or some of these countries. It seems so surprising and you know Israel forging a path with different African nations that continues to grow over the years of but yeah I'm not aware of any type of major report between the countries.

Could Israel one day be threatened by communist China could be yeah I'm in the whole world well could be exactly how things unfold. We don't know, but just the mass of people and the way that that the Chinese society often functions in a corporate way near where we are 100 times more individualistic in America than some would be in China and and conformity is so so required that you can just push a whole nation one direction I can be very dangerous. I don't see like it if it's if it's in the Bible. I'm not aware of it. You know something prophesied about a danger so hey listen I'm going to run as we have finally connected with our guests, Sam Nadler, so good talking to get a thanks for the good word man. I appreciated 866-34-TRUTHful we've made this more dramatic now Sam Nadler is a friend and one of the senior messianic Jewish leaders in the body. Today, not just a messianic Jewish pastor and rabbi, but a real soul winner and evangelist. A disciple maker and a gifted author and teacher. So Sam, so glad to have you on the air. Welcome to the line of fire like beer.

Michael, my Lord will thanks I I appreciated you read the book the Israel factor of holding my hands that my words are on the front cover Sam Nadler a master teacher shows us how everything falls into place when Israel is factored in the subtitle to the Israel factor factoring back in what God never factored out so first, what do you mean by the Israel factor and then second will open up how Israel was factored out by the church. So first we mean by the Israel factor sure world. Whatever program of God in the fire.

Remember everything bowlers eternal Wyoming vision warm in the far warmed being the biocentric will be focused upon usually run the ready for or what are but nonetheless point that being the fire centric. All you have to live our lives by living through flight were followers of him and so he was Israel centric plan and the program of God during the time were living in the Jew first as well as for the Gentile want to understand Israel focused in regards to the second coming in regard to the program for evangelism actually to be done for discipleship is kind of an unknown matter of perspective regarding why we have to write a book because, as you well where are those that starting early in the second century there became.

I would think non-apostolic future that came in the body of Messiah and I were Aaron party Jewish in their orientation. And so, as the hello my book through through with the church fathers. The pointers became very are not just non-Jewish of becoming quite Aaron party Jewish so that you find the church fathers are teaching such buddies of the Jews had not been faith certainly not as do photographs develop all the way through and on the basis of the teaching you have persecution in the Middle Ages the Jewish people and then we end up of the Reformation was determined to natural interpretation just thinking about those and when they came through nearly anything under regarding the Jews, they realize what a stupid thing… In the first newspaper Jews began just like the bottle as well that have now clearly understand the abuse to the Jew first Timothy apostle to the Gentiles are taught on the matter yeah and and Sam.

What I find unique about your book is not just going to church history in we've done that I've done that is referenced in you not just talking about Israel's future salvation prophecy but could you put on each chapter.

The teaching of Scripture and Israel, the teaching of God and is the teaching of Messiah in Israel, the teaching of the roof encoder's Holy Spirit and his reteaching of sin and Israel and other words going through all these different doctrinal points. Points of theology and saying you factor Israel incorrectly.

You see things rightly know it's like Derek Prince said that Israel is like that.

The top button on a shirt and if you button it wrong all the other buttons coming wrong so pick any one of these chapters and open this up that when you factor Israel in rightly you understand the Scriptures properly on these particular anyone diving sure absolutely corrupt or likely to everything you will not one of the usual on the body of Messiah theology. Technically speaking on the body of Messiah that have been well quite frankly I when I was younger you notice yourself out. I was basically part of the Gentile church. This was common understanding the age of the Gentiles mistranslation. You know that the last person to the rapture will be a Gentile, working with the Jews and other things of that sort of event kind of teaching is a residual effect of the very important Jewish posture that came out of Middle Ages pilot still kind of alive and well. Unfortunately body amplifier is about it called the commonwealth of Israel. In chapter 2 verse 12.

In other words, when you look at that particular section of Scripture talks about Gentile believers not having a number of articles that were separated from God and Messiah, but when they came to faith in the star numbering now have the problem now. How about the company and now all part of the commonwealth of Israel, apostle Paul in his right. I was living your snowstorm profound truth and a Chapter 11 salvation has come to the Gentiles to make Israel jealous you make him angry know not what you think that you have unfortunately good job of doing that is not the point. He says in verse 14. The little 14 jealous I might some of soap making them jealous before the salvation of Israel told the Gentile believer is God's secret and sacred weapon to make a difference in regards to Jewish people hearing about coming to faith in the Messiah. And so the enemy of our souls want. The plan is to jump in here come back inside the cells trying to do Israel's right things both placed the Israel factor Israel wrong a lot of our theology and even practice can go wrong. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 866343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown, welcome to the line of fire on this thoroughly them.

I guess Sam Nadler I was one supposed to meet Sam for lunch and went to the wrong location wrong restaurant and turn around and get over to where he was and not to my surprise at all. He was sharing the gospel in depth with the waitress was all years in opening up her heart life and that's who he is and share the gospel with Jew and Gentile disciple maker, and he understands the role of Jew. The role of Gentile with in the body today. His new book the Israel factor factoring back and what God never factored out. Sam so you are saying right before the break, that the enemy of our souls is trying to stop something from happening. What what is Satan trying to stop. Many people may progress.

Spiritual warfare, many of them a roofing therapy enemy is trying to stop your favorite TV show from being on the error or something like that. But there's a strategic plan that the enemy has in light of God's strategic plan for humanity all and so God's plan to move it over for our Messiah not only died for our superior quality.

From a business and going to heaven but to come to earth in order to bring up from his glorious throne in Jerusalem, and in so doing he would then bind Satan for a thousand years. While sitting want.

This program could be understand from Genesis 315 that the ultimate of instruction. How you stop God's plan and God's program will godsend a bit of that the second coming is tied to the repentance of Israel and so you shall serve the in Matthew 2331 you shall not talking to Jerusalem you shall not see me again until you say Blessed is he who comes from the name of the Lord are Peter are proclaiming in acts chapter 319 to 21 for Israel for the Jewish people to repent and change their mind about Jesus about Yeshua that he might send the Messiah who is appointed unto you, whom heaven must receive fulfillment of all the things the holy prophets, and so the second coming of the Messiah is tied to the repentance of Israel will feelings like feel it is God's way of handling this to show his grace is sufficient, and therefore the Gentile believers are called by God to make Israel jealous unto salvation. And in doing so they fulfill their calling both sacred calling. Right regardless of the enemy want to stop God's plan and so starting in the second century moving forward your employee Jewish teaching entering into the body where God is through with the Jews or ministry pictures on important thing now, as we understand the word of God more carefully we see that know God is not through the Jews also. God forsaken his people. No way in no way I'm an Israelite, and so the apostle to the Gentiles, spent a good deal of time teaching the Gentile believers about their calling the body of Messiah not understand calling and calling is to the Jew first and also to the Gentile. I hope the kind of puts a fine point intercourse about them to be on on the issue absolutely absolutely want to dig into the book little bit more again, Sam Nadler, the Israel factor is name of the book, but before I dig in the morning let's say there is a church pastor that's that's listening to us now. Let's say that this pastor is an area that does not really have which would Jewish population but is is listening to and say well this thing to the Jew first that that interest me what you tell that local pastor is as occurring usually for yourself what counsel would you give to that pastor. Well, I would certainly say be careful of being too pragmatic. My brother Tommy. Many people might think of it doesn't go the pocket or the pew or the white care. So we have to bear God's strategic planning program that he is a part of any estimate disciples that will be praying for the peace of Jerusalem gift to make disciples of help make Israel jealous. Are you want to make disciples battle because it can understand God's calling and become missionaries to bring the good news to Jewish people want to be involved in many different ways to fulfill his calling and his congregations calling to make Israel jealous so it's not just we don't really have a lot of Jews in our community can be praying you can be supporting Jewish outreach.

You can be racing up believers that shine in building the future meet of the Jewish people and provoke them to spiritual jealousy and then race of those will be called yet so every body where ever you are can do something for the salvation of Israel right so it in your book again you you break down when you factor is real in how we have a right understanding of certain doctrines and theologies effect, Israel out how things become defective. You know the church got so heavenly minded. One reason wasn't lost sight of of earthly rallies with Israel. You know that that's and that's happened over the centuries, but what about either doctrine of sin or angels.

Take a couple more minutes to will be while you have some time left in an open up those for us shortly appears to be something that seems unimportant output doctrine of angels is something that you need to just focus upon. If I was there, talk to people of the Bible and I would say what would you think of the most important angel of the unfallen. One of the holy one which Angel Michael, would you say I'm sorry I gave it away.

Good night.

I will know we all know you're just talking to me you have given is what Angel in the Bible confirming the most important angel title in favor. Maybe Michael Michael Mary.

So your namesake so the art of Archangel Michael are the chief Angel but just what responsibility is it you know very well whose responsibility is over the people of Israel Daniel 12 one and so understand the most important angel is the responsibility of the Jewish people.

So what do you think the other angels are doing resisting. No understand the work of the angel for the work of redemption is going to always be in light of God's program, to the Jew first, etc. now we take a look at all in the world of angelology, we have the subdivision. As you know demonology say technology so the work of Satan. And so to understand Satan, the chief fallen Angel. As such, so let's understand him what we have to know about him what work he wants to do is to stop Israel from coming to faith in the Messiah, whether it's through demon possessed not to use or whether he just influences naïve people are in their anti-somatic thoughts are over whether heaters are trying to get even Jewish people to think that they are being Jewish is an importantly assimilate and so we want to understand the work of Satan influence you know if you are not influenced by the Holy Spirit. If you're not filled with the spirit under the influence of the Holy Spirit, automatically under the influence of the Holy Spirit the whole world lies under the influence of the power of the evil one. Of first John 519 and so people need to be filled with the spirit be under the influence of the Holy Spirit.

And if they do their vendor longer spare their strategic calling to resist the enemy to submit to God. Resist the devil, Becky Mike sleep from you but if they're not filled with the spirit under the influence of the Holy Spirit fill be caught up in self-serving issues dumping spiritual warfare have to do with her own pleasure. Don't get caught up in all sorts of non-matters. But if you're understand the work of the Holy Spirit as you're well aware the issue of the Holy Spirit's work, that the testimony of your sure the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. This is word that the Holy Spirit has for the world, even to the Jew first and also to the Gentile understanding angelology the work of angels. As such, understand from Michael Michael the Archangel point of view to the Jew first understand from Satan's point of view, stopping the good news to the Jew first annual understand the program regarding angels, the federal Michael yet that is super helpful and friends as well as at a time that this gives you a little sample from this rich book, which is its yeah it's it's almost 300 pages long, but it's super readable.

It's super scriptural. It's super practical which you'll find the cellulitis. Nadler's teaching hey you folks want to visit your website was the best place to go short WW W word of Messiah one word were the Messiah word of Messiah one won't work.or ORG in our bookstore. There makes all our materials available. We have all kinds of things including marriages. We have a marriage conference since we can you name it we got it but were here to the Jew first, I if you call implicitly: 10% discount on anything that will I cannot check that out as that's cool word of mentions this radio interview get 10% off anything. All right, Sam, thanks for joining us today.

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