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The Intolerance of the Left

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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April 26, 2021 4:50 pm

The Intolerance of the Left

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network do you know how intolerant the so-called tolerant left really is stalking for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH.

Your job is Dr. Michael Brown locomotive friends to the line of fire today show is going to be an eye opener as we expose the intolerance of the left.

This is Michael Brown. Welcome to the broadcast 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7884 to call in live in welcome to all who are listening by podcast, watching the broadcast. After it is aired live watching America's voice on Pluto TV or dish network welcome to the broadcast familiar was me who we are what we do what we stand for what matters with burdens us with concerns us what we address dismiss my website.* ask ADR brown dog or connect with us on social media, especially Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, or we are most active.

All right, for many years we have known that when the left speaks of tolerance and equality and diversity and uses words like that. It normally means the opposite of what it says.

In other words, when the left calls for tolerance want to be tolerant, it means tolerant of our viewpoint, but completely intolerant of other points of view when it speaks of diversity. It really means my way or the highway when it says we are inclusive, meaning we are utterly exclusive of those of Sutter camp that you might say to me, will you you religious people you Bible believers your your quite narrow and you say, you know, straight is the way narrows the gate that that leads to life, and so on and and and there's only one way. Jesus yet we we are not claiming to be open-minded talk all religions and all philosophies. We love all people. And Carol P for all people, but in terms of our own beliefs scale week we said were were dogmatic and hold to these things.

Believe they're right we care for everyone when I go dressing all we are so tolerant we believe in being a inclusive with the same time blocking out all opposing views okay so I got a bunch of examples for you today, but will start with Bruce Caitlin Jenner so if if you are familiar with intersection Audi.

It basically puts people in different groups such as: each group a section and and you have the privileged groups in the. The underprivileged groups. The very underprivileged groups right so you just get your list that we go down and depending on on how many of those groups intersect in your life if if two or three or four aspects of being underprivileged intersect in your life then then you need to to have that balanced out by society. So for example at the top of the food chain would be a white heterosexual male would be at the top of the food chain and maybe a way way down at the bottom of the food chain in our society would be a native American transgender woman, something like that and and by the way, we should do our best to have equal opportunity for everyone in America, we can't guarantee equal outcomes us of the goal but equal opportunity for when absolute Emily there have been historic wrongs against people do what we can corporately to make those things right absolutely, absolutely.

But here's what I find fascinating.

The left which is pushing intersection Audi in many unhealthy and destructive ways and is putting everyone in these categories is doing it in the name of tolerance, so here's what happened.

Basically so most privilege of all white heterosexual male right behind that in our site is the way it's viewed right we would be a white heterosexual female as you go down the list. So then you would have civil rights movement.

African-Americans seeking to make things equal balance out past racism past inequality so African-Americans will obviously have a status if it were trying to adjust this in make this right and fix the wrongs from the past and then there woman still would come second load should be more underprivileged. So, not just as a black but as a black woman then if you add in sexual categories, because gay becomes the new black that day basically comes black that we've seen over the years African-Americans whose rights were were not recognized as equal with that of a gay person. So for an African-American woman say in one particular case and administrator in her college been there many years never had complaints against her rights, and editorial in her own free time for her local newspaper explaining why she opposes same-sex quote marriage, she gets fired from her job that say that gate now trumps black, but then trans trumps gay there's even something called turf TER F which stands for a trans exclusionary radical feminist it's a name for someone like Jermaine Greer who is an icon, the feminist movement, but when she says like having surgery doesn't change a man into a woman.

What when they protest about all the things they fought for for years is feminist for women now now woman itself is a debatable category because a man can become a woman and a man can menstruate now. The man can you it'll have it.

Whatever woman can identifies a man a man is a woman that all the categories break down so trans it is, is one of the highest now that that if you are transgender you are on the turf where you can be criticized so just as gay-rights, black rights, then trans rights trump gay-rights sets. We are lasts and lasts. You are transgender and Republican are transgender, and a trump supporter, transgender and conservative and other values as quote.

Caitlin Jenner is so Caitlin Jenner and the Ben Shapiro philosophy is you can change your name, you can't change your gender so just for simplicity sake, refer to Caitlin Jenner but always with quotes announced his decision to run for governor of California as a Republican of this is on the view Joy Behar listen to how she responds.

Half the sky Brad Pascal running his campaign what you think about that. I would like I was I was accused of using campaign funds to enrich himself.

What is running our campaign rather right I would go along with that. I think that he shed a shade rather should take a seat and let somebody with the credentials take over a major state like California is a versatile, let me apologize for my pronoun mixup and I think I just didn't get enough sleep last night. I had no intention of them, mixing them up, but I tried to correct it immediately, but whenever just came out some sorry if anybody was upset by that whatever whatever.

No big deal because as a conservative not elicit.

Maybe Joy Behar was short on sleep. I find it interesting though highly interesting that Joy Behar miss genders. That's the. The word that you dismissed genders Caitlin Jenner where is this trans activism the sacred ground you don't touch that, but when the trans person is conservative in other values, then they can get a forgiving transit goes out the window. So much for tolerance and again on the judging the individual.

God knows joy Behar's heart, but at whatever. No big deal. What I don't think that would've happened had to spend some trans icon that was also a liberal activist or it let me know. Example so inequality California obviously may major LGBT Q activist organization political like this organization. In California they tweet April 23, and this is their pinned tweet on their twitter page right now.

Make no mistake, we can't wait to elect the trans governor of California. But Caitlin Jenner spent years so the LGBT Q plus community to trust on the truck we saw how that turned out.

Now she wants us to trust her heart pass, then let's stop the Republican recall, so they only want Gavin Newsom recall. So, okay, you could say what's the big deal there. There simply explaining why they cannot vote for this candidate.

They like to see a transgender governor but not one who supported Donald Trump and his Republican that there's another tweet that there are several, but check out this tweet because this this goes a little bit further. Californians and trans Californians. In particular, understand all too well the risk of electing another reality TV star who cares more about fame and money than civil rights, healthcare and safety of our communities is not interesting is not sacred anymore it's it's Caitlin Jenner is not off-limits. Go ahead and attack all you want. The most famous transgender person. The world arguably right going attack. Go ahead, call Caitlin Jenner a reality TV star, the cares more about fame and all that because trans loses all of its power if the person is conservative so much for tolerance. Hello Bill Marr listen to what Bill Marr has to say is is he weighs in on his TV show about Jenner running for governor as well.

This is really eye-opening. Check this out about this from those Caitlin Jenner is running for governor of them. I finished my whole monologue on this take that one back in though I know you think of her as a reality show star but come on people change. She is trans rested and ready and when she's got a great Logan take the sack out of Sacramento because the is this really happening because our governor. There's a reason stupid, but were probably do it is in California we do stupid things like that but Caitlin Jenner is a very bright and the will lifelong Republican. I love that about her. You know wasn't always sure about the whole man woman thing, but low capital gains taxes born that way and a lot of courts are saying is that woman to be in a party that is passing anti-trams laws all over the country and Caitlin said I got that I do something or bring in a party that doesn't respect me that makes me feel like I'm home with the Kardashians height so it's not just making fun of the person, but this is making fun of transgender making fun of born that way.

Making fun of man to woman making fun of all these things not of course of a million percent. I believe that Bruce Jenner destroyed his body and sinned against God and doing with you is doing to deal with confusion in his own soul and God's best way was to make him a home within his own body.

Obviously, but you need to see the extreme intolerance of the left trans all sacral, but not when you're transgender and Republican, in which case, go ahead and crash trans interesting business eye-opening just getting started number by Expo light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown Junior's friend subnormal sanity and spiritual clarity in the midst of the society in chaos in the church. All too often compromise 866-34-TRUTH, you know, 2004 when God began to burden the about gay activism in America.

I knew there were issues in the society and that there was an ongoing shift because the sexual revolution that really first in America in the 60s, I was aware of these things, but if you if you look at the first 19 books that I wrote look at everything that I wrote having anything to do with homosexuality. Transgender issues anything like that. I don't think you could fill a patent if you took all the quotes out relevant from all my books.

I don't even think you'd fill a single page in the book may be that much. That's it.

In 2004 when God began to burden the it it was because of the rise of of activism getting more and more open, more more over more and more of corporate America standing up and and backing gay activist because again gay being viewed as the new black and out transgender is the new black of it was old over one year ago January 2020 that then candidate Biden tweeted out make no mistakes of transgender rights are the civil rights of the day when I begin to address these things in 2004, to those who came out of the closet want to put us in the closet. People tell me I was crazy talk about and almost put you in the closet is doing secular interviews what's put in a costly time at several years later the toll began to change and they began to say, bigots like you belong in the closet others that Mike what you waste your time here you're called to do other things regifted other is why here.

I really felt that the reality was we don't get to sit this one out that this will be the principal threat threat to freedom of religion, speech and conscience in America will now that the whole nation is debating the equality act with the gutting of religious liberties.

Now that states are battling over transgender issues virtually every day now that Caitlin Jenner is in the news and on and on. Now that the Supreme Court he won was remarriage redefined America six years ago and with that the continued erosion of our rights here in America you see why we been sounding the alarm at the same time bring a message of compassion for each individual.

So the philosophy we followed. Now for 17 years, reach out and resist reach out to the people with compassion resist the agenda with courage when you stand against the agenda though when you stand for what's right. Be assured that you will come under fire yourself. Be assured and there will be attempts to silence you question is what do we do in the face of those attempts. I I have been tracking just recently looking at some of the latest incidences of violence of vandalism with NT for and related groups and it is this whole idea of intimidation by violence that the whole idea of were liberal were tolerant were open know and point of fact was talking with a scholar yesterday and he said that it if he comes with new ideas that challenge the narrative on the conservative side. The conservatives will interact with him if he challenges the narrative on the liberal side by large liberals will shut him out.

Dennis Prager said for years and years and years when he receives an invitation from a liberal networker liberal show to debate conservative values. He always takes the invitation is disabled. He's extended that invitation to liberals leftists for years and only had a couple take this invitation to join him on his show. His view would be that the left is constantly suppressing freedom of speech, and hence what you see with the rise of canceled culture in America with my boxer see behind so here is a new example that the most recent, this is Pastor Shannon from Seattle. He was going to host Charlie Kirk at his church now according to this pastor over decades. They've invested several million dollars in the local community and and helping those in the but he's very concerned about the direction of his state for good reason.

State of Washington very concerned about the direction of the nation and was going to bring in Charlie Kirk from turning point US in a Charlie Kirk is is a committed Christian and a very strong political conservative and very strong pro-Trumper and working in particular with the younger generation to get them socially aware and politically active. You may have seen on Fox and things like that. Very very popular. Maybe some you don't like his tone is not whatever he's he's not out to please everybody is who he is is been very effective. There would you have him at their church. Let's listen to the pastor tell you what happened as a result, precious people of motion church you should know that motion. Church exists for the purpose of letting God and people over the last 23 years we've invested over $2 million to help people in our community with basic essentials such as food, shelter, education and addiction recovery programs just to name a few sponsor community events such as pumpkin patch – and say blessed were literally hundreds of thousands of people have come and build bonds of relationships with one another. In short, we have demonstrated our love our community with way more than just simply lipservice. We truly love our community called Puyallup by Lake South Hill women sharply concern regarding the direction of our state as it pertains to moral climate.

Therefore, we have invited Charlie Kirk, an ardent patriot and Bible scholar to help give us guidance as how to reclaim her. Much love state of Washington.

This man is passionate in what he believes and is brilliant.

Besides anointed about that upon hearing that Mr. Kirk was coming to our church.

Radical terrorist mobs like the ones that rallied in Capitol Hill in Seattle.

They sprung into action. They sprung with threatening declarations. They bound to not only burner properties to the ground, but also brought threats of physical violence against our church leadership. Our neighbors, their properties and basically wreak havoc in our community.

This precious community that we love.

I'm sitting here wondering what to do well. Recent history has taught us that there is an apparent lack of interest. At the state level of leadership to protect decent taxpaying citizens. Those terrorist mobs know that there is no consequence for your lawlessness.

They have nothing to lose and nothing to fear the soft targets of churches, the elderly women, children and law-abiding citizens are vulnerable to anarchist to live free of the fear of reprisal. This is the state that we live in. I should mention that our local Puyallup Police Department under the tremendous leadership of Scott Ingle has had our back the hallway. However, they have limited resources to completely shut down the terrorist threat across our multiple locations. They literally can't cover all the bases all the time. Therefore, it is for the safety of my precious city and our precious church people that we have heartbreakingly canceled our event with Mr. Kirk, our deepest apologies going out to Mr. Kirk and his organization. He deserves much better from our state leadership but unfortunately this is where we are. I will not put soft targets in harm's way. I will not subject our community to destruction. And since our governor will not protect us. We must take this course of action. This is a sad commentary of our state of affairs. However, this only makes me more determined to love and lead our community in new and creative ways. I want you to remember this motion church, love always wins. I am your loving pastor consummate Shepherd and I am fighting for you – that was pastor Roger Archer, etc. tweak from a woman named Shanna Mitchell put up in a moment. Now some might say, well that was cowardly that was backing down to the to the mob, but you have to understand also local pastors that working communities care about their communities care about local law enforcement don't want to unnecessarily burden people and and he's thinking hey I'm responsible for those coming to the meeting with some family shows up and gets attacked so you have to weigh that out.

Some of us would say just do it you do it and everyone comes with the understanding that there could be violence and danger. And you get the police to protect as much as possible. He refused to back out to the mob. Other say hey listen, we live in this community is not just a one shot of Russell let's let's please find ways to address the so each one has to find their way there, Pat. The key thing is we never bow down to the mob. In other words, with this pastor needs to do is is find ways to equip his people, just as he wants to push back against the marble being respectful and caring is he seeking to be no we still don't have details. People looking into it which group exactly was threatening getting some different reports coming, but as of this moment the level details but this is the sentiment look at this tweet from a woman named Shannon Charlie, Kirk, and his racism will be speaking at the motion church in South Hill will pull you up on on 52 black lives matter, protect project linking Midas touch.

LGBT Q always has takes helpless shut this and then not see down please.

So this is the against one person on Twitter they may have almost no influence, but this is what's out there and this is what we seen for decades from the tolerant ones. Those on the left from the liberal LGBT Q activist that if you don't agree. If you hold to another point of view. You're now a Nazi. Here I'm Jewish or Jewish follower of Jesus. I've been called a Nazi for many years for Sanyo God intended men for women and women for men. That's his best. I black friends of mine by conservatives. They have been called KKK proposing LGBT Q activist three respond in kind. No, we bless those who curse us. We pray for those who persecute us. We love our neighbor and we stand for what is right, we come back a minute tell you my own story about being excluded in the name of inclusion all and then some from UK and I can believe the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 86.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown we are talking about the intolerance of the left talking about the attack on our freedoms that comes from the left and really give an example from UK it it was just reported couple days ago but he goes back to an op-ed piece from February conservative website just discovered it even was in a major publication in the UK. Somehow this didn't trickle fully across the pond here. Until recently, so will will talk about this UK gay activist opposing prayer said what I'm exaggerating.

You will find out in in a moment of first general about my newest book has God failed you. Funny face when you're not even sure God is real, came into the office today and several hundred of these books that are on my on my desk in my office and what we do is we have a special offer on the book 1st comes out that the first couple hundred copies of whatever. Up to 500 to be hundred that that we get preorders for that we number them and sign them in this time were adding in us a special teaching on God's true graces as a bonus of as well so those that preorder you be getting that as well so I I think I signed the first 90 or so today is God failed you finding faith.

We are not even sure God is real and I bring it up now if if if you want to find out more about the book to screen the website is Dr. because some great endorsements on people like Josh McDowell and Pastor Robert Morrison of the some great endorsements of the scene to find the book really helpful but I bring up Nike find out more about what set Esther to or any of the online book dealers will have the book, it releases May 11.

You can still order now to get the signed numbered copies in the free bonus teaching on God's true grace, but I bring it up because there are people who are rejecting the Bible because of biblical teaching on gay lesbian issues.

We talk about the left trashing Bruce Caitlin Jenner now that gender is running for governor. So even though Jenner is transgender male to female crystal mailing God side biologically still mail male to female. You don't you don't speak against my strands. What you can, if the Republicans are conservative. There many people stretch the older generation that really struggle because they feel as if God's words and fair the Bible's unfair and here they know the know a really delightful young guy is 20 years old billion madly in love with Bobby and the two of them want to spend the rest of their lives together in a this is the way they are. This way God made them in, why be so cruel to them in some so many are pushed away from Scripture, not understanding that God has a better way that God does not make someone gay and he has a purpose in making them gay but rather were all part of a fallen world. We we are all flawed and broken in different ways and Jesus did not practice affirmation will inclusion notes. He didn't meet people wherever they were prostitutes, tax collectors, others wherever they were and affirm them there and say hey you're now part of my movement, follow me, just as you are, though he didn't practice affirmation will inclusion but transformational inclusion he met people right where they were and transform them into something new.

Whoever they were, whatever their background this is the same for all of us. For some it affects our sexuality. For some it affects other inner attitudes. For some it affects strongholds in our lives or direction of our lives are course of our life are priorities, but it says in Scripture.

If anyone is in the Messiah.

If anyone is in Christ is a new creation the old is passed, all things are become new.

So there is a new beginning for us. Jesus said whoever is going to follow him, must deny himself or herself, take up the cross and follow him so fundamentally we say no to our lives. And yes to new life in God and that's where we find the fullness of blessing.

So in my book.

Has God failed to I have a couple chapters right deal with objections to the God of the Bible is the God of the Bible really misogynist is the God of the Bible really homophobic and trans-phobic. Is legato the God of the Bible really bigoted does the Bible sanction genocide and things like that so we get into these difficult topics, along with many, many other questions people of what happen I prayed and in my prayers were answered. I cried out to God.

In fact, this will tie in directly with what I want to touch about next from from the UK and also my own story about being excluded in the name of inclusion, so many people same-sex attracted begin to discover this as they come into puberty. Some say you know the earliest days they felt different than the other kids, but otherwise very commonly they start to develop sexually romantically in the realist, but I'm not like the others knows as one famous quote gay Christian said theologian said that when he was in high school he was at the football game that that his friends all the boys were looking at the cheerleaders and he was looking at the quarterback row. Something was different and so many of these people.

They pray all God help me got on BK help me help me help me help maybe assume a literal story all God help me out. This feeling and he asked people to pray for you or you get people to pray for you think maybe it's like a demonic stronghold made by me need to be delivered from demons help many cow and the you trying to try. You can change and get you depressed and what's the matter with me and then finally say hey I don't how God made me were misunderstanding the Bible and this is fine and that you feel released, have good relations and they are happy and thrive.

We hear the story all the time so you end up interpreting the Bible through the lens of your sexuality. Rather than interpreting your sexuality through the lens of the Bible. That's what ends up happening and that's how things get turned upside down, but there is something that the critics called conversion therapy which is helping someone with unwanted same-sex attractions to change when the worst case, a parent telling a child you have to go through this because we gotta get the gay out of you change and in in decades past when shock treatment was used for a host of different mental, emotional disorders.

It was used for many different things was also used, to try to help people stop being gay to have if horror stories, especially from previous years.

Horror stories of Jim Shockley Gaddis on this barbaric horrific. Unfortunately, gay activist now go in the other direction, and they want at efforts to change sexual orientation as so CES is normally called sexual orientation change everything with that band.

It's been state after state America band for minors, even as the months as I want help your illegal is terrible. California was passed a bill couple years ago.

I dove that the must a gay bill. California was passed. This California bill at least 2943 AB 2943 if I'm correct in that that would've banned all counseling for all people of all ages.

If you want help to come out of homosexuality or your struggle was transgender identity and you want to to get counseling to help you be home within your own body illegal and that bill was withdrawn California for this, but this is what's happening so here's the situation in England is there is a push to ban quote conversion therapy and no one that I know of anywhere in the world practices with the critics are talking about. Rather, what were talking about is sitting with someone with unwanted same-sex attraction or gender identity, confuse, and helping them get to the root of their struggle. So let me just take into some dialogue here with an evangelical leader in England, Peter Linus.

He is the UK director of the evangelical alliance of he wrote to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, warning that the conversion therapy. Ben Johnson supports in parliament may criminalize everyday church practices quote proposals and conversion therapy not only put at risk the individual freedom of people who are attracted to those of the same sex, but they also place religious freedom in jeopardy. This is not a concern restricted to specific practices.

Organizations are ministries that provide services to experienced people experiencing same-sex attraction although it will affect them.

This will threaten everyday practices of churches, church leaders and Christians across the UK. He says an expansive definition of conversion therapy and a ban along such lines would place church leaders at risk of prosecution when they preach on biblical texts relating to marriage and sexuality. It would place ministry leaders at risk of arrest for encouraging young people to maintain custody until marriage and we criminalize a member of a church you praise with another member. When they asked for prayer to resist temptation as they are attracted to someone of the same sex, but do not wish to act on exactly there's no exaggeration and not an ounce of exaggeration. So, Prime Minister Johnson responds you actually see that the letter where he he responds. It's it's online so so Johnson says this I absolutely want to end this gorge of gay conversion therapy which has no place in our society now again and this exaggerated for the doesn't exist.

I do however want to assure you that I take freedom of speech and freedom of religion very seriously. As the government make clear in 2018 will be for Swiss made a commitment and conversion therapy. We all continue to allow adults to receive appropriate pastoral support, including prayer in churches and other religious settings in the exploration of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Like you I do not want to see clergy and church members criminalized for normal noncoercive activity okay to say hey we recognize that comes your pastor hey I'm struggling with unwanted same-sex attraction. Can you counsel you praise me absolutely. Johnson says we want that protected under the law, so the sort on PJ points out that not all British lawmakers share Johnson's concerns so labor MP Angela Eagle wrote of Johnson's letter quote this proposed loophole is so large they were actively being no ban on conversion therapy OTB activist group Stonewall also denounced Johnson's move conversion therapies, reform of abuse that leads to long-term physical and or mental harm for victims.

We know that half the conversion therapy practices take place. New care faith-based, so any band that has loopholes ready type of practice, including religious practices will leave vulnerable LGBT QI A+ people at risk for the harm, etc. that look at this. Matthew Heineman, cofounder of the group and conversion therapy took to the independence of a large UK publication and he described his own experience what happened to him losing his missionary job. All because he was openly gay cases for many refusing conversion therapy means losing her family, faith, community, career, friends, your entire life. Those who resist legislation against conversion therapy often resist the idea of a prayer or pastoral conversation being subject to the scrutiny of the law. However, these things take place in an overwhelmingly homophobic or transfer will be context the pernicious power of prayer must be dealt with. There you have. If you believe God has a better way for someone who same-sex attracted struggle with gender identity confusion and you say based on Scripture want to pray and help you find freedom in your life that is the permission pernicious power prayer and it must be dealt with. You shall not praying. That's what's coming friends on you for the years those who came out of the closet want to put us in the closet. This is yet another example, but spelled out more graphically than I've ever seen. There you have black and white from your eyes.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown for some friends this reason we been some of the alarm. There's a reason we been drawing attention to these issues where freedom is being taken away. Look, it is the law in many states around America now in some countries around the world laid out for you got a 17-year-old girl she was raped repeatedly by a male neighbor from the ages of 9 to 11 as she began to develop sexually mature in other ways she found herself utterly repulsed by men in general because the horrific experience that she had no interest in then no attraction to men there. They were all unclean because what happened to her that she hasn't processed all the psychologically she just knows how she feels. At the same time she finds security with with women and girls and finds herself romantically and even sexually attracted to them as troubled by it because it violates her own convictions by its religious beliefs violates the dream that she had earlier in life of being married and having having kids and so she's she's struggling. She wants help and she tells her mom and dad. I don't want to feel like this I want to hate men like this on will be attracted to women against once promising. Everyone's lesbian is like the snow but here's a story real story. These things happen so stalks for mom and dad he ought. I don't know what people in our church little uncomfortable telling them in parent symbolists. Let's find a good Christian counselor professional counselor and let's look into this just in some of the truly solid and and you know you reach out and they saw how how old is your daughter 17 know we can count what was illegal is illegal for us to to counsel minor now have. If that same girl let's say she was in a different race in a different environment and thought well okay maybe a lesbian.

That's fine.

But like something my mind is bothering me like not good to be… Not right and I'll try.

If this so I am alone embrace it and talks to her parents is always fun to counselor the call counselor same 17-year-old and Jan unlike counseling on try and embrace my lesbian identical great good good legal that's legal is illegal in many states in America it's illegal to get help for unwanted same-sex attraction. Let this go further. You are raising your child and your your boy is six years old, but since he's been for he insists he's he's a girl he's really a girl you just don't know how to deal with that and you're struggling you got other kids and they are totally at home in their bodies, but he's not know the why race in the same you know the why. So you think okay we got to help them out. He's a boy you know he sets her son. We know that biologically, and every other ways a boy but feel like he's a boy so you you call a professional counselor you looking for family counseling and gender issues and things and you see a week it we want to get counseling for Sunday's six and his accuser girl trapped in a boy's body. We would like to get counseling what what would you like help with what we want to be homespun aside, it's illegal.

I can do that. What is illegal is an illegal against the law can't do that if I do that I could lose my practice if I do that I'll be find who knows what else) on change the scenario. These parents have got online I found out that this is common it's it's called gender dysphoria and the best thing to do is encourage your son to embrace his female identity: same counselor yet like to bring my Synanon and he feels he's a girl so we just want to support him and could tell you, you bet. Come on in perfectly legal. So here's what you want.

Do they want to send him to school dressed as a girl you want to tell the teachers that he is a girl have all the students refer to him with female pronouns.

He cannot use the girls room. Now we can wait a few years ago and gets a little bit older knows, maybe nine tablet.

Whatever the age is that were gonna put them on on hormone blockers to stop the onset of puberty. I'm messing with this child's physical development been put on hormone blockers to stop the onset of puberty and then and then when it gets a little bit older. Beyond that, then we gotta give different home hormones in a like cross sex hormones and stuff and then will start to think through your sex change surgery when he's little bit older hero 18 or 20 or something like that. It then hormones.

Of course like that's lit that's legal that's legal but it's illegal to sit with the child and try to find out why the boy feels like a girl and help him embrace his own body that's illegal. That's how crazy upside down. Things have become aunt and friends. It's not just a matter of conviction. It's a matter of law. Now and and I've raised issues with it.

What if your church within the church and and and you provide counseling in your church maybe you got Christian counselors on staff your large car issue for Christian counselors on staff and if your member of the church.

One of the benefits is you get pastoral counseling at the what happens to the pastoral Council councils that want to minister to that 17 or older to that six-year-old with the child's consent and with parental consent goes to jail over that who had spanned over the gets fined over the wood really happened in New York where a man with unwanted same-sex attraction, one for counseling with an Orthodox Jewish counselor and a New York headband. This just band in general for any age counseling so this guy was getting a $10,000 fine for counseling to get up with the alliance defending freedom in illustrating freedom push the case and muted New York City will actually we we when I can have the Banff Reynolds. They pulled why will they knew the court that the case would go to if it was appealed would go to a court with conservative justices.

The trumpet appointed Nate back down. Francis is reality.

This is the world in which we live. So I'm to under demonstrate God's love for each individual matter who they are where they are us in creating God's image, so for him.

Jesus die someone flawed broken just like me and the rest of us needing a Savior. While not compromising an inch of what the Bible says is right and best okay so file story here some years back in Charlotte North Carolina before the Gay pride event became is is massive and influential as it was so back by all the major companies in in the city. It was just a few outliers like Starbucks and furosemide aggressively get with the Gay pride events. They were part of this song so Caribou coffee there chained up news because Starbucks with their popular chain. They announced one year hate.

We are we are going to be supporting the Gay pride event, etc. now, I reached out to US Airways respect would merge with American became American Airlines when they made the same call and when I wrote to them and asked them questions. It was that the lamest unimaginable answers in the person simple.

Don't put words in my mouth absent.

Would you believe this this this this cut me off so I reset caribou coffee and this is my prochain which remain neutral in the culture wars that that's all.

When asking put Bibles in your stores or play Christian music industry is but would you remain neutral on the cultural or special risk and they wrote back and said no, no, we want to stand with all of our community.

All of our constituents from all backgrounds basically paraphrase said okay it's not the answer was looking for but will you be holding an event and it's it's going to be a day will we celebrate abstinence from sex until marriage where we celebrate life beginning in the womb, and where we celebrate the marriage is the union of one man among woman, would you be a sponsor or rent since you want to support people from all the communities all different backgrounds is a sizable conservative Christian population here in the area which do it and I listed some businessmen friends that said they would do that. This is all hypothetical. The whole thing was a hypothetical to get the response but I did have people willing to back the event.

If you went ahead with other Christian businesses. I talked yet but I named okay so Caribou coffee writes back to me and I have a letter so I'm sure I copied it, but I but had the physical letter Samara file, we will not work with you because we are inclusive. This we understand you work with so-and-so and so-and-so they didn't like these people there conservative activists saw because that we will not work with you because we are inclusive. I thought that. Do you realize what you just wrote. We will not listen to your opinion because we are so open-minded we will not tolerate your view because we are so tolerant we will absolutely exclude you in the name of being inclusive. You talk about Orwellian doublespeak friends. That's the way it's been for years. Those calling for diversity have been the most narrow in their approach. Those boasting about inclusivity have been absolutely exclusive those speaking of tolerance, utterly intolerant. Those speaking of diversity is a set earlier. It means my way or the highway, so I respond not with hatred, not with anger, with venomous speech, but we hold our ground. We don't move away from what is right. We hold to our convictions. Otherwise we we lose the ability to even have those convictions publicly because our rights will be swept away.

We do not move an inch.

We hold to our convictions. As we said many times backbones of steel, but also with hearts of compassion.

Don't make the gay community. Your enemy don't make the trans community. Your enemy make liberals.

The enemy leftists the enemy whatever the group is these are all people from Jesus die. These are all people that we want to reach with the good news of the gospel we overcome evil with good. We overcome hatred with love will overcome lies with truth, we overcome the power the flesh with the power of the spirit we don't yield an inch to the mob, but we don't respond with our own Marbach receipt we respond with the gospel with loving our neighbor as ourselves with setting an example that will endure through the generations.

Friends are not discouraged simply say now is the time take a stand hearts of compassion, backbones of steel another program powered by the Truth Network

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