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Answers to Your Best Jewish Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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April 22, 2021 4:10 pm

Answers to Your Best Jewish Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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April 22, 2021 4:10 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 04/22/21.

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The following is a prerecorded program to tackle your Jewish related questions today on 3 L Thursday stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of Ministry get of the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown, a friend, thanks for joining us on this thoroughly Jewish Thursday broadcast Michael Brown delighted to be with you. Just a heads up. I won't be taking live calls today. I've asked for questions on Facebook and Twitter. Any Jewish related questions and to be responding to as many of those as I can during today's broadcast out if everything is on schedule as you are listening to the broadcaster watching the broadcast I should be flying back from Texas to say how my doing them at the same time there was not a miracle of modern technology.

It is not a special grace on me to be two places at the same time, but were prerecorded in the show. One day early, supposed airing live as we do almost all the rest of the time again as I'm speaking I'm about to leave for Texas as your listening and watching.

I'm returning from Texas, but can you be on the air with my dear friend James Robison on life today program that are probably air old sometime in June that a focus on my brand-new book has God failed you find faith when you're not even sure God is real. By the way, the contents of that book really do tie in well with thoroughly Jewish Thursday because of the issues we take up with the nature of the God of the Old Testament, and even what would Job say and then some of the brutal honesty of people wrestling with God and in Jewish tradition in the Bible we talk about that in the book as well, but wanted to say I won't be taking calls today and I will be responding to breaking news because as I record the show that breaking news has not yet happened. All right Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu has given up trying to form a new government. It's not going to work it would look pretty hopeless.

When election results came in, because the nature of the split and who was willing to work with whom and what extreme elements you could get together on the same side while he is now recognize that socket happen so now. Opposition parties or others you know those came in behind Netanyahu and Likud. They have the opportunity to try to form a government. Is that possible moon that looks very sketchy as well.

Could happen but looks unlikely, in which case 1/5 election.

Think of all the money the energy that the emotion expended on us and while the government is effectively dealing with emergencies is crippled and so many other ways. It is taxing and wearying on the people and some precedent in Israel's history to have this many elections in a shorter period of time.

That being the case, it seems unlikely barring some type of unexpected developments, it seems unlikely that Netanyahu will and Likud label will be able to prevail again sufficiently enough so that there can be a a coalition under recruiting Netanyahu now from the viewpoint of a lot of American evangelicals, that's absolutely terrible because Netanyahu is the man is the courageous hero. He's the strong leader. He's the one who stood up to international terror and and so on and and obviously is a lot of good that he is done within Israel. This tremendous amount of division about Netanyahu even among believers.

There are some who will vote Likud's party others that will vote other parties and he's looked at very differently within Israel as a poster outside of his room. So Jesse has his loyal fans and supporters in Israel but it's very much different. There then in the United States. All right.

Let us go over to twitter and on the start with Twitter questions that were posted and let's see here.

Okay Anthony asked this question, do messianic Jews believe in the Trinity, most do some do not, and they would be considered heretical by those who do now that being said, the way things are formulated in the the Nicene Creed or the at the Nicene Creed that the the philosophical statements that are made. The way things are framed many messianic Jews would have issues with that many messianic Jews would say that that these relate to later developments and and are presented against a certain Greek philosophical background or other philosophical backgrounds and enter are not really sensitive to Jewish understanding or presented any biblically-based way and when you speak to a Jewish person about Trinity.

They really think three gods so some messianic Jews with emphasize God's tri-unity others, and this is a phrase that that like I coin others may view stood before me. But it's one that seem right and that that that came to mind as I was describing things. I will speak of God's complex unity that we emphasize his oneness of if there's one truth is emphasized over and over again in the Bible is that there's one God and one God only when I messianic Jewish colleagues who said that that must be the central truth emphasized in Scripture that there is one God, one God only. So we want to emphasize that loudly and clearly, and then explain how he is complex in his unity. When I first spoken Israel in 1986 first time this and I went to Israel so we got to go on a tour and then did the did the speaking ball was there I felt a warning.

I felt a prophetic warning that you might say this is common sense, spiritual sense, but I felt a prophetic warning that within the messianic movement, which in many ways.

In terms of modern Congregational expression is in its infancy. You're just really going back to the 60s. In its current Congregational manifestation. Otherwise, going all the way back to the New Testament terms of all the firstly was being Jews who lived as Jews so of us. The vast majority lived as Jews and were usually respond like that but in any case, I I said that in the messianic movement are day that the first sign of apostasy would be denial of the deity of Jesus denial of you. She was deity so were seen that an increasing measure and dangerous measure.

And with that, obviously a denial of God's train, but the vast majority of messianic Jews hold to Orthodox view of God being complex in his unity, and God revealing himself to us as father-son and spirit. Let's see will was the best book for study. Learning about the biblical feasts and their new covenant fulfillment. There are actually a few different books that are that are very useful if you want to focus on the The Fall feasts and I'm just gonna give you a few titles.

Here all that just three things. When I added in an extra name there. Sorry, Mitch and Saha Glaser, Mitch Glaser, my dear friend Mitch and his and his wife is a hovel all they've got a great book on The Fall feasts of Israel. The Fall feasts of Israel so that that focuses on restriction going to pour Sukkoth's tabernacles so The Fall feasts of Israel another colleague and friend, another fine messianic Jewish leader Sam Nadler Sam Nadler NAD LER has a great book on the Messiah in the feasts of Israel Messiah in the feasts of Israel all again. There there quite a quite a few books but those with those would be a good place to start another would be Barney Kasdan, KS Deeann Dobbs appointed times, God's appointed time. So Mitch is a hobby. Glaser focusing on The Fall feasts Sam Nadler Messiah in the face of Israel going Kasdan God's appointed times. These are all missing the Jewish leaders, teachers, solid background, you'll learn a lot going through those.

Let's see Brian also on twitter, given the obvious New Testament references.

How should we, as Christians, we first century second Temple Jewish Apocrypha. For example, by Ruth and Enoch now these books would be regarded. For example, Enoch, not his Apocrypha, but sued epigraphy are in an apocryphal book would be like prayer of Manasseh, which is included in an Catholic Bible's and and his intra-tester mental written between the old and New Testament, or first, the second Maccabees. Those would be apocryphal and in a book like Enoch would be super graphical so how should they be viewed but let's talk first about the Apocrypha of the Apocrypha is nowhere cited in the New Testament is Scripture, there may be teachings and references that that are reflecting data found in the Apocrypha, but the Apocrypha none of the books of the Apocrypha or ever explicitly quoted in the New Testament is Scripture or as it is written, whereas the Scripture says anything like that or associated with the biblical figure knows Moses wrote for Isaiah said, none of that. And we know that ultimately this is not considered part of the Jewish canon of Scripture, the Apocrypha should be read some of it for an important historical information like first and second Maccabees. Other parts just for excellent wise teaching ecclesiastical us that the wisdom of Ben Sarah things like that.

Worth reading, and they should be viewed as in between a good book, and the Bible moments of great value with historical value and even considered inspired by many in the ancient world, but ultimately not on the same level of Scripture and and if I'm correct if I remember correctly that the Reformation attitude towards these books was that they were worth reading, but that you could not base doctrine on them that they did not carry the biblical weight of authority. They were printed in between the old and New Testament and in early Bibles and Reformation times and ultimately removed from their if my historical recollections are correct when custom like Enoch. It is quoted by Jude without Scripture escorted by Jude meaning people familiar with it, people used it. People read it and this was true of of early Jews did not believe in Jesus and really just did believe in Jesus, as well as Gentile Christians. Enoch was widely read and and highly respected but ultimately did not become part of the canon of Scripture outside of the Z opera tradition in the church did not become part of the canon of Scripture in Judaism or Christianity and certainly while there may be portions that accurately preserve words of Enoch, and students quotation from Enoch of clearly much of of other parts of Enoch is written much much much later, and therefore written at a time that would it would not of been considered part of the Hebrew Bible because it was written and composed afterward, so and we know that New Testament writers also quoted pagan poets like Paul this in acts 17 or or and Titus one. So all that being said, the book should be read. We should be familiar with them. I actually have not read sufficiently in all the Apocrypha and sued epigraphy of the Old Testament it's it's a lot of literature actually just recently was realizing I need to refresh myself more on certain things and rethinks have not really read before so worth reading. In that regard worth learning about gives us insight into what is believed in the ancient world and things like that God should not be confused with Scripture.

That's the big thing, not any of the Bible itself right back with more of your leaders Thursday number by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown drawing us on there really is that this is Michael Brown. I am not like us today but I did ask yesterday for questions to be posted on Facebook and twitter and respond to those of the post now this.

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Click on donate okay. Going over to Facebook and look at some of the questions that have been posted there. Deborah asked this on Facebook and first Chronicles 21 when God destroyed 70,000 people. After's David send by doing the census. How is that just David himself said that these people did nothing to deserve this. By the way, grant the God can do no evil and is justified in everything he does, but two friends recently mentioned this, I want to understand this incident. Your friends did a good job in raising this not a low if their sincere seekers are skeptics reading markers but it's a very, very fair question. So in the incident David sends by numbering the PPC. Why was that wrong. God had the children of Israel take numbers this do censuses in in when they came out of Egypt and then at the end of 40 years wilderness wanderings and things like that was wrong with it. Well, there were there aspects of census taken that were considered dangerous spiritually for other reasons. That's a whole other thing to explore.

It's actually a fascinating discussion but when Joab the commander-in-chief.

Basically, the Army leader was was urging David not not to do this. There was something about carnal security. Let's see how many don't see how strong your lips feel good we are. Let's the Almighty, we are which is not trusting God, which is not looking to God wit which was a self-sufficient way of functioning and in itself a full pride and David if he did, it was smitten and then the Lord sent a prophetic messenger with a warning from.

Is it okay is a rebuke guilty you be judged.

You never should've done this, you should've known better you be judged.

And you can you can pick. You can have X number of years of famine you can be attacked by your enemies. Or you can have three days of of play and and at no judgment sent by God and David said it looked when we fall to God's hands run in the hands of my enemies and and opted for that and then during the plague interceded and got stopped so number one first obvious lesson is that the sins of a national leader can affect the whole nation. Right what what Adolf Hitler did with Germany. Obviously, much of Germany was behind him. But ultimately, where he took sayings was a direction that very few would've supported if they knew it upfront and it led to the destruction of the nation. It it it led to terrible suffering for millions of people. Millions murder. But even for the German people as a whole. Hitler's actions as leader brought about the death of millions of his own people and destruction of major cities and the division for decades between East and West Germany also national leaders can make decisions based on which terrible suffering comes to the people as a whole. You say yeah but here God brought the judgment.

How is that right up. Here's a question you know David speaking generically says they did nothing to deserve the speak of the people as a whole may be God just judge people that were worthy of death may be God just judge people that that in his mercy he had not smitten in his mercy he had not taken out with a should've been judged and now it's like, okay, here's an opportunity to bring just judgment on wicked people, those we don't know that. Therefore, we trust God. The same God who reveals himself as merciful and long-suffering and compassionate. We see how forgiving he was towards David rather than destroying him when he deserved destruction that same God meted out this judgment. So perhaps you'll be judge people themselves rebuilt again, David can't make a statement about everyone they didn't deserve this. There's a sheep know many of the sheep were guilty sinners themselves preps the judgment fell on those are most guilty will know right so we just have to leave it there. All right then, what are your thoughts on EP Saunders work on Palestinian Judaism. Specifically, covenantal nomadism, one of the Pharisees saw their keeping of the law as earning individual salvation. So EP Sanders work on Palestinian Judaism and Paul in the law.

This this was watershed work beginning in the 1980s. In fact, let's see the exact year. If I can find the right year that EP Sanders first published his famous Paul and Palestinian Judaism.

So here we go on looking at the 40th anniversary edition, which came out in 2017 right so if the 40th anniversary edition comes out in 2017. You can see how all this was right.

So you're actually going back here to 1977 as of the 80s. It's actually before the 80s when when this comes out so that this is this is I know it's a question you're asking because of the influence of this and and and then the that the studies that have followed this in terms Pauline studies of Jacob newsletter, who was the most prolific and influential Jewish scholar of the last generation.a few years ago and was the author or editor of a thousand books. Yes thousand books usually write a book a week just mind-boggling. My box in any case.

In any case, he savaged he savaged Saunders work and the two of them were at battle with one another for years but Jacob Newsom said about covenantal nomadism. Newsom said that with what Salazar was like. Of course, everybody knows that everybody knows what's new about that meaning that the Jewish nation, the people of Israel were called by God's grace delivered from Egypt by God's grace and now were given his laws and commandments as a nation to stand right covenantal relationship with him as opposed to keeping the law so as to achieve individual salvation. On the one hand that's true, and there certainly grace within pharisaical teaching as well and there is emphasis on God's mercy and the thrust of things is certainly on the nation as a whole being and right covenantal standing with God. So as an individual Jew during your part as as part of the body of Israel to be in right relationship with the scholar who mercifully brought you from Egypt intrusion mercy every day.

At the same time so question that human beings as human beings are thinking about my right with God, my sins forgiven and there's no question that legalistic tendencies certainly existed and that that Paul himself is addressing some of those so I would say that Saunders rightly understood aspects of Judaism that New Testament scholars may have previously missed because they they misunderstood some of Paul's polemic are some of you she was criticisms of the Pharisees and things like that they they kind of thought that was that was the norm and in the all as opposed to hypocritical extremes and tendencies being being rebuked. So the one hand, there was a corrective from Saunders on the other hand, there is an aspect of perhaps not realizing the degree to which individual legalism consented, and you can see that in any religious Jewish community today with the fervent desire leading up to Yom Kippur to be in a state of repentance and purity and for your good deeds to outweigh your bad deeds so that when you stand before God that that your name will be written in the book of life for another year and that of their behavior not just on the nation. But I knew as an individual and an even for Tishri that the the month in which these holidays, the current Russian and and then Yom Kippur or young true all the day of the setting of the of of the shofar and then Dave atonement that that the astrological symbol for a for that month is is a scales, weights, balance scales, your life is being weighed in the balance, so, both and there is there there was a right corrective and Saunders work with another things were when Miss Stephen Lester home has does really good analysis on this highway something good and bad thinking Lisa Magoon was the home okay right back with questions. We will file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thank you so much for joining us on this Thursday. This is Mike Roger early is talking about our Jewish Messiah Jesus Yeshua my joy to be with you today were devoting the whole show to answering your social media questions usually questions that were posted on Facebook and on Twitter so don't post now.

Don't call him now if you want updates and what's happening is really elections we we dealt with at the beginning of the broadcast. You can catch that late on a website Esther on YouTube Esther to Brown or Facebook Esther Cabelas covert your Facebook questions.

Starting with Mark Mark as this with Israel running new animal sacrifices and also performing them, preparing for the new temple one day how you feel God views these practices continuing since he wants them to realize Jesus really made the final sacrifice you feel like God honors in some sort of was still because his covenant people, or is it not viewed all by him and is he silent. Hopefully that made sense. Okay, it made perfect sense number one Israel as a whole.

It is, is not religious Jewish world and Israel is not offering animal sacrifices right now. There were a couple of instances in a Passover related to pre-cultivated something done by the by, where the temple used to stand and but that there is no temple. And there were no sacrifices in terms of a national level.

However, there there is a very small group of religious Jews is been preparing for many many years and preparing all of that. The various vessels that would go in the temple you know that the alter the things like that and then the priestly priestly garments, and so on. The been working at for for many many years and have been poised and ready and teaching plan okay when this happens than we do XYZ. How does God look at that from my understanding with with grief but with love and end up with with with love and appreciation for the seal Paul's words in Romans 10 about the Jewish people in his zeal for God, but not according to the not not not according to knowledge. So on the one hand, looks at them with the seal of Seesmic with appreciation because they're zealously trying to honor God and they want to see the Temple rebuilt in their praying for that fervently and they believe that abuse onto God's favor in the messianic era being ushered in and saw it with pain because they have missed the Messiah. The reason the temple is been destroyed this long is because God is made a better way and brought judgment on the old system and and that is part of the reason that we been scattered around the world. Part of it.

Not all the part of the reason we be scattered around the world. Rejection of the Messiah, so I believe that always God is at work and drawing people to himself.

But in my view, this will pave the way for further Jewish deception before hearts and minds are open and with that faith in Jesus the Messiah of art. Let's go to and this question so there's love talk about the court end times because all the strife in US ridiculous anti-milestones from certain one from Argosy factor entire prophecy of started to understand the Old Testament points to the new test New Testament points. The Old Testament is. This is true wonder if the Israelites have more of a role in the ushering in end time prophecies. Of course, Christians in the world will be affected in general, but I wonder if America such a high opinion of ourselves. We literally is that the Gentiles have to do with us.

Maybe is a lot more to do with Israel. Oh my question make sense of your thoughts on this by the way, I appreciate these two questions back to back boasting I hope the question make sense or you're both perfectly clear. Your hundred percent right and that often in America. We think that the world revolves around us, and some to somehow in Bible prophecy revolves around us, not on the one hand this a bit of a harsh statement because Americans just and he looked no Bible speaks of increasing wickedness and things are going mad all around us and the world is collapsing all around us of this must be the end suicide about America is just American situation is symptomatic of the world as a whole. On the other hand, it wears American biblical prophecy were not were not explicitly mention and how about this. It's possible that America's we know will cease to be a nation can be divided into different nations fragmented or who knows what long before Jesus returns show me what it's not possible in the Bob show me that not think this can happen, but could it could so absolutely, things revolve around his absolutely, things revolve around great commission going to the whole world. The Jewish people turning to God. Absolutely. Now we have been in the end times since Jesus died and rose from the dead. Peter preaches and asked the second chapter and begins to quote from the prophet Joel. He says in the last days, God says Opera must bring all flesh will go back and read Joel 228 Hebrews says rock racing Expo hit Lucille Cobos and after this. I'll put my Spirit on all flesh doesn't say in the last days will check it out in the Septuagint to Greek translation. It doesn't say in the last days.

Peter added that the say what Joel prophesied this happen.

I wasn't happy now because these are the last days. In Romans 13 the end of the chapter, Paul says that the night is far spent the day's almost here for scripting status is the ends of the of the of the world of come upon us it in in in a Hebrews.

The first chapter it speaks of God speaking through his son.

In these last days, James Jacob, the fifth chapter talks about wicked people keeping up riches himself in the last days. First Peter one says the gospel has been preached was in the last days first obtuseness is the last hour that no well predators say all you see. That means that that it was there was less terror before the destruction of the temple at and and that said it was the lessons that are known absolutely no certainly not whether we have been in the last days the end times since Jesus died and rose from the dead Argosy were getting closer to the end of the end times, but things certainly don't revolve around America and we must look much more broadly, the gospel being preached in all the world. Matthew 2414 and fullness of the Gentiles coming in Romans 725 that culminates with all Israel being saved, which I believe is in conjunction with Messiah's return all our let's go to may stay on Facebook going back to twitter.

Genesis 1 2627.

What is it mean that God created male and female. His image Mormons would tell you that we have a physical body because God has a physical body were made in his image. I don't think this is what it means and I never really understood this passage myself, and therefore never able to explain to anyone else. Was God mean what it says were made in his image. Are we all made in his image, or is that just for Adam and Eve now what.

What's interesting is in the New Testament cautions one it says of Jesus that he is the image of the invisible God, so it is not telling you that God is bearded or look like a Middle Eastern Jew right or or or that God may have a gender but rather usually is the earthly representation of the invisible God. He is the visible representation of the invisible God, and he said if you see me you seen the father. He didn't mean physical appearance in mean of but what does it mean in Genesis 1 where were God says not say a dog but so Maine could retain let us make man in our image, according to our likeness not sell M image could mean a physical and in other words, it could be that God what when you look a God existing invisible form that God it if if if we receive if we were to see him that he would just be like a mystery vapor when you know when he's described in the Bible. He is described in bodily form.

It could mean that it in terms of having a spiritual bond that a physical body, buddy, spiritual body, it could mean that we are made in that image, and according to his likeness that that could work in another words what went elsewhere in the Bible were told don't make the image of of any earthly thing don't worship that are don't make any likeness is some of physical images so in itself. That language could refer to that that God in his spiritual body right which has substance and essence does not look like a giraffe or an elephant or guerrilla with like us, which is why he made us in his image.

It could mean that. However, as emphasized in Scripture it's on it's on our spiritual nature and on our intellectual and moral nature that we have all of his creation can love and can hate that we have all his creation can can reason morally and make moral choices and and can relate to God in an intimate level in the in a way that say a human being cannot relate to it to a horse or dog or cat, or a mouse the same way that that God does not relate to those created things and that would be can relate to us. So the emphasis would be more on our spiritual big you can't say it could mean the other. If God does have a form right numbers 12 tells us that Moses saw the form of the Lord between of the Lord but was also interesting is if you look in in Genesis the fifth chapter right Genesis the fifth chapter it says this. This is the record of Adams line, when God created man he made in the likeness of God, male and female he created them.

That would also mean that aspects of of male and female are both in God, that those those qualities of who we are in our uniqueness and differences are both in God obsolete ultimate physical nature, but spiritual, emotional nature of of of who we are and when they were created, he blessed them and call them adopt ultimate when Adam lived hundred 30 years.

He begot his son and his likeness after his image, and named him Seth. So what does that mean what does that mean that human beings are created in God's image and yet are now fallen, so human beings are are now reproduced in the human image so you can explore what that means but but let that be part of that. The key for you. Let's see Kelsey was a Jew, puts her his faith in the one true living God, Yahweh was the father-son Holy Spirit Nazi Abraham was saved by putting his faith in Jesus the Messiah. So, great question. Obviously, God is the God of every individual Jew. God knows a person's heart with their believing, etc. but why were the Jews in Jesus day, then after his death and resurrection of days. The apostle why were they held responsible for the rejection of the Messiah.

Why didn't he just say hey you believe in the one true God.

That's enough no because he said that if you reject me rejecting the one true God.

He said if you believe Moses would believe me one true God sent his son into the world to die for our sins.

And if we reject the one he sent to the world we are rejecting him. Of course many many traditional Jews have no idea who Jesus really is really was. They know about him is is based on other traditions and unfair treatment by the church because of that there is much misunderstanding, which is what we do our best to communicate the true message To believe if someone is truly earnestly seeking God of Israel feel Jesus the Messiah and Gaza God someone consciousness exegesis of the silent how can they be right, God sent.

I will it's the light a fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown why I love answering your question love answering your questions and thanks for posting the whole clear answers are helpful to you and you are you more into the word closer to the Lord, you can bear more fruit for him.

I I got an issue with my phone here, I had turned the volume on and do this on live radio and Internet and all that I had turned the volume on earlier to make sure that I heard a call coming in. I thought I just turned off but it is on the last segment. If you look at your phone because you heard a signal that was mine. My apologies are transferring your social media usually questions Michael asked this hi Dr. Brown how you personally interpret the Genesis account of creation.

Can you use this to the genealogies to justify strict youngers position or is there wiggle room.

I do not believe that a simple and forthright reading of Genesis 1 of the genealogies indicates that you must be on earth understand youngers arguments that I think many strong arguments that are presented in the refined biblical scholars and fine scientists who hold to youngers position in the refined of the scholars and fine scientists who hold to an older's position on agnostic on the age of the universe and yours simply because I do have the scientific background to debate the issue, however. For decades I've read Genesis 1 as I believe God intended us to read it, which is teaching us about him teaching us about who he is teaching us about his nature.

Teaching us about how he brings light out of darkness and order out of chaos and bring structure and life to the world that I do not believe it's there to teach us about science right so that's that's I read it. As for the genealogies.

There are interesting insights about the genealogies that they are structured in certain ways and in lengths of life certainly is to be conveying other messages than district genealogies, and that a strict reading of the genealogies presents various chronological problems is also possible. The genealogies are written to say that if it's a source Olympics and reviewers and begot so-and-so what it means is begot this one person who generations later gave birth to this next famous person and and that's where it's picked up, so I do not believe, strictly speaking, nothing for wiggle room on strong understand the text right where elites that's fine with me okay where it leads. But I do not see this as a strictly pointing in the direction of youngers. Although there are brilliant biblical scholars brilliant scientists who are young earth creationists, and I respect their learning okay so I'm not dissing that at all. But there there's a book I started reading recently is Ben Stanhope yeah that's it really interesting is is a bit polemical just to warn you, and hearing their technical, but it's been Stanhope S did HOPE misinterpreting Genesis how the creation Museum misinterprets the ancient near East and context of the Bible been Stanhope misinterpreting Genesis again. There's some politicizing and it and attacking certain positions, but a lot of excellent scholarship behind it and any raises lots of really interesting points about what the biblical superintendent.

I don't agree with by what he says about dating of of certain parts of the Pentateuch and things like that. Nonetheless deftly a book worth reading and thinking about and will do one more one more question Kelly and I will go to twitter and Isaiah 5416 says that God created the destroyer to cause room in second Samuel 24 one. Insist that the Lord was angry inside David, but in second Chronicles 21 wants is now Satan stood up against Israel. Inside, David is the destroyer a separate angel.

I noticed a few places regard since the destructive angel in the Bible is at all relating to the same angel so number one first Samuel second Samuel 24 written centuries before first Chronicles.

So at the time that second Samuel was written was much less emphasis on the work of Satan in the unseen realm because that would lead to more idolatry. The whole emphasis was on God and his sovereignty and then post Babylonian exile centuries after that when first and second Chronicles written, but it idolatry been dealt with. So there's more revelation about Satan and his work behind the scenes after that.

Hence the different accounts. There, but the destroying angel could refer to Satan to refer to different angel different context. It's not necessarily always speaking about the same agent all right. Let's go back over to twitter and write generous mines, clothing posted whole bunch of questions here sickened all whole bunch but let's start with this one ahead of the Israelites going to Egypt Africa with 70 souls and hundreds of years later as a mixed multitude and look European okay so obviously the ancient Israelites did not look European ancient Israelites is as best as we can tell women brown skinned people that they would not have been what would be categorizes as Negroid, which would be other parts of of Africa, and even within Egyptian culture, Nubian as opposed to the larger Egyptian culture.

They certainly were not caucus always which should be reflected in lady European culture so they would've looked closer to African than to European at that time of but they went into into into Egypt as Middle Eastern people are in this just a classification that that we use.

They came out of Egypt as Middle Eastern people, but with many Egyptians and others among them a mixed multitude so there was much racial mixture already in Israel at that time, then over the centuries as the Jewish people were scattered around the world people of Israel scattered around the world. If they intermarried with the nations around them, which they did and joined in the religions and cultures of the nations around. They were lost to history right where they've ended up lost to history. However, if they intermarried with the surrounding peoples, and those peoples joined in the faith of Israel converted to Judaism began to live as ancient Israelites or Jews and then more and more intermarried into the faith of Israel, then you end up with Chinese Jews and Indian Jews, African Jews, European Jews, that's how it happened but he said again, if the people of Israel intermarried with the People's and the surrounding nations when they were scattered join their culture.

Join their religion within a period of generations all Israelite Jewish connection would be lost because they just be absorbed with anybody else here looking like this. Let's say that you're a will just make the study racial second let's say that you're a black man and you marry a white woman so your children will be mixed color skin. Let's say your kids all marry white spouses and their kids all marry white spouses and their kids all marry white spouses.

Time any of the by characters letting them be visible physically anymore.

Conversely, the white men married a black woman and then all of their kids, married Blacks and all their kids, married by accident than the white ethnicity with white skin color would be would be gone, so is the same way even more so religiously that if you marry out of your religion out of your culture that within generations. That's totally gone to the reason we have Jews like me Caucasian Jews like me or black shoes like, dear friends, or Indian Jews, Chinese Jews is because of people marrying into as were scattered around the world right there in different parts the world. Others convert into our religion.

Join with us and now we take on the ethnic racial characteristics of the people there while maintaining our faith.

Let's see here. Matthew will be Assyrian exiles Israel be restored when Jesus comes back that's a great question. There are prophetic passages that seem to point in that direction. Certainly when the prophets were writing. They knew that that many of the people of the northern tribes had joined the the people of Judah that that they were part of the kingdom of Judah and when the Jewish people in its exiled date they there were remnants of all 12 tribes noticing James Jacob one. He writes to the 12 tribes scattered was on Jewish believers, but from all the different tribes of Israel represented on the other hand much in terms of the northern tribes of the been lost to history as I just said exiled and in 721 and and from Samaria and in northern Israel and then lost to history. Yet there was certainly a hope at the time of the ancient prophets were.

This is just centuries afterwards that all of those people would one day be regathered now part of this has happened is different remnants of of Israelites Jews all around the world have been discovered and are back in Israel today. And yet there could be something still larger were God knows where many people really are there many Hispanics that have Jewish roots and that this is not going away back to Israel, it's a mess in northern Israel, but many that have Jewish roots that they were forced to convert the contingency release Jews and lost track of that and it's been recovered of so who knows about identities of different peoples that that might still be coming together of many from Africa in particular that may have Israelite origin. So we shall see. There may be some great surprises at the end and the two sticks of of of of Joseph and Judah so northern Israel and an incident Israel coming back together. There may be further surprises known only to the more I friends were at a time. I hope you found this informative and we can watch the whole broadcaster website Esther on Facebook, SK, DR, Facebook or YouTube is your brother you get my emails to my emails every week if not, take a moment right now.

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