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The Conviction of Derek Chauvin and the Death of George Floyd

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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April 21, 2021 4:20 pm

The Conviction of Derek Chauvin and the Death of George Floyd

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. So now that the verdict is in on their children convictions for the death of George Floyd, how do we move forward together stalking for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of the fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH euro. Jim is Dr. Michael Brown friends were to do what we do here on the line of fire broadcast which is speak the truth in love, put out what we understand before the Lord and get your impact that your input, your feedback, and really tackle controversies together and I want to give you the right to call into the broadcast and say something that may offend me, or that may sound negative but if it's your perspective. I want to welcome you to share it and then I want to welcome others to weigh in and share back of what they say is good.

Offend someone else, as long as using profanity with get bleeped out as long as were not personally insulting each other in harsh ways. We must speak plainly because all of us have blind spots to our upbringing environment our own perspective. Therefore, as we humble ourselves before God we listen and process that we can grow together.

866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 so the nation on edge yesterday. Their children found guilty on all three charges in the death of George Floyd and you knew in advance based on the verdict.

What responses would be depending on who you are.

Depending on your background. Depending on what news outlet depending on you pretty well know what the responses are to be where the emphases are to be and they were all in our own echo chambers ever pass each other like ships in the night and were ultimately not improving growing processing together were just further polarize. We can't let that happen. We cannot let that happen to much to my black friends to my white friends to my Hispanic friends to my Asian friends to my Jewish friends. My Gentile friends to my male friends to my female friends.

We cannot let that happen. So here's going to do. I want to share with you an article I wrote last night, prayerfully asking the Lord, do I weigh in.

Is there something I have to say. Some do my best to do this prayerfully, thoughtfully, to share things will be constructive and helpful at such a sensitive, difficult time in our nations history. I want to share these things that I want to share some responses I got from different perspectives that I will hear from you. I will devote the bulk of this broadcast to hearing from you. Here's number to call 866-348-7884 if you think I'm missing something in my article think I got some really wrong.

You affirm what I'm saying. You get to win 866-34-TRUTH okay my article. I titled it. Derek children the death of George Floyd and the pursuit of justice. Others have used different titles and posting over on the stream.

It's posted as their children found guilty of George Floyd death can we now find common ground. Simpson were refining, grub door, but the title is to the article, all right. I'm gonna run through this with you as I wrote it.

Sure, if you responses I've gotten from very different perspectives and and you'll understand why I'm doing to do so when you write an article like this.

You basically set yourself up to get shot at from both sides but that's fine. My role here is to facilitate thoughtful, constructive discussion with openness and honesty so we can learn from each other. Correct each other and move forward.

Fair enough. So here's what I wrote guilty on all three counts was the sentence heard across America's former police officer Derek children was found guilty of second-degree unintentional murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter would do to make of this trial.

In the current events and comments surrounding it. The answer to that question depends on who you so obviously love to process the verse himself not doing it and follow every detail. The trial I'm not qualified to give legal judgment here without digging in deeper listening to legal pundits, etc. so simply relating to this happen so how how we respond to this. It depends on who you ask too many black Americans.

This was a watershed moment first for them.

The gut wrenching video Floyd's dB additional Disney was undeniable testimony to police brutality they've experienced for years in their eyes.

There's no question the children would not have treated the white man in this way there's no question was guilt. This they would say is within expense for decades little of centuries past and now there is indisputable video evidence. Second guilty verdict prove that the police can no longer get away with murder, especially with an order for black men. Too many are so watching and justice must be done. So many Afro-Americans you'd say yeah that's this is like at last the whole world sees what we been going through and thankfully we finally got justice doesn't take away the pain, but thankfully fine adjustment. We said that's what we were feeling were trying to get America to understand her pain now many white conservatives, George Floyd's tragic death of the do with race. As we all agree it's tragic.

It's recognition happened, but may white conservatives.

This is not with race versus that we don't know for sure the children's treatment afloat was race-based Pepsi mistreated whites as well. Or, perhaps, is based in children Floyd knowing each other outside of this confrontation is question as they worked in the same place. If they did, but children certainly had a bad record mistreatment of others in the past. Second, many white conservatives would argue that statistically is more likely for a white person to be killed by police in a black person that also point out that it's more likely for black cop to pull the trigger on a black suspect than for Wyckoff to pull the trigger on a black suspect. Check out Heather MacDonald's book boron one comps for more on this for liberal Americans. This is the moment to refocus on the question of systemic racism in the words of Pres. Biden was a murder in the full light of day in it with the blinders off of the whole world to see the systemic racism a stain on a nation soul. Conservatives would respond actually got on the said anything to do with race is a little on the systemic racism.

Many would also add to the contrary. This is an example of race baiters like a representative Maxine Waters, potentially inciting violence.

Violence with irresponsible comments. That's where the problem was about know if you're following the reports on this in different news outlets, conservative, liberal, etc. you're getting these different responses.

Then for Hollywood's elite, like Oprah. Guilty verdicts were cause for rejoicing. She wrote relieved in emotional ways.

I didn't expect to cry tears of joy as each verdict was read and grateful to the witnesses and their testimonies grateful to Darnell Frazier grateful to every juror for seeing and acknowledging with the world's on the tape. Thank you God for real for the law and order crowd. The lessons are clear number one document crime in which you don't resist arrest number three. Don't expect a fair trial would governmental leaders calling for violence.

When protesters ready to burn densities when the judge doesn't sequester the jury so I this is different perspectives that different people sharing all right so what I want to add into the discussion that want to get your responses so first first.

After years of regular interaction with the black American community have no reason to question the horror stories that are related to me. For example, a black pastor calls my show until by the Godfrey law-abiding conservative who agrees with me. Point for point of the culture was and he tells me, but how we had to lectures teenage boys about behavior and police less than be shot. I believe him trying to call after call like this is when the story is one of many that have heard effect. Shortly after the children verdict was announced, I was talking to a 40-year-old blacksmith was over my house, repairing a piece of exercise equipment a treadmill and he told me been an absolute traumatic experience he had with the policeman's 21 the gun stuck in his face, fearing for his life it. No reason was given to him for being stopped.

He said to this day when he sees a police car in his rearview mirror he breaks into a cold sweat. This 20 years later, having studied the issue fair sentencing in America. I do believe the inequalities remain for black Americans that we must continue to strive for justice. Second, there other questions that must be asked as well, such as what's behind the high crime rate among young black Americans, which makes the more likely targets for profiling.

Who's to blame for this. What can be done holistically repair. This is not an accusation, I'm not accusing him say what can we doesn't do together society to try to address this third race baiting is very real and very destructive analysis is how America supposed to function with protesters ready to vandalize her communities. If an unfavorable verdict is reached forth. I believe that we must address all sides of the race issue in America. Also asking uncomfortable questions such as why has fatherlessness. Black Americans reach an epidemic level and was it much worse today than it was before the civil rights movement.

Again, I'm not implying white guiltier black guilt solicit, we have to ask these questions why are things the way they are fifth, we need to find out why certain police officers behave as they do certain not all certain is because the loss is often threatened is because the poorly trained was because their power-hungry and/or racist. So the bottom line is that there's not one single correct perspective on the death of George Floyd's acute and conviction of their children and to simply pontificate in the safety of our own echo chamber is to accept the status quo and I say it and keep with my story policy that we should all make each other a little uncomfortable with conservatives asking liberals for the perspective and vice versa, with whites asking people of color for their perspective and vice versa. Then, having listened and reflected we can form a more balanced and truthful point of view we might end up more convinced than ever that our perspective is the right one but at least let's challenge ourselves to listen, think, and empathize first Roshan posted take God's ideal war, always trying to do that but working out process things based on our own history upbringing.

So 11 black brother wrote this to me fight makes you say many of you would know who he is a semi article and he said provocative article.

My general feeling is that there is no doubt the jury got this right and the children's actions were race-based when it comes to racism, white conservatives often want proof way beyond reasonable doubt. Before admitting it was racism and go back to slavery and Jim Crow.

If I like Christians sin is no racism.

I also think is statistically more likely per capita for whites to be killed by police or in total just because there's so many more whites in the country. I also had the systemic racism is not just the current laws, which is another. I believe erroneous claim made by conservatives stomach racism also has to do with the tremendous head start what's been given because of past racism princes you know why there barely any Blacks who can afford to buy professional sports teams past racism. The wealth got that has a white household headed by a guy with a high school diploma with more wealth than a black household with muscle with an advanced degree is another example of systemic races that is based in the past or the present white Christian's refusal to acknowledge systemic racism and actually litigating it is a huge obstacle to racial unity in the body of Christ so so this this is a black brother sing a provocative article. Is this a friendly colleague where an agreement on him so much when agreement here. Figure past racist racism still has effects today so this is how he is seeing things on the recent white responses to on the other side of of the break here, but I will hear from you. I want you to weigh in to what you think honestly in terms of what I've said, we agree we think I'm missing it.

How did you respond is your reaction when you heard the verdict being announced yesterday, 866-34-TRUTH will be right back. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thinks friends for: the line of fire. I want to make this plain.

My purpose is not to provoke controversy.

It's it's worthless.

That's silly. That's immature.

It's just ratings Nono my purpose is to glorify the Lord and help us follow truth and pursue justice to gather. I am not trying to prove to black wishes. All I'm so woke. Oh I get it or you're right that's that's going to sell Juergen to be candid right right and I'm not trying to prove to white loses all I'm holding a lot of conservatives I'm trying to follow Jesus and try to follow Jesus and I do it together with my family we learn from each other. We grow together in God 866-34-TRUTH going to go your calls in a moment on but but I posted on Facebook after my article is common started coming in, made clear the people and read the article little please be kind enough to explain the excuse now I sit, be sure to read the article before commenting. So a gentleman named James a Pastor Susan evangelist and profit is well. James posted you wimp out and then else was a camisole and speaks the truth you wimp out on the home and all but I decided to respond and I said please be kind enough to explain how I wimped out by honestly speaking the truth in love, perhaps, or you're looking out for refusing to see her own blind spots?

He will back you assume automatically what a black person says is right that all police are racist.

If you just read the article though I don't assume that with a black person says is right that all police races not but what I hear from enough black listeners viewers friends all told me the same story about life experience. I don't think they're making it up.

Okay have never said or even hinted for segment all police are most police are racist. Quite the contrary. Anyway, he continues to sound like a liberal news reporter of the statistics don't prove what you say and you wrote this article and say that I have a blind spot that in any goes on that's that's falsely judging him syrup.

Like I said actually revealed a lot about yourself and your comments in any case, you've completely misjudged me and misread the articles well. I wish you God's grace and truth. Respondent and you sir have continued to judge me, if you don't want this agreement, the don't read any articles under theoretical did not call your false whatever it is nothing personal, but you made about yourself. Members open, to meet you wimp out the thoughts of out me as a personal document you wimp out is what he said so I responded, you see the interaction of and this is from a white brother. So I share with you black for the said no white brother and I would like us to. Quite the contrary, sir. I welcome disagreements.

I called personal tax is with your opening comment. Again, I wish you God's grace and truth.

Respondent and you insulted me survey statement about the untrue statements. These are perspectives. Kevin posted this.

Dr. Brown, you could've really addressed a lot of issues that face the black community, but instead you continue to pile on the place of business interested that a will, a white person here reads my article and thinks I'm piling on the police a black person reads the article and thinks I'm not sufficiently addressing issues of systemic racism okay just this morning to talk. This is why we need to talk to each other and listen to each other to credit you did talk about absentee fathers of the black community. What you chose to leave out is black on black crime and how many children the black community or restate the police and how they view the police as the enemy in the black law enforcement officers systemic problem in our country is the for proliferation of sin and evil behavior that the cabana of skin color to bring people of all races together, but you continue to stir the pot of racism with the rhetoric I was a supposed brings together another thing is amazing is my articles doing anything but stirring the pot of racism.

It is rather sharing different perspectives and challenging us to listen to each other more windowless than we can still differ with the listing. We may even have stronger convictions at least listen first.

At least ask questions please ask on how you feeling now how does this affect you. What's going on in your life, brothers and sisters will do this transmittal have the love of God is that simple and I appreciate people weighing in fully appreciate people weighing share perspectives. That's what I asked for. Let's have the uncomfortable conversations right we start in Louisville, Kentucky. Brian, thanks for calling into the line of fire threatening Dr., a longtime fan and I noted you know you're currently laughing at dinner on that site. I appreciate that and I wish you a little more on LGBT acute care, but I like me on that. But I am a longtime fan without the reason I think crimes that are high in black community probably heard this before, you may agree with that. No, you go back to bring segregation black negligent effort. The site or white, wealthy, white, wealthy folks that didn't societies and white workers fill the gap. Still didn't exist in black communities they live yelling society that were goblet company list Corporation list etc. etc. and valedictory, not they were there no job, no opportunity of going affect money to go towards school people grow up in the drug crime that I think black play catch up in the 1860s Cree medals barf that the thinking.

I think that's where it is.

I hate to think well at all. The back everybody God.

I think you may agree on that, and the assessor.

In other words, the effects of past systemic racism in our country right through segregation that that that does not just go away that their ongoing effects legacy of it explain one thing to me.

Brian, in what way on my quote left of center and what I'm sharing. I just just understand your perspective well for years and you're one of the top intellectual met Janik say I come from (evangelical world. Robert white, conservative, evangelical, didn't they all fall. Lloyd got gone commuting pretty moderate your article. I mean to me. I read a lot evangelical debtor waited right if you want, so that yeah no I appreciate that. What was interesting. Of course I don't actually comments on the verdict at all in the article the rightness of the wrongness of the verdict on still say a word on that rather responses to it and and how different ones are affected, but for sure for sure it Derek Floyd excuse me, George, Floyd whatever crimes he committed river drugs with the system, it ultimately comes out of this is a victim is not a hero with Nancy Pelosi said no.

He gave his life and reading give his life. He didn't want to die like anyone else.

When one dog is pleading for his life tragically, as I fully understand why mother into being conviction understand what is can we push back against the convictions, but for sure though being out of the country. We have America about 200 times myself. So working with folks around the world spinning maybe 3+ years of my life outside of America combined and having solid, godly black friends that share their own experience and then listen to callers for years and years really like me to understand that when you have some African-Americans saying this is what we've experienced.

Now making it up.

You know that the other hand, I do understand that that many things are blown into race issues that are race issues in order that it fitted in a bit of white manager dear children's knee that it it wouldn't have the attention that it has in terms of police brutality, etc. but anyway I'm not even arguing with you, just cures the prospectus. So thank you thank you for weighing in Brian NNS the whole thing is less County right I am. See, here's the interesting thing there is this assumption that if you're conservative, especially the white conservative then you side with the police and law and order, and if you're liberal or black American then you side with the victim in the world.

Why should there be assumptions. Everything should be evaluated based on truth in each situation. As followers of Jesus were never going to fit all conservative, all liberal, all all to write all to the remnant fit in that because following Jesus is going to challenge a lot of those narratives, I thank you Brian for weighing in 866-34-TRUTH of let's go to Robert and Central Coast California walking to the line of fire. Dr. Brown I was going to comment on my own viewpoint and that I grew up in relatively small town in California. There weren't very many black people and is hoping about racism. You know, we thought you don't know were not racist but you know that's just better for somebody else and then I went to U.S. Navy and got stage in various places around the globe and I found out for myself. I had racist views within me and I saw a brothers that had written our stall black people being treated unfairly and then I got stationed in Hawaii and the white person there. I'm a white person I'm a white gentile white person called a Howley and you know the people of Hawaii out lot of them are.

I don't know what number they hate Howley took over their island builders tremendous prejudice against the Howley and so I got a taste of some of things that I would denying within myself that in fact I did have some racist views and I got to go through it myself and it really did a lot to heal and repentance in my own heart.

You know this is an issue that needs to be dealt with and need to be talked about and I'm glad for doing it and that's just my view yet will first appreciate your honesty and against with I was doing a conference and it was basically all black brothers and I was being interviewed by black brother and we started off so was it was a virtual conference leadership conference, but we started off with questions about race and racism in the church and look for many people it's your you're not is a racist bone in your body and the words you care about everyone equally want everyone to have the equal opportunities here. You don't judge people by color of skin, etc. but you may have a certain heritage is in background even realize the effect of that. In other words, this a lot of things are ignorance and as we learn we grow older we experience hatred ourselves from yours and you being hated as a Jew in our history of anti-Semitism at the hands of her stuff like that. Please expand our perspective with openness before God. I feel white guilt for second my life I love Jesus but will serve others. That means listening for cleansing and the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown they put something you how react to the same statement right this is Michael Brown.

Welcome to the line of fire. We are processing the dear children, convictions the three guilty verdicts in the death of George Floyd processing that today and doing her best to listen to each other and to learn from each other to see where we may have some blind spots her own lives, or lacking perspective. So the statement black lives matter. Someone may hear that and say absolutely for centuries in American history by close didn't matter.

It seems they could be discarded in no jury would side with a black purse against the white person felt like black guys did matter, we need to state that the response with while all lives matter than the response back is also for having drive for the cure of cancer and raising money for cancer research to respond with will all diseases are important notes as you recognize this is important to then someone else's. Of course every life matters in every black life matters, but the black does matter movement is terrible.

It's Marxist and it's destructive and it's part of critical race theory and it's hurting American it's it's it's doesn't care about all black closet doors different people here this and for their own perspective and and each side is saying something true. Each side, a sense of the year.

We need to affirm the value very black life because it in much of American history, it has not been affirmed in any others like you, but we need to realize the dangers of the BLM movement, and in them. In this case we need to understand why so many African-Americans have been suspicious of police and and have felt that they were being wrongly profiled and prejudged and subject to violence through history and couldn't get fair jury verdicts we to understand that we is not just a made up perspective. At the same time others need to realize a you cannot have mob justice.

You cannot have political leaders threatening violence they'll get the verdict that you you cannot have that in both perspectives are true and need to be heard on the train play both ends, get the middle trust between finishing Connecticut from both sides begin, hated, misunderstood the tag from both sides. I'll do my best to challenge each of us to think about side of her own little box, but also to help each of us inform others of the truth right fullness of our perspective 866-34-TRUTH of let's go to Victor in Tennessee.

Welcome to the line of fire.

Thank you Dr. Brown honored to talk to you.

Thank I have a few drinks real quick I might not be applicable and first and foremost number believer. I'm also Latino and believer human right. That's one great I mean I don't know if you think it was in 1978 where to start using race at that pigmentation shade and to me the screen about discrimination on prejudice against one color can against the auger, or place of origin at what I see is that the people that there cries or screamed. The most about racism, I racist themselves that that's what I don't understand and I would like you perspective on yes also Victor of course we are one race, the human race, and in Jesus we are all equal male-female black white, Asian, Latino, we were all equal in Jesus to gentile and rather than look at differences in a negative way. We should look at the did the the beauty and the diversity and the amazing gifts that each culture can bring. I agree with you hundred percent that racism goes in many different directions. I agree with you that that there is white racism against Blacks that there's black lace racism against whites that there is a low, Asian, Latino, Latino jet whenever that racism goes in all different directions. Now there's a new definition, sir, that people are putting on it that that's prejudice, racism has to do with power.

So unless you are the dominant culture can be racist. I don't accept that definition.

To me that's now changing a commonly used term to set things up to say hey I can hate these people. I can despise these people I can judge these people. But as long as I don't have power. I'm not being a racist redoing know us. I reject that. Of course it goes in all directions, but right now we want to focus on understanding the pain of many African-Americans why so many identify with with with George Floyd. Then we also want to look at larger issues of justice system and and the mob autocracy and things like this.

We want to try to look at these different perspectives, but for sure. Racism goes in all directions.

It it is it is a deadly ugly destructive plague that you have no part in the body of Christ whatsoever and we need to just ask yourself questions. You know the uncomfortable questions would you know if you it if if you have emergency surgery rushed into and into hospital and and the person that's can operate on you is Asian or Latino or black or white Regency by the name take the Jewish rather it is a discipline affect he was certainly if if you know you is there is babysitter coming over with her the fact you veto based on ethnicity or race or just ask questions like that little questions that get us thinking if we haven't hate Victor thank you for the call 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Alice in Plano, Texas. Thanks for: the line of fire. Dr. Brown no Baltimore, Maryland but I live in Plano now and I very much agree with the old rate. You know, black or white light on black everything going on today and I don't agree with anything that BLM has to say that I'm very troubled area. I thought a lot of bad things happen from different people. I need white guy many and I will just say that Mike might get descriptive, but my. They informed that we had to be successful in life that we had to treat each other fairly about my mom did educate us about our path about racism things that we might do to allow without equal to people who are white, not one that my mom also tell us to go be rated Baltimore at the Taft life you know things can be rough out there, but my brother went to the United States Naval Academy. Everything you nomination. He retired recently attended a Col. from the United States Marine Corps. I starting Army extra travel around the world and now I'm a senior networking security engineer and make pretty good money and during the one at home mom kid how she'd married and no I don't agree that because granite we grew up in an environment that will greatly thought a lot of bad but how my. Raised by the way he taught us to respect God to respect each other. It may get the better product of piety and so when I wrote Pat what happened or exploited altogether recent incident if we continue to look. The lens of racism, but the first thing were going the but if we look at it to the lens of that gift either people, and there is an issue not analyze it and break it now try to better understand what happened lately that light out motions get out of control Wednesday.

This is right right at 100% disagree with all of it and I'm a fan unit does not say anything to get my black America are anything like that but had lived a predominantly white neighborhood and I take the military and I have yet to run it. But when I go into the city.

You see police cars there all the time you hear the fire and constantly and why is it that in the black community that you spent before why there's so much fire there no father there something going on within the black culture and that Michael had exited, and other community any don't go back and get back to the community because both pray for their life because they saw issues from that day. I want to live very unsocial.

Alice first.

It's great to hear the story and all your family and the example your parents said and what a testimony to others, and even more broadly speaking, if I constantly have a victim mentality and my hardship is everybody else's fault.

It's it's virtually impossible to grow here and so here's the big question to ask.

We agree 100%.

I am a I'm a million percent sure that we agree that Blacks are inferior to whites and whites inferior to Blacks right that we obviously even to make that's generic statement you have to make it because we did always have that viewpoint in history and yet you have seen more broken homes in an black America higher crime rates, lower per capita income so there is this a history that somehow God us where we are right.

So how to how we can we fix that holistically because you have the broken homes thankfully raised by both your parents about those 90% of the battle one right there. But what can we do together is America rather than choosing each as if you were in the situation now is not because one group is inferior to the other group working together to move forward to make America better for everybody.

What you think?

Brown and I will say that I think back to my childhood growing up and I look at the video music and the popularity of our day. Actuality so mentally among minority communities and our faith in the community for for black America and common unity is promoted it's celebrated it's something that you have to go through are you have to do in order to be expected.

If you're not bad not good and people thrive on that and I think that part of the problem because a lot of kids there in high school they can involve the next thing you know they have can't spell check rate okay and then it just keeps happening because now Monica called like a young man who was just recently shot the doctor today. I didn't even commented that he was missing one thing it there and I think I think you have to be very good question and I think you probably need to go back into our neighborhood and try to teach young black men and women to respect their body to respect each other and that there's nothing wrong and when we practice that my knee went the full and you know that she was P for having both parents at home and have them Baltimore house.

I got to jump in love to talk greater length we get a break gets more calls to listen friends. This amount of white guilt black guilt this matter of as followers of Jesus we see a problem, we see a problem that is remnants of our past sins, how we address it today. How we fix it today. Rather than attacking each other how to work together to make America a better place for everyone. Thank you for the call. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 664 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I am going straight to the phones and try to get to his many calls as a we are all lit up over North Carolina on our board here. I will start with Bob in Raleigh, North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire. Yeah I don't know your program.

I don't really know.

I haven't read your article, but out of my car just to have it on.

Want to try to set you straight. So before I do this I want don't offend anybody and I want to say that I'm a Christian for 30 years. But there is not truth in both perspectives here so you you're saying that we need to hear different perspectives and analogic from different angles. That is not the case here, so cannot just as you question Bob, how are you set me straight when you don't know the programming it didn't hear the article read the article how you setting me straight on what 20 or 20 minute okay what I think the last 20 minutes got okay so you as I was saying, you're saying that we need to listen to the perspective from the other side and I'm here to tell you that there is no systemic racism in our police forces.

There is no systemic racism in the United States.

Okay, this is the country that I called Abdallah how about the or so. You're right and everybody else with a differing opinion is wrong. Just just basically there is no other side but when did I say I called that there is I have a good night about like to share with you. I know, but I am just trying to be plain I want you to hear what you're saying and how it sounds okay. I sit number 10.

If you let me the number one opinion about job why I think I have a good opinion tell you what if you listen to me. I'll let you give your opinion fair enough checks number one I did not say that there is systemic racism in our country is said that there has been in the legacy of that remains today and I didn't say there is systemic racism in the police force. What I did say is I believe the accounts of many, many African-Americans have talked to for decades, who had bad experiences with the police. So that's what I've said so feel free to weigh in with your perspective you think I didn't fairly don't think what I said that you you said that we need to listen to the other perspective and what what I'm telling you that that's not correct.

The other perspective. So the reason I'm calling is because I grew up in the Northeast a lot like the sister that was just on. Before me in and I really appreciate her. So growing up in the Northeast. I was a white boy growing up in a black neighborhood. Okay so I have a perspective that I think is probably a lot more informed than maybe yours because I heard you say that you formed your opinion of the perspective from the other side based on what brothers have told you. Okay, I actually live in the community are so I don't mean to offend.

But what I want to say is that there is a lot of racism in the black community. Of course there's racism in the white community, but the racism in the black community is a lot of it comes from the left and there telling the black community that their problem of why they can't get ahead is because of racism in the white community and my point of view is that I don't believe that that's correct.

We do not have systemic racism in our police force or in the United States. We fought a civil war to do away with slavery.

This, of course, there's racism across the board, but white people are not systemically recent and when and so people will love this… Doesn't think stereotypically see.

Here's we completely judge me bro just to be candid with have a clue who I have it accuse me of Richie signaling is missing the whole point.

The whole point sold by the way, so Civil War did away with racism in America.

So the hundred years of segregation that that is is meaningless and the fact that the average net worth of a black family is way under a white family history that is meaningless in the fact that I said to previous caller off course. Black racism exists, and the fact that this is an article that the race bathers like Maxine Waters others are doing damage destructive damage and are hurting everything in the Marbach receipt is hurting everything so you're not listening. And that's the problem you're not listening you're weighing in without listening, that's the whole reason for having these discussions of I completely reject look I've written article after article after article blasting the BLM movement that whole shows blasting the BLM movement while saying, of course, every black life matters but we categorically deal with the categorically different. The BLM movement of oppose the race baiting for decades. Obviously, and at the same time and address issues that are really here is not just is not simply let my for my second organ teacher was a black man married to a white woman in the my meal and and I my best friend when I was in kindergarten was, it was a black kid in New York City. In any case, that's the key thing is you completely misread who I have completely misread who I have made weigh them with last overstatements that I'm thinking of all the people, the earliest of the Civil War eradicated races in my right right sure what were the first sports played by a black sports league separate black sports leagues and Jackie Robinson every big race or color. Marion anyway keep us to the will get this right again.

I sure you 866-34-TRUTH that let's go to Brian in Concorde North Carolina.

Welcome to the line of fire. Hi Dr. Brown hey thank you so much.

I'm actually glad that I came out that call it not not gonna get into back-and-forth but man, I've been listening to you since about 2000 1415 and Irving from up with you. Never have you went with Wayne. I would blow I want beta birth because I've hurt you lead people on the on your line and actually debate not being groomed to a mental devil on the left right when when Pres. Trump was first given voter when election for the first first thing you do that. I've seen you also bring people from the right abstain. Everything about you show that you go with the word go with the spirit and not where the conversation drive it back to listing the look that autographed out. I promise you will read that date but man, thank you and I praise God for you are pray for you and I want you to keep going and regardless of what anybody out there never step hey Brian, thanks for listen as followers of Jesus were always going to end up with unpopular viewpoints and then as were just trying to walk in humility. You know were you begot a listen. Learn all the way and then come to conclusions and so but if we can if we can't do that together here on the air, how we do this in our own communities and to Brian thanks Mike is that that's my heart to follow the Lord your was while is is is when you do that you're always going to get oppose from different sides with the goal is is not to make people happy. The goal is to please the Lord, and serve people. So thank you for the Kyle means a lot to me that I appreciated out. Yeah, go ahead, go ahead, the point that we could in turn because of the 1979 Ingrid North Carolina the KKK were killing people alive.

The got away with benefits would throw it out there.

Racism has built a good fit but thank my God would not want to get baited by what people say racism is to work together.

The Christian body and fix it all in and we got the quote they go where you to do it together.

In Jesus name, amen.

Thanks Brian: I think 866 90 to about the number we discussed minutes left out. Let's go to Capt. Mitchell's gone. Let's go to Beverly and Greensboro, North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire that came out and I will watch and Ella palm up the freight category along pray and hope it wasn't going to be more\LinkedIn across the lightning and yeah so were you concerned that is the verdict that if his children was acquitted that there be violence, did you feel that the jury could come to a fair verdict in light of that hanging over their heads should open. I just think the yeah right you and I just like we need to treat each other as we want to be treated God's green earth. Treatment of pain and any codes that good at what we believe we all gonna bleed way and ended generally get along. Yeah, I look. Here's the here's the bottom line we all need each other in order to thrive as human beings we need each other. We need to respect the gifts and graces in different cultures and backgrounds and then we need to be able to speak plainly to each other to say here's a weakness of your sons, address how can we address it to hey Beverly thanks for the call and let let's keep praying.

Sorry couldn't get it to every caller of obviously issues were so many one way and God willing, when relevant will continue discussion this looking at it.

A note on Facebook saying please interview Dennis Prager or 40, Belgium, or just Peterson or Candace Owens Anil debunk systemic racism. I can make the argument for it. I make the argument against those I understand the different points of view. I absolutely oppose the race baiting and the victim apology.

I absolutely oppose the discarding of the past as if it does not have impact on the present. What I'm saying is to gather we must sit down asked one of his perspectives and then agree. Can we pursue justice, righteousness, wholeness, healing together. That's our calling. That's the mandate I'm in. You another program powered by the Truth Network

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