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Some Honest Questions About Covid-19

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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April 20, 2021 4:20 pm

Some Honest Questions About Covid-19

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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Well, I've got some honest questions about covert can we process them together stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown. I need your help today. I'm trying to sort something out trying to figure something out. And I want to do it with your help, here's the number to call 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884. If you're watching live on Facebook or YouTube.

You can add your comments there in real time. I am trying to sort an issue out if you been following our broadcast over the years reading my articles you know that I'm not a big conspiracy theorist, guy.

You know that that I'm skeptical about a lot of that while this could have behind the scenes and this was pulling the strings. I want data to be able to investigate the facts, not just can believe the latest Internet myth. We we published a whole book refuting the cueing on the deceptions and conspiracies and things like that. I've been debunking a lot of the things trumps about to come back in office. Here is about to happen there so I'm I'm not one to be looking at evil government or evil this or that. However, I have some honest questions about COBIT about vaccines about policies and I want you to help me figure these things out right 86634 to hate. If you are watching this after the fact you're not watching this as it airs live, maybe watching Saturday night and on the on America's voice on on Pluto or dish TV or maybe are listed by podcast on unedifying or Christmas out litter with the other places that has the podcast just catching up later. Online I will give you number to call where you can weigh in and tell me what I miss you a minute.

Make the questions playing for you and then I want you to tell me what I'm missing. Here's number 1-800-618-8480. This is not to go on live this just give your viewpoint and and keep it in a wonder under couple minutes, 1-800-618-8480 not to leave us a question but to give a comment that we can and listen to and if we want play on the air rights. Also, here's here's my question. Here's my question and for the YouTube sensor who will be watching this in almost all the videos that we put out on YouTube, probably over 90% get flagged for whatever reason, big on some list or whatever and then they get views we have to put in a request so they can be viewed to see if they can be monetized or not and I would say probably over 90% of our past and even when the controversial subjects I have to give credit where it's due, and I found the folks that are reviewing these on YouTube. I don't think it's artificial intelligence. A thing is actually some doing a review that whoever the people are the individuals they tend to be fair with us in economic wheat we tackle really controversial subjects.

I mean, some of the hottest subjects in the society.

Almost all of them get approved. Some don't, but almost all do is suitable for all advertising. So if you're watching this is YouTube sensor area. I'm asking questions. I hope that's allowed on this platform. But here's here's what I don't get I don't just want to assume that the government is just trying to exercise control over the population and that's what this is.

I don't just want to assume that this is a matter of big tech wanted to make money on experimental vaccine. So tell me what I'm missing. Why aren't people allowed to raise questions about the policies. Why is it say on Facebook. The moment someone says had an adverse reaction to the backseat.

The videos pulled immediate. Why is it that Gov. DeSantis in Florida is is sitting talking with medical expert scientists among people from Harvard. Other universities and questions. Some of the policies. This is been under the Trump administration.

The by the mistress. The been pretty much the same in terms of vaccine and it is pulled from YouTube. In fact, let's let's start with this clip from Gov. Ron DeSantis in Florida and and I think he's raising honest questions here and I want to tell me what what what I'm missing. Is it a matter of government control. Is it a matter of just reading and big tech want to make more money or or big farm owner make more money than big tech just kind of reinforcers is is that it or is there genuine concern to save lives and it's considered this dangerous. The demon asked questions and threaten people to assist with government DeSantis had to say. Now Google and YouTube have cited the insights of these experts I just discussed as being misinformation at a safe misinformation. Even though Google YouTube routinely host conspiracy theory videos ranging from the cause of the 9/11 attacks. The role that 5G networks play in causing COBIT 19, you can pretty much find any misinformation under the sun on Google YouTube Google YouTube has not been throughout this pandemic. Repositories of truth in scientific inquiry but instead of acted of enforcers of a narrative big tech counsel sensors and service of the ruling elite and so when they took down the videos that were posted by some of the local news outlets here in the state of Florida. They were really continuing what they've been doing for the past year stifle debate short-circuit scientific inquiry. Make sure that the narrative is not question and I think that we've seen already that is had catastrophic consequences for society. They were the leaders, the big tech were the leaders in censoring criticism of lockdowns in March 2020 that these policies are started to be advocated for and people. Some folks were very very concerned about it. But if you posted something on one of the sites critical to lockdown. It would get taken down. It would get marginalized would get suppressed in one way or another in our last experts.

But I certainly believe that lockdowns has caused large amounts of gas in the United States and across the world and so perhaps if we had had a freer exchange of ideas during those critical minds. Perhaps we would've been able to avoid some of the terrible policies that we've seen take such huge tolls and parts of the world and in other parts of our country here in the United States right so that's what Gov. DeSantis is asking and that's my question. Again, I'm not one to just a government conspiracy New World order amid all the different countries of working to get him and have has at work but when countries can undermine each other make money off each other and all that and that hostile countries but why why so much concerted effort is it just a matter of the sciences in there's no question where the lockdowns work. The facemasks work. There's no question about the vaccine works and you don't dare question I can kill people in question it with any questions.

Why are all kinds of other crazy wild bizarre things you could post on almost anything you can say hey if you eat this paper. It'll cure migraine headaches and the video can go viral and think I was good, take it down on you on what basis so why can't questions be asked, why must the narrative be preserved essay on Facebook.

Dr. Brown please have a discussion with Steve Noble. Steve's a radio host fight comes on on this radio's if you see on radio.

Many of the stations comes on right after me.

Have a discussion with him Souza's.

I do believe it's a way to control the masses.

Covert fit perfectly into their plans is that it in a case must come part of it is one thing with Republican you blame the Democrats Democrat you blame the Republicans but Trump would, but with the lockdowns and the mass and and so is Biden. And maybe buds in a more but they both did Trump's post about the vaccine abides pushing vaccine. So here I when you fly the money get into the airport after the mask on the entire flight. After the mass, leisure, eating food, then you take it off that moment put back on and then into you leave the airport have to have it on and Elizabeth: I was flying and squeezed in the whole but not final time, but you know where the mask is an extra thing right so I got an implicit wash the mass and things like that some of your trip. Put this without messing with my earpieces here so if you listen to staff, picture this axis facemask.

That's all plastic, I'll take it off.

You can actually hear me but it it covers covers nose covers down past the chin and I got a few with these.

It took forever to come. Turns out they came from China. But anyway some online thought, you know you wash these more easily and that's was to fog up the glasses and I thought well this is sweet. You'd you breathe much better with them, and it seems to Genesis, a plastic nose and get through here right so great sought to wear it on a couple flights and no problem in flight attendants don't say anything to me out, looking on the airport guys and the literally the only person in the airport without a cloth mask literally the sum had a like a full plastic thing just like a sheet and come down the TSA people over the cloth. I thought okay this may not look good, give a better impression like I'm trying to break the rules here, but it certainly works well and anyway so I go to fly out over the weekend and I can't get through security, that mass is unacceptable as it really is that I followed it a few times us again that we got guidelines as to what kind of mask you have to wear in the sky be one that you know cloth and comes down under the chin. So I said no problem.

I got it with the mask on. Maybe my voice will muffle now, but put on the cloth mask look at this checkup. It is a doctor every every year or two, and one of my checkup today and that the doctors offices in a hospital facility and the cloth mask the cosmos is no good so the plastic mask is noted. The cloth mass was no good. Instead, one of the no dislike doctors mass light blue had a put that on why is it you don't want to ask a question about the efficacy of the mass without videos being taken. I'm just asking some questions you will play a video for you in a moment someone who he is, but I was sent this video my pastor friend and and this man who is it's the logic of what he saying to the plate. If you ask a what what we missing or what's he missing.

Is this something more. That's that's actually going on here I was just sent the study from Stanford University questioning the masks and saying could see especially if mass wants regular things like that that germs are to stay in that the maps are unhealthy that wearing the mask is is worse than not wearing a mask. These questions being asked.

On the other hand was just on Florida church service a lot older folks there were hugging each other. No mass. They've they've been offering services all through covert. There was a restaurant not required to wear the mask. Even standing waiting to be seated in the restaurant. I was just talking to this doctor about it. He was very distressed to hear this. That's a good size.

He sets shame. And he said your numbers from farther being underreported section worth of her hearing so that it was actually going on. Why aren't we allowed to question the narrative what you think 866-34-TRUTH her plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Is this a matter in the government, just wanting to exercise control over the citizens of America and the nations. It the question be for what purpose the and why would the freedom loving Republicans go along with that often criticize and the Democrats for government overreach. Why would Biden and Trump share the same policies. Is it a matter of greed, the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil playwright said in first Timothy the six chapter just ultimately about vaccine and greed.

So even if your medical professional on the street is caring and working hard and wanting to see people healthy.

The further up the food chain you get there is more greed is is that it or is it simply a matter of people are utterly convinced that the lockdowns are essential that the facemasks are essential that that hundreds and hundreds of thousands of Americans have died, and therefore to post anything questioning the narrative is as dangerous 866-34-TRUTH. I don't know who Dan Munro is so I don't know his expertise or background were simply going to analyze what he seven or break this down into three parts of video the post on Facebook. What's missing. What's he getting wrong. What am I missing here now. Remember I abide by the law, meaning when I'm in a place required to wear a mask over mask in the grocery store where the mat whenever the public facility is on the plan. I do that in fact I also do it out of respect for my neighbor. So what I'm what I'm eating from snacking on the plane and we have assumed a raw nuts or something like that in an and some some water to drink. Output nuts in my mouth and off of the mass back on and just take it off during the time of the meeting because the person next to me may really feel that for me not to wear the mask is to be disrespectful and potentially to endanger them so I'm happy to do it now if there was, Laura had to get the vaccine. That's another issue is that you're putting something in your body, but let's assume Dan Munro said and please if you are an expert here medical professional with knowledge to tell us what he's missing right. Let's start with number one I like to take a moment to share with you some questions and answers but just this week were uploaded and answered from our very own CDC website regarding the experimental vaccine for covert matching question if I get vaccinated. Can I stop wearing a mask CDC answer no. If I get vaccinated. Will I be resistant to: CDC answer.

Maybe, but probably not.

If I get vaccinated. I won't be contagious to others. Right answer. No vaccine does not stop transmission. If I get vaccinated. How long will vaccine last CDC answer. No one knows why because it's still in his experimental phases. If I get vaccinated. I stop social distancing.

No. So then what is the advantage of getting vaccinated. The answer from the CDC, hoping the virus will kill you.

Okay, so what is it wrong there.

If you been following the data we CDC says government statements what it wrong what he exaggerate what was he inaccurate in presenting him asking questions. Can someone tell me I let's keep listening. Number two question. Are you sure the vaccine won't injure or kill me. CDC answer no guarantees question if statistically the virus has a 99.97 survival rate.

Why should I get vaccinated. CDC answer to protect others question so if I get vaccinated. I can protect everyone around me right CDC answer no question.

If I experience adverse effects from the vaccine.

Am I entitled to be compensated by the manufacturer or the government. CDC answer absolutely not see the government and the vaccine manufacturers have 100% zero liability.

Why, because according to the CDC. It's an experimental drug okay is he misstating things. It is he inaccurate. It is he presenting a false picture by only giving some of the information. I met a real test questions.

So I'm asking what's getting wrong that allowed that is acceptable on YouTube to say what's this man getting wrong is acceptable on Facebook has videos up on Facebook. Stop actually has been taken down there, which is interesting so tell me once more what is he getting wrong.

One last clip from Dan Munro kind of summing things up and then he asked his big question is the so let's take a moment to summarize Charlie vehicle 19 vaccine does not provide immunity does not eliminate the virus does not prevent death does not guarantee you won't get it does not stop you from passing it on to others does not eliminate master social distancing does not eliminate lockdowns and if you have adverse effects, you're out of luck. So is everybody in this world just stupid. I'd have to say probably not, unless of course you're one of these people driving around in your car alone with a mask on.

Yes, you deserve some crime or if you truly believe that if you're standing in a restaurant you can get covert, but if you're sitting you can't. I'm afraid if you believe that you are aimlessly wandering through the forest of stupidity and all of this now begs the question why is it that the powers that be absolutely insist that you must be vaccinated with her experimental drug while the answer is really pretty obvious if you think about it. So wake up and think about right.

So you would assume that in his mind, the answer is government control and or moneymaking grab that now.

Let's just think these things through. Do you think he here if your Democrat think Biden if you're Republican think trumpet. Okay, whoever your person is that's in the White House, assuming that most all of you either voted for Trump or by so do you actually think that the president again. The one you voted for because they both had similar policies. Lockdowns masks vaccines right directly sink that they would willingly bring something on the nation get bad science bed recommendations.

Knowing that half million Americans would die, especially elderly is some kind of power grab just can't imagine that I act. I cannot imagine that now I could imagine some countries do as I can imagine North Korea doing something where they allow millions of their people to die because of their policies and edit it strengthens their their grip. I could easily imagine that. But is is this really government, for example, strongly encouraging vaccines very, very strongly encouraging vaccines, addressing hate and go out without massive things because of the amount of people been vaccinated, where things are at with infections and so on. Were they doing that and watching people die to have more control over the government. You is is I was happening in country after country cadets is very hard for me to believe very hard for me to believe I know people are evil. I know people wicked.

I know our governments do all kinds of things that would probably shock us if we if we knew what was happening behind the scenes with international affairs and things like that people are taken out and is replaced in power, but a power grab. I just have Bob's being honest with you I've ever problem with that will cut a lot of this be greed, motivated that's it. That's is the easier for me to imagine his greed motivated that that yes, there is an attempt to find a vaccine. There are attempts to find cures but that a lot of what drives big Pharma much about your your your doctor nurse by the bedside that that your your your GPA and in your specialists and surgeons at Untermeyer-the food chain. Is it a matter of hey this is an incredible way to make money and it's that one vaccines you need another vaccine and so Outlook I believe, generally speaking, people in government people in the medical profession want to save lives. Rather than take us becoming na´ve, but I believe that okay. Generally speaking, when the airlines are telling you. You have to follow this path. I'm in the sink for second your your body to body walking through crowded airports right, sometimes bumping into people you are body to body sitting there waiting to get on the plane your body to body online getting on the plane. Your now sitting next to each other in a full flight right so three people to rope you're stuck in their side-by-side then when you get off the plane that they will they will say okay will you get off my rose so we can socially distancing. Who are you kidding me now. I think there genuinely trying to help. I think they are genuinely thinking this is what we been told it is safest. Whatever maybe they don't want to get sued but in light of all that the big big question still comes down to why are you allowed to question stuff, why aren't you aloud to wonder whether the lockdowns really work or not with they cause more deaths, you know, depression, suicide, people not going to the hospital and doctor for checkups and visits in emergencies and you know what I read that could will be in Australia more people die of suicide during the lockdowns that then then the pandemic. Why aren't you allowed to ask questions. Something is bothering me here. Something's not right with switch topics.

Partly I'm in a speech to about the antichrist about world control player enormous. This gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown in one of the early questions that I got asked about is it a plague and in time plagued revelation answer was no but it's serious and deadly setting and time plagued from the book of Revelation, then the newer question is the vaccine the mark of the beast answers no, it's not the mark of the beast because the beast is not here yet is not yet been revealed. Meeting the antichrist but it is interesting in terms of a world government or World Health Organization and something in forest and maybe you can't do certain things that you get the vaccine as it is, it shows how stuff like this could happen. Let's just focus a little bit more a question of the antichrist. I'm joined by Chuck Chris Meyer affects the friend for number of years is as a front-line radio broadcaster for decades the watchmen on the wall sunning warnings about the state of America, a former trial attorney pastor and his wife married over 55 years. His newest book is called antichrist a Chuck normally only on the air with you. Welcome to my broadcast thanks for joining us today will thank you.

I give her about her airplay. Yeah okay with with all you've written over the years so much about America so much about the church in America strong calls for repentance, no compromise within the antichrist is that more just like speculation end time prophecy. What prompted you to write a book on this is a very good question. And the reality of the books that I have written while they began with the primary focus on America structures renewing the soul of America endorsed by 38 national Christian leaders back in 2002, but each one of the additional books that I have written have been a almost like a progression in the preparation for the ultimate moment of human history, which is the second coming. By the way that you might do book that I'm writing at this moment called Messiah unveiling the discreetly ageless but antichrist came before that and is just recently been released. How to identify the company' and the situation is that we know the Bible tells us very clearly that there is one company who will counterfeit the second coming of Christ and the world stage is being set right now for the people groups of the world to actually be ready to receive such a counterfeit and beefier quotient, but developing your talk about covert you talk about the vaccine. Well, I agree with you.

I don't think the COBIT is in fact shall we face the final pestilence that may be one, but it's not ultimate, and I don't believe that the vaccine itself by itself is the mark of the beast on the other hand, you were alluding to the fact that it may actually be leading to the ultimate progression toward that mark.

In other words, laying the foundation preparing the people to be ready to accept and receive whatever comes down the path. Now that's pretty interesting in light of the fact that Dr. Burks and Dr. Prouty indicated about six months ago to look on television that that they were shocked the American people were so ready and willing to accept and receive everything they set you up to and obey their commands. And yet their viewpoints supposedly rooted in science have varied with every vacillation of human feelings of and political ideology.

And so you get the American people still were able to put their total trust and confidence in what some are referred to in doubt as his lordship grouchy so it it sets the tone it gets. That's the powder and that the Bible doesn't tell us exactly who this person antichrist person is, but it does give us many, many descriptions, both of what he is like and how he gains his prominent arts and let this a useful little summary here in a few minutes that we have friends get in-depth into into look at the Scripture and to see what's laid out the book Chuck Chris Meyer anticrisis is how to recognize the coming imposter. So you summary who is the and how does he gain control of first of all you counterfeit the antichrist anti-Christ or against Christ, but he will appear very much to be like Christ. For instance, the whole New Age movement and the gathering together the various religions is painting a picture of a kind of counterfeit Messiah movement that is setting the stage for the receptivity of this fellow who the prophet Daniel tells us will gain the kingdom by flattery. Now flattery is how most politicians getting their kingdoms. They tell the people what they want to hear.

That's exactly what Burger King told us to do.

Gotta tell the people what they want. Give the people what they want and tell them what they want to hear but unfortunately that's what's happening. Many of America's polar pulpits telling the people what they want to hear. Here, which is exactly what the apostle Paul foretold was going to take place to the end times people professing Christians, having itching ears wanting to hear what they want to hear. Don't tell me the truth. Don't bring me into a place of conviction. No just make the deal good will. The antichrist is going to make us feel good.

He is going to gain the kingdom by flattery and I think one of the most profound descriptions of how he gains his dominion bear the book of Daniel is that through the pursuit of peace, he will destroy Maddie. How do you destroy through the pursuit of peace. Well, that's exactly what the old and new age religiosity is about. In fact, in my writing of my next book I have discovered that they actually have a term to describe the eradication of those who will be enemies of the new world order global peaks. They call it the selection process you will be selected out and that is referring to professing believers and probably Orthodox Jews who will discern that this counterfeit Christ figure, and his promise world government is is not godly and is not holy and should be rejected if you rejected, you will be deeply determined to be an enemy of peace throughout so therefore this counterfeit Christ will through the pursuit of alleged peace actually end up destroying Betty alright so that the count is it has to come in a way that's that's appealing that the counterfeit has to be somewhat like the, the real is if you can show a counterfeit bill you have to make it look like an actual bill and in the pursuit of your peace and harmony world good.

Those things then you had the fear factor in and then with that you get control Chuck it your American you know how independent we are, you know how much we kind of pushback were rebellious. We want to do your own saying.

Now wait a minute. Are you making a confession. Michael and hey I'm a New Yorker on top of it so outside of being crucified with the Messiah. Yeah that that would be must be just reason I'm asking that you mentioned that you felt you Dr. Burke being surprised that Americans want along with things the way they did you read the book on the antichrist. Why do you think right now in our current situation that Americans by and large have just complied with the orders with the lockdowns and you had churches pushing back in different parts the country pushing back, but is it just a fear-based thing, but has a button been pushed what he think that's happened. Well I think there's no question about it. Fear has actually been choreographed and is continuing to be choreographed. For instance, were told just in the last day or two that you know the mass that we were told were only going to have to take place of the separations social distancing at all of that were only going to have to take place for a couple weeks to even the curve out and that has turned into more than a year now than we were told by Dr. factual. You might want to consider wearing a double mask maybe given a triple mask now you say well you know it may not be all that safe to go back to school with them may not be all that safe to to open up the businesses but he senses the pressure for so then the latest is well is asked specifically by one of our Congressman just there last week. Well, when do you see us opening up in getting back to normal and basically he said I don't see that happening. I think probably will just be continuing to wear masks and it might be a couple of years will what he's wrecked actually doing is using alleged science to seduce the people into ever deeper levels of fear so that they will be compliant out one of the things that are troubling about this is that it fights against our Christian understanding of submitting to government. For instance, in Romans chapter 13 government is supposed to be the minister of good to us and we should submit to the government and so on. But but here we have a situation where the government is actually producing for people not for their betterment, but actually further maximum control and that brings another up another question. Maybe you have the answer to that what Dr. Michael yes so this is a question I've actually been asking over the broadcasting and asking what's behind things that are happening in the government and so on were things going this and 45 seconds if someone get your book. The antichrist will begin to get out of it.

Oh, unlike any other book concerning antichrist. This book is not not about information. It certainly is fatalistic. It is full of information but the primary thrust of this book is actually about your personal transformation is about the reader is about whether you will be able to identify whether you and your life is prepared for this ultimate moment in human history, where the entire test of history is going to be focused in on. For instance, the choice of whether you not whether or not you would receive the mark of the beast and by the way, to secure ago Bill Gates filed his to accomplish something so far is that I got out of we had a jump in the new book the antichrist by check Christmas. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6634 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown have my gun vaccinated and I got one of the covert vaccines was just asked that question again. I can answer that question in a moment but can I encourage you to stand with us on the front lines.

We are the voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution you know everything we do is from a gospel biblically-based perspective we pray for God's wisdom God's spirit and what we do not here to be another talking head. Another conservative pundit. There are plenty of people out there doing great work with information, my whole role is to be your voice of moral sanity and spiritual clarity in the midst of a society in chaos in the church. All too often compromise. We have many great open doors in front of us.

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The vaccine have I got vaccine know I have it. Why not what 166 and vibrant health, vibrant health and everything examined. You know the detailed bloodwork and all that and an IPA push hard working out everything, no aches, no pains, no underlying conditions on no medication. Everything checks out wonderfully. So I'm in vibrant health and have a very strong immune system is the massive amount of healthy foods that I eat every day organic and raw healthy foods every day so I have a strong immune system. I'm an imperfect health. By God's grace I perfect God is perfect, but you know what I'm saying. Vibrant health and so I and I've been around all kinds of settings.

Even with thousands of people in meetings like in Texas church of thousands in everyone's body. The body is no social distancing, and you know in churches in Florida means hundreds and hundreds of people on the rounded on the road and exposed to things and the other thing is, some years ago I got a flu vaccine. I was at the airport. There can flu vaccines in the I thought all you should get this done. I never get a flu vaccine up in the like good boy and get it done and this is while eating healthily and and with my weight good.

All of this in and I called Anselmo if Nancy afterwards and she's always right up on medical things and understands know how the body works and I said I got my flu shot his wife Susan can flu shot while in other words, if you have a strong immune system and your body's healthy, they just naturally is going to fight things and in the flu vaccines on some guarantee and and she and the doctor whose recommendations we follow nationally respected Dr. he doesn't recommend the flu shot for most of the all okay then pump month cash for it.

If I catch a cold. I mean it's it's gone almost instantly. And it's it's a fraction of what used to be my body just transformed by God's grace eating healthily the book Nancy and I wrote Annette breaking stronghold foods honestly talk through the struggles, how we got where we are but it is really like transforming so first I'm not in the mindset to be getting a vaccine, if I fly overseas and to a certain country going to certain places in Africa you have to show you got certain vaccines you know and it could be typhoid this we have to take anti-malaria pills and whatever. If if it's required by law and the doing the thing is not going to harm me. Of course I comply, of course, in a heartbeat and and if if I have any issue you'll get kidney stone couple weeks ago. Well, it went to the hospital fan out what it was was glad to take some pain medicine Mohammed was there. You know, and then record take this recommended to help you pass the kidney stone. Glad to do it. I'm not antiscience about anti-medicine. No, not at all and I look at doctors medical size from the same side we will see people healed and healthy and and so on.

But, on the one hand, feel the need for the vaccine you say don't know suffer you it's for others you Dreyfus what if I knew the vaccine was not harmful. Okay if I knew that which I don't know for sure I keep hearing reports of questions about this this country not using this vaccine anymore side effects here so I don't know. I hear enough reports with enough questions and I know that this is different from any vaccine before and it hasn't had at least 10 years of trial and no testing and all of that to see how it works so I don't know that it's healthy for me to have the symbol one and number two I don't know that getting it is going to keep Nancy safer or our kids or grandkids around safer or other people you know and people in the workplace safer now. Anyone with any symptom here at work is instantly quarantined with where we were careful some of had the virus thing so there quarantined their home that all that we know where careful were conscientious right and and and you know going into place to check your temperature check for symptoms of all good fine. Do it.

Be wise I'm not one of these creators big no-no. I'm not reckless I'm conscientious again. I buy by the laws now. What if you could not go into a grocery store to business without getting the vaccine. Now you have an issue we we had to postpone our Israel tour three times we just moved all the way to March of next year rather than risk postponing again later this year. What if you're required to get the vaccine to get this right now. Other questions come up that we will have to process together and if you got vaccine of side effects and you feel safer because I'm the last thing I'm doing is criticizing some of forgetting the vaccine. No, no, not at all and I got to the F flock this and who cares about this in when the government reaches too far than we respectfully say sorry but we have to push back can't sing in our church service suffered requesting can have a home Bible study Sargon of a home Bible study you pushback with respect it's a government has been happening California other states. In cases of been one consistently for religious liberty but but here's here's what's clear to me.

This was clear and narrative has been established. For whatever reason, be at out of genuine concern for people's well-being.

Be at out of governmental control be at out of greed with with money made from the vaccine. Whatever is opposite the lockdown submit economically crippling so it hasn't helped general moneymaking to the country whatever reason there has it been a narrative that is set and now big tech is complicit in not allowing you to question the narrative. That's what's clear whatever is behind the narrative.

The politically collected, collect correct narrative that you are not allowed to question big tech is now the enforcer for that so that I can confront head-on that I can say head-on is wrong is oppressive and is actually harmful because it doesn't allow for the open exchange of ideas and it doesn't allow people to evaluate okay what are the actual cases.

How many of had side effects because the vaccines what is the real data with the mass. What is the real data with the lockdowns is given at the Santa said that the lack of exchange of ideas. Maybe it may be hurting people, and is likely hurting people because were not allowed to discuss and when I talk about some conspiracy theorist that number one.

They want you know that Elvis is alive and well. Number two, they want you to know that Joe Biden is not really the president that it's it's a shape shifter number three. The vaccines are dangerous, some while conspiracy theorist return back professors, scientists, respected doctors, people who up until now have been considered mainstream, not conspiracy theorists and their raising questions and their videos are getting taken down so that's the big problem to me that's the big issue to me that there is a narrative being censored. There is a narrative being upheld and that's clear that much is clear.

The Y as to how we got that narrative is a separate question. But what's clear is this has been an excuse for censorship. There is a friend of mine, a professor and an apologist in Canada taught the seminary there for eight years just got fired.

Why on his personal twitter account. He criticized the lack of free speech and cannot talk right now is a lack of respect children question we fire you and he raise questions about code vaccine raised honest questions as an academic and got fired from the seminary. This is what is undeniable. This is what is clear and this is what must be resisted. The censorship, the silencing of voices. The forbidding of asking of honest questions the. The prohibition about posting other information scientific information medical information so that people can have the data that's the issue that's undeniable, and that must be confronted.

Tell me where I'm wrong. I think I'm seeing pretty clearly on this after

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