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What Job Teaches Us About the God of the Old Testament

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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April 15, 2021 4:40 pm

What Job Teaches Us About the God of the Old Testament

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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April 15, 2021 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 04/15/21.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. So what is the book of Job teach us about the God of the Old Testament stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience have president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us on the line of fire.

It is thoroughly Jewish Thursday, which means phone lines are open for your Jewish related calls 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7884 this number to call today. First I want to focus on the question of what the book of Job teaches us about the God of the Old Testament.

We talked about Job many times over the years I had the privilege of writing a commentary on Jove the command 2019 fact just learned.

It just takes a year or so for these things to process but evangelical counsel of publishers evangelical Christian publishers Associates.

That's it.

ECPA does annual rewards for top books in different categories and I was blessed to see that mine was among the the five or six nominated for best Bible reference books of the year so really blessed to see that and coursework totter and really sort on the Lord and serve all of you with it, but as my newest book has God failed she was about to be released May 11 I thought would be good to to talk about Job and the God of the Old Testament because a lot of people struggle with the God of the Old Testament and in church history, there is often a separation that was made begin with Marcy on second century that separated the God of the Old Testament from the God of the New Testament were of course you cannot do that, the God of the Old Testament is the father of Jesus the Messiah and in the New Testament is built on the foundation of the old to think that you can separate the God of the Bible into two different beings as if one is malevolent in the other benevolence, no not not a chance that a chance and and then sometimes people struggle with the book of Job and God in the book of Job, so want to focus on that.

If you have not yet preordered my book has God failed you. If if you'd like to get first edition gets on our website is Dr. if you'd like to get first edition so it's number the first few hundred that we send out are numbered, and then I sign them personally, and whoever it's to GU or something to get me to your name and that a key Scripture you think of a verse that would be apropos for the book and then sign that so it's my joy. We pray over the books as we send them out. So if you'd like to preorder one you can do that. Our website asked Dr.

If you will get multiple copies and have be signed to multiple people that's commonly done as well because this book may be just with a family member or friend needs their struggle in their faith. They fallen away in their faith that they may even be hostile but still open to think, to consider. I just spoke to a producer for Christian TV show that this could be recording with me on this next week doubling and the producer simply really appreciated was that we take the objection seriously we take the question seriously we take the issue seriously and there's a whole chapter and has God failed you. That is titled what would Job say what would Job say, and specifically what does God tell us what does Job tell us about the God of the Old Testament. Now you might say the book of Job shows God to be very capricious. He's making bets with the devil at at the cost of Job's life. All all of his health possessions, and most importantly is 10 children die as it it in the Mrs. kind of cosmic chess game here who's gonna win and what kind of God is that one life we like that. Three like that, is to miss the entire point of it to miss why it's in the canon of Scripture and to miss the revelation of God that comes through this extraordinary book. Here's what's really interesting yes for sure as hostile.

Tom, the adversary, but it is known as Satan is the adversary comes also as a nuance eschaton, the accuser is as he comes before God with the, the sons of God.

The angelic beings and God system where have you been the adversary's answers recur. It could even seem a little style I could just gone back forth all of the earth yet and what could be imply that it is like what I see people wicked people worship God, people are more consumed with themselves. They make idols they worship other gods like what I see you.

In other words, us laughing God's face God then says to Job just to to the adversary. Have you considered my servant Job is nobody like him on the earth is righteous is God-fearing turns away from evil. Nobody like him on the earth, not why does God draw Job to Satan's attention will Job was exceptional. It was an exceptional human being and in the way the pictures painted. He would've lived on the time of the patriarchs most likely so pre-Israelite non-Israelite himself, but it's written to Israelites that scriptures are weaved in throughout the entire biblical text. Job no later scriptures are weaved in as part of that.

The narrative part of the dialogue but why does God draw Job to Satan's attention because there's a larger purpose there something that God is going to do through this he will reveal his nature. He will also reveal Satan's nature, and he will reveal his ultimate goodness and grace and wisdom and also give us insight as to why terrible things happen even to godly righteous people in this world, Satan's reply is to challenge God so yeah sure he fears you sure he loves you right blessed me put hedge of protection around himself, who would love you for that and knows he's just serving you for the benefits.

He's just serving you for the good things he's not serving you because you're good and because your God because he loves you he serving you because it's beneficial to him. That's where the devil things Satan challenges and taker everything has a Christian to face so God's response is okay you can take what he has. But you can touch his life can can touch him and Satan goes out.

What is he do he destroys Satan is the destroyer of the innocent see a God set something up. I understand that but this is not the nature of God to destroy the innocent is not the nature of God to to wipe out children in the family in a God-fearing family that's not the nature of God to do that.

That's the nature of Satan.

God is a righteous judge. God brings retribution and he doesn't have to apologize for that went when when our soldiers take out ISIS Terrace. They don't have to apologize for that. That's a good thing. Retribution is a good thing when the serial rapist and killer is caught and put in prison. That's a good thing, and many would say when they're executed. It's a good thing. In any case, God does not just go around destroying innocent people. That's the work of Satan and will become to round two.

God asked Satan the same question gets the same answer and says what about Job you're moving me to destroy him even without cause. So God speaking conveying things to us in terms that we can understand that human beings remove limited the stroma because this is not God's heart or desire. But God is going to let this happen because something great will come out of because something that will benefit humanity terrible losses suffered by this wretched righteous man Job will benefit millions, even billions of people in the years ahead. So God allows Satan to attack and what is Satan doing strikes Job with this loathsome skin condition. So is just agony and itching and scratching himself with broken pieces of pottery must've just been absolutely torturous. If that's Satan was given access.

And that's what he did. It must've been absolute torture but but notice notice. This is not the nature of God is the nature of Satan, the nature of God is to restore Job at the end of the book and to bless the rest of his life. That's the nature of God the friends wrongly accused Job. Will you must've sinned, and this is why this happened, which was not the case. As one commentator pointed out Job is not suffering because Vicente send because he was suffering ended up speaking wrongly about God is the suffering, the friends were wrong to judge Job with Job was wrong to judge God and accuse God of being some kind of reckless tyrant.

Some monster that just went about destroying the righteous along with the wicked witch is not the nature of God, but Job knew that somehow there must be justice in God's universe and that somehow that this God who seemed to be a God attacking was the God is going to set things right is God's universe had to be justice up on the one hand he was attacking.

On the other hand was looking to God and confessing God and some of said he ran from God to God and then when God reveals himself and rebukes Joe heat. He lays out the majesty and the meticulous detail and beauty and wonder of his creation, even to the point of sending rain on a desolate land where no one lives to water the plants, a God who makes everything from the ostrich to the horse to behemoth the Leviathan on which likely were earthly creatures which symbolize some type of power of chaos and in all of these, even these monstrous, even evil forces are under God's mastery and even when he asked some questions yeah it's to its to put them in this place.

But it's also to get them thinking rightly about God.

This is just come and bully him strong-armed girl, though not always the same. Okay Job where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth and when I hung the earth on nothing and and all the angel shouted for joy some future where were you in those happening with such a worldview. But look at that picture with that picture and get can you tell me you know the mountain goats in these these animals rarely see it. No wonder they went to the that the females give birth in a house that happen in the physical. The horse's courage and it it it is wide-ranging. It is beautiful and it paints a picture of of a God who's not just glorious and powerful, but a God of incredible wisdom.

The same God to put the DNA in human beings and and and made us to thrive and live this majestic God. This God who ultimately sets things right and he takes with Satan means for evil and turns it for good, and then brings us into a personal relationship with, just as the seraphim in Isaiah 6 cry out Cognos Cognos Kagoshima Knoxville local hard screw though holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts for the whole earth with his glory, just as they cried out to seeing him.

Job encountering God, seeing God in that sense does need to have his questions answered as you worship God.

Just the same sick or not bereaved or not. And out of that God reveals himself in a beautiful tapestry of wisdom, majesty and power.

That's the God of the Old Testament just got a jolt God worthy of worship and adoration.] 866-34-TRUTH error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution of your exam is Dr. Michael Brown and in a beautiful melody. Bosons eclipses related to slumber sleep, welcome to thoroughly Jewish Thursday, 866-3487 84 any Jewish related question you have. So whether it's about Hebrew Scriptures with about Judaism with its Jewish background to the New Testament, messianic prophecy is like that whatsoever. 866-348-7884 right back to our friend Manny from Brooklyn how you been doing good all good with you. Yeah, great. What where we going in our conversation today well and will either be. I meant I did want to make a small comment about the conversation at the end of asking if it's possible that Isaiah 4950 is talking about the Messiah and the future.

One thing that I did not. It's not just a it is possible and I think you're trying to prove Christianity from his verse you know from the chapter, you would have to prove you know you will ignore the probability statement on thing on on 49 and 50 that talking about the Messiah, rather than a prophet when you break your it's okay solicit futures. Why now is asking you if you can see the possibility that was to me. I'm not saying there's a possibility but but here's here's the problem number one. A lot of what is spoken about this individual parallels Isaiah 42, which is widely recognized as as a messianic prophecy in the evening rabbinic literature and targums. As you know, so there's a lot of parallel between the mission that Isaiah 42 in the mission and of the servant in Isaiah 49 and and then if you ask okay if this was the prophet speaking. How was it fulfilled the reason we as if 49 starting in verse five, and you can go from there okay at. And now the Lord says he who form in the weren't willing to be his servant to bring Jacob back to him and gather Israel. Tim from audit in the eyes of the Lord in my my God is my strength. He says it is too small a thing for you to be my servant to restore the tribes of Jacob to bring back those of his life. I will also make you a light for the nations that my salvation rain reached to the ends of the earth. This is what the Lord says the Redeemer and holy one of Israel to who was despised and imported by the nation to the servant of rulers Kings will see when stand up, princes will see and bow down, because the Lord was faithful to the holy one of Israel's chosen yourself to be a vehicle of God to bring salvation to the ends of the earth be like to the Gentiles, and when he restores Israel and Kings Rose bound out to them. That sounds a lot more like the Messiah to me than just a prophet in Israel that ever lived well and bowing down to my normal that I will probably want that second personal information. I will persist to him who was despised and abhorred by the nation's was an individual who was despised and imported by the nation's individual Kings will bow down to that individual yeah but damning that you know a lot of servant Jacob even on talking about the entire nation. Also some singular minutes on so I see no issue with that. But who's the one who was sent off to someone else who's the one who was despised and abhorred by the nation. Kings will see you and stand up yes was inventor who thousand interpretation that the nation of Israel is involved in the singular, but who's that okay to him. It was despised imported by the nation into the nation of Israel. How is the nation of Israel, the one who was despised and imported by the nation of Israel know we were despised by the nation of Israel by the nation first son is not would like and we didn't Huberty not good.

Yet the nation, there is is the nation of Israel. No one argues that Goya this relic social right goodness of the Redeemer of Israel, etc. guy right.

The sign that said nation yeah which I have going exactly to one spot despised nomination, not nations. Yet another thing that really what it has to mean the nation of Israel captaining any nation while the problem is that it's conceptually no, because the nation's a plural. It's going just have that a few verses. Note that I was the point I'm making is really natural to read this about the Messiah, because this is going to regather Israel as it isn't that one of the roles of the Messiah to regather Israel and to be a light to the nations, so why not taking a messianic role and just giving it to the prophet that's that's when I will follow you thought provinces but a lot of a lot of really start verse one.

It seems like it whoever's talking here is talking a conversation he had with God's. I will say a lot of the prophecy spectacle until God starts talking like the dust of the Lord and therefore it seems like this person is born ready because we have caftan, you know that you know God called me from the womb, and I don't think you could say you know you have past present test and if it's not a prophet. The prophecy of control when you have God think IMR shaman in a work like that. Like like best is the Lord.

Therefore you what you have to say that this individual is born.

There simply was reading it number one the prophet could be speaking but speaking on behalf of the Messiah. Another is it's just a conversation in the spirit for the future when a lot of lot of prophecy is out there.

There's prophecy that's put the past tense all the time with semi-flat event.

So my argument is my argument about policy verse one to like probably the verse seven seems to me is a statement by by the servant telling the. The island and all that this is a conversation I had with God.

Okay is your house, it fulfilled so this is Isaiah using correct Isaiah or whoever the prophet was eroded something out. Think of neutralizing okay.

Find out what I got.) Someone from back then 25 hundredths 27 years back right okay so that one was supposed to regather the tribes of Israel, that one was supposed to take God's message to the world be a light to the nations of the world and indent and if you keep reading actually be the one that others gonna bow down to blitz even leave that aside. How do you have the prophet do that one wonders when this happened, what you become a lighter best-selling book of the nation like to read you just talk about a few prophecies of a few lines of prophecies in the Bible yeah I was a pretty big like the nation I would say my mother taught the Bible is but not that prophet alone alone but that okay at its exclusive main menu and see a conversation and he brought all that he brought all of Israel back to God. When did that happen.

Well, it didn't happen but at least… About time limit on the book is published. I think this book is that we will bring Israel back to God. But isn't that what the Messiah does that really does. Yet the Messiah does do that, but everyone's really supposed to bring back Israel to God. Every Jew was supposed to bring back the got every prophet job for all of us the misguided of the best of it and the leader okay, but this guy sounds like he's the leader. He's the Messiah he's going to do it. What you need to Messiah. If this guys ready to do little sincerely waiting the nation the nation of the you do it all. Either the nation. Isaiah nation unit everyone the nation the nation leads the nation needs the Messiah, otherwise you wouldn't have the Messiah you would be sending a Redeemer, the Messiah, someone who sets out his friends at the captors, but that segment. Here's you not realize how you are now trying to rationalize everything away from a very natural reading of the text and especially knowing how the spirit speaks that he could speak to someone today about something 500 years from now, and that this person to person a lot of prophecy in Isaiah argument verse one verse seven is not a prophecy of the conversation but but it's it's a conversation with prophecy and it it's a, and the Messiah.

Here the Messiah fulfills Scripture. David only go so far.

Moses only go so far as they only go so for the Messiah takes these words on himself and brings them to fulfillment the same with Isaiah 61, one root cause no human life, shock of the to the Messerli being so this may the Lord God zombie because is not to be to preach good news to the two that to the meat to the poor.

So Jesus takes that on himself. In Luke four and says this day the Scriptures refill. That's what we understand the words. It could have originally been spoken by a prophet but that prophet doesn't fulfill it. The Messiah fulfills all of these things these different strands of Scripture. He brings them to fulfillment what is I see that every that's that's it. As a Jew now and I'm in heaven since his midrash, but as a Jew reading Scripture, and even the idea that their egos 70 faces of the Toronto that what I'm saying is hardly like a stretch.

You know what it's it's hardly reading something into the text that would be fine to a Jewish person to say other prophet may have spoken it, who brings who takes these words on himself and brings it to fulfillment the Messiah because he's the one that does all this and what ice products focus in the name of someone else when he said in second person. I find it strangely because it it. In other words, he has a certain experience in God. Just like Psalm two is spoken in note over king you are my son today have of giving you birth. And if you read Ibn Ezra and some of the contents or this. It's about David and about the Messiah, the same with numbers 24.

It's about David and about the Messiah, so the same here, it's about the prophet and the Messiah.

And yeah, I agree with you. I agree with you 1 August without due upon to move on your objection to the sale and to limitless list to this, but to this we can break will come back and will start will take a few more minutes here, as is always like to talk to her Orthodox friend Manny in Brooklyn and gets room on the phones. If you looking to: 86634232 phone lines open talk to management more than Rudy and move on from there gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear Jim is Dr. Michael Brown and looking to thoroughly use Thursday on the line of fire, 866-34-TRUTH Michael Brown delighted to be with you. If you looking for updates on the Israeli elections. There is nothing major that shifted that I'm aware of that; when definitive direction or another, which is is not good news for Prime Minister Netanyahu. We we shall see how things go in and God knows ultimately what is best for Israel.

So we continue to pray for God's best for the for the nation for living there for God's eternal purposes to quick announcements of listen 45 minutes from now.

Surrender of 415 Eastern time. We will be back up on her YouTube channel S. Dr. Brown is Kate dear Brown if you don't subscribe. Make sure you can click on the subscribe button when you're there so you'll be alerted a timer putting a new video or live broadcast anything like that but will be back for a weekly exclusive Q&A chat. Okay so that will be at Esther to Brown on YouTube for 15 Eastern time. This thing is a today we released yet another video in our series exposing and demolishing the misinformation on the counter missionary videos of Rabbi Tobia Singer on this one deals with the question just charity a tone from the book of Daniel. Very interesting verse that Tobia Singer opens up and we set the record straight. So that's on our YouTube channel Esther to Brown ASK dear Brown, we've we've released a few so far you get a few more completed few more will be working on. We plan to put a lot out. This is lot of error that needs to be corrected. Needs to be refuted all right 866-34-TRUTH will just go back your friend Manny in Brooklyn so will be quicker on this but go ahead with the focus on one more specific point of your reading and talking about is value theological wasn't fulfilled in the nation will bring healing to the world of suffering and no, I'm sure your audience is familiar with your objection, the red dock seems kind of in a way agree with you saying allow this to Be fulfilled by Israel but he says that because, as he stated in the names of the nation you know that you don't have to be true. These are this good verse one to verse nine of the kings of nation trying to figure out why Israel suffered an that it doesn't have to be true. So here's the question here's the question. Would you say number one that that is a minority view and rabbinic interpretation is very likely okay Jan quite quite sure that it is, why would you be grasping at such a straw and and the whole theology of his real suffering of the suffering of the righteous remnant that the Judaism is held to and the other interpreters trying to make sense out of out of this and and that this is somehow inspired that the kings of the earth will be saying these things and we have the end of the 52nd chapter, the same kings were to be astonished and it's as if what you're saying is true. Do you not see that you're grasping at straws.

There I think you would you agree that a lot of the person and I differently 3129 court referred Israel. You know you could say a lot of exaggeration. But now the basic frame line could be because the theological issues but you have it so suffered yeah pretty pretty pretty true nations all went their own way pretty true. There are many righteous people and so do you believe that God put the iniquity of all the righteous nations on Israel. No, I don't think so. Okay, so they were wrong on that. That's a big of they said that he writes a sampling other closed-end writes about what why why why put the words of these second-rate guys in Scripture is it's not my okay so that hey, maybe Isaiah got a lot of things wrong to know.

Who knows, maybe a lot of the nylon is highly human being he still human being if you thought this stuff was good enough to put in. He's got some bad judgment maybe? Anything that ran prophet." Quoting kings and politicians.

But where to date Wednesday he get the words from the make them up nicely here now but from his imagination from God from God, but he supposed to be quoting people who are not experts on the right going to a simple reading review article peak and into you know why is this: that this is everything. This is wrong because the whole thing is we saw Israel was suffering for its own sins, which causes was the case now realizes real suffering for our sins. And even though as a result of Israel being in our labor completely wiped out and decimated like a Syrian Babylon. These others direction out of the civil we actually were healed through that.

I mean honestly Manny and again I'm I mean no insult, but I gotta go to a Collier but for you have to grasp at straws like this I mean you gotta step back and ask, and this just it's cumulative.

It's one thing after another after another after another after another after another after another, that you gotta come up with these really stretch things to make it work EEE audit step back and say maybe there's some cumulative evidence. I will encourage you to do what I've done for years. We just read the text as if I'm completely wrong and the other position is right and really think about it and try to see it through those eyes try to see the messianic prophecies through my eyes and just ask God to give you the courage to follow truth if you don't mind praying that I think that since become the person you want you want to be apologies all right gobbling will continue to talk but think oh I'm saying serious and you know I mean no insult in anything I'm saying 866-34-TRUTH.

Let's go to Rudy in Dallas, Texas. Welcome to the line of fire.

Either Dr. Michael Brown at the pleasure to finally meet you. Thank you wanted to doubt about earth and let me flip with it. The first Hebrews 813.

They by calling a new covenant. He had me. The first one obsolete. And what obsolete and outdated will soon hear this was right before court that you later signed and bark polka the Messiah began to massacre Christian in that time. And of course the Roman Empire came in the Roman Emperor Hadrian, and just back the temple in retaliation and eluted all of the pressure they destroyed completely so how does one reconcile. Maybe your message them on the other side of many in this regard, continuing to pursue a Jewishness while understanding that there was at least a verse in Scripture which states that the old covenant will become up leaf Temple was destroyed. It's because it's new covenant that we follow the very recent conferences to rot in our hearts that the new covenant is is different than the old in terms of the Sinai covenant with its punishments and things like that. In terms of the route. It's the same God, same ethical standards when say the calendar changes we we see prophecies about future kingdom, and the nations of streaming to Jerusalem Messiah comes back to Jerusalem, the nations come screaming to Jerusalem to learn the God of Israel. They go to Jerusalem to celebrate the feast of Tabernacles. They observe the Sabbath. These are all prophecies about the millennial kingdom in books like Isaiah and and Zechariah and that the new covenant itself is Jewish the ground. What is Paul say in first Corinthians 5 Messiah, our Passover near passive llamas and sacrifice for us, so there's a new relationship a new covenant, but we must will civil one.

We go out and murder, and commit adultery for not under the Sinai covenant because the ethical standards of the Sinai covenant or reiterated in the new covenant, but now were empowered to keep that and who does God make the new covenant with the house of Israel and how subdued and and by the way it was at the whole nation that followed by corpus is Messiah, but there was a large scale revolt and it wasn't more skill massacring of Christians.

Barcode was that war was Gentile Christians that the. The issue came when messianic Jews would not follow him as Messiah and and he was a date they were killed by buckle with the sacking of the temple that happens under Titus and in the year 70.

Hadrian's is further banishes Jews from Jerusalem the sky like that. Adding insult to injury of but why, why do you think Sir that Jesus is coming back to Jerusalem and that the nations the world will come screaming to Jerusalem to learn from the God of Israel.

If those roots are still not there in the new and better covenant that will at least from my understanding, and I'm open to learning gated is the king of Israel right the Messiah promised King when the Jews rejected). The longer they continue to reject Jesus. They are part of the now obsolete covenant that you will know about.

None of the covenant. Another just missing you.

Let me help you here with us in Romans the 11th chapter about the Jewish people rejecting the sun verse 28 is Paul's writing to Gentile believers even though they are now enemies of the gospel for your sake which the rejection of messiahs with the gospel to the nations. They are still loved on account of what the father's because the gifts and calling of God are irrevocable.

That's Romans 11 2029. What's written in Romans 15 eight that the Messiah confirms the promises to the patriarchs was written in Galatians 317 that the law is the Sinai covenant which comes 430 years after the promise to the land promise and the promise to bless his Abraham and his descendents that cannot annul the promise.

So Israel's chosen.

This is not based on the Sinai covenant that's that's a covenant that God made for a season with the chosen people. They were chosen through the patriarchs and that remains.

That's why God kept his word, scattering the Jewish people around the world and bringing them back to the land is a city with the SQL 36 even in unbelief. He would bring them back to the land and of course that's what's happened so Jews need Jesus through yet, 13 made when it let the old covenant with the Jews referring to that you with that.

You over obsolete and will soon hear it exactly, the Sinai, the Sinai covenant is over. The temple has been destroyed. That was hope for the Sinai covenant and God made a new and better covenant was to look at Jeremiah 3130 verse 3034 with the house of Israel in the house of Jacob, the new covenant is made with the Jewish people. So those who are in Jesus, you are enjoying the benefits of new covenant. Those who are not still chosen by God because of God's love for the patriarchs to remain chosen.

Think they need Jesus to be saved and remain chosen. They're not enjoying the benefits of the new covenant new covenant was made with the house of Israel and house computer through them brought to the entire world to the Sinai covenant Temple that's ended new and better covenant that starts with Israel that remains it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown my friends for joining us on thoroughly Thursday it's really important to distinguish between the Sinai covenant and the new covenant that does not mean that promises that God gives to the prophets to Israel are now voided because the site because the Sinai covenant is been replaced with new and better covenant and implicit same. Jeremiah 31 God says I'll put my tour in your hearts. So this is teaching his laws subdued consist lost her old put them in it in your hearts it it's not abolishing the teaching and the truth. It's the changing of the covenant not under the covenant with the blessings and the curses and sought even if you want to say a Jewish person is living as if there still under it by God's invitation is to enjoy the new and better covenant to the Messiah, but there many promises in the prophets regards as we gather you in my mercy that's unconditional that that's not conditioned on specific act by Israel that that's conditioned by God's promise all right appreciate the question from Rudy 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Antonio in St. Louis, Missouri, and we were on the line of fire going dark brown background will you bet. I had a question I was looking at acts 1529 and is talked about that and work abstaining from blood and stuff like that. Is there like ancient jurors may be cultural are practices about how to cook meats, whether now like America, we have well daughter medium well aware you know that question. There were what was developed over a period of time and and there have been very very strict laws for centuries, or laws about sacrificing a excuse me up about ritual slaughter how you slaughter the animal and how you drain the blood and depending on the level of kashrut of kosher law.

To this day will be the level of rabbinic checking. In other words, that the most orthodox of the most stringent requirements about the exact way that the animals killed in the.

The type of knife that used in the you the humanitarian aspects of it and then the blood being drained thoroughly, etc. so that that's what developed a traditional Jews would say that God gave that at Mount Sinai. I strongly differ with that, but over a period of time. These laws of slaughter would develop so that was the thing not how the meat was cooked with her that wasn't the issue, at least nothing that that I'm aware of her being a major issue, but rather how the blood was drained and that became something that became codified more and more losses. Certainly some of this would've existed in Jesus that we just don't know what level of detail at that time so was the draining of the blood that was the issue, not the temperature to which was cooked okay.

You are very welcome.

866-34-TRUTH there is ultimate tractate really focusing on the issues of ritual slaughter. Let's go to Courtney in Birmingham, Alabama. Welcome to the line of fire, after I firing up holiday and I had a pretty unique perspective on Isaiah and it your way out. I don't want to go over and extent of detail that out briefly say that I'm at it exclusively about them.

However, I wonder. I often get the questions, especially when it comes to anger.

How does he have the authority to get kind of cherry picker cart out of" I Civil War type of contact is about you that 700 years from now that I would Like to know what you think about that is that at the fear that they have Internet at eight and make a deal king over them will make it. They knew that you dealt with getting up 49 which says that after Sonata apartment unit nor the log to be silent, being at the messianic path. It and again, you referenced earlier, number 2417 but is messianic as well on Psalm 51 through 7.5 and by then I had the banner and felt went in and if it is my perspective, what if it exclusively about issuing no one out because of the very fact that it would comfort whoever it can never do that no matter what happened I will come in 700 years in the past that that I get the 49th in his pocket that will ever be thwarted right so having having wrestled with this passage many many years and read it hundreds of times and thought it through and read everything I could get on it. I pray I appreciate the effort with your usual would differ.

There is an immediacy of the prophecy, and even the Hebrew grammar with indicate something of immediacy, which would point to Something Taking Pl. in Isaiah's day, and something more distant but more than that.

Just the idea of seeking to put the set of travail on the throne.

You don't need to have a full-blown understanding of Messiah for that to happen.

It's just there to try to get rid of the Davidic dynasty. This is dynasty and and and they're trying to destroy the dynasty and as far as King of causes they can instruct get me off the throne.

So the idea that that he and and alongside it, why is recognizing that this is a direct attack on the messianic line with the messianic line will be preserved in the Messiah will come to me this reading too much into it and is not a matter of New Testament writers cherry picking. It's a matter than one being inspired by the spirit to you. Assume that this is some of what Yeshua taught them after the resurrection open their minds to understand the Scriptures probably taught some before as well and and then thirdly, Matthew was clearly looking at Isaiah 7 through 11 that this is what he has in mind we see quotes from the end of the eighth beginning of the ninth chapter we see he alludes to 11 one else recesses in these opening chapters in the first four chapters of Matthew so that to me is the key that is looking to larger complex and seeing a promise to the house of David that something may have happened, but not the fullness of it and then he understands Messiah comes to fulfill what is written so that part took a quick I would I agree with you having a believer, but if you're talking on in order to justify my understanding in order to justify a new Having the authority all historical here hearing birth is about issuing an in order for you that there have to be some sort of neck and neck otherwise got that I dynasty the line with the founding benefit and again numbers on in multiple places and dynasty rights. But here's the point number number one not every citation of the prophecy is of the same import and that it was when when Matthew talks about Rachel weeping for her children will he's just hearing something in the spirit as Jeremiah did, because Jeremiah's context existed in return, toast up, weaving the can return to this unlikely proof of the beside this is just a a kind of putting adorning the bride in joules that this is this is just a homiletical interpretation for for beauty and expression of but in point of fact, any promise that was given to the Davidic dynasty that didn't reach its fulfillment finds its fulfillment in the Messiah. That's the working principle and and that's what gives the New Testament writers the authority to do this, plus Jesus did, and died in a high sense of the remember that right so this now gives him authority to help us understand what's what's been written in advance. Hey listen, we we could we could chat more about this. I'm sure in the future, but there is an immediacy even to before this happens.

This this this in the verses that follow that that we can't week. We can't deny all right. Let's let's go to Chad in Charlotte North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire. Hey you you been strong in one the thank you that you grow out really appreciate everything that question it by any means, but I did come across never saw this before, but Dr. Michael Heiser talking about how creation story reflects Israel ancient cosmology about Kosmos about how the deep, deep water on the pillar.

The earth is on pillar in it like a circular flatland with the dome of the firmament and whatnot and it and traditionally I view Eric the note taking it take everything extracted. Going from that point of view like lingered in but he cut you proposing where it's more of it's more a matter of what is the theological not getting right gate works or the so-and-so Dr. Hodge and I have never yet we have similar academic backgrounds in in our PhD's being and in Semitic languages from secular universities and I concluded decades ago, meditating on Genesis 1 and thinking of ancient Greece and cosmology so ancient Eastern creation stories it became very clear to me that the purpose of Genesis 1 is theological that it it's not about science and remember if it was giving accurate science that every generation until a few generations ago would've rejected that is unscientific is wrong because their science was different. The whole purpose is to show that Yahweh is the one true God that he's the one who brings light of darkness and and order out of chaos and and sets things up in an orderly way.

There's a book I'm reading now and I gotta run slowly give you this okay.

It's by Ben Stanhope, STA, and HOPE Stanhope Ben Stanhope it's got aggressive title misinterpreting Genesis how the creation Museum misunderstands the ancient near East and context of the Bible's district for Ben Stanhope. I ordered it on Amazon. I get the e-book but it's fascinating when he goes through the ancient near Eastern cosmologies and then lays out Genesis 1, with its orderly account of seven to how this fits in the whole point of it what God saying through it. This is a theological statement. I concluded that decades ago. Just meditating on the Scripture say Weiss is here with Scott seeking to speak to us. I don't think the scientific argument is the issue of why it's there. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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