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Why Are Christians Losing Their Faith?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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April 14, 2021 4:20 pm

Why Are Christians Losing Their Faith?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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April 14, 2021 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 04/14/21.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network, so the son of the famous Pastor John Piper. Abraham Piper is now famous on tick-tock for his Bible bashing videos how that happened for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown and you had a personal crisis in your own faith. Have you gone through a season of doubting God doubting the God of the Bible doubting with the Scriptures of God's word in that state right now. Maybe pass through that if you come out on the other side with strength and faith that love to hear from you today.

866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 487884 may be so very close to maybe one of your children that was raised in the faith and seem to be fervent at one time is turned away. Why, what is the reason we talk this through. Today we going to talk about Abraham Piper, John Piper's son, and how he's come to sudden intranet fame New York Times article talking about Hammond and his attacks percent evangelical Christianity and things like that one understand why what's going on respond to concerns that are being raised, but let me start here and say that you are not a statistic. I have a brand-new book releases May 11.

You can preorder it now in her website Esther to has God failed you. Finding faith when you're not even sure God is real, has God failed you can you can preorder it signed the recopy on the website Esther to or is preordered in a row. So my just get it without the signature and numbering. I start off the book with that very chapter you are not a statistic because the stats are out there. The stats are all over the place. The stats are out, saying yeah the rising religious nuns and when yes that we went about a decade from 85% of Americans professing to be Christian. That's a 75%. Now obviously 85% of Americans were not Christian.

The wear-and-tear that half of Americans are truly Christian. Obviously, but this conspicuous sudden drop in numbers for the first time. A Gallup poll has indicated that less than half of Americans attend church on a regular basis not just as a culvert but just changed lifestyle habits of and then I know that a lot of the falling away is from those who are not truly saved. In other words, they are nominal Christians and now they are no longer non-Christian. So they have no religious affiliation, but the stats are not what interest me. When interest means individual lives that make up the stats so I start has God failed you by saying you are not a statistic I'm I didn't write the book for statistics I wrote the book for people for individuals with real-life stories. In fact, as I was writing it, and I was thinking different things. People of gone through and why they've lost their faith. My heart started to break as as if I was looking people's eyes only to have a visionary experience. I mean it was so real to me in writing by the mother that prayed and prayed for the healing of her child and the child died, though I didn't have one specific case in mind, I had many cases in mind in many stories, but I would see faces in my mind's eyes. I wrote an and and think of the struggle, the pain challenge that individuals were going through there so many reasons why people are turning away and and only give you a list of them a little later in the broadcast as she play a video from Abraham Piper and interact with it directly and and and just lay that out for you in terms of some of the things that he sends out to to attack him personally. This not my intent. New C1 interact with the video that's not my intent at all the trouble to find out why people struggle why they lose their faith and in the center want to give you complete liberty here so just get my call screen appear.

Ella will give you complete liberty. You have it all the time but I want to reinforce it. You can call in anonymously if if you just don't want to give your name or you don't have to mention the place you can just say it's no don't want to say where I'm calling from. You may want to be told the candidate this will have give your whole name on me. My point is you are safe here.

If you call in and say look, pastor, and I'm struggling and I will even know if I believe in God anymore. You saved a civil people recognize mobile schedule.

Most of the pastors calling in that situation, but call on behalf of someone else. If you want to talk about yourself if you're struggling or if you once believed and no longer believe, by all means. I love to hear what or if you went through crisis and struggle in your own life if you had a season or season of years or many seasons struggling with severe doubt and unbelief pain and questions and you did nowhere to go and you didn't feel that you can ask the questions, even it either in the home and which are raised when the church if I were you found yourself, but you come out of the other side strong faith confident. I love to hear from you as well. 866-34-TRUTH, I'm not taking random Bible questions.

Today we are going to focus more specifically, more specifically on the questions the challenges relating to our faith. 866-34-TRUTH there has been an increase in reports of people who were once believers no longer believe Dr. Paul Maxwell, the most recent one I was unfamiliar with him at all, but he wrote for desiring God. He was a former professor at Moody Bible Institute, and he has now said he no longer believes you know last couple years. Different Christian worship leaders or Christian rock singer or author and pastor Josh Harris was famous recycler stating goodbye book no longer believe announcing the faith, some going to do some real extremes. Others more moderate in their rejection of this is nothing new. This is nothing new.

This is not the first time something like this is happened right or here's a Royce Julie Royce report from the Moody professor and author for desiring God announces he's no longer a Christian that was just out last week so we hearing about this more and more that has always been apostasy. There has always been falling away, but now it becomes instant news.

Let's think of this. How many atheists come to faith all the time. Have how many people who were agnostic come to faith met on a weekly basis around America and around the world. Agnostics are being saved. Atheists are being saved people from different religions are being saved people from nominal Christian backers brings a but that's not big news. That's not going to be reported, but the moment you are a Christian, somewhat well-known, or in some cases very well known or in the case of a man, Piper the child of a famous Christian.

Even if you're not looking for the right even if that's not your goal, you can get it here if you want to really make a big be a Christian author who writes a book denying the resurrection and time that to come out around Easter. All you don't you get your publicity or just something right either Easter or Christmas denying the reality of Jesus. The historical Jesus, or the trustworthiness of the Bible or that's when you announce that you no longer believe you get a ton of publicity the world is interested in that again. Each life is an individual and for many of these people's been very difficult journey for many people to struggle for years. For many people that if they felt hypocritical in the soul my heart goes out to those who fall in a way I want to see them turn back.

I've interacted with some were downright hostile. Following many years ago an aggressive, atheist, and a downright hostile and pray for the model know that I could be of much help but others the they seem to be sincere and they seem to be struggling, and we want we want to help them get back to God and in some cases I don't believe that the person really knew the Lord was there, were raised in church. They were raised with the Bible and on the I don't know Abraham Piper at all. Don't know if Paul Maxwell and the lilies people person so I'm making a general statement.

Please don't take this as a specific indictment of individuals that I don't know but there definitely people who fell away, but they never really knew the Lord they fell away from their profession of faith.

They fell away from the Christian religion. They fell away from their evangelical roots. Whatever the rich might be, but they never person really knew the Lord and that in fact is a big big issue. I recently interacted with a former charismatic now eggnog agnostic and a former evangelical now atheist and when I was interacting with these gentlemen I asked them when they were believers in the city were believers did ever see a miracle for which there was no natural explanation.

America, for which there was no natural explanation.

Both said no.

Will that that's interesting to me. That's very interesting, because that means that their experience with God is very different than many of your experiences several times on on social media of said hey if you witnessed a miracle in your life. Healing something happened some close to documented inexplicable. The only only explanation is divine intervention.

Going posted… I been blown away by some of what I've read.

These are individuals go through the details. I can supply the medical records. If you needed me on those cases, and things like that and then just the many many things that many of us have experienced and I'm gonna take your calls in a bit on the plane. Abraham Piper video interact with it, but displayed some foundations are 866-34-TRUTH and we will be constructive and will be helpful. It will be edifying is our goal was not to bash others in Marcos my goal say what would you help build faith, strengthen people to overcome issues objections because the objections this is nothing new, nothing new in that regard, but I remember 1994 I was in prayer. I was trying to get things finalized for my calendar for ministry trip to Italy ministry trip to Finland and it just seemed that my secretary and their contact folks were missing each other as that was the days before the email blast fax didn't get through and just whatever was going on was praying. It was a Sunday night and I just had this sense within 24 hours. Finland elite will be resolved through trauma locking dates and it is gonna paralyze my Carla planning to. We did that, I traveled a lotand then I get the sense of the blue and you will hear from England also sold within 24 hours, and you'll hear from England also one preaching since 1987 and had no ongoing contact rose expecting to hear from anyone.

Sure enough within 24 hours a call from Italy fax from filling with whatever the order was those things fall into place. Then my secretary calls and says bike got a call from so-and-so from England really wants to talk to what England we got a little mod like before when I speak with this pastor he had picked up on my books in the most absolutely unlikely way he set on nothing anything about you, but godly them a heart to call you to invite me to speak at a pastors meeting that will have a nice thing about you because almost get a call from infant.

Let's do it became a dear friend still great brother girlfriend to this day. Amazing meetings we had in England during most of this is one little thing when those things happen again. Again, your life is up to God's work, even when I hit a wall with a thousand questions about the wall.

I still have the confidence of God's ongoing working molecule director. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice aboard cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us today Francis.

We talked about why it seemed more and more Christians or losing their faith today, 86634 to so we talked about. Of course, over the years, but focusing on again a new book has God failed to funny face when you not even true God is real. Think you find to be a tremendous lifesaver really leaned heavily on the Lord in writing in and feel worthy are adequate to write it really leaned on the Lord for it for insight to suit life-and-death sensitive sensitive issues. So this book can help you help someone you love. 866-34-TRUTH.

If you have your own faith story.

If your struggling with questions right out your phone calls shortly prefers this so Ruth Graham writing for the New York Times had this article. This is what kind of sprung everything for us a pastors son becomes a critic of religion on tick-tock John Piper's were the most influential theologians in America son. Abraham calls evangelicalism quote the destructive, narrowminded worldview, so some of his videos of gone viral.

One on the shoulder moment you over 800,000 times and the New York Times article is all these thumbnails were he's he's raising these questions and and poking fun at things that he was raised believing your why ultimate meaning is impossible and why.

Nothing really. Mattering is the best and say hello to Christianity. I attack evangelicalism specifically. I didn't know that when he was young that he was under church discipline.

John Piper wrote an article about this a Piper with the article whether a pastor estate believing children bleeding adult children to serve in ministry and then so when the sun was 19. There were issues and and I believe he gets gets under church discipline. If I understood the article correctly of now will come back to that but just let me say this really discipline for not believing coming to discipline.

If you are claiming to be a follower of Jesus going to be a believer and living in over rebellious and refused to repent so guy leaves his wife shacks up with his girlfriend so is living in adultery coming to church taken communion saying, follower of Jesus refuses to repent. That's most discipline not not someone who pronounces their faith than pray for them to come back right. Let's take a look at this viral video just to give a sample of Abraham Piper and some of the problems he's having now with with the Bible faith of his heavies for many years, but expressing these very popular videos you want to know what affiliate things are being raised about evangelical children are expected to read the Bible and see where do you stick with me presenting my pick of the Bible. As for God so loved the world, or that one emotionally lucid moment. Paul had when he wrote about loving our own reserve their weddings with those of the boring parts took it anyways. While other kids are learning to read with comics or whatever.

Normal parents have around the house for funded kids are six, seven, eight years old devouring stories of Jezebel being the fenestrated and eaten by dogs or juices bowels bursting out or Noah's sons laughing at them when you passed out drunk admitted her lots daughters who got him drunk and screwed him so they could have babies over just a few highlights of the top my head. Days later the good book is full with children's stories like this.

It's basically game of thrones, don't read it to go to hell. I was forgot all the times I went back to Florida following like to read about breasts. I'm thinking maybe the message of God's word in limine like it was supposed to pay for deconstructing good for you. There a lot of serious thinkers out there that help you navigate the stuff you swirl your eye the health weird at all was a slander for the crime of going through. Yes, so those videos can thing has a lot of appeal dismissed younger generation, the way it's done well.

Problem is that the kids are not growing up reading those stories. Kids are not growing up reading stories where the Bible candidly tells us about human sin and candidly tells us about the fruit of human sin, like a kid growing up reading war stories and in reading about what happened to to the Nazis and how they were destroyed by the allies as can be pretty graphic reading but it's really tell you that that the bad guys came down and really punished.

The Bible speaks to us honestly about human beings and when you read it there some portions that are more appropriate for a younger audience that are not going to be of red for insert and setting certain circles there that the whole thing is what's best.

Like any parent would know that any parent would know and understand that there are certain things that are better for younger children. Certain things better for all children. The same with the Bible because the Bible is written, not just for little children in the Bible is not just ring founds the amazing thing with the parables and teachings of Jesus as a little child can understand them in a brilliant scientist can understand. So the fact is, the Bible tells the truth and starkly's but here's the deal. It doesn't do it in a way that that is going to satisfy the interest of some unclean person.

The Bible doesn't do it in some way. The movements of Bureau and the blue curtains and see what have no just tells us to start facts, the ugly facts and it doesn't shy from that because it is speaking the truth and even song of Solomon, which is interpreted on multiple levels. So a beautiful love song and got singing a beautiful love song that there is beauty and love that that's majestic and and so he put within wedlock and so they put within the human race should not be celebrated.

Here's the deal.

It's one thing to raise serious issues and Abraham Piper does that others said had you really believe in hell are you really think that people just burning right now being tortured and burned and after Sunday service. You got the outback and have a nice meal.

I agree with him that there's a lot of hypocrisy in our circles. I agree with him that we can preach it caricatured mentioned message of hell and then we could preach in such way that our allies indicate we don't believe it. 1980s. I once preached a message entitled, for things that Christians don't believe in the four things were God, salvation, heaven and hell. My point was, if we really believed in God, the way we said we do.

We live differently if we really believed in the power salvation the way we say we do. We live differently. If you really believed in heaven and hell in eternal consequences and eternal world we would live differently. The great comment of Leonard Ravenhill that this is his honest tombstone are the things you're living for words. Christ dying for.

In many cases answers no, so on the one hand, Abraham Piper can have these ridiculous and superficial attacks on the Bible and when you dig deeper.

You realize there's a reason that the that the Bible has been recognizes the word of God. There's a reason that the Bible has withstood the test of scrutiny and attack and ridicule, and mocking and ends and inquiry from every angle, hostile and friendly. There's a reason it has withstood and Jesus said that that heaven and earth will pass away his words will not pass away. Bank on it market down.

It's true, it's reality. But there are serious issues that are raised. There are serious questions about the Bible about the God of the Bible that sincere thinking sensitive people raise Abraham Piper may be mocking now, but he may have gone through that himself as a sensitive young man reading text that that troubled him and what we do with this and how we relate that friends we need to have answers for those who are genuine seekers, social democracy, pray for them.

You can't really help them but there influencing others and how these others will have questions we need to have solid answers so I agree there's a lot of hypocrisy by double standards. Because of that people leave the faith and and there other reasons for which people leave the face. Sometimes they just have a bad experience in church or there's an abusive pastor in the know that is not a bad feel about the faith until I understand all these issues but but here's the reality.

There are answers for every question philosophically, intellectually, spiritually satisfying answers and more importantly, if we will take God at his word and seek him like nothing else matters and seek him more than you seek anything else in this world with all your heart and with all your soul, he will make himself real to you. It is sure yes I did that what we sit down and talk also knew that you didn't do that you may been a little serious or known on some of the deeper seeking on-time at seeking and going after him like there was no tomorrow that if God did not help you. If God did not meet you. You died there was enough find God, are you gonna die trying. You'll find him because he is a rewarder of those who diligently seek him. Someone I don't condemn Abraham Piper pray for God's best in his life if he never really knew the Lord. Pray that he would truly know him if he did the woman walk away. I pray that he be yet another prodigal that comes back. Second, I understand the hypocrisy. It's ugly is pushed many away preach one thing and living other.

I understand why people fall with antidote to that is.

Let's live out our faith consistently. I could take Abraham to meet believers all around the world and he would say these people are authentic. These people living out their faith in America and the nations, and he would say well that's the real deal. Third, let's give solid answers to serious questions and forth ultimately the answer.

The great answer is a personal encounter with God. You have a personal encounter with God when you know him and experience him in an undeniable way as Job did attend to the book of Job. The questions disappear is the beauty and the majesty and the goodness and the glory of God was not some preacher talk.

You have been through and intellectually as well. I've had my faith challenge, but by rabbis and religious Jews and professors, especially the early decades of my faith every day almost was a challenge from one area or another cause real God's word is true. Fear not.

If you truly long to know him, he will make himself known to you. All right, 866-348-7884 Vaughn got a few seconds before the break, so we come back I'm going straight to your calls and and I want to give you space again to be totally honest if your say like I just can't someone recognize my voice that would be it will then tell a story about someone else do it in the third person if you're struggling. If you're hurting if you're on the way out the door. Or maybe you're ready out the door and want other listeners to know why this opportunity: so soon as we come back straight to the phones, 866-3487 884 is number to call in and out. I give you my list as to why so many solenoid over and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown high Springs for joining us on the line of air.

There have been seasons through church history of great apostasy.

People falling away.

Jesus does speak of iniquity abounding because which the love of many waxes: that's certainly something happening now with so many sinful distractions being so available, the battle for purity.

The battle for obedience becomes more intense. Deftly one of those seasons. Is this the final great falling away.

Many believe what will come to just decease it will certainly win the season right now. See if it is the final but silly and that season the good news is that God does not sit by idly. When this happens and that there are answers and him 86634 let's go to Tracy in Richmond Virginia.

Thanks for joining us today on the line of fire them all. Thank you.

On the little ball of my background, you know where I'm mad.

I grew up in Baptist Church and I had abused at home that I was kind of an out for me and and you know if they place and think by the time I was a teenager, maybe 13 or 14 and I got interested in faith that we can in the witchcraft and all you know this is magical in Enoch, got in common add-in moved to North Carolina I was dating a military got the time and he ended up getting deployed over to Afghanistan and I kinda got in with the bad people, I would say, cultlike unit mingled with with people doing witchcraft, and I'm talking you know, black magic, dark magic, evil bad cop you know billing people for drug all current and at that time not to get emotional because a pretty powerful story about grandma had passed away and I came back to Virginia for her funeral and ended up going back there and I don't know why a budget being in with those people you know they were doing some pretty bad things. They started drugging me and doing fellow me and, I think girls you know, pay close often climb trees and chant you know spell the full moon is a make and all this crazy stuff happening in and you know and and though I write a lot of poetry and though I pay attention I listen to what everybody was saying there and I was writing poetry about it and they got married because, yet military people going AWOL change in their identity and in other like how do you know so much what I want to kill me and they called my brother and told him that he didn't come get me. By morning they were going to kill me and at night it just happened to be lightning and all that outside… I and you know I are praying to God and I said if you're real I need you to come back to me now you know I need your help money to be faith. I need to get out here and went back in and they had taken all the guns out of the house because they were scared. You know, I will go crazy and you know start trying to kill them and thought that on the bed and open up the Bible that in the beginning and just started reading.

My brother got there and he didn't even know where I bought. I don't even know how a family and though he got me out of there and you know me and my brother.

We can't have the spine grown up and even today. I apologize for jumping in, but just for time sake. I know this a lot that could be told a lot of detail yet so how is it that, then brought you back God brought me back because my brother came and got me and brought me to safety. And when I got home I you know, I just realized everything that happened in it that was like divine intervention. You know and you know even to this day I struggle because I do hang out with a lot of eight years. I listen to heavy metal music and you know that kinda ties into what some people think's devil worship him, which is not, you know, but I remain strong in the faith, just for maddening, not many stories on a alternate time, but Tracy delivered now that was probably the most powerful you know gone on in my life to crying out in the time of crisis and let me encourage you fill your heart and mind with worship and that that also put you in a in a good good state the better state. One, of even greater strengthening, but it looks like the rich you had the one way that those roots were were there when needed. So parents with kids who are probably less is a crazy story Tracy but your your kids away from the faith. But you know that they have roots we pray because God pulls on that of heard stories that that so many times people so far away.

But those roots that that that they had growing up, the seeds that were planted in them the come back 866-34-TRUTH to her friend Eddie in Connecticut. Welcome to the line of fire.

Dr. Brown doing very well. Thanks for your topic because of the Bible. We hug sweet dog.

What we talked about I pose the question. I value through the doctor product but you're not better.

Dr. Brown your wife. All of a sudden she looked out the window. The house was surrounded by the FBI to get out the door in the doctor product the drug for the murder of JFK and Juergen is very Dr. story about everything started we had nothing to do with Adam. You will blame for that. We all carry the same so that we were struggling with the fairness of God like your JFK charged four let's go, commonly thought right so all of us being judgment on himself and all of us now inevitably falling. So how is it my fault that reminds me of one time with her older daughter Jen.

We is is great wife and and mother, now in their wheat we left back about her teen years but even Joe her childhood years to new she was always pushed to the limit getting disciplined, whatever happened one time she had to be grounded or sought discipline. Somehow their members that was never sinned because defendant said that she would be in trouble today so so here's my answer to that important question.

Eddie number one I ask every individual is anybody stopping you from doing good now. It is anyone forcing you to do evil is is is there any external force that is saying you cannot choose to do good and you must choose to do evil and the answer is no, I mean no wheat we can't fly through the air and of the ability to do that we can't live with total perfection, but is anyone making a guy go out murder someone know is, is anyone making someone used drugs. Is anyone forbidding you from helping the poor than the other words we make choices, and ultimately God could say forget Adam don't think about Adam, but Eddie about Mike what about this over unskilled judge on the choices that you freely made. That's the first because no one will be able to accuse God on that that the second thing is all right. He knows that rolled in a boat so he sent his son to die for us. How's that he knows were all gonna fall short were all going to blow it to rather than condemning us all for the choices we freely make. He sends his own son to die in our place so that through him we have forgiveness so even even if we could say well it's all inevitable because of Adam got single fine. I'm giving you a free gift of grace and forgiveness through the cross every evil wrong thing you've ever done. He'll pay for it and all you have to do is receive that gift and receive a new heart to live for God is that simple. So God's guts covered in that respect. Number one, we make our own choices. Nobody made me send I chose to sin. That's one thing. And secondly, God is given us complete forgiveness through Jesus to wipe it off everything we ever did wipe a look if anything seems unfair/the Galt office that much grace and then we can be with him forever and ever and ever and ever and have power to the life pleasing to him. So he he covers that no one will be able to accuse him on the dam.

I'm glad you guys keep having these good discussions in your Bible study.

866-34-TRUTH let's go to Henry in Fort Lauderdale Florida.

Thanks for calling the line of fire by Dr. Bob hey yeah I just wanted about my journey of life and I had quite a bit of question things on my being and and some live thing had me questioning just didn't you see some of the pastors out there leaning flying high year jet that had more of the hazards predicting the end.

During that time. Imagine that, and then later on with the election and the conviction that came as far as who was going to Landon but was going to happen again that it come true yet you can upshift, not just me but a lot of evangelicals to their court scores. What exactly is going on.

Users will call Pastor Jason. They happen to be wrong about a lot of so that you know I picture my faith but during that time: 50 gave me a time to reflect and really kind of humbled myself and God of God out on to where my going wrong church something going on at church false church with.

And the thing that helped was okay to go back to the church father and study the church fathers competing about what they believe it helped me sort of bring back the foundation on solid footing. As far as what they believe that it helped me determine you Henry first thank God that that your faith is gone stronger because others just walked away.

The failed prophecies brought a lot of reproach on the things of the spirit is fish as a charismatic church and people wonder. Both of these guys going to be speak for God's got even there, but the good thing is if it's pushed to to go back to foundations even more than your foundations will be strongest to the crisis can be the thing that pushes us to really come to know God better for ourselves. It can make us work and break us in Henry's case here. It ends up being positive and many others not just why we must be so careful we claim to speak for God thing to be teachers of the Bible claim to speak his heart for his mind claim to be prophets.

Whoever we must be so careful to honor him and to speak carefully lest people's lives be destroyed. Henry, thank it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker, and Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 664 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown for his courage.

If you've never struggled with your own faith. Ask God to give you compassion on those who do struggle with down with them to mean a new Arnold struggle. Maybe this is the way God wired to this is the gift you have. Maybe someone else there more sensitive in certain areas or the conscience bothers them in other areas or they have a different upbringing than you had asked for compassion so that your strong faith can help them run further condemn them 866-34-TRUTH mental back to the phones in a moment, but I wrote an article talking about John Piper's son becoming a tick-tock store bashing the Bible thesis is not attacking Christianity, stacking evangelicals about when you text. The Bible your it's it's a larger attack.

So I wrote up a list of some of the principal reasons why people fall away, so we just read you quickly. This is in the article.

Why is John Piper.

Some become a Bible bashing tick-tock store and my goal and talk about this. Not to bash… Please pray for him and those were influenced by, so here's my list.

Why are people falling away… It's a perfect societal storm first superficial me first Christianity preached in America for the last generation. Second, the lack of personal experience with God. Third, a dearth of solid discipleship and in-depth knowledge of the word forth a steady stream of leadership scandals. Fifth, the rise of the new atheism with the demonizing of the God of the Bible, especially the God of the Old Testament.

Six. The ubiquity of the Internet, instantly popularizing the latest anti-God statement and turning into a viral meme. Seven. The continued breakdown of the American family eighth increasing never found proud LGBT Q individuals, many from her friends and family members of Christians because the letter to question the Bible's teaching on homosexuality and I mentioned before as well just the pervasiveness of the availability of sand even get a string of sexual sin .0 stuff everywhere that and all the distractions.

This can pull us away from God as well so it is a perfect storm in that respect, but God is real, the worst of the test and there are answers and and ultimately the greatest cure of all is to bring people into a real personal experience with the living God. Lynn Ravenhill used to say a man with an experience is never at the mercy of a man with an argument. All right, let's go over to hang on where's my mouse here. There we go, let's go over to Russ in Salt Lake City, Utah. Thanks for calling the line of fire. Dr. Brown I appreciate everything you little bit of wisdom from a 75-year-old bookstore for 40 years. Everything you said today about have an encounter with God is right on.

I was very fortunate because I had an encounter with God, but there's a couple things that I'm fine today and are society and that is number one is but the people today don't want don't seem to want to make a real commitment. What a bright glutton, half-baked MMA.

I understand the chickens involved but the pictures committed and all I will tell people is used to spell quality time with God. Get to know God, no port on and everything seems to run yet in a rush. There's no question that just being grounded quality time in the word and prayer is foundational. The many will say I pray and I feel like God is distant. I read the Bible.

He confuses me.

So we want to help those who struggle those ways, but for so many quality regular time with God is fabulous foundation. The foundation for everything else.

The foundation reveals the character comes I like other relationships, outcome Musto comes out of that. Absolutely. And for those who say I got a million questions. Read about his questions and why did God ordained this and what he got a call for this and what kind of God would do that and that and I don't get this to look at that sometimes we get frustrated because we do have the answers. So if that's the case, say those are great questions.

I never struggled with.

But I disagree.

Questions let's go find the answers because the answers are there. All right, let's go to help, we will go there. Let's go over to Andrew in Michigan. Welcome to the line of fire brought sure I wanted to ask you if you feel like sometimes apologetic, specifically in the field of creation or apologetic, someone bought more than it can be helpful, because it's been via lot of people who plan bulky. One can't and more lately about what it was Bible to their lives. And that's just back in people who maybe are seeking God don't find their explanation of creation to be thought plausible and it becomes a stumbling block for them and in believing that Scripture and the truth of it yet, so that that does happen at some of the fort.

For example, for example, let's say that you are going to put all your weight into defending young earth creationists and a literal 70 account in Genesis 1 and it's there to teach us scientific order etc. in your unit just ground everything there and then some.

As you look at that and then, in their view, scientists are not debating this now.

Okay, but in their view science is decidedly against IRS creation and the only alternative. They have is I guess I just have to reject the Bible because I can't reject what I know to be true that again. This would be the argument that being race and I think this is what what Andrew is alluding to sue. I read Genesis 1 coming at it from a Hebrew Semitic viewpoint. I don't read it that God is teaching us about the order of creation. I will see that is the goal I see it is God teaching us about who he is and about how he establishes his order in the world, and in contrast with ancient near Eastern cosmologies. These writings about the origins of universe from Babylon from Egypt from other places God is a no-no. I am the one true God. I am the one who brings light out of darkness, so I am the one who brings order out of chaos.

I am the one who subdues everything must be subdued is really one author reducing hate people wonder why is there light before this son and you have trees before they set sizes will it's because what happens on day one has its parallel day for what happens. The two as his proud if I would have is the three has Pro and the six of just laid out schematic like that. In other words this on the purpose of just want to teach us sciences teach us about God and therefore having that battle was Leo. Okay, that's fine. It and then as the other thing is signs gives learning and science learns they owe that we are wrong about this drama that took the Bible gave us a scientific account, then the only generation that whatever recognize it was accurate, is the final generation. I have all the science right everything up to that would think it was wrong.

I thank you Andrew for the call of let's go to Dylan in Richfield, Utah. Thanks for calling the modified time is short so please dive right in all hello I I've been remotely been online recently, I've been noted that there's a lot of fall and I I can pay that I was led by a couple of them. I've been trying to make a lick go over all the things I need to look out for God it social just Dylan candidly has this went when you see okay this guy prophesied this was happening over the skin and here are the scouts the trumpets can win here the elixirs can be overturned. There none of those things happened it didn't make you wonder if if God was real. If the whole thing was a sham that did that go through your head.

Anna I know God got it okay, but did make you wonder whether the gifts of the spirit are real. Now, okay, but just help you to see that there are some that are given misinformation. So here Dylan, thank you for the call and again I'm glad to hear Dylan that that this did not cause a larger shaking of your face to the reality of God because hey if these your circles.

Hey the Lord's moving here and praise the Lord, the Lord cities can be doing this this year and praise the Lord I got this promise from God my own life and in this is happening and that's happening and then doesn't pan out, or it is not just it takes time, but the time limits past the guarantee things pass the like what is the that the owners insert real there other things that are not real. Dylan, thank you for calling. You know it's like it's it's like one of the parent finds out that the child's believing a double life or the spouse living a double life, you can say what out well. Still, I know what else is real you to probe so that's why it is so terribly dangerous. People claim to speak for God, and they're not that I'm not just about one person missing at one time, many missing on a grand stage. By the way, we have been working behind the scenes with a number of key national and international leaders forging a statement on prophetic standards, it is virtually done getting the final fine tuning grammatical editing and hopefully within the next week or two we posted we have right now well over 70 signatures from key leaders from America and around the world saying amen we sign onto this notice.

We did the two calls about the today listen.

Bottom line, if you're struggling I want to assure you their answers to your deepest questions. There is healing for your worse pain and is written the book asking the question, has God failed to answers, it may feel as if he did God truly doesn't fail. We want to stand with you and believe with you and be sure to help you into your strong and full of faith know God have answers to your request another program powered by the Truth Network

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