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Racial Justice and the Death of George Floyd

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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April 13, 2021 4:40 pm

Racial Justice and the Death of George Floyd

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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April 13, 2021 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 04/13/21.


The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Let's open the phone lines and let's talk honestly and candidly today about the death of George Floyd and racial justice in America. Stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jacob is Dr. Michael Brown, you have one of those talks today to talk through some difficult issues to be candid and hear the ground rules get to speak freely get to speak openly you get to speak honestly.

If your comments are offensive to me or someone else's lungs are not rude or nasty want to be honest, you have the right to say something that I might find distasteful or offensive. In terms of a position that I will agree with again when I can nasty with each other, no profanity, obviously, but you have my permission to be brutally honest and someone else calls it has the permission be brutally honest with you. Fair enough.

866348784 866-34-TRUTH 87884 we have been waiting for the George Floyd trial to unfold. Further, the murder charges against Eric children. The former cop who was involved in the death of George Floyd. Did he cause the death of George Floyd. Did he cause the death of George Floyd intentionally with George Ford have joy died from other causes otherwise.

Was this a blatant example of police brutality. Was this an example of racism. These are all the questions that are being discussed. That must be discussed. As America is being torn up right now over these issues in cities are set on fire over these issues over these questions and then in the midst of all this horror of horrors, Dr. Wright, 20 years old, shot and killed. The officer involved 20 year veteran has now resigned out what will watch a clip of this she saying it was an accident she's yelling, Taser, Taser, and then shoot sentences all blank shot him. The parents to say we don't believe it was an accident. Understandably there torn up over this 20-year-old son gone.

Was this because of race.

Was it just a tragic coincidence.

At the same time that this trial is going on, just a few miles away how we sort these things out. What about the studies that indicate that there is not police brutality disproportionate towards black.

What about many just shaking your heads as you hear that say how carrot the stats say I know my life experience, 866-34-TRUTH is you have viewed the footage.

If you been following the trial what your take is Derek children intentionally trying to hurt George Floyd did intend to kill him. As an example of police brutality doesn't have anything to do with race. Can we know for sure. So let me talk to you totally candidly as I do, and we've had these discussions for years on the broadcast it. In fact, I know this will sound surprising to many. But when we were just doing radio even though my face was all over the place in terms of online or on TV shows or whatever plenty people only knew me by radio and I would go into the city where we have a big radio station in your rally or do a special meeting in quite a few times African-American listeners came out to visit Dr. Brown we know your white now what blessed me about that was that we had talked through issues like this were my life experience and my upbringing would be very different for many black Americans was that they were being racially profiled in America. I did have a have to have a talk. We had two daughters. Two sons, I would've had to have the talk with them as they were becoming teenagers as they were starting to drive about conduct and how they should respond to officers and potential dangers and things that never had had that talk. Haven't had to have that talk or our kids haven't had to have that talk with their sons sore grandsons and yeah obviously you know seem to be law-abiding and and respect for authority, all that but there was never a sense that there would be a special threat to them may be 18 years old.

Driving in a predominantly white community is white kids that they might get stopped or what are you doing here or how to respond to police or something like that or they may be just your potential suspects will be left out of the talks I've not had the same experience that others have had in one thing, it's been really helpful to me over the years has been honest calls and causes that hate me tell you about how it is run live which is what my life experiences. But hey, I was a professional athlete and I got stopped by police when I was in a predominantly white area just because it didn't look like I belong United African-American culture that or you know pastor called God-fearing pastor and say hey I just want you my experiences African-American so I understand we could throw stats out and we could look at it through that angle and then we can also get life experience. The question is, is there intentional police brutality is there intentional police brutality towards minorities.

Certain people singled out or do we have a situation in our society where because of fatherless homes and higher crime rates in certain African-American communities. Therefore, there are more young African-American suspects and therefore more profiling going on and then human beings being human beings. They don't always act right length of time of police and things like that. It leads to issues and abuses or is this just the latest social justice, narrative, and here's the challenge here's the challenge.

On the one hand I'm just talking personally. Honestly, straight with you in the regular takeoff calls, 866-34-TRUTH that I want to get your perspective is white American is a black American, Hispanic American, Asian American, whatever your particular perspective is or as an officer of law policeman policewoman.

Here's the tension that I feel personally on the one hand I'm sure that there are still issues in our society because we have not fully overcome the legacy of the past.

It just for example, the amount of generations that white families have had to accumulate wealth, status, etc. is different than the amount of generations that black families have had to accumulate wealth, status. So if you look at net worth. Doolittle survey of that average net worth of white Americans versus black Americans you'll see so they buried spent a much you will know Asian Americans are high that while Asian Americans didn't come in behind the eight ball in the same way that incoming slaves didn't have to face agree to capture discrimination of different things like that but there it would be different. You cannot compare the two serve. If you look at net worth if if you look at things like that you see. Okay, there are still inequities.

I've read some major studies that indicate that for crimes that are equal with people with equal backgrounds in terms of criminal backgrounds, noncriminal backgrounds that African-Americans get stiffer sentences then not African-Americans seen some major studies that indicate that no in my mind this is not because of some intentional races in my mind it's not because the BLM movement is correct and in the social justice movement is correct.

In other words, there was still inequities in our system that have to work be worked out and there's racism all over meaning there is hatred based on race across the board around the world and certainly we have in America but I don't see that as the dominant issue. So my tension is on the one hand I want to stand up for what's right. I want expose what's wrong I want to call for us to examine things deeply and look for justice and fairness and equity. On the one hand, on the other hand, I I don't want to say we awoke, I am reserve from responding to BLM movement drink like that you follow so the these are the issues here.

I want to be at a God honoring servants of the Lord just like so many of you want to be alone to pursue truth I don't want to be moved by media reports on the left or on the right don't want to fall into stereotyping don't want to have presuppositions just based on my own upbringing experience.

That's why I've listened and interacted with friends from different backgrounds for many many years because all of us have limitations borrow experience. We just, whatever it isn't. Culture musical foods literature just a host of things sports experiences you grow up doing certain things have certain background, certain perspective, and it means that it's limited does mean that it's ungodly just means it's limited traveling outside the US about 200 times the spent literally several years of my life outside of American different countries, different cultures that's been very helpful as well to help shape things and then you get on your face before God with the Bible is a God of this one.

Pursue truth adjustment to pursue justice. I just want to see Jesus glorified.

I want to do what's right for PI will be reacting to the left or to the right.

So can we talk this through together. Can we talk this through. Honestly and candidly that's the goal let's look at the tragic footage the death of Dante Reitzel. He gets pulled over for an expired tag, expired license plate as he's being pulled over.

The officer notices that he has air freshener is hanging from his rearview mirror, which is illegal in Minnesota because it's authentic and obstruct the view of the driver when they run his tag and find out who's who's involved then they see that he has an outstanding warrant. That point is on the phone with his mom's bosses take their fresheners down in an note and spelling don't run for whatever reason he tries to get back in his car. That's when the officer, the woman involved yells Taser Taser she's gonna tase him and instead shoots him. You wonder after 20 years is training the rookie understand is as well. How you don't know the difference between a gonna tase could be that things are so intense could it be that that everything was so inflamed. At that moment and in with everything going on. The city that she's not thinking clearly understand what the parents are skeptical, but I'm skeptical to think that you just intentionally shoot someone in cold blood. So we will just listen for a moment to this tragic footage here is from his EchoStar right so she's yelling Taser Taser she's gonna tase him the wise try to get back in the car.

That's of some terribly unfortunate then old blank shot him. He drives off and then crashes and then this sounded, on the other hand the other hand, terrible loss and of all times and places, with so much pain and service division intentional ready to happen at this time in Minnesota but there are other times recon soldier shot in cold blood by driver and they get out of their minds. We sort this out when we get beyond the emotion and tension of the moment and talk this through fairness before dawn. 866-34-TRUTH recalls we come back for cleansing by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us. Article 1 a look at little while. It's it's on the red state website red state is very very conservative strongly conservative lot. A good critique of the radical left and it's an article why is our knee-jerk reaction to blame black men with guns by Joe Cunningham and it's it's written again conservative website conservative blogger or author and yet questioning how the right often exists reacts again just after fall just bad black man with a gun that you get a faulty guy to try to justify what happened.

I found it interesting to find that perspective on the conservative website. Also on the few heard this, but sports journalist Jason Whitlock has been blocked out of twitter why because he criticized BLM found a priest the Patrice colors buying a $1.4 million home in a like 88% white area in California was like 1.8% black. That's it just would like himself black, criticizing her spending what she's doing and going against BLM values is been blocked out of twitter for the give one more thing and go to the phones 866-34-TRUTH to put this in perspective since of why police can be so edgy and and why they can react the way to do just give another side of it. I'm getting married is this is going on, but let's let's play this clip. This is in New Mexico and there is so okay, it's a it's a horrific thing to watch your police officer stopping radio, stopping guys pickup truck goes around to the front of it. This because I can walk out of the truck. He's he's gotta with whatever rifle he Scott by his side.

You can see it in as soon as he gets by the copy shoots in cold blood comes around shoots and some more times and he's drives off soon so this is one policeman's thinking this could be the last moment of my life right now. I might never see my wife and kids. Again I get shot because I discover this but were looking for. The sky and next thing your dad so these are all split-second judgments that are being made. These are all questions that have to be asked with their children.

Whether his kneeling on George Ford's neck killed him, whether contributed to his death.

And even if both of those were true was because of racism or just police brutality, literal questions to be asked to be the way tragic loss of life is one of those terrific videos that that someone could watch so let let's discuss these things together.

I want to get your perspective. I did a poll on twitter just asking for perspectives on racial profiling Savior person of color through white. Just this way in and I hate I hate to divide things like that but I'm trying to get perspective based on our own life experience white so will will start in Chicago with audio welcome to the line of fire. Thanks for calling Sir, thank you. I am dark skinned, dark brown of any black American W you know you do not provide incident part of something that would be like to do it like some years ago seven years ago you attended the Vineyard church and kind of kinda you know once a month you can go after them.

People who wanted to make do not breakfast for new nonlocal mission run by a white woman, Monique, and the general every month.

It would make you a hashbrowns and gravy and a lot of work and any weakness will I was also going on around them and then render the client Ms. Nuno Benedick on the implant and then I've been back to the kitchen that I heard someone behind me thinks are you gonna want that. You can't go back that night was the deleting unit coming to you stop me and the people to normal use by the left and you know I and then she was very embarrassed and apologizing about and I was you know, she thought, I'm black and I'm a you know I'm gonna question would be on the initial that if I feel better that way. You providing treatment, but the most important thing. What I want to tell you is what is tragic is president of the community leader of the governors asked the doctor took the liberty of this should be getting the black you want Nuno Benioff stopped by police do not get out of the do not unit if not run away for your hand. Do not behave properly because it's not like because what is happening ago the Okanagan wasn't taking advantage of being backed up to go to young kids the young views of the getting into your studio in their running out and getting shot. And in fact I look. I'm a software engineer at the major investment bank and the non-managing director posted over that but hello please you was you. By a black police officer and he was a youth she was driving expensive kind of 25 or so was Ruben thinking he was a drug dealer and all that that would be tribute. Next on people are young. But you need to be calm and not get up and send the last thing I wanted to. You could get to be immigrant not have a right view of protesting against racism because we all come from backgrounds where you have any effect. Note concordia grand activities of people I know that you're getting against all of the engine on every my wife grew up in the best that the gun was one of the thank you nephew anyone. She said the reason the more than against impunity for the against files instead of just just just consider it. I've often heard from folks who lived in different parts of role the identical statements and of folks have called in and said that that racism in America now is much less than racism and most of the rest of the world in much the rest the world.

You don't have as much immigration so you just have your society and your skin color your ethnicity. Some of us doesn't fit. They can think really be outcast of II imagine Sir, thank you for the call that there are there some folks saying hey we have to talk with her kids and end here at a given example lease make sure I get that the name right here okay.

It was US Army second Lieut. Karen Zaria this back in September, but now the officer involved has been fired. Here it is.

He's he's African-American Army Lieut. heat he sees in his car. He's got his hands on the steering wheel he gets pepper spray to get he gets terribly mistreated. What else was going to do or you are one of one of the the high-profile killings because it everything was recorded on body cam was was a gentleman in his vehicle stolen.

I have a gun I'm released trying to sell cam I'm reaching to get these get shot and killed so Army again the office and skip all the godly but you look at the cow. How can you justify so here's here's the deal. So we sailed it up on the race card.

No, I'm trying to say is as though the body of Christ as brothers and sisters we gotta talk. We gotta share perspective. We've got to help understand one another and if part of the body is hurting. Let's find out why.

Let's find out why 866-34-TRUTH let's go to Raleigh, North Carolina Margaret, welcome to the line of fire burning today on being challenged every body to pull out the picture that when me and creating like because he can appear to be that child is likely that everything in college and end up with nothing to stop him from being an intelligent that would be diligent.

I don't think it would America need to name the control issue could be in control 90 and no one area but like the why is so yes this and I'm sorry to hear of your own story can traumas that I can't relate to or understand, but as a police officer. If someone is resisting arrest. Are you supposed to exercise control. In other words, it isn't that your job and as an officer to to be in control their ongoing right trying to control bonhomie in your from your experience looking at this again.

God is the ultimate judge than the be a jury decision here. This is not a race issue. This is a control issue exactly got it payout Margaret II appreciate you you weighing in 86634 again friends.

We are not the goal of this is is not to be judge and jury of their children, or anyone else. The goal was to talk honestly and to ask what your own experiences can there be a fair trial with things as they are in America today.

Can there be a righteous outcome and and those are protesting those variety are they just being used by the radical left for further destructive and divisive causes or is this just the pain of of the black community America erupting once again honest questions to address it. Look most most broadcast get on the gonna have a hard take on the left or heartache on the right do my best to sort things through with you before telephone lines are open. You get to weigh in 866-348-7884. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 86. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. We are having an honest conversation today about the death of George Floyd, the trial of former officer dear children, the question of racial justice racially quality in America, 866-34-TRUTH 87884 with the death of trave on Martin at the hands of George Zimmerman years back.

We did a lot of shows. We talked about a lot of issues I listen very carefully to his many causes. I couldn't had interaction with friends from different backgrounds and then the death of my namesake Michael Brown Ferguson and a midnight case with the myth of hands up don't shoot. But why did that trigger such a motion. Why did what. Why did it strike a chord across America. We talked those issues through an and I tried to simplify things by saying this in terms of blind spots because we all have blind spots would you agree we all have blind spots on going to the phones momentarily 866-34-TRUTH it was my perception. After listening, watching, observing, praying, thinking, reading, adjusting information that white Americans often do not see racism when it is there in black Americans often see racism when it isn't there and in other words, because white Americans have not suffered the same thing black Americans have historically white Americans have not been subject to segregation were not part of suffering the horrors of slavery that there can be racism and white Americans just don't see it. It's a blind spots and unaware of it that are aware of the mistreatment or the injustice it's there.

They don't see it then. Then, on the other hand, black Americans, because of the history because of the mistreatment because of the inequality may feel that something is racist and is not there, and so that's that's what we have to step back and try to analyze. For example, that the tragic death of George Floyd. We all agree it's tragic in the videos is heartrending to to watch and so was because of drugs in his system is the prosecution would argue in and said that be the toxicology report wasn't simply because of that the police brutality as the video would seem to indicate that even if it was police brutality was it based on racism. Those are all separate questions is America's being torn apart by now we the body we we have to be able to talk to each other and talk through these things and say hey here's were you missing it here so I don't see what way I think you are you not seeing it and then you have the radical BLM movement so black lives matter of course, a man absolutely yes a thousand times over, but the radical BLM movement with that tries to stir up and you got all these things to process through together. We need to step back a deep breath listen to one of the learn from one another. A let's go to Lacey in Simpsonville, South Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire, bring up the point that I heard and and try to call out a point that media outlet recently about the new case at backing up without appreciating that 20-year-old you want like conservative near Thorson saying that the reason why office Eric made the mistake was because it was like an affirmative action hire 20 years ago and that she shouldn't have been hired in the first place.why she made an I do think that the thing we like toxic idea, and I don't use the word exit lightly but it is very listed stocks with you. I don't use it like these, but that's that's the word that hits me, Josh, Sylvia, how you seek for 20 years. He somehow slipped by 20 years. Yeah, being an inefficient woman and all the other in and women in the police force that they all just happen at get by somehow. But then this lady just looked up to show out Josh. Why do people need to do.


I'm up with that with ideas like that yeah and an event like acknowledging that like me to probably be training 25. The third batter or pending training more than what it is raining like a doctor that is in this one. And they're basically simplifying and doing exactly what the left. Beyond that, I'm the one that's that's were having this conversation and do my best not to to be that in due that yikes I had not even heard that one. But thanks thanks for sharing that I appreciated Lacey I think you right yeah I see Josh what why must we come up with these narratives. Why again it's not a trained officer right.

I have never held the Taser in my hand, you think you know if you day and day out, you know exactly where things are in your your belt and were you grabbing what you grab what you're holding right if using Taser Taser summits handle these tell me the difference between shooting Taser and shooting guns. You know that what's in your hand everything sees me a tragic mistake. The idea that she would just shoot him in cold blood. That to me is is hard to believe, and there was no threat to her life is no threat from what we can see this, try to stop him from driving off, why he wanted to try and drive off another tragic mistake in the midst of all this, but to blame it on her being a woman is hard because of affirmative action now is unforced for 20 years, 86634 of us go to Deborah in Raleigh, North Carolina. Thanks for calling the line of fire, and I really appreciate your program regularly. Thank you Ray in this town I grew up in the late 50s early and what I'm seeing now is really a slap in the face of those who have actually lived through a real country of right the African-American music community black community. I have a template would terminate.

We want to be called back today. It constantly being agitated with propaganda about wasted black crow so suggested and it doesn't take anything big at all flat when something happens like with some of the issues that we mentioned George Floyd engaged young man now. The problem is that at African-American not taken the ability flat on cultural and it really is a moral issue until until we go back to the basic which is a trust in God because he's the one that bought it the field and end up getting about not dismissing anyone as a result of the level I through an office that is kind, but though when we had no officer that will come to our rescue. There was one that did come to help execute that with the God of Abraham. Applicant take and we forgotten him.

And so now, I believe, hire a lot of things that happen in that community. If you look at, you know that tomorrow 50.

It is no longer day. You cannot just walk away from God and expect everything to continue to go whale Deborah I appreciate you calling me all of us turn to God whenever a background in American so many ways. In general, is turned away from God and we are in such a mess but never thank you for sharing your perspective and for being Regulus and I really appreciate it. Thanks so much Mike. All right, 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to David in Fort Worth, Texas. Welcome to the line of fire. Yet Deborah had a lot of Dr. Brown Romans 13 is written to those who believe might apply all my father was part of the greatest generation. When he raised me. He taught me or you don't play with boys because they can kill you not think about all Romans 13 four says they do not bear the sword in buying all growing up, I'm a pastor most of my life and in the black community. I'm a white man and a lot of the stuff that came out your Jeremiah Rogers turtle bomb was tied to all that wasted hatred of America just all all that anti-Semitism and baloney.

A lot of that is being preached and a lot of the black churches today and these children is just this video says the law is for the lawbreaker. First Timothy 19 is not for the righteous man in the I tried to ignore my father grown up a couple times by not listening. That about the police officer and I got my dessert. I got that they took care of me and I wound up in jail and I found out that he was right, but he was a God-fearing man, he didn't always do right, but he understood that principle that that authority is of God and end up in all of this, trying to figure this out. We cannot compromise all our stand on the word of God did note that they don't they don't bear the sword in vain and they are rock there working for the Lord.

That was my comment to David II appreciate the call very much. Thank you for weighing in 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Brian in Davidson, North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire Dr. Brown are you doing doing well thank you sir already caught a couple of non-and my comfortable forearm black lives matter like you. 100% there a lot of things in black lives matter that I don't you know in the in the movement. Let me state I will move nothing accountable separate the two. Yeah, but there the honest we might mark my my my original comment is just with the little bit but what I originally wanted to be called away how I when I look at like a lot of the inside of the not even just black lives matter, but like the January Friday January is a lot of empty take it in the Vista even with the black lives matter, they they have that type of row love, but I want I want down retractable. If you don't mind the sauce adjuster for different all right, but I want to speak to the letter last call is not not anything to get them.

I don't know them. I pray for them I love them in the body of Christ. But there is a slippery slope of what they were talking about when it comes to the black community, African-American and when you say the African-American don't have the the love of God in them anymore just put the blanket statement out there a slippery slope where we are getting we recycling some of the thinking that brief people outside of the body of Christ give you to get to that same narrative, not a thing. It was in 20 fact after strengthening his time. Generally speaking, the African-American committee is more religious than the white American communities. Generally speaking, what our system was talking about was something she grew up within a fear of God that was in the home that is sincere and she feels is the biggest issue is inside of a guest to make the general stereotypes can be dangerous. I resent absolutely hey thank you sir for calling it. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 664 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown as I'm sitting here listening, praying for what what can I say, what can I add how can I help to two simple statements come to mind which will ensure very quickly. They go back to calls first.

Don't stereotype don't stereotype Jews are that Blacks are this white so the Americans are this don't stereotype second point treat every situation fairly. Step back and the fear of God put presuppositions away and say father if I was to be entrusted with making judgment here as your ambassador give account to you. Can I do it in a fair-minded impartially. Don't stereotype's first thing second treat every case fairly.

I asked this question on twitter, but he feels is justified or not you personally believe that Blacks are racially profiled by the police more than whites just to get perspective and consider two sets of answers one for person of color of POC 14 whites so of those responds about 25% people of color 75% white, so among people of color. It was like 3 to 32 saying yes they believe this racial profiling among those who are white. It's slow, higher than 3 to 2 center they believe Blacks are racially profiled more so than just interest in the overall feeling consensus was was fairly close. Okay, let's go back to the phones and we start with Gina in Durham, North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire.

Dr. Brenner hey Mike, thank you for another godly work.

You're going to have one note godly perspective that occurred now coming from religious leaders, I really do appreciate that we could use more people like you. Thank you, thank you.

As far as like you know this enunciating of Mr. right and everything. I think they was wrong and that you know like a lot of unfortunately young black men are wrong when they don't surrender and obey the police.

I think a lot of what was staying in modern day is a respect problem and yet black American. We do have a storied history with the police and it is not a good one that you know we would see a lot less gas if you know black leaders put more interested on that of police Pierre Tripoli now in the more the media eat at the narrative of creditor versus pray or base in the moral event. In the more our children who know by large, a lot of them are not properly chart you know a lot of them are not brought up in fear of God. Even though we are more typically Martino church white people in other large writers. A large segment of a bit, you know are fatherly and are unchecked. So ill. Their culture today at eight and on the flipside, you know, like you said, I believe they do not like evangelicals, especially would be well taking out take every stereotype yeah inching team. What we are talking about. Some say that there is Gina this. I appreciate appreciate the kind words and I proceeded to call friends. I hope you listening to the scholars. I hope your and Brian glad you got to add on you, despond on Facebook disc is better breakup enough limited to the calls. But thanks for posting Regina, thanks for your kind words and thanks for for weighing it. Again, the purpose of the show is to hear from each of you and to learn from each other to be sharpened by one another to be challenged by one another. I don't have a point to prove I don't have a point to prove what I do you know if what I had a point to make. You know it I'm here to listen and interact and I feel I have something constructive to say I'm saying it all right. Let's go over to Atlanta, Georgia Baptiste, thank you for calling the line of fire. Dr. Brown about one through 100.

On the autograph mark of our favorite moment, though I will want to where I want to know in our time on tailings estates to stay right there. Stay right there to get to know the caller and come back to when she sorted things out all right. Let's go to Max and Stokes Dale North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire. Thank you Dr. Brown great show appreciate you providing the Orem everything off and on about an 18 year career in law enforcement the letter of the law there. We know this. We noted were all in rice and we all live east of Eden. And I thought you and your callers for pointing out basically when you paint with a broad brush to get a lot on the Windows were doing that people I I did not wake up every morning trying to go get even with someone. Quite frankly, I was on assignment when I kissed my baby goodbye and I went into places that I was ready. You may not know this in your listeners may not know this but it is illegal for most policemen to discuss certain thing with the media when I was when I was carrying a badge and a weapon. I was told by my administrators. I had policemen knocking on my door telling me I needed to shut up. These people cannot protect themselves against the onslaught the mammy of rhetoric that just washes over law enforcement, which is only going to make two things happen to good ones will quit and the bad ones will become more careful and get one to do, stay in it will be even more victimized than I will. Yes I know, meaning that law enforcement officers in my time. I've also nine any people in the church. It many people in pharmacy and law enforcement hierarchy court. I've known people who make them big. The intentional span and crime. It's not just the police but forgot I had there. Just the target or the day right so so you would feel then that the bad apples get everyone demonized and the others can't speak for themselves. Again, friends don't stereotype don't stereotype police don't stereotype and ethnicity look at each case fairly. And then when you have cumulative evidence. Make a righteous judgment.

Jesus said in John 724 don't judge based on outward appearance, but make righteous judgment say Max thanks for calling in. Thanks for your years of service out. We go back to Atlanta.

We lost a brother there okay sorry we try let's go to Siobhan in Seattle, Washington what your thoughts are. Dr. Brown letter.

Thank you for creating the race to be able to talk about. Oh no not talk about gardening encouragement at work and thereby I'm I do want to share my experience as an African-American in ink and particularly when I was in college I went there and at UC Davis in 1999 and 1998, actually, and damn armor. When I first encountered with a student that was not black with her, telling that the only reason I was admitted to David because of affirmative action, which was not true because affirmative action had ended the year before I even started their the house that I linking the African Diaspora house number created and obtained because a mural that had depicted different people of color on it was defaced with the inward on the part of the demand that the student that were there during that time requested was a people of color particular African-Americans to be able to come together and answered just talk about no issues like that with an offer to learn more about African and African-American history. Another expense that I didn't have the right one in my male friends had was he was pulled over several times and while he was in UC Davis not because she was driving erratically you're doing anything wrong, but because he was a black man could be so that some of my experience are not an African-American and Sean GG feel that now and 2021, things are different when not ironically don't know. I don't know that I've experienced.

I have I haven't personally experienced racism, though I know there are people that have experienced racism, solid-state no I don't think things are any different soliciting in your mismatched you feel that you have as fair a shot as anyone else in your career. Life is still something that you feel hangs over you at the great question on Glenn Swan that you have to think about as opposed to something that you think about constantly that that lease is positive, but will listen. We we are literally out of time but but friends.

Here's what here's what we need to thank you for calling in and and again will will keep talking I been waiting with it. There the. The trial in the death of George Ford to get a little further in and to to wait for things to unfold. Now this just more going on. Of course it's it's listen listen to each other with the key thing find folks to interact with who are outside of your ethnicity, skin color, religious world socialist at whatever find others to interact with and talk honestly say how can we as followers of Jesus fix the deep pain and divide in our country, but it was behind them with wants to fix it publish friends. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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