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The Latest Effort to Redefine Marriage

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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April 12, 2021 4:30 pm

The Latest Effort to Redefine Marriage

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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April 12, 2021 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 04/12/21.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. How in the world did we get where we are today stalking for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael grow your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown was the director of the coalition of conscience have president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH your job is Dr. Michael Brown.

How many times have I said hey I'm not exaggerating these urgent times. These are urgent warnings will today is another one of those days. I am not exaggerating.

There is a reason we are sounding the alarm.

The good news is there something we can do about it. The bad news is the hour is late welcome friends to modify broadcasts this is Michael Brown.

The numbers always to call 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 had a very interesting few days leading up to the broadcasted appetite about that a little later in the show but first I want to take it to a scene from Canada and we set it up for you as role of font journalist in Canada. Conservative leader of rebel media has been banned on various platforms because of his media outlet being contrary to the PC spirit challenging the standard narratives and things are very oppressive in Canada. There bed American anyway certainly is worse in America but in other ways. The settings worsen Canada and there is a smaller church that is less vocal. So this even less pushback. Ezra LaBonte posted this now if you're if you're only listening if you can't be watching on Esther to Brown or YouTube, or if you watching on on dish TV or Pluto if you just listening. You'll you'll hear this.

The sounds are disturbing if you're watching you will see 200 policemen with gas masks on gathering around some building what is going out. What is so dangerous.

What is happening. Let's let's play the clip.

Dr. Van Gassman is faxing Proctor 200 is on the wrong I believe the right close to 200 Gassman Pfizer reasons Gassman 240 vehicles for one church, one church decided to open the doors decided to hold services violating Canadian law right now because Kovic they said we are going to open our church for services that was the response.

If you thought you would never see something like that happen, it's it's not like they were committing some crime in the building. It it it's not like they were manufacturing and sending out kiddie porn video some horrific ugly's despicable thing. It's it's not like they were putting out racist literature calling for violent overthrow the government. They were gathering to worship God and preach about Jesus visa you have a Kovic concert. There is constant debate about what's acceptable. It's not accept what safe without safe and you could make a constant argument for the religious liberty to gather together, but that's the response to the policeman were doing what they were ordered to do.

I'm simply saying this is utterly outrageous and shocking and we must call attention to it. We must draw attention to it. We must talk about it. We must say these things are happening, we honor authority, respect authority when the authorities tell us to disobey God with all respect to the authority we say sorry but we must obey God rather than 95 or to those three words and ask for an X5 when the apostles did those very things. My policy was called with his loving neighbors myself my policy with Kovic is to be of honoring wherever I can, in any situation. So I going to the store yet Matt put the mascot on the plane with the office I can fly without the mask.

Whatever the protocol is if I go and speak whatever the protocol is a follow it and I want to send a message to those around me that if you feel it's important we wear the mask. I still don't know the science and what works and what doesn't work and where we are in herd immunity and all.

I don't know any of that with definitively with with Definity with with a new work there because of joining together infinity indefinite IIII don't know for sure what works, what does the work specs it out with the science is constant debate. But if I'm asked to do it that I want to do it for the sake of others unless it's a direct infringement on my own personal rights or personal liberties in a way that is intolerable. That's where line is drawn okay so Supreme Court decision in the states is positive in that yet again the courts ruled against draconian laws in California is California limited settings you going store right to the hardware store grocery store there do that right, you can gather together unit restaurants limited seating different things like that.

But if you have a whole religious gathering you couldn't can do that. So this man is when the Supreme Court overruled. Once again, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and said yes you can gather in your homes. How is it that you can gather in a hardware store a bunch of people to be a hardware store, but you believe to be the restaurant but you can't gathering your homes. How can that possibly be. This is discrimination against religion. Supreme Court ruled in favor of the churches that said hey we will have house meetings at end, and covenants try to stop us, but here's the problem here is the negative side really was 54 rooms not 90 rooms 54 and in Chief Justice Roberts cited with the three liberal justices and and and the Justice who wrote the. The opinion just to set the mower said hello. You know you don't treat apples.

Assume you treat watermelons is a difference between a hardware store and restaurant and religious gathering at home while that's concerning. It's good news that that was a victory, it's bad news. It was 54 is even worse news to see some of the logic and fall. Now this is not to focus our attention today your bunch of other things I want to talk to about interesting attack from CNN and the ADL against Tucker Carlson and Fox news.

I think you'll find it interesting regardless of your political perspective will talk about how shockingly enough incest consensual adult incest is back in the news and further questions about the redefining of marriage that's the question I asked at the outset of the broadcast. How to get where we are today, but before we get into any of that. Let's focus on this. There is a new Marvel comic book and it has a villain character in arch villain who isn't extreme Nazi and it seems that this villain is now patterned after Prof. Jordan Peterson, one of the best-known conservative intellectuals on the planet today and what makes it even more striking is the man who wrote the comic so check out this interview to podcasting Jordan Peterson Dr. Peterson is being asked about this. What's the story with you and read school. Well I don't know. I mean, I came across this last week and and someone tweeted me this this cartoon this comic Capt. America comic and I saw this screenshot of red skull. Looking outta computer screen and it said 10 rules for life. That was one text box it said order and chaos and was a couple of other boxes and I thought well that seems to be making her reference to my work coming 10 rules for life is pretty close to 12 rules for life and of course the main themes I discuss her order and chaos.

I mean one book is about order and the others about chaos in my first book is about both so the joke you know associating my ideas with this arch villain magic super Nazi red skull and then as I looked into it more deeply and as people simply more information. It became clear that at least some of the inspiration for this red skull character in this Capt. America variant was appeared to be targeting. Let's say, or satirizing or warning about my ideas and so I've been playing with out ever since. I suppose on twitter people are producing memes now of red skull, or superimposed upon the picture of him things I've actually said instead of the hypothetical things that the people who don't like me wish I said and then purposefully misinterpret and so that's the patent it's I'm trying to make it into something playful so that that's Jordan Peterson. He came to international prominence as a professor, clinical psychologist, University of Toronto in Canada when Kennedy was passing laws that would basically enforce speech and so you must address some of who identifies trends using these pronouns, etc. he protested against it and said him who can submit to this. He said communism. For years he knew about enforce speech.

He said no not on my watch and it if you tell me I have to I will if you put me in jail go on a hunger strike. When he was just adamant about next thing he becomes internationally known as we close rules for life becomes an international bestseller. He's not want to back out that this is evil to just file this just ridiculous get a brilliant man who can brilliantly defend his ideas and he's can be made into some white supremacist evil Nazi exhibit more back to Jordan Peterson eat it so absurd. It shocked me to begin with. I couldn't believe it. To begin with it, especially when I found out who the author of the comic was so you know he's intellectual figure among the leftist community relatively well known and politically correct and I didn't expect it. It really threw me for a loop.

To begin with. I mean it's really something to see yourself portrayed but say parodied, satirized as a being called a Nazi before.

It's not pleasant, but this is one step beyond that, I mean not see apparently isn't enough. I have to be a magical super Nazi by implication, but really it's was still at it. So it's so surreal and absurd that that I couldn't believe it. To begin with. Yet what what makes it more absurd or absurd. As Dr. Peterson would say again, he's not want to sit back so he's going to he's going to utilize this, in turn this around to expose things get a message out, but the author of the comic book was the Stasi coats influential African-American journalist and author of one, often addressing issues of white supremacy and things like that so he's he's unknown journalist the thinker and for him to put this out I'm in what in the world. Does this not expose how radical and extreme that the politicized spirit of the left really is to try to turn Dr. Jordan Peterson into an evil Nazi might just get started, 866342 file line of fire with your host Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

There some of the alarm direction of the culture I said before, you could put me in any generation and I'm sure my message would be repent.

In other words, it's as part of my calling as part of who I am part of the burden that I carry to help wake up the sleeping church and help one about the moral deterioration in society while pointing us to the Lord as the solution is the one who can bring about positive change.

Some always setting a message of hope and optimism in the midst of the warning but but there's a reason for the warnings and things are dire things are getting worse and they could get really, really bad that the look of lettuce, cherry picking another finding some extreme I am. I'm talking about things that little by little by little. There is attempt to normalize book how many shows, TV shows in recent years celebrated polygamy from what big love to my five wives and and other shows and I noticed that while the shows were airing on TV the various cable networks and things like that but some of them I think were very popular popular enough to have multiple seasons that it if you look at the Gallup poll that acceptance of polygamy in America went from 7% to 14% over. A few years how that happened will take an educated guess media bombardment. The redefining of marriage. The reality of the slippery slope people mock it as their careening down the slope. There is no slippery slope or they justify hey, what's wrong with this. Either way is further proof of the slippery slope silk. Check out this headline from the New York Post. This is just April 10 right New York parent seeks okay to marry their own adult child get your parent seeks okay to marry their own adult child now according to the lawsuit, they will be diminished as human beings if they can't marry you save everybody understands that even consensual, adult incest is unsafe because you could have children and there's a high percentage of possibility that they'll be a genetic defect. All not all they want to make clear that they can procreate, so that in the even have an acronym about parents and the children over nonprogressive wanted to marry and whatever so so here's the point.

It's either a father and son or a mother and daughter by the same-sex couple, or the mother or father or too old to have children or unable to biologically for some reason or the child in question is unable biologically. Either way, they say they can procreate. So there goes that objection use. It was just wrong. Well that's what we said about same-sex marriage. That's just wrong. So to be more than that.

So anyway let I want to understand my been sounding a lot about this rug let's go back to 2007, 2007. Time magazine right in and look at this. April 5, 2007 should incest be legal, shall repeat this time magazine. This baton had a lot of influence should incest be legal. April 5, 2007 we read the opening two paragraphs to the Supreme Court struck down Texas's law against sodomy.

In the summer of 2003 in the landmark gay-rights case of Lawrence B Texas where they found sodomy to be a civil right somehow constitutional right. Critics warned that it sweeping support of a powerful doctrine of privacy could lead to challenges of state laws that forbade such things as gay marriage and bigamy 2007.

This is a quote from Justice Antonin Scalia state laws against bigamy, same-sex marriage at all, incest, prostitution, masturbation, adultery, fornication, be Scalia and obscenity are called into question by today's decision. Time magazine references. It is a withering dissent. He he read it aloud page by page, from the bench. Obviously masturbation would be in a different set of listener from incest, prostitution, all of these things involving someone else, but a withering warning. Nonetheless, so time magazine continues, it turns out, the critics were right does get that. It turns out, the critics were right. Plaintiffs have made the decision. The centerpiece of attempts to dispute state bans on the sale of sex toys in Alabama polygamy in Utah and adoption by gay couples in Florida. So far the challenges have been unsuccessful. Plaintiffs are still trying, even using Lawrence to challenge laws against incest. Okay with that. That was 2007 should incest be legal. The question was being asked. It continues to be asked so in 2010. Let's look at this article from the Village voice ultraliberal New York publication December 16, 2010. It starts by telling us this, David Epstein, the Columbia University political science professor accused of having a consensual three year long affair with his 24-year-old daughter back in the news with the recent statement from his lawyer Matthew Colusa that incest is not all that different from homosexuality quote academically.

We are obviously all morally opposed incest, and rightfully so. At the same time there is an arrangement to be made in the Swiss case to let go what goes on privately in bedrooms and he said this, it's okay for homosexuals to do whatever they want in their own home. How is this so different. We have to figure out why some behaviors tolerated and some is not friends.

When that event came down and students become University found out what had been going on with their professor and his adult daughter. Many of them just posting on Internet form civil or consenting adults. What's wrong with it. Hey, love is love, why not love wins in the right to marry the one you love. Why not this is the illogic behind this. This is what happens when you can say hey marriage does not need a man or a woman can be two-minute to be two of you without fundamentally redefine the Institute. Why not three manner three women are two men and what why not these questions being asked and in one of the polygamy reality TV shows at some other cast members in Utah going to court to say it is. It is unconstitutional for you. The band polygamy and some of the restrictions were actually removed through the court case not fully or partially. This is what's going on are psychedelic when I 77. The allotment we give you some examples. Okay, old Betsy. Okay, go back to September 14, 2012 I wrote this article here comes incest just as predicted September 14, 2012 and and I referred there to what's called GSA genetic sexual attraction may be fairly member separated from birth to now reunited may have been running another family have this intense attraction one towards another.

That's documented along with cases in other countries, then I posted this one. July 23, 2014.

Next stop on slippery slope incest in there. I had of the surprising statement from from a judge in Australia, along with illustrations from latest celebration of incest and pop culture then posted this one. October 27, 2015 why can't two gay brothers marry, so this was October 27, 2015 I was citing a pro incest argument from a gay politician and islands by Ken first cousins marry. He was raising that argument is getting closer and closer of them, generally 27th 2016 a legalizing adult incest, here we go again with further cultural updates in my 2015 book outlasting the gay revolution.

I said at the latest examples of the media celebration battle consensual in system example after example after example from MTV to HBO to major hit movies. One example after another after the game of thrones in all this. Incestuous relationships, you have to be willingly blind to not see these things. You have to be willingly sticking your head in the sand to not recognize the dangerous direction of these trends so backed was it 2014 was 2014 yet yet that's what was disliking an article I wrote of this poet, yet you read all this in my article about why can't an adult marry an adult. But why can a parent marry an adult child, said Esther Brown daughter you can read it over to or elsewhere, but is 2014 there was a a new website called debate out quickly was gone it was. I don't know how many months it was up but when I went back to to grab some of the info from it. It was was gone, with subsequent within a year, maybe. Anyway, I was asked to be part of the debate would be injury turned up by lesbian liberal correspondent where she was a she interviewed me and then for others on the quested should consensual, adult incest be legal. So I said no very plainly and I cited GK Chesterton who said, to paraphrase, you don't take offense density rose where the fence up this reason that we have prohibitions against this. This must be a societal taboo that no one can even think sexually or romantically about a family member is just a wall has to be there.

Out of the five participants on this debate. I was the only one who said it should be illegal to have them say love is love consensual adult relations whatever they want to others that we don't like it, but this is not up to the government to tell us what we can and can't do. When I raise the argument about don't take offense down into you know why it is put up intrusive once fascinating and never thought of that. No one else raised to know what else raised the issue you need to have a wall around this then needs to be a taboo. These just be understood throughout society that this is not a line, anyone needed possibly cross I mean and 99.9% of families and was thinking of crossing my butt with anyone is thinking of these lines cannot be crossed when the mess ring today friends because marriage is tampered with all and by the way, the blame falls back on us conservative Christians no-fault divorce in our churches.

We help destroy the meaning and integrity of matter was they on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown does not come on live.

This is to give your response.

1-800-618-8481 800-618-8480: give a brief response. Note, this will be able to give in 30 seconds or less silly under a minute want your way in with your opinion where you stand and why one 806 one 884 eight.

So here's is applied on Twitter just as curious about this. I said, there's no doubt that the cultural and political divide is is divided and intense as ever.

Little redundant divide divided so that the cultural political device is divided and intense as ever, but this daily life seem less contentious construct is been out of office resist is my perspective as an op-ed writer and cultural commentator.

So the 682 votes that we got will be posted this on Twitter of 37.4% said less contentious 37% said it's just my perspective, 25.7% said hard to see the way. Now some of the responses said, less contentious, but that's because you don't have trump calling out what's wrong and standing against it all the time and others would say will less contentious because trump just kind of muddy the waters all the time but it is just that everything was as discount yet we ever be around somebody dislike it just is always a battle as always is this distant drain is something is God just a problem. It is that would be the negative take and then others hate units.

Just my perspective because I'm not interacting with as much of the intensity of it all the time when I'm dealing with political and cultural issues pictures to get your take. Again this not come on the air, but just a give your view .1 800 618 84 eight okay when I was part of the debate on the defunct website that was called debate is left-wing liberal pro-LGBT Q as you can imagine, was one of five debated question should adult consensual incest be legal.

I remember when the young lady called to interview me. Very friendly and and 100% honest. There is nothing misleading return to trap me in my words.

This is usually debate goes, we just ask everyone the same questions and post the answers and everyone just reads that's what was it in other words, I don't get to dispute so much with someone else.

As you know, maybe I have a hint of what were interacting with what their position was that we could we could critique one another but otherwise is just everything posted.

It's exactly as advertised. That's what they did was told integrity. But I remember when I got the call this young lady said. As you know this is a hot topic today seven years ago. As you know this is a hot topic today. Now we also know the logic and statistics will back this that when you have mixed families that you have a higher percentage of sexual abuse. Why will self-evident hear your dad and you raising say three daughters and a son never occurs to the literature daughters in a sexual way, that there your daughters.

You raise them from birth you change the diapers you watch them grow your pace that the young woman think while you're remarried. This is unbelievable but that social daughter. This is how you see here.

You can conceive of her in a different way. On the other hand, if you let's say marry a woman and she's got three daughters 1715 13.

All of them very attractive, very mature looking and and and then a boy nine right in your typical heterosexual male will you see them a little differently understood your daughters in the fast fast fast fast fast majority of stepfathers and I can look at their their their daughters stepdaughter sexually, but there's a better chance of it. You understand this, there's a because you haven't you haven't grown up with them.

You haven't seen them from infant had infant head up so you're just seeing themselves as attractive teenagers.

That's why you have one reason why you have more abuse and then to be more instability in the relationship so that all kinds of other factors but when she said to me, 2014. As you know this is a hot topic. It's no surprise that these things keep coming up there or European countries that have dropped their prohibitions of incest dropped the laws there is a much discussed case in Germany with a couple separated from birth only to find out many, many years later that they were brother and sister. They met had this intense love one for another to have so much in common than insisted on getting married, having children at least one or two of think they may have had for genetic defects.

The children take away the husband went to prison's attorney Sabrina fight this is for love is a very very sad case.

They obviously really love each other and it's it's it's a tragic case and tragic for the children involved, but you can you cannot cross certain lines there. There for a reason. When I talk to to gay activists who are professing gay Christians and they said hey look should have the right to marry whoever we want in the Bible does not oppose loving consensual relationships. You just have to ask, what about two adult brothers and if you go throughout Leviticus 18 when it when it comes to the prohibition against homosexual practice.

You can also throw it out and comes to the prohibition against all these incestuous relationships. This is a pleasant time with this the world we live in friends. These are the direct results of the slippery slope you can mock me all all you want but we've been saying that was going this direction for years. You mock me when we warn that same-sex marriage was coming in now that's normal.

If you don't agree with your bigot is six years back that decision friends. It remains urgent wake up time wake up to reality. So one of the little things that I raised to this young lady that was interviewing me again very very pleasant is not setting me up for anything and everything was as advertised on the website and then the website disappeared and I search for things everything to scrub on but I said look GK Chesterton said this you don't take down the fence and to realize why it was put up.

There are reasons we have certain prohibitions. There are reselect children don't see certain things.

The parents have said that's the way it is this kids get old slick all cerise so there was a blog on FS if if it self-evident who wrote it. I apologize for not giving credit is just a blog on FS and it was called Chesterton's fence a lesson in second order thinking so will skip down to paragraph this is the second order thinking is the practice of not just considering the consequences of our decisions but also the consequences of those consequences if you play chess you know that works. Everyone can manage first order thinking which is just considering the immediate anticipated result of an action it simple and quick usually require little effort by comparison. Second order thinking is more complex and time-consuming. The fact that it is difficult and unusual is what makes the ability to do it such a powerful advantage second order thinking will get you extraordinary results and so will learning to recognize when other people are using second order thinking understand exactly why this is the case, let's consider Chesterton's fence described by GK Chesterton himself as follows. This is the fuller version of essay, Chesterton said, there exists in such a case, a certain institution or law but essay for the sake of simplicity of fence or gate erected across the road. The more modern type of reformer goes gaily up to and says I don't see the use of this let us clear away the more intelligent type of reformer will do all the answer if you don't see the use of it. I certainly won't let you clear it away go away and sink. Then, when you can come back and tell me that you do see the use of it. I may allow you to destroy the net became popularized in the same don't take down the fence to realize why it was put up okay some years back I was getting ready to preach about home congregation fire church in Concord, North Carolina. I was getting ready to preach there on Sunday morning and I was praying I guess it was the Saturday before praying and reflecting on which way I should go on the message.

What message I should preach it and I hear in my ears my my inner ears as the thought clearly comes up to a passage about go back to that to the ancient paths at the okay where is that verse and then I heard a voice say to me in my head. You should know or that versus those my own brain speaking to me with the Holy Spirit speaking to me, but immediately I got the message got it Jeremiah I wrote a commentary on the book of Jeremiah. I should know where the verse is so I went and preach from that text but it was basically saying not old-fashioned ways, not not just our traditions but God's ways. The things he established the foundation stones in Israel were were not to be moved they would bear the markers, boundaries there.

Therefore, a reason so it if we go back to God's ways. I don't mean just our church traditions or religious traditions or family traditions. But if we go back to God's ways. God's ways are best. God's ways work God's ways. Last minute he know that last week I recorded eight shows eight debates chose for the new awakening TV network a WK and G a recorded new shows can be called that's debatable with Dr. Brown at eight debates recorded in today's and their lively.

I mean it's let's see you got three minute opening statement three-minute response to minute rebuttal two minutes each have five minutes legal 111 wants to get eight total and 3030 3030 3030. So another that have CE at like nine or 10 minutes and closing statement so it is good. I mean, you get a good time to go back and forth and challenge one another and you cover a lot of ground in the talks on a full formal intellectual debate, but some of the folks I debated a transgender pastor gay pastor progressive Christian who says she's antiabortion with those pro-choice visits can save our babies lives there a lot of things that were challenged by the things that were challenged as purity culture was challenge this idea of sex only being four within marriage and then the shame of sex outside of wedlock, and so on and so forth. And what's better for kids and raised in an and should they be taught in a conference of sexual education or should they be taught. Avoidance of sexual activity outside of marriage always is with debated at an obviously God's people get a lot of things wrong but God's ways are best if we fear God's ways.

If we live by God's ways. If we honor God's ways. He made us to thrive him. He made us he made our body's immune our minds. He made us to thrive. If will follow his ways, his ways brings his ways bring blessing and life come back CNN ADL attacking Fox Tucker Carlson talk about. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 664 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I had a very interesting weekend. I was scheduled for monitors Florida yesterday so this past Sunday I had finished the taping shoes for awakening TV Thursday got home late Thursday night and came to the office Friday to do a radio show and some extra recording through really groggy and then something was wrong. Get a throw up what is that, out of the blue and then started to have some unusual pain and it turned out to be a kidney stone yet. So Nancy drove me over to the emergency room on chat with my doctor said yet you go to get in, get this checked out.

That was like 1230 at night.

Friday night we got home about five in the morning and then successfully said goodbye to that stone lead on 17 height at a normal Sunday everything back to the will of course noble today, but we'll reschedule the Fort Myers trip back by one week.

So anyway this was that of thought. I tell you because I I do reference it in. In a recent article I wrote after that it is his crazy thing of the articles about Nancy me and how we process life together. Her being an absolute realist to me being extreme optimist that we learned in our relationship with God and one another. The process life you will be how close we are little old for seven years ago. She got kidney stone first time ever. Yikes within a couple months I had my first ever X get a fast forward to a few months back.

She had her second kidney stone fee was after I had mindsets as I close, we are yet I know with my diet because I face the perfectly healthy dive extraordinary health.

Dr. God's grace. This despicable water see him him on that.

I'm on the dentist. Okay. All right. Brian Stelter is been very upset with her Carlson Fox news Chris ratings wise crushes CNN took Carlson crushes the opposition or the other broadcasts that are on the same time the keys on all but one Stelter and the head of the ADL antidefamation league very upset. Let's listen to what they had to say. Some people are speaking out, including my first guest here today with reversals of interview is Jonathan Greenblatt is the CEO and national director of the Anti-Defamation League think as much for coming on.

Thanks for having me Ryan, you penned a letter to Fox news media CEO Suzanne Scott on Friday saying Carlson's been race baiting for years and it's time for him to go. Have you heard back from Fox that was Fox said back to you since Friday. Well look it's Sunday morning.

We were closed yesterday for Shabbat and we sent this out Friday afternoon, so we haven't heard anything yet but I'll tell you why. If we step back. This is so problematic that you pointed out Tucker Carlson has a history of sanitizing stereotypes and of spreading this kind of poison, but what he did on Thursday night really was, indeed, as you put it a new low. The great replacement theory as it's known is this toxic idea that very cabal of Jews plotting to overrun the country with immigrants, Muslims, black people, etc. and commit what they call white genocide. It is literally Brian a stable of white supremacist and extremist ideology. All right, so this is quite an accusation is took Carlson and Fox will Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of the ADL antidefamation league this kilo.

Further, and find out exactly what their concerns are exactly what took Carlson allegedly did and said wrong with six excellent Tucker Carlson literally introduces it to his foreign half million viewers. He serving as a gateway to one of the most damaging and dangerous conspiracy theories out there.

When I say that again let me be clear, this has real consequences from 2017.

Unite the right rally in Charlottesville, where this phrase was invoked. Remember, Jews will not replace us and then had a higher was mowed down and murdered to the shooting at the Pittsburgh synagogue in 2018 were 11 worshipers were killed to the shooting.

The following year in Christchurch were 51 people were killed Muslim worshipers to the murders in El Paso were 20 some odd Latino people were killed again and again and again, it is the replacement. It's been invoked by these extremist murderers.

So when Tucker Carlson invokes it on his show when he dismisses it right. It is so dangerous and I think as you pointed out, the question is really from Fox management to the Fox board to Fox shareholders. How can they countenanced their network being used, to mainstream the most violent and toxic ideas. I find that really dishonest. I find that very very troubling. Now tomorrow's broadcast clearing time and space so that we can talk together on one of fire, get your live calls about the trial in Minnesota of former officer their children in the death of George Floyd. We haven't talked about yet of the one the dust settled more the trial to progress, but we'll talk about it and then another shooting a fatal shooting of a young black man in roughly the same area yesterday so all kinds of upheaval and strife and concern and and then another incident with a white officer who's now been fired for teasing her pepper spraying a black Army officer to get those details exactly right will talk about these you know you know on this broadcast. We never shy away from honest discussions about race issues in America and you know that I am very happy to take an unpopular opinion.

If I believe that opinion is right and I don't mind alienating someone if it's for the truth. Why care about people that will stand for the truth.

I am not here to be popular and liked of you to speak the truth in love was in Dallas and that is someone we do together because we listen to one another.

We learn from one another but will register Jonathan Greenblatt do to me is his file to to bring all of those acts together all those murders and then to tie that in with what Tucker Carlson said to me that's immoral that's unethical and is utterly misleading. I can play the whole clip now from took Carlson is not that I just assume his right okay and on and watch the show or read transcripts of things sometimes are catch a video clip is like what I watch Fox news every night. I don't and I've said for many years. This bias on the left is bias on the right, and I appreciate so much what Tucker Carlson said noticing so different differ with the spirit, atonement, what, whatever, but many things I appreciate the courteous and appreciated willing to take things on expose a lot of the junk that's going on.

The culture so I went to watch the video in question to see what he actually said these is not supporting white supremacy is not endorsing that keys you simply talking about a reality and concern that if the nation is flooded with immigrants, many of them not going through the legal process and if they now get benefits that don't come to others if they get vaccinated before others do.

If they get job opportunities, or whatever. Or they are all going to vote in a certain direction and some of said what would the Democrats do if it was known that the flood of immigrants coming across our border. Many of them illegally. Of course we would welcome his been illegally immigrants as we can. As part of who America is but if many came across illegally and it was known that the more immigrants came in that 90% of them are 80% with vote Republican over the Democrats be saying about this obviously is just a matter of when this thing goes politically going to take the other side.

He's just talking about a real societal reality something that's taking place that raises concerns so the mark side, there is not about white supremacy. There is nothing about suppressing others. There's nothing about keep the Asians down keep the box down keep the Hispanics and keep the Jews known nothing whatsoever, let alone the idea that Jews were somehow behind this that the Jews were the ones fueling these fires the cabal of Jews were behind this is that the the replacement of whites is actually something being sponsored by Jews, American Jews, the vast majority are white, themselves, are they not seem self-defeating, but it's if you watch the clip from CNN. I thought what to Tucker Carlson say what did he do yikes. Now just joining all of those acts of violence and terror together was a stretch to star right in the slaughter of Muslims in New Zealand that you either settle we don't want these foreigners here, etc. this out. That's not what Tucker Carlson was saying and I watched it, not with the presupposition of the defendant took Carlson against an attack by CNN. I thought well, what he say did he cross a line you watch it you tell me you tell me who you would find more reliable the, the CEO of of ADL and CNN are Tucker Carlson Fox just based on the clips in question, but this year is the problem.

Many people only watch CNN others only watch Fox we watch MSNBC only watch this outlet or that outlet. So what they hear the silly reality they know in their stewing their steaming over Fox and the support of white supremacy and the support of this hyper to get Tucker Carlson who downplays mass murder. That's the picture you get some friends.

Check your sources. Check your sources look for reports on different websites. When you hear something someone did some crazy on the left are on the right. Check different news sources.

The reporting and then get to the actual facts.

Jesus said in a totally different context that truth will set you free. Met the truth of the gospel truth about him. Generally speaking, though, been committed to follow the truth may be difficult but it's liberating.

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