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Best of Broadcast: Exposing Myths about the Jews and an Interview with Joel Rosenberg

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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April 8, 2021 4:20 pm

Best of Broadcast: Exposing Myths about the Jews and an Interview with Joel Rosenberg

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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April 8, 2021 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 04/08/21.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. So one of the most common myths about the Jewish people and what on earth is happening in Israel and what is Joel Rosenberg have to say start for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown was the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown puts early Jewish Thursday. We can have a great broadcast today bottom of the hour and be joined by Joel Rosenberg the selling author. His latest volume, the Beirut protocol just arrived on my desk yet little while ago so eager to dig into that.

He's going to tell us about the Israeli elections give us some insight as well set to be bottom of the hour and open up the phone lines wide until then. 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

Any Jewish related question of any kind is a great time to call you to as many calls as I can in the first half hour. Also just reminder do you get my emails. Not sure what you get like to week three a week then be it. You get an update of every new article that I've written with a summary of it. You'll get a listing of revenue video we've put out you'll get special notices of brand-new book and here's how to preorder a signed copy or as a resource package we put together for Passover/Easter.

So if you don't get my emails take a minute, maybe 30 seconds not benefit if you're driving this way to stop a good Esther to SK do your You just see filling your email so your name, email address that's it and and you'll immediately get a few emails that you really enjoy more my testimony. Background the 3Rs of our ministry and what those are about in the you'll hear from us weekly.

So make sure you take a minute and sign up.

Okay before I take your calls something really interesting happened this week I had sent him an email to how many hundred 80 people or something.

A select group of those who had preordered the signed copy signed up with copies of my latest book, Christian anti-Semitism, confronting the lies in today's church and what happened was this out.

We had we played some clips from someone that we had exposed in our book and really taken apart factually scripturally. Some of the bogus claims in the video that a gone viral online.

So this pastor now counterattacks after we've exposed the errors in his video in our book. This factually systematically and he attacks me in it and at the textbook, and so on and Ellie have to do is read the book. Research what I wrote, compared to claims made it's it's really simple where the truth lies.

But what happened was after he attacked us, attacked the book and gave misinformation to his people. We just noticed that these one star review started popping up on Amazon not a review from someone who read the book, etc. I take issue with your differ on this page you think you will hear no people clearly had read the book and just it's trash is false prophet despair from it. Whatever silly stuff like that so I just shot in no doubt because we want to come by lies with truth. Human opinion is immaterial. I look for God's evaluation. I live for God's approval a live for God's smile and peace pleased were good. Everybody hates me gospel is the rigid same with you.

Everybody hates you. But God is pleased with you.

Your good. Conversely, everybody is pleased with you and God is displeased with you are not good. So that's the issue to me. But we also combat lies with truth.

That's the reason I've written some books to expose laws and say here's the truth in these lies can be dangerous was they can lead to hatred.

They can even lead to violence. Let's expose them with truth so suddenly let's just say you work for years putting out a really good product to save a lot of people's lives may be a no new health development of medical development is gonna save a lot of people's lives and people began to get your product and they post reviews on your website or wherever else the product is sold saying how it's changed the laws and how good it is and how helpful it is and then someone who was a rival to use a minute who didn't like you was trying to to get their product out before yours. Nurse was Pat didn't beat them in and that you're selling yours and they got no market for their sinner like you. So they recruit some of their friends to start posting lying reviews about your product. I tried it and hurt me and seal whatever this just lies well for the sake of truth so people could see August reviews you want to combat that and and you try to eliminate the false reviews just just being a good steward and you encourage others to to speak the truth and get the message up so interestingly, one gentleman wrote back and out. I was sent a copy of his email and he said while I am finding more things out about the Jews what one of these initial gentlemen that got the book preordered he set on fire. More things about the Jews and it's disturbingly is it.

For example, I just found out that you cannot get married in Israel without DNA test, proving your Jewish that's very disturbing is not racist us the first time I heard that my life it's a complete math is a complete and total and absolute myth. And the subject is a myth that said, now were DNA test done on say like that. The lumber tribe in in Zimbabwe that claims to be a descendent of Israel were test done to to legitimize that yeah and those people claiming Jewish dissent that want to see. Hey can we prove this through our DNA and and and can be be welcome to Israel as Jews because if your Jewish automatically to become a citizen of Israel.

That's understandable. Of course there will improve their lineage, but they did it DNA test get mad no absolute total and complete nonsense. But these things circulate and they have some air of credibility whenever and then people believe the more you make it. You 11 website that quotes somebody in the dole. He is reliable herein.

Before you know you have peace and contentment so there's there's a book on different myths about the Jewish people.

I just pulled it up. He actually downloaded from the ADL website and the American deformation league and and take take a look at this. I just want to show you just on the table of contents of the book here of some of the most common myths that are widely believed to this day. Six are listed here address attend six are listed here.

Jews are cheap, greedy, and materialistic is good with money myth to Jews control the banks media, Hollywood, even the US government. Jews have a secret plot to take over the world really subdivides into multiple myth with three Jews responsible for the death of Jesus, all Jews all time responsible for the death of Jesus with 42 think they're better than everyone else. Myth five Jews are raced on religion with six Jews.

Israel perpetrated or have advanced knowledge of the 9/11 terrorist attacks golf that let's leave these up here for a moment and then understand what anti-Semitism is it it is it is falsehoods about the people as a people.

For example, if if I was a white racist and I was looking at other groups. I would look out as Blacks as a people as inferior. I would look at Asians as a people is dangerous. I would look at Jews as as a people as as we kick that that you you view the people as a people that look.

There are jokes known basketball white men can't jump to certain athleticism. It seems that black basketball players have over white basketball players are often that's been the case that you have these jokes and things like that but other things are or vicious in other things or caricatures like American suffered for that three generations caricatures evil things spoken about them as a people.

The Africans are inferior. The Africans are cursed the same way lies, stereotypes or or created and then the people as a whole or demonized, so for Smith user cheap, greedy, and materialistic Jews are good with money so all you need to perpetuate that myth is not ill. Jewish kids I went to school there. There parents were wealthy or real they lived in a nicer neighborhood or yell Jewish kids I knew they were much better with money than than the Gentile kids or that you know Jewish businessman. That's that's greedy and and stingy, and so on and cheap. Now becomes the stereotype for everyone. And that's when these things become dangerous and destructive at and the look of Jewish philanthropy when it just for your curiosity Jewish giving percentages in an tendencies and go around the world and see when their tragedies you know massive massive natural disasters and see which as of the first people get all you have your Chris release organizations and Israelis and Israelis what's on, different to being cheap greeting materialistic to be the first ones there with relief and service Jews control the banks media, Hollywood, even US government use of a secret plot to take over. Okay, we can we take that down off the screen. All you need is a few prominent Jews. Steven Spielberg will Jews control Hollywood Mark Zuckerberg right Jews controlled social media and all you need is a prominent Jew here promise you there and then it perpetuates stereotypes go. For example, when anti-Semites and expose this in my book Christian anti-Semitism, and by the way if you if you read the book. It's been a blessing to you by all means post review on Amazon and let folks know the truth and if you read the book and really looked at it and categorically have differences in Philemon possible postpone three different but we want fairness, we want truth.

We want honesty, as were striving for so is it is last thing in the will take a break and start taking calls, 866-3487 84 will be taken because the second half of the show consultant speak with Joel Rosenberg so now's the time to get in 866-34-TRUTH but let me say this. Last thing if if I now give a list of Gentiles who are prominent in an area sludge widget will doesn't matter because just have one or two Jews. That's enough. So one of the lies that we refute in the book spoken by recent court. Christian anti-Semites is that Jews responsible for the sexual revolution that the Jews are behind pornography. These gross ridiculous laws so you say well the the man called the father of the sexual revolution of McKinsey that invited you race in strict Christian home than the man that would follow after that is the next father, the sexual revolution you Hefner that he he was also raised in a strict Christian home, the these men Jews house that the Jews are all but there was a German Jew and he also knows all you need is one to perpetuate the myth that's that's that's the thing.

Let us learn from the destructive work of negative startups and by the way Jews being a race not a religion. It's both land its ethnic and its religious is what people from all ethnicities have converted to Judaism, hence the ethnic diversity within all right back with you because of her plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown locomotive to early Jewish Thursday is Michael Brown 866-34-TRUTH is never to call. All right, let's go to our friend Zach in Honolulu, Hawaii. Welcome to the line of fire. My call, you're welcome Appia Berger to will. Thanks much appreciated your walk cool. So my question is for you. I was I was watching important a few days ago and Alex Jones was showing footage of the bunch of radio Jews is what you like out relic of a circle is what Doug and you know and the police harassment by pushing them who's crazy, but I've no idea what what is all about you when he said someone if you know anything about the particular footage, but you could select many many many many many many possible scenes that's happened over and over again.

You have within the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community. Many who were completely hostile to the modern state of Israel because it is it is basically a secular state as opposed to a complete Torah observant religious state, even though it's it's a Jewish state. They would still consider it. Secondly, consider the leader secular there waiting for the Messiah to to come in truly establishes real the way it's supposed to be.

So it's kind of a love-hate relationship that they have and they are often at odds with the government they been at odds with the government over handling that coated in vaccine issues and things like that so you'll have periodically things happen where will have a large crowd of courageous, let's say, for example, it's a funeral for one of their beloved leaders maybe died of COBIT and maybe you've got multiplied thousands of them, body to body marching down the street without masks and in this is when the populace is supposed be wearing masks so you can have a conflict with the Israeli police and the serrated community but it's as happen.

Many many times over the years so there'd be any number of possible scenes of COBIT are unaware of the most recent Alex Jones. Her info was was showing something recent, but does not not uncommon so this is a Jew versus two conflict is is what you doing with IRS but the ultra-Orthodox community is its own community and it, and in that respect lives by its own rules and laws so if they have a conflict between their what their laws and national laws they can follow the Rabbi's right.


And a lot of them are antibacterial male maps work American-owned videos of inner Rabbi. We were talking trash about you know that and are ready to support the defense lawyer you think you think of it in the sparrow alternative pastors who are saying hey we want to meet. We should need the government does not have the right to tell us we can't sing so their mentality would be God's call the student to learn Torah together God's goal is to pray together and those close to train our children together and to to not do this is sin against God is better to obey God and let him take care of us now.

On the flipside, because they live so closely together on many of the families report not uncommon to have 1012 children or more and living just above the poverty level. So lots of people in small communities and then studying together. The man in the children side-by-side. Day after day that there were much higher rates of infection, much higher rates of fatality in the serrated community so it's it's been a tough glow in that respect, but yet these are conflicts within Israel and they are there not unique between religious communities and more secular government and leadership, but they are. They play out a Certain Way in Israel, 86634 of us go to Ellsworth in Richmond, Virginia. Welcome to light a fire ground doing well thank you.

My call out Carly. Our auto note. Each time you on your program. Always very and a fairway that part of the argument. You can't conclude and so radical that that all are down below Expo even though the picture might come.

I don't think that we will feel like that down now called and we would block off the item of all of the adult got beat on something, but are marital,. And be respected sir. I appreciate that and that's that is my heart saying it's it's not a show than putting it is my heart and and look we each have convictions like you said, that will die in those hills you know right right on the other hand, we recognize that even with those convictions that people may differ with us and that they may not be monsters, they may differ, thus discussed different perspective for different information. I have it in the biggest mistake we could make is to only be in our own little echo chamber where everything I believe is reinforced and all the other guys are so bad and that then you go on the other side admits the exact reverse thing you think what that so it's it doesn't mean that that that you can have a conviction, but it means first get a decent human being you. Let's start there be honorable and respectful of others and then and then second, if you're not willing to let your position be challenged if you're not willing to let it be scrutinized that that how secure are you interviews Friday and and the other the last thing is we know that all of us have certain levels of blind spots just through life experience, you know, so here doing my radio talk radio for 13 years. Callers have enlightened me on areas where unmet life experience you want one.

I did black friends is said to be met is not a racist bone in your body, but there's a lot you don't know, it's like, yeah, this'll also fill in the blank spot at zero and that we do it, one for another, and then we process it. See, I had to do this from day one because I got challenge as a Jew by the bite by my family and rabbis you note recounts what I believe.

So I have it I said the Jesus I know you changed my life. But there every strong argument so I've got to be able to love God with my heart and my mind and and you can be dogmatic within Jesus's blessed are the peacemakers will be called a friend of God and in the wisdom from above Jacob James III chapter, we should be approachable so that that means a lot to me. My brother, I appreciated and I'm not a coffee drinker, but I'll have all have some water. You have some coffee. What was it that having a friendly discussion.

Five. Samaria, we all agree on and sharply trailer it would be a joy. Okay.

All right. Work practical very much. Thank you sir. I really do appreciate it 866-34-TRUTH hate let me stay there for moment and turn this back in 2 to 32 is Thursday so it was a broader statement, but by our our friend Ellsworth. There so let me let me broadness and and get get to a Jewish -related issue. There is a verse in Proverbs that you probably seen may be memorized and it be translated couple of different ways that Sadik honey shown three full that that that the one who comes first with his argument is right Vaca a Hoover how Carl and then his companion comes and examines it examines him.

In other words, I give my argument all man.

You are right you are so right. That's brilliant. Okay will wait for the second person to get up and challenge it and see how right it is I don't watch a lot of TV news but years ago when it was Hannity and Colmes on Fox late Alan Combs, whose liberal and and Sean Hannity, conservative data show together and I will watch it a couple times and find it fascinating because Hannity would would get up and make his opening statements and yoga strong conservative.

I'm sick man hi he is self-righteous. It is such good examples of excellent true eminent and then Combs would come on with his liberal arguments is like most good arguments. Also there was a strong that's a good comeback rustler are two sides to the story.

That's assuming you can have a conviction doesn't mean that one is more white than the other means, let's let's hear this out. But let's let's reason together. By the way, Isaiah 118, let's reason together is that's really not the best translation there is some doom Isaiah commentary and and and working on a translation of the book of Isaiah as well. That's that's not the way I would render it it's it's Mike.

Let's let's argue this out and and then there's a point it's it's fascinating with the overall argument is it's not what we often think they will come back to that another day of there's a joke. If you have two Jews and remit three opinions. So there are still certain things because her educational background, religious background, different things is very common to be opinionated into to have these arguments back and forth but it's it's a way to get sharper. I encourage you for that. The key things that you believe and hold to spiritually, morally, ideologically, I encourage you to be so grounded, so secure in what you believe that you're willing to take the challenge that you're willing to sit down with others who differ that you willing to be exposed to other sources of news and other information and then sifted and said let's see how solid my position is. Let's see where it needs some fortifying. Or let's see where I may have some blind spots. The way to grow so I trust me I know how to be dogmatic on the fundamentals was a hills of Zion but even there, may I present things in the way of grace and wisdom is to man learn the Bible) by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown, have you read great is our God. It is thoroughly Jewish Thursday Michael Brown.

Welcome to the line of fire. Have you read any of the New York Times best-selling Middle East novels by Joel Rosenberg novels that, unfolded his things around us are happening almost in with their prophetic novels.

The latest the Beirut protocol that my just arrived today some holy my Handspring at home, Joel Rosenberg, the Beirut crop of protocol Marcus Riker novel. This is hot off the press just came out a few days ago and is really taken off of Joel's on the line with us want to talk about the novel and get understanding of what the rules happening with the Israeli elections. Joel, great to talk with you on the line of fire Michael, great to be in the line of fire from or about my fire. Apparently yeah really talk talk about it all.

Hate the quick quick question. It's related but slightly off-topic someone that helped really get your books out initially in launching to the public. Then from there that the books sold themselves with what was Rush Limbaugh you work with him years ago, but wrote an article saying that that you feel that he had a genuine conversion at the end of his life.

Michael was very exciting.

Very dramatic. I hyper rush of 1993 I was working for Ben former Secretary of Education Bill Bennett and my wife Lynn working for conservative America and she was pregnant with our first child. I I went into Bill Bennett office and I said, Dr. Bennett, you know now understand why you called them and I that I just had dinner with Rush Limbaugh. He's looking for a research director based in Washington.

Would you begin should you be perfect. I thought I would love that. So I met rush was interviewed by him in the fall of 93. He gave me the job and the winter of 94 I worked for him for number of years has researched cracker and a ghostwriter for number project and stayed in touch stay friends for the next been 25 years and try to share the gospel with them. A number of times with great Christian home, his brothers, a very strong believer on evangelical but I was never convinced that Russia had a personal relationship with Christ and what he was just couldn't been more supportive of my novel out, literally drove them up to your current bestseller list so if you So encouraging, but I always had. That the first reports from Jesus paying what what would profit a man to gain the whole world, but to forfeit his soul and I was in no position to be sure, but that compelled me to pray for him. Try to be a witness to him and wrap it up to say he invited me to come down for him last year when I look novel out culture was much back in Palm Beach you want me to come and say hi because I knew he was dying weeping in touch as we regularly were. But when I got there I just waited in the hotel. Day after day and he kept apologizing you by email today is not a good day today is not a good day and in the end, we never got to spend time in person, but I did learn on that trip that he had given his life to Christ and everything had changed and I began hearing them talk about it on the air when he was well enough to be on the air. This this was just so thrilling for me. I personally but of course was not my story to tell until he passed, and I thought you know what people people love him and care for him millions of them would want to know this and I think it's fair now to stay at end yeah so very very exciting development.

I look forward to be my friend again one day. Yeah. Really. You be the richest most influential person on the earth. But if you don't know the Lord. Personally what's what's it all worth.

So yeah I'm amazing Grace amazing Grace right Joel, so he got it.

Yeah, sure thing about when it when I read your article on it it was it was a moving article sort of want to start their all right before were done I did. I do want to get your insight on the Israeli elections, but now how is it that someone like you and political front in researching and fact-based and all this in your getting data heavy go from there to writing novels within the novels. It does novels there kind of history in advance novels and a certain level.

Had you move into this.

Yeah so wanted call the Beirut protocol and USA Today bestseller list. Outdoor very excited about it but yet you dial back the clock. I spent 10 years in Washington again working for Rod Bennett but also working for a number of US and Israeli candidate all I work for them and laughed when I worked for went then former prime minister of Israel Benjamin that now he had been the prime minister for 96 to 99 he lost his reelection. But in the fall 2000 put together a small team of advisors to plot a come back. I was hired by DB on the comeback campaign to now knows that you have a career know that you didn't come back for nine more years. I would get one more campaign breaking a brief campaign didn't seem to go anywhere when I was around but after working for Annette yahoo I did Phaedra sit down and write a political thriller. My first one ever based on the premise that that that Netanyahu talked about a lot, which is American leaders don't understand the threat of radical Islamism and they don't take it seriously but same dangers and terrorists and terror state that attack Israel organ attack America and God forbid America's line fired. Britney don't and I decided to take That Col. about climate and state play that out thriller and imagine what it radical Islamic terrorists hijacked the 20 fluid into an American city and this set into motion a war between United States and Iraq to remove Saddam Hussein from power. Now I know that sounds eerily similar to what happened, but I wrote that novel nine month or September 11, 2001 I was actually finishing up on the morning of 9/11 and I was not trying to be prophetic or you know people call me a modern-day Nostradamus could not. I was taking idea and I was projecting it for like a working what if what if what if we get how my data.

I got eerily close to what really did unfold and I intended or expected. I certainly wasn't predicting it, but that the last year is the first novel I ever wrote the one that Rush Limbaugh will read love endorsed happy on the air out. Michael Rush didn't have anybody I meet Eric to the United States and Mr. new people to call you. A house like the ghettoized didn't even have former staff. I tried how I got started. I said I tried over the years I would give David Linda and I were were in touch somewhat.

You know and and he knew me as a messianic Jewish leaders said she's been on the radio show I say, hey, I've got this book I think you really like you. Can I send you copy yes is it he can I send you an extra copy for rush didn't get a response to that was everybody there. Uncle was try to get subs and I rose okay let's yes so to to to have had a promotion solvency that the favor of God in their but what what did you new book the Beirut protocol. Can someone just start here. Do they need to read the whole series to get here so I written a series of spirit so what I'm talking about MasterCard that was your goat that was part of a theory, but the current. Marcus Riker, Marcus Riker is yet you could start with the Beirut protocol that you can download on your phone or your e-reader or get a heart cover copy from anywhere. The Beirut protocol is about a guy named Marcus Riker Riker's a former Marine, 100 and decorated in combat for valor in Afghanistan and Iraq. He goes on to work for the US Secret Service rises to the top of indifferent creed novels in the theory attracted in his life caused him to leave government service and then later you drafted back into the BIA almost against his will, but he becomes one of the top operative the United States and in the Beirut protocol on the Israeli Lebanon order doing advanced out of trip for the incoming Secretary of State. Who's coming to worry that Iran and Hezbollah terror franchise of Iran. But in Lebanon might be trying to cook up some mischief and sure enough there actually the terrorist attack market chapter 1 marketing are captured and dragged in deep behind enemy lines deepened Lebanon and while there being tortured and interrogated missile war. Lebanon wore a rock above above ground and and suddenly there's a whole new crisis in the Middle East and marketed in the thick of it and that you can start that novel the Beirut without knowing anything about the past, but there are three novels that go for it that I and you do get it to get hooked. But yes, I would encourage people to go back to the third part of the Kremlin conspiracy. The person gamble and then Masters novel at the Jerusalem assassin art. So when you and I want to get into some details things you've written in novel form but that is actually come to pass. Eventually unfolded.

Now how did you feel on the day of 9/11 and obviously tragedy hit on for many of us might mow my wife's brother was was killed in the twin towers that jarred all of the nation, but your writing a book in your predicting it's just a novel.

Your writing of this event.

This could happen. How did you feel when you have mucus got a minute before the break, but how does that affect you personally.

It shook me because I was living in Washington like it and I and I know that friends will work the White House.

I just been at the World Trade Center for lunch with the Treasury Secretary and from Wall Street that are just weeks before this all happened so it was all very real and and my first instinct. Michael was not home. I got my book is coming true might think we were ever built was what our country under attack, but it was eerie and at the quit date unfold. It's creepy. But I would write a novel like this and then it starts to come to pass.

The minimum start order pairing for war with Iraq that got even stranger still yes also friends that's the interesting thing about this by Joe focusing on certain realities in the Middle East and realities of radical Islam allows them to write these novels, the great reads menu for me. I just every so often scan the chill and just read something enjoyable that I have to worry about self over profanity and sex, but it's exciting and so is a great way to do it jealously. My recommendations get a ton of them. The Beirut protocol, the newest in the series is all this plagiarism is right that talk about Israeli elections and more about those books. It's the light a fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 8664 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends now speaking to Bill Rosenberg new Times best-selling author.

His newest book with some holding in my hands here eager to start reading the Beirut protocol Marcus Riker novel tools with us from Jerusalem for the lateness of the else is just truth is stranger than fiction. She got Marcus Riker here. What when I leave the studio to after radio go my home to do a workout workout partner is a is a committed Christian, but he is a professional wrestler, former Marine and he wrestles under the name Jackson Riker spots just so I like this. This probably is that those exists are good.

I'm going to tell it will be fascinated by the visitors must broaden their social and I want to get back to that. The question about writing things that can you not claiming prophetic and spray sugars.

Beeson, Nostradamus, but a lot of things written before they happen before we go back to that the Israeli elections.

This give us the big summary what's good, what's bad, what do we take away yet another election called for with the government and able to move forward, what, what's at stake. Yeah, Michael. I've been a US Israeli dual seven years now this might fit much my hips if I think that there's a that we are the only democracy in the Middle East here in Israel but boy we really love elected outline happening because there essentially you have one of the greatest ministers. Of Israel's longest-serving Mr. Benjamin that Yahoo now closure that I worked for 20 years ago but haven't.

I don't know him really and I haven't met with in years. Now I know with team and I know many other leaders well but thinking election is not coming down to left versus right campaign is a pro baby versus anti-election. Now the left wing in Israel which is not that big here, but I can United States but the left-wing apartheid.

But what what problem is the reason we keep going back to election for all the really remarkable good things that get done keeping Israel safely unleashing our economy for Arab-Israeli peace deal last year I wrote you Nobel prize-winning thing, but he very badly mishandled the COBIT price for we have more than 6000 people dead here in Israel.

That's more than all the wars in terror act of the last 25 years here in Israel and neighboring country haven't had nearly bad. There's a lot of management in it now in the court and economy, there's been a lot of problem, but the second thing is BT's personal style of leadership is abrasive at him to be to be charitable and if not, the left-wing leader that I'll never serve with its centrist and now one more right wing political leaders thing. I had it enough done good thing I can't work with it anymore and the narrowing path and we may see next week.

I predict Americans who love Israel and only know the name that Yahoo could be in for acute shock next week. If somebody else begins to encourage as the Prime Minister and and will say I really don't count out meeting at Yahoo shrewd political but that's what you have to know is that he's in real political trouble here and for some good reason. So we'll see how he yeah Allie. He and the nation handle it and then Likud versus blue-and-white.

They were basically even last election and then for this coalition government was never really unfolded with it stand now, what was Paul saying about Likud versus the next strongest party right now who are you Likud party.

It will deftly be the market inspection it off it. It currently has 38. It may only get around 30 feet make a couple more ground blue-and-white has imploded because it main leader after I go and that interviewed him the short version is agreed with Netanyahu to form a national unity government time that we wouldn't go to for collection, but that Yahoo essentially and I say this with respect, but for baby and is a common belief stamp to dance in the back and reneged on their agreement didn't pass the budget and forced Israel to go back to 1/4 election because Beatty doesn't want somebody else to it they were doing a rotation government right so he started starting and that he did. He never turned it over on it so subliminal counted because God's basically look like you compromise the sold-out right and I made people think you did the right thing, but his political base abandoned because Beatty because they save time for Beatty to go and that's the divide here not really left and right really think that Yahoo is flawed but still a good man who can do great thing or is flawed and you gotta go… Appreciate the overview will be praying for God's light. Most of the summer because this was a God or will because things get so complex and and and modeled God your best for the country on if the car yes under new Israel should do and that we don't have that right now you yeah it's is still needed first Chronicles 1232 that was decided I jolt got a few minutes left. The new book the Beirut protocol.

What are some of the things that you wrote in novel form so you begin your not writing here the prophecies of Joel Rosenberg being published, but the things you wrote about is novels it in these last 20 years or so that have actually come to pass.

Historically happy to be real quickly and let me just said I should mention I started a new website last September called all Israel new. We are tracking all the campaign event going on in the region so I commend Michael and your listeners. Your cover anything day by day, minute by minute all Israel new you can find it at all. epic that okay here are a few examples. So after the first novel of the last hot prophetic. I don't I don't I'm presented.

I don't call it perfect. I call it an educated yeah working but the next book was called the last days.

Now U.S. News & World Report called to be a modern-day Nostradamus because of that book and and they wrote about what I write about MasterCard and how the come true. But then they noted that the last day novel opened with a US diplomatic convoy heading into Gaza as part of the peace process when it suddenly attacked by a character.

Now, six days before the last me reported a US diplomatic convoy heading into Gaza that was attacked by terror putting a row that anything now watch out Yasser Arafat because Rosenberg off you on page was 43 and 13 months later Arafat was dead and that cause a lot of people go okay your novel is about the last days of Dr. Arafat how to back in five West Bank and Gaza that that that erupted next novel I will go to all about the one for at least Ezekiel option novel was premised on what the war blog in my blog from Ezekiel 38, 39, came true in our lifetime we don't know that it will. But I bet novel where a Russian dictator rising come against Israel. I have an Iranian leader build an alliance with the Russian and that Iranian leader says it part of the Ezekiel option at one point were to wipe Israel off the map.

Now the day you become option was published 2005 my mood I redeeming God would elect that day in Iraq. At present, a few month later he actually did say to wipe Israel off the map. If the series of those kinds of things over time cause people to go, what kind of crystal ball.

Do you have an while I believe in prophecy I and I study it, and I believe God speaks to people but I I am not using that right now what I'm doing is I'm studying the lies, the teaching of our worst enemy. And then I believe, and then I go write a novel about what if the things that our worst enemies say they want to come true. What they did comfort.

That's how I plot out political thriller but II believe in good and evil. I believe the Bible teaches you can better understand are your enemy when you look at the world, not just to political or economic but that through the third lens of Scripture and in fact Bible prophecy as well and I wrote a book called the back of countdown about how Damascus might be wiped out nation city rather, the Bible says in Isaiah 1749 that that will happen.

It hasn't happened yet and I think it will At the way I've written about, but some of my novel metal the current. But something I will deal with what is this particular biblical prophecy would happen in our lifetime, what, how might it look and that's the way both the cook. People who never thought about or as well as people who think it prophecy is cruelty, but think I have an interesting premise, you know, and end with 459. Copies of amazing friends.

I'm signed up to get newsletters and emails from all hey this is a way that's a sticky parent but to stay ahead of the news the new book, Joel Rosenberg, the Beirut protocol I start reading my tonight hey thanks for joining us, man. God bless you, my pleasure another program powered by the Truth Network

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