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Yeshua and the Passover

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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April 1, 2021 4:40 pm

Yeshua and the Passover

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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April 1, 2021 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 04/01/21.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network talk today about Yeshua the Passover King stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown was the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valve by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH your job is Dr. Michael Brown. If you have a Jewish -related question now is the time call at the bottom of the hour, bring on a special guest talk about his book the Passover King welcome to 32 is Thursday this is Michael Brown is a recall 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884 any Jewish related questions will be tackling soon.

Of course you want to talk about this season of the year Passover Easter remember in the beginning there was one holiday was one sacred season Passover in the midst of that sacred season issue of the Passover lamb died for our sins and rose from the dead's death coincided with the Passover sacrifice his resurrection coincided with the celebration of firstfruits the outpouring of the Spirit that followed this 50 days later corresponded with shovel to Pentecost you're familiar with that.

But remember that in the beginning the early church did not separate there it was.

Not even quote the early church in terms of Christian church new religion of the believers in the Jewish believers than Gentiles added to them. Celebrate Messiah's death and resurrection. In the midst of Passover meeting Paul writing to the Corinthians, some of whom were God-fearing, Gentiles, and in the synagogues and heard the gospel in the synagogues they were familiar with the biblical calendar and Jewish customs.

Paul writes to them in first Corinthians 5. It says Messiah are Passover.

Many are passive lab has been sacrifice for us. Therefore this keep the feast, either metaphorically or literally. In either case, it was during the Passover that Messiah's death and resurrection was celebrated, then a tradition developed in the divided the Eastern church from the Western church.

One tradition said that that we follow the Jewish calendar, so the 14th of Nisan, and so on, that that this is when we do what we do and in the midst of Passover we celebrate Messiah's death and resurrection of the said no it's it's a Friday and a Sunday that's that's fixed again think of Christmas, which is December 25 with every day that falls on versus Thanksgiving which is the fourth Thursday of November. Right whatever date that falls on so can be based on day based on date, there was a division that by the time of Constantine there is outright anti-Semitism saying we don't want to follow the customs of the Jews. We don't want to be following the Jewish communities calendar and waiting on the Jewish community. Set dates is no.

We do it when we do it and this is the original is claimed to be the apostolic wave.

Of course the apostolic we would've been conjunction with the Passover.

So what I believe is the best and right thing to do take a lot of reformation for this to happen is that during the Passover season is Jews around the world celebrate Passover that the Friday and Sunday within that when we celebrate Messiah's death and resurrection of this could argue that that that's I was going to do it. That's how I would encourage it being done. I understand it shifts in terms of of the CANADA hybrid that that's how we do in any case. In any case can refocus some of the season is about not Easter eggs and Easter bunnies. It's it's about the size, death and resurrection. The ultimate liberation from bondage and the greater Exodus so we think back to the early Exodus and look at the greater Exodus, one from sin and bondage through Messiah Jesus 866-34-TRUTH before I go to your calls. Let me tell you about my book resurrection it. It was published last year. The goal being to come out right before Passover. Easter, which it did.

The one problem. Something else hit right around the time COBIT so we did not really get to talk about the book is much as we wanted to give it the publicity that we wanted and I think you'll find it totally. I open it. It's not time sensitive, meaning it can be written in the year 2020, or in the year 2040.

In other words, it is a timeless truth kind of book but there's there's a really neat sociological proof that we give sociological argument for the resurrection of Jesus.

And I believe it's been laid out and fleshed out in a deeper way. Here than it has in another place skews me and I was delighted to get endorsements by two the great scholars of the resurrection today. Gary Hermiston, Michael, who appreciated the book okay so here's the argument here is the argument the title of the book is readily available online on our website is stricter. Brown the title of the book is resurrection investigating a rabbi from Brooklyn preacher from Galilee, and an event that changed the world. So who was the rabbi from Brooklyn Menachem Mendel Schneerson those of the Bob Jacoby there were the grand rabbi of Lubavitcher for sedum ultra-Orthodox Jews lived from 1990 Seesmic 1902 to 1994, so he died in 1924 at the age of 92 when he died his movement largely look to him as the Messiah, arguably the most influential leader Jewish leader of the 20th century and one of the most influential Jewish leaders in modern history and to this day go to Israel and you'll see signs pointing to him welcome King Messiah. Yeah. Among his most devout followers, they still believe him to be the Messiah but overwhelmingly the movement has moved on, that the major spokespeople that the most prominent voices say that he could have been the Messiah and he was the greatest leader of the generation, but that he wasn't actually the Messiah now here's what's really interesting auditors. Shortly after he died when his disciples was things can arise from the dead, you can see you watch there even some keeping vigil by his grave waiting for him to rise from the dead and then when he was hailed as the Messiah.

Even after his death and watching his good come again, and you watch was can happen.

There were other Jewish leaders who raise their voices in horror and said what is this this is madness. Judaism teaches that the Messiah will not die before finishing his mission what your teaching is like Christianity that the Messiah dies and then in the future will fulfill his mission, so they raise their voices, most prominently Prof. David Berger-based New Yorkers in Brooklyn and in wrote about this and said people are in the Orthodox Jewish world should be up in arms about this.

This is scandalous.

This is heresy. This is, this must be outwardly and clearly and loudly rejected so the argument was that you can see how Christianity developed also resist cognitive dissonance. There is this refusal to accept reality, there is this belief, this myth that Jesus actually rose from the dead lamb. In fact, he didn't and and here is the peril of this was the argument that is been given the Bob Jacoby was having with his followers sure is gonna rise there sure is the Messiah, now of the city's ocular diet and daily diet OKs the rise and they keep giving a spiritual answer, they keep putting it off and then there in complete deception just like the Christians that was the argument in point of fact, your argument works in the reverse.

Your argument works in favor of the resurrection of Yeshua settle get it okay you ready when you think of followers of the baby.

They were sure he wasn't gonna die until at the most about the was a publicly proclaiming him as Messiah but it was a large large for the movement that looked at him as Messiah and he had two terrible strokes list two years was life so was unable to communicate for four months, unable to speak and he could not stop this. He could not deny that. No, I'm not the Messiah can say that so they were gone over more with faith conference can happen. You watch's ocular dies, about to be glorified that beepers in those days they had a Messiah hotline calling the latest news and conceding rise is dissipated altogether were still some the proclaimers Messiah to the headquarters in Brooklyn that have been basely taken over by those who believes the Messiah, but the movement as a whole worldwide no longer believes that no longer teaches that outwardly no longer holds to that and in point of fact, none of them hear me. None of them claim to have physically seen him rise from the dead, or to have encountered him physically risen from the dead face-to-face and perfume and spices on whatever to care for his body and honor the dead. They they were shocked when it was new to and then when they came back and reported it to the disciples. The disciples didn't believe them there even in Thomas I'm not gonna believe he will. And they all tell Lucy not much tumbling tough physically can touch them myself, and then the beliefs only intensified and deepened and these men were willing to die for their faith because they had seen him face to face so you actually have the opposite.

The whole argument will cognitive dissidents will they just didn't separate reality will know they weren't expecting this in the Gospels. Paint them in very negative terms. They were not expecting the Messiah to rise and yet he did to their shock and then to their lifelong solid faith. The exact opposite was of the Bob is a crabby no one is claiming that they have seen them physically face-to-face after his death. That's because he didn't rise. That's what the book resurrection give a further demonstration of the proof of Jesus Christ from the dead will be right back to the side over by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome friends to the line of fire.

I'm not sure if you're having a demonic attack talking about the resurrection of the Messiah through some technical problems in the air, but we are working hard to solve. If you see what problems were good that your signal is loud and clear, 866-34-TRUTH bottom of the hour.

I'll be joy but my guess Travis no talking about his book the Passover King now will go to the phones will start in Reno, Nevada Trevor, welcome to the line of fire. Hello can you hear me are you there. I barely hear you talking on the phone yeah now all right now that sounds like room yelling in my ear. Okay hello no, you're welcome right so my question yeah I've been very dry by Christian anti-Semitism in really wasn't aware of it and have a strong link conviction that Christians need to definitely distant themselves in change perspective, but I've hit a brick wall.

Talking with them. Leaders in my area about this. Specifically, they say that Israel is a secular nation and that I have no response. Way on that you will explain why that would be an issue. Another was if God brought the Jewish people back to the land to fulfill prophecy and said that he'd bring them back to the land, even in an unclean spiritual state. Why does the nature of the state of Israel actually matter right then and there claim is that marriage is not a holy nation anymore churches replace bit and I spent a little bit into that topic. But I just become really like the runaround.

Not real sure what to do in that situation away nation to draw right okay. It is terribly wrong right right so the first thing is to ask the question did God say that he would scatter the Jewish people in judgment answer is yes, the God say he would regather them in mercy and is yes. So how else to explain the modern state of Israel of God scattered the Jewish people in judgment, and when he judges no one can undo his judgment right when he blesses no one can curse when he curses that we can bless he scattered the Jewish people in his anger then who regather them.

How do we account for the modern state of Israel did the devil do it. Did the devil overpower God that the UN overpower God. The Jewish people themselves overpower God nonsense so the God who scattered is the God regather the sun about Jewish faithfulness. This is about God's promises number one number two. He said that he would bring the Jewish people back to the land in unbelief. So it's were not surprised that that the nation's is not a fully holy nation to God, but it is this nation that will welcome the Messiah back that will come to repentance is the end of the age so that that's the second thing that the third thing is that Israel is a distinctly Jewish state.

The Sabbath is is universally observed in Israel, meaning that the seventh day is the Sabbath. This is is a for most Israelis it is a non-workday.

The biblical calendar is the calendar that's followed there. There is not Thanksgiving and Christmas.

You know, things like that but but Passover, cut, etc., and citizenship is based on on Jewishness notes. The first and foremost thing so it is a Jewish state, and it is somewhat religious, but it does not force religion on on everyone but if you ask your friends will who regather the Jewish people of God scattered them in judgment who kept them all these years and who regather them. What would they say to thank you that you answer even my follow-up question okay what you there is no so I was asking you rhetorically consider this more.

One of the said this will delay the foundation first, but if you asked them who is responsible for preserving the Jewish people and bringing them back to the land what what you think they would say to that. I don't think they'd have an answer at that point. Her claiming to know what God doing order or violating Scripture, and that that is the opinion that old which is quite so surprising to me that they would push back on that right so then then another issue would would be okay. What's more, would be the answer to this where does the New Testament ever called the church spiritual Israel never use the term the new Israel does use the term which speaks of the court Israel of God's will of God. In Galatians 616. That's not talk about Gentile believers that some of Jewish believers in Jesus possibly clear him on the throne them under the bus. Peace to all who live by this rule, the things I'm teaching a Gentiles. You don't have to become Jews in order to be saved and right with God and to the Israel of God, meaning to Jews who believe in Jesus so that's that's another thing.

The idea of the treatment and the spiritual Israel visual God know that this never described in those terms. And then here's the last thing I would do. I would just I take out a Bible with them it's okay. Let's go through Romans 910 and 11. Let's go through verse by verse sums read it together.

Okay go through verse by verse and starts off Paul's broken heart for the Jewish people because they're lost without the Messiah right but the promises are still theirs promises are still theirs. Even unbelief. God doesn't take his word back that the people will not experience the blessing, they will not experience the reality of the promises but the promises are still theirs is God made them in and got some fickle double minded God doesn't change his mind on things say one thing one day and then reverse it. The next and effectively swears on those that visit. There's nothing higher. So then you get Romans 96. Not all Israel is Israel. This IEC that said the church is Rolando somebody saying sin is a remnant within Israel. The whole nation is not being there's a remnant receiving the promises within the nation.

That's the Israel within Israel. They keep reading and I'll keep trying, but Israel. Israel.


Israel 10 times more in Romans nine, 10, 11 and every time he speaking of the nation as a whole.

Three tells us there's an Israel within Israel, but now let me talk about the nation as a whole is as a whole, Israel, through hole rejecting the Messiah Israel as a whole, reached out my hands were disobedient people Israel as a whole failed to obtain one want Israel as a whole and then we get to Romans 1125.

I don't want to be ignorant of this mystery brothers Buster become arrogant hardness and part has happened to Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles comes in and so on the heels of this provoked by this all Israel will be saved.

The Israel that is hardened. The Israel has been rejecting the Messiah as a whole will be a national turning all Israel will be saved as is written, and then what's quoted the Redeemer will come from Zion and to all who turn from ungodliness and Jake up the church is not Jake up it speaking about ungodly nonbelieving non-messianic Jews. They will turn to Messiah and was pro se. The gifts and calling of God are irrevocable right now. These Jewish people or enemy of your enemies for that for the gospel your enemies, because the gospel but God's gifts and calling or without repentance. And these people are loved on account of the patriarchs, so it's it's beautiful. Paul lays it out. Indisputably when you go through Romans 9 to 11.

That's where the vast majority of Roman scholars recognize that the pulsatile Israel shall be saved. He didn't mean he was speaking of the church hate. Thank you Trevor keep Chrissy was true because here here's the thing, is that is so important to understand their people hold replacement theology, who are not anti-Semites. Their people hold replacement theology who love Jesus, who love the word and love Jewish people, but they simply believe that in the plan of God in the unfolding God's plan of salvation. The church has replaced Israel, or superseded Israel or they hold to ethical fulfillment, theology, or expansion theology whenever it is the bottom line though is that it is this wrong theology that has opened the door to a horrific flood of anti-Semitism in church history. Is this wrong theology opens the door to Jew hating to this day, and you will not find anyone who is is so strongly pro-Palestinian that they are militantly anti-Israel. You won't find someone holding to that who does not also hold to replacement theology so the theology does go in very dangerous directions to Trevor. I appreciate the call 86634 ought not to.

I need to give number out because be joined by my guest Travis no momentarily to talk about his book the Passover King will encourage you to read my book resurrection.

Check it out. Look at the arguments that are made and then pray about finding a Jewish person that you give the book to a really felt burdened by the Lord to write it and as I said we were not able to really draw sufficient attention to it came when came out last year with okay great will revisit this year and we want to get translated into Hebrew as well.

We feel ultimately distributing Israel, the Lord will use it and I believe the Lord must use it to reach followers of the late Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, certainly a significant a major Jewish leader, a massively influential Jewish leader, one who was not the Messiah and underscores the one really is Messiah of Israel and the Savior of the world that number by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown to G. G. Three is our God, looking friends to thoroughly Jewish Thursday during this Passover Easter season this is Michael Brown some months back I was sent the manuscript to a fascinating book the Passover King by Travis nose foundered prison the voice of Messiah and its challenges a lot of our traditional ways of looking at the biblical feast. In looking at the end times and connection between Passover the end of the age and book of Revelation and I wouldn't endorsement for book Joel Richardson said. Generally, groundbreaking and very important book and necessary corrective to so many prophecy works available today when I heard from Travis a few weeks back. Hey we talk about this book during Passover and I said was I absolutely lets do. So I think you're gonna find this to be a really really interesting interview and let's let's get right to it.

Travis thanks much for joining us here on the line of fire. Hi Dr. Brown thank you so much for having me. I really appreciate the opportunity, all glad to have you.

So let's do this.

Take a few minutes and layout. How many have thought about the feast in the end times, and the significance of that in that what you challenge what you want us to rethink based on Scripture in your book the Passover King okay absolutely.

So if we go back to the 1960s, 70s and 80s really with messianic Jewish theology with formative stage there was this idea that became very popular that the spring speed of Israel, which we know it" Passover early firstfruits unleavened bread and also shovel out to Pentecost. There is this idea that became very popular that the spring speed have already been completely fulfilled and led to the belief that only the fall feast will be fulfilled when Jesus actually returned, though there's been a lot of teaching on how Jesus will come back on the feast of trumpets and fulfill feet of trumpets and the Day of atonement and the tabernacle because most people have relegated the spring speed only to a past fulfillment really what I'm doing in this book is I'm exploring why I think that idea is problematic in to read something that Jesus says in Luke 22 youth at the Last Supper was for the Passover meal that kind of informs my thinking on this issue is that the Last Supper and he says I have earnestly desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffer.

For I say to you, I shall never again eat it until it is fulfilled in the kingdom of God.

So for many years I looked at that passage and I said you know, here's Jesus saying that Passover will be fulfilled, not tomorrow when he is crucified. But he said it will actually be fulfilled in the kingdom and from a first century Jewish perspective.

I think pretty well understood that the kingdom of God refers to the time when the Messiah comes back in the rain and victory by theater that you have the thing.

There is a future fulfillment of Passover that it eschatological. It's related to the end time related to his return for that kind of the jumping off point for the book and in the book I'm really just exploring okay what did you mean what were the passages in Scripture that him and his first century Jewish audience would have been aware of where these passages in Scripture and the prophets that speak of this future accident future fulfillment of Passover so I I'm trying to start more with the spring feast.

First and foremost. When looking at the return of Yeshua Jesus because I think that's actually the way he was looking at it right so what if I say okay we know that Johnny Mercer John the Baptist in John 129 speaks of Messiah and because of the Lamb of God, behold the Lamb of God takes away the sin of the world. The Minoan first Corinthians chapter 5, Paul says Messiah, our pastor me or Passover lamb, has been sacrificed for us and we know elsewhere that that the time of of shoes crucifixion coincides with the slaughter of the lambs. There is debate about a date you. Either way, but but there is certainly a certain level of fulfillment.

The significance of the blood in God, seeing the blood in passing over us. You say that there's a fulfillment. Beyond that, because those things are are evident in an undeniable terms of New Testament themes as you are, you sin is a greater fulfillment to Passover.

Beyond that, and if so, which scriptures point you in that direction. Sure, I'm really glad to answer that question because I I don't ask a question. I don't want to be perceived as minimizing what Yeshua has already done and how it relates to Passover. So I definitely believe that the Lamb, I definitely believe that that have relevant to Passover and what is already done in either beautiful elements of the gospel that I think we we rightly empathize with specially work sharing the gospel with the Jewish community and for many years I went to different churches and I would teach on Passover and I would empathize those elements of him being the Lamb, but I think it's up both and situation. I don't think either or.

I think definitely he fulfilled certain element, but there are other elements to the Passover that I think he has not fulfilled so these elements we could look at your Passover was when Israel was set free. That's when Moses brought them out of Egypt, the 20 he liberated them when God actually judge the powers of darkness.

During the time of Passover stone accident the Lord that he will execute judgment against the gods of Egypt, which is the principalities and powers, though I think this has started to happen through the cross, that the powers and principalities have been disarmed and this victory is in the process, but I also think Jesus was pointing that yes there is something beyond just his work on the cross when it comes to future accident future film the Passover and as far as key biblical text. I cover a number of them in the book a really big one is Numbers 24 I will go into so much detail right now, but Numbers 24 talked about the future accident in the Messiah coming out of Egypt as this kind of warrior king. I think you'll 38 to 39, the famous Gog Magog property I noticed passages been disputed in Christian circles, but there's a very strong Jewish tradition that is understood that Ezekiel 38 to 39 is using Passover symbolism to describe how the Messiah will defeat the Antichrist or in and out chapter is called Gog.

There's this Jewish understanding that the Messiah comes to defeat the powers of evil using the faint plagues that Moses used against Pharaoh trying to unpack these different passages. Also, you get into the book of Revelation, and especially within the Keith Beckett common properties in Revelation.

There's just so much Passover and exited symbolism, especially Revelation 15 and 16. I think that's what it I think that's what Jesus was referring to is this kind of future victorious actions that he will take out of the king of Israel that will kind of mimic in your what Moses did when he brought Israel out of Egypt.

So is is there that very specific connection in your view in Exodus 15 with a sing the song of Moses and the song of the Lamb, or should we just read that you and Eric let John 117 that the tour was given by Moses, grace and truth came by Yeshua or is there more to it in the context of Revelation that in your view points back to Passover and in fact the plagues in in Revelation does that tie with Passover so open that up for us. Yes, absolutely. I think the plagues definitely do kind of riff off of the Passover story and I won't read the entire passage here and Revelation 50 right now but one of the things I do in the book is go through each of these individual plagues and bowl judgment, and they are almost exact repetition of the original plagues from the book of accident and then to your point about the song of Moses. This is what the Israelites were singing after they crossed the red in Revelation 15 John describe the victory of the faith and he says the song of Moses the father, the Lamb, so be that thought the entire sort of victory of the Messiah is put within the Passover and exit this framework in Revelation.

Then we go back to the gospel with Jesus that so it is hard for me to say okay Passover is Artie been completely fulfilled. It has no deeper relevant and also wanting to do in the book is help people understand, the practical significance and how of all, all of this should inform our understanding of property God's plan for Israel future end time events the gospel how we look at Jesus but have a lot of practical implications.

Well alright so I do want unpack this when we got you for two segments you befriends you finest be a really fascinating book, how many pages. It's the over 350 pages September 23 for Gaza lot interesting arguments here in the book, but when you challenge you listen, let's look at Scripture was look at Scripture.

Let's look at Scripture and I know my my colleague Missy and Q's theologian Dan Juster for decades had taught the connection between Passover and in the book of Revelation. So some of those things were reminding me of all arguments that he had raised, but be before we get back into the theological good friends.

The book Travis no, the Passover king fun with be a really interesting edifying Reeve.

This is take a minute now before the break and talk about something practical. Okay, so how does this has is impacting practically great.

You made these interesting points. Now what what what you say that absolutely go for me. I think all about a vision of Judah and there's always a statement Scripture that God transforms his people as he brings them into the encounter where they can be him and they can feel his glory and in a deeper way you look at Isaiah Isaiah had this vision of the Lord you looking John, Jesus connect eternal life and experience in eternal life to beholding the Messiah by think it's really important that we start to behold Jesus in this way and that yes we understand and the suffering servant but also as the Victoria new Moses warrior messianic King is coming back to rule and reign.

I really do think that Passover is one of the key to understanding his identity and I guess you could say having a deeper Christology of some people might describe it. And so for me personally, the more I've been able to understand Jesus and his return through this by the Passover. It deepened my walk with him and deepened my worship of him, my fear of him because once you understand it's not just gentle Jesus, meek and mild you know so there's these other other elements that his character you will find that very fact the Lamb who was slain in Revelation 5 is line of Judah, absolutely. I will be right back to Travis. No, the book the Passover king. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 866343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown loving friends to thoroughly use their citizens. Michael Brown speaking with Travis no his new book the Passover king and you don't. Travis is much as I have certain strong views about the end times the size return. I have a lot of question marks along the way a lot of blanks that need to be filled in.

So I'm very happy to dialogue with folks that have a wide range of different ways of filling in those blanks as long as we major on the major so I want to encourage you folks in listening and watching. Don't just read stuff about the end times that reinforces what you already believe. Allow your views to be challenged because these things are yet unfolding, and there will be things that become clearer as we get closer Travis you have a chapter talking about the modern Middle East in Numbers 24 so will you get ideas that Numbers 24.

This prophecy of Moses actually interfaces with the modern world. Sure so chapter in Numbers 24 connected our property that they will give in their current repeated language that you Hebrew Bible, where the prophets speak about the latter days, and the term that they will do their fair use by Moses and other places that you think you all in the context of the Gog and Magog episode and so there's different approaches to property and some people will read these passages and develop a everything was just historically fulfilled in the past. So were just being kind of given a picture of historical events that took place during the time of ancient Israel monarchy. When they came back from exile and my position is that the prophets were actually looking further on the horizon when they were using this language the latter days. Not that there were no applications.

The past event, but I think that there horizon was fundamentally eschatological and within that within that context.

You always be the prophet mentioning specific nation. Now they don't use modern day vernacular. They don't use the modern day terminology like we know these nations today, but I take more of what's called an end times or eschatological geographical view of all of these nations that are mentioned so sometimes the name of the same sometimes of Egypt, but sometimes though you, Moab, and I think when they're using these terms for all the nation. I think they're referring to real prophetic events that will take place in in these actual nation that had the territorial boundaries of the past and you see this consistent theme that there are all these Middle Eastern nations that are connected to end times prophecy. And that's another.

I guess practical point that I think these properties have a lot to say about potential future event in the Middle East isolate me. Ask follow-up questions and of course Bayless prophecy reference most. Of course, Pam's prophecy is to be recorded by Moses in the five books of Moses, what about this tendency we've had for years. Travis where dispensationalism's those believe the pretrip rapture try read the headlines and then see how prophecy was unfolding in and and then you know God.

10 nations and in Europe, but it must be 10 King Federation of writ of revelation and and everything was unfolding and changing and used to tell people you know if you if you keep a prophetic calendar. Make sure you do in pencil you have to do a lot of rewriting and you know, 1988, 88 reasons why Jesus is coming in 88, which was followed by 89 reasons why is coming in ADI and I found out recently actually the third book is device coming in 90 and then settles into that. So how do you avoid that pitfall of trying to plug everything into contemporary events. On the one hand of the Bible says Baca retail meme in the End of Days thus and such will happen. There may been in anticipation of it being near that then we know it to be now, but ultimately it's yet the end. The final events in Isaiah, to the messianic kingdom. So how do we avoid on the one hand this date setting and try to make everything relevant but on the other hand, recognizing that the Bible does speak to the end times to the End of Days what what would you say is a is biblical balance to that like every theological issue that we look at, there's always this very fine line and there's kind of a ditch on both sides of the road so we could look at the extreme in any area of theology, whether it different things in the charismatic movement, which causes the pendulum to swing often time to pure professionalism and I think and there's a lot of things like having theology so I think for me, eschatology is kind of the same way I want to just go right down the middle and I don't want to become so jaded by a lot of the confessional is an end date, which I think is a major problem and something that I do try to address in the book, but I don't want to become so jaded by that that I missed what God could be saying that I missed location and I missed the fact that Jesus and the gospel is to be released. About preparing his people for future eschatological event. I think there has to be that kind of fine line and avoid both extreme and depending on the Holy Spirit and also I would say I find that the more I actually study the text in depth and exegetical he. I find it actually understanding the text more on its own terms, actually helped me to avoid a lot of dispensationalism by think it's an invitation to actually understand properties more deeply, not to ignore the future implications. The prophet got my approach to it. Got it.

Got it because I know what I swing away from dispensationalism decades ago that I just I didn't study the gold, my gold prophecies in as much depth in some of the snarky breeze through the Scriptures, but I thought you know I have it all figured out in detail and I cut a step back and then some years ago I felt while there is information that's there knows this because I swung toward extreme this mean that I have to that's a much become jaded although that is a genuine issue that can come up but but I had to say. Okay, that there is something here. This text is speaking of future events. How much does God want us to know and then real short because we've only got old letting three minutes.

Deuteronomy 33 don't have a lot of teaching and preaching about that but you believe that that ties in with the Messiah and the end times as well. Deuteronomy 33 beautiful property.

I think it deserves a lot more attention.

Basically, I would just say that I think what motive is doing at the end of the Torah.

I think he's wrapping up vision of the messianic redemption that he started in the genitive.

315 oh feet of the serpent and in the Messiah coming and having victory so I think Deuteronomy 33 is the culmination of the Torah's narrative of messianic redemption and it's really beautiful but what Moses does bear what it is like he does.

And there are other scholars who believe that as well as you Israel experience of the accident as kind of a template kind of a historical backdrop for what will happen when the Messiah returns and when ultimately the Messiah restores the earth in the method in a gauge, but the beautiful property that I think deserves a lot more attention. Yeah.

So friends is it's it's all in the book the Passover King by Travis Snow and then all ultimately with the second coming would normally look at that in terms of the trumpet blast feast of trumpets and followed by Israel's national cleansing junkie per day of atonement, followed by Sukkoth that the harvest where all the nations come screaming to Jerusalem. Do you still see those feast unfolding that same way, so there still Passover fulfillment to come with these other fees unfolding in that same ways is that your view similar I do believe all of the feet have a future prophetic fulfillment.

I don't get too deep into date setting or anything like that but I believe that all of the fees will have a future fulfillment. So I definitely believe that the trumpet day of atonement and Sukkoth factor in, but I think for me I asked. I want to start back with the spring and I see more of a natural progression moving from the spring through the fall fees by think all of them have a future fulfillment.

It just did give me this the short synopsis of how they unfold that the Birdseye view. Okay so I think Passover is the time of deliverance and redemption. When Jesus comes back in the spring if the time of new life and new beginning. I think then that kind of fold into what we would know about Sukkoth, which is her and the cost. I'm sorry I'm off there and shovel out feast of weeks, which is a harvest Festival so then the nations coming in and being harvested and the spirit being poured out, and I think as you go along into the fall fees as you get this. A lot of times you get this trumpet language even in the book of Exodus when Israel was being called to Mount Sinai by think the feast of trumpets in the kingdom might possibly have more to do with the nations actually being called up to Jerusalem to the holy mountain, Mount Zion, and day of atonement, kind of the cleansing of the land and preparing God manifest presence to 12 and then I think Sukkoth would be kind of the culmination of the big celebration where all the nations are there as well. That's kind of how I lay it out and I cover that in chapter 15 as well. A little more detail God and so friends a lot to get you thinking and just the richness of the word that so many things were holding to can simultaneously be true. And then we understand that as they unfold. So the book Travis know the Passover King exploring the prophetic connection between Passover, the end times and the return of Jesus, and friends. Let's all agree on. This is the Passover King and her focus needs to be first and foremost on him. Hey, thanks for writing the book and joining us on the broadcast appreciated. Thanks a lot Dr. Brown. I really appreciate every event. God bless you my brother another program powered by the Truth Network

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