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The Lifechanging Power of a Gospel Debate

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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April 5, 2021 4:30 pm

The Lifechanging Power of a Gospel Debate

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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April 5, 2021 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 04/05/21.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network God can use debates for his glory to stop the line of fire with your host activist national speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of Ministry of the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown take a break from politics to take a break from secular world events happening around us in talk about debating and how God can use debates so debates can be destructive, distracting, they can be all kinds of divisive but God can use debates and and there's a lot to learn from this. I think it would be fast that we got some really neat clips will be playing for use we take you into some past debates that I've done and at the bottom of the hour to make an announcement something I am really really excited about really really looking forward to. Can't wait to share with you so you make that announcement at the bottom of the hour. If you been stymied with the question may be talking to someone who doesn't believe what you believe may be talking someone from another faith may be talking someone he used to believe what you believe in its throne, you or you do, don't know the best way to answer the question give me a call maybe we can help you 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 so most of you know my own story on the Jewish believer in Jesus, so that means out of the gate from day one I was talking to family members, friends, rabbis, others that didn't believe what I believed and when my dad saw my life was changed I was a heavy drug use reaches 14 to 16 radically born again at the age of 16, but that's thrilled to see me off. Drug spaces Michael reduce real believe in Jesus so he brings me to meet the local rabbi I'm 16, the local rabbi that has been about 27. He was fresh at the Jewish theological seminary brilliant man and took a real personal interest in me for years. We still been in touch now almost 50 years later we took a real personal interest in the and would talk to me about what I believed and would gently challenge it and sometimes challenge it more aggressively and I didn't have the answers.

Then, he's fresh of the Jewish logical seminaries misstating he rescinds his little boy is a brilliant guy and I'm I was reading the Bible for myself for the first time in reading it in English and reading the King James the Bible that was given. I came to faith still have that Bible and I mean I had assisted study and read indignant and the rabbi would challenge me with questions in my past.

It was in the strength he was a man of prayer. He shared the gospel a lot in that he would help you develop distant be someone love the word of God and love the Lord and shared your faith in things, but but he was he was not an apologist. He was on a defender of the faith he was, not one that that was learned in all different theological's studies in an Hebrew and Greek and things like that so he wasn't the one to go to with those kind questions and really I didn't know anyone to go to those kind questions started college I started learning Hebrew seriously because I thought I I've got to be able to read the text for myself. I can't just depend on samosas because you get thrown. I sat with brilliant rabbis very very devoted religious men.

They were just as devoted. Seems I was noticing the they pray for hours every day I prayed for hours everyday.

They studied for hours. I studied for hours. They talked about love and got I talked about loving God. They certainly looked a lot more authentically Jewish than me going to church the Jewish about that right there in synagogue long beards study the Hebrew Texan. These things were challenging counter emotionally and intellectually an end when we talk about apologetics defense of the faith is not just for those who don't agree with us is not just for those who don't believe it's to help those within the faith is to help those who do believe, according to the best-selling novelist Dan Brown's da Vinci code. These other mega selling books, according to his story is his mother was an organist. I think an Episcopalian churches dad more scientifically, mathematically oriented.

He liked his dad scientific rational reasoning. He liked his mother's spirituality and faith but is got to be young man teenager. He started to find contradictions between spirituality in science and faith and rational thinking. According to him, he went to the local priest and he set up. I'm reading the Bible and seems to contradict science and why do according to Dan Brown, the priest said to them, nice boys don't ask questions like that Dan Brown worked on the church you can see that antireligious antichurch mentality in his novels glaringly quite openly mean you really think some happen somewhere along the line. That's what happened. So when we don't provide solid answers for people when we don't have an environment where a college student can come with us questions. Where were not able to help younger teens just got exposed to Bible bashing cleats or or or notes sent out the tick-tock or whatever the social media form is kids get discouraged all the people get discouraged their members are true is a real you get the pressure of society.

On top of that, so people struggle people do wonder and that's white. Through the Bible you have this aspect of debating of reasoning under look at some verses about Jesus in the moment, but here limitless run through a few scriptures with you know a lot of people have the idea.

It's really be a fervent believer, you must have to turn your mind off the eldest turn that brain off it not, we can overthink and not have simple faith but simple faith is not required to be an idiot.

Simple faith is required to turn your brain off here. Acts 17 to is his custom was pulling into the synagogue and on three Sabbath Daisy reasoned with them from the Scriptures asked 717 17 he he reasoned in the synagogue with both Jews and God-fearing Greeks acts 18 for every Sabbath eat reasoned in the synagogue try to persuade Jews and Greeks same thing once again. Acts 1819 and arrived at Ephesus where Paul left Priscilla quote he himself went in synagogue and reason with them coming over over X 19 Paul entered the synagogue verse eight and spoke boldly there for three months arguing persuasively about the kingdom of God. So he's he's arguing. He's reasoning. This was something he did regularly. This is something that I had to learn to do this. I was thrown in the deep water is a brand-new believer in either it was learned to swim or sink in a hurry and points of fact I have met Jewish believers in Jesus all around the world and I've heard them share that they were struggling they got hit with questions for the rabbis, their parents want them to talk to the account, a missionary rabbi when their new believers are. Whatever happened to them and they were struggling because here are solid questions being raised. Things that assault their faith friends.

We don't shut arm brains to these people struggle, just because you don't struggle doesn't mean your kids on struggle just because you don't struggle listening response doesn't struggle just because your pastor is a struggle is mean that you don't struggle genuine questions can I trust this translation not that the New Testament writers get things wrong or not, is there some hidden agenda. Here are not in, and when those questions are presented and you have solid answers.

These these Jewish believers notice of said how I was straying I was losing my faith. I was becoming discouraged and original material. I watch this debated and faith came alive in my heart. Here Dave Gettleman currently, the general manager of the New York Giants. Previously, general manager of the Carolina Panthers to come to the Super Bowl with her 15 one season, Dave Gettleman, I met in Carolina Charlotte few years ago. What's the story well Jewish man began attending a messianic congregation with one of his friends was starting to believe in Yeshua but have a lot of questions.

He attended a debate I did in New York City with rubbish really what task and that was the night's questions were answered.

That was the night that he knew that he knew he was believing the truth, and then he jumped in both feet.

Afterwards, yeah powerful testimony. We got a call and notify some excerpts for you in a little while. We got a call from a woman.

She's written to us subsequently as she from the age of 27 and until around in her early 50s was living as quote lesbian Christian but was strong in her faith, meaning she read the word. She believed she was being a solid Christian what her mother would comment and give her scriptures against it.

She said I don't see Jesus, "there I see Paul and Neil Paul had assist with women. I see this will now see Jesus being quoted. That was her answer and end.

She's one of us to understand that she was really serious, she would've Orthodox and many of her other beliefs. You would've thought hey here's a solid Christian lady, but she's living with another woman and she's believing that it's finding God's sight. So here she is deeply deceived and not a right relationship with God. Although she was convinced she was and where play clips from three debates today, one with Dr. James White and I teamed up debating a gay pastor enlistment pastor another rhyme debating a Greek scholar about the gifts of the spirit to the continued and then another Robin debate, dialogue with a liberal rabbi respect rabbi in England about Jesus being the Messiah messianic prophecy swim plate oscilloscopes route and then again bottom of the hour. I've got this announcement to make. You really, really psyched about and would love your prayer support is a step into this so this woman watches the debate and she said God brought her to her knees. It wasn't that she even said you know I need to repent. God brought her attorneys to repent of the seven her life and of rejecting what his word said in recognizing the whole of Scripture was against her lifestyle. She told the person she's with its over and she is a strong sounding as anyone of talking to in terms of determination to move forward in Jesus. And while she's not attracted to men at the moment.

She has lost her attraction to women. Yeah, that's the power of the gospel that work in her life and I'm sure she felt a twinge of attraction. She rebuke it, or just ignore it because she's determined to follow Jesus while she wants to debate so look I can be a debater in a nonconstructive way I can be a debater in a harmful way. What I mean is I can be argumentative, I can just pick a fight. You say one thing, I say the other that could that's a fleshly thing that is unhealthy, unhelpful doesn't glorify the Lord. Or if you should have fun new debating issues and sharpening each other and that's fine.

That's one thing but otherwise it is unhelpful in and of itself. However, godly debates where people try to catch you in your words is religious is try to catch Jesus a shoe in his words, God using Apollo's to refute the objections God uses these eyes are open minds are changed.

Believers are strengthened, I have very little scientific background, I can give basic arguments, but I can't just do a scientific debate, no way no how. Planner John Lennox And I you I Know William Ln., Craig can do such as their debating skills. It's the information information is there it it's tremendously encouraging to know you're on the side of truth and in you not to compromise your faith in you and have some weird stuff that's not true greatly encouraging right.

We got some great clips play few don't go anywhere number by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown, my friends got announcement I have made and I finally have the make it right now. What's today's date April 5 Monday, April 5, so you may be listening on podcast or watching online or watching a dish TV or prove that work on America's voice watching this a few days later. So I'm asking for prayer. Unless you believe in the power of retroactive prayer. You don't need to be praying for this specifically but there is a new Christian TV network awakening TV spelled A WK NG so get rid of the other valves after the first one a WK NG to find out more good a WK NG that's the right address brand-new subscription-based network got everything from theology shows two young people discussing issues to cooking shows and we've come up with a show that will be doing for them and every week will get to play some highlights for you. So even if you don't subscribe to get to see a few minutes of highlights. It's called that's debatable with Dr. Brown got permission to announce it now and immediately after radio today drive home and from there go to the airport scheduled to fly into Florida where studios been built specifically for this TV show and over the next two days so Tuesday Wednesday of this week. Solos hearing this now. Please do pray I'll be recording for debates a day from gay activist pastor to transgender pastor to evangelical turned atheist to Muslim to pro-abortion spokesperson. I mean an extraordinary range of debates that will be doing and it's really neat formats can be sharp few minutes back and forth, back and forth, back and forth just half-hour show, so within. It notes this can be quick and to the point so please pray with me. Luke 2115 is a key verse that some of our prayer team, their hearts. Luke 2115.

It's in a different context of disciples being persecuted Jesus saying at that time I give you words of wisdom. The Greek is only a mouth will give you words and wisdom that then your adversaries will be able to resist, so please pray for me for the anointing of the Holy Spirit for clarity of thought in mind Grace for truth to prevail. We want to minister to those that I'm debating and then we want these to be great, great tool so I don't know when they'll be ready to start airing.

Maybe sometime next month. If you're subscribed to the network you'll know, but again each week will be able to grab a highlight from each debate once it airs and share it with all of you so please pray know the Lord fashioned me to do this very thing, but I'm not relying on me, my strength, my knowledge, wisdom, I'm relying entirely on the Lord and his grace in this truth to shine forth rheumy peers to go to James White and I were asked if we would do a debate together. We would do these all the time if we could.

That's one of our greatest joys in life team together and you debates rather debate each other with only been able to do this twice so far and each time has been rich and extraordinary.

So this is a debate that Dr. James White and I didn't Florida and on the other side of the debate gay pastor and lesbian pastor and they were very devoted to what they believe to be true and that God approved of their their relationships, etc. so I so you make the announcement the bottom of the hour of a remake it then because is so excited to make it. I made it little early so I will take into this.

This is like the cross-examination back-and-forth risk. Each of the questions, etc. so sick James White and I decided gay pastor and a lesbian pastor and that will play few clips check this out lines. Please. At the end of Romans chapter 1. This same argument that you sent to us is about idolatry. He then prescribes that they are murderers and these other things do you believe that homosexuality leads to the things that Paul prescribes here in know that art know it's it's a common error to think that because Paul mentions actually a huge catalog of sins. At the end that that means that everyone commits all of those sins. That's that's not the case at all. The point is that when a person exchanges the truth of God for the lie, there is a result. And the reason homosexuality is mentioned versus 26, 27, is because of that, use the phrase natural order. The way God made us this means is sin touches us at the very core of our being the very identity of our being and twist that relationship. Even at that point, there is no connection to therefore saying that means you can automatically be disobedient to parents are automatically does speak evil of authorities or anything like that. All those things flow from rebellion but not every sin flows from every others. It's it's also interesting to note that we affirm all the other things are sin, murder, idolatry, sexual rally, we don't say their only sin in the context of idol worshipers done in the idle temple. We all affirm that all those who send somehow people try to just pull out men with men with women say that doesn't mean what Paul said it meant so again this is that the progression will be reject God that it leads to this to this to this, and hence the fallen human race, and there are many many different massive manifestations of our fallen nature right so that was that the first part of that back-and-forth dialogue and questions being asked of us.

So let's let's go to another clip from this. Remember, was watching this debate with this woman who identify as lesbian Christian for over 20 years was awakened to the reality of the gospel right-click number two sold in you believe you don't believe that he uses the word therefore after talking about what you've described as homosexuality to describe behaviors that come out of that homosexual description because he says therefore God gave them up over to reprobate mind after he says these what you describe somesuch with which verse you referred I do apologize it and pull up the verse that I have have it memorized.

Thank you so much to 24 comes before the description. I thought you just said afterwards after REIT 324 25 therefore God gave them over, but then verse that's first .426 is the is then therefore God gave them over to dishonoring passions and the women and so on so forth.

So there's to therefore's but there there introducing it sound like you said, there's something afterwards somehow connected without the device list and it's like I'm sorry the words there are for this reason, and it's in verse 26 and then we find and then down in verse number 28 and even as they did not retain the protect even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to the basement. This is after he has described that that's what I'm talking about well but you notice that specific diverse way and just as they did not consider it right or good to keep God in their knowledge, God gave them over. So again, the point is in each one of these instances going all the way back to verse 21. When you refuse to see yourself when you are in sin when you do not submit to God and the Lordship of Jesus Christ. There is going to be a result since disruption of your relationship not only to God but to the creation around you and the point of versus 26, 27, is that is even something that occurs inwardly even in our understanding of our attractions and that which God has given to us to even continue the species and so the point is that idolatry and sin touches all of mankind. It's not just an external thing. It touches every aspect of our being and again Paul is explicit about this being countrymen with men and women with women, contrary to God's created order in Genesis 1, and he's not home at the same person throughout this whole thing this person is worse raised about humanity and again that that's why the progression keeps going Waco's. So I want art yet so we just get to hear from Ruth for once with secular. Sorry we didn't get more of her voice, and there but just know the back-and-forth was the text say what is it actually say them unless clip just a short clip from this debate that we had a few years back but my problem with this is simple. When the Holy Spirit reveals to me that my life is good that I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing. It sounds like you're rejecting my relationship with God and the Holy Spirit speaking to me. Yeah I'm I'm saying the Holy Spirit is not contradicting the word of God.

That's the bottom line and an ideally negative. If I tell you the Holy Spirit spoke to me that you're wrong and you have to reject the Holy Spirit speaking we ultimately Scripture is right they think everybody that is not interesting that here you have this lesbian pastor saying that the Holy Spirit said to her, her life is fine is in good relationship with God. Holy Spirit will not contradict Scripture as a lesbian pastor say that I was in another form and a lesbian pastor encouraged everyone yes see Jesus seek the word of God.

You need to do that. So let's agree on that. We seek the Lord and we look at the testimony of Scripture. But can I tell you the thing that brought us all to the table together was about. We were not mean-spirited, angry, hateful, and is something we can control ourselves. During the debate. No, it's not the hatred is not the heart.

Anger is not our heart. Only God's love for those for whom Jesus died without a right relationship with him. Here there.

I'm sure if you talk to these people there devoted pastors in different ways in caring for their flocks and so on. And yes, the road to deception having a public discussion of public dialogue. You can open these things up not only helps educate the church. It helps those who are struggling and confused, and it even convicts those who been on the wrong side.

The Holy Spirit can use this to jar and open their hearts and minds. You better believe debates can be used for the glory of God and thank you those pledge your prayer support for the debates will be recording thank you for praying to make a great difference. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown word of God is first in first Peter three tells us that we should be prepared to give a reason for what we believe we should be prepared to give a defense of our faith.

Why, because people will have questions and if we disable disbelieve disbelief. Many people will walk away at that seal. They just need a miracle in their lives. Well let's say God gives them a miracle. Let's say they are miraculously healed.

Let's say something happens to them. That's utterly life-changing. Another Moscow on the years go on, and people begin to challenge what they believe. Okay you had a miracle beheading of the Bible is really true.

You had a miracle. How do you know what your church teaches is really true, yet a miracle beheading of Bible translations can be trusted.

You had a miracle. But how do you explain these verses in the Old Testament that paints God is a monster, but you do with this and what you do with that. What about the people want healed and next thing that miracle loan doesn't carry you. Yes, the old saying is true. A person with an argument. Is Susan a person with an experience is never at the mercy of a person with argument that your ongoing experience in relationship with God is the foundation person will not questions in your mind when a few not sure what you believe is true of a book due out May 11 will be writing to everyone about it how you can get signed preordered copies the of the first edition school has God failed you. Has God failed to find faith when you're not even sure God is real and is a chapter in that book called permission to doubt reversing Jude that says, have mercy on those who doubt there is a doubt that is stubborn that is hardhearted that God rebukes this and other doubt roots.

I can't know if I can. Is there a God or sister. I don't know.

And a lot of people don't know where to go with your questions and they grow in the growing growing follies this break away and leave and deny their faith. So please pray right after radio today scheduled to fly down to Florida so again if you're watching on a delayed broadcaster listing on podcasts after the show. This is Monday, April 5 schedule to find out to Florida immediately after radio today right after the broadcast and then do a total of eight debates over two days.

There half hour broadcast on the brand-new wakening TV networks awakening finally get a free trial so it's wide range broadcast from from young people talking about difficult issues to Lisa about famous women in the Bible to cooking shows and this brand-new show which I now have permission to announce that's debatable with Dr. Brown and HOB 1/2 hour long so with you intro out true things like that will have a core within and that may be a 20 minutes back-and-forth real sharp debate time and I'm looking at the schedule from a minister famous for his replacement theology teaching will be debating has the church replaced Israel to someone that was well-known certain Christian circles before falling away now with lots of questions to someone that's an aggressive atheist leader in America. Former evangelical to a Muslim debating is the crown of the Bible which is the word of God to a very out and proud gay pastor to transgender pastor soldier about your male to female female to male in situation like that transgender identities of woman whose abortion proponent discussing God's heart, pro-life, pro-choice yeah and then one more. We still have to login so pray and this is this is not a matter of I want to win the debate on him when the debate come out looking good. No, I want the Lord to be exalted. I want hearts and minds to be open. I want my eyes to be changed. I want believers to be strengthened. I want this to be a resource and even Oops, subscription-based network for the year to get all the shows every week with our arrangement with the TV station every week will take. Like a few minutes out of each debate and play them for you on the air. So every week you'll get to see a highlight from the debate into lively formats can allow for a lot of back-and-forth exchanges so thank you for praying.

Let's let's take a look in Matthew chapter 22 Matthew chapter 22. It tells us is that the different religious leaders came to Jesus and this was in verse verse 15 then the Pharisees went and plotted how they might trap him with the word or trap him in his words, the sense of some of the disciples along with the Herodian same teacher, we know your honesty teach the way of God in truth, which is accurate what others think doesn't concern you, for you do not look at men's appearance. All accurate tells therefore we think is it permitted to pay taxes to Caesar or not that these are presumably sharp guys with good legal reasoning and a steel back and forth, back and forth in the probably thought this through whatever he says is going to be trapped, but you should know in their wickedness is what you test me, you hypocrites show me the tax money so he knew by the spirits of everyone, is a step ahead because he is supernatural inside by the Holy Spirit. This belief or that that that the Lord will give words that are not just logical answers but but spiritually anointed and spiritually wise answers during these debates to the bring of a denarius, he sits in whose image is this, whose inscription seizes they said to him that he sits and give therefore to Caesar the things that are Caesar's and to God the things that are God's.

Hearing this, they were amazed that others try to compensate trap him in his words trap him in his words.

He's a public figure. He's the Messiah he's making claims, we can trap him in his words. We can prove he is not. We can embarrass and we can expose him one more Scripture that I want to take you into a couple of recent debates and acts chapter 18 fascinating verse and one it's been very meaningful to me over the years acts chapter 18 when Apollo's what you cross over to K verse 27. The brothers encouraged him and wrote to the disciples to welcome him that he was mighty in Scriptures and disciple by Priscilla Moquila.

Upon arrival notices he greatly help those who by grace had believed. How did he help them verse 28 for he powerfully refuted the Jewish people in public, demonstrating to the Scriptures that the Messiah was Yeshua.

How did he greatly help those who by grace is believed by powerfully refuting of the Jew supposed himself a Jew in public debate right demonstrating through the Scriptures that the Messiah was Jesus so friends let's step back from that and understand that debates not only reach out to the lost and we've we've met the people that have come to faith. I'm sure there are many the messenger. We never met, but have met those who come to faith through debates we've done and thankfully there there so many good apologists out Christian apologists and dealing with rational scientific issues and folks like my friend Frank Turek on college campuses near Josh McDowell, Sean McDowell and and Folks Like William Ln., Craig Grau doing what they do and my friend James White. Others, like David Boyd is doing Islamic debates and others in such good fruit has come out of it but I was invited to one country where there had been a local messianic Jew who debated a very solid rabbi and a very solid rabbi, demolished him, and rather than recognizing that he didn't do well and brought reproach to the Lord.

He Challenged into a series of debates of how he thought he did well in those debates went on several of them and it brought reproach to the messengers community in a country a messengers leader SP Mike, would you fly over to the country and would you debate this rabbi lets you two different debates would you debate him and I suggest coarse absolute. The rabbi was willing to do it never would you step back from it can challenge to put his ideas out publicly feels Judaism must be able hold so the marketplace of ideas is not not shun from public debate, etc. so we went over there due to debates and my friend told her the whole reason he wanted to go there was to encourage the believers because it's been so discouraging to see one of their leaders, even though not a prominent leader, but one of their leader so trounced and in the Lord. They mocked it discourage them from their witness made it look like what they believe the stupid and then we did the debates were able present the truth clearly, and in response to objections strongly that brought a wave of encouragement to believers. There are many take you into a in-house debate. This is Christian versus Christian believer versus believer on the gifts of the spirit, whether they are for today, do they continue for today and this was with a professor teacher Dr. Theo Zacharias was a PhD in New Testament Greek and we were having our discussion about the gifts of the spirit was there for today. This was the time of me asking them questions and going back and forth. There he would ask me questions I would ask him questions so let's check this out. I gave your number of explicit texts when you reference to the end yourself where we are called on to pursue spiritual gifts or first Thessalonians 5 were pulses don't despise prophecy, etc. can you give me any explicit texts that say we should not do these things today. Well again I believe that God told us that the professors went, and he will stop them. So you say that that's gonna be silly and I don't believe that's what borne out by the exegesis of perspectives 13.

I think that sitting position on the text is not talking about the end of time is not talking about piracy is not talking about the second coming where heaven or perfection in the afterlife with death is also about any of those things he's talking about a completed revelatory process. But to repeat my question. Is there an explicit text as I read this I do not read said do not forbid tongues okay and I don't do. That's the right reading of the let's put that aside, earnestly pursue these things, especially prophecy, can you give me a Texas is easily here that saying earnestly desire the spiritual in first with his 12 uses their word because that's what they are doing what they think is best in first Corinthians chapter 14 in that verse, verse 39. He's not saying the same thing as he was saying there, but you say it's it's it's different. And so you can equate them will again that's your hypertension, idolizing that design prophecy is what Paul was urging them to do, or does he ever urged me not to well know, I mean he he he doesn't say don't desire prophecy okay so he's does say desire it, and he never says don't desire okay EEE you trying to trick me now.

I'm trying to go with the word not on a surrogate not try to trade prefaces and indices when the complete revelation comes then you no longer than a seat them because they're not evident in the coming did not there.

You don't see. They are what God doesn't intend it's God intends for them to stop right so you agree. He never says don't seek them because they seek them. He never systems the well that I want to say yes, but would reservation because what you are what you are implying that is that they must continue in the same fashion up until the coming of Christ. But I don't believe that one out by the tax okay so will connect first Corinthians in the moment but all clear that he does explicitly say seeking never explicitly says don't seek right.

Yes, that was just a little interchange and by the way, I would. I was challenged to do that debate course of doing heartbeat gladly and I so appreciate that his arthritis doing the debate that I was asked to do. In other words plus reset is so with great joy and need to know the work says come back debate with a liberal rabbi about this and from it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown was as a traveler obviously traveled more around the world before Colby during this I travel around the world. One thing that I would often hear or in America around the world. People say I love to watch on YouTube within specifically other torture debates. I wish the Lord would give me more opportunity you have debate. Sometimes we get great calls so you call in and challenge me on the point requested me on something or sometimes will set up a friendly debate but I love to do it a few grace to do it. It's one of those situations we really come and leaning on the Lord you don't want to trust your own wisdom and you know that you're representing him and his truce. He wanted to, well and and you want to demonstrate his his grace towards others in the midst of speaking the truth clearly is a lot that rides on it again.

I know people that are in the faith, having come through debate that came out of a culture wrong thinking or error because of the debate and many who are strengthening their faith was still in the faith, because Ms. debate so so excited about the series that will start airing on the awakening TV and find out about the network of though the be telling you more about the debate show that'll maybe start airing next month will have to see.

But no schedule to record eight different debates to start things off and really really excited to see the Lord glorified in the midst of this, and again the 2115 is a key verse we been praying that the Lord would give the words and wisdom that no one would be able to resist some it's not about me doing well. It's about the Lord being glorified. So if years ago was in England and Justin Brierley with the wonderful, unbelievable, broadcasted for so many years facilitating discussion between people of different faiths and atheists and believers in discussion and dialogue among fellow believers asked me if I have a dialogue with a well-known liberal rabbi. So this is a rabbi, you have a different viewpoint than an Orthodox rabbi, so still very much Jewish, but a much more rational, humanistic, and thinking than in ultra-Orthodox would be more fundamentalist week probably relate more to the way ultra-Orthodox rabbi would think about Scripture than a reform rabbi, but we are discussing Messiah messianic prophecy Justin Brierley is is moderating the dialogues. Let's take him to get three clips to play for you. Let's go famous reveille Jacob and in 1757, who wrote about Jesus being one of us who did not come to a Kabbalist all the prophets and then from Joseph Clausen to Tesco Coffman, Albert Einstein and Martin Buber in case information and others, reform rabbis like Abraham Geiger and Coffman caller color because the P David Fuson, modern Israeli scholars, all of whom have an appreciation of Jesus, the Jew, some who believe that he was a great teacher luminary different way.

Something just take it a step further. He wasn't just a great teacher.

He wasn't just a luminary. He came as as Messiah and if we can if we can discover him as one of our own and not coming to start a brand-new foreign religion, but rather, to fulfill was written, Moses and the prophets. I think that's the first major step to getting us in the right direction.

Before we talk about who you think Jesus was what you make of Michael's view that that will one day be a sort of a revelation opening of the eyes of the Jewish people to the Messiah ship of of Christ. If he's currently being messianic Jews in gray of got no problem with it, just not for me and frankly it's not for most Jews, and also if you talk about timescales and he would be waiting for 2000 years as a heck of a long time so if I know the point about biblical prophecy was if I tell you the wills going to come to an end in the year 5072 you'll think also walking on can be going with his age.

He is little in 3000 feet of ring make a difference (to tell people what can happen either this year or next year, then you can really do something about it. Then you can repent. You commend your ways you can build walls around the oceans can is a wealth unit so the whole point of biblical prophecy was the here and now. Timmy people something can happen in 2000 years will be due on a simile for us to know if if something was going to happen if it happened-"for what he might of the argument.

It's been too long for your profits. Although this is quite the opposite is quite the opposite. Because traditional Jews have been waiting longer and and traditional Judaism reclaimed the idea of Messiah goes all the back to beginning so additional Jews would be saying that you know what we say hasn't come yet what I say has the real non-sing the first part we already have the first for the down payment so we have great confidence in the rest resume. Anyone have the first part of the down payment so so you been waiting long with nothing we we have a deposit down payment plus the message spreading throughout throughout the entire world. Just as the prophecies being fulfilled every day that respect right so that was that the first part of her interaction and obviously prophecy does to slow things about today and the prophets tell us how God wants us to live in Old Testament prophets rebuking sin, etc. but they also prophesied about the end of days, and they also prophesied about the size it was both a message for now. In a message for future hope. Alright, so now some of the dialogue discussion continues well into the article problem now is for me to count about me debunking you and I know that Latinos are not rude but you know another site in a sense, I want to unit this is what we have these frank discussions as I don't feel that you're in any way being revived by doing that in my country is used to that kind of thing and I think this leads us. I think that that the core of the issue, which is what why do you feel yourself that Jesus did fulfill Masonic prophecy and an who was Jesus in that case, the five seconds let me tell you my view which I believe quite strongly for the Jewish view, it is a little sorrowful which is that Jesus existed. He was a great teacher clearly was right. Preacher clearly. But it meant nothing to God, not divine, and was healed. Rabbi asserted the itinerant underwriting a could a path of the fire is a tradition was going along on them.

Yes, Michael, go to some names of people who were expecting him open it when accepting as Messiah and lyrics that we solicit as a someone who existed within the handwriting unit was remaining on an unfaithful and the reason why I and Jews throughout loss 2000 years didn't exist, Messiah Jesus is for all point of view. He just failed the litmus test is anyone test, which is to bring peace to the world and just look around looking the news in the papers and window window that doesn't mean to say we have to give up we can work towards it but it just failed test on this note and unit is not among the few looking acts of the possible chapter 5 from Robin come nail when people run to him is able is this guy Jesus clipping to be the Messiah.

What we do and he suspected down and if he is the Messiah great inner greatness. What we want. If he isn't Wells.

I wanted to feature out the draft. We don't have this idea of heresy and is heretical to claim to be the Messiah with dozens of people claim to be with a new enrollment in which that they right but so it really done by the way we talk much, much more about the messianic age because the ear of PI role in preventing the person under just going to just use either way I did, and from your perspective, Jonathan of of what you are awaiting in terms of this messianic age.

What will be the market that the Messiah will messianic age has come meet humanity clearly floored because you know we we messed things up in a personalizing to socialize internationalize a thoughtful authority. The idea of messianic age as we can actually get gathering just do the decent things in peace and harmony is a simple is not one of those moments with you for half an hour. The family roots together rule the country comes together. Whatever I'm and it would be nice to make about half an hour. Not just half an hour a day a week or unicycle. We know it's possible, but it doesn't happen because people flow and therefore is not a matter of them waiting for some extant intervention. We will go to role in bringing not just by trying to nice spreading the gospel. If you like over of good relations so it is a values and ideals with images and sounds is that your even that invested in a person being involvement in this in a Messiah and we Judaism launch has lost equipment mechanic Time Machine era is this piece counts, not the person who brings it in and also we we we didn't have this imminent sentence into it. It might happen next year, it might well happen in 2000 as we do justly working towards in Alyssa we progress towards a better version of today yet so I then got to respond to that.don't have time to show it to you think you can watch that debate on our YouTube channel Esther to run a skid your brown around Facebook and start to brown a bit.

If you look for it on YouTube.

Just search for liberal Rabbi and you see my response which talks about the emphasis on the Messiah, the coming of the Messiah and then of course that there were two phases to his mission. First, die for our sins and and for that message now to be brought to the entire world and from to return at the end destroy wickedness and establish his kingdom.

You can see how these things get interesting. You can see how people will be drawn to watch them again. My goal is not to win a debate. My goal is not to look good. My goal is to see the Lord glorified.

My goal is to see a spirit of truth rise goal is to see error exposed. My goal is to see people who are hurting were disbelieving find answers fine. Hope find faith. And this requires not just knowledge of Scripture. But sensitivity of heart and the leading and anointing of the Holy Spirit. And that's why when I go to do a debate, even if I know I have all the answers in my head noticing.

I'm not concerned that some is going to raise something to me that I think all know I don't have an answer for that, and in debates from prepared and it was coming up. Obviously it's a min. My field goes out of my field. I wouldn't touch the thing for that very reason because I'd be stopped and make God in the gospel with bad grandma's representative and I can't speak adequately but I go in confident that I have the information, confident that I'm on the side of truth, but I going with a sense of holy dependence on the Lord because this very sacred ground to me and and were debating things that a life-and-death issues and that perhaps people can be set free and eyes can be opened and lives can be changed, they could literally be the difference between life and death between being with God being judged outside of his presence. So thank you for praying will give you updates are gobbling the end of the week on Friday. I'll let you know how the broadcasts went how to have the shooting went. Maybe I'll be tweeting about it. Your posting on social media as well. All all and we've got tomorrow on the Tuesday broadcast.

We are just talk about the Sabbath was about the same of the Sabbath and Wednesday broadcast was about to say about tithing, so don't miss a single show this week. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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