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Satan Is Under Our Feet!

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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March 29, 2021 4:20 pm

Satan Is Under Our Feet!

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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March 29, 2021 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 03/29/21.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

Here's the truth of the matter. Satan is under our feet stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown before I came to faith in Jesus.

When I was 16 years old is a heavy drug user. I toyed with satanic stuff. My friends and I would talk about joke about it and imagine ourselves to be demons reeking destruction on the earth and are drug crazed states, but there's nothing funny about the devil is nothing good about the devil, anything that he ever does in the human life is ultimately for destruction. He is utterly dark.

He is the epitome of what it means to be diabolical to be diabolical is to be the devil we must expose him for who he is welcome friends to the line of fire broadcast.

This is Michael Brown here's number to call 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 784 if you yourself were delivered from Satanism if you yourself used to actively live on what we recall the dark side in Jesus really changed your life. By all means give us a call. Tell us what the transformation was like 866-3487 84. A lot of other things I want to talk about today but let's start here so last few days. There's just been big hubbub about the announcement of these Satan sneakers just check out this tweet so little loss X openly gay very very popular wrapper, especially with kids working with mischief, MS, CHF and air Max 97 Satan choose the releasing March 29 666 pairs are made each individually numbered containing one drop of human blood from Stefan, but Mr. Fenton 60 mL of ink. They will retail for $1018 and there's some really demonic pictures of little loss X okay on the one hand it another ridiculous publicity stunt. Something in and of itself that is stupid something in and of itself, that doesn't deserve our attention, especially when there's so much satanic evil in the society. However, we don't want to downplay the fact that this wrapper for whom we pray.

We pray that he'll come to know the God that that he rejects in and mocks and resists it and we come to it, we we pray that he will come to understand the foolishness of exalting anything to do with Satan is not just a figment of people's imaginations or or some good being posing as bad know he has, as I said, darkness and darkness. Only he masquerade's as an angel of light, but he only brings destruction and pain degradation. That's who he is. That's what he does. Jesus says that he's been a murderer and a liar from the beginning but but here's the real reason for concern is missing is because the popularity of little loss X look at this article in NPR with the headline little loss access. Children are his core audience right now and that's okay.

Children as in little children, let's scroll down in this article and for those who are watching look at this.

There he is on Sesame Street. School level deferred in that article, the loss on Sesame Street posing next to one of their beloved puppets. Mr. them a little further in the article and you can see a picture of little loss X in front of elementary school children okay now look the reality is that the same company put out a Jesus sneaker with holy water. Did look a year or something ago and and and this was attached to Nike sneakers exit Nona.

We got nothing to do with this. We have no connection to the sneakers or even like you wanted to distance themselves from Satan. Sneakers, it's little loss in his influence. That's the bigger issue to me. His lostness and the kids that influences look at this tweet from.

Look what he says is, as I literally sing about lean wasn't familiar with the term lien, but it but a particular drug. I literally sing about lien and adultery in old town Road, a super popular song of his. You decided to let your children listen blame your self. That's the issue. The sneakers okayed stupid publicity stunt. Whatever that everybody's talking about little lost our find out who he is and so on getting more attention to sleep song and okay obviously you do things like that you make a limited number of copies of these and and it's here today gone tomorrow, but it's the glorifying of Satan for his audience and now that's the cool thing for the kids as my big issue went when you have horrific songs like whomp and they become number one in the nation and the Saco kids better for adults to be into that degrading saws at that, but the kids they know what they're singing in the moves there make them separately included with this. This is what concerns me more the pollution of children and then the presence of real evil in this world. That's a far greater concern to me than the sneakers is the presence of real evil in this world that the attack on children selling little children to be trafficked sexually. I mean heart is like that. The ongoing epidemic of abortion, the breakdown of the family. These are the satanic things that concern me more and all the more do we want to pray for this man to come to know Jesus, there would be people were far worse sinners than him, that God has saved, especially when people act in ignorance and unbelief but but but here's the real irony of the whole thing. Let's take a look at the sneaker itself and and and on the one hand, it's got say this 16 660 60 this is this sneaker number six out of a run of 666 that's in the back but on the front side it says Luke 1018 why in the world would you put that scripture on your shoe. If you're glorifying Satan and you've got it upside down cross and pentagram these other images and all this stuff why in the world would you do that, but what does it say here Jesus sends out a 70 to preach, drive out demons heal the sick, they come back the 70 returned with joy, saying master, even the demons submit to us in your name Jesus said to me she was said to them I was watching Satan fall like lightning from heaven or other translations say I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven, so releasing I was there when he was cast out of heaven, he rebelled in the first place, or when you were going out driving out demons. I was watching him fall like lightning from heaven, and then he says this behold I've given you authority to trample upon serpents and scorpions and over all the power the enemy is worth 19. Nothing will harm you nevertheless do not rejoice that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice that your names have been written in heaven. Okay, maybe the point to put that scripture is to say Satan's fall into the earth, whatever.

It's it speaks of his fall.

Satan's fallen and in Jesus. Satan is under our feet. The real lesson from these stupid sneakers. The real lesson is that Satan is under our feet in Jesus we have authority over him.

He's not our master.

He's not our Lord's power is broken over our lives through the cross and the resurrection and and many of you watching and listening can see you. That happened to me. I was bound I was a slave. I was a slave to the fear. I was a slave to drugs.

I was asleep to sex. I was a slave to greed or luster anger or violence or whatever it was Jesus liberating you Satan has been defeated and we must now exercise authority in Jesus and bring the message of liberation and freedom to the world made this publicity ploy bring about a wave of prayer for the salvation of the loss and awareness to parents of the garbage that they're letting their kids take and what is available for them and then renew desire for us to go out and set captives free in the bigger concerns I would have would be this year. Let's look at this news. This from a few years ago the blasphemy challenge goes back to 2007.

This was a movement then where people were invited to it to post videos say they blaspheme the Lord and and this was to say we can commit the unpardonable sin that there was a move afoot to do this and I have no question whatsoever. No question that there were people who recorded those videos that are now believers today as I was watching the little children were doing as I was watching the stuff I said there's no question whatsoever that these people who are blaspheming the name of the Lord and rejecting him.

It is there. They they don't know what they're saying they're not committing the unpardonable sin there, mouthing words but they don't understand the meaning of those words and will be people in record videos one day and say the next bitsy that points to a bigger trend, which concerns me, which is the ongoing dropping out of the faith especially of younger people.

They're not finding answers in churches defining church to politicize the business at that.

That's what we concern the more than the sneakers suddenly that or or or this habit this the satanic temple Dallas Observer reports, satanic temple, says Texas abortion laws violate religious liberty so their filing suit could just read down in this article for a moment to see their argument, satanic temple filed a lawsuit against Texas, alleging certain state-mandated abortion regulations violate the religious liberty of its members. This a regulation such as those that require women seeking abortion to undergo a sonogram.

Examine the results. Read about abortion set out a mandatory waiting period violate the temples religious teachings. The satanic temple which describes itself as a nontheistic branch of Satanism once its followers to be exempt from such regulations. The temple's members across the country, including Texas.

It's legal again abortion in Texas with procedures banned after 20 weeks was a life-threatening medical conditions involved. The fetus is a severe abnormality for persons eligible, the state requires them to get a sonogram and receive paperwork about medical risks adoption alternatives and developmental stages of the fetus. According to the cell use of the information provided in this paperwork is false. The state that requires women to wait 24 hours after receiving the sonogram in paperwork before she can go through the abortion. They long wait is not required to for those who live 100 miles or more away from the nearest abortion provider but the temples members look at this is a greater concern to me than the sneakers but the temples members consider abortion a ritualistic process according to his cofounder and spokesperson Lucian Graves. This ritual is meant to take the shame and guilt away from the person receiving the procedure affirming their choice.

The state regulations disrupt this ritual grief said we have a distinct kind of procedure for this in a no part of this. Do we include getting sonograms or any other medically unnecessary acts as a recording texted. Therefore, imposition of those things we feel is a violation of our religious liberty that is more grievous to me and of greater concern than the sneakers, except for the fact kids being exposed to this all is to say Satan's active powers been broken, but is active. It's up to us to go exposed over number cleansing by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown or about the I Unlimited pivot dramatic. And respond to a tweet asking me about the vaccine and the mark of the beast vaccine being some type of part of an end time world control, domination by an antichrist figure or government that leads me to a question to ask each of you 866-34-TRUTH 7884 here's my question. Did you get vaccinated for Kovic. If so, why did you choose to do it. If not, why have you chosen not to do it. Love to hear from you. 866-34-TRUTH did you get vaccinated or not. And why did you or why have you not gotten back since all outcomes at the moment and I'm not listed. The complete pivot. I'm not going from Satanism to a natural next subject the vaccine.

No that's not it.

It's stop heart stop next subject. Okay so here's what I want to point out sometimes we get all worked up over the latest publicity stunt satanic sneakers look biggish. The big issues that satanic sneakers the big issues all the evil inside all the injustice all the corruption all the hurt all the pain all the destruction the murder and rape the terrible things that take place all the time in our society things to take place on a daily basis. Kids dying of drug overdoses families being torn apart one thing after another hardship, difficulty, pain, human beings, making choices, but Satan driving so much of it with with his destruction. That's what should concern us more than just the latest publicity stunt is something satanic because you know the more you talk about everybody this is that this is big news, but I thought would downplay this and then everywhere I turned people talk about Christian leaders talk about was defending it with political people and Nike went so it is out there again. The biggest take away from me is remember Satan's under your feet. In Jesus of us pray for mama sex was pray for truly come to know the one true God likely to God he's never ever been exposed to. Probably never met him or encountered a maybe did rejected but my guess would be he's never really encountered him and doesn't even know the love of God, and maybe he's experienced rejection by the church for being gay. None of the disease know the conviction of the spirit and the love of God to draw him in select let's let's pray for him and let's be alert as to what our kids, grandkids, great grandkids, whatever it is, what they're taking in what they're being exposed like I remember in the 60s. I didn't see that the movie but it was the big sensation of a toy met Rosemary's baby, you know that I'm looking at a graphic now and and it was that iconic movie and way out there and it ends up. Basically she gives birth to Satan's spawn uniting. I didn't see the movie, but what that was like 1968 that the point is, this stuff is been around satanic stuff sensationalistic stuff about the devil. This has been around and Satan has been at work all these centuries, and sometimes it's very over ways and sometimes it's more covert ways, the more society believes in the supernatural and the paranormal.

Then the more overt Satan often is the more society is is is irreligious and more intellectually oriented and in rejecting the myths and fables and superstitions and things like that snow with their thinking and their rationalism may come in a more subtle way, but he's been at work. Ultimately though, we are responsible. No one can say the devil made me do it because we have to open the door to him one way or another for him to get in and take possession. I remember during the days of the Brownsville revival Pensacola Florida from 95 to 2000 and I served as a leader there from 96 to 2000 race of the ministry school where fruit continues to to remain and grow around the world will II had heard about a woman of which who had been wonderfully born again, but she was.

She was raised in a family of which is at and it was multigenerational Susie the third or fourth generation which interfamily and she lived among other witches in this woman was really genuinely demonized. I mean the real thing and she she came to Brownsville.

She got wonderfully born again wonderfully transformed set free like a different person. I wasn't there when she initially testified but some people unwisely told her hey it's fine if you go back your old environment is your new person was went back to her old environment, and around all the switches with family members who which is G fell under satanic power.

So I come into a room one day before the service is going to start one night and my colleague of Angela Steve Hill is down on one the and he's praying over a woman who is literally laying on the floor and he is speaking to a demon in this will a source with my loss and this woman had the deepest husky his voice I've ever heard. I mean a man a deep male voice that was far huskier and mail sound and will not grow about what kind of woman is while never heard a woman with a voice like that and and Steve is saying you will even Jesus that hate this stuff happened in the Bible where the site stopped. Show me in the Bible where it says that disciples will drive out demons and put them stops where where has the devil stopped. Have demon stopped.

So why do we stop driving them out. In Jesus name met some of the excess or the exorcist movie.

It's gonna be like that Adam talked about this with the Bible says my friend Steve is is standing over kneeling Byron speaks to this demonic spirit you are leaving in Jesus name and argues back in physis go in Jesus name. Come shutters next think God then she sits up all Steve I'm so embarrassed about what happened while I was the real lady there was the spirits. Big address all about. As you may think is crazy but hate to believe the Bible is in the Bible.

These things have happened over the centuries around the world to this day. Satan is a destroyer we have authority over him in Jesus name, but we don't play games with the devil is not wise and we look around mocking him and picking a fight in the same way we don't go around minimizing the real damage that he does so that's what I want to say about the satanic sneakers I want to remind you of the authority we have in Jesus, but don't don't play games don't experiment. Let's see how far out I can get in the water before I drown though that's not wisdom to do that 866-34-TRUTH okay let's go over to this tweet that I got so full payment full pivot, a woman I think woman from the picture.

I wonder if Dr. Michael Brown would reconsider his position about the vaccine being the pretext for the Mark of the beast and other Christians will be of the participate in free commerce without it sounds like what the Bible described to me. Okay, so when covert, 19 hit little over year ago story good news about it. The first article that I wrote March early March 2020 was to say this looks very serious and deadly but is not a plague from the book of Revelation is not one of the final plagues that the Bible speaks about it looks serious and deadly. It is not one of the final plagues written about in the Bible that was the point that I made and I subsequently wrote a book with eight days straight. March 18 came out a finish March 26 and cannot just a few weeks later when the world stops still hurt profit one year later, words of faith, hope and wisdom in the midst of crisis and I reiterated that same position in the book will now the next question comes up, whereby the vaccine beak because the Bible, the book of Revelation describes a day will be this Antichrist ruler and and and everyone will have to worship him and I'll have to have proof of worship we can get this quote mark of the beast, and if they won't get it they won't be able to buy or sell. So here are some of say hey look if if you have this you have to have a covert vaccine passport. You have to have proof that you got vaccinated.

You will be able to travel into certain countries maybe won't be able to go to work. Maybe will be able to school maybe will be able to do business is.

Isn't that what the Mark of the beast describes so here's my position, which remains exactly as it was before my position remains completely unchanged that it shows you how something like this could happen on a world level. It is a parallel type of situation and that you may be required to do something in order to live normal lives is not the mark of the beast because the beast is not here, not the mark of the beast because the antichrist is not here is not the mark of the beast because there is not the one world government that would be required is not the mark of the beast because were not being required to worship something other than God. Certain sectors of society believe that the vaccine is essential and that you have to protect others who are not vaccinated and and and therefore require the vaccine to buses out it if it's force then we have another issue gets to be enforcement of an issue. It's a parallel type of question. What if, in good conscience you can get vaccinated or you don't want to get vaccinated, but you required to know to live a normal life. Would you normal commerce where you that's a much more major question to address, but that doesn't make it the mark of the beast for there to be a mark of the beast needs to be a beast that needs to be antichrist needs to be that final world ruler that we are required to worship. So again it shows us how something like this could happen and there are parallels but know this is not the mark of the beast. Anyway, if you got vaccinated.

Tell me why you did it while you didn't hesitate to do it or silos will do it if you feel you don't want to, you shouldn't.

It's not right either health reasons or spiritual reasons you call to me why 866337884 lot more to come to light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown know I'm I was working on an article last night. Role of the church in every generation and and we tend to paint things and overly extreme turn. This is the worst.

The world is ever been, and we gotta save American turn the tide. The reality is the world's been messed up since the fall of man. Think of it, the firstborn son Kane kills the second born son able. How's that for a start of human progeny on the earth's been a mass ever sense and in the midst of it good wonderful, beautiful things have happened in every generation there is a battle like a tug-of-war and pulled this way or this way, but until Jesus returns.

The world is going to be messed up in the kingdom of God is going to advance its knocking to be totally evil as I can be perfectly righteous. This can be a lot of good and beautiful development of character and godliness in people's lives changed in many redemptive stories on the one hand and on the other hand, on the other hand can be evil and destruction darkness so it's not a matter of either or the Americas. All goal of the D band or America needs to go back to its great roots.

No merit has been mixed from day one.

A lot of good and and bad along with it been a mix so every generation.

We have role. Every generation wears salt and light every generation recall to make a difference in every generation we have to push back against evil and promote good OS.

This will get even worse if we were here to be total collapse.

So we gotta do our part. Whatever generation you put us there will be preaching repentance: people to turn to God, offering new hope in life. Working against evil. Promoting good where we put us when we exaggerate sayings then we become some of the relevant, chicken little say in the skies falling or else we get a false complacency reality is. This is always going to be a battle reality is.

This can be trouble, difficulty, and much grace in the midst in the same way when it comes to the question of the code vaccine we can exaggerate things in apocalyptic terms that if you don't do this, your murder, your hate you were a murderer. Shame on you if you will get vaccinated murderer or the other hand, this is the mark of the beast and I will not give my allegiance to a one world government and submit myself to Satan.

Both positions are exaggerated so that we do need to talk about this more and more Americans are vaccinated, and the Siri would be with this in the with herd immunity in them with less people carrying that the virus that less will be exposed, and then you kind of officially get over the that the massive hurdle and go back to normal life. That's the mentality. This is good and right saying is it healthy, long-term. So we asked the question again 866-34-TRUTH I'm go to the phones in one moment, but I want to pull up a headline from the Jerusalem Post about Israel and it says in Israel.

This year's Passover Seder is also a farewell party for Kovic, 19 in Israel disrespect of hearts that the the liberal Israeli newspaper. This year's Passover Seder is also a farewell party for Kovic 19 sing a year ago year ago that Israel was told complete shutdown can have family members together that they did Passover Seder's with zoom in virtual sailors now missing. Hey economies reopening coronavirus infections. It is rare that the rate it in his room keeps dropping vaccine drives been a success. That is, is the one major thing. Israel is missing before he can recover. They just want to get that with the Tanya Sosa political footnotes okay so II did I just want to draw attention to that signal a year ago I I watch some shows were Christian prophets were asked when is the virus can end this is you can see major decline of Passover mid April and see major decline in the sky dissipate after that.

Of course it didn't happen quite the contrary. One year later in Israel. It is happening.

Which reminds us prophets see and know in part that's what we don't go to them with those, questions the spiritual prognosticators. It's not there job that the tell us how God wants us to live in order.

Please write so over you.

Were you vaccinated or have you not been vaccinated, and why to let some scope phones will start with Julie in Georgia. Welcome to the line of fire by Dr. Brown. Hey how are you today I'm just fine. Yes. So tell me about your own vaccine choices well at our family had provided feedback and I've been right and in Pentecostal church like that and in ministry. He's retired now a pastor for 45 years and and my mother has an major health issues major and compromising down on achievement charts from year because of the coronavirus ending a church event such a huge part of our lives are likely got a church email and the doors are open to it already kind of isolated even before coronavirus, but she always made an effort to get a church and the main reason I became back to me vaccinated my husband, my father and my mom are main reason get her back in church and and and and it you know Wheatley's mix that weakness that community weakness that our death fellowship at our other family and our church family and so I gently let me outline is to know this this give me as to this truly did. You simply choose not to go or she chose not to go for fear of the potential of of of getting infected and the result was that it was a family choice and then you said once you vaccinated that it's safe to go was that the mentality it was easy major fear unit we cannot live in fear that we would watch her and Kurt targeted online and participate in any way that we can win.

The chart still be highly paid archive into the chart ever by online and we wish we still participated in the dark is not Ed that I would hundred. I want to say our key driving forces. What number one get back in church and we had several outbreak has been in our church and have role and family, and it often, went to other people in the chart you that I was kind of bet we were worried. Now we live are presently left. I love my precious mom, you know, and we we we wanted to protect her and we know that the Lord is in control in and out but I don't want to say that we lived under a cloud of fear because we didn't you know just to lose weight.

It was wisdom dislike so you if you could has the flu. You don't bring into two church services something you keep in back and and and how old, how old is she my manager turned 70 years old seven actually couplet a few days ago, she turned 70 get and would you say that others in the church. The majority have followed suit, the same way and Holland talk in our church that I've heard people getting her back. I know that my pastor specifically in endpaper and at that we party may comment that he find anything wrong but in fact I think he said he had friends at Pfizer that he personally and that he heard a negative attitude about that. I think God honestly hadn't been a lot of people that have. I don't know that there's not talking about it you know if they got it or not, that I will tell you that little has been spent on social media Thursday that I've gotten gotten back to me okay why you have that kind of wacky Christian Ted print up stuff about you know that that this is the market to be and if you take this thing you know if I I've been a little head that asked about this is not right that's that's important it's it's one thing Julius people say not sure about long-term effects of vaccine we've read this sewer we have consensus been adequately tested or we don't listen being forced on us. That's a fair discussion, but to get ridiculed by Christians Martha the beast that's need to grow up.

We need to grow up and do better. Hey Julie, thanks for for calling and sharing this and make me God's grace and health you with your whole family there, 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to 10. In Palm Beach, Florida. Welcome to the line of fire. Hello Dr. Brown will great nice to talk with you about talk about… While go ahead midnight nice to talk and thanks for the kind words.

Yes oh well you about about in vaccinated yeah go ahead under is old.

I would like though I would like linked in a lack of product will balk like. I was not like really crisp and then I liked became panic…… Letting Kalama argument on June argument evident direction, but the empty tomb is objection, but never really made especially if they want, especially on the infection for the final, leading to evidence closely.

I was starting to get really hard to like Butler keep up with all the things I have to do thinking even though what I mean right here seriously teasing in and how did you see your 1313 yet that is awesome that you're thinking about these things but a lot of people are even know the argument you're talking about going on. I really yeah yeah are just just have fun or do whatever will come up with this title of going yes of the keys in Kendrick for you now is to really get to know the Lord in a personal level really get close to him through his word and prayer and in his bill.

That foundation really solidly and then on that foundation. You can add in but you know then then learn more. The arguments in the back and forth because that's always going to be there and that's like this is a lot to keep up with there's always going to be another video and another book. Another argument but now I want your philosopher Christian apologist and will be like William Craig Lewis no. Although I only wanted out how they bond yeah yeah and in the great those are great models to follow, but go ahead, her evolution so I of people. I was accused just as a note, you all those positions you develop as you keep growing. For sure you want to be more advanced in your understanding. Five years from now, 10 years 20 years 30 years right so keep building on those things. But the biggest biggest thing of all. Biggest thing of all to develop a really solid personal relationship or heart to heart so hard and soul and mind, and spirit living gun rights there. Here it's the light a fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown, knowing that I can recall this about the vaccine that we about his amazing journey 13… Pray for God to keep him around him and were sending them a free copy of my book resurrection. The skinny rabbi from Brooklyn. The preacher from Galilee, and an event that changed the world, but he didn't feel needed to be vaccinated at 13 all by the way, many would argue that covert rates were dropping that herd immunity was being achieved that just natural processes taking place and that that's what the numbers were dropping and now people will point will the vaccine did the sin of the numbers were dropping and it would work were just discussing these things with interesting though it's interesting is that this the, the percentage when you look at those of a problem with the vaccine question whether they should get it or not, the, the highest number in terms of percentage wise of of of group saying when were not sure about getting it or we don't think we should get it white evangelicals. Why is that why the skepticism conspiracy theories are just looking at things with more suspicion, even though Donald Trump was pro-vaccine right second group right behind that is book is black Americans not specifically evangelicals with black Americans wise that why the skepticism is the justice interesting. Demographically, to see how this plays out all right. Let's hear from some more view of its go to Beretta in Raleigh, North Carolina, which are taken, the vaccine personally. Hey Dr. yeah you're on the air.

I don't like that. No, I don't like that either. Okay, go ahead. I did not get the vaccine and let me lay my getting vaccinated and dealt with no long and there I'm here. Haven't gone anywhere. Go ahead, so there is no long-term research so that when a big concern of mine may think that with my interest in very compromised and I received infusion of every month and the infusion also preface the more though and would like now to get this thing and felt tingling last night my husband asked me after church. What have you heard or have you heard anything about that being in the mark of the beast. I think I said yeah I thought I figured that that would come up eventually become the past through my mind and have a while back I think that you know what that is not the mark of the beast because that's clearly in the Bible where the mark will be placed on the forehead and on hand and said correctly. If I'm wrong about that ceiling yeah so so here's just a single if we take Revelation 13. Literally this little mark of the beast of the antichrist of the antichrist system then take it literally is for head and arm right but again we present there is no beast. Now there is no antichrist.

There is no OneWorld government.

We are not being told to worship.

This antichrist was McEntee comments are there parallels in the parallels. Let's not over those who yeah think it's one of the levels whether it's necessary with support what is healthy with think is run those levels get the mark of the beast issue. You can even think it's run the level of do I want the government telling me what to do and not do do what do I want the government having that kind of reach in my life and that level of control that's another fair argument and that parallels the mark of the beast. But let's not confuse the one with the other hey Loretta, thank you for the call. Let's go over to David and San Antonio, Texas.

Welcome to the line of fire. Hello Dr. Brown Virgo to speak with your peers all the time. Thank you. At the coming from my point of view. I followed this virus from when it was happening in China and seeing all the YouTube videos happening in boarding up buildings and people falling out mistreats and all those things happening back in January of last year and moving swiftly through Italy and all those other countries so when it started to take root here back in March. My wife is action ICU nurse and she come home one day felt company back up a bit.

I felt led of the Lord to anoint tomorrow and go around the outside of my home and pray over the walls of my home know why at the time it was.

It was nighttime and I felt the Lord to be communicated. Go do this in you know often come to him with the Lord speak to us we start questioning my worldwide sound crazy, you know. But as I do that over the whole of our home Holy Spirit speaking to me moving on. My wife is in ICU she's ICU nurse.

She comes home. The very next day and she's getting ready for her next nights, rounds, and I she does that she received a call from our hospital here stating that we all need to quarantine because she commented contact with the doctor that has the virus and she been in contact with our doctor for the past today.

Over the past two days and direct contact face-to-face. This was before know all the mass mandates and social distancing and sheer come in contact with our doctor and she was scared to death. She was she was crying she was running our house trying to put up an area that she can quarantine herself and I just set down with her not explain what the Lord had me do the night before and I told her I said listen honey I said we've already been exposed at this and I was going to harassment just got to put our trust and hope in Jesus Christ and and I will say think that it happened. We traveled around the country was on the different places we warn mass words mandated showing wisdom and arcing are coarsely like my work. I have to wear a mask wherever I go okay with you know, because I believe that we should should have faith and love towards others that may not have much faith as we do, but everything we haven't gotten the virus and garden and we haven't been affected. Number am thankful for that. But my wife did decide to get the vaccine to try to help people that might be on the fence with a worried about what it might be or how it might affect them and so far she's been fine. She's been over two months with the vaccine until I think we have to use discernment as Christian and really dig into the word show ourselves approved we look word and we rightly divided a little and for sure, fear is never fruit of the spirit in terms of although this can happen with this. Terrible thing God wants us that then we wake up but you won't have a right attitude face the me when I use common sense wisdom and then was something like this.

People say hey I I've read things with concerns of and that's where you have to think it through on your own that's aversive you want to do. Pastors, leaders in setting policies for churches.

Just do your best to hear from the Lord and use practical wisdom and move forward from there. He, David, I appreciate the call. Let's go to a Sonja in Gainesville, Florida.

Welcome to the line of fire grant hey hi hello I'm counting on it from a little bit different angle. Then, the majority of people on now closure and 30 year I got my degree about my background and microbiology have a Masters degree related to that. And so, from the beginning. Without that way back. I'm like something from and I was following the numbers with coded literally going to the CDC site just doing simple, divisive man, and it was making me what they were saying and then you're asking about that that actually know on the back pain I was like okay let's find out about this because I have another in the eighth grade yada yada I've done a lot of I've gone into scientific journal like a favorite every scientific article or anything that author listen to a variety of doctors wanted him with all your and on the bottom line is that this is not a like has ever been given before and because of the nature of it. It is and I isolated work carefully that it yeah and I don't want to scare anyone out there that it is a foreign gene therapy. This is using messenger RNA we've we've never had a vaccine like that and kind of therapy is currently not legal bad that the bottom line with it is is and with some of that time and I will tell when I would just naturally occurring on. I want a pandemic that naturally occurring unit or whatever. There is a natural curve that happened with with antivirus and so against distinctive gone on a long time, but if you look at the number of healthy people and a 99 point think it 8% chance of recovery and that there are not offended that are much less expensive that can be used as long as they are used early own and I guess I won't say the name because it seems to get people really work that that there's a lot of evidence, even if you like to countries like Nigeria does not have the problems that we had and you know their medical is not like ours and there just I personally feel there's an agenda with the vaccine thing and that and then other thing I will tell you what I know this is another thing. It's probably important Beretta time no what was the other thing will rent a time today, but friends make informed decisions. Bottom line, don't make this into the mark of the beast make informed decisions with wisdom for your health and those around you and may God help us pass this horrific situation into a brighter future

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