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Will Elon Musk’s Neuralink Make it Possible to Control Electronic Devices with Our Minds?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
The Truth Network Radio
March 24, 2021 4:30 pm

Will Elon Musk’s Neuralink Make it Possible to Control Electronic Devices with Our Minds?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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March 24, 2021 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 03/24/21.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network talked about the urgency of revival and then a fascinating interview with those wrong reasons to believe about some techniques to what put artificial intelligence in our brains stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown know this can be a fascinating discussion to trust me on that.

This is going to be a fascinating discussion speak with biochemist fuzz Rhonda for reasons to believe about Elon musk's neural link. What is it, what should we make of it. Where is artificial intelligence and the ongoing will talk about that at the bottom of the hour, 866-34-TRUTH phone lines are open for anything you want to talk about 866-34-TRUTH 784 and gobbling up tomorrow's broadcaster leaders Thursday will unpack what's happening with the Israeli elections. Yeah, things may change dramatically between now and tomorrow in terms of coalitions and think shifting of the wise.

There may be another deadlock symbol will take that off on thoroughly Jewish Thursday will be getting into that today, but it is important to meet. We do want to double back to it, friends. America is ripe for revival and visitation. While I say that because when a messed up state because America is as broken and confused and divided as I've ever seen it in my lifetime and hurting and looking for answers, and further polarizing in its divisions in the church in many ways is as broken as of ever seen it in my lifetime with scandals with hyper politicization with old, you name it we go through a list of of issues that have happened in the church that have us in a very humbled state. Jesus says it is the sick who need a physician.

Jesus said blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled. Psalm 63. The psalmist spoke of the hunger he had for God and for his presence. That was a longing that that was a passionate thirst and desire revival comes with a sense of urgency revival comes because it's revival or else it's God's visitation or else I will look with you a Habakkuk chapter 3 Habakkuk chapter 3 the prophet is writing an extreme time in the history of Judah. He has seen the great sin in the midst of his nation is cried out to God and God shows him what he's going to do an answer to that cry. He's going to bring judgment.

The Chaldeans, the Babylonians, and they're gonna decimate Judah and bring their idol worship in with them and Habakkuk sees this and that the cure is worse than the disease and he cries out in Mr. chapter.

There's a Psalm is a prayer and in verse two.

EE says is very very poignant words of a paraphrase with the text says for you but it's basically this got we've we've heard about what you've done in the past we forgot about the great miracles of the great outpourings and any awakenings and in the stirrings in the miracles of Mount Sinai in Exodus and we've heard about what you've done in the past, but Lord, do it again in our day make these things known in our day grandpa stories will save this generation. Grandma's encounters won't change the young people we need a fresh encounter with your hand now. We need to see your hand stretched out today so do it again in our day new JPS overlord.

I've learned if you are now a mockup of heard about it it's it's amazing now do it again renew them in these years make them known in our time, and then in wrath remember mercy. Though angry, may you remember compassion friends. That's why there's a sense of urgency with revival because you recognize judgment is near you, read, read, recognize it's revival are all susceptible command September revival or we die and I want you to hear what revival scholar James Edwin Laura had to say about this. Yuri is in his 80s, lecturing about revival and is a striking statement about revival being like Judgment Day listen to a doctor or had to say you heard of the Shandong revival. Ms. Oliver was there revival was in the province of China and when it reached section 1 WW castle summed it up in five hours, surprise five hours. It is like Judgment Day is always right here on my referring her. She remembers watches on China, which is young missionary and hollering. It was like Judgment Day with weeping and confessing a lot of people think that revival is a tremendous time of excitement in the great roll call of Congress is. It begins like Judgment Day with the Holy Spirit exposing all the sins of the church that is a something you don't realize that first stage of revival after the prayer is conviction of sin, judgment, proceeds, blessing told you stories of the West revival, 100,000 people outside the church converted and joined the churches five months. Five years later, someone wrote a book about the movement and complained after five years only 75% still stood these and many were lost a mission called to the Pentecostals, some them couldn't stand the dryness. Some people want to go back revival is like Judgment Day starts with conviction of sin and confession of sin and then after that comes the joy and the renewal I want to take you into a very sacred moment. I just found this clip last night was in the midst of the Brownsville revival.

So in the late 1990s and there was an altar call that eventually Steve Kelly given people up at the altar getting right with God, and I got ripped the tremendous burden to tell a story. I don't remember telling it more than once remember telling another time during the revival, but I want you to feel the urgency want you to feel the intensity want to feel what it's like when God is convicting in the Holy Spirit is drawing people and is the sense of if you don't get right tonight. It could be all over. Listen to this call from Pensacola in the midst of revolve you want to know urgency you want low intensity. Listen to this. Everyone here knows of everything I've never spoken with him about the speaker before urgent people in the chapel the cafeteria at certain there was a ship that went down about two years ago with over thousand screens on it between Estonia Sweden and finish water as it was the worst disaster. There in peacetime. The worst see disaster over 900 people died terrible ways people perishing. It happened and you know that there are some Bible schools that my friends now.

Some of these people may bear on the ship was going now.

Anything with others and I just thought it was but they were soon on the ship as it was there. We break all the way. All the right is a you know you will you will and will friends I watch it, then obviously I'm passionate love the Lord to get grip like that you notice work that up was no emotional employee of the Holy Spirit pleading through me.

I've seen that time and time again revival, it gets very intense because the term of the comes real revival comes with urgency revival is like Judgment Day revival brings a people to it. Pastor Shane idol men wrote my colleague and friend in California is nearly a decade ago, I prayed Lord bring revival to the churches is not ready for the response that followed. He said I share the response to the sermon below as often as possible to reach as many people as possible. He said after I prayed was almost as if God was saying you don't want revival will ruin your schedule, your dignity, your image in your reputation as a person was well balanced memo weep throughout the congregation will wail because of the travail of their own souls, young adults will cry like children at the magnitude of their sin with the strength of my presence, the worship team will cease playing time will seem to stand still won't be able to preach because the emotions flooding your own soda struggle to find words but only find tears even the most dignified in reserve among you will be broken and humbled as little children, the proud and self-righteous will not be able to stand in my presence, the doubter and unbelievable you to run for fear for their news and worship me to be no middle ground. The church will never be the same again. That's the urgency of revival is the cost of revival is the reality of revival. The friends we must have it not revive us, we die. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice important cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown transferred joining us on the line of fire the bottom of the hour to be joined by biochemist was wrong. It would completely change topics change direction change focus. But let me just pause you from the moment on revival we did revival focused show on Monday and many of you who been following me know that our ministry has an emphasis of three hours revival revolution, redemption, remember those what revival self-evident revival in the church that that a great burden we carry a great calling in our ministry is to stir renewal awakening within the body.

God's people returning to their first love. God's people turning away from sin and complacency.

God's people encountering the Lord fresh and then with that reaching out to a lost and dying world revival in the church, leading to awakening in the society and that leads straight into our second or which is revolution meaning a gospel based moral and cultural revolution on an armed uprising, not rebellion, but rather Jesus transforming his people and we being transformed bring about the transformation of the culture through the gospel is God's kingdom. Pushing back against the kingdom of this world so revival in the church gospel based moral and cultural revolution in society and redemption in Israel. The salvation of the Jewish people and for me as a Jewish believer, but also based on on Scripture. I see this is the culmination of everything. And with this are heartbeats for the great commission. So I had the privilege of traveling outside the US probably couple hundred times a great time yesterday with my old friend John, talk about missions and God's heart for the whole world would you get out when you travel and you do missions trip when you spend substantial time of spend a few years my life total overseas and doing doing ministry. You Americas important by the merit you see everything differently on same because you you see God's heart for the entire world and is burden for the lost and in his care for for the poorest of the poor individuals that are just outcast and it's an amazing thing to see the Holy Spirit touch people and to see the great commission fulfilled in the culmination of this is what a mighty harvest when the nations a great harvest from the nations.

A multitude that no one could number the fullness of the Gentiles, as Paul describes in Romans 1125 and on the heels of this all Israel saved the national conversion of the Jewish people so that's that's what heartbeats for, but really without revival, without the first are the other two artists won't happen without God's people being visited and coming alive. The other ours won't happen and what I want to really encourage you to do is look at your own life and ask God to show you if you've left your first love. Ask God to show you if you become compromised complacent or cold. Or maybe you been through hell and back. Maybe you you you suffered terrible loss, physical loss, emotional loss, relational loss, financial loss you been through really difficult difficult time and under just your worn-out your being down. You need refreshing or maybe just constant attack. The busyness of life. It's it's robbed you of the joy used to have. Maybe with through difficult church split maybe really believing God for something, things fall through.

Either way you're not used to be that old joy that old intimacy little purpose that will free little faith. It's not there unless it is to condemn. I say this to say you're right for renewal. Direct revival is about what I do, how I get back. However cover things that I lost but remember what Jesus says in Revelation to speaking to the church in Ephesus. He commends the church for their hard work for their perseverance for their doctrinal purity, exposing those who claim to be apostles and were not this is you have this against you. You've left your first love. Left your first love. And he says remember the height from which you fall, do the things you did at first. Repent and do the things you did at first. So go before the Lord and reflect back to what you had in him who you were in him how you walked with him what you experienced in him.

Maybe the passion you had to reach the lost and to share your testimony or the love you had for prayer or the sensitivity you had for holiness and let let that burning you and and then do what you did at first. Here, maybe maybe this will will help you. Those of you who are married and over the course of years of marriage. Things get stale and the weariness of life and challenges of raising kids and making a living in staying on top of things and erosional, neglecting each other.

So what you do, you do what you did at first the simple thing date night that you clear your schedule. You get babysitters, you do it you need to do and you go out and just have fun.

You go to a restaurant that you have good memories of her. You go out to thing you just enjoy time together with the two of you need to regularly and then it is your home more and more things doing things together just that spark is there a returns do what you did at first.

Don't allow the enemy of your souls to condemn you herself will never get back.

It's too late for you, you fall into free always be a show yourself. You're just like somebody is said to many injuries and too many disappointed are always that mellow know that's to their life in your own mind what others tell you with the enemy, Satan wants to tell you, God's mercies are new every morning, and he's the one saying turned back to me and I'll turn back to you. So every day take a step in that direction every day spend more time with purely praying five and a spray tan. If you are reading the word it all read chapter take a step.

Take a step you feel prompted. He skipped this meal and feel prompted I should turn that off.

I should be watching it. Just go with it and before you know what this can be fresh fire and fresh desire. Maybe then be prompted to share your faith you haven't done that. The wobbly start to step outside while feeling when you feel God's presence. Again, I want to encourage that he is he is calling you. It is the Holy Spirit prompting you if there's a stirring going on, there is something fresh from heaven, and friends. I believe that all over the earth.

This is a constant with the Lord based on second Chronicles 16 nine I can I quote you and he brought out a love Courtney Huber. It's kind of interesting syntaxes.

The other, and I for the Lord and now of Michelle to talk the call Ha'aretz. His eyes going back and forth through the whole earth, so he's looking he's looking it's is literally a back-and-forth that's with the risen of Michelle to Toth because Hartz's eyes are going back back-and-forth to and fro throughout the whole earth, the heat because sake in the valve shall aim a love that he may stand in strong support portion of those whose hearts are wholly his year.

That word shall aim related to shalom has to do here, not with peace but wholeness. Wholehearted devotion and in what is he do for those people he stands in strong support that Hebrew verb is, is also used when Gabriel is held by by Michael the Archangel Inn in Daniel. The 10th chapter bringing a message to him, but he's he's resisted by the Prince of Persia and then Michael comes and supports him and is able to prevail and deliver the message yet so God is looking for people that he can back God is looking not for your performance. Yes, spending quality time with God is important, but he's not standing there with God six 7 billion stopwatches in heaven and their stout prayed 3 1/2 minute and prayed six minute writ know is that looking at performance is look at the heart and and you may say you understand. It was cold without all the kids are home. The home all day and and I got two little ones and for and now I gotta supervise the schooling of of the older three that are 7 to 11 and then there's dinner and meals and cleaning up and laundry and I don't. By the time everybody falls asleep. I'm out. Yeah, that's understandable, very challenging.

But what about your heart with your harsh when you don't you have you ever have your been worried about something in the matter what you're doing. The matter what you're working on. Did you feel if you're worried you feel that that anxiety or your excited about something or whatever you doing today your thinking about that or you're depressed about something. Whatever he doing dirt during the Philip Birdwell how about having a hunger for God.

How about over the course of the day just to prayer, O God, all God.

He sees that he sees that and then as he sees that hunger he'll give opportunities who provide support so that you're able to to meet with him and then what about having worship music on no Nancy found what when the when the kids were little, and there is just a busyness in the course of the day and the one snapping the others running around in and she will is okay that the room of the house that I'm passing through the most in the course of this kitsch is the kitchen so I'm just gonna leave the Bible open in the kitchen and whatever it note whatever is a free minute as standard and read Scripture take a little more the word, and it began to have an impact wherever you are you driving to work driving alone. You don't listen, don't need to catch up with them the news or sports reporter about worshiping God about listen to the word is wherever you are. Take steps to go after God and then pastors call your people to pray for revival put a vision of revival before the stir their hearts. Read more about revival read about the history of revival. See what God is done in past awakenings.

Think okay what about my church my congregation. What what about my region does God want to pour out a spirit yes he does this guy want to heal America's wounds. The wounds of the nation wherever you're watching and listening.

Yes he does into our faces crying out all God visit us if it's time of wrath Lord in wrath remember mercy.

I will be right back with was run in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown in the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown one could have some kind of attachment in our brain's that could well enables enables us to do things we normally couldn't do what if it could be used to to make up for certain deficiencies in disabilities. If we could enhance her mental capabilities. Are these the kind of things we don't want to mess with this is Michael Brown. This is the line of fire, and I am joined now by my friend Dr. fuzz Rana with reasons to believe he is a PhD in chemistry focuses on biochemistry and when we got it contact for reasons to believe, say, would you like to have fuzz on to talk about the subject.

This it are you kidding me. Of course, so fuzz great to have you back on the line of fire.

Michael, thanks for helping me in a while, but always enjoy hanging out yeah will wait too long it was. It was memorable to be down with your whole team years back and and see the great organization you have and then of course you and colleagues that the bill many times over the years be able to spit. It's been way too long. So first, how are things going in your world these days. You know they're going really well in spite of the upheaval that last year is represented know I feel very blah are in reasonably been driving difficult work this out. I have no note whatsoever nothing but gratitude yeah and and are you are you seeing that people have more uncertainty and more questions because of cultivating and so much uncertainty in the society, reminiscent have you found people reaching out more for answers.

Yeah yes indeed and also the more more people really turning to affiant as growing up. I hope you know and I you I want to think about social media claims like what I believe and find out if I'm beginning to almost develop this mystical is this mystical you know people are developing No faith at Fort because of I think the pandemic and the idea that they define weighted rescue in the Senate's interest in your courses.

You could always come to the office's conclusion because of the mixed signals and what are we supposed to do what works and doesn't work as a vaccine safe or not.

You know it could either get you looking to science requesting signs but either way you folks a person perfectly positioned to say what we want is truth and end were scientists, but we want truth that all truth is found in God. So for those who don't know who Elon musk is just give the superquick intro and then what in the world is this neural link that he's talking about that well you know you are not People of the world acknowledges a futuristic sort. And if you're not familiar, Walmart, probably while they felt before. Elon musk, accompanied Eva the type of person that wants to shape the future through by technological advance and recently he founded a company called neural link with the idea of commercializing what are called neural implants for us sometimes brain computer interfaces work. He sees these neural implants as really being the next generation of interface between the human user and electronic devices adjusted were comfortable. Now using Alexa or theory give voice commands to electronic devices, Elon musk, edition neural implants for lower control electronic devices are far so when you first hear that the set stripe use one of the wonderful use of technology and another incredible development that could help many people or does that concern you about us trying to overstep our bounds.

Note that the right question. Unfortunately not going after note, for the most part not look at the work being done in brain computer interface technology. I actually very excited about it because a lot of the work is really biomedical and orientation. The goal of eight we could treat people that are locked in here because of the stroke of a brain injury, and they can't communicate know or help people that are amputee gain control of the robotic prophetic plan to their to their path they can control when and things like that but wonderful, wonderful, but what what you want, but looking at actually creating these neural implants or really technology for the implants would augment that the human being and give us have to be that we don't naturally have and that now is create discomfort in the work he's looking at using the life is really an enhancement as opposed to really think that the volume to treat people suffering from note horrendous diseases or debilitating injury right so it again so much technology is good and in their lines that could crossed right so there there's technology that extends human life, but then we can just extend life so it's not even life anymore. Then we have questions about when the death occurs in and questions it never would've come up. If not for some of our of our good technology so from what you understand from Elon musk in his worldview.

Where is he want to go with this.

What's what's the outer limit of what he could be proposing we don't get a fascinating posted because with his company Law working. Looking at note revolutionizing the automotive industry was looking at trying to commercialize white, maybe even colonize Mars. Yeah, the real optimistic outlook on what technology could do for the future but with not only pessimism that that motivating the work there and sure the technology would have biomedical youth movement again could be used. Note for creating a human machine interface for you on the actually an essential imperative to developing this technology because he's afraid that the eight artificial intelligence systems that were developing in the near future will actually become autonomous system and went back And awfully on their own. According about. Suddenly, humanity is in jeopardy, that that these machines could subjugate us, they could actually maybe even drive humanity sanction and so he argues that in last week's development neural implants and provide the interface are blames with computer system to augment our intellectual capability will never be able to compete with AI systems. We become vulnerable. He actually seen the development of these neural implants is critical for survival is because of his fear of artificial intelligence. I got it so so this is not just a matter of some of that's blind, perhaps able to see your deaf able to hear or paralyzed, able to use lambs and it even goes beyond was your you could learn a language instantly just having it downloaded to your brain. This is our answer. So we need technology to fight technology let's step back and assess larger question. Are you concerned about the potential power of AI and working was a just science fiction writers in movies that talk about this or or other reasons for us to be concerned about artificial intelligence taking over the world. I actually think there is some reason to be concerned about that again. You know I like other all other knowledge can be used for enormous amount of good, but again it can be also used or misused. Note for nefarious purposes also purchased the unintended consequences many times with technology and more powerful technology. Sometimes the more devastating the other and consequent.

I am actually very hard but it but I would never go on record. If they that we shouldn't explore baptism artificial intelligence because of it real benefit.

This technology could provide for we just have to go into this if it technology development with your eyes wide open. I think and really be thoughtful about what we should do what we shouldn't do and if we do the fog to be something. What are the parameters that were going to fight to ensure the highest use of the technology without again it being used for suffering again from pumping up to five take the you know a back that we never anticipated would be a negative consequence.

Is this like discussion about cloning and that it's unethical to think of human cloning with possible or not is another issue. When the human soul was that coming. But this is the same kind of thing that you have to put guidelines on technology for the purposes of not destroying the human race.

Yep, I think so. I think that's exactly exactly yet it out and this is where the Christian worldview.

I think become really powerful because I'm not secular, epic that really actually can effectively guide our deliberations with a lot of emerging technology but with Christianity you got this beautiful complement where that that the Christian worldview encourages body but encouraged the development of technology to mitigate pain-and-suffering, promote human flourishing that the same time it recognizes the value of everything in life and would put in quite again safeguards to protect even those people that are the most marginalized, the most vulnerable in our world. Sure the basic equitable access to the technology that they have not pointed it out or are left behind in the process of developing technology.

So for me the Christian worldview has a lot they course. As Christians we also recognize that that human beings are sinful and that that the impact of spin can can pervert in a note pervert even the fact the best ideas. The best technology, and I will ask a larger question about about science, technology, human effort, and God where this all fits together but 45 seconds if you could talk to Elon musk. What would you want to convey to him. I think I would say in a nutshell, you know technology is a wonderful thing and improve the quality of our lives, but it can never know if you really are looking for.

Validate your salvation and the salvation of humanity that have to be you have to search for the person, the person of Christ. The only thing for the person of Christ not to what we can create by her own hand. Yeah, and the ultimate message, especially for those that are thinking about saving the human race is only one Savior.

Hey friends, visit for all ages for skeptics procedures for those with difficult questions, you find it to be a phenomenally rich and very accessible website about science and faith reasons.4th I will be right back with a close run.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown I'm speaking with biochemist was, he is one of the researchers contributors to reasons to believe good with scientific questions that relate to Scripture you may have heard about some new discovery or something going on the world of science. For this allegedly disproves the Bible or the be dealing with it. They they constantly post new articles, videos, great resource of information.

The body of Christ there fuzz Inc. in Genesis the 11th chapter rebut the Tower of Babel and God deals with human arrogance. A we can do this we can do anything and there is aspect of human beings wanting to push God out of the picture and think they can save the world on their own.

So of course God is going to thwart that and and will fail in our efforts, but sometimes we get so skeptical as Christians of the scientific world that that we can we can have step back and question everything. What's a healthy mentality to have towards the world of science and the great accomplishments of the world of science include the medical world, and yet recognizing human limitations in the midst of it. Yeah that's really about it are recognizing that first of all I think Brian really is a gift that God is given to us that that unleash the Provident is built into the created order that we can as we understand the world around us. We can take advantage without understanding to really know again mitigate pain-and-suffering to promote human flourishing and spoke.

It allowed unleash and unlock the good that is within the creation, it unfortunately science today has become largely an atheistic enterprise because it's shaped by the you called methodological naturalism which about $25 word leaving that when you engage in science you pretend as if God does for you. Only after mechanistic explanation. While the net effect of that is that that then prevents you from writing certain features in nature as being the handiwork of the creator and so instead of being God handiwork of the world around us all the is mechanism and that many times I think causes people to embrace an atheistic worldview because of credibility and the fact that 5000 our world today where I operate that God is not necessarily as a consequence, many people think that finding really undermines belief in God when in fact it was the opposite. Recognizing that that again worldview plays a key role is very important in terms of how we view scientific discovery. But on the other hand, that the technology we develop again.

I think it is a reflection of the fact that we bear God's image, and I think we develop technology that brings glory to God for the simple reason work were exercising manifesting the image of God but my book at the power Babel you know right here is not much you trying to play God.

The issue is people trying to take God white. I'm perfectly fine with buying God because we have no choice bear God's image, but if were trying to take God white gift that God is given a that is grant. I think things can go sideways and again this is why the Christian boys in our culture becomes really so important because it puts a break on this atheistic framework that really undergirds a lot of fun technology today and with that I think are consequences that really can be thought to be beneficial for commanding become a devastating for humanity. Yet really, and then with everything again that human beings do.

There are limitations because of the fallen futility of the race. It is there any technology that is envisioned that could that could save us from death. Well, yeah, that's the hope. People like me long is that we could modify our biological makeup routine auditing brain computer interface technology melding our biological makeup with machine or maybe we could discover antiaging technology that can wipe expectantly the hope is that we could obtain at least minimally a practical immortality and and spoke business really an idea that is becoming increasingly prominent in the Academy as well as I think in culture at large and note. In other words, people are really looking for salvation but they're looking for salvation through what fine technology can offer as opposed to the person of Christ.

Yet, of course, that's the soul is going to fall short.

It's all is going to fall short, that the gospel is irrelevant to the last human breath before Jesus returns the message of the cross is good be relevant. In fact, the more the world tries to become secular without God, the more there's there's a massive hole because we are created in his image and infers it so important that people like you are doing what you're doing because it's easy to be intimidated by science kids in college and university are bombarded in the and and interviews are ridiculed and him are all painted as fools and experiences something so it's it's it's important to know that there are people PhD's in chemistry and biology and in geology and astronomy that are solid Bible believers that appoint people to Jesus and and ultimately I I was expecting it on the scientist but I would expect the more we learn, the more impossible is going to be to deny the existence of God, the creator that's been my experience that I've been doing this for a number of years now and year after year after year.

I think the scientific case for creator is just becoming stronger and stronger and note it would just are able to look at the scientific discoveries. Biblical lands receive God's handiwork everywhere we look all around you and just what I've learned, even just focusing on something like DNA more just try to come in something in a rational way with no presupposition fusing. How could someone argue against the existence of God or the against the existence of a designer and NU got dislike and summary of your books, who was who is Adam creating life in the lab. The cells divide is 2.0.

I'm just just focusing on the cell would seem that anyone looking at this rationally would have to say okay this has been designed in intentional way. This couldn't just happen. Maybe just take a minute to tell us about wanted to these books be what we still have you with us yesterday. Your point Michael. I would not, but when I started graduate studying biochemistry and within within a years time. I probably came to the conviction that there must be a mind because of the elegant dictation of the spell, but I converted to Christianity because I felt as if it was the God of the Bible was the mind covered in fiber spell part be responsible for producing the spell up but notebook will be one of the really cool covering in biochemistry is again relating to DNA, but that spells machinery that manipulates the DNAs and information storage molecule spells machinery that manipulates the literally operating like a computer system, so much so that there are now nano technology holding computers out of DNA and that the machinery of the spell that manipulates the difficult DNA computing computers are what computers are help and he's really kind have to that are more powerful than the most powerful people, computer system," note.

Nobody in their right mind would think of the computer system is being assembled through unguided evolutionary path of the book brilliant. My double computer system. Emily look at death by that pocket computer systems are literally in operation and fiber spell. The only explanation to me is that there's a mind behind it all.

Yeah. And again it just it just seems like the only logical rational explosion was in it but Fred Hoyle's famous analogy of of you to get the universe we have in the world we have. It would be like a tornado sweeping through a junkyard and once it blows through its both a 747 or something like that. You and interestingly enough, he was no friend of the Christian faith whatsoever yeah yeah well in front of oil from the first evidence the functioning of his response with super intellect is monkeyed with physics as well as with chemistry and biology textbook you will you help to radiate a non-Christian worldview. Yeah I was I was once talking to a law professor while flying and he said he's a devout atheist and I said Sir I said with all respect, I believe that is because it takes a whole lot more face to be an atheist, principally, but identity was Israel forthright with me, so I thought I could be with him.

This was weird. We appreciate what what you doing anything you want our listeners to know about your website.

Anything going on.

Of special importance, I would hear if you have questions about health by the Christian faith. I would encourage you to visit our website. we have a ton of resources that are available for people at no cost that can help them navigate the complexities of the five state dialogue and by doing so, I think that you walk away with your faith and courage. Yeah, just to hear of your own salvation story how remarkable some friends checking out If you looking for Dr. Bronner's books. His first name, FACALD betting on his fuzz and then Rana RA and Acer to customers books. Check out the website reasons.Oregon and thanks for joining us in the likeness. We always appreciated another program powered by the Truth Network

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