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We Need a Spiritual Revival Not an Armed Revolution

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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March 22, 2021 4:20 pm

We Need a Spiritual Revival Not an Armed Revolution

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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March 22, 2021 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 03/22/21.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

Yes weekends are wonderful get time off from work and family time to worship God with your family.

It's also but there's one thing missing on the weekend. That's the line of fire stock for the line of fire with your host activist on the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I was expecting to hear a thundering voice in my ears. Hey friends, welcome to today's broadcast.

This is Michael Brown and Anna we have a clip ready that thundering voice can can we play it. Let's let's go back to an event earlier this year when you hear these words you understand what were talking about on the air today. Let's play it standing up saying not just Hell but were now and so today I stand with a black robe and I one point the Clarington patriots up at this time far wall are not hostile scale that was from the Jericho March this year immediately before the storming of the capital and within days of the storming of the capital and there was talk at the Jericho March among some of the speakers about the need for malicious and taking up arms and that's when you talk about today. I categorically reject the call for Christians to be taking up arms against the government now to be say well it's just like in the Revolutionary war. In that same time I say categorically no, we need his repentance in the church we need is to get our house in order. What we need is to turn away from our sins and turn to God and if we do that that will impact the entire nation, and it is ridiculously premature even to use the word premature to be talking about Christians taking up arms against the American government now nephew different with me. That's what we have live calling radio 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884 is the recall 866-34-TRUTH if you think you can make a legitimate case that we should be taking up arms against the government. I'm not talking about you. We have our Second Amendment rights. No one is arguing that here on the time out with you should have guns are not of your own for self-defense and for hunting. Whenever not talking about that talk about the call to take up arms against the government which I categorically absolutely reject in this time that we are in right I see no possible basis for no comparison.

From now to before the Revolutionary war against England and want. I want to point in a positive direction, which is direction of revival the direction of renewal, the direction of repentance in our own midst. Get if you differ or if you want it in your own two cents and at 866-34-TRUTH that limit read something for you. Francis Schaeffer, one of the most important Christian philosophical apologetic voices of the last generation wrote a book called a Christian manifesto came out the early 80s, an entity has a chapter about the use of force, and when there is a time for Christians to take up arms, and I remember when the book came out being part of a discussion in my home church in different leaders, were we discussing his right is wrong. Is there merit forward when you draw the line when etc. long that that line drawing and shapers really really careful in his book and and inputs of all types of concerns and cautions and raises issues but let me read to you which a process he says that there does come a time when forests even physical force is appropriate.

The Christian is not to take the law into his own hands and become a law unto himself going all avenues to flight and protest have closed force in the defensive postures appropriate. This was the situation of the American Revolution, the colonists used force in defending themselves Great Britain because of its policy toward the colonies was seen as a foreign power invading America. The colonists defended their homeland. As such, the American Revolution was a conservative counterrevolution. The colonists saw the British as the revolutionaries trying to overthrow legitimate colonial governments again. Francis Schaeffer, a Christian manifesto.

Some would say over at that point the government has turned against us. The government is becoming increasingly socialistic. The government is even more digging in its heels with regard to abortion is take away our freedoms and the time to fight is now let me say categorically no these are what if they come to take where got whipped but when at their okay when out there.

Some of them not discuss that because were not there just for your day and the biggest problem in America today. In my view, is not a government on dead set against much of the direction of the body administration grave concerns about work to be going in it, and if if Pres. Biden is and unable to finish his term, Harris comes I'd even more concerned gravely. That's why couldn't vote for them.

That's why voted against them. That's why raise my voice and concern about the leftist agenda for years. I'm gravely concerned about where the governments go.

I'm gravely concerned about some court decisions. I'm gravely concerned about what our universities are teaching and what's being taught our children in school. I'm gravely concerned about big tech censorship involved and I'm gravely concerned about every single one of these issues, but the biggest concern I have is a state of the church in America. Biggest concern I have is that were not shining our light. The biggest concern I have is that the problem starts with us. I've said it over and again but I'm not so much concerned with the presence of darkness as much as I'm concerned with the absence of light. When I see darkness and through my question is what happened to the light. If so, if you're watching is not just listening to radio which are watching this and you can't see me. It's about what the dark testicle know the light went out. That's the problem.

Jesus says to us you are the salt of the earth. You are the light of the world and that means that of the society we have influence went on in a society with like three believers at a 50 million people in the three believers meet somewhere in a cave which I got a society which we have mass influence which rev 24 seven radio and TV master broadcast on Internet and billions of followers and people listening to our voices and influence in government that education if we shine the light America be changed America would be shaken. When Lucas got out voted make a big difference so we don't invoke but here I was just doing an interview right before the show for an apologetics group defensive faith group in South Africa and I was asked the question which about homosexual practice and social activism. Things like that. I was asked the question do gay activists have a right to say what what about sexual sin in your midst about problems in your midst in the church.

What you point a finger at us or to being hypocritical. My answers yes many are being hypocritical. Be ready for this. Hear me out.

I believe that no-fault divorce in the church did more to undermine marriage that all gay activists put together all I know things are going for the redefinition of badges report. We never would've gone to the redefinition of marriage in the Supreme Court.

We never would've gone to that discussion. If the church upheld the sanctity of marriage. I believe that with all my heart on that same that there are no legitimate reasons for divorce a blue Scripture does give certain legitimate reasons for divorce and even remarriage, but with no-fault divorce, invading the church and with us losing that the the full responsibility. Thank God for the many godly families and godly men and women in those contending for the for their children's well-being.

Thank God for all of you doing that but this means so much compromise so much loss of fathers being fathers and mothers being mothers and then pornography rampant in the church and in sexual scandals. With so many of our leaders and also stalls the same as I examine my own life as I speak and say God help all of us to walk in holiness and purity. But if the church had held up marriage and family as God intended.

We wouldn't be looking at all the other twisting's and changes and and and and even perversions of what God intended as a fact that the salt is lost its saltiness. We we are better known for compromise.

We are better known for scandals we are we are better known for political affiliations that were known for being Jesus people and having godly families again. Thank God for each of you. I know so many so so so many everyone I work with has solid marriages in his head for decades. All our team members.

All of our colleagues married for decades and decades.

So many with godly kids godly grandkids. I know so many of you have sacrificed for years to put your kids first and to put their well-being first and and and and you said no to so many things that could've given improvement in society and the racier because you had your Christian convictions. God bless you and I honor you and respect you, but there's so much compromise and so many scandals and we we've let the cat out of the bag in terms of destructive trends in the society you get practically put pornography out of business of Christians running to porn. I don't say this to condemn those are struggling. You know something's wrong because race can help her overcome this plague. There abortion is even rampant in the service were 10 years back. Unchristian college campuses compared to secular fence similar abortion rates among the young women is not to condemn them and say there is no hope of there can be no repents with the say the promisor with us.

Why on earth. Let me tell you about taking up arms against the government when we're the ones that created the problem and open the door, being plain enough, no one encourages them to play some clips a little later in the show from James admin or die.

Around 1987. He was the foremost scholar of revival evangelical scholars revival and I remember hearing some of his lectures was late 70s early 80s and he just matter fact speak as a scholar about most heard about revival really provisionally for revival, but somewhere in the mid-90s early to mid 90s I was working with some real strong pro-life leaders and and and they were so burdened and grieved about the sin of abortion or nation, that they began to talk about need to take up arms against the government that that talk began in it and I as I heard them talk. I became very very concerned and of it was at that time I wrote this down said this, it's not time to pick up arms and guns.

It's time to put on the armor of God yet. And then when I was I was ministering in Finland was October 1995 and I wrote this down. The whole problem with the Christian call to take up arms is that if we were to be honest enough to admit that we've seen the enemy and it is us America's aborting babies and exporting spot around the world because the light that is within us is darkness to be consistent. The call to violent activism would have to sound like this kill the compromise clergy slaughter the sleeping saints shoot the sinning shepherds nuke the noncommitted blowup the banker believers wipe out the worldly watchman would you like to lead the attack. Who among us can throw the first stone or shoot the first bullet promisor is with us.

The problem starts with us good news. The solution starts with us different with me. We will file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael Brown say this again. I am not talking about an alleged time with the government comes forcefully to take your weapons not talking about that issue.

What do you do if that was, that is not the subject of discussion.

So don't don't change your thinking to go there because when not going to talk about here today. They give the government is gone. So far the Christians he think about. So Christians need to live like Christians.

Christians need to live out their faith. If if the tens of millions. The multiply tens of millions of born-again believers in America lived within a mile of New Testament disciples, we would recognize ourselves the nation would recognize us near the be persecution opposition may be martyrdom. But until America would be shaken.

America be transformed America has been transformed in the past through great awakenings and revivals and out points. That's what we should be contending for now and that means repents of sin in our lives.

That means Christian leaders recognize that they grown cold lost their first love means is getting our faces and seeking God. It means spiritual hunger, and desperation means laying our lives down to reach our neighbors in our neighborhoods as we do that, move gobble move.

I truly believe that the greatest awakening our history could still be ahead well because God is God and because America's big mess now and and and just think of recent like last year in the church. The major scandals we've had with major leaders. All the failed comp prophecies.

The intense political division in the church and an inability to meet and do different things. Maybe God is using this time to get us our faces, repenting, seeking him so we can pour the spirit, 8663 for truth 866-34-TRUTH 784 I'll take your calls. You can agree with me or differ, but I will get to some calls.

I will want to play the clip first. James had one more if you just search James admin or Jay admin or you'll see many books that he wrote on revival. He was in my view, the greatest scholars revival in the last generation and his his lectures just factual. He draws his every time I've seen about a lectures these in this red suit jacket and he is matter-of-factly here is what happened. If you have any talks about similar vibes like Walsh revival Nitro 4925 he heard some stories and thought that there were tall tales like this couldn't happen like they were slowdowns in the minds and whales because so many call monies got saved. The horses didn't understand them anymore near the horses would be pulling things out of that doing the heavy labor and these these coal miners were such profane men drinking and gambling, and full of profanity and is not living godly lives now. They got saved, and Intel. Instead of telling the horse blanket he do like it some whatever they'd say go on the horse. Like them is no would go but when he heard these things, he thought, now tall tales couldn't be in the research that really happen. It really happened. I was leaving the browse revival from 96 to 2000 was from 95 to 2000 with the calm unit 11 months into it and end it got took her breath away constantly. We were stunned we were amazed here, the testimony to how long they last. Well, from 95 so today we can go back 25, 26 years and tell you the ongoing fruit in people's lives that we converted that would transform their soul.

James Edwin Orr. Let's listen to him talk about past outpouring prayer awakenings in America now until today.

There's been general agreement that the eight team 5758 revival began United States in early 1858.

Although it was proceeded by moving the prayer of the humblest origins.

What is not commonly known is long before that bank panic there was a constant prayer the Baptist, Methodist Presbyterians listens Episcopalians and others, participating full streak was only one of thousands of gatherings praying for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the churches of the United States and Canada. Denominations were officially committed to prayer for revival and already engaged in it. Take an example, the Presbyterian Gen. assembly quoted one Presbytery after another. We would upon bended knees offer the prayer of Habakkuk old Lord revived by work. And then they summed it up by saying next to a state of actual revival is the sense of its need the struggle to obtain it at any sacrifice of treasure toiled or time we trusted is not distant when distinctive general revival shall be ours throughout the fall of 1857 intercessors multiplied throughout the country. Some conventions were far-reaching. The ministers and elders of four Presbyterian synods met in Pittsburgh December 1 to pray for revival Baptist Church of New York launched United prayer meeting sorted other denominations not only sober, Baptist, Methodist, congregation, Princeton Lutherans and Episcopalians reported local revivals in state after state psalmist far away as Texas and Iowa.

The revival movement, especially in the prayer concert and started before the bank panic and continued all the way through until it run its course event produced one of the greatest awakenings of all time, the denominations were one and brotherly love. Everyone committed upon the extraordinary fraternity fraternal good thing.

At that time it was one of the most cooperative periods of Christian history when the denominations work together as one man.

What lessons can we learn from it. Although things have changed and many other features of Christian work have arisen. I think we could say this was the most wholesome revival in American history. And we ought to pray that the same sort of thing may happen again. God grant the 1857 1858 prayer revival began with a retired businessman in New York City to Jim my left ear in his 40s burden began handing out tracts of a street corner calling for prayer meeting at noon got about 10 people something and did the next day in next day and next thing hundreds for pray next thing thousands were pray.

Next thing businesses were shutting down at noon and and having corporate prayer and thousands and thousands and thousands across New York City and then it spread from there and spread across the country. One of my favorite accounts are heard from or maybe the state of Minnesota.

One of the northern states was they were having noonday prayer and in the place was packed out not remember this is this distant pace of business packed out at noon. People stopping normal work to be there to pray ministers get them to leave it. And even though you have men like Charles Finney preaching powerfully in New York at that time. Basically this was a a a revival that was not known for leaders like Jonathan Edwards and George Whitfield, the first great awakening or know it was not know for leaders. It just happened. People praying across the country 1857, 58, and then people took it over to Ireland and 59 in the new and whales and amazing things happen there. They were touch the target, but here's a prayer meeting at noon and the minister gets up that's leading the meeting and says before we pray this request. A woman says to please pray for my husband. He's just brute. He opposes the gospel he doesn't want me to follow Jesus and we need to pray for them before they can pray a man comes up. He says that's me. Pray for me to get right with God, was he doing there is no he's there before he sits out of the man jumps up, no, no, you're mistaken, Sir. It's me. I'm the man before the meeting ends nine different men. Nine different men stood up and sat on the man I'm the man that's what happens in revival.

That's what happens in outpouring the Holy Spirit moves conviction of sin comes people get radically safe while we put our focus.

There rather than talk about taking up guns. He is the one that we put a focus something biblical and tried-and-true, which is repentance praying for revival of let's go over to EM in Provo, Utah. Welcome to the line of fire. Thanks for joining us today are you there is not sound like it unless Ian is been abducted, most with the sounds of an alien spaceship flying away see if we get him back on the line.

Let's go over to Texas Anthony, welcome to the line of fire. Thanks for joining us today welcome what you yeah about clearing and I think it might be better to be underground. Getting yes so so I think that for sure need to ask yourselves really willing to follow Jesus and asked those questions but I don't believe that things will have to go underground in America because we have so many liberties and rights and there are so many of us, however, liberties are being taken away. However, believers are being D platform were kicked out of programs, losing jobs, I've even gone to jail standing up for biblical truth and biblical rights. So by all means, let's learn the example of the suffering church. The underground church in terms of courage here, if unafraid to speak right now. Him stop speaking very freely today. Yes I'm speaking very openly and spoken very plainly about how I differ with where the by the ministrations is currently going in so many ways I get arrested for on our program still use the list on the readiness to watch online maybe watch America's voice on Pluto dish. Here we are. No shutting assassin.

If I can't speak now will I have all this liberty and all my books there still out there, haven't been taken down if I can't speak openly with all this liberty past. If you can speak openly with all this liberty what we can do in real pressure comes when you are doing so puts a gun to her head or if we preach this you go to jail. Let's use the liberty we have. Let's learn from the example, the persecuted suffering church and use the liberties that we have men, I will error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown is God's solution to the crisis. We are a nation crisis.

We are a nation that is broken and from a spiritual perspective.

I believe we are a nation under God's judgment is displeased with so much in our midst with a solution to time for Christians to rally around and form militias and take up guns against the government.

No no no time for repentance in our midst. It's time for us to really turn to God.

It is time for us to do with.

He's called us to do and if we do who knows, we still say turn to God with repentance and fasting morning. Who knows he might turn and pour out a blessing, it could well be that in the midst of shaking goggle do something radical and dramatic. In America, this is Michael Brown. Welcome to the line of fire your ministry has a threefold emphasis 3Rs. The first are revival meeting revival in the church, though not a series of meetings, upbeat meetings or bigots all psyched and you raise all kinds of special money in the guest evangelist on timeout visitation from God and talk about things that have happened in past history things that I've witnessed with my own eyes and lived in for years and can tell you is an eyewitness.

The transforming power of revival and in seeing the fruit of it unfold. Of decades and then read revival history views and up into other parts the world that it had great outpouring than seen the fruit years and years later divine visitation. A season of unusual visitation. That's the key and it starts with us. It starts with visitation in the church and then becomes awakening in the society. One, because we have repented and we are living differently in our light is now shining and people are seeing Jesus in us and they're encountering God through us and and our lives are consistent and not hip with hypocritical is it just bashing people over the head with the Bible were living out our faith and their being impacted by it. That brings change the society.

And then the Holy Spirit is moving, not just in church services, but in the world around us as well wherever students from from Wales back in the late 90s said that as he began to study the most famous revival was history, there been many but the most famous 19 before 1905.

He would read the accounts about men going to the pub to get drunk.

Their wives were touched by God and their wives were changed and in the wise were praying for them and they were alcoholics they they go to the bar and they're going to get drunk in the they couldn't get the mug of whatever their dream.

It couldn't get it to their lips because they were overcome with conviction. They run out of the barn. The revenue the drink.

Meet with the Lord ;-) Pratley referred to as a divine radiation zone where where God comes in the region and there's this conviction of sin.

When II. The one account explicitly because the woman became a member of the church of Brownsville Assembly of God in in the mid-to-late 1990s. So this account we heard firsthand in the church but she was driving by the church building one day without any thought of God in a much lived in the community here in Pensacola, Florida, was driving by the building without any thought of God and suddenly she felt the presence of God in her car.

Say what you mean, she became very conscious of God's holiness and of her sin that's that's often revival starts right there. She became very conscious of God's holiness of her own sin and right there in the car driving by the building. She began to weep and cried out to the Lord, to savor and then subsequently came to the church was baptized and became a member that's how we heard her story that's the concept of a divine radiation so kids at school would get touched by the power of God literally, the Holy Spirit, we found that there were touched in services earlier in the week. Now over the week. Another back in school and the Holy Spirit would fall on them in school and teachers what's happening, what's going on. This literally happened tell you people were eyewitnesses to it and and that the schools of so what's this is disruptive and then they found these kids to be changed. These kids are gone from being in gangs and sleeping around and on drugs to be exemplary students. What happened Jesus touch them. This revival was outpouring that's we need to put our focus. This is again were not asking the question what happens if the government comes to take away your guns. We are not discussing that today. And that's not happening right now so were not discussing that we discussed you and Chris to say we need to form militias. We need to start being it's it's we need to fight against the government knows of State Bar my character. The motors and crusher does matter what. What is remote is the question that's the reality. But know this is not the time for us to be talking about and there were Christians in DC days before the that storm of the capital of the so-called Jericho March some of their with good intent that others man time of militias and arms in war was that means a lot of people so I will stir you for revival that's that's Michael. So are the threefold bars of our ministry. The first revival in the church. The second revolution in society. Being a gospel based moral and cultural revolution. A gospel based moral and cultural revolution. That's one introduces your forcible cultural and spiritual evolution so out of revival in the church moral and cultural revolution society than our ultimate goal is to see redemption is rooster revival revolution. Redemption. Those are three arduous stand with us to want to be one of our partners. You want to be part of our team and we pour back into with all kinds of special benefits and three material classes you can take one for no pay go to ask Dr. and click on donate and click on monthly support. Find out how you can become a torchbearer whenever monthly support is helping us with a dollar more per day. If you watch regularly. This regular unit we hardly talk about money, but we do what we do through your help. Okay a little back to the phones 866-34-TRUTH at first.

Another clip from James Edwin or the great revival scholar talking about past outpourings in American history. Dr. HT Pearson once said, there has never been a spiritual awakening in any country or locality that did not begin in United prayer.

I'd like to talk to today about what God has done through concerted United sustained prayer. Some people tell me you were in the midst of a great awakening today.

I certainly believe that the Titus turned. I certainly believe that were on the move again, but I don't think with reached anywhere like what God is done in the past that we give you two examples.

First of all take student world. One of the leaders of the revival of 1905 was a young man called Cass X who became the famous Prof. Kenneth Scott (he said when he was at Yale in 1905 out of the student body 25% were enrolled in prayer meetings and Bible studies. I live next door to UCLA is a population there. 36,000 I don't believe there are 9000 enrolled in campus Crusade inter-varsity Carmelite company.

On the other evangelical groups or in all the church groups put together. We haven't reached accurate as far as the churches are concerned, the ministers of Atlantic City reported of a population of 50,000 in Atlantic City.

There only 50 of those left unconverted take Portland Oregon 240 department stores closed from 11 to 2 each day for sign an agreement among themselves, so that no one would cheat and stay open to first Baptist Church, Paducah, Kentucky. The pastor was an old man, Dr. JJ cheek and he said as he was committed to the revival he was going to win souls to Christ. He took in a thousand new members in two months and died of overwork of the Southern Baptists at a glorious ending to a devoted ministry. That's what was happening in United States in 1905, what's the lesson we can learn very simple one. If that familiar text if my people called by my name humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land was involved in this God expects us to pray, but we must not forget with Jonathan Edwards that when he said, to promote, ask this agreement and visible union of all God's people and asked ordinary prayer what you mean by extraordinary prayer.

When you find people getting up at 6 o'clock in the morning to pray or having 1/2 night of prayer to midnight that's extraordinary prayer when they give up their lunch time and going pray at a noonday prayer meeting that's extraordinary prayer, but it must be united in concerted, it doesn't mean that a Baptist becomes any less of a Baptist, or the Episcopalian is less loyal to the 39 articles or the spittoon and turned his back on the Westminster confession at all, but they recognize each other as brothers and sisters in Christ and are prepared to pray together incomes, prayer got me here and answer is very simple thing you must pray that God will work. May God help us. So to pray. Amen. I can accuse James a good horror working people up for emotionalism right is simple and factual is to be what you hear those things I never hear them decades ago while actually happen in department store is closing down lunchtime to pray in the past is taken so many new members in the hardly any unconverted in the city and God can do that. Why not again. Now one (there. We have so many promises about what will happen if we prayer we pray together. If we cry out Luke 18 day and night, and don't faint if we humble ourselves and and and repent.

This is in our midst quoted 72nd Chronicles 714 again and get our lives right with God and seek him earnestly. I'm here, let's do that for a few years and see what happens instead of just get everyone so riled up a political spirit fighting here in this. Okay, that we vote we we we raise our voices. We do have happened if we put the emphasis where it belonged, and really sought God earnestly at an end.

Pray together in extraordinary ways. Late-night prayer in early morning prayer and daily prayer and an groups gathering together. I remember being in Richmond, Virginia, one with this man.

It would've been in the mid 80s I would say in a leading intercessor common and that was pastors in the city and said what's the greatest stronghold or dealing with the civil right now, we become per capita the number one murder city in America. Raven, a murderous day and not that big in terms of population. So every morning they gathered for weeks six in the morning pastors throughout the city and cried out to God and prayed and were stopped. They stop for almost a month from murderous day stuff from us. The month when I had gotten there was right after their few murders that happened in and but the numbers were still dramatically down the mayor had got upset. I don't know what you're doing or who's doing what.

That whatever you doing. Keep it up.

Then after a while things, back to normal.

People got busy and prayer cease the murder rate went back up. But what is what a sign from God as to what would happen if we humble ourselves and pray together is not too late to an Argentine American friends is not too late by the come back with your calls, 866343 it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown and voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown… Put it like this you don't need to be woke, America's going crazy with the smoke thing in hypersensitivity. Let let's be weekend is a bit like if it revival so amazing and so wonderful when we see it so infrequently and why is it so controversial altering moment 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 but agreement was asked the question many years ago, the author of why revival tarries and several other classic revival books.

We became close friends. The last five years of his life needs to be between 87 and I never knew anyone that the prayed the way he prayed with his answers to why we don't see revivals were willing to live without it is been the classic answer, Leonard Ravenhill ;-) Pratt said the same thing see revivals were willing to live without it were not at that place of desperation where we can't live without you get to the place we rush you can't live without first visitation, and it may be too late for America urination without first visitation. It drives you with greater hunger or just when you can't. You have to have God you have to have more of God in your life you can't live without more of God in your life working in demonstrating his power in Jesus being resurrected from the dead and seeing the authority of the word come alive in there must be more of a ream of the word. The reading history. There must be more lecture hard drives you the holy desperation God fills the hungry hungry are we Jesus said blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness will be filled is if it was thirst little come to me and drink. How hungry we a thirstier week, to that degree gullible fellow. So one reason we don't see revivals were willing to live without it. Our programs are good nothings good enough or happy enough in what they think the site cutting it best not cutting it now never did cut it, but it's not cutting it certainly now civil wises so controversial because revival by nature is intense what why is childbirth so loud well it's because it's painful and it's challenging. It's difficult. That's why God gave to women because he knows his men probably couldn't handle it. In all seriousness though that's that's a that's a messy body loud enterprise because his new life. Cemeteries required, I'll take the noise in the mass of the maternity ward and where children are being born to the to the quiet of the cemetery any day of the week. People repenting you know what happens in your life when God begins to show your own sin and you think I'm doing just great alarm man of God I'm a woman of God, I'm so holy in the Holy Spirit begins to uncover sin in your own life and corruption and pride in compromise even passing 30 years you get up to preach, you can't talk is your weeping say a moment to think about automating the living and adultery are, but that's what you feel you feel as if you've just unclean and then out of it. The joy of the cleansing and the freedom that comes when I was to the laymen and asked the third chapter he walks into the temple layman's whole life is like 40 years old walks into the temple, healed, leaping, jumping, praising God you will do that in the temple you don't go leaping, jumping, praising God like that to tell just reserved, reverent here. What happens in Mark five, and the parallels in the Gospels, what what happens there when when Jesus comes in and there's a demoniac in Jesus drives the demons into into the hurt of a couple thousand pigs and the pigs run often drown in the lake in an people commonly see the man clothed in his right mind when they say Jesus, please leave please leave a scene that I've seen in churches were God comes and begins to visit and repent support is just too much to intense, no, no, no, no, we want like my sarcastic prayer for revival that I wrote years ago.

All God centered glory superpower. But please the Lord, keep it to an hour or all God come and clench the slow universal.

But please, oh God, leave us in control. We want to turn it on only wanted turn off not to intense not to make us uncomfortable. Sorry as I have nothing to do it.

He comes in his terms that are terms here less illustration that I phones. Let's say you get a membership at the local gym right and they say they've got training sessions you once a month you get a free session with a personal trainer. You have access to all the classes access to all the equipment 24 seven right and you don't go there you go once a month like five or 10 minutes and of course you not get in better shape.

As a result, do you start a protest march in front of the bit the fitness center.

Do you publicly go and hold up your contract and burn it to worthless trash you get on social media start the bed home because you didn't take advantage of the program.

If you were there and then the equipment worked in the classes whenever being taught. The personal trainer wasn't available. Then you say something that others will thus render take up arms, it's time to fight the governor was not taught to fight the government with arms is time for the church to be the church is time for the church to be the church. Let's do what we can do.

Let's do it God's called us to do. Let's let's do what is beckoning us to do because he is not said no he is not refused our prayers just we hardly prayed.

Thank God for prayer moves have been going around the clock for years and years and thank God for every one of you that cries late at night early in the morning and pastors with with prayer meetings with you people seeking God. It is still few and far between but forgive ourselves to that, if we pray for the Scripture rang the rain will come. Zechariah 10 one. Asked the Lord for rain.

At the time of lettering. It's this time it's time for mercy. If we cry out, and that can then bring with it a moral and cultural reformation right to the phones 866-34-TRUTH let's go to James in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Thanks for calling the line of fire. Hello Dr. Brown, Michael you bad apartment.

I meant about 20 minutes but it took your address book. All dark but I read the title advised the good question that I had a lot of conversation over the last year about exactly what you're talking about one of the things that I keep coming back to, based off of how I've been taught in school. It church people from around it's about the Revolutionary war and how difficult it seems like I'm told will God be the thing it was oh God within it the whole way. My question is like what was their biblical ground for or Americans taking up arms against Great Britain and do what they did or would you come in the same thing. Think of them back down. Okay, first, I'm not there and you're not there, obviously. And then we always say hindsight is 2020, but living in the midst of something something and feel different than looking back at it, but let us a few things. One, I'm not an expert on the Revolutionary war so I can speak to this the way I could speak to sale of a Bible question or language question with the same authority, but I want to read something I read earlier in the show from Francis Schaeffer's Christian manifesto. He says there does come a time when force even physical forces appropriate the Christians not to take the launch was own hands to become a law unto himself, but when all avenues to flight in protest of closed force in the defensive postures appropriate. This was the situation of the American Revolution colonists used force in defending themselves Great Britain because of its policy toward the colonies was seen as a foreign power invading America. The colonists defended their homeland. As such, the American Revolution was a conservative counter revolution. The colonists of the British as the revolutionaries try to overthrow the legitimate colonial governments so that that would be the vantage point. In other words, that that we been here we are governing our people. We have taxation without representation.

Now violence is being done to us.

We have to defend ourselves and break free from this illegitimate rain. They did have a slogan rebellion against tyrants is obedience to God and you did have the so-called black robe regiment. You know the pastor is preaching aggressively against these things and going straight from there to say to the battlefield, but even though you're the Boston tea party and those things you know had their their their initial explosion.

Ultimately the argument would be, there was violence being done to the people. There was violence being done and there was time to defend themselves when going near that in terms of our culture today that that's not what's happening in, and therefore we we don't want people's it was just like before the American Revolution honesty that a lot of see that at all at all at all and assisted to the broadcast to be the big problem is the state of the church we get our act together and we are the salt of the earth and the light of the world. America will be shaken and and and that's that's the key getting our house in order numbers not cursing the darkness opposing the darkness moment supposing what we see is godless agendas and things that are wrong, righteously opposing them. But our emphasis is on getting the light shining brightly so I would say from my understanding that the parallel would be that if there were no physical attacks on us simply for being Christians in America and there was now the government aggressively coming, ill armed government aggressively coming to attack and and we are unable to flee were unable to process there is there's nothing left it. Now it's a matter of self-defense becomes a whole different issue.

What was a matter of self-defense against the hostile Garbarino did at what point is it legitimate to defend yourself etc. that you know that what Jesus said in Matthew 10 when they persecute you one city, flee to another. That was the counselor is supposed to take up arms against the ones persecuting you but it's it's one thing when you got a hostile neighbor in notes cursing for the gospel. It's a different thing. If a thief tries to break into your house and edit or Innotek, your family, your children, it's yet another thing with his government-sponsored persecution. But what's what's interesting to see the James if you will look at the persecuted church and other countries. Their first line of defense was being Christians. The first line of defense with living out their faith fearlessly. So let's start there by God's grace will never have to get to these other questions that are being raised, the onus is on us seeking God and living out our faith if we do, is still time for merit

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