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Our Weapons Are Spiritual

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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March 17, 2021 4:30 pm

Our Weapons Are Spiritual

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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March 17, 2021 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 03/17/21.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Yes, the battle but we don't fight the way the world fights we have different weapons, spiritual weapons that are weapons stage for the line of fire, your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire. Now, like always, 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH your again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us today on the one for this is Michael Brown delighted to be with you got a special guest will join us at the bottom of the hour of some words of encouragement and blessing for the body words it will help you. I got a lot of ground to cover and as always I want to navigate through a bit of a controversial minefield challenging issue and that is the intersection that we spoke about many times of the gospel in politics of our calling to serve the Lord and be salt and light in this world. To what extent does that interact with culture, with politics important issue obviously critically important issue and I'm on this if you things that may be controversial, but not for controversy sake. I believe you found helpful is a recall to interact with this or other subjects. 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884 that some vertical okay let me story here to read some Scripture.

Would you agree that when you read the Scriptures when you read the words of Jesus when you read the letters of Paul when you read God's commands to us in terms of how we are to live and conduct ourselves in this world that that spirit that's laid out there conduct lifestyle witness attitude that that is different from a political spirit, meaning that the campaigning nasty angry attack mode type of thing I think we all agree this very different right if if you're preaching to the pulpit and end it or you you do a home Bible study with your family say how this guy wants to live what character qualities should be have, how can we love God had we love our neighbor. That would be one thing if someone saying how to run an effective political campaign and this dog eat dog world lesson, very different nasty ads all kinds of provocative stuff now in the same way if my goal on radio on the Internet on TV. If my goal was prime primarily to be a political commentator say right wing conservative political commentator without my goal not to behave a voice of Scripture, a voice of biblical reason I a voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. If, instead, my goal is to be a right wing political commentator nasty I be thrown on insults I be using cheap nicknames for people not to listen. Those that do that. That's who they are. This, between them and got all nuts and you will. I would never do that. I'm simply saying that's who they are particular audience same on the left is gonna be the insult. The attack that the provocative type of comments and cliquish anger has stirred up and want to do some about that we would you agree with me if if you go to a partisan news website. This is just about all of them right.

I mean everybody's got such a strong perspective that leads to the news, but if you go there if you go to a a partisan website stirring the headlines. No matter what side you're on your bloods can start boiling anger and its happiness aside in his bed as well and would you agree with okay my goal is not to provoke you in that way. My goal if I talk about things happening in the news play clip from Don lemon Little League in Charlotte interact with. My goal is not to get you hating Don lemon bashing Don lemon and calling him names. Is this not why I'm here so it's a challenging thing friends.

I'm just mentally candid with to constantly interact with political and cultural issues which is part of my calling. I'm not simply a Bible teacher on the radio.

I don't need to just be doing that because there are so many find Bible teachers on radio on Internet and podcast and TV.

Plus, we've got an abundance of materials run just teaching the work do that all the time to teach and preach all the time but when I'm here with you on the line of fire when I'm writing, op-ed pieces, that's not my primary role dispute Bible teacher rather to take the word of God in our walk with God is in how we live this out how we live this out. The school world how we live this out in an and a family in a commune in the workplace have… At the local church interfacing with the world around us.

We sort the smooth elections, median social media on that's why I'm here to serve as your forcible sanity and spiritual clarity in the midst of a society in chaos and enter the church.

All too often compromise and that's what you tuned in rights. Of course we get to the workbook you scriptural principles will talk about all these things in different days. We may just take calls and all the calls are theology like this perfectly fine, but the challenge. The challenge especially on social media friends is to to post controversial issues provocative issues to say okay please read what I wrote about this and then weigh in and comment without giving place to up carnal spirit without giving place to all the anger and the and you don't talk about is making sense right so I understand right now that there are grave, grave concerns in terms of where the Democrats may be taking America for good reason. Are grave concerns. If the equality act and HR one were to pass it. It would massively change who we are massively attack our rights. If you edit in say you DC statehood. So the electoral college is yet another shift and and then if you have a flood of immigrants coming to the country illegally and then first generation voting Democrat. And you could have a shift very difficult to recover from and ways rates is almost set in a way that it will. It would take a landslide of change in America to overcome it. The real reasons for concern, which is a reason that I voted Republican versus Democrat at the same time. Our primary battle is not a political battle here. In short, this is what I believe happened prayed much about this are reflected much about this. I've listened right my perspective is a very very simple. Always try to boil things down, make them as simple as I can make here is my perspective that we saw the grave issues that we are facing as a country we saw the way that the radical left wants to gloss it. We I mean conservative followers of Jesus of all color and background.

We saw the way that the radical left wanted to go. We saw the radicalizing of the Democratic Party and we saw the real issues and and things we need to vote about. But then we got caught up in politics we got caught up in the political spirit week we became part of the political spirit taking on the anger and the hatred and the lashing out in the attacking and demonizing of one another. So rather than recognizing our first method of of of of of battle is not in the polling place not not voting our first must the battle is on our knees, repenting of our sin and seeking God for. It's not either or, it's not your spouse and but it's a matter of priorities, a matter of priorities that we put the spiritual second, we put the great commission. Second, we put revival second. We put gospel base transformation second and we put almost everything old. Especially white evangelical anything into these elections have to go a certain weight of trump is out of over that's where things got off and asceticism voted for trump twice. That's where things got off emphasis and maybe as I'm speaking to you as things have calmed down a little post elections and were starting to get on with a little bit more normal life. In that regard may be US. My dad, I did get caught up. I did get caught up.

My emotions got caught up really mad at me, as a trump over the phone for trump twice by his association with euro sold-out liberal communist flaming left deep state please yeah and I also masquerade the Santa Claus on weekends must be realistic.

Okay, can you see perhaps that you got caught up in the wrong spirit can you see, perhaps, that you thought political change is so crucial and I understand issues are very crucial portion issues and religious liberties and is very crucial issues fully understand Middle East, Israel, China, Ron.

Big things, but can you see, perhaps, that with the political organizations use of the family research Council he do this in the Telus okay here's a recommendations terms of voting that we just got caught up, as if we were all that is supposed to hit were believers in local cities. Local churches, and maybe because covert we didn't have the outlet normally just be about friends and family, and in him and worship in an outreach.

Our community so just locked us in more social media best time to step back… We get our priorities. We don't abandon voting we don't abandon telling our congressmen how to vote.

We we don't abandon these things. In fact you are pro-life, we should be involved with the grassroots. It's even more effective than voting in our local communities. Let us go back to the fact with supernatural weapons we have supernatural weapons. Nobody else as nobody no power on earth has these except God's people look at second Corinthians chapter 10 second Corinthians chapter 10 beginning in verse three, spouse, and you know the Corinthians he sees that the big superstar megastar apostle.

You know that, despite some hymns export guy and he sits though we walk in the flesh, not meaning flesh, carnal sin flesh, but this world that we walk in the flesh. We are not waging war.

According to the flesh for the we walk in the flesh. We are not season accident for the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh, but have divine power to destroy strongholds. We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God and take every thought captive to obey Christ be ready to.

Punish every disobedience when your obedience is complete.

So he's talking here about the spiritual authority and ministering to the Corinthians spiritual authority that he has as an apostle and and he saying listen. It is a spiritual authority is not based on how tall I how strong, how much money I have much political backing. I have how much human charisma, no is a spiritual authority and ultimately friends the greatest weapon.

The most powerful weapon on the planet is the power of prayer is the weapon of prayer is this getting down on her knees alone or with other believers humbling ourselves before God and crying out to Almighty God, to move it's not either prayer or action, but there is no action that is greater in the action of prayer. Let's cover this.

Let's realize we overcome evil, not by becoming evil, but by doing good. Bless those who curse us. We pray for those who despitefully use us.

We have different weapons will write back and the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown dear Chris US a question on Facebook and prayer doesn't even work then do I turn to Chris. That's when you turn to gobble more with all seriousness, that's were you present to God because he is true, he is faithful and if we pray according to his will and and seek him according to his will, he will reveal himself. You may have to shut down everything else you doing for wall. Aside from essential work in responsibilities and see goblet he will come through. He may take you through the fire and be taken around the fire. He may let you grow in the fire, but he will take you through. I have a book coming out in May can be ordered now, but a gratuitous way to we can share more about it.

Has God failed to funny face when you not even sure God is real, the other can be tremendous trials of faith difficult times that encourage Chris read Luke 18. The opening verses or the parable of the unjust judge. Notice that Jesus gives a parable to tell his people to pray always in the faint not cave in. In other words we be tempted to cave in conflict.

There is no hope what I'm saying. My brothers and sisters, is that we got caught up in politics and the political spirit, to the detriment of our own souls and we put too much trust in the political system and too much focus on the political set political system that is put our focus on God and his kingdom intersecting with this world. It cuts right through America cuts right through Republican and Democratic parties. Even though I leaned with one platform versus another. My allegiance is to the kingdom of God and my desire is not just God bless America but God change America. Your kingdom come to America you have been outside the United States, a 200 trip so I have a certain perspective of spent total a few years my life outside of America. We have so many friends in college working around the world. It gives you perspective in terms of God's heart for the whole world. America plays a role, but the Merck is just another nation.

So let us first get the Jesus great commission spirit attitude love God, love our neighbor.

The disciples make disciples and then political issues.

They factor but way down the list of what you consume our emotions, our heart, our priorities or time. This will submit you with love, love. Ephesians chapter 6 we read this to them were going to the phones Ephesians chapter 6 Paul writes this beginning. Verse 10 finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might week area, be strong in the Lord and the strength of his mind on how much state regalia, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might look if it was financial right and I was a billionaire and I said hey you just know you go ahead on the center but I got you I got you covered. Use my account doesn't use his spiritual account put on the whole armor of God.

Metaphorically, this is the armor God wears himself spiritually put this on put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil is a real battle a real devil real attack. We do not wrestle against flesh and blood's.

Our primary battle is not with people, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.

That's were a great battle is therefore take up the whole armor of God's that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand firm stand therefore, having fastened on the belt of truth, and having put on the breastplate of righteousness and shoes for your feet, having put the readiness given by the gospel of peace in all circumstances take up the shield of faith with which you can extinguish all the flaming darts of the evil one. Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit which is the word of God, praying at all times in the spirit with all prayer and application. To that end keep alert with all perseverance and supplication for all the saints, and also for me, that words may be given to me and open my mouth boldly to proclaim the mystery of the gospel, for which an ambassador in chains and I may declare it boldly, so to speak. That's where we fight with different weapons. That's we are clothed with God's armor. That's where if we rely on those things. First and foremost and then with that doing good, helping those around us. With that living godly lives as families with that serving our communities with that preaching the gospel boldly without fear with that standing for what's right schools and our neighbors and places of business with that voting rights that's that's in there, but voting is at the same levels preaching the gospel praying without ever put them on that same ever mistake mistake both add that either/or both that or it lifts up the sticks and calls 866-34-TRUTH we go to Kathy in Toronto. Welcome to the line of fire. Hey, I never know. I think I cried. I don't mean it like five excited. I got back fire not burning the right bullet let's let's help sort that out right. Kathy just to put your your heart Mondays, Wednesdays, you come to to know Jesus for yourself to to say that you have a personal relationship with the Lord. I like how like the guy okay will Google listen, welcome back. That's the first thing I would encourage you to look at the end of James the last two verses of James V chapter of this goes into that book. It's as if we can help a sinner turned back to help a brother that's that's great turned back that that of a multitude of sins will be covered so when God forgives Luke 15 is another important passage he forgives and wipes the sake the slate clean and gives you a brand-new start, let me ask you this, the that the way that you understand God to be the type of being that he is that the nature of the father. Do you think that that if someone is sincerely trying to follow him, but struggling in their thought life that God will destroy that person forever and say there's never any hope for you banished forever. You think this kind of God that he is yeah and all right, so, so if you look down what's if you look in Mark three were that that passage also occurs to know why Jesus was talking about that he was talking about it because he was driving demons out of people by the Holy Spirit and the religious leaders who knew better red than humbling themselves and listening to him and and say hey you're you're right, we need to follow you.

Instead, they willfully and knowingly attributed the works of the spirit to demons. They were saying.

He has a demon. Jesus is demon possessed. That's the unforgivable sin is.

It's not to to have bad thought. Or so I think I thought some ugly about God or by know that I know that it did have you willfully, knowingly attributed work of the Holy Spirit through Jesus to demons. Now, of course, not you. That's what the unpardonable sin is it. In other words your heart has to be hardened on a certain level, you have to have crossed a certain line to get to the point of hardness. Otherwise, God forgives his merciful. He forgives us all the time so be assured that God wants to shower you with his love is to come back to him and and affirm you as his daughter and especially that encourage you Kathy to to really read through Luke the 15th chapter read it through over and over and over again. That's God's heart towards you and don't be troubled over this. The devil will try to choose you. And if you have a sense of conscience will try to accuse yourself right.

God wants you to set your heart on what Jesus did on the cross and the sin city paid for in the father's desire to to have you back and be in fellowship with you as you do that, then when you us why should be doing this or that. Then she shows you you you address it and you move forward that's that's the proper things were going to just pray for Kathy give her deep assurance. Remove these troubling thoughts or because she has not committed the unpardonable sin, for from it bring blessing and grace to her heart. Jesus name, amen. All right. Thank you Kathy for the call.

I tell you what I have limited time before the break, so David Franco if you could hang on. Will try to get you close the later the book is otherwise more Friday. Always good days to call and for those that struggle think a guy will never have me back. I think I'm Hebrews 6 I mentioned that I knew the Lord I turned away and he'll never have me back. Remember the testimony almost the whole Bible is God calls backsliders home welcomes them back that the whole history of Israel. Welcome back, turned back, turned back, and repent and Jesus tells us that if if our brother sins against us 490 times in a day right 70×7 and says hey forgive me I'm sorry forgive him how much was God forgive us to Hebrews 6 is the best way to understand that if someone was going back into Judaism and is rejecting Jesus know there is no sacrifice of sins for them.

As long as they are in that state of crucifying him refreshed by rejecting him that's a context there everything to the word saying turned back, and God will welcome you back don't stay away condemned.

I know this is for some of this thing don't stay alive. Committed two minutes to let Nono that's the voice of the devil to voice your mind, God says turned back to me and I'll turn back to you. God will abundantly pardon.

He delights in showing mercy right back with Alan right light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 860 Jim is Dr. Michael Brown you we get requests all the time from authors and publishers they can have discussed on that guest on we don't have a lot of guests on because we're jealous for radio time in the sun which will recover and give time for close to: but this is something I think will will be of value to you and edifying a blessing we see yet. Let's go ahead and do in this case Pastor Alan right past of gotten to know different contexts and settings. He pesters North Carolina buddies on hundreds of radio stations with his daily radio broadcast in any has a brand-new book, the power to bless thought be good to take a few minutes to talk about together. Hey Alan how you doing these days, doing good.real good good seeing you in a while and up.

Thank you for having me on the show, especially in the context of of the spiritual battle that were facing and how we got from different tool that the world her honor to be with you.

Yeah thrilled to be with you and and when I was thinking about which way I want to go on the show today, so perfect. Let's let's tie it in with with your book.

Why is it so important today of all times that we as God's people understand what it is to speak life and to bless it all. I think. You been described in a today show were were trying to fight the battle with the wrong tool the wrong weapon and this is something that is unequivocal in the Scripture. It is what I really would say the power to bless you.

The fundamental that maybe not quite on the order of prayer, but that fundamental with the golden thread that runs all the way through God's word starting with the very first thing God did with humanity with bless Adam any and then say, be fruitful and multiply to think about in today's world and both that are individual level. How do we raise our kids how do we help one another grow and flourish. What you do with a wayward child, how do you interact with them what you'd like to see them change how you do it without shaming them. How you do it without resorting to the wrong tool. How do we do the will that the key the secret of this is the power blessing and and we don't know that much about this in the body of Christ at its get strange to me that I go and speak about the power blessing.

If you fill it up what you mean by blessing and I think we need to understand that, but isn't that fascinating because we would never say that about prayer or Scripture reading every we understand the think yet. Here's a fundamental.

It is essentially to say we can partner with God for transformation, but it must be God's way and so when we blast were never endorsing someone's lifestyle that may be in for now were never endorsing someone's wayward death. Instead, where speaking life into a place where there would be otherwise. Death to every word out of our mouth is like a D and it either. So, in life or death. That's how the Bible looked at our word in this ministry really a a mystical impartation that takes place when we bless is really what I have found over the last years the be the most powerful weapon of all SOS I want to pursue that mystical impartation aspect some years back I I wrote a series of articles for a five volume theological dictionary accident exegetical conceal a conviction of the Old Testament, a rhythm of the articles and the biggest one that I wrote was on the Hebrew word for bless and it was an eye-opener for me. When I saw that that the power of it that that when God spoke a blessing.

The power of it or when the patriarch spoke blessing of the battle to get the blessing as so we've we've all had it with the empty words he noticed a positive confession on disk and speak reality that's gonna happen. And yet there is a truth that when we are is God's representative speaking, his words speaking by his spirit. There is this mystical impartation so it expand on the same and maybe just giving example real-life example of what this looks like okay so what I began to really understand blessing and it was thankfully early in my marriage and before I had kids able to raise our kids and that make it the fundamental way that I interact with parishioners. The primary way of proclamation is late with blessing. This partly began for me when like what you're saying Dr. Brown when you look at the concept. Typically, it takes your breath away because stories like the intriguing story of Jacob and Esau who come into the narrative in this battle between these two twin. It is a struggle because Jacob wants the blessing, but he's the second born and the firstborn gets all the attention the double inheritance in a very special blessing to be spoken by Isaac and the dying father wrongfully blessed Jacob was pretending to be Esau, not one shred of fairness to the story right and and and if looking at the Western I used the Isaac left with the wrong kid when Esau comes in if that was my blessing in the West we might just that, well, no big deal. Bless the wrong one. Let me just repeat the blessing to you and not what the text that text says it Isaac when he discovered he blessed the wrong spot.

He trembled violently. Any that I have left him and indeed he will be blessed. When I first really begin to wrap my mind around that that there is something that's imparted there something that you revocable power and so you know I was just thinking of Lucy talk about spiritual warfare and was thinking about the extent of a beautiful, wonderful teenage girl at our church. Some years ago, all colors who came under such depression and really demonic oppression that came to a point that she couldn't even eat anymore and she wouldn't speak to anyone and she was hospitalized she was catatonic attitude was keeping her alive and I went to the hospital to see her security guards in the room. She hasn't spoken to a psychiatrist, a doctor or anyone walking on thing, Lord, what do I do in the spears just like to bless her and I walk at that I've come to bless you in the name of the living God.

You are a child of God is like I was Michael and Mike looking beyond the natural and and BK to her spirit speaking to speaking life right in not you dope you might think what I just found strange water but I really just to the highs of faith, I began to speak for the first time in nearly week she turned, she said in the name of the living God, and began a year-long process with her. Of healing and deliverance and transformation, but it came by the speaking of identity statement and blessing over and over and over. I think the think it's so important to realize that we can't lost into thinking that if we withhold the blessing were going to motivate change will really that's just a form of shame. It is not God's way, the way of health is to religiously dangle rewards as some means to make you think you can merit God's love what God that he doesn't withhold the blood he blessed and then he says, be fruitful and multiply. So the blessing has this this beautiful quality of helping release God-given destiny.

If forms are identity and we live out of our identity as a will never ever help someone who is heading in the wrong direction by just cursing them and telling them more more about how wrong everything is in their life that we have to learn how to paint a picture partnering with God about what can be in their lives mean so much in a culture it goes in the opposite direction of that and so much of the news that we we take and so singularly the show goes in the opposite direction just produces anger and the demonizing of our opponents where where we have the attitude of blessing we are supposed to be the ones bringing life and instead we often make things darker. If we can understand this.

It's it is so life-giving and didn't you know it's interesting.

I remember when when you were going on the air, expanding your broadcast which is on 400 stations. Amazingly, obviously, life is being imparted. I checked on Amazon to see your book just came out a few weeks back. 97% of the ratings are five-star and and the others are four-star. In other words, life is being imparted by your words, and people are drawn to life and will be drawn to summing the sinners were drawn to Jesus. Even though he's telling to repent so that it isn't in the book and friends get the book, the power to bless them and give the book out to some friends get some extra copy speak because this is the kind of book, especially with COBIT fears with with the crisis of election.

With so much shaking in the country people.

People need blessing is not empty words. These are God filled words but but take a couple minutes talk about in our own lives that we can be so negative and hateful, and down on ourselves that that we don't even understand or bring blessing control is can this be applied to me personally, not just to others, it is intensely personal.

We are blessed to be a blessing which means that the first thing is to really look at God's word through the land narrative of Scripture really is, will God's people believe themselves blessed will will Abraham believe themselves blessed to be a father of a naked, will the people believe that the promised land. Is there a really feel like grasshoppers, will the people of God ever come to a place where they can understand what Paul and your blessed with every spiritual blessing in Christ with the narrative. It's running through it. So I think that blessing others starts with receiving blessing and all I I grew up, and I'm sure many of our listeners right now.

I didn't grow up under the sound of blessing my dad left home when I was in fourth grade give his struggle was with alcohol use and that generation were dad didn't readily tell their kids they were proud of them and I just think back over how much I craved in your just for him to look at my life and say I virtues I believe it's going to release you into a wonderful destiny. Here's what I see God doing in your life that sort of of of sound of blessing that comes from outside of that they were missing so and people are craving is what people keep writing me as I am reading the opening chapter of your book and I gotta stop them. We think because it touches the dry place within us the soul of a nation that crying out daddy with my blessing clear it and it doesn't help any. Doesn't Michael that we come into the spirit of an agent for all you need to do is look inside yourself and follow your inner guide and don't let anybody tell you you're supposed to be this this spirit of the age of all those lies is make us think that we we don't need a voice of affirmation from outside ourselves, and we desperately do need it to be a godly point of voice that is in sync with what God has to say about it intensely personal and you know the other thing which is really not that difficult. 50 feet. The weapons we have in our warfare are not for the spiritually elite and the and the prophets in the pre-civil all of all yeah I think I just jump in.

We we going to continue this this conversation another death. I think it's really important we do what will set aside time.

Maybe just unfold us over whole broadcasts out of the reach out to their friends.

I'll make a dime telling you to get these books these you get them wherever you get them the power to bless. It's by Alan Wright WRIGHT my brother will reach out to you and we will continue this conversation.

Fair enough. I will God bless you. I have less things. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 664 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us, one far yeah I want to finish the conversation to get deep with pastor Alan Wright absolutely and it is just so important. The it's not just speaking empty words. I say you are a millionaire. I say you are amazing. I know it. It is getting God's heart, mind, being in harmony with his word and then speaking his life-giving truth it's it's it is like transformative, and anyway more and that another day. So the Vatican is officially said that their priests, the leaders cannot announce blessings on same-sex unions for such a been self evident forever, but it's come up as an issue. Even the pulpit said yes that is our official position. So in response to that, CNN's Don lemon who is obviously himself. Not a Christian leader or minister, but is TV journalist and himself openly probably gave listen to what he had to say was that I respect people's right to believe in whatever they want to believe in their God. But if you believe in something that hurts another person that are that does not give someone the same rights or freedoms, not necessarily under the Constitution because this is under God.

I think that that's wrong and I think that that the Catholic Church and many other churches really need to re-examine themselves and their teachings, because that is not what God is about God is not about hindering people or even judging people and to put it in the context of race. I find that you Dr. Martin with the King Junior said the most segregated per place on earth time on earth is 11 AM on a Sunday morning so I think that religion and the pew keeps us from actually there barriers from people actually getting to know each other so I would say to the pope in the Vatican and all Christians are Catholics or whomever.

Whatever religion you believe about you. You happen to belong to out there go out and meet people and try to understand people and do what the Bible and what would Jesus actually said if you believe in Jesus and that is to love your fellow man, and judge not lest you be not judged.

But of course dominant has no spiritual authority and in what he's saying but I want to reach out to the Don lemon is a fellow human being and say here's what I encourage you to do sir really get to know God really get to know the God of the Bible really get to know what Jesus is about, even if it means radical dramatic change in your own life now as to Dr. King's quote about that Sigrid serviceable come to that on faculty's actual clip and come to that in the moment, but here's here's what I like to say to Don limited to those who agree with Don lemon. The idea that God said about hindering people was about hindering people from sin do we agree on the 10 Commandments is something that God spoke the reason he starts missing don't worship idols is that hindering someone is not telling someone if you want to be right relationship with me. You cannot do that but about don't commit adultery. What about don't murder what about don't steal are not those all things designed to hinder people from doing bad. The idea that God just put limits on just whatever you want to do.

We all agree that's not right. Every one of every human being agrees there should be limits on what others do and we just simply believe that God's limits are best when goddesses don't commit adultery SEs. He wants to hinder a married man or woman from having relationship with another married man or woman. Why because it is ultimately destructive. Contrary to his will, and contrary to what is best for us. Boundaries are good things that God puts in place at us for hurting someone we could hurt someone by being malicious and nasty.

But God's ways are ways of life. When he says turn away from this, even if it hurts my feelings. It's for good when he when a parent tells children certain things. Their reasons for just think that children for your kid understands every reason that mom and dad say no fact is mom and dad know better than the four-year-old and the distance between God and us as a whole lot bigger than the distance between a four-year-old and a mom and dad and for those as a mother which I love. Forget your examples, which amount love and love is love. You have the right to be with the one you love. What would you say that it's fine and for two adult brothers who love each other. Examples of these kinds of things so they can even reproduce, and therefore have children that could potentially be harmed by incestuous relationship and have some type of birth defect two brothers should they not be allowed to have a relationship are the laws against incest necessary should they not have their love recognized by marriage and what if it's three or four that this rumpled list the three men that have legally gotten their names on the birth certificate for their daughter. Should we just embrace.

Are there any limits that we should put on love most people of conscience was people have a understanding of societal well-being would say yeah, we put limits on please understand the limits that God puts that the their prohibition of a man being with a man or woman be with a woman. It is ultimately for the good of the human race, but we have to get low water line know what you know. What matters is what God says and who he is, read the words refresh us that if you've not read through the entire Bible cover to cover New Testament cover to cover, to say, God give me eyes to see the truth here fact I'll pray Hebrew prayer for you from Psalm one $19 a night by beating the float retort to open my eyes that I may behold wondrous from your law from your teaching. If you do that, sir, you humble yourself before God. Life will be changed. What about Martin Luther King.

Can we apply his quote to issue 70 was sexuality… And what he said one of us trying to abomination one of the tragedies I've 11 o'clock on Sunday morning. One of the most segregated hour segregated dollars in Christian America.

I definitely think Christian insurance should be integrated and in a church that stands against integration that has a segregated standing against the spirit and the teachings of Jesus Christ fails to be a true witness, but this is something that the church would have to do it yourself.

I don't think church integration will come legal processes.

I might say that my church is not a segregated church is segregated but not segregated welcome yet so nothing whatsoever to do with sexuality and by the way, Martin Luther King's own statements of homosexuality would reflect standard Christian beliefs and the just for the record, but in point of fact, nothing that he said relates in any way to Don lemon's point and inherent skin color, skin color is different than sexual desire romantic attraction skin color.

If you're white. If you're black. If you yell if you read there is no behavior associated with that.

There is no morality associated with that there there there is nothing in terms of one's behavior associated with that, sexually, romantically or anything else.

You cannot make the comparison. In any case, let's pray for Don lemon rather lash out market. Let's pray for him to really come to know God is my prayer, we come to know him and find repentance and new life white. Let's set let's grab one more call David in Manitoba Canada.

Thanks for it for holding if you could die writing with your question. Will try to answer. Are you there, Dr. Brown yeah go ahead, go ahead. I called a little about a month ago. I guess regarding the height of note statue being 666 years tall to recall that right right what what it is it's it's 60 cubits would be 90 feet tall and six cubits wide 9 feet wide so 90 x 9 noble what I mean is Babylon is yet from Babylon all the way to Rome is 656 years. Yes, I write I said I hadn't thought about the specific things didn't didn't see that is inherent in the text within Daniel. We talked okay, but I see no more information here a little bit it I wrote, I think. Anyway, I took 666 years and I went back another 666 years and that the time of the kings and judges and I went back another 666 years I landed right on Abraham. So I guess what I have is 3×666 years, which is consistent with you.

Where is your starting point for your 666 going backwards to scan your date again okay basically what I've got one of your books that have a timeline right and yard to cut back like 666 years three times and I are learning about. But what what date you starting going backwards, and I don't have the date to be quite honestly I have to look at my book. I got it right deep because right I would suck first thing it's if you go back on the where you going back will be using for the rise of the Babylonian empire the fall. The Babylonian Empire to to what period of time where where is that first date.

If you remember the number was the first day coming from. Okay, from 78 I believe the end of the age of 7080 okay right and right. So going back. Okay, got it right so the end of the age hasn't happened yet. This the first man's this hasn't happened yet. If you work back 666 years from that right. She gets it to five that my 596 BC sets in the midst that's honest a sacred date in the Babylonian empire. That's like the date so the first thing that is more the bone back 606, six years, not just get in the middle of time of the judges. Nothing significant there whatsoever. Zero just something in the middle of a bunch of stuff going on and then six and 66 years back from there is probably too early for Abraham or certainly not any significant point in his in his life or two too late, I should say program sought I will I would drop the life pursuit is as interesting as it may be looser with all respect, I would drop that line of pursuit in terms of finding something special or unique with an essay that with all respect to some is always digging and always learning from Scripture. Hey thank you sir for the call.

I friends early Jewish Thursday coming tomorrow.

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