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Revisiting the Slippery Slope

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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March 16, 2021 5:30 pm

Revisiting the Slippery Slope

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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March 16, 2021 5:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 03/16/21.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. We told you this was coming, did we not stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown is not. I really don't enjoy saying told you so told you so, because I would much rather that the things that we told you were coming. Some of the bad things some of the negative things that we told you were coming actually weren't coming that we were actually proven wrong that the things we warned about didn't come to pass. However, once again, we have to say we told you so and I'll explain what I mean today on the broadcast welcome welcome this is Michael Brown. Thanks much for joining us.

Here's the number to join the program live 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884. In a moment I'll give you another number to call if you are not watching or listening live if you listen to the podcast afterward to catch it later on Internet or maybe watching on America's voice on dish TV you are Pluto TV on a Saturday night.

I give another number to call. Not to be on live.

We don't have the power to transfer point you back a few days. Axes are broadcasted. It's Tuesday, March 16, which means yes turn 66 years old today and am blessed beyond words. Pain-free ache free medicine free quit everything I know. Have a wonderful clean bill of health course are allies in God's hands. We can't boast about tomorrow, but I'm profoundly grateful to God's grace my life I easily could have died of a drug overdose in my foolishness before I got saved at the age of 16 I could died of the time since then. If not for the grace and goodness of God. So here we are my joy to be with you will talk about some cultural trends will talk about some things that are happening in front of her eyes, and the question what can we do to bring about positive change is one thing to say this is wrong.

It's another thing to say, we can still make a difference in pushback against a very real slippery slope, 866-34-TRUTH when we go back a little while and say that out of once this cycle repeated itself more than once. Namely, we we see something's wrong. We see where something is headed.

We say we we don't want to go in this direction because if you open up this door it's going create a greater problem. If you go in this direction it's going to end up here.

We sound the alarm.

We give warnings and as a result were told what he's week I met you crazy that's never going to happen. You read your mind that could never happen in our culture that could never happen in our society and then when it begins to happen. People like Gnosticism was a big deal to get all worked up over.

It's nothing, and hence the slippery slope is a very very real slope.

Indeed, back in the year 2004 I began sounding the alarm and I began to say that those who came out of the closet were put us in the cost summary when looking at cultural issues, moral issues, family issues, sexuality issues activist who came out of the closet fighting for what they felt was quality freedom that their relationships in their lives could have the same recognition of of heterosexuals they came out of the closet and that's what they they wanted.

They wanted their rights and from their perspective to understand simple matter of human rights, respect, dignity, but once I got to do with putting others in the class while it was an inevitable progression.

Those kind of the closet lights examining all of them but but the activist knows who continue to be the activists in our generation it in order to establish rights that we differ with in order to establish family structures that we differ with in order to establish a way of life that we believe is not God's best way for children to be raised and things like that. You have to silence opposing voices.

So in the early days of gay activism that the major opposition was the psychological and psychiatric profession that views homosexuality as a sickness, and then the other major issue.

The other major thing to overcome was the religious roots pursue the church. They viewed homosexual practice is sinful. So is just a few years of gay activism just into the 80s when the American psychological Association for the American psychiatric Association. They change their views. Nurses like dominoes falling saying we'll look at this is a disorder of any kind is an illness of any kind and is most people happen like this is perfectly fine and normal so that that was removed as an obstacle that meant the last obstacle was to be the church was was going to be followers of Jesus saying that that this was not God's best. This was not the content we love everyone. Jesus died for everyone the same. Whoever neighbors and friends are. We treat them with respect and dignity as much as were able to write as much of your relationship. We were respectful, gracious people at the same time single note. God intend temperature meant to be together got God's plans best plan is not to raise a child intentionally without a mother without a father, so of course were saying that when uncle, bigoted, hateful, and I understand the perspective of those with same-sex attraction and romantic attraction. Their relationship feels is normal to them is my relationship with Nancy 45 years of marriage. That's what they would say ways of bigoted, hateful understand why they feel like that.

I also understand why we would be looked at as the enemy, and we who came we came out against their lifestyle or said the Bible teaches. Thus, in such where the enemy and that we must be sans something putting us to death on the net. But putting us in the closet marginalizing us and that's what we've seen happen with the help of big business without big tech with the help of Hollywood. With the help of others who've allied with the LGBT Q cause and and and now the present administration very much allied with the LGBT Q cause in a very activist way. The dangerous equality act in some of the presence executive orders from day one. So things pushing back against her religious freedoms. We said that would be coming.

We we warned and when I began to wanted 2004 that's what I saw it clearly. Others saw before me long before I was conscious of, but I remember when I began to say that those account of the closet want to put us in the closet.

Talk to you crazy man, we talking about numerous to put you in the closet. No stress silence.

You will live our lives. You do what you want to do which will liberalize was mocked was ridiculed for daring to say that some years later I notice the tone began to change the tone began to change to this big it's like you belong in the closet or yeah big it's like you should be saw you do not have the right to speak because you are so bigoted and hateful. You know better than the Nazis and Ku Klux Klan and Isis.

Whatever horrific group was in the news in those days. That's where caricature to the point that Kim Davis Kentucky law clerk in a state that voted to reaffirm marriage is God intended it. One memo moment together for life of both stated that voted to River marriage. Some like 75% to 25% which he refused the judge's order to write a same-sex marriage certificate end and the state had many many ways religious exemptions many ways that she did not have to do it that someone else could been done it done at some of us could have taken that responsibility instead she was put in jail and and there were activists and allies rejoicing around the nation. I read the post comparing her to Isis percent have a Christian in good conscience, believe the two men catching matters. I can't read a marriage license for the we've seen the saying shift a few years let's put this headline up.

I wrote an article asking the question, why not 3113. The question gay activists cannot answer. I wrote that back in in 2015, but asked the question will be for the why not three.

Here's here's here's the point at and I did the debate with Prof. Eric small 2011 my book where thing happened to America came out I worked on it for over six years researching sensitizing my heart to understanding the issues and I said listen, I will debate the contents of this book with any qualified spokesperson. So you want to be fair.

Writer can do debate you want to be fair to the other side. You want someone who can adequately represent the other position to debate you did. To be fair to the to that position.

What's the use of debating. Some of us are qualified to debate it suffered to that position. So should you find anyone qualified and I'll debate them to campus in America and campus after campus. We heard no note. Note know when we heard Chris move say no we can't do it to now too controversial, we could lose or send a note to his gonna ruffle too many feathers no other strong shut down.

We had Christian groups in different states tell people it reached out on our behalf.

If you try to do this are campus we will shove that Christian groups this hemisphere is associate with. This is back in 2011 was one professor said is willing to do what we ended up at University of Central Florida.

We had to have four policemen present, we are required to have police presence in order to to do the debate was wild. It was an honorably we need the police but that's what that's what they recorded campus like 60,000 something people and I asked the question then I asked her to Prof. Slawson can look if marriages is nothing of a man and a woman what you required to.

I mean this in a close log me, which is actually grown, which is self marriage. You can marry yourselves looking up an appointment looking up it's it's an increasing business people say have been hurt too many times the mammoths of your ceremony. The whole bit.

Yeah, seriously, but I asked this question Prof. small. He refused answer in the debate. No were not going there. I can talk about yeah Maria polygamy, so he simply wouldn't answer.

I've interacted with other gay activists, and ask this simple question if if marriages not union of a man and a woman. Why limited to 21 at three or four farming. What makes to a magic number two is a magic number one it's one memo moment coming together biologically as the general rule, the ability to reproduce.

Joining a child of the mother and father unique complementarity that one woman and one man bring to each other as you are married understand it.

If it's not one memo moment. Why limited to what what is the purpose of limiting it to two will check out this headline from from 2015.

Look at out what else was going on in in the news Hg TV features its first ever throttle on house hunters represented representation in Texas is 2020, but notices representation matters. We want to be seen throughout bowls the very thing we were talking about gay activists.

When I asked him that question when I say why limited to 2131 of the throat one or more they said no were not going there. We only want it was a what will want just tell me why not three.

Please tell me what no one ever had a viable answer. I read dialogues interaction wants to base rose no one ever had a viable answer support were not going that direction.

So throughout bowls, why not trouble so we worn this was coming years back we warned this was coming and we told your crazy so I can happen now.

HDTV others and talk about a book that just came out three men and their daughter that they're raising now that it's becoming normal result.

What's the deal man so bigoted old-fashioned warned about it. The facility crazy. What happens on healthy meal got a video showing we come back globally file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us listening and the broadcast is not live.

Here's number we can we and you can share your view if you differ with me. You can blast me if you want to play on the air when you bless me just make sure not use profanity and do your best to keep recalls under two minutes, three minutes. At the very longest, but here's a number for you to call. You can express in our agreement or share a testimony, but it's not a number to leave questions because we will be responded to questions but here's number is 1-800-618-8481 800-618-8480. That is our after hours number to call to speak with me live 866-34-TRUTH.

Look at first Chronicles chapter 12 verse 32, when David was organizing troops that men were coming to have Braun to support him as king. It lists all the warriors in their weaponry and their strengths and their experience but the smallest of the groups and the ones really is no reference to weaponry or anything like that. It is that the sons of Issachar verse 32 and it says men who had understanding of the times to know what is real should do 200 chiefs.

An older kinsman under the command friends as God's people today. It's important that we are like the sons of Issachar that we understand what's happening in the world around us that we understand what we should do that we understand what's coming up on on a broad level, I don't mean that were predicting every future event.

No, I mean that we have a sense of where the society is going and what is happening in the world around us and that we know what we should do in response.

I want you watch this video that we prepared this a few years back as Stephen Colbert was mocking those or timeout where weddings were going. Marriages gonna and he knew exactly what is there.

He was mocking yet he knew what was out there, so we responded to it. I want you to watch this video sit back and enjoy Stephen Colbert very very funny guy well-known on Comedy Central for years now was taken over late-night programming for David Letterman and the other day he took issue with the slippery slope argument is one that we've made many times that once you redefine marriage. There really is a slippery slope once you redefine marriage you render it meaningless. So he he mock that idea. In his typical way and he talked about Representative Pete King, who said luck with that. The new redefinition of marriage by the Supreme Court. A man could marry his his lawnmower and of course got a big laugh out of that and then made reference to two Dr. Ben Carson, presidential candidate Ben Carson listen to what Stephen Colbert had to say about Dr. Carson's comments because I king is not the only one who believes gay marriage is as open the matrimonial floodgates so this former doctor and future former candidate Ben Carson recently warned that a same-sex couples are allowed to marry than groups will also want the right to marry. Yeah, not gay groups. Some other groups don't want to turn up every year or that crazy other groups pride parade exactly they are part of the gay pride parade. The polyamorous the one talk about loving relationships with multiple partners and who who's who, according to Newsweek a few years ago or at least 500,000 families in America. That's a lot of people, and they are saying what about us. How come our relationships are not recognize. How come we can't get the benefits of there there there at the gay pride parade and Hannah what about the polygamists what what about the cast of sister wives the these these photos reality right. A guy with his his multiple wives. They went to the state of Utah and appealed it took issue with some of the laws against polygamy and one of the laws was ready reversed and no sooner the Supreme Court made its ruling in June 26 and polygamists were going to the court saying what about us. So those groups are hardly hidden a highly unknown there out there. All right, Stephen Colbert continues to people who don't want to issue the marriage licenses or bake cakes for gay couples so wasn't provide party planning for Stephen King's nightmare marriage scenarios.

I will is a slippery slope to some cash tonight.

I'm proud to introduce Stephen Colbert's all-inclusive wedding cake toppers that here's the funny thing about him. I haven't followed his career that carefully, but on Comedy Central he PP played the fool. That's the way he he put it. Now he actually speaks to being a devout Catholic, but but he played the fool who he was, the, the news commentator that that obviously a funny way, wasn't getting things but his points were were getting across very loudly and clearly, and yet the point that he's mocking with this whole slippery slope that the S&P King Steve King that the quotes that he's mocking, it's almost like he's now going out of his way to prove the very points he's mocking so again he's very funny but let's see where he goes with his cake toppers for wedding cakes.

Lastly, you got the I got the drizzle topper you got one man and one woman okay and then you got the non-traditional traditional got got two men and you got you got two women and you've got two women and one man okay he's joking about this, but remember one public opinion poll indicated that just in a few years, American acceptance of polygamy has gone from 7% to 14%.

Tell me that's not part of the media influence the same media that was celebrating will and grace. And it's the old days the same media that was celebrating queer eye for the straight Guy as the old days, it is now celebrating big loving sister wives and my five wives. So he's joking about it but these are real-life issues we have new mission, his mom, and their desire for polygamy so he goes on and in here's work is really interesting because he's mocking stuff but but he's well enough informed. I'm wondering he's mocking stuff but he knows it actually exists. If he doesn't, will set the record straight. Let's see how you got to man one woman got an all-female throttle and got the classic three women to men where one man is married to the women and the other man is married to the other woman but his wife is also marriage.

One of the other two wives this fall on okay timeout timeout. There is a lesbian trouble I'm in. This is happened more than once, presumably, but this was reported. A lot of these three women in got what I now pronounce you wife and wife and wife had had is that work with three women and their white cows.

I think to the dads walk them down the aisle with Rumpole and then then I read about it there. We can have a kid obviously with some outside help and homeschool their kids and then three guys in Thailand has at work I pronounce you husband, husband and husband there there pictures that were put out social media just what went viral and three guys a male throttle ligase trouble lesbian trouble event. He joked about this book was two men three women. Whatever it was like a polyamorous relationship there the coming when Chelsea actually already on Showtime, married and dating reality TV show on polyamorous fees joking about a dream like all yeah right that's good habit. It has already happened in my suspicions be. He knows full well all this has already happened that he's even poking fun while mocking our societies poking fun at reality as well.

Well, there's more to come.

If Steve King and Ben Carson all right neither ready for any eventuality is like Moses and cake toppers for Amanda goes a man and a box turtle all right again very funny in the box turtle, one who knows full well there was a comment that someone put in the center speech.

He never never made a congressional speech about a man could very box turtle, but that that became a famous quote. No Riley very marry a box turtle with whatever. So the fact is though here I got sick woman marries a dog in the then actually had a wedding ceremony that in woman there's a dog in England wedding ceremony. How about in India woman marries a snake yeah how about Israel woman married Donald Finn. I'm not making this up. He's joking about it this this actually happening there still more.

Let's go to the Eiffel Tower and Dora the Explorer. How about Erica Eiffel use it with you, the woman who married the Eiffel tower. There is even a documentary done about her.

These people have a fetish towards objects. It's common object that is something like that. Check. She married the Eiffel.

Is that what you estimate Dora the Explorer in the Ephrata Erica Eiffel look at a bite.

I kid you not.

All right little bit more how can I not provide a topper for Steve King and his lawnmower all right how about the man who wanted to marry his computer. This happened within the last year a man wanted to marry his computer. He said he had a sexual relationship with his computer old forms on his computer he wanted to marry his computer.

You say he's got a problem. I agree he's got problems, but hey, it's about marrying a woman to marry a computer all but Stephen Stephen you left one thing out. You forgot about it is happened. I know at least three cases now of a woman marrying herself woman said should be married by 40 and did work out. She married yourself.

Get bridesmaids in the whole bit is another woman. She just had with broken relationships was divorced had it with broken relationships to depend on someone else to grab dinner so she decided to marry herself same word spoken at there were 11 sons were sad. I love you mom harassing me Colbert thank you sir. Proving our point. Once the defined marriage render it meaningless.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown frames run from my shouting out warnings about where the society is going.

Many others have lifted their voices society mocks us you're crazy. It's never going to happen is never going to go in that direction does receipt go in that very direction when it does people. What's the big deal.

The thing that seems extreme become desensitized. The thing that seem so impossible it no big deal. That's how things change for the worse. We become desensitized by God's grace and continue stand on the wall and shout out warnings so that we do not become desensitized. We love those we differ with wheat we love our ideological opponents want God's best for them. We don't curse them.

We seek to help them and serve them. We do not support an agenda. The direction that we believe is ultimately wrong and destructive for the country. Michael Brown thanks for joining us on the broadcast 866-34-TRUTH will be going to the phones shortly. If you have been with us the entire hour. We just played a video about 10 minutes long where I show how the thing Stephen Colbert was mocking all these weddings that are allegedly going to happen if you change the definition of marriage and scope up the floodgates. Ha ha hollow, it happened has opened up the floodgates. Things are being redefined the videos back in 2015 six years ago we we posted an audio message preached in 2007. Cold War is on the psychological war wars on 2007 we been warning about many things in years. Before that, and there were many years before me who had the insight to see what was coming so is it what what brought things up that way.

Some of throttles now. Okay, look at this picture in this headline on the New York Post.

I take a look at this gay poly throwable makes history lists three dads on a birth certificate. There's just a few days ago gay poly throwable makes history listing three dads a birth certificate. There's a picture of the three men and the little girl recent so the girl by the choice of the dads gets raised without her father was. They brought her into this world. They made the probably don't over love and all this, but she's raised three men raise our father in the article says eight now she's in school spheres always like six years old. She says will use have two parents have 3814-5. One of the more the merrier right. I'm not saying these guys aren't sincere and sing hundred percent sure God has a better way than for her to be raised with three dads and got us a better plan for the three men to be together and wises in the news that this thing actually happened a few years ago where they got their names on the birth certificate so with three fathers, but they have a book that's just come out and they tell their story and and look at the title of this book is presented like this. This beautiful wonderful thing here three dads and a baby adventures in modern parenting three dads and a baby friends. This is why we been sounding the alarm now before I go to the phones I want to share something with you. This is this from a book, a queer thing happen to America was 700 pages 1500 endnotes. We are looking to put out a new updated edition right give some reflections after each of the characters can be little while before that happens. A swift reprint the book because the first printing was that generous printing a good-sized printing and sold out, and then the that the book we have to get put back up. So right now it's kind of a collectors item, but here's the preface from 2011 okay are you ready this is 2011 I wrote this 10 years ago.

An Associated Press article published October 2003 noted that the word queer, which richly was a synonym for odd or unusual evolved into an anti-gay insult the last century, only to be reclaimed by defiant gay and lesbian activists who chanted were here were queer. Get used to it. Today, however queer sneaking into the mainstream and taken a hipster edge as a way to describe any sexual orientation beyond Street that was 2003 that I'm quoting from.

Indeed, queer has become so mainstream I write in the preface that not only was the queer eye for the straight Guy TV show a big hit, but in June 2005. The gay stars of the talkshow actually throughout the opening page of the Boston Red Sox game but a cultural shift is a shift that is affecting virtually every area of American society. In October 2006. Note the date friends. 2006 years ago, New York City's Metropolitan transit Authority legalize the use of the ladies bathrooms were men who identified as women and vice versa. With one article running the headline. Be careful. Ladies, it's his bathroom to San Francisco schools a boy who identifies as a girl can use the girls bathroom and locker room while the New York Times reported December 2006. That is the part D school in Oakland California teachers are taught a gender-neutral vocabulary and urge to line up students by sneaker color rather than by gender neutral North Carolina preschool teacher share with me that she was not allowed to address the children's boys and girl since that would be making a gender distinction instead set a conference on credit from 2006 2007 August 16, 2010, Newsweek asked the question, are we facing a genderless future when your earlier Newsweek feature major article on relationships with multiple mutually consenting partners. The article entitled polyamory the next sexual revolution stated it's enough to make any monogamous head spin, but the traditionalists a bit to get used to it. Just two years before that. 2007. Time magazine raise the question should incest be legal. Okay, enough said friends. The point is we warning about these things. 10 years ago. Talk about what was happening, three, four, five years before that and we want about many other things that were coming without your crazy membrane or to some bigoted religious fanatic is never going to happen.

You're just selling your own perverse fantasies of those weird ideas. That's we get told we get slammed what went. Here's a list we worn about the changes that are coming in things that are destructive that are coming in things that are contrary to God's design plan and were told where the ones that are perverse and wrong were crazy and then when they begin to happen in society when they begin to come become the norm. When we talk mostly deal we can all worked up about why you so upset, so friends we are not convinced of telling you we told you this was coming in.

The key thing is do not accept this as the new normal. Do not accept this as the new normal, refused to say. Well this just the way it's going to be love people respect people be gracious to people treat children in same-sex homes that we treat anyone else get same-sex relationship neighbors or trans neighbor to be the best name you know how to be coworkers treat everyone fairly nondiscriminatory way within the context of what's good and best for the job situation right you deep everyone the same in that regard, we demonstrate the love of Jesus to all human beings and we say we we don't accept this, we don't believe that this trouble is three men should be raising the dog.

We don't know agree with that. We don't agree that that that a boy who identifies as a girl should compete in sports with Christmas agree with that. We don't that we do not accept the new normal, and we want to model for you guys better way and we will offer you hope a new life through the gospel and we stand our ground even if it's unpopular, even if we get mocked we get recouped we stand our ground, 86634.

With that we go to the phones will start with Robert and Atascadero, California.

Thanks. Recall in the line of fire. Dr. Brown eight I wanted to say thank you for your teaching art I witness a lot in a traditional Jewish chat room and I'm not Jewish and I'm not a messianic object with her and learned a lot from your bait the state in their and enabled your so that the artist learned a lot just one football want to give you just soaked a prescription for you very much. Even though I don't know you personally, but both each other in heaven.

But here's my question. If you're going to witness today to figure gay person.

How I would you go about it like you know I have in the past with fitted for an abomination to God that they didn't go well or anything. I had it. A person who did get born again, and turn from their lifestyle, but you have to love them because they're building a love so I began to witness like well I used to be a drug addict can you know thought you know I was an addict and that's one kind of been so homosexuality might not looking down at you.

I'm yes it is that Lucius and sons Robert on how I would reach out first thing is I want to treat everyone sinful human being. There was nothing in one special category role human beings will fall in thought outside of God's love and grace.

The only Savior everyone of us on the best day when you Savior. So I'm not putting anyone in the special category to start.

Also not making generalizations.

I don't know this person's life and another background I don't know how it is that they came to be same-sex attracted the public you like the been like this all their lives and even if in my mind. I think hey I could say I was I was heavily into drugs and God set me free from that they may be thinkable wide dwelling be set free. This is who I am. It's fine's beautiful relationship to beautiful my life is fun to even that if I say it could sound like I'm looking down on some of the replaceable. I love the sinner, but I hate the sin they'll hear you hate me because this is not what I do this who I am, so I will have that sensitivity don't overgeneralize one treat everyone sinful human being, but generally speaking, if the person does not bring up homosexuality and bring it up. I was on talk to Mike enter the human being about the Lord about sin, about our need to to be forgiven about the purpose of the cross asked about the relationship with God. These different things and then try to leave them to lower like I would lead anyone else to the Lord.

If they then say will can I do this or is this okay or what you meant that we address it.

This is contrary to God's design. This practice of sinful in his sight.

Gay relationships are wrong in his sight, but I'm telling you, Jesus requires everything from all of us from everyone of us. He says deny yourself, take up the cross for me will have to die to self start living a new life in God and if you cry out to him for mercy to forgive you and give you a new heart, and you become a child of God and then from there we can work on resolving these issues in your life and getting into place of of of living a holy life before the Lord and breaking free from that which is sinful and wrong and if I do know the person is gay and that's a big subject always so would tell me your story telling a story to me background.

I wanted to know.

I love them.

I care about them and only sensitive to what they have lived through and from there, I might be better able to reach the gospel like that. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown. They're looking at a comment on Facebook God's revival is exactly what Anita absolute absolutely friends just passing laws as I can change hearts.

Oh I'm a mole for passing laws and I'm over standing against unrighteous laws, but I recognize that you cannot force the society into morality. You cannot force families to live rightly or individuals to live rightly and I I from the heart oppose any attempt to establish a theocratic kingdom on the earth before Jesus returns when he returns he will establish his kingdom, but I utterly oppose the attempt to establish some type of Christian kingdom on the earth, were we force people to obey the Bible and go to church or do whatever. Do I stand for righteous laws absolutely. Can we overturn Roe V Wade Kent can return back the redefinition of marriage can be stand for righteousness. Otherwise, whatever we can do. I'm all for that but I recognize that the biggest change has to come from the heart and and that the greatest weapon that God is given. The church is the gospel in prayer the things of the spirit. So if we will give ourselves to God if we will pray and repent of our sins if we will clean our house friends. The reason that the world society around us is lost.

The definition of marriage is because Christians were so many years trash the definition of marriage because we have no-fault divorce in the church. What a detestable horrible same contrary to God's heart for those of you who are the victims of divorce and try to rebuild your laws make me gonna help you and be gracious to you the ideal incompatible. We just get divorced doing that the church so so we've heard the meaning of marriage is no surprise that society is lost meaning of marriage as we repent of our sins and turn to God as God bring stress revival into our midst that can then spill over and touch the world around us. That's how change can come.

But as we pray for those things. We also stand our ground and refused to accept the new normal. When that new normal is contrary to God's normal will assure a few of the things we told you were coming in my book where thing happened to America, which again came in 2011 represented research I did overbuy the six year period leading up to the publication of that book in March 2000 looking for the let's go back to the phones and we go to high in Georgetown South Carolina. Thanks for calling the line of fire. I appreciate your Amount much I love you, I love you. Your website as well and I like it a lot on you. We preach the single letter that I should talk with adultery rather than struggle with anything on this chart it is not my question.

Are you you say you cited. You don't think Christians should set up a filter of our government here order the field doing think my question for you see a time in the near future where Christians are going to be persecuted possibly be imprisoned if I say something which I'm on from United Kingdom imprisoning on and now you have seen from the street. Cannot you see a brother cry tight speech that's my fear for my question.

Maybe not now but maybe Nettleton 1984 Laura Scott something I'm not DD thinkers imprisoned in the United States with same negative hikes to see guy whatever that is going to talk about the future.

Yes sir if we don't stand up today and refused to accept the new normal.

Absolutely. That will happen here right now we do now yet so so I'll address that absolutely thank you for the call and yes I could tell you didn't have a South Carolina accent so number one… Look over and it in over the border in Canada. There's a man that right now is his daughter at the age of 13, 14 want to start transitioning the schools all for going to put her on hormones and impurity blockers is all this and then get ready for sex change surgery and and he the father is against it, thinking and ends what may be separate but he's against it. Go to court over it. The court rules against them. I met the man met the man in 2019 Canada, the court rules against him. The court says you are not allowed to refer to your daughter as she you are not allowed to refer to her by her biological name and and in fact if if you do, you can go to jail and now she's already for 16 surge development. It's it's a horror you think of this as a dad. So he's been giving interviews openly, publicly, yes, he could wind up in jail for doing that in Canada I mention here in America when Kim Davis refused to write a same-sex quote marriage certificate that she was put in jail. When the judge ordered her to do which he absent did not have to do their other remedies that that she refused to do it. She was put in jail and there are others who have taken certain stands. They have lost jobs friend of mine those contracts simply for views they held to privately once became publicly known.

They lost contracts, jobs of this kicked out of school programs in effect in a queer thing happened to America written again. 10 years ago is when the book came out came out March 14, 2000 and Americas.

It was our 35th wedding anniversary. Now we just celebrated her 45th wedding anniversary and and I have a whole chapter dealing with these very things and people potentially going jail or cases where people have gone to jail so Kai absolutely if we do not hold their ground.

It could be coming and specifically as I'm sure is on your mind. The quality act, the so-called equality act that that strips religious exemptions so this would this would clearly say that some of the things were saying or doing or legal look when I posted on Twitter that is a biological truth that Richard quote Rachel Levine present Biden's nominee for Assistant Sec. of Health and Human Services is a biological male.

I was blocked on Twitter for that I had to delete the tweet if I wanted to stay on the thing on the deleted write an article talk about what Twitter did in the article was live as soon as I was the band lifted on the that article might live a succumb to get this message out going back this so yes, it has been coming in a few quality act passes that then it could get really bad and people easily go get enough. That's what the cost for fates will be if that's the price of following Jesus.

So be it.

People getting killed for the faith around the world going jail for doing the right thing is not a big deal. However, it doesn't have to happen so pursuant to your question, I am not trying to have a movement were Christianity or the the the difficult faith takes over the nation and we forcibly you must read the Bible, you must go to church must do this you know God for bid human theocracy is destructive. However, I will absolutely advocate for righteous loss. I will absolutely vote for politicians that will do the right thing. I will absently stand against these things and then ultimately if the government outlaws. What we do, then we have to save the government with all respect, we can obey you got to obey God. Hey my brother. Let's continue to stand together so that our kids and grandkids can enjoy the same freedoms and more that we have enjoyed appreciate the call right here real quick with real quickly. 2011. The last chapter of a queer thing happened to America and it was it was called this GL BT and beyond this before it switched to fish the LGBT GL BT and beyond reflections on a current project.

Remember, this comes out 10 years ago. Here are some of the "from the chapter in recent years, gender identity has galvanize the queer community, perhaps more than any other issue. The questions go beyond the nature of male or female to a yet to be transverse region that lies somewhere between and beyond biologically determined gender is for the back cover of the book gender queer voices beyond sexual binary hey that's old news about this story from your 2000 in the Village voice, which is radically left New York City base publication.

Those voice we are transgendered men female to mail or F to M FTM.

My boyfriend is the mother of my child. This is a story from June 2000 and friends about this know how we in the book 50 ways to support gay and lesbian equality to a better father who underwent sex change surgery for clarity, though I still refer to her as my dad or my father when talking to the people. After all, that's who she is. So she is my dad than this recording from 2005, a report on Karen, a Canadian transgender active research legal protection for gender fluidity 2005, Sally considers himself a gender outlaw playing outside the traditional definitions of man and woman.

Sally runs his business as a man and is not had sex change surgery considers himself a woman friends. My heart goes out to the people involved in the stories, and these headlines.

That's the new norm. It's been coming for years. What happens is, those that do not support those that do not uphold that those that do not applauded. Those that do not celebrated are vilified as bigots. Many people wanted to be accepted want to be liked not want to be befriended, not wanting to lose colleagues at school or at work or whatever have you felt entered against you will just kind of go along with the normal don't don't bless the people love the people stand against the agenda.

As we've said for 17 years now. Reach out and resist reach out to the people with compassion resist the agenda with courage stand. My friends hearts of compassion, backbones of steel. This repent of the sins in our lives.

Let's look to God for fresh fruit of the spirit we need visitation friends to turn the time and another program powered by the Truth Network

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