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Dr. Brown Takes Your Calls and Answers Your Toughest Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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March 12, 2021 6:10 pm

Dr. Brown Takes Your Calls and Answers Your Toughest Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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March 12, 2021 6:10 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 03/12/21.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network questions we got answers. Let's do it start for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown was the director of the coalition of conscience and president of the fire school of Ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH. Your job is Dr. Michael Brown public that are screened here.

We've got to get some open phone line many a time on Friday.

The moment the show starts before mine slid up but we got we got your phone line still open so that's good tight well anyway, it was a good time to call but will will gets as many calls as we can. 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 this is Michael Brown. Welcome to the line of fire being Friday. You've got questions, we've got answers but it's mostly this first Sunday is a special day for Nancy and for me 45 years of marriage. Just this amazing, mind-boggling. We we met at the age of 19 and were married.

She just turned 21 I was today shy of turning 2145 years together just amazes all all I'll post a special tribute on social media this weekend, but since this is the last day before that. I just wanted to express my appreciation to the Lord for giving the Nancy wouldn't be who I am where I am. Without her, nor our kids be who they are or grandkids. All right, we will go straight to the phones. Let's start with Paul in Roseville, Minnesota. Welcome to the line of fire, 45 year. Thank you for taking my call. I appreciate everything you do think some recently heard a couple gentlemen with information about the that I'd never heard before.

Think about things believed it, the coming Messiah would atone person believed in the triune nature of God believed in the deity of the Messiah.

The gentleman that there were at least 500,000 Jewish believers at the end of the first century may be of many of the million and the mother. The other gentlemen that that the Essenes predicted that the Messiah would die in 32 A.D. and the predicted Benjamite would explain everything to the Gentiles. In other words, the apostle Paul. I'm I'm wondering what your take is on the third of you heard these things as associate reteaching this one wasn't thought Dr. Robert Fisher and another was a gentleman named Josh pack right okay so in terms of general scholarship and what we know about the Essenes. We know the description of the Essenes from Josephus, the first century and the Essenes Pharisee Sadducees being the three major Jewish subdivisions at the time we we have references to what they believe of Philo as well with Contin that the Jewish philosopher and then we have the writings of the Dead Sea Scrolls, which most scholars believe to be of Essene origin. So the idea that they believed in the deity of the Messiah, God's triune nature predicted the Messiah dying to atone for sins resurrection. I will, I would say that's little far-fetched that that is reading things into an obscure text or to far beyond it's actually there but you know was that there is no new material that nobody knows about that these gentlemen would have was somehow discovered. Also, if it is know it's it's it's not like hey this is out there and the scholarly world is reacting to it. But folks haven't heard about it, those types of things to come about, you know scrolls discovered in is this speaking of a dying rising Messiah it you know and and and this happened a few years ago with with one when you scroll. It was founded could be ends debatable. Maybe this work should be read. This way, are not in your we do know that there were certain clear parallels has been known for decades between the Dead Sea Scrolls community and you covenant beliefs. The idea of the war of the sons of light with the sons of darkness of the people of the new covenant, or a a priestly Messiah along with the Davidic Messiah.

Those are beliefs that seem to be plainly found their but these other things would be based on an obscure text being read in the way that now project something back into it so I would say forfeits the most now as to the number of believers we know the book of acts in the 21st chapter that Jacob James is telling Paul about the the myriad's of Jews who believe in a zealous for the Torah niece about multiply tens of thousands, and there is debate about how many did come to faith and could the numbers have been that high.

By the end of the first century at 1/2 million or million. I would say most scholars would not accept that view, but there are those who really do believe it, but what happened then would have been, they were largely assimilated into the church lost Jewish identity wears those that continue to live with distinct Jewish identity. There were some heretical groups like the Corinthians or the Abbey and it's not Corinthians. But, Corinthians, or any nights that were heretical groups within the were that the Nazarenes who held to the basics of New Testament faith and continue to live as Jews and we know their existence. You know, Jerome interacts with them in the fourth century and and other church leaders don't quite know what to do with them because the Orthodox believers with living as Jews, just like the apostles did, and unity deepened seem to have a copy of of Matthew in Hebrew warrant of Hebrews and Hebrews aerodrome talks about seeing that so if there were these large numbers.

Then they assimilated into the Gentile church or killed some of them in the destruction of Jerusalem and things like that with those that distinctly live as Jews were much smaller number for sure, but it's it's a fascinating conversation with their particular book that you were seeing this and or website where you seen this interview Don facets of those would be especially the first things you mentioned super super controversial highly disputed and widely rejected by other scholars. I wonder why I have never heard of it before you mentioned the Matthew up in Hebrew there are much of a chance that I was actually written in the roots right so that the Matthew that we have now in Greek, from all that we can tell, was written in Greek numbers was that a translation from Hebrew into Greek, so that Matthew wrote it in Greek the best Greek scholars New Testament method. Matthew scholars agree on that.

Not not universally but overwhelmingly. However, there is a clear tradition of Matthew composing that the compiling the sayings of Jesus in Hebrew or Aramaic scholarly debate about that is at the same as the gospel of Matthew.

Or is that a compilation of teachings of Jesus. So that's disputed and then what Jerome another sexy so was it a copy of Matthew in Hebrew, or copy of this compilation, so there seems to be some that Matthew did write in Hebrew, the idea of it was being preserved through the generations. We have a record of that that the documents that we do have for many centuries later medieval documents or used by the rabbis to refute the Christians, so they had because they wouldn't most would know Greek date they go Hebrew so they have Matthew translated into Hebrew so they could then understand it and better refute the Christians. However, there are some of these manuscripts that seem to have Hebrew plays on words and things that would go back to Hebrew original those if you're if you're hostile in your translated from Greek into Hebrew yucca 5 Beautiful Pl. on words in Hebrew. All this so some of claim that we have remnants of of the original Hebrew method preserved, but that the Matthew that we have is a Greek document from all we can tell was not translated from Hebrew into Greek, but was there a separate Hebrew Matthew are compilation of the sayings of Jesus in Hebrew/Aramaic. It seems that there was and it was associated with Matthew Caesar is a big interesting fascinating discussions in here and there, you can say hey Hebrew Matthew that we had for later manuscripts says this could that give us insight into the Greek text in the war or what Jesus would've originally said in their questions and debates about it. But if you ever see something. This is a translation of the original Hebrew Matthew Boggess. This is translation of the original Aramaic Matthew Boggess don't buy it. Don't believe it. Hey Paul, thank you for the calls. Much appreciated. Questions one call with questions. 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Trevor in Corona, California. Thanks for: the line of fire your work with Dr. Brown love the ministry got a call from where your ministry remembers Krista your week he prayed. My girlfriend wrote me about the book without providing a question about what is your favorite Bible and why when I saw, so you question posted on my screen here get give you give me a topic like a subject within the bottle man like, like that like edified you and brought you closer to God.

Okay Bible yet yet yet let me tell you this, dear. There are passages that at certain moments, God used open opportunity that have had special or extraordinary meaning you Don.

I remember in college is going through a real crisis of tremendous pressure I was I was studying liberal arts but I hated it. I ended up leaving that stores music major switch liberal arts ended up becoming Hebrew, making them so important for cosplay from a life, but I remember it just couldn't take it I couldn't didn't want to write the paper cited no interest in the stuff and and was just struggling in a wrestling with things and and and you know I member the enemy tormenting me. Going crazy or preeminent breakdown is a stupid thing is a 1920 years old and somehow Romans 828 God working all things for the good for those who love, it became overwhelmingly true and real to me and gave me the supernatural confidence that God's plan was going to work itself out then and up another school. Originally there because those can be a music major America look around us like they have all these Hebrew classes disc and innocently make the shift to build on what I've been taking the first couple years in the being pivotal up… Sometimes a verse like that would jump out at me or or Eagle Malachi 3 God coming his refiner's fire, as I would preach, and the Holy Spirit would fall in repentance and people would begin confessing sin, crying out weeping before God and that that reality of river went that there was that refiner's fire ministry that became kind of a life thing or you just just a Scripture jumping at you. I'd sung that the him great is your faithfulness as a new believer did note was from a verse in Lamentations and remember Discovery Lamentations 3 is that's in the Bible and that's a and is a bit in the middle of Lamentations of exile in pain and then your living for years in John 15 fighting in the five minutes of the whole Bible yet, so much so me versus and yes a Chris that our team. She loves to pray with her friends and supporters and so glad she reached out will be right back. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown locomotive to the line of fire. This is Michael Brown delighted to be with you. 866-34-TRUTH did you get my emails you get them a few times a week to three times a week, edifying content updates on latest videos, articles, free resources, new resources becoming available.

Special packages of insight into what we do in ministry and why how we can be a blessing to you if you don't take a minute of the website asked Dr. Cascade your and click to receive our emails. You will be blessed as you do and we would love to connect with you. We'd love to be able to be in regular contact and be in touch and and minister to and many many different ways. All right let us go to Jeff and Chelsea, Massachusetts. Welcome to the line of fire drill out there called one the people of Bill, it would nationalize male boarding would grow biblical authors will never get off if I get this happen we are completely done shirt should prepare to go underground. After that point because we will worry no joke suggests that limit them. Yes, this is the weeping we sent out plainly against the so-called equality act and related bills was the equality act would would cut and remove religious freedoms and rights did on but I would say it's it's highly unlikely that he can get past the Senate because the need 60 votes.

There, but we have to take very seriously, as if it could, but here's here's right, my approach that would be different is that if something this draconian does pass and something that God's religious freedoms because you don't have religious exemption and the which you can say was the church was a Christian school risk as followers of Jesus we hold to this. For these reasons, no that that would be gone. It's one of the biggest issues with the so-called equality act, but to me that's that's when you go all the more overground. In other words, the more the government tries to shut down. The more you stand up and speak with true and right so that's what we have to do we overcome by refusing to be canceled by refusing to be silenced by standing and speaking, the more the role trust silences the more we shout, not in anger but the more we get our message out loudly and clearly what what in the bill concerns you the most balloting for what they regard develop all kind of order brought out there because because the people are able to build a reporting to work towards the mill impeller can be properly identified and and and a better you have to water down… As we felt right and right at the capital building program in their candid time and it will be like a bottom floor space where you were the Bobbio for when every time so that's not so. You mention each other one I was I was growing attention immediately. My mom went to the equality excellent. I was speaking to something different, so I apologize for that, that the thing that this is important is that there there must be election integrity right.

This was this was one of the biggest concerns Jeff that many Republicans and conservatives had that felt that there was fraud or something was done wrong in the elections and that once it shifted in this direction that that by opening the borders so that you now have more and more immigrants coming in that we don't have the legal right to be here, but would be coming at large numbers and would be immediately released.

The first generation inclined to vote Democrat. Then making CDC into a state and they further shift the electoral college was DC's overwhelmingly liberal Democrat and then you add it on top of that, more mailing ballots and stuff that it's like eight eighths is going to go through it direction can push candidates recent let us all work together every American of conscience should work together for election integrity, and whatever can be done to minimize fraud even if you're sure there was no fraud. Don't you want everything in the life, let's be aware of these issues hey Jeff, thank you for calling and raising these issues 866-34-TRUTH by the way, we were on a roll here with three Jeff's in the genre of this one for you to get five straight with a J but no, we we didn't buy it out let's let's go on from Jeff we go to John in Wilmington, Delaware. Welcome to light a fire right on Dr. Brown and congratulations on your inner thank you sir I appreciate here. Yeah, I I've been reading Mark Natalie preacher, are you familiar with him, yes? I pretty well, it not my question but I know you're out there with all things, but what would you how you feel about his writings of Paul right so so she he reads Romans and Galatians in in ways whose Jewish scholar and and by the way John appreciate the assumption that I know a lot of folks but there's there's a whole world of scholarship in people contributing so you know we all know some names and others. We don't but the Mark Knaus's name is been known for fruit. Couple decades now with some very innovative approaches to Romans and to Galatians the kind of stent turn things upside down in terms of the way that they been read and and he's he's done an illiterate way. I was in a thoughtful way. Not some just crazy YouTube video. Nobody knows anything about that with good scholarship and research from a Jewish perspective, but one that is not bashing the Christian view, but rather looking at it from a different angle, I I generally differ with his viewpoint. In other words, the way that he reads things in common. Turns things upside down from my perspective in the historical scholarship. I don't agree with. But because he's reading it through certain Jewish eyes, but in a sympathetic way. I think there's a lot to discuss it. In other words it's open up a lot of good discussion among Jewish and Christian scholars and has been healthy in that regard. What to you would be the single claim or two claims that that are the hardest for you to swallow either in general or specifically with regard to a particular passage I contemplated on the bike the when he discusses liking Galatians like it be more about no conversion to circumcision of being converted, but always really not you know strain outside of Judaism because the Judean of the Jewish people time believe that the suspect to go to the nation.

I was supposed to do and that when you were a Gentile, or actually to the need to work on the nation and you didn't convert through that conversion may be reconnaissance stuck in a bad place around the unit he had that you had a participate in a call but if you know could it if you said no I'm a child of Abraham and not going to the full conversion will that you would've got from Ryan but and if you went before way that Paul was preaching at the back like you find that true like that. I think that's where I'm trying to write some of you would be. I find it interesting. I take scholarship seriously, but I ultimately reject the conclusions that would see may add a nuance. He may challenge the way you're thinking, but ultimately I don't believe that he overthrows the foundations the fundamental things the way that we've read these texts through the years. So get insight from it. Nuance certain things say this may been part of it, but ultimately though, the way we read it I believe is the white right way to read and write one trip scriptural question real quick. Michael had sure down hard on Clark Park in 1924 is there.

How do you redirect to Lord God being down with Abraham, calling down like how you interpret that Genesis 20 is so so the Lord raised Yahweh raining down fire and brimstone from Yahweh in heaven of rabbinic interpreters just find it is a literary device that though give other examples in Hebrew where we can't read it to stiffly but since you have the Lord on earth. Yahweh on earth. In Genesis 18 right appearing to Abraham and we know the always also enthroned in heaven that you could you could say what does seem to say that that yeller was on earth, and Yahweh was in heaven and that that's a legitimate reading of of the text so definitely can make a case for it. Hey John, appreciate the question very much. Thank you so much, 866342 let us go to Jeff and San Angelo, Texas. Welcome to the line of fire.

Hey Jeff, I don't not yet been introduced to your all for just a few weeks about several logs about 40 years.

But I've never heard of you until just recently, but I really have about three questions but like I can only ask Bob: but the blindness of the Jews that spoke of in Romans 1111, wherein the Scripture doesn't mention that the blindness of the Jews as a nation will be lifted in Romans 1125 and 26 Romans 1125 this or so and says I don't want you behaving in this mystery. Speaking to the Gentile believers was to become arrogant hardness and parts has happened to Israel some sun on all Israel was there's always usually was like me in every generation suffer all time high. This, in part has happened to Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles has come in and so on the heels of this all Israel will be saved Rome some 26 so the blindness is temporary blindness will be lifted as God says in 2829 that even though now the Jewish people may be enemies of the gospel for the sake of the Gentiles of the message goes to the Gentiles the gifts and calling of God or irrevocable so there will be a national turning the hardness will lift then you have other parallel passages like Jeremiah 31 one. At that time, God will be God of all the nations of Israel or Zechariah 1210, where the people shooting crucible, repent as they is the traveler. Hey Jeff, stay right there.

You can ask another question. On the other side of the break them will get some of the calls for the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us on the line or truth. Hate just request. If you've read one of my books and it's been a blessing and helped to you. Take a minute and post review on Amazon or if you got a Christian book and the website as well. Christian book to accomplish the review there as well but let folks know about it. We we often get folks that hit our ministry hit her work in the post bogus reviews. One star reviews things with false accusations and stuff and you know you may be going to look for booking and you see all these negative reviews can I get that.

So for the sake of truth. We we always try to balance out the false reviews with true and honest ones especially well.

Minima books are controversial, but my most recent one Christian anti-Semitism has got attacked by one of the guys we exposed in the book. So naturally there posting lying reviews about it so counteract those with truthful reviews that with our goal is not to change opinion or get go see truth out was how my concern was whether someone likes me or not. I just want to hear the truth, and then with a do that is between them and got 866342. Thanks so much for joining us today. Also a Jeff and San Angelo Texas out one more question, and the will go to someone else, go ahead sir. Thank you Dr. Brown sure you have the Christian churches, especially those that hold to the dispensational. Most of them turn the Jews on the Jewish nation into an object of worship towards our know that all men must come to the same goal, which is Jesus you hold to the teaching that the temple must be rebuilt and the Jews have to return to animal sacrifices is called by the dispensational such as Mr. Hitchcock and Kimberly yes and everyone on the dispensational stamp pre-millennial Jubilee will be the millennial kingdom on the is that I'm not in love dispensational so don't leave in a pretrip rapture and I agree with you that Lucy this through church history to spend a lot of anti-Semitism in the church hatred of the Jews demonizing of the Jews blaming all Jews of all time for the death of Jesus, banishing non-baptized Jews from their countries and things like that so there has been anti-Jewish discrimination and hatred in the church that striven many Jews away from Jesus. On the flipside, there are those who say kind of make Israel into an idol or so steam Israel that they forget that there's only salvation through Jesus of so that's a totally separate thing in the words.

I urge everyone to have a bird to pray for the lost sheep of the house miserably of God himself has brought the Jewish people back to the land but actually pray for the salvation of Jewish people know, and there's no salvation outside of Jesus. Yeshua, as I see Scripture. It seems that there will be a Temple rebuilt certain processing to point to that second Thessalonians 2 talks about this mass in the center. Chris Rieger setting himself up in the temple of God, elicits meant metaphorically. If there still future application and some of the warnings of Jesus in Matthew 24 that of time with the temple that there would be a physical temple so I expected to happen before Jesus returns. But to me is it's nothing I'm dogmatic, I will say it has to happen and certainly give Jewish people returning to animal sacrifices was give a false sense of hope were security. The temples rebuilt all's well to me that would be part of a final deception before the Lord return a Jeff, thank you for the questions I appreciated and like anything within the bottom can have some differences so we we hold fast to the fundamental social hills. We Diane and we have discussion and dialogue about other issues, 866342. Let's go to Jeff and Port St. Lucie, Florida.

Welcome to the line of fire. Thank you for taking my call. I worked in the medical field. Okay and I study more in their heart and IT out profit somebody you know at the way I go to Magdala for fitfully budget people: I and I was looking at a Larry King live, and I saw an interview with John MacArthur and Rabbi Marvin here.

Okay, noted that in Judaism they, like brush off the NDE experiences okay and what I've been doing a lot of investigations on the matter. I thought of what your friend said rough cut on it interview with Dean Braxton which is an amazing testimony. He had his medical records and everything P Catholic one hour 45 minutes and I did and also another investigation on Dr. Mary Neal which is anchored and she drowned it for 30 minutes. So my question is why is it that a lot of times been with the Jewish state, like don't believe in Indy you know near that I don't directly pay well. I don't believe anybody come back on Right so let me address this broadly. There is no such thing as the Jewish belief or disbelief in NDE's just because you have Jews who were ultra-Orthodox and super religious and Jews were militant atheists, and everything in between. So that this the first thing and then if we simply mention Sid Roth and HBC Studley you have those no millions as follows ministry love it and others that think it's crazy and way far out in us as a friend one, but you're crazy a way for us to even among Christians.

You have different responses to these things, but broadly speaking, if there is a different Jewish response then to a born-again Christian response so I'm making and overgeneralization or to whatever extent you found it. One would be that your average Jewish person we approach things in a more rational way and that rationalism would be a very central part of their their faith or their non-faith, more so than a Bible believing Christian, and therefore you look for a rational explanation before you accept the supernatural explanation that's one. If you are a completely liberal Jew, you may not even think there such a thing is as any life after death when you're dead it's over there. There is a thoroughly atheistic view of things does not believe in a spiritual afterlife because we are ultimately physical beings, even though we have emotions in all these sensitivities were physical beings we don't have a spiritual component so what is experiencing something in it and a near death, except if you're dead, you're dead. If you not they do not dead, but you're not getting a glimpse of the afterlife or the world come because there is none so many Jews would approach things as a sin and a very rationalistic way that would make them question things others simply don't believe in a soul run afterlife, in which case was gonna be some medical or biological explanation. And then lastly your Judaism does not put as much emphasis on heaven and hell those, conscious concepts is Christianity do so is very possible that generally speaking you are running into much more skepticism about these things.

Among Jews than you would among Christians. Those would be places NLP interview with Dr. Burness on the Jewish boy and back of a brother stack of a medical record to them and I'm thinking okay so there's a lot of Jewish Jewish doctors they have to believe the medical you know, to prove to you that I live in THE way I die for an hour 45 minutes what cut you know what are the office you know what was going on precipitation. You know all to stop. Like with Dr. Mary Neal.

She she went underwater, challenging arch of 30 minutes until they were able to take her body out and one other thing that she did you know that, like work.

You know she had a fight with in her beliefs and also with her medical you know science studies in the stodgy fit.

I make sure that the medication never given me. It was nothing of a cult of the nation yeah also isn't just the ideas that happen you know this and so just to say this just I'm not minimizing the reality or the power of some of these testimonies and I know people that had experiences like this and they've been following Jesus for decades them and they were transformed by the experience us on that didn't denying the power, testimony, and certainly you have a Jewish doctor that sees this and it gets that person thinking of but I would just say that if if your entire worldview is there. There is no spiritual world that everything has to have a medical exclamations like will obviously do something we don't understand. Medically, it will have to find out more like if someone challenges you know, science is an atheist Richard Dawkins. What about the origins of life. All we don't haven't figured that out yet but we will because it has to be material explanation. But Jeff, I again I think some of these are very powerful and, and, to the glory of God. 866-34-TRUTH of this go to Vicki and Winston-Salem North Carolina. Thanks for calling on fire. Dr. Brown and Craig on and debating about having back pain and a lot of people are gung ho and some people are like never going to do it. I'm really without very praying and thanking God whether or not I should take this back pain and because of ethical possibly reason because of the fatal line G fatal phalanges used in the back pain and I know you probably know I have talked to more people than I have about this and start my report and you could shed some light on it without them.

I am really praying about it honey about taking it and thinking about it because it is something you take into your body. You know right now don't get normally get that thing down and get a flu backed thing you know that God is taking Jeremy Virginia to give you an opinion of obviousness giving you medical advice on the medical director of boiling and yet so far are the just, just as is and interacting with some of my team here. This research these things. My understanding was that at least one of the vaccines had no connection to fetal lines, aborted fetuses anything like that. Took to my knowledge at least one that I've seen pro-life website say this is perfectly fine. My questions and just interact with one of our team members. Through this research. The slot okay so because this is been produced in such a hurry because it's not a normal vaccine.

There are questions about lasting effects.

Potential side effects others that will it really work and I don't know I I am honestly don't know the feline thing to the best of my knowledge at least one of the vaccines is free from that and that should that should not be the concern the bigger concern is, is it needed or are you and us in the high risk health group needed and is safe.

That's that's even the biggest thing right now, I'm not taking it by God's grace and super healthy driving 66 no underlying missions. I'm not confident enough to say I'll deftly put this in my system but I do not know if the light a fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 664 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us on the line of fire at 622 Vicki I wish I had more to say but something this personal this important keep praying.

Keep looking at things. Research wise and and make make a decision, but don't do something just because of pressure of those around you, which you know what you're doing and and hopefully look at. I hope vaccine is safe and I hope it works. Obviously I'm against it.

I hope it safe. I hope it works. I hope it's helping millions of people. I hope so hate for there to be problems, though, that arise from it that were unforeseen.

Just because there is not been sufficient time to test and work things through and and see long-term studies and things like that.

All right, back to the phones.

Let's go to Spencer in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Welcome to light a fire will Dr. Brown are you doing doing well. Thanks.

Great. I got right there. It's pretty brief.

The questions I have. I believe I the first part is, have you ever heard of on and if you have what is your opinion on the Carrabba text or scroll. I believe Western Western theological seminary in Holland, Michigan both have the scroll and and heavy so that I'm try it.

I am I don't have the vowel points with me in Aramaic I believe so would be like: Rach, you found it already. Yeah, I okay so it's supposed to predate the coin, a Greek I don't know if I'm correct, and if that's actually correct okay so actually when I said yeah I got it because I was not familiar with this off the top of my head at it, with their everything but that. In other words, that nothing was recognized with that spelling and it's just give me all these other ancient Aramaic task okay to so I can't speak to that specifically what I can say is that I don't believe in Aramaic primacy meaning a letter I don't believe the New Testament was originally written in Aramaic and then the Greek came after that.

So the standard so even if Jesus taught primarily in Aramaic, 87 Hebrew, even if there were accounts that were copied down in Aramaic that when things began to be written for the larger audience that was being reached the written in Greek and then we have the push into, which is the Syria Aramaic that's a translation from the Greek, so it may preserve just because you going from Aramaic into Greek back to Aramaic may preserve certain sayings and insights and things like that. There is great value of studying it, but not in the way of of primacy.

So what when use when you get the right spelling out. Maybe I'll be able to figure it out afterwards. You said which seminary Western theological seminary. I believe it there in Holland, Michigan right Aramaic thought of how excited and this is just yeah okay and anywhere MSC thing, but when you find the exact spelling thing your your talk about just you this note to the website and and yeah yeah go ahead and I was struggling. The conference I have it.

I struggle with the vowel points.

I'm still learning anyways.

My other point is, I've my arm Hebrew instructor eat his messianic.

However, it you saying that since the New Testament being written in Greek.

It supposedly considered to be on kosher and I I write off that kind of threw a flag up for me. I'm not.

I'm not so certain it doesn't make sense to me that with God choosing the coin, a Greek for the gospel message to be preached and spread so vastly yeah I got LC how about the effort first thing who says that the Hebrew was was a holy language. He was Canaanite dialect in Isaiah 913. It's called smart, on the the the language of Canaan, so this was the language that Abraham, Isaac and Jacob took on hearing to the land of Canaan, which is why when Jacob and Genesis 31 is is dealing with Laban and they make a covenant in so Jacob caused gall aid heap of witness and and Laban calls you Garside do the witches Aramaic with that's what they would've spoken originally so so Hebron itself is not this perfectly holy language. That's one of two payment even a rabbinic tradition. When the Septuagint of the Torah was translated that was a holy and sacred event in and inspired by God but bottom line got blown is God's heart for the whole world's reach the holy end of this message.

The idea that that writing a Greek would be on kosher is is completely ridiculous as well screw on-site or completely ridiculous and and fails to recognize the. The Holiness is in the content of the words God can speak through any language on the planet so big, big caution in terms of where they can only may be going all right presenter I thought I thought was a light light to the Gentiles or going. I would like how could it be so wrong being written Greek apex know much you bet it 866-34-TRUTH what a wacky stuff out there friends folks go from one extreme, you know, anti-Semitism of the church to than a extreme Hebrew roots anyway don't know where this individual is coming from, but a lot of weird stuff out there. All right, let's go to Los Angeles.

Felix welcome to light a fire hi Dr. Brown it's been a while. I called about like God two years ago and I'm calling in regards to a question that I actually you could expound on it a bit and thought it was regards to two years ago I asked something about the church could ever come back again to do it like another Council of Nicaea and due to the lack of time.

It was just like the court no, I was wondering if you could expound on the reasons why and then just real quick as well.

If someone heretic birthday candy still be think that they're not think there is been there for they all are not under like anathema and located right so good years begin Felix as far as a heretic by definition, heretic is believing damnable doctrines. In other words, it's not a difference between believers in the body. I've one view of the end times you have another view the end times. Heretic is fundamentally believing things that will exclude them from salvation. So they might deny the deity of Jesus were they might deny the authority of Scripture. They might deny the necessity of salvation through the blood that there they deny something fundamental and therefore are heretics. We often throw the turnaround just for people we differ with within the body, but the way it's been used historically were time of someone who is a nonbeliever can't hurt to be said of course. But heretics get saved plenty of plenty of people that believe wrongly come to faith as opposed to some of that once was in the Lord and is gonna cost a bit, but even then we see through Scripture. The cost invitation for people to turn and come back so maybe someone was a true believer fell into heresy. A pasta sized and then has a rude awakening. 20 years later, God will welcome them back so the reason I would've responded the way I did, in terms of, could you be a Council of Nicaea now is the the inability to fundamentally agree to the worldwide church as to who is a Christian and who is a leader in other words, a staunch Protestant will not accept the authority of the Pope or Catholic tradition, a staunch Catholic will believe that the Catholic Church is the mother church staunch Greek Orthodox will say they have the original faith, a staunch messianic Jew will say that we have the original faith and even though within them.

You can have certain circles of fellowship and then let this put aside all those that no longer believe in inspiration of Scripture. All those that just have your liberal progressive. We don't know the Jesus really rose from the dead. These one-way among male put aside all that nonsense okay and just think in terms of of those that would least say the Bible is God's word salvation is through the blood of Jesus to then bring the diversity of leaders together you can have pockets and even their having within Protestant circles.

We have so much division and then you have a liberal and in the traditional Catholics and so it's it's somewhat of a different world now with the spread of the gospel, the spread of Christianity spread of human tradition, the spread of radical beliefs so know that now. Now that being said, Jesus did pray in John 17 for the unity of his people and it's it's something of priceless value in God's sight. So here is my only option for for something different is if the pressure of the world got so intense in the persecution got so intense and the attack on believers got so intense that it ended up that we were THROWN together and thrown together we could find out who the true believers were not thinking maybe something like that could come ethic but as things are not I will see them soon anyway.

In America allegory one working and regards your ministry group quick you go hello yeah so I bought… It would have to take a tragedy for together but in regards your ministry. I enjoyed when you were activating that Muslim scholar, I was wondering are you to continue into that tiny time for me to build a team that will work. Focus on the things you so is as far as debating Muslims. The one generally came on was was really a disgrace to Islamic apologetics is very true. We connections lied to our team to get on the show but I do hope Sir to do more dialogue with Muslims in the future.

I don't know they'll specialize on, it's really special and is well requires the commission a study and and even look at three years of classical Arabic and some familiarity with these things. There are others who are so, so far advanced in the Islamic apologetics is 10 times better job for many years, but there is right-hand debate and have enough expertise. I do hope to do more.

Those so thanks for the call. God bless friends have an awesome weekend. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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