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Dr. Brown Takes Your Calls And Answers Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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March 5, 2021 5:40 pm

Dr. Brown Takes Your Calls And Answers Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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March 5, 2021 5:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 03/05/21.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

I can't wait. Phone lines are open you got questions. We got answers stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH your again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us on the line of fire. It's Friday you got questions, we've got answers any question on any subject that in any way relates to anything we ever discuss a modifier which is a whole lot of topics, fullness, or open your calls or welcomed. 8663 for 87884 and with that house after quick. We go straight to the phones will start with Stephanie and Ball ground, Georgia. Welcome to the line of fire. Here we are. Michael, there are times that Israel empathetic and recommend and in Revelation. They only fit well again to the events tried our mixing arm. It. I explained to me what happened to okay so now that I guess it had concern that were brought in and sometimes delete either left out because they are the priesthood and in Revelation 7, Dan and Efraim are missing right so what was the dam was the mystery that's that's the one that's scholars debate and is is very difficult to find a good reason for which we do know exactly what you said. Joseph has two sons from Manasseh, and then they displace him and then even though the. The Levites to the tribe of Levi. That was one of the 12 tribes. They did not get their own inheritance is a separate tribe.

Rather, they shared inheritances with the rest of the tribes and then Joseph was displaced by Efraim and S Associates 12, but it is a mystery as to why. Specifically, dad is missing in Revelation 7 that the list is repeated a few chapters later, there dear different arguments and idolatry in dance history and things like that but we simply don't know it's it's one of those things that obviously doesn't affect everyday life that you could have the questions of the day you die and still love God and love your neighbor right but it's a curiosity it's it's some it's one of those things we simply don't know. I've I've reviewed the Dell arguments of left and right, and each it is sometimes Stephanie when you when you're looking at a subject of debate. You can read like 10 different arguments like yeah one or two is strong in the restaurant week, but this there don't seem to be any strong answers so it's it's one of those mysteries that perhaps as we get closer to the end or once were done will find out you know I remember when our young daughter Megan whose oldest child.

Alice is 20 in college which is little girl. She asked me a question about a bug or an insect or something like that and I said honey I don't know. So she wrote down a piece of paper and put it in her pockets's will. When I see Jesus, I'll ask him so this is what we got how to write down and wait to see them again.

Their different arguments, but none of them seem to have a lot of weight. Nothing compelling to me. Yeah, yet another question is when we think of when we think of asking the question, what, when Roberto decided no symbol that means the Antichrist will come for the tribe of Dan is again it's it's all it's all speculation. 86634 we go to Brian in Birmingham, Alabama. Welcome to the water, fire, dark brown Monte Carlo? Want to buy your you speak speaking on the kingdom again on Martin. I think with speakers that brought about great post on man. I was looking at a flower knocking… No yeah it's really you. Chris and I connected. He reached out to me a few months back. So we've had some great fellowship by phone really gone. The Hartford for our brother and he so well-connected as a sports commentator but all these different men of God in sports and leading pastors and things. My only regret is it's it's a virtual conference, God love to to be hanging out with the brothers face-to-face. But yeah Margaret. When we recorded the interview a few weeks back prerecorded. I think you really enjoyed find it edifying. So, I'm so glad you connected with those guys all the black male who happened to your face on the flyer but about it? More like five yeah the loam I I was a member of my mother about and it is a small church, doctors walk on. I was a deacon out on a keyboard and I'll go a commission searching I living on love the members I was there for about you Alice… No you use about the women passed during I was only no confusion about adding I/O often believe they you know in a low pastor.

I believe they got Aldine the man on the lead in that area. I mean I can't ever, chart, and I'll try to find another church camp Connolly. I'm looking like you got a pool and I don't know if it emotional pull.

I don't know if God so not looking on those will be my decision on knockout for about a foot of neuronal magic, how I don't want to make the loan, you know, by moving all along the McGlone family is one of those times. Especially when you have a history with people there and small church. If you're actively involved in on the worship team, so your presence or absence makes a big difference. You feel it more.

It's one thing if you're a member of a 10,000 member church in your you don't show up minutes. It's a whole different thing when maybe there 50 people are hundred the church, and you play key role but here's the here's the bottom line the bottom line is this, that if can fictionally before God you don't believe in women pastors then it's impossible for you to sit under a woman pastor, especially if she knows that you don't believe it.

There's always attention. There's always the question as she's preaching you're wondering should I be here or not. It is the gun race rubber.

She in proper order. Now again if it's something you're not sure about and you really gotta pray through and study and come to a conclusion. That's one thing but if you have that conviction, then it's it's dishonoring to that that person as well because the whole time you're there, especially if she knows the ugly one pastors she's up there preaching and instead of knowing that you're just totally with her.

Your your partly with her because as another party you with a question and what I would do is is I would go before the Lord.

So again that's for you to answer in terms of the depth of your conviction or but I would go before the Lord and I would say father I belong to you.

Your son died for me.

You bought me I belong to you completely entirely 100% Lord free me from every other type emotional, mental, whatever free me from a really tight so I can be free to serve you and go wherever you want me to go and and then be confident that he will lead you and and have used every reset down with with the pastor and discussed these things your views the car no probable not my mother about mother. My wife, and emotional know, understand, what are you so so the other question is how does as you I feel about all this, Mama is almost like you know if you like, you know, if I leave I'll be almost taken her not taking her away from it.

You know Arnold you don't want to leave but you know fellowship on the buying hurt you now so I'll know my son is so Brian I trust me. A lot of folks illicitly right that the good old boy because you have all sincere people as to what you're saying you, your wife, your mother-in-law you all of Jesus you all and honor him.

You're convinced by Scripture that God does not raise up women pastors your mother-in-law can tell you about the call of God in her life and how Goss confirmed that she is sure so you got this and then and then you get your daughter, your wife torn between her husband and her mother.

So what I'd recommend is that not you believe your mother was one of God and and she held on mama and she knows that yeah okay so what I'd recommend is the three of you get together or if there's 1/4 your 50th volume of and you get on your you say father. We just want to please you and we all belong to you.

We don't belong to anybody. We don't want to church. We don't want to pastor. We belong to you.

So would you just share your heart with us and lead us together.

And Lord of were all supposed to serve. Given the same place and make it known in open Brian.

His father, I just don't see the scripturally guy on my mother-in-law. She's a woman of God.

I could know but I don't see the scripturally honest with the Lord and then your mother will has to say Lord I just want what's best for them. Just her blessing and in your wife has to say. Father, I belong to you more than I belong to my husband or my mother and trust with that and that's wrong and it is pray right to father rescue for your wisdom here.

People who love you and are trying to do the right thing is a complex situation. So would you just give a peaceful resolution to your children where there'd be mutual blessing affirmation on whatever step is taken next. Either way, Lord made this family serve you together as a family but me you give wisdom and how this works out the local church, a man hey Brian, thank you for calling and should listen. Note when the Lord resolves this word love to hear what happens. 866-34-TRUTH I tell you what we got a minute before the next break so we will will wait to to bring our next caller will be gone where we going next. Looks like were going to Canada next are you one of our monthly supporters. Do you receive from us a brand-new audio message every month, unlimited access to key online classes. Other special video content, a prayer letter updating a what's happening behind the scenes every month and more, go to Israel with us. Get 10% discount on the trip. If not, would you pray about becoming a tort rim of the supporter.

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You can click on that and stand with us to all right. Let's let's make her way over to New Brunswick, Canada. Blake, looking back to the line of fire. Are there. Thanks for this document. You're welcome fairly new listener, so I've got the time, the questions, but they'll stick with a little more scholarly for myself this is some looked bothered me since the present college and the if the authorship of Daniel.

We took a course in college and didn't matter whether was a few scholars or even evangelical scholars who who claim to honor the inerrancy of Scripture, they all said that Daniel wasn't written by Daniel. It was written much later on in and just named it was almost as if it's a well that it's a fiction, and more recently I saw the lecture from someone at Yale who was more specific with me than that.

That, in Daniel 11 said basically we could tell where Daniel should be dated because he gets it right up until the time of the Maccabees and then everything goes wrong.

I heard a couple answers letter.

Nothing really satisfies us wanting what you thought yes that's basically saying we have a theory and choice theory, and that we can show you how our theory works by changing things. Here's what I mean what if Daniel 11 is ultimately an end time prophecy. What if what if Daniel 11 is ultimately speaking of certain things that happened with the Maccabees server or Antiochus epiphanies and things like that but that ultimately there are things still to be fulfilled just like Matthew 24, Mark 13 $21 a discourse. There are things that are applicable to the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 and some things that will be applicable to to the end of the age and final destruction and return of Jesus. So if once you say it has to be this, Daniel wrote here now you have to have a certain theory in terms of OC got it right because there's no predictive prophecy.

The whole reason for for writing. Daniel often put in the later days is not linguistic evidence because the Aramaic of Daniel could easily be old Aramaic this out the issue and inherently are you you say what we don't have a historical account that goes hand-in-hand with that we don't have everything documented from the ancient world to you.

We understand that the biggest risk predictive prophecy that Daniel must be dated later because it's detailed predictive prophecy and so much of it is accurate. So the very reason for the fundamental reason for coming up with the later date, is the fact that predictive prophecy is rejected if it is predictive prophecy. Often prophecy as is mysterious. Often prophecy has layers in certain things applicable here. In certain things applicable later. I'm in it for example Ezekiel 36 right. Ezekiel 36 piece of the return of of the Judean exiles back to the land God sprinkling clean water on on their hearts brings repentance in the picture that the prophets spoke of was basically a rebuild glorious temple, and the glory of God coming down to obedient Israel and the nations of the world streaming to to Jerusalem, while only part of it happen. There was a return temple was rebuilt. These things happen, but not the rest of it. The fall of Babylon predicted in Jeremiah 50 and 50 wanting great great massive detail didn't happen.

And yet it's recorded as part of Scripture which then leads to understandable this will be a future destruction. So if we were going to date things based on this week that we have to be throwing up large portions of the Bible entirely and then the other question is if Daniel was written that recently proclaimed antiquity would have been included in an in the Canada Scripture reflecting the Septuagint with there been documents in the Dead Sea Scrolls reflecting it as Scripture.

Jesus is referred to it in Scripture was a loser. Other questions that come up. But there are evangelicals in the Gleason Archer generation ago or some years ago, being one of the staunch ones you decades earlier. Robert Dick Wilson that have defended the early dating of Daniel, so they are out there of the impression you get that nobody holds that this is not right is not true.

But again, the big issue is predictive prophecy if it is predictive, then it will maybe. Or could it be Sir, with all respect to the scholarship of the Yale professor of progress this week at Yale that that you pigeonholed this a certain way and it doesn't fit their so that's that's what I come back to doesn't have to be all accurate.

For the time because it doesn't apply exclusively the time and most of us read it with an end time application as well so that a better response and yeah I appreciate but in my inquest detailed terms and with a little less understanding that pretty much how I taught over the years. I appreciate your confirmation that this and I studied with critical scholars. There was an Orthodox new scholar studied within your university versus everyone else at a critical reading Scripture and you know for the rabbis and former Catholic priests in different ones like that and so I saw the brilliance of the scholarship. I saw some of these is very sincere.

People just looking at the Bible through different eyes, not your wicked trying to tear Scripture down.

So I certainly respect the scholarship you were Jonathan Collins with his Daniel commentary and Herman and Sabrina scholars. I learned much from them, but I still have differences in the midst of it and then their building scholars on the other side is will he break. Thank you for the question 866-34-TRUTH we go to Mike and Burlington, North Carolina. Thanks for calling the line of fire to her mailbox, primarily in Georgia. Rubin equipment American way of public or two, are all thank you, and unless you my question is how would you witness to expert.

I like that experience with that.

I would you have sure well first, like any other human being. In other words, what I'm looking at this here is someone who needs Jesus, whether they're an atheist. Whether there are nominal Christian.

Whether their heterosexual doesn't know the Lord, homosexual onlooking forces.

Here's here's even being from Jesus.your something. Yes, the Lord and just like if I'm talking to someone who's the an absence of money obsessed businessperson somebody else's in porn or somebody who's distant very nice person. That's Buddhist you know whatever they're all lost. The only Jesus and that's right start.

I talked to them about the Lord. I talked to him about relationship with God. I talk about. We've all sinned and fallen short, and so it just just go through all of those basic things and and then if there question comes up. All I I'm gay say listen, every one of us who follows Jesus has to die that everyone of us has to recognize that we are fundamentally sinful and fallen and that to follow Jesus means we die roll lies and we live new lives in him. So you say what it means is you receive forgiveness for every sin. It means that that God touches you, the core of your being forgives you gives you eternal life.

You become his child and now it's better finding out what his Willis and you just have to trust that if if his intent is not free to be in same-sex relationship that he has something better for you, but you have to be willing to leave everything doesn't matter what is in your life you you die that everything in you.

Now start a brand-new life in God. So I I press those issues. I would make homosexually. The big issue. If the person that is a big issue I would just say listen, God did not make men for men and women for women and he has something better. Making changes to the very core of our being. The question is, "do your thing, or serve God and II would press it back I present back to self will versus surrender and correct my book Kenya began Christian gets into the details and depths of her talking to someone and they needed more info. That's it.

That's a great thing to do. The say hey once you read this with its read it together and began Christian also jot this down in his in his

It's a crazy freak skews me free movie documentary by American family studios I hosted it with them. So was involved in entire production it's it's amazingly well done powerful moving great stories you could say what may we can watch that we could talk about it and and let the Lord minister to the hearts of major like you would with anyone else were sinners estranged from God through the blood of Jesus we can be saved to start a new life. And then when that person is generally born again, they're gonna want what God wants and and then you can help them step by step from there. All right, one quick question yeah go ahead.

Good night. Currently regard you can think like that right that he used to have legs and and he was cursed, and from there on, he had a slither so you can absolutely read it like that and then some of read people sale biologically could argue for Mike once once again thanks for being part of her support team greatly appreciated. 86634 true's all right. I will be down this weekend and that won't know what to make that announcement in a few seconds because right after the break we pick up our great station in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. So make that announcement then I have an article online Oestreich I'm an article online that you don't want to read in this you going to be disturbed and if you have a life of love for the unborn. The shovel up for the unborn. You willing to be challenged, don't read the article all yeah that's my invitation.

Please read it.

It's titled some inconvenient truths about abortion in America. 866-34-TRUTH we come back we'll get to more of your calls and do our best to give you scriptural wisdom, scriptural answers be your voice more sanity and spiritual clarity in the midst of a society in chaos in the church. All too often compromise number and it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, defensive area I'm scheduled to be with my young colleague Pastor Landon shot this Sunday mercy culture two Sunday morning services than the Sunday evening service spot special prophetic spontaneous ministry, different ones will be involved ministering and then 430 in the afternoon, a Q&A session about a new school that Pastor Landon will be launching spiritual leadership school there in Fort Worth so jointly if you're anywhere near there this Sunday. The details our website Oestreich Brown.orc all right we go to the phones starting with Sam in Fort Myers, Florida. I sent just review this turn the radio down there right we good Sam is there, yet a little bit. He didn't talk right in the phone. Go ahead all right yeah I'm calling about book of Enoch to book 2 weeks ago I was to a couple preachers yours to keep on. That's an interesting theory that you don't talk… In the Bible of the book of verses four and five that okay with you. See the book of Enoch as sort of reliable talk about how look were even actually died because there was no was a whole new interesting. What are your thoughts on alt.specifically about so all you guys got what this or so there's been an increased interest in Enoch in recent years. If you go to my website Oestreich and just type in Enoch, you'll see the whole video that we do short video talking about it. Oestreich Enoch is really a collection of several different books that will pop call part of part of the book of Enoch, the book of Enoch as a whole.

Most of it is preserved in much much later manuscripts in EC optics so Semitic language that would be spoken in in in Africa and it it is preserved there. Some of it.

We have in Aramaic manuscripts from Qumran from the Dead Sea Scrolls, but otherwise it's an easy optic dialect that we have most of it and we don't have every bit of the book of Enoch, and there are some very odd things in it. It was it was highly respected in the early church and among the early Jews, but it was not received the Scripture. There is only one sect really are part of the church that recognizes the description that's that's the easy optic. Otherwise, it wasn't received as Scripture by any major Christian or Jewish group in in antiquity, but it was highly regarded. The fact that you quotes. It doesn't mean that it's Scripture the New Testament your Paul quotes pagan poets and things like that. So just because it's quoted this minute Scripture so it can be read with interest but not as Scripture, it can be read with interest is a book that does have some spiritual insight but that can certainly not all be traced back to Enoch himself is one thing, and secondly should not be read at the level of Scripture as far as the origin of demons. That's an interesting possibility. In other words, if we distinguish between demons and fallen Angels. The question is where did demons come from, and that's theory is as good as any theory is we don't know definitively. But if these are spirits that can dwell within human beings and that would that would suggest that they once did well within human beings were mixed race. Of these giants so it's a possibility. If you want to dig deeper into the Sam check out the work of Dr. Michael Heiser. If you are familiar with each EI SEI Michael Heiser just type in his name online and Enoch or his name, and demons and you'll see will get more into this so you can check out his book reversing Hermann H ER MON, which feels a lot with the book of Enoch, so he's a solid scholar. He does not believe it. Scripture, but he does believe it preserves some very interesting and important tradition. So check out Michael Heiser HEI SCR reversing Hermann H ER MON God bless you Sam, I appreciate the call. Of course our Enoch video on the website Oestreich let us go over to our friend Todd in Cedar Grove, North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire like Dr. Brown another bad after Rome, put down the final jurors were told at 135 88 that the land was renamed Palestrina/Palestine by the Pepe Bob had for several years they'll hurt pastors and teachers from the past and parens that that Cantor referred to Israel and Palestine interchangeably got give out.

I think the word just really just get me save all, if you hear what they in Palestine or in Palestine out today and not just pure, I would think they would know better use them interchangeably, but I just want to get your view about why they tend to do that right. They shouldn't. There is no Palestine today. This is real and to call it Palestine talk about Jerusalem is Palestine or Tel Aviv espoused answers is slightly false. There is no Palestine. Either they're doing it innocently because it was knows Palestine through the centuries and in the look, the Jerusalem Post of famous newspaper in Israel was originally that the Palestine Post because Jews lived in Palestine, the, the national orchestra was the Palestinian orchestra those the Jewish orchestra because they did not have statehood yet.

Before 1947, 48 so. For some it's just it's an innocent mistake.

I've even seen a talk about Jesus being born Palestine is a such thing as Palestine and in the land of Judah doesn't come to 100 years later, so for some it's just an innocent mistake and when you lovingly pointed out 600 I got it correct that your fix that for others it's intentional because they refused to believe in and acknowledge the existence of the modern state of Israel.

And that's bad that's anti-Semitic and that's contrary to God's word in terms of having that attitude so that would be problematic. So I would hope it's just innocent and it's it's nothing to read into and just a little correction would we fix that for those, and Palestine should not be in any Bible translation because that that land was not known as Palestine. In biblical times. Circuit study notes and things with it that you and be there. However, if it is ominous if they are making a conscious statement and that would be very strong replacement theology and demonization of the modern state of Israel, which is flat out anti-Semitism so I certainly hope my brother is not the case and that that's more the pet peeve. You should have.

That's a serious issue. I appreciated 866-34-TRUTH of this, go to Jesus in Chicago.

Welcome to the line of fire. Hello, thank you once again for having me on. I appreciate it sure is. I would like to read.

There have been a lot due to her response to death in the family and family being mostly Catholic. I was just a kind of spurred me to asked the question just spent in the back of my mind and in your Reno walk with the Lord in your meditation. Could you now tell me if you think that Resident are Catholics in the faith of the brothers and sisters in Christ or are they like but a lot of people like a fairly heretical now. There are actually saved her following different genes. There this and that you know because as in that right so it's such as the theoretical questions practical you have family members in your dealings, funerals, and death is like that together a short answer. I'm sure that there is save Catholics, but I do not believe that Catholicism overall is teaching accurate way of salvation. Now, as as I'm doing this broadcast.

I'm sure there is save Catholics listening to me and you're not happy with my answer entirely happy but you would believe the same about me that I'm saved despite not being Catholic and Ellen Ellen are not known. On another note, I'm I'm just talking to general listeners, all yeah yeah I'm just speaking from moment to general listeners to Catholic listeners right now that I would say to Catholic listeners that are born again, I recognize you as brothers and sisters in Jesus despite errors inherent in Catholicism, and you might say to me while I recognize you as a brother in Jesus despite errors in your Protestantism.

If you talk to really traditional Catholic. They do not believe there salvation outside of the Catholic Church others. Jesus, they would see you when I are not saved because my Catholic I came to faith in an Italian Pentecostal church were almost all of the people there were former Catholics who were saved and they really didn't think that you can be saved and stay in the Catholic Church and over the years I've met Kathy brothers and sisters there that are born again that give clear evidence of being born again relationship with God and their sins forgiven. So I do absolutely believe your boy can Catholics people at all be together with forever as their boarding and Baptist in the burning of Methodists and Lutherans and Greek Orthodox others. Yet, I do believe there is serious error that's been taught within Catholicism from the role of the Pope to the role of Mary to aspects of justification by faith to purgatory. To the nature of the mass of different with all these and yet Jesus can be exalted in such a way and pointed to in such a way that a Catholic can ask God to forgive them, receive cleansing through the blood of Jesus and be genuinely born again despite some of the other errors suggest my own view, that's my own view what I would do Jesus on a practical level.

If you are talking to someone. Forget whether Catholic, Baptist, Pentecostal, or whatever you're talking with this person and and it's clear to you hate.

They look at Scripture the same way I did that. If you gone the same way I did.

They talk about the forgiveness of sin, a new life in Jesus and they seem to love the Lord the same way I do but begin to fellowship with him and see if while we are in harmony in Jesus and if you dig deeper. You might find some areas of difference, but if I'm talking to someone okay if the cause of the Catholic or Protestant. As I'm interacting it's clear you got a head knowledge. But you don't know the Lord your part of the church, but you have not been born again. If I see those things are true, then hung a witness to that person to lead them to Jesus, regardless of denominational or church affiliation. Some of the Lord's grace be there in the midst of grieving process and meeting family and in the shine brightly for Jesus, I thank you for the question, 86634. We will go immediately straight back to the phone since become accelerated.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown where we go straight back to the phones as quickly as we can. Starting with Kathy in Roanoke, Virginia. Welcome to the line of fire will actually enjoyed reading your inner father, Dr. Coburn will grant that I would call it wonderful Larry David. We impacted your impact is the nature there a little girl. They were all laying all sound great. It was crazy amazing and so good now wonderful, wonderful that you and I are you aware that what you think about Jonathan, Edward, that even religious revival can be a warning and traction cleaning.

He believed that it provide reformation, then not got the cat never forget the form back Carol McDermott in his new book on grace and company laying out its own national cabinet talking about Jonathan Edward and Jonathan, Edward Vicki Rath on me New England at the time for the treatment of Native American and for spring break and fed the whole race and the great and the first chapter is that Jonathan Emerick worldwide reformation got back change is how I pray yet so Joe McDermott is a colleague. I think we believe we've interact in different ways on the we met face-to-face, but he's a highly respected colleague and a great scholar Jonathan Edwards so he stated was for years, but Joe McDermott studied them thousand times when I have an and he's a reliable guide when it comes to Edwards and of course Edwards held to what you call a post-millennial view, believing that the gospel could bring in the millennium and that he really felt that the church in America if it really stepped into the revival repented could actually see God's kingdom manifest on on the earth really move into a millennial kind of setting, but here, here is my perspective, we can't live without revival ever book coming out in September called revival or we die, America's messed up into many different ways in the church is compromised into many different ways that we can't live without a visitation from God. However, with with great blessing comes great judgment so it's it's kind of like this. We are were in a situation which is life and death, and we must have a visitation from God without a visitation from God. We are sunk, but with a visitation comes greater accountability with a visitation God say okay I'm going to be merciful once more. I'm going to come once more.

I'm going to draw near at once more, only do not score in my grace or else so my book from holy laughter, the holy fire which came out in 95, three months before the Browns revival ends with a warning and a promise saying that that revival could be the one thing that forestalls judgment or revival could be the one thing that comes before judgment, but either way, we have to have God visit us. Hence the prayer in Habakkuk 3 and Rath remember mercy which is become a famous revival prayer. Nancy and I were talking last night over dinner about the. The reality of God's holiness and I was reminding her in my book. Whatever happened to the power of God was commander 91 that there's a chapter called an outpouring could be fatal because when God really comes into the midst of his people with holiness. If we don't repent.

If we cast it off than the consequences are real or even high. But what else can we do, we must have visitation care prayer and Bible.

Our lack help where, yeah me to look at it like like that and again it doesn't mean that America's good die in a year, but it could mean that things really get far worse than we ever imagined, and that the church seems to lower depths than we ever imagine that that's why we say revival or we die. Yeah you are very welcome, Kathy, God bless and how amazing to hear about God's the power of God working in teenagers and young girls is real. When you catch caught something really happens. 866-34-TRUTH let's go over to Kevin in Reno Valley, California. Welcome to the line of fire. Hi Dr. Brown having me again what I great so I could monitor quickly if they like. I know I've heard many people can't get the contradictions in the Bible, mostly that come from you, not religious men were. They claim that the Bible aren't, but I truly believe that the Scripture.have no contradiction that we are, we failed to benefit you and look there are certainly apparent contradictions in other was at the surface level.

There seem to be contradictions and then some are resolved by learning more that we understand more of what actually happened at a given time and that sheds light or by for the manuscript evidence in the we deftly do have contradictions and numbers in certain accounts like this amount killed the one account this month killed another can't seem to reconcile them but sometimes this manuscript evidence. For example, when the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in the 1940s and scholars began to study them and look at them. It was all some textural issues and questions so that we can see you that's an apparent contradiction, but it simply based on lack of knowledge and are in the summonses.

Let's just a copout who said no we can resolve most of the contradictions we study and dig deeper and those that we can't because we see the reliability of God and a million other ways throughout the rest of the Bible willing to say that's a question we would not the answer for right now, but will keep digging because it's it's quite secondary to the larger issues directly at night and I've got a better partner, more obvious contradiction Like that document covered when we get deeper and so epically to my question. How I I've been part growing up I I was lucky to be born a great family had no.beginning and anything critical.

My life though I I've been taught that I believe it. Second Peter could be a computer that talked about how Christ when after being crucified. He defended during the three day and he went to preach to.

I believe they are at their call to think of the Old Testament, though everyone liked Daniel and his sister here to tell you what just just his work was short on time and you your remembering it but not remembering exactly accurately.

It just doesn't speak of the Old Testament saints.

It speaks of the spirits in prison and that they were they were there in disobedience. So if you go to first Peter chapter 3 it says in verse 18 for Christ also suffered once for sins, the righteous for the unrighteous to bring you to God, he was put to death in the body but made alive in the spirit after being made alive. He went and made proclamation to the imprisoned spirits as witnesses to those who were disobedient long ago when God waited patiently in the days of Noah while the ark was being built.

In it only a few people ate and all were saved through water. It doesn't say preach the gospel doesn't use that Greek verb that would be used. Otherwise, but rather he made proclamation to whom not to the previous saints are the people of the Old Testament, but to the spirits were disobedient in the days of Noah, so this would be. Speaking of fallen Angels. So Jesus goes into the netherworld and proclaims his victory. His resurrection proclaims that their fate is sealed. The words that the door is forever close, you are doomed and damned, and it has been sealed by the death and new life of the Messiah. So that's was talk, but it's not the one preach to the Old Testament saints and said okay you know that you receive me are every head bowed great all prayed the prayer. Okay now we we go to heaven together.

That's not what that is referring to their all right let's okay, let's go for it James in Easley South Carolina.

Time is short. Can you give a quick question you go I will Work and when I talk to her. Before you go ahead okay so the Catholic view. When Paul talked about work and have a couple. That he is physically talking about about work.

The Mosaic law to be viewed be ritual worked in the dietary work so that will not saved by the works of the law, and I'm just jumping in time 60, the Catholic human would say when Paul speaks the whistle and other scholars would hold to this as well that he doesn't mean by doing good works he means by keep the Sabbath. The dietary laws practicing circumcision that doesn't save you will.

We all agree on that that that this the Savior, but went when when Paul is his writing to to Gentiles like Titus and he says in the first chapter of Titus that there were say it or or or writing to others excuse minute and talk about salvation by grace and by grace through faith we are saved to good works wonders that when does the tax collector get forgiven. And in Luke 18, he gets regularly since God have mercy on me a sinner. Repentance is the fruit that is born. We demonstrate our new life through repentance and salvation comes exclusively as a gift as the thief on the cross experience acknowledges who Jesus is, recognizes his own sin that brings and salvation.

He never has a chance to do anything to add to it – friends back with you on Monday

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